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Signs of the Times for Tue, 14 Mar 2006

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the way the world works? If you were to find yourself in a position to enact real change, to spread truth to the world at large, imagine the ways that you would get it done. Once you begin to think back to a time when you first started to question the lies, and when you felt that need to find the truth and help others to find it too, you will begin to see that you can really make a difference today.

Now is the time to rise up for the truth!

That is where we are right now, with our constant efforts in the past to push forward and get our material out to the world, we have positioned ourselves to go to the next level. Lobbying the Neo-Cons is useless, the only way to effect real change is to act now and give people the truth.

We are nearing the final stages of starting the unstoppable ball rolling, and now is the time that you begin to find yourself poised to help bring the world to the truth, and to expose the Matrix like reality!

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By John Kaminski

We need to take the blame — now.

How many more lies do we need to hear that cost thousands of lives and take away our Constitutional rights? How much more poison do we need to have shoved down our throats by official government agencies? How many more friends do we need to see killed by government functionaries doing business as rabid dogs?

How few of us have looked into that deep dark place in ourselves and seen the connection that travels from the sweetest part of our own souls — you know, that stuff we give our families — to the little girl lying dead in the street in Baghdad. And a thousand other dusty towns turned bloody by the shadow that lurks in the hollow of our own wallets.

And don't forget the big new wall that circles the heart of Jerusalem with its shadow of fear, and spreads its crippled cancer into the minds of every human on this planet through toxic electronic fantasies better known as mass media. Already firmly constructed in your own mind from a lifetime of American public schools, that same wall is being constructed in your own town — in New Orleans, for instance, in a thousand places on this planet, at this moment. The war for human freedom is definitely on.

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Kurt Nimmo
March 14th 2006
Another Day In The Empire

In an effort to stem increasingly vociferous criticism, Bush’s neocon handlers have provided him with a new script, basically the old script with new fantastic accusations.

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Wreck Iraq-arama

attention_sign.png SAS soldier quits Army in disgust at 'illegal' American tactics in Iraq - Refuses to fight alongside Americans

cow.png After four years, Iraq withdrawal elusive

reptile_eye.png Old War Whores: Haig says U.S. repeating Vietnam mistake - Former Nixon adviser thinks forces in Iraq hamstrung by politicians

u-s-flag.png Iraq: The reckoning - What have we achieved three years on from Shock and Awe?

road_cone.png Four men found hanged in Baghdad slum

search.png Shia cleric blames US forces for Sunday massacre

search.png Death squads found inside Iraqi government

tnt.png Iraq's president warns of civil war after bombings

road_cone.png Troops from Iraq suffer the 'Vietnam effect' - Returning Home to Face a Hostile Public

stormtrooper.png Top commanders approved use of dogs at Abu Ghraib

stormtrooper.png Friendly Fire: Another Crack UK Soldier Quits the Illegal War

road_cone.png How Do We Fix the Mess In Iraq?

u-s-flag.png Electricity Hits Three-Year Low in Iraq

Elite American College Grads Gone Wild

reptile_eye.png Decadent Elite Laugh At Torture During Gridiron Club Dinner - Russert dresses in drag, sings 'rendition' song

reptile_eye.png Republican contenders agree: Let's cut spending - Starting With Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security - So We Can Buy More Bombs

u-s-flag.png The U.S. has run amok; former CIA analyst

search.png Flashback: How the Central Intelligence Agency Played Dirty Tricks With Our Culture

reptile_eye.png Flashback: Zbigniew Brzezinski How the US provoked the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan

35mm_film.png Video: The Secret Government - Part I - Bill Moyers, documents U.S. support of terrorist regimes and the brutality of Americas foreign policy.

35mm_film.png Video: Harper's Magazine Panel on Case Bush Impeachment

attention_sign.png U.S. terror hunt targets animal activists

stormtrooper.png Pa. seizes paper's computer hard disks

search.png Preview of 'Vanity Fair' Article on Plamegate: Too Much of Nothing?

stormtrooper.png Injured by Cops: Sheehan Cancels Trip to Europe

stormtrooper.png Nigeria: The Next Quagmire?

Earth on the Edge

black_cat.png South Korea gets rare yellow snowfall

earth.png Flashback: Creamy Pink Snow Covers Russian Region

earth.png Climate change 'irreversible' as Arctic sea ice fails to re-form

fortune_cookie.png Scientist Reading the Leaves to Predict Violent Weather

earth.png 100 twisters across 5 states

house.png Tornado Season Off to Roaring Start

ufo.png Freak Wind: 'It's a miracle no one got killed'

cow_skull.png Shifting Wind Worries Texas Firefighters

donald_duck.png Ready or Not, Bird Flu Is Coming to America - Officials Advise Stocking Up on Provisions -- and Warn That Infected Birds Cannot Be Prevented From Flying In

nuclear.png Chernobyl: A poisonous legacy

earth.png Burst oil pipeline causes 'catastrophe' in Alaska

penguin.png Survival Dance: How Humans Waltzed Through the Ice Age

September 11th - Leads To...

smiley-tongue-out.png Pakistan weekly spills 9/11 beans

road_cone.png September 11 trial halted amid witness coaching claims

stormtrooper.png Sandra Day O'Connor: Dictatorship is the danger

stormtrooper.png Big Brother Is Listening

stormtrooper.png Deputies' Questions Unsettle University - 'Chilling effect' is feared after a Pomona College professor is queried on his links to Venezuela.

search.png The Crime of Being a Muslim Charity

bart.png Expert Sez: US Profited From Mohammed Cartoons Scandal

reptile_eye.png If Anyone's Satanic It's Pat Robertson - Hypocritical 'Christians' do Christianity no favors

heart.png Censorship of the Worst Kind - The Second Death of Rachel Corrie

nuclear.png N.Korea army threatens pre-emptive attack

Israel - Pariah State

reptile_eye.png Ami Ayalon: 'I've killed more Arabs than anyone'

reptile_eye.png Seven Palestinians, including five children killed this week

reptile_eye.png Palestinian Child's finger cut off during Israeli investigation

reptile_eye.png Israeli Settlers attack Palestinian farmers; injure four, including one child

heart.png Raising Yousuf: a diary of a mother under occupation

reptile_eye.png Why is peace a dirty word in Israel?

reptile_eye.png More Pro-Israel Than Israel

search.png Seek Justice, Only Justice - AIPAC consists almost exclusively of Zionists

reptile_eye.png Netanyahu: We need to fight Hamas - Israeli rightwing

tnt.png British Council offices set ablaze as Israel raids Jericho jail

reptile_eye.png Israel declares state of maximum alert

reptile_eye.png Israel avoids wrangling with Straw

smiley-tongue-out.png Palestinian militants threaten Britain, US over Jericho

road_cone.png Recognising Israel 'is up to the [Palestinian] people'

speaker.png Audio: Rabbi Goldstein gives a historic overview of Zionism.

Economic Effluent

money.png Snow warns Congress: US government's cash running out

heart.png Hunger For Justice

road_cone.png Peak Oil Propaganda: Saudi Arabia: the sands run out

money.png Nigeria Earns $2.9bn from Oil in Jan

tnt.png Nigeria's militants highlight woes amid wealth

search.png Foreign owners tied to US fleet - Reliability during crisis questioned - Lack of American Owned Vessels

money.png Arab central banks move assets out of dollar

money.png EU Warns of Sanctions on U.S. Goods

money.png McClatchy to buy Knight-Ridder for $4.5 billion

Damn Iran-arama

nuclear.png War Pimp: Nuclear expert: Too late to stop Iran

nuclear.png War Pimp McCain: If Iran Gets Nukes, U.S. 'In Trouble'

nuclear.png War Pimp: Iran builds a secret underground complex as nuclear tensions rise

smiley-tongue-out.png Flashback: CBS Sez: No Bunker where U.S. Bombs Targeted Saddam

reptile_eye.png Israeli plan to attack Iranian nuclear reactors

heart.png Anti-Israel rabbis support Iran

cowboy_hat.png Of Lies and Men - Did Bush Lie Us into the Iraq War?

Impeach Bush? Get Real!

smiley-tongue-out.png Impeachment Talk Reaches the Mainstream - From the Wall Street Journal to MSNBC, talk of impeachment is no longer on the fringe.

35mm_film.png Video: Feingold Will Introduce Resolution To Censure President Bush

smiley-tongue-out.png Feingold Draws Little Support for Censure

smoking.png Russ Feingold: Censure in the Wilderness

reptile_eye.png "He Shall Direct Thy Paths to the Weapons of Mass Destruction." The former U.N. inspector behind the "Saddam Tapes" says God revealed WMD sites to him.

nuclear.png Bush's Roadblock at the Security Council

Milosevic Murder

syringe.png Milosevic said doctors were killing him

attention_sign.png UN war crimes tribunal denies request for Milosevic autopsy in Moscow

smiley-tongue-out.png Lavrov: Russian Federation does not trust results of Milosevic's Autopsy

syringe.png 'Leprosy drug in Milosevic's blood'

syringe.png Why Milosevic Was Murdered- Tinpot dictator blew the whistle on the New World Order

syringe.png Milosevic's Son Says Father Was 'Killed'

Scientific Scruples

telescope.png NASA scientists have new mystery to solve - Some of the material brought back by Stardust probe 'kind of a shock'

smiley-tongue-out.png Six blind men in a zoo: Aviation Week's mythical Blackstar

moon.png Two-Stage-to-Orbit 'Blackstar' System Shelved at Groom Lake?

ducky.png The Science Of Sexual Orientation

gray_alien.png Scientists and the UFO Phenomenon

ufo.png UFO photo contest wants you to fake it

ufo.png THE UFO THING Is Back! Strange-Shaped Craft Now In Hawaii - Photo

smoking.png Up in Smoke: Marijuana Toasts Memory

Whacko World

spying.png Web search blows CIA spooks' cover

werewolf.png Study in Psychopathy: Detectives 'spent decades as killers for the Mafia', court is told

lenin.png Russia's Refusal to Recognize Katyn Massacre Shocks Polish Leaders

cow.png The Happy People Speak Out - My Night at the Oscars

penguin.png Dan Brown grilled in Da Vinci Code copyright case

cow.png Ark's Quantum Quirks

Two Dead Guys and a Music Player

heart.png Gandhi in California- The 2006 Latino Peace Pilgrimage to End the Iraq War

search.png Columbus mystery nearly solved 500 years after death

lightbulb.png French plan would open iTunes to other devices

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