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Signs of the Times for Wed, 21 Jun 2006


The antiwar Left would prefer that old-style American imperialism and the quest for oil had caused the Iraq War. They are the preferred enemies of the Left. They are the traditional villains. And they are safe villains. Mentioning Israel as a culprit would cause problems: it would lose support for the Left among activist Jews, and it would lead to hostility from the Israel lobby and mainstream Jewish groups.

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By Douglas Yates
Online Journal Contributing Writer
Jun 20, 2006
Few would argue that trust, like democracy, is earned and not inherited. So how is it that we've missed the lessons of four generations of Bush family history?

As Kevin Phillips recounts in "American Dynasty," the Bush family presents a record of war profiteers who use public office to gain wealth and advantage. Along the way, Bush family business cronies receive political access and legitimacy.

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WING TV Viewer's Poll
  • June 12th Question:

    Who do you think is the biggest plant-shill-government op in the patriot movement and/or alternative media?

    The jury is in, the results are final, and everyday truth-seekers from all walks of life have spoken.

    What follows are the results for our first WING TV viewer’s poll question:

    Who do you think is the biggest plant-shill-government op in the patriot movement and/or alternative media?

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  • Jason Miller
    And to hell with the consequences...

    Contrary to the "catapulted propaganda", Enron, Haditha, and Abu Ghraib were not isolated incidents or the work of a "few bad apples". American savagery and oppressive behavior pervades our society and predates our nation's birth. Building its patriarchal wealth on the backs of Black slaves and cheap labor while acquiring its territory through Native American genocide, predatory exploitation of non-Anglos, the poor, women, and the working class emerged as a pillar of America's socioeconomic "success" before we even declared our independence.

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    Screams Unheard

    reptile_eye.png Jonathan Cook: Burying the Truth Buried in Gaza

    reptile_eye.png Three Palestinians children killed in Israeli airstrike

    reptile_eye.png Israel threatens to step up attacks on militants

    money.png 7,400 millionaires living in Israel

    reptile_eye.png Key Gaza crossing fails to open due to Israeli security alert

    reptile_eye.png The State of Israel's Education

    Provoking Iran

    nuclear.png Iran ready for talks on nuclear offer: FM

    nuclear.png Bush Accuses Iran of Dragging Its Feet

    money.png Iran war 'could triple oil price'

    nuclear.png Bush's America opposes verifiable ban on fission

    nuclear.png World "sleepwalking" to nuclear proliferation: Annan

    Terror in Iraq

    u-s-flag.png Lynching Saddam

    stormtrooper.png Iraqi police finds body of Saddam Hussein lawyer

    stormtrooper.png U.S. Dunkirk In Iraq; The Tipping Point

    questionable-story.png Al-Qaeda says new leader 'beheaded' kidnapped US soldiers

    tnt.png Australian troops to redeploy in Iraq

    Bush in Austria

    u-s-flag.png Crowds gather to protest Bush visit to Austria

    u-s-flag.png US to vow at EU summit to respect rights in anti-terror fight

    deathstar.png Guantanamo clouds EU-US meeting

    u-s-flag.png US and the UN: 'Bring out the wackos'

    vader.png Professors of Paranoia?

    Money to Kill

    vader.png US House passes 427.6 bln dollar defense bill

    epluribus.png Florida's first biometric payment system goes online

    money.png The Strange Language of Capitalism

    u-s-flag.png Blood For No Oil, Part 2

    money.png Rich get even richer in third world

    Don't Forget About Us!

    cowboy_boot.png All options open if North Korea tests missile: US envoy

    u-s-flag.png US makes missile defense system operational

    nuclear.png Rumsfeld was on ABB board during deal with North Korea

    Nature's Way

    earth.png 69 killed, 15 missing in landslide in Indonesia

    earth.png Northeast Ohio Hit With 12th Earthquake Since 2005

    earth.png Moderate earthquake jolts China, 3 injuries reported

    fireman_hat.png Firefighters battle wildfires in Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico

    earth.png Earthquake hits India's Andaman Islands

    attention_sign.png New Cosmic Defense Idea: Fight Asteroids with Asteroids

    fireman_hat.png States, cities urged to ready for disasters

    Science, 'Science', and more Dead

    star.png Fizzing Space Around the Earth

    u-s-flag.png Pentagon Lists Homosexuality As Disorder

    easter_island.png 3000-year-old "pyramid" discovered in NE China

    ducky.png Ignorance a key factor in H5N1 infections: experts

    handgun.png 2 dead in Fla. detention center shooting

    fireman_hat.png Texas hurricane supply warehouse burns down

    World on Fire

    bargraph.png Russia's Population Will Halve by End of Century - President Putin

    spying.png Turkmenistan Accuses French Diplomat, OSCE Official of Spying

    questionable-story.png 'Al-Qaeda video' of 20th hijacker

    hotdog.png French PM in crisis over 'insult'

    faucet.png Fourteen Die As Pakistan Tribes Clash Over Water

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