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Signs of the Times for Mon, 11 Dec 2006

Donald Hunt
Signs of the Times
December 11, 2006

Let's take a little break from the housing bubble, debt levels and the impending currency collapse of the dollar to think some more big picture thoughts about the end of the neoliberal era. Where are we? Where should we want to go?

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Henry See
Signs of the Times
11 December 2006
If you are a reader of the Signs of the Times, chances are you are interested in coming to an understanding of the truth of both your own life and life on this planet. While we may only be able to get better and better approximations of this truth, that is, as objective as possible descriptions of the world and ourselves, the dynamics at work in human relations on all levels, and what our role as individuals might be, at the heart of our lives there is a need to seek this truth.

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By Jimmy Carter
LA Times
December 8, 2006
I signed a contract with Simon & Schuster two years ago to write a book about the Middle East, based on my personal observations as the Carter Center monitored three elections in Palestine and on my consultations with Israeli political leaders and peace activists.

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December 11, 2006
By Rodrigue Tremblay
New American Empire

The new foreign policy paper introduced by the White House in 2002 was entitled “The National Security Strategy of the United States”  and was dubbed by its authors the "Bush Doctrine" of preventive wars and of international unilateralism and militarism. Indeed, under the guise of spreading 'democracy', the new 'doctrine' called for the United States to place itself above international law, ratified treaties and international institutions, and initiate "preventive wars" each time American interests or those of close allies such as Israel, are threatened. The policy paper went even further and proclaimed that the "United States has, and intends to keep, military strengths beyond challenge", with the intent of preserving the United States' position as the world's sole military superpower, not only on Earth, but also in Space. The Bush-Cheney administration even declared its intention to keep the option of using nuclear weapons—not only preemptively but even preventively, whenever and wherever it saw fit to do so. The 'Bush Doctrine' could as well have been called 'How to herald in an era of world anarchy' since it was consciously throwing away more than half a century of efforts to build an international system based on law and due process.

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Roads to Iraq
Eyewitnesses say that the US occupation forces committed a crime against innocent people in Ishaqi.

The occupation forces besieged the homes of brothers Mohammed Hussein Jalmood and Mahmoud Hussein Jalmood, opened fire on members of the two families in the early hours today, to cover up the crime they air bombed the houses.

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Alison George news service
09 December 2006
You don't come across many Nobel prizewinners who believe in the paranormal, but Brian Josephson is one of them. After receiving the Nobel prize in physics for his research on superconductivity, his work has taken a very different direction. As well as using mathematics to describe how the brain carries out complex tasks, he is an advocate for cold fusion and other phenomena on the fringes of science. He talked to Alison George about why he thinks scientists have an irrational bias against unconventional ideas.

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Climate On The Edge

fireball.png Fireball Streaks Over Colorado At Dawn

earth.png 5.0 Quake Off Italian Coast

lightning.png Typhoon roars out of Philippines, four killed

earth.png U.S. Senate rejects earthquake repair money

sun.png Tsunami-like blast wave rips across the Sun

volcano.png Four undersea volcanoes founded near Phuket

earth.png Swiss Halt Geothermal Experiment after Tremor

earth.png The Consequences of Damming Rivers in the Developing World

earth.png UN downgrades man's impact on the climate

faucet.png Vast African lake levels dropping fast

faucet.png Australian farmers struggling as drought crisis deepens

snowman.png Ancient global warming suggests high sensitivity to carbon dioxide

snowman.png Antarctica, a living global warming laboratory

America - Looking In

crusader.png Physicist Steven Jones announces withdrawal from Jim Fetzer and Jim Fetzer's version of Scholars for 9-11 Truth

u-s-flag.png U.S. has most prisoners in world due to tough laws

u-s-flag.png New Orleans to Raze Public Housing

handgun.png Four dead in Chicago skyscraper shooting

smiley-tongue-out.png US science teachers refuse climate DVDs

smiley-tongue-out.png McKinney Introduces Bill to Impeach Bush

crusader.png Kirk Douglas calls on youth to stand up and be counted

u-s-flag.png Reality show turns B-list into gun-toting cops

reptile_eye.png Waiting for the Democrats (Editorial)

road_cone.png U.S. reviews security after Algeria bombing

perfume.png Is Your Lipstick Safe?

telescope.png Night launch for shuttle 'Discovery'

America - Looking Out

handgun.png US casts sole 'no' vote against proposed treaty restricting arms trade

do_not_enter.png Washington Don't Understand That America Is Unwelcome in Iraq

money.png Chinese Military Reports, 'America Is the Enemy!'

flower.png Afghanistan's opium poppies will be sprayed, says US drugs tsar - Yeah, probably with fertilizer

money.png How US dollars disappear in Afghanistan: quickly and thoroughly

condiments.png Psy-Ops Gatekeeper asks: Is 9/11 Paranoia Bad for the Country?

u-s-flag.png Boomerang Effect: When Will the First IED Strike Cleveland?

reptile_eye.png A Perfect Failure

reptile_eye.png The Blitcon supremacists

mib.png Jailed media worldwide hits record: U.S. watchdog

nuclear.png Six-party talks on Korean nuclear issue to resume from Dec.18

Priming The Middle East

alarmclock.png Gulf summit opens with warning of regional explosion

reptile_eye.png Jimmy Carter Can't Say What Jewish Critics of Israel Are Free to Say

republican.png Actually, the 'bad news' from Iraq is "significantly underreported"

smiley-tongue-out.png Iran hosts int'l conference to discuss Holocaust

salt.png Iran's denial of Holocaust harms Arab cause, Palestine activist tells president

smiley-tongue-out.png Iran sets conditions for talks with U.S. on Iraq

smiley-tongue-out.png Iraqi leader calls ISG report an 'insult'

vader.png Iraq president slams study group report

stormtrooper.png US Soldiers Murder Iraqi Women and Children In Reprisal Attack

reptile_eye.png Baker's Cake

stormtrooper.png British Troops under investigation for Kandahar shooting spree

red_flag.png Saddam's nephew escapes prison with guard's help

Starting With Lebanon And Palestine

reptile_eye.png New Hezbollah rally set to pose greatest challenge to Siniora

chess.png Protestors gather in Beirut for huge rally

tnt.png Revolution in the air as Lebanon's rift widens

road_cone.png Beirut protests reach new height

reptile_eye.png Gunmen kill children of Hamas critic

reptile_eye.png 3 children of Fatah officer shot dead in Gaza City

reptile_eye.png World's Jews are horrified

reptile_eye.png Words Even an Ex-President Can't Say in America: The Media Lynching of Jimmy Carter

Far Out

ufo.png Man in black

ufo.png Before the Wright Brothers...There Were UFOs

bart.png Exorcism: Psychiatry meets faith

ghost.png She hears dead people

werewolf.png Predator might not be wolf

ducky.png I Saw a Sea Monster

35mm_film.png Stan Friedman Discusses UFO Frauds and Bob Lazar

atom.png David Deutsch: At play in the multiverse

blue_questionmark.png How we know what we know

ghost.png Peer-reviewed Journals in the Field of Parapsychology

joker.png The Mad Gasser of Mattoon - "It was that young fool Farley!"

gray_alien.png If not from space, where?

Euro Trash

do_not_enter.png Cyprus warns as EU puzzles over Turkey offer

attention_sign.png Britain stops talk of 'war on terror'

wine.png French Politics: Where Extremes Meet

chess.png Segolene Royal plans 'useful' trip to US in New Year

academy_award.png Mass hysteria forces evacuation of school

smoking.png Sir Richard Doll - blamed lung cancer on cigarettes while on the payroll of chemicals industry!!

Fascists Live Too Long

vader.png Chile's Pinochet dead: television

butterfly.png Augusto Pinochet 1915-2006: He took his crimes to the grave

smiley-face.png Crowds take to streets to celebrate Pincohet's demise

smiley-tongue-out.png Glee and grief as man who 'brought Spanish inquisition to Chile' dies at 91

eye_of_ra.png The general willing to kill his people to win the battle against communism

Wakey Wakey!

money.png Major U.S. $ Crisis Looming

money.png Think tax-backward to avoid the AMT

money.png Asian central banks accept falling US Dollar

money.png Europe will not escape the impact of dollar depreciation

money.png A Daily Reckoning Investment Alert

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