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Signs of the Times for Mon, 13 Nov 2006

Cross-dressing FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover presided over the greatest development of organized crime America has ever seen

Did you know that if we could reduce the world's population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all existing human ratios remaining the same, the demographics would look something like this...

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Kurt Nimmo
November 10th 2006
Lest we forget who runs Congress, consider the following "briefing" posted on the AIPAC website yesterday:

AIPAC Builds Ties With New Lawmakers
AIPAC reached nearly every lawmaker elected in Tuesday's mid-term congressional elections as part of its effort to educate political candidates on the value of the U.S.-Israel relationship. During the campaign that ended Tuesday, nearly every viable candidate met with AIPAC professional staff members and submitted a position paper summarizing his or her views on U.S. Middle East policy. A non-partisan organization, AIPAC has for decades worked with Republican and Democratic members of Congress to strengthen the ties between the United States and Israel.

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November 9th, 2006
Mark Glenn
Today, while driving through town, I wound up behind a minivan that had a big sticker on the back. The sticker had an Israeli flag in the middle of it, and under it the quotation from the book of Genesis that reads "I will bless those who bless thee."

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Joseph Massad
9 - 15 November 2006
Issue No. 819
Before the United States government subcontracted the Chilean military to overthrow the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in 1973, it carried out a number of important missions in the country in preparation for the coup of 11 September. These included major strikes, especially by truck owners, which crippled the economy, massive demonstrations that included middle-class housewives and children carrying pots and pans demanding food, purging the Chilean military of officers who would oppose the suspension of democracy and the introduction of US-supported fascist rule, and a major media campaign against the regime with the CIA planting stories in newspapers like El Mercurio and others. This was in a context where also the Communist Party and the Leftist Revolutionary Movement (MIR) criticised and sometimes attacked the Allende regime from varying leftist positions.

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Donald Hunt
Signs of the Times
November 13, 2006

The U.S. stock market seemed to react well to the victory in the midterm elections by the Democratic party last Tuesday. But is it too late? We cannot expect Israel to take the "ousting" of the Neocons lying down. Nor can we expect Cheney to go quietly. This is Caesar versus Pompeii. Who will cross the Rubicon? What is the Rubicon in this instance?

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Yahweh's Stormtroopers

reptile_eye.png VIDEO: Massacre of Palestinian Women and Children

reptile_eye.png How Israel put Gaza civilians in firing line

reptile_eye.png Israeli Army Murders Palestinian in Gaza

reptile_eye.png Palestinian child blown to pieces by Israeli shell

reptile_eye.png Hamas accepts proposal for peace talks with Israel: Arab officials

reptile_eye.png U.S. vetoes UN draft criticizing Israel's Gaza attack

reptile_eye.png Abbas reelected as Fatah chief

reptile_eye.png Abbas, Hamas agree on new PM candidate

flower.png Rallies throughout Palestine commemorate anniversary of death of Arafat

reptile_eye.png Israeli 'Massacre' Overshadowed by U.S. Elections

The Lobby

search.png Just how cozy is Pelosi with AIPAC?

reptile_eye.png Pelosi's Israel Connection

reptile_eye.png John Bolton vetoes U.N. resolution condemning Israel's Criminal Actions in Gaza

reptile_eye.png White House intent on Bolton for U.N. envoy so as to better support the Criminal Regime of Israel

reptile_eye.png Israeli Criminal Olmert heads to U.S. to gauge post-election policy

reptile_eye.png Israeli PM arrives in Washington for talks on Iran, Palestinians

reptile_eye.png No one is ever guilty in Israel

attention_sign.png Tough-Talking Israeli General Resigns (scape-goated)

tnt.png Global pact to clean up unexploded arms takes effect - Will Israel Comply?

skullbones.png True cost of cluster bombs - Israel's favorite toy

reptile_eye.png The root of terror is clear

reptile_eye.png Israel: Whorehouse of the Middle East

reptile_eye.png Israel lobby Says Pentagon 'Infiltrated'

The Crusade Against Islam

blackbox.png Suicide Bomber Kills 33 in Baghdad

alarmclock.png Suicide bomber kills 11 on minibus in Baghdad

reptile_eye.png Violence in Baghdad Has Reached "Civil War Proportions"

skullbones.png Somber analysis of Iraq's future - STUDY GROUP MEETS WITH BUSH MONDAY

reptile_eye.png Israeli Snipers Killing U.S. Troops in Iraq?

smiley-tongue-out.png Blair to give evidence to Iraq Study Group

penis_pump.png War Whore Rice sez: Syria a 'dangerous' country

do_not_enter.png Lebanon's Hariri probe at heart of Hezbollah walkout

red_x_sign.png Lebanese political crisis deepens as Shiite ministers quit

joker.png Iran says ready to consider any U.S. offer to talk

handgun.png Iran to reply 'destructively' to any Israeli attack

vader.png (Yet another) Senior al-Qaeda member caught in Afghanistan

blue_questionmark.png Six Arab states join rush to go nuclear

Business as Usual

clock.png Democrats say will push for Iraq withdrawal

cowboy_hat.png Lawmakers gear up to fight some old battles with Bush - Bush gears up to fight back while he can - It's all farce

pie-chart.png Bush approval drops to just 31%, Democrats' goals backed: poll

stormtrooper.png Democrats increase pressure on Bush for phased troop withdrawal

cowboy_hat.png Impeaching Bush - Pelosi says no, but if the American people want it, the Congress will get it...

skullbones.png The War Crimes Case Against Donald Rumsfeld

search.png Warrantless wiretaps unlikely to be OK'd

penis_pump.png Cheney in a Box

penis_pump.png Bitch Slapping Dick Cheney

The Voting Scam

u-s-flag.png Ark. mayoral candidate disputes tally of zero votes, says he voted for himself

pie_chart.png Electronic Voting Was Rife with Errors on Nov. 7

pie_chart.png Gov. Bush says undervotes worth investigating

Keep the Faith, Baby

pie_chart.png Preach your children well - Fundies Homeschooling plan to take over the world

pink_rose.png Church of England says right to life for newborns not absolute: report

donald_duck.png So what's with all the dinosaurs?

flower.png Elton John wants organized religion banned

It Comes in Cycles

fireball.png New evidence shows a different meteor killed dinosaurs

alarmclock.png African nomads to be first people wiped out by climate change

car.png Carbon emissions rising faster than ever

volcano.png Volcano pierces small hole in ozone layer

earth.png Strong earthquake shakes northern Argentina

earth.png Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes near Papua New Guinea; no damage reported

Science on the March!

atom.png Enemies of science

syringe.png Death of the autopsy

spying.png Cell transplant may restore lost sight

eagle.png Painkillers turned bird killers

burger.png Gorillas missing link in HIV mystery - ONE more reason not to eat our close living relatives.

molecule.png Blueprint for a Neanderthal

cow_skull.png For cod's sake, act now

heart.png The harmless people

heart.png Survival of the nicest

red_x_sign.png Discovery creeps to launch pad

You Are What You Eat

condiments.png Buyer beware: the rise of food fraud

cola.png Russian Woman Wins Health Damage Suit Against Coca Cola

The Tangled Web We Weave

pc_mouse.png What a tangled web we are weaving - the internet a 'place where untruths start to spread more than truths'

pc_mouse.png Creator of web warns of fraudsters and cheats

pc_mouse.png Should Service Providers pay for Net Attacks?

Holding on to Empire

alarmclock.png RUC officer implicated in loyalist collusion

stormtrooper.png US Congressman Urges British Government to Acknowledge Collusion

stormtrooper.png British Security 'links' to terror murder plots

"Maggie" Royale

money.png Rivals close in as Segolene stumbles

pie-chart.png Tight race as France's Royal faces first hurdle for presidency

Isolating the Bear

attention_sign.png 99% of Voters in Georgia's Breakaway Region Back Independence

attention_sign.png Secret Minutes Revealing EU Plans to Put Pressure on Russia's Putin Found in Waste Bin - Report

Free Speech

reptile_eye.png Fury at Holocaust exhibit ban

smoking.png Smoking ban gets the Hollywood treatment

Bolivarian Revolution

smiley-face.png Chavez Sup Take Final Elections Steps

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