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Signs of the Times for Fri, 05 Jan 2007

Where did the New Signs Page Go?!

Since we switched to the new-and-improved Signs page, you may have noticed a few performance issues with all the traffic we've had.

We've been tweaking the new system and it's getting better, but we needed to take it down for a few days while we make some final adjustments that would have resulted in a lot of "You've Wandered into the Fire Swamp" messages.

In the meantime, enjoy our weekend Super-Signs Page!

by William Hughes
4 Jan 07
"Nothing else in the so powerful as an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

Let's face it! The year 2006 was another hell on earth for the Palestinians. Since 1967, they have been suffering under the heel of the Zionist Death, Mayhem & Occupation Machine. Earlier this summer, as the situation grew desperate in Gaza, where 1.4 million people are trapped, Israel's Far Right Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, wisecracked: "Nobody dies from being uncomfortable." He lied! Six hundred and sixty Palestinians perished from the 24/7 siege by the Israeli Occupation Army (IOF). Of that number, 141 were children. (1) Enter ex-President Jimmy Carter and his best selling book, "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid." (2) Will this good and decent man from Georgia do for the Palestinians, what Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" did for African-Americans, who were then languishing under the crime of slavery? Can Carter light the fuse that leads to the liberation of the Palestinians from their cruel oppressors?

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By Charles Sullivan
"Information Clearing House"
The vast majority of those who serve in the United States military probably do so with the best of intentions and with honor. The belief that they are defending their country from foreign attackers and doing their patriotic duty as citizens is persistently reinforced. Military service is one of America's sacred cows; it is something that is rarely questioned and is surrounded by an invisible aura of nobility. No one, especially those who serve, wants to think of their time in the military as anything less than honorable and worthy of glorification.

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Kurt Nimmo
Wednesday January 03rd 2007, 10:13 pm
Another Day in the Empire

Is John "Keating Five" McCain sincerely clueless? Or is he simply a politician playing a cynical numbers game with Iraq and thus eventually condemning to certain death more troops that should be here at home, protecting our borders?

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5 January 2007
A titanic power struggle is being waged within the policy elite or power elite, or more simply the U.S. ruling class. The clash is taking place over the war on Iraq, U.S. policy toward Israel--and ultimately over the best way to run the U.S. empire. The war on Iraq is shaping up as such a disaster for the empire that it can no longer be tolerated by our rulers in its present form. The struggle is as plain as the nose on your face; nevertheless it draws little comment. One reason is that we are taught to view matters political through the prism of Democrat versus Republican, whereas this struggle among our rulers cuts across party lines. On the "Left," few so much as allude to this internecine war, much less use it to good effect. This is apparently due to a very rigid, very dogmatic view of how empires function, indeed how they "must" function, and due to a fear of being labeled anti-semitic and thus running afoul of the Israeli Lobby. In many cases this silence reflects an actual sympathy among "liberals" for neocon foreign policy, either out of a latter day do-gooder version of the White Man's Burden, or an attachment to Israel.

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by Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research
January 4, 2007
Throughout history, " wars of religion" have served to obscure the economic and strategic interests behind the conquest and invasion of foreign lands. "Wars of religion" were invariably fought with a view to securing control over trading routes and natural resources.

The Crusades extending from the 11th to the 14th Century are often presented by historians as "a continuous series of military-religious expeditions made by European Christians in the hope of wresting the Holy Land from the infidel Turks." The objective of the Crusades, however, had little to do with religion. The Crusades largely consisted, through military action, in challenging the dominion of the Muslim merchant societies, which controlled the Eastern trade routes.

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Baltimore Chronicle
3 Jan 07
...we don't need to have our fingers in every little pie around the world. And stop lying to us about this "war on terror." That is such a ridiculous concept. We won't end terrorism by making war on any one country. People who commit acts of terror exist in every country in the world, and there's no way to prevent every possible act. And taking leaders who promote terrorism out of power won't stop it either. ...

And how can we continue to give money to other governments? I manage our personal finances, as well as those of my employer. When my checkbook's in the red, I tell charities that I just can't afford to give. The bills need to be paid and I need to buy groceries first. That only makes sense. But our government seems to operate on the concept that as long as there are checks in the checkbook, we can go on spending.

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by Douglas Herman
3 Jan 07
"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." ~ Thoreau

Lake dweller Henry David Thoreau enjoyed an enviable, pastoral life in the pre-industrial age. Living in the woods on the shore of the 60 acre Walden Pond, a mile from the village of Concord, Massachusetts , Henry had ample time to dwell on the topic of good and evil.

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Richard Dawkins
January 3, 2007
The obvious objections to the execution of Saddam Hussein are valid and well aired. His death will provoke violent strife between Sunni and Shia Muslims, and between Iraqis in general and the American occupation forces. This was an opportunity to set the world a good example of civilized behaviour in dealing with a barbarically uncivilized man. In any case, revenge is an ignoble motive. The usual arguments against the death penalty in general apply. If Bush and Blair are eventually put on trial for war crimes, I shall not be among those pressing for them to be hanged. But I want to add another and less obvious reason why we should not have executed Saddam Hussein. His mind would have been a unique resource for historical, political and psychological research: a resource that is now forever unavailable to scholars.

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Shutting Up Saddam

cowboy_hat.png Saddam is Hanged for His Crimes: Who will Hang Bush/Blair for Theirs?

skullbones.png The Barbaric Lynching of President Saddam Hussein

blue_questionmark.png Saddam Hussein asks for no mercy during his execution - Would George W. Bush Act as Courageously in the Same Circumstances?

skullbones.png After the YouTube execution, what now for death penalty?

skullbones.png Official arrested for filming Saddam execution

stormtrooper.png U.S. on Saddam: "Would have done it differently"

skullbones.png Blair fails to condemn hanging as Bush ducks the question

reptile_eye.png Cairo dismayed at 'primitive' Saddam death

skullbones.png From Vatican to India, Saddam Hanging enrages millions

reptile_eye.png Iraq to go ahead with hangings despite UN call to halt them

reptile_eye.png Saddam: A Monster of Our Creation

reptile_eye.png Saddam: From monster to martyr?

reptile_eye.png Saddam's execution cited in boy's accidental hanging death

reptile_eye.png Another 'Saddam suicide'

Crimes of the Zionist Entity

crusader.png Truth at last, while breaking a U.S. taboo of criticizing Israel

reptile_eye.png 'My crime was to protest at Israeli assassinations'

reptile_eye.png Israeli troops kill Palestinian militants in raid on Ramallah

reptile_eye.png Israeli activist who helped Palestinian militant is freed

reptile_eye.png Israeli 'traitor' vilified in press freed after two years in jail

reptile_eye.png 4 Palestinians killed in Israeli raid of Ramallah

handgun.png Cleric gunned down in Gaza after plea for calm

reptile_eye.png Hamas: U.S. is funding a 'revolt' against our gov't

reptile_eye.png Fischer: Israeli Banks exploit the poor and undercharge the wealthy

reptile_eye.png Rattling the Cage: A bigot called Bibi

reptile_eye.png Israel eyes West Bank growth

reptile_eye.png Abbas, Haniyeh agree to defuse tensions in Gaza after six die

reptile_eye.png Israel desperately seeks war with Iran

Destroying Our Home

snowman.png Record snowfall buries Anchorage

lightning.png Warm winter wreaks havoc

lightning.png 2 dead after strong storms, tornadoes rip through southern Louisiana

cow_skull.png Scientists Say 2007 May Be Warmest Yet

sun.png 2007 likely warmest year ever: Scientists

flamingo.png Hurricane center chief issues final warning: The Big One is Coming

earth.png Grim prognosis for Earth

earth.png China Report Warns of Agriculture Problems from Climate Change

sun.png Warming oceans make it tough for fish to breath

skullbones.png We could become extinct

skullbones.png The Big Question: How quickly are animals and plants disappearing, and does it matter?

snowman.png Flashback: Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us

cowboy_hat.png Bush Looking at Global Warming Ideas

They Love You, Really!

unlock.png Pa. girl, 12, charged with disorderly conduct for wetting pants in school

u-s-flag.png In Padilla Wiretaps, Murky View of 'Jihad' Case

crusader.png America's Holy Warriors

cowboy_hat.png Bush Claims Right to Open Mail

u-s-flag.png Join the Marines... for the Summer

money.png The Next Stage of Capitalism

stormtrooper.png Are you pro-union? You're fired!

stormtrooper.png Fine Print in Defense Bill Opens Door to Martial Law

reptile_eye.png Propaganda! Never again?

35mm_film.png Flashback: How to Brainwash a Nation

35mm_film.png Flashback: The Power of Suggestion

35mm_film.png Flashback: MIND CONTROL - The Ultimate Imperialism

Science or Not

molecule.png Scientists attack plan to ban 'hybrid' embryos

heart.png Surgery on Girl Raises Ethical Questions

heart.png Parents who froze girl in time defend their actions

cookie_monster.png Boosting intelligence among poor is child's play

syringe.png Encephalitis scare closes Rhode Island schools

clock.png Cold sore virus increases Alzheimer's risk

key.png Stem cells regenerate teeth in pigs, study says

cow.png Take a Wagyu cow, give it a drop of wine... delicious

heart.png Captive-bred panda injured by rivals on return to wild

The Iraqi Occupation: Phase 2

skullbones.png Bush prepares to escalate Iraq war

skullbones.png American Leaders Promise More Pain - Democrats, Republicans, CEOs, Generals United

skullbones.png A 'Surge' to Save Bush's Legacy

reptile_eye.png McCain Reaffirms Support For US Troop Surge In Iraq

vader.png Old guard back on Iraq policy

donald_duck.png The Adults take Charge - The Reality Based Community Strikes Back in Iraq

lightbulb.png Dreyfuss on Bush's Wizard-of-Oz Iraq Plan

stormtrooper.png UK Exempts Soldiers from Abuse Guilt

Killing the Innocent

heart.png I lost 11 members of my family in less than one year

heart.png Iraq Vets Left in Physical and Mental Agony

skullbones.png Our Meaningless 'Sacrifice' in Iraq Must Stop

stormtrooper.png US Soldier Deaths Spiral in Iraq

skullbones.png The Real Cost of the Iraq War: 50,000 U.S. Casualties

skullbones.png 10% of Active Journalists in Iraq Were Killed in 2006

handgun.png AP employee found shot to death in Iraq

u-s-flag.png Cop's Wife Admits To Drowning Newborn In Tub

The Democratic Illusion

cowboy_boot.png Democrats Take Control of Congress

stoplight.png The Democrats are back: Pelosi opens a new era in Washington

road_cone.png The Big Question: Will the new Democratic Congress transform politics in Washington?

road_cone.png Veto threat as Democrats plan whirlwind of reforms

cowboy_hat.png Bush prepares for Congress battle over Iraq

money.png House Democrats push proposal to link spending changes, tax shifts

smiley-tongue-out.png Giuliani's presidential bid is undermined by leak

Sleight of Hand

stormtrooper.png Bush plans changes in key advisers for Iraq fresh start

stormtrooper.png Bush poised to name new Iraq commander

penis_pump.png Negroponte steps down to be Rice's new deputy

search.png Bush Announces Pick for Intelligence Post

skullbones.png 'Clean sweep': Bush replaces top general in Middle East who opposed troop surge

nuclear.png Nuclear Agency Head Dismissed for Lapses

Life in the US of A

heart.png Subway hero: 'I had to decide, do I let the train run him over'

u-s-flag.png FBI Files: Rehnquist Had Hallucinations

burger.png Fainting dieters crimp NYC subway schedules

u-s-flag.png Immigrants launch 25% of U.S. high-tech startups

stormtrooper.png Guardsmen overrun at the Border

unlock.png Moroccan convicted over Sept. 11 attacks protests innocence as sentence hearing opens

donald_duck.png Airport Battles Some Muslim Cabbies

Things From the Sky

fireball.png Alleged Russian Rocket Comes Down Over Wyo.

fireball.png Spent Russian Space Rocket Falls on Western U.S.

blue_questionmark.png Missing jet mystery deepens


ufo.png UFO crash still a mystery

telescope.png Turbulence Detected in Space

Money Matters

smoking.png Scientists' Report Documents ExxonMobil's Tobacco-like Disinformation Campaign on Global Warming Science

money.png U.S. slaps fines on 4 diet pill companies for false promises

money.png Oil prices continue retreat

35mm_film.png FIAT EMPIRE

heart.png Gov. to seek insurance for all children

Stranger than Fiction

saturn.png Images of Saturn's moon Titan reveal lakes

scroll.png Ancient Vishnu Idol Can Change View on Russian History

search.png Rare Rhinos Go Missing in Nepal

reptile_eye.png Two-Headed Reptile Fossil From Age of Dinosaurs Found

blue_questionmark.png Propaganda! Sam Harris's Faith in Eastern Spirituality and Muslim Torture


money.png Black's ex-colleagues take aim at 'five-star girl' Amiel

chemistry.png 11 hospitalized after chemical leak in Britain

money.png OECD Pressures London To Explain Halt To Saudi Arms Probe

heart.png British formal inquest into Diana death to reopen

Wine and Cheese

cheese.png Chirac warns rival Sarkozy to do his job

cheese.png Poll: France's Sarkozy seen as defeated

cheese.png France's Royal steals limelight with platform

condiments.png France shocked by cannibalism in prison

Military Shananigans

tnt.png Basque police discover bomb

vader.png Bangkok awash with whispers of another coup

money.png Russia to Write Off 80 Percent of North Korean Debt - Newspaper

search.png East Asia The Biggest Suspect In US Military Technology Theft

I Want Outta Here!

enterprise.png Prisoner slips out of Norwegian jail after smearing himself with vegetable oil

spying.png Incoming Archbishop of Warsaw 'spied for communist secret police'

reptile_eye.png Terrorist Vegetables

perfume.png Feminist Blogs Respond to Club Culture and Rape Article

Provoking Iran

nuclear.png Iran's president says international sanctions won't stop uranium enrichment

nuclear.png Bush: No peace with Iran developing nuclear arms

vader.png US had better end acting based on double standards - Larijani


stormtrooper.png America's new puppet

reptile_eye.png Somali conflict enters 'final battle' as soldiers hunt down Islamists

Latin America Awakens!

flower.png Zero Infant Mortality, Much of Cuba

smiley-face.png Venezuela's Chavez Names Vice-President, Ministers for New Term

Litvinenko Affair

chess.png 2 More British Test Positive for Polonium in Russian Agent Litvinenko Probe

nuclear.png U.K. radiation monitors say Polonium-210 traces found at another restaurant

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