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Signs of the Times for Wed, 26 Apr 2006

Signs Editorial:

Joe Quinn
Signs of the Times
The problem, you understand, is that George's approval rating is at an all-time low (32%), a large majority of Americans believe that he should be impeached, and the world's population is slowly waking up to the distinct possibility that the 'war on terror' is, to one extent or another, a creation of the very people that claim to be fighting it. In such situations, short of calling down another 'terror attack', there is really only one option for the U.S. government:

Repeat the lie, over and over again.

The attempted re-programming of the masses began three days ago with 'Osama' attempting to convince us in a audio recording that he was 'still in the game'. This was quickly followed up with 'proof' in the form of a 'terror attack' in Egypt. Finally, yesterday, 'al-Zarqawi' came out of the closet and decided to finally put a face to the myth. I have already dealt with Osama and Egypt, which just leaves us with 'ol Abu Musab. Is he a creation of Western intelligence agencies? as many claim? Is he even still alive? Will yesterday's video put an end to speculation?

Like the Osama recording of three days ago, American intelligence sources were "not immediately able to confirm the authenticity” of the al-Zarqawi video. But rather than wait on the CIA, let's conduct our own brief but effective analysis.

Consider the three images below. The images on the left and in the center are archive photos of al-Zarqawi, the one on the right is from yesterday's video.

Same guy? Consider close ups of the lips of the men in the three images.

Note the long, thin bottom lip in the left and middle images and the short, thick bottom lip in the video image on the right. Admittedly the man in the video image has his mouth slightly open, while the men in the other images have their mouths closed, yet the discrepancy appears greater than one would normally expect.

Even if the man in the video IS the same man from previous photos, we are still left with the question of who al-Zarqawi really is. One possibility is that there was a real al-zarqawi and that he was killed  a few years back as reports suggest, but since his picture was never publicly released, the government agencies tasked with waging such psychological operations decided they would pick someone they had a 'handle' on to be 'al-zarqawi', and published his pictures. Maybe the image of the man we have come to know as 'al-zarqawi' is just some guy who puts money above any sense of conscience (its not like there aren't many of those around), and is willing to take payment for being the U.S. and Israeli government's bogeyman.

Given the previous evidence of 'Osama tapes' which featured someone other than the real Osama, and the evidence that the real Osama has probably been a CIA asset since the Russian-Afghan war, we have no reason to believe in the authenticity of any alleged video or audio tape showing 'Islamic terrorists' who serve only to bolster the U.S. government's claims about an all-pervasive 'Islamic terror threat'. What we can say with a significant degree of certainty is that the publication of this video is simply another staged U.S. and/or Israeli government psyops designed to craft the 'reality' of "Islamic terrorism" in the minds of Western populations.

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