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Signs of the Times for Wed, 16 Aug 2006

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by Paul de Rooij
August 14, 2006

In the face of a major Israeli war of aggression against Lebanon many politicians and pundits have sought to justify the Israeli actions, throwing in an occasional lame rebuke. It is instructive to dissect some of the commonly heard mantras that have been repeated ad nauseam, before being replaced by others.

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By Robert Fisk
The Independent
They made a desert and called it peace. Srifa - or what was once the village of Srifa - is a place of pancaked homes, blasted walls, rubble, starving cats and trapped corpses. But it is also a place of victory for the Hizbollah, whose fighters walked amid the destruction yesterday with the air of conquering heroes. So who is to blame for this desert? The Shia militia which provoked this war - or the Israeli air force and army which has laid waste to southern Lebanon and killed so many of its people?

There was no doubt what the village mukhtar thought. As three Hizbollah men - one wounded in the arm, the other carrying two ammunition clips and a two-way radio - passed us amid the piles of broken concrete, Hussein Kamel el-Din yelled to them: "Hallo, heroes!" Then he turned to me. "You know why they are angry? Because God didn't give them the opportunity of dying."

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By James J. Zogby, Special to Gulf News
08/14/2006 12:00 AM (UAE)
There appears to be a direct relationship between the increasing ugliness and immorality of this war and the extreme lengths to which Israel's supporters will go to justify it.

This was brought home to me recently in three separate debates, one in print, two on television. What I clearly saw at work in these exchanges was how Israel's apologists use verbal overkill paralleling Israel's use of overwhelming military force. They will admit no wrong. They attempt to bully opponents into submission. They deny history and morality. And, maybe most disturbing of all, they seek to present this war (as they have sought to present many of Israel's previous wars) in exaggerated and near apocalyptical terms.

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By Sheila Samples
08/15/06 "Information Clearing House"
"We should prepare to go on the offensive. Our aim is to smash Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, and Syria. The weak point is Lebanon, for the Moslem regime is artificial and easy for us to undermine. We shall establish a Christian state there, and then we will smash the Arab Legion, eliminate Trans-Jordan; Syria will fall to us. We then bomb and move on and take Port Said, Alexandria and Sinai."~~David Ben-Gurion, May 1948

I have been stunned by many things on the US political scene since I was jerked violently awake on Nov. 22, 1963. However, one thing that simply flew under the cuckoo's nest of my awareness was the total influence on our Congress; the control of our media, our courts, our universities, our entire society -- even our religion -- by the state of Israel. I had no idea.

I've learned a lot about both Israel and the United States in the last five years -- most of which I fervently wish I didn't know. I learned very quickly in the wake of 9-11 that the neoconservatives in the US claim an ideological right -- the Zionists in Israel a theological right -- to do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want, and those who question their increasingly bloody aggression are labeled "anti-American" or "anti-Semitic." Those who protest are ostracized from both religious and patriotic society (not to be confused with "civilized" society) and are immediately bombarded with ridicule and vicious ad hominems. Some receive death threats. Some receive death.

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Tuesday August 15th 2006, 9:39 am
Kurt Nimmo
Another Day in the Empire

It is said the United States has "scaled-back" its "expectations" now that the United Nations has declared a "ceasefire" in Lebanon. "The U.N. agreement is only the most recent example in which Bush's second-term doctrine of spreading freedom has run into the realities of international and domestic politics," notes the Baltimore Sun.

Actually, Bush's doctrine, which has nothing to do with democracy as most people understand the word, ran into the reality of Hezbollah, the most effective resistance movement in the world.

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Lebanon in Tears

crusader.png Hizbollah says disarmament not an option

reptile_eye.png Israeli troops could stay in Lebanon for months: army chief

reptile_eye.png World backs off disarming Hezbollah

reptile_eye.png US gave green light to Israel: Attack on Lebanon essential precursor for military options against Iran

reptile_eye.png Diplomats head to Lebanon to discuss peacekeeping plan

pie-chart.png Lebanese army prepares to move south

reptile_eye.png Hezbollah Fighters Better Trained, Equipped Than Chechens - Russian-born Israeli Soldiers

reptile_eye.png Seymour Hersh: U.S. Helped Plan Israeli Attack, Cheney "Convinced" Assault on Lebanon Could Serve as Prelude to Preemptive Attack on Iran

reptile_eye.png Israel to halt pullout unless Lebanon army deploys

reptile_eye.png What happened during the last battle? Israeli Troops Killed by "Friendly Fire"?

Israel's Other Aggressions

attention_sign.png Assad defends the resistance to Israel

garfield.png Robert Fisk: In the face of Bush's lies, it's left to Assad to tell the truth

reptile_eye.png Syria warns Israel over Golan

reptile_eye.png Hamas: Mossad assassination bid fails

reptile_eye.png Two killed in Gaza airstrike

butterfly.png Abbas, Haneya meet in Gaza amid demands to form coalition cabinet

reptile_eye.png Israeli military chief draws fire for selling shares after soldiers' kidnap

reptile_eye.png Record immigration to Israel in spite of crisis

Phony Terror Threat of the Week

do_not_enter.png Blair's Folly: New offences, created for the same old reasons

do_not_enter.png Blair's 'frenzied law making': a new offence for every day spent in office

penis_pump.png Al-Qaida No.3 behind major UK air terror plot

red_x_sign.png UK: Cameron accused of playing politics with terrorist threat

stoplight.png What a Racket! British Airways says 10,000 bags are missing

stoplight.png BAA is accused of 'paralysing' Stansted with "nonsensical" extra security measures in wake of terror plot

garfield.png Probably True: Suspect held by police is innocent, claims brother

smiley-tongue-out.png Propaganda: Investigation widens as police probe link with September 11

reptile_eye.png Sources claim latest "terror plot" a hoax cooked up to divert attention from Blair's and Bush's woes

stormtrooper.png British police make new arrest in airline bomb plot

cheese.png UK police seek extra time to quiz bomb suspects

Der Leader Will Protect You!

stormtrooper.png Bush Should Know: Bush Says U.S. Will Face Terrorism Threat for 'Years'

vader.png Bush vows to protect American people

hal9000.png Karl Called

salt.png Stunned, Scared and Silent - The Bush administration's reliance on scare tactics -- to beat Americans into stunned submission -- is becoming outright laughable

War! Yes, Sir!

joker.png Jay Leno - Iran announced today that it cloned a sheep. They plan to use the sheep to pull the wool over the U.N.'s eyes.

grenade.png 110 Iraqi civilians killed in violence per day in July

penis_pump.png General to rule on Iraq rape case in September

mib.png Cuban Exiles Wage War of Terror - Anti-Castro terrorists based in Florida have carried out thousands of attacks against civilians, often with the full knowledge and support of the U.S. government

The War on Humanity

red_x_sign.png 61 schoolgirls killed, 129 wounded in Sri Lankan airstrike - Bombed compound, a well-known humanitarian zone

skullbones.png Sri Lankan army warns children can be targets - considered "combatants" or "terrorists"

red_x_sign.png Singer arrested by US forces in Haiti freed after two years

eye_of_ra.png Asians 'will be alienated by plan for profiling' - New Offense: Traveling While Asian

skullbones.png Russian patrol fatally shoots Japanese fisherman in disputed waters

Who's Gonna Pay?

money.png Dell recall may cost Sony up to $430 mln: analysts

earth.png Northeast states to act on CO2 where Bush won't

smoking.png NY mayor to give his own cash to stop world smoking

reptile_eye.png Mediterranean oil spill prompts crisis meeting

house.png Home sales decline in 28 states, D.C.

The Melting Pot

blackbox.png Ohio voting problems deemed severe

blackbox.png McKinney Criticizes Electronic Voting

alarmclock.png Terror charge dropped in cell phone case

red_flag.png NYC to Release 911 Calls From Sept. 11

blue_questionmark.png Landing system failure unsolved at LAX

do_not_enter.png A Split In the Racist Right - A rift has opened between those who see blacks, Hispanics and Muslims as the primary enemy, and those who blame Jews for every evil

penis_pump.png Christians 'addicted to pornography'

That Whacky Weather

earth.png Magnitude 6.1 quake rocks southern Tonga

fireman_hat.png Wyoming homes evacuated as fire spreads

lightning.png Residents flee flooding in N.M.

lightning.png India's flood-hit Gujarat state evacuates thousands after heavy rains

pizza.png 'More disasters' for warmer world

Losing the Moon, Finding a Planet

saturn.png Planets plan boosts tally to 12

attention_sign.png US space commander predicts satellite attacks

moon.png One giant blunder for mankind: how NASA lost moon pictures

Odds 'n Ends

volcano.png 'Three continents' formed Australia

bargraph.png Russian Genius Solves Most Complicated Math Problem, Refuses $1 mln. Prize

search.png Fun with the AOL Data Leak - Last week, AOL revealed three months' worth of people's web searches -- and the data is oddly fascinating

black_cat.png CBS commits to exorcism pilot

Doing Something

u-s-flag.png US soldier who blew whistle on Abu Ghraib has no regrets

flower.png Venezuelan National Assembly appoints new president

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