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Signs of the Times for Mon, 07 Aug 2006

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Joe Quinn
Signs of the Times
The war lovers and child massacre apologists at Ynet News and obvious government psyop faux right wing cut-out alternative news site 'Little Green Footballs' (LGF) have taken the fact that a Reuters photographer, Adnan Hajj, blatantly "cloned" smoke in image of an Israeli bombing in Lebanon to not-so-subtly suggest that all of Reuters images from Lebanon might be faked and therefore that we should all ignore Israeli massacres in Lebanon.

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Henry See
6 August 2006
Signs of the Times
Hope is often a fragile thing. We hope for so much, yet we seem to attain so little. Looking back, we see our hopes are often based upon illusion, and it is therefore not surprising that they are dashed, that they amount to nothing. And if it is so with our petty, individual hopes, what of our hopes for the world at large?

What of the hope for peace, for a world free from violence and war and fear, a world where the needs of everyone are met?

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by William Hughes

"Time's glory is to unmask falsehood and bring truth to light." - William Shakespeare

In an action unprecedented in Maryland politics, Kevin Zeese, an Independent candidate in Maryland for the U.S. Senate, has demanded that an incumbent congressman, who has close ties to the powerful Israel Lobby, break his silence on Israeli wrongdoing.

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Kurt Nimmo
August 6, 2006
For the honest historian, it comes as no surprise government either kills its own citizens or allows enemies to do the same in an effort to score propaganda points or as an excuse to commence hostilities.

Examples are numerous, from FDR denying Americans passport and travel documents to let them flee the Japanese onslaught of the Philippines in the lead up to the Second World War (see US prisoners claim Roosevelt left them in Philippines deliberately) to Operation Northwoods, a plan drawn up by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to stage fake terror attacks in America (including assassination, airplane hijacking, and sinking of boats) in order to devise a pretext to invade Cuba.

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William Bowles, I'n'I
August 6, 2006
Outrage, anger and disbelief seem to be the most common responses to the US/Israeli destruction of Lebanon, understandably given the sheer ferocity of the attack but let us not let it get in the way of trying to figure out why the pirates resorted to such measures that were sure to ignite a wave of resistance and horror.

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Sabbah's blog
August 7, 2006
Did you know that the UN in southern Lebanon suspects that Israel is manufacturing non-existent raids to pacify public opinion as Hizbollah missiles continue to fly across the frontier?!

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Donald Hunt
Signs of the Times
August 7, 2006

The dollar was down last week amid signs that the United States' economy is slowing and interest rate increases are less likely. The monthly jobs report was released last week, showing an anemic job creation figure of 113,000. That should have boosted stocks, but it didn't very much in the U.S., probably due to an accumulation of unease about the economy, the Bush regime, and the Middle East. It is getting harder and harder to ignore the fact that the U.S., Israel and the United Kingdom are declining powers. Not surprisingly, gold and oil were up last week

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by Stephen Lendman
6 August 2006
No one writes with more passion, commitment and knowledge about the immense dangers of nuclear technology in all its forms than Australian physician and nuclear expert Helen Caldicott. Since writing her first book (must reading for everyone), Nuclear Madness, in 1978, Dr. Caldicott has worked tirelessly to expose the real threat this technology from hell poses to human survival. In her first book she wrote: "As a physician, I contend that nuclear technology threatens life on our planet with extinction. If present trends continue, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink will soon be contaminated with enough radioactive pollutants to pose a potential health hazard far greater than any plague humanity has ever experienced."

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Lebanon-The Late Response

reptile_eye.png France, US strike deal as Lebanon endures heaviest battering

reptile_eye.png Lebanon rejects draft U.N. resolution

reptile_eye.png Syria ready for regional war, blasts UN resolution

reptile_eye.png Praise and skepticism greet UN peace resolution

reptile_eye.png London march urges end to Lebanon war

reptile_eye.png While the UN fiddles... the Middle East burns

reptile_eye.png Robert Fisk: This draft shows who is running America's policy... Israel

crusader.png UN faces Lebanon opposition to plan to end fighting

skullbones.png Bush wants fast UN resolution on Lebanon conflict

crusader.png Lebanon demands ceasefire

Lebanon-More Israeli Crimes

reptile_eye.png Olmert tells Europe to stop preaching to Israel

reptile_eye.png Israel confesses to planning war crimes

attention_sign.png Chilling threat as Syria offer to join with Hezbollah

smiley-tongue-out.png Israeli pilots 'deliberately miss' targets

reptile_eye.png Robert Fisk: Slaughter in Qana

reptile_eye.png Israel strikes Qana after rocket barrage

crusader.png Israel making heroes of Hezbollah - Displaced children cheer 'the resistance'

reptile_eye.png Israeli air strikes 'kill 40'

reptile_eye.png One person, not 40, dead in Israel strike: Lebanon

Had Enough? More Israeli Crimes

reptile_eye.png Palestinian parliament speaker arrested

grenade.png Thinking in terms of the other side

blue_questionmark.png There are burnt-out tanks, but few Israeli troops

reptile_eye.png 15 killed in new Israeli attacks

reptile_eye.png Junkies of War

reptile_eye.png Blatant Mind Control: India Bans Arab TV Channels Under Pressure From Israel

reptile_eye.png Prominent Hamas politician is seized

skullbones.png Bush wants fast UN resolution on Lebanon conflict

crusader.png Arab FMs to meet in Beirut over Lebanon conflict


Big Bucks, Bigger Poverty

money.png Get ready for the Medicare crunch

money.png Investors want Fed to pause - now

money.png Post-Katrina block may price out tenants

money.png What's the real federal deficit?

money.png BP shuts giant Alaska oil field

piggybank.png Welfare Aristocracy

Global Chaos

blackbox.png Electoral tribunal refuses full recount in Mexico vote dispute

grenade.png Thousands flee Congo clash

lightning.png At least 30 dead after bridge collapses in Pakistan

handgun.png 800 British ex-Iraq troops treated for mental illness at the Priory

dr_evil.png British Sheltered Terror Org Joins al-Qaeda

flower.png Castro said to be recuperating

Best of Friends

academy_award.png India Bans Arab TV Channels Under Pressure From Israel

u-s-flag.png Syria Wants to Talk, But Bush Won't Answer the Phone

story_default.png Russian President Putin Slams United States

crusader.png Prestwick protesters arrested for boarding US plane

Life Under the Bush Reich

vader.png Governors bristle at Bush Guard proposal

u-s-flag.png Isolated Americans trying to connect

red_flag.png 9/11 conspiracy theorists thriving

pink_rose.png Cindy Sheehan resumes Crawford protest

lightbulb.png Club Gulag: tourists are offered prison camp experience

smoking.png US falling behind on clean air

car.png 'Dead zone' threat to US suburban dream - Petrol price rises may cause the housing bubble to burst, triggering global recession and the fall of America's Eden

handgun.png 15 States Expand Right to Shoot in Self-Defense

cowboy_hat.png Absence of America's Upper Classes From the Military


heart.png Speeder turns around to help trooper

attention_sign.png Expert issues warning about e-passports

attention_sign.png EU Commission says companies can refuse to employ smokers

donald_duck.png Mind-boggling dismissal of Psychotic Judge

gray_alien.png After 10 years, life-on-Mars rebuked

sun.png Ministry to investigate UFO light sightings

cupcake.png Hackers crack new biometric passports

heart.png Swayze joins Jodie Foster in defending Gibson

Iran into an Iraq-mire

nuclear.png Iran insists it will not freeze nuclear work

alarmclock.png Iran threatens to use 'oil weapon' in nuclear standoff

nuclear.png Iran denies reported bid to import uranium from DR Congo

reptile_eye.png Iraqi medic tells how he 'found family slaughtered by US troops'

cookie_monster.png Iran threatens to use 'oil weapon' in nuclear standoff - Energy crisis would leave people 'shivering in cold'- UN deadline looms for Tehran to accept deal

do_not_enter.png Iran says US or Israeli attack will face "raging sea"

reptile_eye.png Iraqi and US forces clash with Shiite militia in Baghdad

Mass Extinction - Pathocratic Game Plan

clock.png Mass Extinction: Bye Bye, Birdie ... and Humanity too - Prominent biologists say we're on par with the five previous mass extinctions in the history of life on earth.

clock.png Flashback: Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us - Secret report warns of rioting and nuclear war - Britain will be 'Siberian' in less than 20 years - Threat to the world is greater than terrorism

stormtrooper.png White House Wants A Wider Mid-East War

story_default.png Bush's Fiascos in Iraq - The White House and Fox News Channel are still trying to convince us that things are going just fine in Iraq

Weirdness one bigfoot at a time

search.png Bigfoot website closed after revelations - Another New Age COINTELPRO Op bites the dust

mib.png Johor Bigfoot Pix Hoax

garfield.png You know anybody who needs an "anti-stupid" pill?

syringe.png I FELL ILL AND GREW 20 YEARS YOUNGER - ASTONISHING SIDE EFFECT OF RARE GENETIC ILLNESS Treatment - turned grey hair dark and smoothed wrinkles

Do you trust your doctor?

syringe.png Antidepressants prove addictive to some

syringe.png Victim of drugs trial in Britain shows signs of cancer

syringe.png New lethal superbug found in Scottish hospitals

molecule.png The antioxidant myth: a medical fairy tale

Today's Weather

lightning.png 46 die as rains bring floods to southern Indian state

lightning.png Floods kill 150 people in Ethiopia

sun.png Forest fires cause devastation in Spain and Portugal

Back to the Future

comet.png King Tut's gem may have formed from meteor collision

cow.png The Mona Lisa: Biggest Coverup in Human History

cropcircle3.png Peru link to Indian archaeological find?


garfield.png Flashback: The Return of the Puppet Masters

search.png Cultural Manipulation By Cat Parasite

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