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Signs of the Times for Tue, 25 Apr 2006

Signs Editorial:

Joe Quinn
Signs of the Times
An Egyptian woman victim of a triple bombing in Egypt's Sinai resort of Dahab, 24/04/06. Thirty people were killed, twenty eight of them ordinary Egyptian workers. Why is 'al-Qaeda', a Muslim terror organisation dedicated to defending Middle Eastern Arabs from Western agression, attacking ordinary Middle Eastern Arabs? Why is 'al-Qaeda' attacking and killing the traditional enemies of the state of Israel?

One day after Osama reminded us all that he is still a threat to the entire world (and quite possibly the known universe), as if by magic, three bombs explode in Egypt's Sinai resort of Dahab, killing 30 people and wounding dozens more.

Only two of the dead were foreigners, the rest were ordinary Egyptians workers, which is simply more proof that Osama really is a nihilist and al-Qaeda have forsaken their Islamic ideology and just want to kill. Anyone will do; Arabs, Muslims, Jews, Papua New Guineans, Americans, primates, all are fair game in al-Qaeda's struggle to destroy not just Western civilisation but ALL civilisation on the planet, it seems.

Initially, a Dubai based news agency quoting "intelligence sources" said that two suicide bombers were involved. How they came by this information is not known. Later however, Egyptian security sources said that it was unlikely that suicide bombers were involved. The simple fact is that, without a detailed forensic examination of the scene, there is no way to tell whether an explosion in a packed restaurant was the result of a bomb attached to a person or just to the table at which a person was sitting. In both cases the result is the same: body parts and fixtures strewn everywhere.

Last night's bombs were apparently packed with gunpowder and nails, exactly the same configuration as the alleged "suicide bombing" 8 days ago in Tel Aviv. In a majority of the bombings that have occurred in Israel over the past 5 years, Israeli security forces have displayed an uncanny knack for immediate diagnosis of the attacks as a "Palestinian suicide bomb". Yet many of these alleged suicide bombings could have involved unwitting and unwilling bombers.

Imagine a scenario where a Palestinian youth is arrested by the IDF, interrogated and released on condition that he carry out a job for Israeli intelligence. He is told to take a package in a backpack to a man at a certain falafel stand on a certain day. The youth dutifully does so and when the security guard asks him to open his bag the Israeli intelligence agent, watching from 50 yards across the road, pushes a button....boom! Instant Palestinian "suicide bombing" with eyewitnesses to testify that the youth's bag exploded.

Other likely scenarios involve the pre-placing of bombs somewhere in a restaurant or on a bus. The restaurant or bus is staked out until a likely suspect enters and again a button is pushed. In several purported Palestinian suicide bombings in the past few years, Israeli authorities were forced to officially announce that they were "exploring the possibility that the bombing was the work of Palestinian suicide bombers dressed as an ultra-orthodox Jew." Why? Because the details of the attack involved nothing but a bus full of ultra-orthodox Jews and a bomb! But there just HAD to be Palestinian suicide bomber in there somewhere, so they dress one up as an ultra-orthodix Jew and put him at the scene. Of course, the shadowy 'Islamic Jihad', or some other mysterious 'Arab terror group' usually claims responsibility, but even here we have no way of verifying the authenticity of such claims which could easily come from some asset of the Israeli homeland intelligence agency 'Shin Bet'. Recall the many times when responsibility for an 'al-Qaeda' attack was claimed by a previously unknown group who posted the claim on a website that was then removed. Real reliable stuff.

I am not, however, suggesting that every bombing that has occurred in Israel over the past 5 or 6 years was covertly carried out by Israeli intelligence. I am pretty sure that the frequent deliberate murder of Palestinian children by IDF troops has pushed a number of Palestinian men or women into the desperate act of sacrificing their own lives to seek revenge against Israeli citizens in the only way open to them. But such acts should be seen as a result of the brutal genocidal war that the Israeli government and military has been waging against Palestinian civilians and NOT as evidence that Palestinians are inhuman terrorists, despite the obvious desire of the Israeli government to portray them as such.

You may think that the suggestion that the Israeli government is waging a "brutual and genocidal war against the Palestinians" is excessive. If you do, then the only reason is that you are not aware of the reality of what is happening on a daily basis in the Palestinian territories. This is not surprising, since the mainstream media plays up "Palestinian suicide bombings" and severely underreports Israeli military agression and murder of Palestinians.

Consider the following list of events in the Palestinian Territories for the two weeks leading up to the last "Palestinian suicide bombing" on April 17th 2006:

24 hours to 8am April 17, 2006
9 Wounded in Israeli Incursion into Jenin Checkpoint Pedestrians Shot at & Attacked with Tear-gas Grenades Jewellery Taken by Israeli Soldiers in Home Invasion 139 Shells Hit Northern Gaza Shelling Knocks Out Power Grid 2 Curfews Jerusalem Resident Beaten & Hospitalised Settlers Stone Vehicles

24 hours to 8am April 16, 2006
Palestinian Dies from Air Raid Wounds Villagers' Homes Under Israeli Fire Israeli Soldiers Beat & Injure Shepherd Boy (14) Wounded During Israelis Incursion Man Critically Injured as Israelis Fire on Vehicle Mentally Handicapped Man Taken Prisoner Boy (15) Wounded as Israelis Shoot at Civilians Settlers Beat Up Father & Daughter & Destroy Vineyard

48 hours to 8am April 15, 2006
Boy (15) Wounded by Occupation Gunfire Settlers Assault & Expel International Journalists No Sleep as F16s Menace Night Skies 6 Attacks 2 Houses Occupied – Many Invaded 23 Raids

Man Wounded as Israelis Open Fire in Jerusalem Boy (15) Taken Prisoner in Home Invasion Settler Bikers Close Main Road Troops Beat Up Petrol Station Attendant Resident Wounded During Israeli Incursion 250 Shells in 23-hour Night & Day Bombardment of Northern Gaza Israeli Navy Shelling Wounds Two Civilians

24 hours to 8am April 13, 2006
2 Palestinian Deaths School Attacked with Stun-Grenades & Tear-Gas Checkpoint Beating – Man Hospitalised with Internal Bleeding Boy (17) Deliberately Run Over by Israeli Army Jeep Israel Orders Gross Desecration of Ibrahimi Mosque 1 Air Raid – 22 Raids – 10 Attacks

24 hours to 8am April 12, 2006
Occupation claims another child's life Checkpoint troops beat & hospitalise mentally handicapped man 3 Palestinians hospitalised in yet another checkpoint beating Mosque worshippers stripped & forced naked into the streets Settlers close road – raid village – set fire to vehicle Indiscriminate Israeli fire wounds woman aged 70 231 Israeli shells slam into Gaza 25 Taken Prisoner

24 hours to 8am April 11, 2006
Shells Hit Houses 1 Death – Girl Aged 7 197 Shells Fired in Day & Night Bombardments 12 Wounded – Including Little Girl in Critical Condition 13 Attacks 27 Raids – 27 Prisoners Taken 67 Restrictions of Movement Stolen Land to be Used for Racially Segregated Jewish Road Israeli Shells Set Fire to Palestinian Crops Israel Orders Destruction of 2 Palestinian Homes

24 hours to 8am April 10, 2006
3 Deaths Including Boy (17) Israeli Special Forces Murder Palestinian National Security Officer Taxi Driver Killed & 8 Wounded in Israeli Shelling 2 Adults & 3 Children Wounded in Day & Night Israeli Shelling Palestinian Houses Damaged by Israeli Shells Israeli Army Violence Helps Settlers Occupy Palestinian Home Homes Vandalised as Israeli Troops Invade Houses Settlers Seize More Palestinian Land

24 hours to 8am April 9, 2006
[Source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group] 8 Dead (Total this Month: 18 Including 2 Children) 22 Wounded 2 Air Raids 23 Attacks 21 Raids 68 Restrictions of Movement Man Hospitalised in Yet Another Checkpoint Beating Families Forced From Their Homes Occupation Troops Beat Up Shopkeeper – Vandalise Shop Settlers Plant Olive Trees on Stolen Palestinian Land

48 hours to 8am April 8, 2006
Friday 1 Death - 3 Wounded in Same Attack 4 Air raids – 22 Attacks – 26 Raids 20 Taken Prisoner Total Wounded – 16 {Including 2 Children} Refugee Boy (17) Critically Wounded 318 Shells Fired Into Northern Gaza Call to Prayer Still Silenced 61 Restrictions of Movement Settler Gunmen Shoot Up Village Israeli Soldiers Beat Up & Hospitalise Hebron Resident

4 Dead in Missile Strike 1 Child Aged 7 Among the Dead & 15 Wounded 20 Wounded in Total 2 Air Raids 19 Attacks 23 Raids 65 Restrictions of Movement 1 House Demolished

24 hours to 8am April 6, 2006
9 Wounded (6 of them Children) During Israeli Incursion 112 Shells Fired into Northern Gaza Israel Silences Call to Prayer from Ibrahimi Mosque Another Home Demolished 39 Taken Prisoner Including Palestinian Minister 18 Attacks 29 Raids 61 Restrictions of Movement

24 hours to 8am April 5, 2006
Israeli Shelling Kills Palestinian 152 Shells Fired on Northern Gaza House Shelled – Baby (6 Months) & 3 Others Wounded 3 Air raids – 2 Wounded 16 Attacks 34 Raids – 2 Children Wounded 64 Restrictions of Movement Man Suffers Fractures in Another Checkpoint Beating Residents Beaten & Confined in 4-hour Home Invasion Shelling Wounds Man & Damages Sewage Works

24 hours to 8am April 3, 2006
1 Death & 5 Wounded 10 Attacks 24 Raids 61 Restrictions of Movement Homes Invaded – 7 Residents Tear-gassed Settlement of Ariel Deliberately Pollutes Salfit Water Supply Israeli Shelling Wounds Child (7) & Adult 139 Shells Fired from Israel into Northern Gaza

Remember that this activity has been going on, every day, for the past 6 years. In that time, 3,218 Palestinians have been murdered by the IDF, the vast majority of them innocent civilians, and several hundred of them children.

In the same time period 444 Israeli citizens have been murdered by Palestinians, many in "suicide bombings".

As I have said often in the past, the Israeli government NEEDS the threat of "Palestinian terrorism" in order to justify its current existence, its continuing land grab and to avoid ever having to sit down at a negotiating table with the Palestinian political leadership. (Anyone familiar with the politics of Northern Ireland will recognise this need for a terrorist threat in the actions of Unionist politicians and their MI5 handlers over the last 10 years.)

It is my contention therefore that, given the high stakes, the Israeli government long ago decided that the best way to achieve its long term goals was to take full control of the "terrorist threat" posed by Palestinian militants. "Taking full control" involved a process of depriving actual Palestinian militants of the means to mount any serious attacks on Israel (reference the repeated impotency of 'Qassam rockets" fired into Israel), and instead to employ Israeli intelligence agencies to periodically stage fake Palestinian terror attacks against the Israeli population, where and when it is deeemed to be most effective in furthering the political goals of the state of Israel.

From a political strategy point of view, it makes perfect sense, with the only theoretical impediment being considerations of conscience provoked by the idea of attacking ones own citizens. Such considerations, however, are only relevant to normal people - you and I. To those political elite who happen to lack any ability to feel empathy for another human being i.e. a conscience, and who, due to this very trait, have risen to the top of the global power structure, there is nothing to consider. If it works, it is done, and a lie is sold to the people to keep them in their place.

I suggest that this scenario for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is entirely plausible because the very same strategy was used on September 11th 2001 in New York, Washington and Pennsylvannia, and has been used countless times by political leaders throughout history.

Finally, consider the following report from the last such bombings the Sinai resort in 2004:

Israel To Benefit From Sinai Bombings: Experts

October 8 2004
Abdul-Raheem Ali, IOL Staff

CAIRO, October 8 – A cohort of Egyptian security, political and diplomatic experts have concluded that Israel is the only party to benefit from the blasts that rocked tourist resorts in the Egyptian Sinai peninsula on Thursday, October7 , ruling out any possible Egyptian involvement.

Former Egyptian Assistant Interior Minister Mohammad Omar Abdel-Fattah said that while analyzing any such operation security experts should always seek an answer to the basic question of who stands to benefit.

"Israel is the only party to gain from this operation," the international security expert told

He pointed out that the Israelis and their agents are the only people who have free access to the targeted area.

Abdel-Fattah said the booby-trapped vehicles used in the bombings do not carry the trademark of terrorist groups who usually resort to suicide bombers instead.

He stressed that the Israeli right has been cornered due to mounting pressures from the US on Israeli Premier Ariel Sharon after Washington had to wield its veto power to kill a resolution condemning Israel for the onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

Israel needed something to dodge such American pressures and throw the ball at the American court till the end of the elections, said the expert.

Targeting Egypt

Former Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister Abdullah Al-Ashaal also agreed that several indications suggest an Israeli foul play.

"Israel’s ultimate goal to undermine Egypt’s regional role and force it on its knees," he told IOL.

"All indicators suggest an Israeli involvement, especially that the area is very close to the Israeli borders."

He also recalled the recent Israeli travel warning against visiting the Sinai peninsula.

Al-Ashaal said that by jumbling to heap the blame on Al-Qeada, Israel wanted to embroil Egypt in Washington’s so-called war on terror.

The Egyptian tourism sector, a main foreign currency earner, would bear the brunt of the bombings, he added.

Diaa Rashwan, an expect in the Islamic movements affairs in Al-Ahram Center for Strategic Studies, an Egyptian think-tank, also agreed that Al-Qaeda was not a likely culprit.

According to American intelligence 70 percent of Al-Qeada leaders have been either killed or kidnapped while the rest are taking shelter on Afghanistan’s borders with Pakistan, he said.

"Sinai bombings carry the trademark of careful planning which means those involved had a hand-on experience on the area, which is already under tight security."

The expert suggested that "foreign intelligence" are directly or indirectly involved in such "dirty attacks."

Rashwan agreed with the other experts that Israel would be the only part to make gains from the attacks, especially that Israel would exploit them to associate itself with Washington in its so-called war on terror.

He also expected the Sharon’s Likud party to use the blasts to undermine the Egyptian role in the Palestinian cause.

Palestinians Suspected

Another group of expects did not rule out a possible involvement by Palestinian factions in the bombings and that they refrained from claiming responsibility to avoid a face-off with Egypt.

Political analyst Al-Sayed Yassin said the operation came in retaliation for the unparalleled state terrorism practiced by Israel against unarmed citizens in Gaza Strip.

He ruled out the involvement of Al-Qaeda in such bombings, as the network has no experience in working in the region.

The expert also undermined suggestions that the operation would be exploited to attack Egypt over security lapses.

"Egypt can not be accused of security lapses because those groups penetrate Israeli security on daily basis through operations committed not far from Sharon's residence," he said.

He also recalled that similar attacks have been mounted against targets inside New York and Washington.

Perhaps it's time we all woke up and smelled the Israeli, American and British military-grade cordite that is undoubtedly present at the scene of such attacks.

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