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Signs of the Times for Mon, 03 Jul 2006

Joe Quinn
Signs of the Times
Alan Dershowitz is a professor of law at Harvard University, an apologist for the Israel lobby in the US and a self-confessed "big mouth". He is also a man completely in thrall to the NeoCon agenda and who takes every opportunity to promote the extremist warmongering disguised as "freedom and democracy" that has come to define the reign of the Bush administration, who, we should remember, entered the white house in 2000 in much the same way as other great dictatorships of history - without the consent of a majority of the population

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Fre Arab Voice
In a dispatch posted Saturday night, Mafkarat al-Islam submitted its correspondents' in-depth report on the rape and murder case in March that the American military have now been compelled to investigate...

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Jonathan Cook
Media Lens
June 30, 2006
Few readers of a British newspaper would have noticed the story. In the Observer of 25 June, it merited a mere paragraph hidden in the "World in brief" section, revealing that the previous day a team of Israeli commandos had entered the Gaza Strip to "detain" two Palestinians Israel claims are members of Hamas...

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Peace Palestine
Please forward widely

Morning came and we found that 90 of the nation's best men were captured by Israel from their homes in the night. Our mayor, who was released from four years in prison just a month ago. Someone for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration, as do his people here, political allies and opponents alike. And our vice mayor, too. The last time I talked with him, earlier this week, he was struggling a lot with chronic back pain. I wonder where they are now. If they have been fed today, or tortured. If they will sleep on beds tonight, or not at all. If they will be home tomorrow. If we will never see some of them again alive.

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Donald Hunt
Signs of the Times
July 3, 2006

Looking at the year so far, a few things stand out. The price of oil has risen steadily. Gold has risen as well but not as steadily, given the recent correction which seems to have found a bottom in the mid-$580s. The dollar has been able to maintain its value, due in large part to rising short term interest rates by the U.S. Federal Reserve Board. As we will see, that may not last much longer.

So far no crash. That's the good news. They have managed to keep the system afloat for another six months -- not a bad accomplishment. One might even be tempted to think "they" know what they are doing. Nick Beams, discussing the annual report of the Bank of International Settlements, argues that they don't...

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July 3, 2006
Rodrigue Tremblay
The New American Empire

"We now live in a nation in which the president has the omnipotent power to ignore all constitutional restraints on his power."

Jacob Hornberger ( Future of Freedom Foundation)

"Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction,"

Vice President Dick Cheney, August 26, 2002

"The defense policy of the United States is based on a simple premise: The United States does not start fights. We will never be an aggressor."

President Ronald Reagan

George W. Bush has failed as president. Indeed, it looks like the political legacy that George W. Bush will leave behind will be a terrible heritage. His administration, (which should more appropriately be called 'the Bush-Cheney administration' because of the predominant and crucial role played by Vice President Dick Cheney) will be remembered as an administration built on lies, fabricated "evidence", duplicity, deception, manipulation, propaganda, improvisation, bad policies and gratuitous warmongering. In other words, the 'Bush-Cheney administration' is the reverse of what you would like a democratic government to be. The end result is an administration that has profoundly corrupted the daily working of the U. S. government.

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The Nation
Sun July 2, 2006
Patriotism, Tom Paine observed, is not best measured in times of national comfort and quiet. It is in times of crisis, when the summer soldiers and sunshine patriots have retreated to the safety of official talking points and unquestioning loyalty, that those who truly understand the meaning and merit of the American experiment come to its defense. On the 230th anniversary of the launch of that experiment, let us reflect on those who have met the test, noting in particular that some of the boldest expressions of patriotism have come from groups not necessarily associated with dissent.

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How to Start WWIII

reptile_eye.png Israel warns: free soldier or PM dies

reptile_eye.png Israel strike hits Palestinian PM's office

reptile_eye.png Israeli forces gather along Gaza border

reptile_eye.png Gaza Camp swelters with little power or water

reptile_eye.png Gaza: 'The children wake up screaming. I am worried it will damage them'

attention_sign.png Flashback: Iran And Syria Sign Defense Agreement

nuclear.png Nuke programme 'will continue'

reptile_eye.png FBI and Western Union helped Israel With targeted assassinations

reptile_eye.png Israeli rally opposes Gaza offensive

reptile_eye.png Israel to release prisoners without "terror conviction"

reptile_eye.png Premier tells troops to do all they can to free soldier

reptile_eye.png Israel rejects Palestinian ultimatum

reptile_eye.png Israel's act of war is inexcusable

US Troops In Iraq

u-s-flag.png Muslim group condemns reports of U.S. rape

stormtrooper.png Did Suspected GIs Plan Rape-Slaying?

stormtrooper.png Flashback: US soldiers accused of sex assaults

stormtrooper.png Flashback: U.S. Soldiers Accused Of Raping Iraqi Women Escape Prosecution

stormtrooper.png Flashback: Rape of Iraqi girls by US mercenaries and soldiers was rampant in Baghdad

stormtrooper.png Flashback: Army Condones Rape by US Soldiers in Iraq

stormtrooper.png Flashback: Iraqi Woman Recalls Abu Ghraib Rape Ordeal

stormtrooper.png Flashback: Hersh: children raped at Abu Ghraib, Pentagon has videos

grenade.png U.S. probes possible 'friendly fire' death

tnt.png Baghdad car bombing kills 66 in Shiite market

Back in Bushland

u-s-flag.png US Attorney General defends special military tribunals

lady_liberty.png Roberts Is at Court's Helm, but He Isn't Yet in Control

u-s-flag.png Supreme Court Ruling Troubles GOP Senators

cowboy_hat.png Supreme Court's decision in Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld could expose officials to prosecution

smiley-tongue-out.png Journalists and 'leakers' feel heat

blue_questionmark.png NORAD air base on heightened alert - No reason given for 'Bravo-Plus' security level

attention_sign.png Pentagon sees Iran bombing as unsuccessful: report

cowboy_hat.png Weekends With the President's Men

cowboy_boot.png Bush address pays tribute to armed forces

u-s-flag.png Bin Laden warns US

cowboy_boot.png Only 483 Guard Working on Mexican Border

lady_liberty.png Cubans find backdoor route to U.S. soil

Nature's Fury

asteroid.png Israel warns NASA about double asteroids

lightning.png Water damage shuts D.C. museums for July 4

lightning.png Six dead, nine missing after storms in northern Romania

lightning.png Tornado flips truck on New York highway

faucet.png N.M. community severely limits water use

cowboy_boot.png Katrina shocks New Orleans visitors 10 months on

lightning.png 800 evacuated from northern Saskatchewan

lightning.png 26 dead after torrential rains in China's southwestern region

Chaotic Times

handgun.png Gunman shot dead after Portuguese celebrations

alarmclock.png Central Texas woman run off road, raped

handgun.png Officer and suspect die in Ga. shootout

alarmclock.png Car plows into crowd at boat race; 11 hurt

road_cone.png Hong Kong pro-democracy march draws more than 20,000

pc_mouse.png Red Cross laptop with donor data stolen

pc_mouse.png Stolen laptop with veterans' data recovered

Money Matters

money.png Study: Money Does Not Buy Much Happiness

money.png Budget impasse shuts down N.J. government

money.png Trade envoy echos pessimism at WTO talks

smiley-tongue-out.png Chavez urges Africa to unite against US

money.png Airline passengers in France face new tax to help world's poor

money.png Pennies may soon be a thing of the past

UK News

cowboy_boot.png Britons tire of cruel, vulgar US: poll

stormtrooper.png We face defeat in Afghanistan, Army chiefs warn Blair

syringe.png Two British soldiers killed as Afghan poppy crop booms

For Your Health

syringe.png Holocaust Survivors at Higher Long-Term Cancer Risk

blue_questionmark.png Hospital has 6 sets of twins in 32 hours

ghost.png Witchcraft ban ends in Zimbabwe

Last but not Least

blackbox.png Mexico Presidential Race Too Close to Call

cowboy_boot.png Japanese media cool on Koizumi's rosy ties with Bush

u-s-flag.png Saddam's daughter and wife on wanted list

stormtrooper.png Secret burial for Iraq's al Zarqawi

sandwich.png 11,000-year-old grain shakes up beliefs on beginnings of agriculture

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