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Signs of the Times for Tue, 11 Jul 2006

Laura Knight-Jadczyk
11 July 2006
As a rule, I don't do football; never liked sitting around watching other people do stuff; would rather be doing stuff myself. That rule, naturally, extends to soccer which - to an American - is like "football lite." Just to illustrate the point, let me tell a little story.

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Presented by Jeffrey Blankfort at the Islamic Human Right Commission Conference, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
July 2, 2006
The apparent ability of Israel, one of the world's smallest countries, to shape the Middle East policies of the world's remaining superpower has been a source of puzzlement, conjecture, and constant frustration on the part of those fighting for justice for the Palestinians and for the peoples of the region, as a whole.

One of the roots of this unique historical phenomenon may be found in the interpretation of a 120-year-old US Supreme Court decision that afforded corporations the same rights as individual American citizens.

One of those rights is the freedom of speech that is guaranteed by the 1st amendment to the US Constitution.

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By Alain Gresh
Le Mondo Diplo
The 1949 Geneva Conventions state, in article 54 of their additional protocol: "Starvation of civilians as a method of warfare is prohibited". It is also "prohibited to attack, destroy, remove or render useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population". That means that the Israeli army's latest offensive in the occupied territories amounts to war crimes; it includes the blockade of the civilian population and their collective punishment, the bombing of Gaza's $150m power station, depriving 750,000 Palestinians of electricity in the intense summer heat, and the kidnapping on the West Bank of 64 members of the political wing of Hamas, including eight cabinet ministers and 22 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. On 5 July the Israeli government said it would expand its military operation in Gaza.

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Reem Al Faisal, Arab News
It is tragic to witness the transformation of a victim into the worst perpetrator of that which he suffered from in the past. But this is what is unfolding before our eyes.

This statement is evidently clear in its meaning and intent. The entire world knows that what I have in my mind is the Israelis and their loss of all sense of morality and reason. They have descended, without any inhibitions, into unprecedented savagery directed against the defenseless Palestinians.

Rarely have a people suffered under such brutality that they are denied the very essence of their humanity.

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By Larry Pinkney
Online Journal Contributing Writer
Jul 6, 2006, 01:07
Contrary to the well perpetuated myth, fascism is not limited to storm troopers blatantly goose-stepping down streets and alleyways, engaging in bloody search and destroy missions. Germany's fascism under Adolf Hitler differed from Italy's fascism under Benito Mussolini, but they were both fascist nation states. Fascism has different forms, all of which are equally deadly, all of which must be identified, seriously resisted and stopped.

Complacently insisting that the organized state repressive apparatus of, in and by the United States must not be defined as fascism is incredibly dangerous, especially at this point in history. It's a bit like quibbling with a person who is in the death throes of drowning that he is not actually drowning but merely suffocating! No matter how it is defined, the person is dying, and immediate action is needed to save his or her life!

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by Rodrigue TremblayJuly 10, 2006

"Democracy [is] when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers."

Aristotle, (384-322 BC)

"Money becomes evil not when it is used to buy goods but when it is used to buy power... economic inequalities become evil when they are translated into political inequalities."

Samuel Huntington

One of the greatest benefits of a well functioning democracy is its capacity to bring about change: change of government, change of policies, change in the distribution of income and wealth, etc., and to avoid stagnation and immobilization. In any society, the tendency is for a few to concentrate power and wealth in their hands, leaving the many in a situation of dependence and despondency. The right to vote and to engage in political activity changes the balance of power in a country and opens the door for the establishment of a government, in Lincoln's words, "of the people, by the people, and for the people." However, too great a concentration of wealth inevitably brings forth corruption in government and a concentration of the tools of propaganda, both of which constitute the greatest threats to democracy.

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by Stephen Lendman
There's much happening in Mexico in the aftermath of the nation's most contentious election ever, but it began many months before the first vote was cast. The popularity of leftist opposition candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) scared the ruling National Action Party (PAN) enough to get them to try to deny him the right to run for president in the election just concluded. In April, 2005, a commission of four members of the Chamber of Deputies (Mexico's Congress) held there was sufficient cause to suspect Obrador committed a crime when he ordered the construction of a service road to a hospital ignoring a judge's order against doing it. Obrador said he was just widening the road and stopped when he learned of the court order. The full Chamber ignored his explanation and then voted to strip him of his government immunity from prosecution so he could be indicted, have to stand trial and be constitutionally barred from holding or running for high office. The transparent scheme didn't work because the people of Mexico wouldn't tolerate it and turned out in mass street protests to support him.

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Israel - Nazi Germany Revisited

reptile_eye.png The Wahbas' last meal

reptile_eye.png UN warns of Gazans' struggle to survive

reptile_eye.png Palestinian official says Gaza in humanitarian crisis

reptile_eye.png Israel 'terrorizing' entire Palestinian nation, say British Jews

reptile_eye.png Israel batters Gaza with airstrikes, death toll hits 52

reptile_eye.png 'Apartheid Israel' worse than apartheid SA

reptile_eye.png Big Papers Spin Coverage Of Palestine

reptile_eye.png Israeli PM orders intensified Gaza offensive

reptile_eye.png Olmert shrugs off criticism

reptile_eye.png Olmert Defends Israel's Position - Rejects Mounting Criticism

reptile_eye.png Israeli soldier a PoW: Hamas leader

reptile_eye.png A Thankyou To All Starbucks Customers

US Stormtroopers in Action

stormtrooper.png Documents proving alleged Iraqi rape-murder victim was 14, not 20 as the military says

stormtrooper.png All Iraq is Abu Ghraib

vader.png Canadian teen abused at Guantanamo Bay: report

attention_sign.png Group Claims 3 GIs Killed Over Rape-Murders

red_flag.png Baghdad to get 11 hours of power by end summer: US general

stormtrooper.png Iraq says to ask U.N. to end US immunity

Civil War

u-s-flag.png Illegal immigration bills passed in Colo.

vader.png Judge: FBI Raid on Lawmaker's Office Legal

cowboy_hat.png Bush's Stunning Admission to Larry King: "I Do It All Over Again"

alarmclock.png Gulf war veteran charged with family murders

u-s-flag.png Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes?

u-s-flag.png 9/11 'revisionist' allowed to teach

The Asian Desk

nuclear.png U.N. Postpones Vote On North Korea Sanctions

money.png China To Complete Four Strategic Oil Reserve Facilities This Year

nuclear.png Satellite photos detect activity at NKorea missile bases: report

road_cone.png At least 22 killed in Bangladesh crash

nuclear.png China again rejects UN resolution on North Korea

vader.png Blasts hit Mumbai rail network

Look! Up in the sky!

smoking.png Tobacco death toll could reach 1 billion this century, study finds

earth.png Rogue Waves at Sea

blue_questionmark.png Ellison Bay visitors awaken to explosions, devastation

sun.png Flare Ends Solar Quiet Spell

asteroid.png Second meteorite in a month hits Norway

molecule.png Sleep helps the brain remember facts better: study

World in Chaos

lady_liberty.png EU court says former French PM guilty of favouritism

attention_sign.png French Soccer and the Future of Europe

vampire.png Africa Aid Eaten Up By Consultants

cowboy_hat.png Bush Defends Putin Against Criticism on Backsliding From Democracy

US Demo

u-s-flag.png Emotional General Speaks of Immigrant Father

handgun.png WMDs in slow motion

ducky.png New York unveils bird flu emergency plan

u-s-flag.png US in $80m 'Cuba democracy' plan

Thanks, Rummy

stormtrooper.png Rumsfeld says U.S. committed to Afghanistan

u-s-flag.png Air raids kill 60 civilians in Afghanistan

stormtrooper.png Britain sends 900 soldiers to Afghanistan


spying.png MI5 has secret dossiers on one in 160 adults

vader.png Rebel MPs to be given 'yellow card'

stoplight.png Britain Unveils Terrorism Alert System

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