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Signs of the Times for Fri, 24 Nov 2006

New Signs of the Times Podcast!

Welcome to the Signs of the Times Podcast with editors (from left to right) Joe Quinn, Henry See, and Scott Ogrin.

Forty-three years ago, John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Although it was obviously the work of a powerful group, the blame was placed on patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. Independent researchers have proposed explanations that point the finger at the mob, the CIA and anti-Castro Cuban forces, and Lyndon Johnson and the oil magnates. Michael Collins Piper, author of Final Judgment, an investigation of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, demonstrates that Mossad played an important role in the murder. In this weeks Podcast, Piper talks with Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

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The Assassination of JFK
Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss
It's the End of the World as We Know It (Do you feel fine?)
Poland: From Soviet Republic to American State
Joe Quinn
Signs of the Times

How easily our logic fails us in the face of the all-knowing mainstream media. ex-Russian intelligence agent Alexander Litvinenko has succumbed to the effects of a radioactive isotope polonium 210, one of the rarest substances on the planet and one few could obtain according to Dr Andrea Sella, lecturer in chemistry at University College London, which he may or may not have ingested at a sushi bar in London.

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Harrison Koehli and members of the Signs of the Times forum
Language deliberately distorted to veil its true meaning is commonly referred to as 'doublespeak' (from Orwell's 'newspeak' and 'doublethink'). This distortion of words is becoming increasingly severe and overt. Even modern cinema, as evidenced in the immensely popular V for Vendetta, has noticed and commented upon this fact. The meanings of words are being changed.

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By Gilad Atzmon
A talk given at 11/22/06 in Edinburgh hosted by the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign
Now if you, Scottish activists stop for a second, ask yourselves why Dershowitz starts his book tackling the colonial aspect of Israel rather than facing its Fascist characteristics. My answer is simple. We are afraid to admit that Israel is indeed a Fascist State. It is predominantly the politically correct groups that furnish Dershowitz with a Zionist fig leaf. In fact, it is the Jewish gatekeepers on the left who have managed to reduce Zionism merely into a colonial adventure. Why did they do it? I can think of two reasons:

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By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth
24 November, 2006
Commentators and columnists are agreed. Pierre Gemayel's assassination must have been the handiwork of Syria because his Christian Phalangists have been long-time allies of Israel and because, as industry minister, he was one of the leading figures in the Lebanese government's anti-Syria faction. President Bush thinks so too. Case, apparently, settled.

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Living Under Terror

reptile_eye.png Gaza Revisited; Back to Basics

reptile_eye.png Palestinian factions agree on limited ceasefire with Israel

reptile_eye.png Palestinians militants: We'll halt Qassam fire if IDF stops attacks

reptile_eye.png Israel rejects Palestinian offer to halt rocket fire

reptile_eye.png Israel dismisses militants' offer on partial ceasefire

reptile_eye.png Seven Palestinians killed on Thursday in the Gaza Strip, over twenty residents injured

reptile_eye.png Israel kills 2 Palestinians in Gaza- medics

reptile_eye.png November in Gaza: 105 killed, 353 injured, 52 left handicapped for life

reptile_eye.png Israeli soldiers wounded by 55-year-old woman suicide bomber

reptile_eye.png Matriarch who lost grandson in conflict with Israelis turns into "suicide bomber"

reptile_eye.png Hamas says new rift with Abbas on government

Israel Snubs the World

crusader.png France okays firing at IAF over Lebanon

reptile_eye.png Iraq war was good for Israel: Olmert

reptile_eye.png Cleric holds US, Zionist Regime responsible for Gemayel's assassination

reptile_eye.png VP: Zionist regime, occupation are indices of bullying system

pie_chart.png The Republican Jewish Committee's results for its ad campaign just don't add up.

reptile_eye.png S. African Jewish paper causes storm

blue_questionmark.png Pharmacy under attack after anti-Semitism charges

reptile_eye.png IDF admits targeting civilian areas in Lebanon with cluster bombs

reptile_eye.png A brutal taste of the future

reptile_eye.png 'When it comes to firing the gun, it's a massive shock. It's what you don't see in the movies.'

reptile_eye.png Israel ponders Gaza escalation

Paranoid or Realist?

chess.png Moscow dossier embarrasses US and Britain ahead of Riga summit

handgun.png Mark Kurlansky: A pen against the sword

35mm_film.png Bush Blew up the Twin Towers - And other 9/11 conspiracies, thought up right here in Kansas City

reptile_eye.png How Israel killed Kennedy for the atom bomb (with timeline)

search.png It's Time to Re-Open the Investigation of RFK and JFK Assassinations

cowboy_hat.png Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'

stormtrooper.png Anti-terror law hits animal rights activists

Ups and Downs

envelope.png Chavez Opponent Linked to Coup

smiley-tongue-out.png Associated Press Poll Shows Chavez With Strong Lead

tnt.png N. Ireland Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation

dr_evil.png Canada's Liberal Party Courts Male Pedophiles

penis_pump.png Trail of Gemayel's Assassination Leads Back to Cheney's Office

Can You Explain This?

gray_alien.png Survey shows 'surprising level of paranormal belief'

gray_alien.png Paranormal Corridor - Southwest USA

ufo.png Interview With Mike Fortson - Eye Witness To Enormous V-Shaped UFO - AKA "The Phoenix Lights"

ufo.png UFOs are quantum

gray_alien.png Black Operations & Government Cover Ups! The Catch 22 of it all!

faucet.png Scientists Study Mysterious River

skullbones.png Jack the Ripper's face revealed 120 years on

Targetting France

reptile_eye.png Sarkozy to formally stake presidential claim

reptile_eye.png Sarkozy moves to take reins of French right

cheese.png Ségolène win fires up 'grandfather' Chirac

smiley-tongue-out.png Rwanda recalls ambassador to France, may break diplomatic ties

red_x_sign.png Policeman kills PSG fan in post-match racist violence

Bombing Iraq into Democracy

stormtrooper.png U.S. Laments Escalation of Iraq Violence

stormtrooper.png Russia Condemns Vicious Bombings in Iraq, Says Tension Mounting

stormtrooper.png Bomb blasts kill 22 in northern Iraq

story_default.png Baghdad under curfew after 202 killed in deadliest attack

stormtrooper.png UK Out by spring - a timetable emerges for Iraq

Spy vs Spy

skullbones.png Former spy's statement blames Putin for his death

story_default.png Dead spy was victim of radiation

nuclear.png Ex-Russian spy poisoned by radiation, risk to others being assessed

werewolf.png Russia blamed for ex-spy's death but mystery continues

Russia and the EU

deathstar.png Cold war shadow disrupts Russia talks

red_x_sign.png Russian Prosecutors Charge 17 Muslims With Plotting Terror Attacks

attention_sign.png Russia Ranks Second in World Suicide Rating

werewolf.png EU, Russia play down discord after Polish veto

Faces of Amerika

money.png Friedman's Cruel Legacy

burger.png Our Great North American Holiday

skullbones.png Christian Meth

reptile_eye.png Heidi Does Long Beach: The SPLC vs. Academic Freedom


nuclear.png Iran to continue nuclear reactor program without help

smiley-tongue-out.png Russia Launches Air Defense Deliveries to Iran

handgun.png Russia Said to Deliver Arms to Iran

Getting Rid of W

cowboy_hat.png Neil Bush's family values

skullbones.png Death of a Presidency

u-s-flag.png Bush Impeachment Proceedings

bargraph.png When Votes Disappear

Going Nuts

alarmclock.png Job stress leads to burnout, diabetes, heart disease

earth.png The elephants are going mad

blue_questionmark.png Family fractures linked to schizophrenia

Afghanistan: Enduring Freedom

vader.png Abuse of Afghan women: 'It was my decision to die. I was getting beaten every day'

deathstar.png Excessive "Liberation"

deathstar.png Italian philosopher Umberto Eco condemns concept of clash of civilisations as "stupid"

A Fistful of Dollars

money.png Dollar loses ground against euro

money.png Inuit sue US government over oil

do_not_enter.png Fury as Hong Kong journalist's appeal fails

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