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Signs of the Times for Wed, 23 Aug 2006

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by Stephen Lendman
23 August 2006
On July 24, 2006, World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Pascal Lamy was forced to halt the five years of negotiating of the so-called Fourth WTO Ministerial Doha Round that began in Doha, Qatar in November, 2001 and ended (for now, at least) in Geneva, Switzerland. The talks had been ongoing to strike a trade deal but broke down because the US, as usual, demanded all take and little give in return expecting it could strong-arm developing nations to accept whatever it proposed as it's always been able to do in the past.

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Qumsiyeh: A Human Rights Web
On the Israel/Zionist lobby in America and its influence on US policy: Why strategically and tactically focusing on this lobby maybe important

Why did the British Empire and all colonial powers before it use "divide and conquer" while the US government seems intent on unifying diverse groups from Iraqi resistance to Sunni Hamas to Shi'i Hizballah to Arab Nationalists? This administration talks and acts based on a supposed common threat and in the process ofcourse unifying others and creating enemies. Perhaps the Zionist coined "Islamofascism" term should be a hint. Perhaps those who think tribally can only think of others as equally tribal: if there is a Jewish nation and not simply a religion then there must also be an Islamic nation and not simply a religion. If "goyim/gentiles" are inherenltly anti Jewish then it would make sense to lump Castro, Chavez, Nasrallah and Ahmedinujad (and hence help them find common ground)! Or does it? Looking carefully at these questions sometimes generates discomfort in both left and right circles. A lifelong pacifict once stated that they were put on this earth to comfort the afflicted and make the comfortable uncomfortable. It is IMHO important to engage in open discussion regardless of where one stands on these matters. The following four pages are not intended to be a comprehensive analysis but hopefully strings to begin this needed discussion. I would suggest actually that the Council for National Interest, ADC or other groups host a conference specifically to delve deeper into the questions raised.

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The Cutting Edge
Monday, August 21, 2006Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
I am disappointed to say that so far there has been very little serious critical discussion, grounded in factual analysis, of the alleged "Terror Plot" foiled on the morning of Wednesday, 10th August 2006. Except for a few noteworthy comment pieces, such as Craig Murray's critical speculations published by the Guardian last Friday, the mainstream media has largely subserviently parroted the official claims of the British and American governments. This is a shame, because inspection of the facts raises serious problems for the 10/8 official narrative.

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Monday, August 21, 2006
by Sara Robinson
Let's see. A frightened mob selects a couple victims, accuses them of being would-be criminals without any evidence whatsoever, forcibly robs them of the cost of transcontinental airfare, and threatens anyone (pilots and airline personnel) that questions either their verdict or their right to exact "justice."

There's only one word for this. It's vigilantism, pure and simple. It's no different than any other kind of lynch mob. And it is beneath the dignity of a civilized society.

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Donald Hunt
Signs of the Times
August 23, 2006

With gold and oil down and U.S. stocks up, the mainstream media last week credited a mood of optimism. About all they could point to was the cease fire between Israel and Lebanon, which lowered oil prices and the lower than expected inflation numbers in the U.S.

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The Fear Factor

film_strip.png Fear is the ultimate tool of this government - "The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country.... People shouldn't be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people."

skullbones.png Straining the country's psyche

u-s-flag.png The land of the free - but free speech is a rare commodity

stormtrooper.png Propaganda! Former Mossad boss steels West for 'third world war'- Terrorist roundups prove only the need for tougher measures, ex-spymaster sez

red_x_sign.png PROPAGANDA! War on terror is a perpetual fight, says UK minister

pie_chart.png Terrorism: let's do the maths

road_cone.png The London Terror Plot: Can the Bush-Blair Duet Be Trusted?

stoplight.png Terrorists Threaten World Peace, But So Do the 'Great Powers'

red_flag.png Man arrested at jetport after grenade joke

alarmclock.png Police seek to extend terror-plot questioning

Destroying Lebanon

tnt.png Restarting the 34 Day War

reptile_eye.png It must be frightening to be an Israeli now

handgun.png Little sign of progress at UN on Lebanon force

reptile_eye.png Israeli FM to visit Paris for peacekeeping talks

vader.png French, German leaders to meet on Mideast

do_not_enter.png UN troops on Lebanon-Syria border a 'hostile' act: Assad

red_x_sign.png U.S. resolution would disarm Hezbollah

vader.png Putin Says Russia Considering Sending Troops to Lebanon

reptile_eye.png Israelis: Lebanon situation 'explosive'

flower.png Untold story of the massacre of Marjayoun leaves blame on both sides of the border

They Care About You, Really

ducky.png Student Debt Crisis: Are There Any Solutions? - A look at what's behind the ever-increasing cost of college and potential solutions offered by activists and government

money.png The High Cost of Being Poor

flamingo.png Katrina rhetoric fails to calm storm

syringe.png Health Care: It's What Ails Us

money.png Home Mortgage Defaults rise in California

heart.png Cuba exports health

penguin.png UK Government warns of another winter of gas shortages

money.png Existing home sales drop in July

fortune_cookie.png Free in our Time...

bulldozer.png New Orleans a Year After Katrina

clock.png FLASHBACK! 1944: Is Germany able to realise its fate?

Yahweh's Stormtroopers

reptile_eye.png Israel Must Win

reptile_eye.png Israel's Double Standard

reptile_eye.png We Are Untouchable. We are Israelis

syringe.png The world avoids Israel like the plague

reptile_eye.png The war that keeps on killing

reptile_eye.png Olmert, Minister in Clash Over Returning the Golan to Syria

reptile_eye.png Uncomfortable Truths about Israel

reptile_eye.png Former Israeli justice minister indicted on sexual misconduct charge

The Iraq Lie

joker.png Truth-Telling Gone Wild - The Bushies are having the hardest time trying to un-lie

film_strip.png Daily Show: Why aren't the Iraqis more thankful?

stormtrooper.png Bush OKs involuntary Marine recall - Initial recall is for 2,500, but there is no cap

smiley-tongue-out.png Saddam dismisses 'laws of occupation'

pie-chart.png Americans separate Iraq from war on terrorism: poll

smiley-tongue-out.png Bush is crap, says Prescott - UK Deputy PM criticises US handling of Middle East, condemning 'cowboy' President at private meeting

cowboy_hat.png Both Bush and His Democratic Opponents are Clueless on Iraq

penis_pump.png Neocons and the Failure to Impose Democracy By Force -

Supporting Terrorism

money.png Disinformation: US to Israel: No financial aid for war

money.png Flashback: US extends 9 Billion dollar "credit line" to Israel

reptile_eye.png What Does Israel Want? It isn't just Lebanon...

reptile_eye.png Non-Jews defend Israel on campus

reptile_eye.png Unexploded cluster bombs prompt fear and fury in returning refugees

reptile_eye.png Israel/Lebanon: Evidence indicates deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure

reptile_eye.png War wipes out 15 years of Lebanese recovery: UNDP

reptile_eye.png Amnesty report accuses Israel of war crimes

Targeting Iran

do_not_enter.png Iran's Navy Attacks and Boards Romanian Rig in Gulf

nuclear.png Iran ready for talks over nuclear issue

nuclear.png Iran must suspend uranium enrichment: French FM

tux.png Iran 'benefiting from war on terror'

nuclear.png Russia to Continue Talks With Iran on Nuclear Problem

nuclear.png Iran wants to talk but keep nuke program

reptile_eye.png Minister says Israel must be ready for any Iranian attack

All War, All the Time

handgun.png Juarez Killings Escalate As Investigation Stalls - The Mexican government drops its investigation, leaving unsolved the brutal murders of hundreds of young women

stormtrooper.png Cancer-Causing Gas Used in Maze Riot: British Soldiers

deathstar.png Russian airliner crash not terrorist attack: official

mib.png Islamic militants backed by Pakistan's ISI trying to attack Indian nuclear plant in Kakrapar near Surat - Indian ellite forces ready to battle

red_flag.png US plane turned back to Amsterdam

stormtrooper.png Airstrikes kill 11 Taliban fighters

stormtrooper.png Doubts about Karzai growing in Afghanistan

Mother Earth

lightning.png Worst is yet to come, US hurricane chief says

earth.png Strong Earthquake Rattles El Salvador

earth.png Tropical Storm Debby forms in the eastern Atlantic

faucet.png Drought, water worries cloud skies for US farmers

lightning.png After the drought, scientists warn of a looming flood crisis

volcano.png Seismic scan of Etna reveals an eruption in the making

ducky.png Glaciers heading for point of no return

9/11 The Ultimate Lie

skullbones.png Where Bush's Arrogance Has Taken Us - An illegal war, a long list of eroded rights, and a country run by and for the benefit of corporate campaign donors -- all courtesy of the imperial presidency

search.png Another 9/11 Coverup in the Making?

skullbones.png Bush Now Says What He Wouldn't Say Before: Iraq Had 'Nothing' To Do With 9/11

u-s-flag.png Under Fire! U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst Targeted For Suggesting New Independent 9/11 Investigation - Army sez: Doubting Official 9/11 Story Is 'Disloyal To The United States' The subject? The Pentagon!

book.png Flight 93 'was shot down' claims new UK book

blue_questionmark.png If September 11 Never Happened ...


reptile_eye.png Gaza swelters through summer without power

reptile_eye.png Propaganda! Islamic radicals, Nazism linked

reptile_eye.png PROPAGANDA! Mideast Echoes Of 1938

reptile_eye.png Israeli tanks enter Gaza - Israel, the Energizer Bunny of War Crimes

reptile_eye.png American Comedian Strip Searched at Israeli Airport

ghost.png The Coverage--and Non-Coverage--of Israel-Palestine

It's Only Money

reptile_eye.png Elbit Systems in US border security tender

money.png IPO delays reach five-year high

money.png Putin hails the new economy as Russia wipes $22bn off its debts

money.png California to raise minimum wage to highest in US

money.png Medicare drug benefit hits $50M glitch

That's Just Weird

cropcircle3.png Crop Circles Puzzle Geneseo Illinois Officials

fireball.png UFO lit up northern skies in Norway - A top astronomer thinks it was another meteorite.

handgun.png Ferocious ants bite like a bullet

donald_duck.png Why doesn't America believe in evolution?

In Your Genes

garfield.png Research shows first impressions really count

molecule.png Project to link genes, lifestyle and health gets go-ahead

molecule.png What makes you you? Ask your genome

Leaky Lobbyists Smoke Lawyer Data

attention_sign.png Leak Investigation Ordered: How Media Learned About Probe of Pro-Israel Lobbyists Sought

smoking.png Scottish smoking ban leaves landlords fuming

pc_mouse.png How to tell when your data takes the scenic route

cowboy_hat.png In thrall to the Bush lawyers

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