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Signs of the Times for Thu, 14 Dec 2006

Laura Knight-Jadczyk
14 Dec 2006
People sometimes ask how such conspiracies as the JFK assassination and 9/11 could be "covered up without someone from the inside talking." As Harrison Livingstone points out, this is a naive question. If someone is a witness to a murder done by professionals, do you really think they are going to go around blabbing about it? And if the victim is a president, or the people in the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and 4 airliners, it is clear to even the most pedestrian thinker that the crime has been committed by those with great power. Anybody with two firing neurons can figure out that such perpetrators are in such a strong position that protesting or seriously trying to blow the whistle on such an event puts the whistle-blower in the gravest of danger...

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Harrison Koehli
Signs of the Times
I've just about had it with the Protocols of Zion. To be more specific, I've had it with ADL spooks and useful idiots propagandizing said document for the purpose of character assassination, guilt by association, and the general spreading of moralistic claptrap. When a document is used by clownish racists (both Jew and Gentile) to incite both 'anti-Semitism' and 'philo-Isrealism' (and its accompanying 'anti-Arabism'), without any interest in facts or reality, something is up. What other document has served so well as propaganda for both sides of an ideological conflict?

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by Stephen Lendman
14 December 2006
Noted historian Eric Foner in a December 7 article on OpEd calls George Bush "the worst president in US history....(who) in his first six years in office....managed to combine the lapses of leadership, misguided policies and abuse of power of his failed predecessors." Equally noted historian Gabriel Kolko agrees, and along with his other comments, calls the Bush administration "the worst set of incompetents ever to hold power in Washington." And referring specifically to the war in Iraq, Kolko colorfully describes what former Reagan administration National Security Agency (NSA) chief General William Odom calls "....the worst strategic mistake in the history of the United States" by saying the Bush administration "shocked and awed....itself." Hard to say it better than that.

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December 11, 2006
Jim Kunstler
Since the financial "industry" decoupled from the US economy sometime in the past decade, it has been hard to tell, from a chicken-and-egg point-of-view what comes first -- obscenely huge year-end bonuses for Wall Street playas, or jacked up market indices. I mean, do these paper-shufflers get paid extra millions because the Dow goes over 12,000, or do they game the Dow over 12,000 to justify the extra millions? (Or game other sub-systems such as the commodities markets, the derivatives sector, the mortgage rackets, mergers-and-acquisitions, et cetera.) Echo answers. . . .

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by Gabriel Ash
Dec 14, 06
It's been a good week for the Holocaust. It was in the news all the time. Unfortunately, the media excels in not making connections, which leaves me with the joyful job of bringing together all the recent Holocaust news.

In Iran, the clowns at the Foreign Ministry hosted a conference of Holocaust buffoonery graced with the presence of such luminaries as the white supremacist David Duke. In France, Presidential hopeful Segolene Royal stumbled over the question whether she heard the comparison that a Hizbullah deputy made (or didn't make, in Arabic or not, that was or wasn't translated to Royal) between Hizbullah and the French resistance to the Nazis. Royal assured us that any such comparison, which implies some measure of likeness between Nazi Germany and Israel, would be, had it been made, completely "inadmissible, odious, an abomination" (Loubnan Ya Loubnan, December 2006). Finally, before leaving for a visit to Germany, Israeli PM Ehud Olmert gave a speech at the National Holocaust Museum in which he compared Iran to the Nazis and urged Germany to cut its economic ties to Iran.

Let us begin with the third event. This is how Olmert put his case to the Germans: "May I suggest to the German people. . . . You may have an economic interest, you may have a business interest, but you have a deeper and more fundamental moral obligation to yourself, to your history and to your future." (Israel National News, December 11, 2006) In other words, because of the Holocaust, Germany must support Israel's assault on Iran.

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by William Hughes
"Myths which are believed in tend to become true." - George Orwell

Since the release of the Iraq Study Group report, have you noticed how President George W. Bush, is displaying more often those wild, piercing eyes? Can you see the fear? He's like a character in Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel "Crime and Punishment," who has claimed special privileges for himself--like a license to commit crimes--but has been found out! What might be spooking Bush? Could it be his coming impeachment trial by the U.S. Congress? Impeachment is a train without any brakes that has long since left the station. And, with the revelation of every massive lie of the Bush-Cheney Gang, the train picks up even more speed.

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Empire Burlesque

grocery_bag.png U.S. Chamber of Commerce: The Right Wing's Right Hand in D.C.

unlock.png E.P.A. Library Closures Could Threaten Public Health

cowboy_hat.png Good News, Everybody: We've Got a New Iraq Slogan! Bush's language has changed, but his idiocy hasn't.

u-s-flag.png Is the USA the Center of the World?

u-s-flag.png America's messianic ambition

stormtrooper.png Will Democrats Cut and Run from Bush's Deeply Flawed Latin American Policy?

u-s-flag.png Why So Many Black Women Are Behind Bars

money.png US National Debt Clock

Middle-east Muddle

reptile_eye.png Calls for Olmert to resign after nuclear gaffe - He Told the Truth, for Once - That's Not Acceptable

reptile_eye.png Candid TV footage shows Olmert coaching Prodi

reptile_eye.png Israeli TV catches Olmert "coaching" Italy's Prodi

reptile_eye.png Tensions rise as Hamas judge is shot outside Gaza court

handgun.png Gunmen kill Hamas judge at court door

chess.png Christians and Zionists: apocalypse row in Jerusalem

reptile_eye.png Court overturns Israel's intifada law

reptile_eye.png Israel orders Gaza-Egypt border closed to stop Palestinian PM

reptile_eye.png Baker redux

Our Weird, Weird World

snowman.png A cool new idea from British scientists: the magnetic fridge

road_cone.png Had a car crash? It's all in the stars, study says

search.png Psychic helping police solve murder of lawyer

volcano.png The boy who could walk on hot coals

ghost.png Kenya: The Mysterious Menengai Crater

garfield.png Christian video game stokes controversy

werewolf.png Fur Color Linked to Dog Personality

smiley-face.png Ha ha ha: Did that make you smile?

Irate in Iraq

skullbones.png Iraq: Abduction of Women on the Rise

stormtrooper.png Flashback: Fears over huge growth in Iraq's unregulated private armies

penis_pump.png Why Withdrawal Is Unmentionable

penis_pump.png Dick Cheney's "final solution" for Iraq (also: Muqtada madness!) Why dim children shouldn't play with armies.

skullbones.png Iraq gunmen kidnap scores of Baghdad businessmen

skullbones.png Iraqis flee war, run into hostility

cowboy_hat.png The conflagration in Iraq - The president is scary

tnt.png If US leaves Iraq we will arm Sunni militias, Saudis say

Miracles and Medicine

penis_pump.png Psy-ops: Circumcision can cut risk of HIV in men, study finds

baby_bottle.png Women told to keep the Pill with the plasters

heart.png Tissue 'bridge' joins twins' brains - Conjoined infants may be able to transmit signals to each other

blue_questionmark.png Young males more likely to act on suicidal thoughts: study

heart.png Man with no pulse considered a medical breakthrough

powertool.png Woman gets double hand transplant

chemistry.png Pill promises an end to the pain of periods

End Game

do_not_enter.png EU leaders gather to put the brakes on enlargement

money.png Spain Debates Victims' Reparations Law - Erasing Franco

garbage_can.png 'LIQUID BOMBER' NOT A TERRORIST - Pakistan court clears Rauf

frog.png French Candidates Try Softer Touch to Woo Minorities - Sarkozy Bombs

money.png French mutiny brewing against the euro

Oh, Diana!

pink_rose.png Diana crash inquiry findings to be announced (i.e. More Whitewash)

pink_rose.png Diana probe says death was accident, but conspiracy rumours persist

pink_rose.png Flashback: US bugged Diana's phone on night of death crash

pink_rose.png Flashback: Al Fayed calls Diana accident report "outrageous"

The Red Menace Old & New

stormtrooper.png KGB influence 'soars under Putin'

spying.png Russia "does not murder spies any more"

academy_award.png Litvinenko witness denies fleeing France

lenin.png Cancer-ridden Castro may not live to see in new year

u-s-flag.png US opens new Guantanamo camp jail

vader.png Analysts: U.S. at root of effort to topple Lebanese government

Stiff Upper Lips

search.png Damage Control: Freedom of Information: Top secrets for public inspection

blue_questionmark.png British military inquiry rejects Kenya rape claims

scroll.png Newspapers that used illegal information listed

vader.png British PM Quizzed Over Scandal

Kalahari Kapers

heart.png Kalahari Bushmen win ancestral land case

cow_skull.png Flashback: Kalahari Bushmen lose desert battle

heart.png Flashback: Bushmen: The harmless people

Random Acts of Random Minds

pc_mouse.png Blogging 'set to peak next year'

syringe.png Execution of Fla. Inmate Takes 34 Min.

blue_questionmark.png Imagine: Yoko Ono's driver accused of trying to extort millions from her

academy_award.png Author traces journey of 'God's gold'

Big Brother and Senator Johnson: Qui Bono?

republican.png Control of US senate in question as Democrat rushed to hospital

syringe.png S.D. Sen. Johnson in critical condition

mib.png Big Brother Controlling Your Head

Suffocating Suffolk

joker.png Suffolk Serial Killer: Jewellery left on women's bodies

joker.png Suffolk Serial Murders: Snatched, killed and discarded

joker.png Suffolk Serial killer probe focuses on mystery man in car

Blowing Hot Air

skullbones.png Family at war over where to bury Billy Graham - And He's Not Dead Yet

attention_sign.png Sen. Bill Frist: Free trade pact will benefit U.S., India and strengthen democracy

attention_sign.png Le Pen backed by more than a quarter of French voters

Child Exploitation

grocery_bag.png They sweat, you shop - Yes, Victorian Sweatshops are Back

red_x_sign.png Young boys from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sudan are still being sold as slaves

Rah Rah Raj

fortune_cookie.png Using India to Keep China at Bay

reptile_eye.png Israel warns of impending al-Qaeda attack in India

Sacred Cows

reptile_eye.png Orthodox Jewish Attitude to the 'Holocaust'

condiments.png University embarrassed by professor's Tehran visit

Messing With Mother Nature

asteroid.png Prize offered to tag an asteroid

earth.png Media Bias on Global Warming Called 'Inconvenient Truth'

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