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Signs of the Times for Mon, 19 Jun 2006

Joe Quinn
Signs of the Times
A short chronology of recent events in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:

Hamas was established by Israel as a counterweight to the authentic grass-roots Palestinian Liberation Organistaion. Israel couldn't control the PLO so they needed a "Palestinian" group that they could...

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By Sam Bahour
The Milli Gazette Online
Israel's Defense Minister Amir Peretz announced today that Israel is preparing a global "propaganda offensive" to counter the recent barrage of news reports and writings that condemned Israel for the recent killing of 10 civilians, including 5 children, on a Gaza beach. In political and media lingo this is called spin, to twist and turn an event so as to give an intended interpretation, and Israel excels at it.

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Interviewed by Silvia Cattori, June 11, 2006
A Palestinian living in a refugee camp in northern Gaza gives us his account of the current situation

The voice that you hear below is that of a young Palestinian baker who voted for Hamas in the recent election, hoping they would be able to lighten the suffering of his people. We think that his account sincerely reflects the feelings of a large part of the population of Gaza and can help us to rethink our biased way of seeing the situation there.

Silvia Cattori: A few weeks ago when we talked you told us of your fears that your society would become destabilized by the men of the security forces led by Mohammed Dahlan.(1) Has the situation deteriorated since then?

Hicham: Yes, it is difficult, very difficult. Especially since the recent massacre of the women and children on the beach. Unfortunately, the Israelis are killing civilians every day here in Gaza and in the West Bank. Normally nobody talks about it. When it happens, like last Friday, that their crime is too visible and provokes protests, the military spokesmen begin by hastily saying that experts will do an investigation, sometimes making apologies. Then, subsequently, they retract this statement, sowing doubt, and let it be understood that it probably wasn't from their positions that the shots were fired, in order to finally place the responsibility onto Hamas, on the victims. It's always in this way that they mask their crimes and deceive public opinion. We've never seen the results of their inquiries. We never seen them judge the criminals that have already killed thousands of children and have wounded tens of thousands of others. We never see your governments react with firmness against the brutality that Israel imposes upon us.

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Donald Hunt
Signs of the Times
June 19, 2006

Gold prices continued to plummet last week and U.S. interest rates rose sharply. Everything else remained pretty much unchanged. If interest rates are rising over fear of inflation and gold is a hedge against inflation, why are gold prices falling? The paradox of gold is that it is both money and commodity. If it is, in effect, a currency, then with inflation the value of gold should go down. Yet, since it is also a commodity, and has been throughout history seen as a safe haven, its value should go up in inflationary times. Most likely the price of gold will eventually go up against the paper currencies. What we are seeing is probably both a natural correction as well as an indication of increasing volatility.

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by Jim Prues
In these unsettled times where corporations control traditional media and the government seems completely divorced from understanding the needs of their citizenry, it would seem useful to review principles for a healthy society. Very near the top would be the principle of universality.

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by Stephen Lendman
In contrast to its one-sided stance on Hugo Chavez, the June 16 Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on US based activists in Boston, New York, San Diego, Miami, Cincinnati and other cities around the country forming Bolivarian Circles and other groups supporting the Chavez government. But it couldn't do it without taking its usual swipe at the Venezuelan leader beginning with the front page article's title: Move Over Che: Chavez Is New Icon of Radical Chic. That's WSJ language intending to demean in its headline rather than use a proper one to reflect what their story was about.

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Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head

moon.png NASA Spies Lunar Meteoroid Impact

moon.png Flashback: NASA Astronomers Spot Rare Lunar Meteor Strike

fireball.png Flashback: Police report 'dazzling' meteor: Australia

fireball.png Flashback: (Yet another) Meteor lights up the morning skies

fireball.png Flashback: Meteor lights Alberta sky

fireball.png Flashback: Meteorite falls in Northeast Brazil

asteroid.png Flashback: Astronomer: "UFO" observed across Thailand is meteor

fireball.png Flashback: Nah. It couldn't have been a meteorite. Could it?

fireball.png Flashback: Daytime Meteor Spotted In Colorado

asteroid.png Flashback: UFO 'probably a small meteorite or something'

asteroid.png Flashback: Witnesses to 'green fire' wanted

asteroid.png Flashback: South Africa: Meteorite crashes through windscreen of car

fireball.png Flashback: Record meteorite hits Norway - Impact blast comparable to Hiroshima

Murder on the Beach

reptile_eye.png Who really killed Huda Ghalia's family?

reptile_eye.png Israeli Media and the Gaza Beach Bombing

reptile_eye.png Beach deaths: No int'l probe

reptile_eye.png Hamas: Probe arms transfer to Abbas

reptile_eye.png Hamas, Fatah edge toward compromise on Israel

reptile_eye.png The Israeli and Arab Lobbies

reptile_eye.png The Power of the Israel Lobby: Its Origins and Growth

reptile_eye.png Burning Cole

money.png Quartet backs EU funding mechanism for Palestinians

reptile_eye.png Flashback: Desmond Tutu: Apartheid in the Holy Land

easter_island.png Israeli hero known as a plunderer

Bring 'em on!

cowboy_boot.png U.S. troops search for missing GIs in Iraq

grenade.png Insurgent blasts kill at least 27 in Iraq

grenade.png 10 workers at Baghdad bakery kidnapped

u-s-flag.png Pentagon Details U.S. Abuse of Detainees

tomato.png Bush is a war criminal: Austria's Haider

stormtrooper.png Torture admission By US Special OPs

u-s-flag.png How US hid the suicide secrets of Guantanamo

questionable-story.png Identity of Zarqawi's successor remains enigma

stormtrooper.png What happens when the horrors of Iraq become to much for a soldier to bear?

u-s-flag.png Witness: U.S. Troops in Iraq Taken Captive

save_energy.png US outflanked in Eurasian energy politics

Birds of a feather

u-s-flag.png Lawyers: Threats and "Coercive Techniques" Used Against Marines

vader.png CBE for UK police chief involved in Menezes operation and last week's shooting of a Muslim

vampire.png US military honoured in secret by Britian

tomato.png Amnesty: Microsoft helped Israeli Police in Vanunu probe

u-s-flag.png U.S. Warns N Korea Over Missile Test - But tested own missile last Wednesday!

dumptruck.png Drug wars take over fading Acapulco resort

American Apocalypse

handgun.png New Orleans shootout leaves 5 teens dead

book.png How an Al-Qaeda Cell Planned a Poison-gas Attack on the N.Y. Subway

stormtrooper.png Odd actions near Cheney prompt arrest

questionable-story.png Al-Qaida cell 'plotted gas attack' on New York subway

spying.png Secrecy in court shuts out defense - Lawyers barred in terrorism cases

republican.png Blanco signs law that would ban abortions

Nuking Iran For No Reason

u-s-flag.png Iran: U.S. Making Nuke Talks Difficult

smiley-tongue-out.png Iranian charm offensive calls Bush's bluff

reptile_eye.png 1,000 Protest Before Iran World Cup Match

u-s-flag.png Yahoo censors more Chinese than the Chinese

money.png Canadian dollar tumbles after China tightens reserve rules

dr_evil.png Taunted and jeered, Bolton bolted


attention_sign.png French PM: Fight against terrorism must be legal

nuclear.png Germany urges nuclear powers to disarm

tnt.png Two more middle-of-the-night blasts hit Corsica

smiley-tongue-out.png Militant farmer Jose Bove to run for president in France

red_flag.png Villepin shows stubborn streak in Suez merger

Down the Tubes

earth.png Green goo globs up Great Lakes

blue_questionmark.png Earth's heart of gold

earth.png Monsoon rains flood northeastern Bangladesh

ducky.png Canada finds bird flu case, plans further testing

fireman_hat.png Ariz. Wildfires Force Hundreds to Evacuate

Out of this world

cheese.png Rat study shows dirty better than clean

lightbulb.png To Profit Or Explore Might Be The Meaning Of Life

ufo.png Phasers on Stun: Weapons in Space

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