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Signs of the Times - Special Weekend Edition, 10-12 Feb 2006
(NOTE: The Podcast will return next week!)

Signs of the Times and Cassiopaea
We get many emails from readers asking what they can do. They see the dire situation facing the United States and feel helpless. Many say that before finding our site, they wondered if they were crazy or if they were the only one that saw what was happening to their country. If you have benefited from our work, then there is likely to be someone else out there who could, too. But how do we reach them?

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by Missy Comley Beattie 9 Feb 06
When the going gets tough, the president talks terror, terror, terror. Does this man have any credibility? Only with those who think that Osama and Saddam are one and the same and, of course, the people who still believe that Iraq attacked us on September 11, 2001. Yes, that's the answer. Oh, and the scared. Actually, I don't buy this foiled plot Bush announced today--that al Qaeda planned to fly a plane into the Library Tower. And one of the many reasons is because he had to read it to us. If there were any truth to his success at preventing a disaster, he would have been capable of telling it.

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Kurt Nimmo February 09th 2006
Naturally, this whole sketchy and uncorroborated affair is simply a transparent effort to deflect attention away from congressional intelligence committee hearings supposedly empanelled to uncover details about Straussian neocon criminal behavior vis-à-vis snooping on millions of Americans. It is also intended to offer up an excuse for continued snooping and the deliberate trashing for the Bill of Rights as the Straussian neocons behind the Bush administration make steady progress in reducing America to a nightmarish Panopticon.

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Magus, a friend of Signs of the Times and former 60s activist in the United States, looks back finds some answers to questions that have been haunting him for three decades.

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By Patrick J. Buchanan 9 Feb 06
"What hypocrisy. When it comes to what Germans are most sensitive about, Hitler and the Holocaust, they are ruthless censors. British historian David Irving has spent three months in a Viennese prison awaiting trial on Feb. 20 for speeches he made 15 years ago in Austria. Skeptics and deniers of the Holocaust are prosecuted, fined and imprisoned in Europe with the enthusiastic endorsement of the European press."

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By Milton Mayer Excerpt from pages 166-73 of "They Thought They Were Free" First published in 1955
"To live in this process is absolutely not to be able to notice it — please try to believe me — unless one has a much greater degree of political awareness, acuity, than most of us had ever had occasion to develop. Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, ‘regretted,’ that, unless one were detached from the whole process from the beginning, unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these ‘little measures’ that no ‘patriotic German’ could resent must some day lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing. One day it is over his head.

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by Katherine Brengle
In the past, the lies that have come out of the White House have at least been potentially almost kind of a little bit true. Now we’ve reached a new low. Today our President told the country that his illegal wiretapping allowed the US government to foil a terrorist plot four years ago to hijack an airplane using shoe-bombs and fly it into the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles. Bullshit.

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Police State

hotdog.png Life in the USA

epluribus.png U.S. steps up force-feeding at Guantánamo Bay

u-s-flag.png Government without Representation: A Call to Action

syringe.png Hastert, Frist rigged bill for drug firms - Frist denies protection was added in secret

epluribus.png When Corporations Rule the World - Race to the Bottom

republican.png Tale Of A Connecticut Donkey

save_energy.png Return oil profits to American people

epluribus.png Educators face blowback for protesting Iraq war in schools

lincoln.png A Dangerous Professor Speaks

dr_evil.png The Man Who Terrorized America For Five Years

earth.png Records show White House knew of New Orleans levee break but failed to act

heart.png Stealing A President's Spotlight - The eviction of two women from Bush's speech echoes a spirited protest by suffragists.

Iraq War Crimes

lady_liberty.png Report Says Number of Attacks by Insurgents in Iraq Increases

cowboy_hat.png Bush head of 'pack of killers'say Indian leftists

stormtrooper.png Iraq Coalition Shrinking

cow_skull.png Army Effort to Enlist Hispanics Draws Recruits, and Criticism

money.png Iraq rebuilding costs 'much higher' than $56B

money.png Iraq's basic services are worse now than before war began

money.png Gasoline Crisis in Iraq

stormtrooper.png Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

stormtrooper.png House Committee Squashes Torture Queries - US "On the Road to Auschwitz"

mr-potato-head.png Bush waged Iraq war by "cherry-picking" intelligence: former CIA official

South of the Border

smiley-face.png The Bolivarian Revolution: A Movement of Hope and Threat

smiley-tongue-out.png Chávez tells Blair to go to hell

smiley-tongue-out.png Venezuela hopes to increase oil exports to China

epluribus.png U.S. threats to Venezuela’s revolution escalate

smiley-tongue-out.png Chavez says Exxon Mobil did not meet requirements for project

smiley-tongue-out.png Chávez hits back in war of words with Washington

red_flag.png Evo Morales says energy companies conspiring to destabilize government

smiley-tongue-out.png U.S. cutting military aid to Bolivia 96 percent

smiley-tongue-out.png Castro invites Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Cuba

cookie_monster.png Hand back Falklands, Venezuela tells Blair

Iran Face Off

nuclear.png Iran: the next war

dr_evil.png Russian MP Says US To Attack Iran Late March - Muslim riots a US psyop aimed at getting EU support for war

penis_pump.png War Pimp Hurd: Iran may need force

joker.png U.S. shield blunts Israeli military option on Iran

tnt.png Iran poised to retaliate against UN referral

nuclear.png Iran dismisses US threat over nukes

smiley-tongue-out.png Russia confirms missile defence contract with Iran

lightbulb.png Parallels Between Iran and Pre-War Iraq

smiley-tongue-out.png China says welcomes Iran-Russia nuclear talks

Cartoon Catastrophe

tnt.png All cartoon politics are local

cow_skull.png An American Indian's View of the Cartoons - Such Depictions Have Been Used as a Weapon Against Oppressed Peoples for Centuries

reptile_eye.png New Evidence Suggests Cartoon Riots Are Staged Psyop

tnt.png Asian Muslims vent anger over cartoons

tnt.png Hamas joins call for calm in cartoon row

tnt.png How a meeting of leaders in Mecca set off the cartoon wars around the world

tnt.png Disinfo Alert! Fanning the flames

Zionists and Anti-Zionism

story_default.png Israel plans to build 'museum of tolerance' on Muslim graves

red_flag.png Israel, Russia clash over moves on Hamas

smiley-tongue-out.png Israel 'may rue Saddam overthrow'

reptile_eye.png Israel plans to build 'museum of tolerance' on Muslim graves

reptile_eye.png U.S. Jews block conference set to include anti-Israel professors

reptile_eye.png Yuri Lutsenko, Ukraine Minister, Israeli Citizen!

red_flag.png Flashback: Lutzenko is sure that Kravchenko shot himself TWICE!

house.png Architects threaten to boycott Israel over 'apartheid' barrier

Bush's Bogusity

cowboy_boot.png Bush Plays Terror Card With Bogus LA Attack Plot - Bootlicking news networks follow suit with dramatic images of Library Tower being destroyed

cowboy_hat.png Bush "sexes up" story about al-Qaida plot to fly jet into tallest building in Los Angeles

cowboy_hat.png Intel pros say Bush is lying about foiling 2002 terror attack

cowboy_hat.png LA skyscraper plot never got beyond talk say analysts

road_cone.png Propaganda Alert! Malaysia holding LA attack plotters

heart.png Bush at the Funeral: Trapped Like a Rat


epluribus.png Propaganda Alert! Surveillance Program Gains Support

cowboy_hat.png The president, the stripper and the attorney general

smoking.png A terrorist on every corner?

reptile_eye.png US plans massive data sweep - Little-known data-collection system could troll news, blogs, even e-mails. Will it go too far?

reptile_eye.png Bush faces Republican revolt over spying

Environment, Science, Tech News

earth.png Uganda secretly draining Lake Victoria, says environmental report

mib.png Doctoring the past - Wiki style

mib.png Chinese democracy activist disappears during protest

syringe.png Internet fuels epidemic of group suicides among young Japanese

mummy.png Mummies found just yards from Tutankhamun's tomb

fortune_cookie.png Ark's Quantum Quirks


sandwich.png Modern nutrition: Forget all you ever knew about diets

syringe.png Serial snogging puts teens at deadly risk

heart.png Altruistic Love Related to Happier Marriages

bart.png Kids are Depressing, Study of Parents Finds

911 Revelations

epluribus.png 9/11 Special - Dutch Television Documentary

garfield.png BYU’s Dr. Steven Jones Blows the Roof off a Utah Auditorium

Big Dick and the Extenders

penis_pump.png Cheney Spearheaded Effort to Discredit Wilson

penis_pump.png Libby claims Cheney approved classified media leaks

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