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Signs of the Times for Wed, 22 Mar 2006

Signs Under Attack! EXPOSED!!!

Some of you may have noticed that Signs of the Times was down three times today. This was a result of threats by's attorney to our website host. It seems that finally could no longer stand the negative attention they were getting from our exposure of them as a probable CoIntelPro operation, initially in the form of Joe Quinn's article:

Evidence That a Frozen Fish Didn't Impact the Pentagon on 9/11 - and Neither Did a Boeing 757

which was an analysis of the "catherder" article on which essentially was support for Bush and the Neocon's conspiracy theory about the events of September 11.

After removing this "offending material", we published the letter from's attorney on our forum. Within FIVE minutes, the Signs page was taken down again by the website host. When we called our server to ask "what now," we were informed that's attorney had called again and was claiming that in the five minutes the forum posting was up, he had already received death threats because we had published his name and location! (which, incidentally, is freely available on the web.) We were forced to remove that information also, but you can read it here. It seems that's attorney is also well-versed in the tactics of CoIntelPro.

As anyone who is familiar with copyright law knows, our rebuttal of the 'Catherder' article is perfectly legal under standard copyright law. However,, like Bush and the Neocons, make up their own laws and enforce them with intimidation and bogus threats from their 'hired-gun' attorney. As Laura has chronicled on her blog,'s urgent demands that we remove this article because it was a violation of their "creative commons" copyright was absurd and simply evidence of their position as an active cointelpro/psy-ops propagator on the internet. It isn't copyrights that is concerned about, it is google bombing and running psy-ops. And now, they have proven it.

This action also is highly suggestive of the idea that the Pentagon issue is a LOT more sensitive than anyone has thus far suspected! Do take note of THAT!

We hope that everyone who reads this will spread this information far and wide because these people are covert Bush supporters, Cyber Nazi Brown Shirts.

Don't worry, there will be lots more information on this matter available soon and we will keep our readers updated. Check back regularly, and it will help a LOT if you can find some spare change to put in the legal defense kitty.

Thanks from the SOTT Team.

by Paul Craig Roberts
21 Mar 06

"LewRockwell" -- -- On March 17 William Rivers Pitt wrote that Bush is "deranged, disconnected, and dangerous." In his March 20 Cleveland speech, Bush proved Pitt right.

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Baghdad Dweller
At 230 of 15/3/2006, according to the telegram (report) of the Ishaqi police directorate, American forces used helicopters to drop troops on the house of Faiz Harat Khalaf situated in the Abu Sifa village of the Ishaqi district. The American forces gathered the family members in one room and executed 11 people, including 5 children, 4 women and 2 men, then they bombed the house, burned three vehicles and killed their animals (map coordinates 098702).

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Onward Christian Soldiers

stormtrooper.png Bush still believes victory possible in Iraq

cowboy_hat.png Bush Defends Decisions on Iraq War

u-s-flag.png Elaborate U.S. bases raise long-term questions

red_flag.png Bush suggests US troops will still be in Iraq into 2009

reptile_eye.png Abu Ghraib Dog Handler Found Guilty

stormtrooper.png Northern Iraq Ruled by Force and Fear

u-s-flag.png Files show Sadam's frustration over WMD hunt

book.png US book on Iraq war takes aim at Rumsfeld

Sacrifices to Yahweh

reptile_eye.png Pro-Israel lobby in U.S. under attack.

attention_sign.png Why Orthodox Jews are opposed to the Zionist "State"

heart.png Anti-Israel rabbis vow Hamas support

reptile_eye.png Israel accuses West Bank Palestinians of al-Qaida link

reptile_eye.png Israel kills Palestinian militant

reptile_eye.png Israel barrier 'hurting farmers'

reptile_eye.png Hamas leader says won't renounce "armed resistance"

reptile_eye.png Palestinians 'in al-Qaeda plot'

War on the Common People

mr-potato-head.png Daytime TV tied to poorer mental scores in elderly

alarmclock.png Police: Man Killed Boy For Walking Across Yard

red_flag.png Death raises concern at police tactics

u-s-flag.png FBI Agent Slams Bush Government at Moussaoui Trial

spying.png Orwell's Internal Revenue Service

lady_liberty.png Instasmear indeed

heart.png Oprah Exposes America's Dirty Little Secret: 37 million Americans live in grinding poverty

stormtrooper.png Mysterious Photographers of Nothing- Life in the Shadows of the Empire

Mother Nature's Revenge

earth.png Spring Snow Storm Buries Ohio Valley

musical.png Radiohead Singer Turns Down Tony Blair on Climate Change Talks, Says Blair Has "No Environmental Credentials"

earth.png Australia's Cyclone Larry Much Stronger Than Katrina

earth.png Earthquake shakes East San Francisco Bay

earth.png 4.5 Earthquake Jolts Serbia

speaker.png Warbling Whales Speak A Language All Their Own

earth.png Arctic, Antarctic Melting May Raise Sea Levels Faster Than Expected

Follies of King George

film_strip.png Audio: Colonel Larry Wilkerson Condemns US 'Ineptitude'

lady_liberty.png Carlos Santana Speaks Out Against Bush

money.png The US Budget and the Damage Done

nuclear.png Bush Reignites the Arms Race

cowboy_hat.png Bush Actually Takes a Question from Helen Thomas, Gives Nonsensical Response

cowboy_boot.png Those Lies, Again

stormtrooper.png Bush staffers ejected 3 at speech - Because of anti-Bush Bumper Stickers

Splintering America

perfume.png Chertoff Calls for Chemical Plant Security

vader.png Democracy: What A Concept


u-s-flag.png Antiwar views grow, but war protests don't

u-s-flag.png Change of heartland

garbage_can.png McCain Takes on DeLay Accomplice - cozying up to the Republican establishment,

money.png Speed voting: House flies through $91.9 billion spending bill

Quantum Chaos

road_cone.png France PM says would consider changes over job law

money.png UAE, Saudi considering to move reserves out of dollar

attention_sign.png Eta 'announce permanent cease-fire' - report

road_cone.png Pakistani Taliban take control of unruly tribal belt

smiley-tongue-out.png Chavez Lashes Out at Free-Trade Pacts

cowboy_hat.png Venezuela Wants Terrorist out of US

spying.png Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams detained in US 'terror watch'

Business as Usual

lightbulb.png Italian Co. Designs Jeans for Muslims

pc_mouse.png Apple says proposed French law smacks of piracy

u-s-flag.png Patently Ridiculous

heart.png Bolivia: Water is a human right

money.png Investors flock to Indian stocks

Oil, Energy, and Blood

money.png Holding the energy card, Putin calls for broader trade with China

u-s-flag.png The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century

speaker.png Audio: Former GOP Strategist Kevin Phillips on American Theocracy- The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century


nuclear.png Smoke at nuclear power plant facility in Japan injures workers

Nuking Iran

questionable-story.png Will Iran Help Bush Preserve His Republican Majority?

salt.png America's options for Iran

road_cone.png Iran Leader OKs Talks With U.S. on Iraq

reptile_eye.png Between Iran and Israel, try a bomb for a bomb

On the Bloody Ground

u-s-flag.png Iraqis Detail Deadly U.S. Marine Raid:

stormtrooper.png The march of folly, that has led to a bloodbath - The Iraq War: Three Years On

stormtrooper.png 'Iraq was awash in cash. We played football with bricks of $100 bills'

stormtrooper.png US Blasted For Creating Terrorism Quagmire On Anniversary Of Iraq War

Quirks & Quarks

easter_island.png UN warns of worst mass extinctions for 65m years

garfield.png Hotel Charging Guests By The Pound

u-s-flag.png IRS plans to allow preparers to sell data

smiley-face.png Ark's Quantum Quirks

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