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Signs of the Times for Mon, 10 Apr 2006

Donald Hunt Signs of the Times April 10, 2006

Last week we looked at the high rate of corporate profits realized lately. With stocks strong, global growth rates high, and profits high, why does the economy feel so bad for most people? The following article contains some clues:

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by Jason Miller
America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between. - Oscar Wilde

"Why are we over there in Iraq?"

"To protect our freedoms."

"How are the Iraqis threatening our freedoms?"

"They attacked us on 9/11."

"If that is true, why are so many Americans against the war?"

"I don't know, but I think Cindy Sheehan and all the other war protestors should be rounded up and shot."

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April 7, 2006
Dave McGowan
The Center for an Informed America

At the risk of offending anyone out there, I really need to ask a question here: what the hell is the matter with you people? And by "you people," I don't mean specifically the regular readers of these newsletters, but rather the American people in general. So to all you John and Jane Q. Publics out there, let me rephrase the question: what the hell does it take to get a reaction out of you?

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By Cindy Sheehan
The anti-war movement is not on the "verge of collapse" because we are not organized, or because we don't take a "warriors" view of attacking the neocons and the war machine using the tactics of Napoleon, or Sun Tzu-but because the two-thirds of Americans who philosophically agree that the war is wrong, BushCo lied, and the troops should come home, will not get off of their collective, complacent, and comfortable behinds to demonstrate their dissent with our government.

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Stephen Lendman
11 April 2006
"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore." Once that was true, but no longer. Emma Lazarus' beautiful and memorable words we've all heard many times and know well are fading into memory. If we're honest, they should be removed from "Lady Liberty" and be replaced with something like: We'll take your Anglos, especially well-off ones, and the ones we choose with needed skills; you keep the rest, especially your poor, dark-skinned and desperate. We needed 'em once for our homegrown sweatshops. No longer. We've got plenty all around the world. It now looks like we'll make an exception though for the menial or toughest low pay, no benefits, no security jobs no one else wants. We're still debating it and will let you know.

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Henry See
Signs of the Times
10 April 2006
The world learned today that taking to the streets in massive numbers can still have an effect. French president Jacques Chirac announced that the hated law, known as the CPE, a law that would impose job precarity on the youngest members of the work force, would be repealled. It took several days of strikes and millions in the streets of France's main cities, but it worked. Just as the French refused the neo-liberal European Constitution last year, they are refusing the neo-liberal economics of capitalist globalisation.

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Target: Iran

nuclear.png Bush 'is planning nuclear strikes on Iran's secret sites'

cowboy_hat.png Bush critics alarmed over reports of possible strike on Iran

nuclear.png Iran accuses US of "psychological war"

nuclear.png US dismisses Iran attack claims

nuclear.png Iran: No hurry to set date for talks with US over Iraq

road_cone.png Moscow issues West a warning

Big Mama Ain't Happy

earth.png Tornado, Sand-Storms and Oversized Hail Strike Israel

earth.png Flood threat in Serbia and Germany

earth.png Earthquake In South Of Sumatra

earth.png 5.2-magnitude quake rattles Greek island

syringe.png '100 bird flu outbreaks' in Burma

ducky.png Revealed: the secret No 10 plan to tackle bird flu food shortages

Science and Technology

pc_mouse.png Sample virus targets Windows and Linux

syringe.png Viruses used to build tiny batteries

red_flag.png Web site exposes Air Force One defenses

reptile_eye.png Google opening second research center in Israel?

nuclear.png Russia Tests Nuclear Turbine In China Without A Hitch

saturn.png Seventh planet has a blue ring

The Americas

u-s-flag.png Chavez threatens to kick out US ambassador

u-s-flag.png Rice moves to block Chavez power play

red_flag.png The Danger of Hugo Chávez's Successful Socialism

smiley-face.png "Centre-Left" Regimes In Latin America

blackbox.png Peru elects a new president; protests mark front-runner's vote

saturn.png Brazil's first astronaut returns to Earth


red_flag.png Supreme Court Judges Bush - NOT!

vader.png Moussaoui's mom lashes out at US, al-Qaeda

vader.png Amnesty Takes On Rendition

stormtrooper.png Local Teacher's Run-In With Homeland Security Creates Insecurities

vader.png US arrests White House intruder

lady_liberty.png Thousands Rally for Immigrants Across U.S.

reptile_eye.png Of Course There Is an Israel Lobby

dr_evil.png In Page Six Inquiry, Gossip Swirls Around Gossips

Dollars and Cents

money.png Gas Prices Jump Nearly 17 Cents in U.S.

money.png Summer fuel shortages, spikes possible: Bodman

money.png Six months to housing hell

money.png Increasingly Vicious Laws Push Out Homeless

money.png Pentagon tells Congress of weapons cost overruns

money.png US Armys Cash Priority

money.png Asian medical tourism to become multi-billion-dollar industry: report

Zionist Israel - Part 1

reptile_eye.png Israeli army kills Palestinian gunman

reptile_eye.png Israeli Attack in Gaza Strip Kills 4 Militants and a Child

reptile_eye.png Army uses two Palestinians as human shields in Bethlehem invasion

reptile_eye.png 1,000 Israeli Military Shells Fired at Gaza Within Week

reptile_eye.png Eleven Children Held Captive by Israeli Army

reptile_eye.png Egypt criticizes Israeli bombing in Gaza

Zionist Israel - Part 2

reptile_eye.png Does Israel Conduct Covert Action in America?

reptile_eye.png Abbas: 'Convergence' will lead to war

reptile_eye.png Israel to formally cut all contacts with Hamas gov't

reptile_eye.png Israel to boycott diplomats who meet Hamas officials

reptile_eye.png Israel allows Palestinian Christians to Easter services

reptile_eye.png Israeli Slaughter Of Palestinians at Deir Yassin 1948

Around the World

attention_sign.png Italy's Prodi set to win election: exit polls

red_flag.png Spain to bring charges in Madrid bombings

academy_award.png French PM regrets dropping of CPE law

vampire.png Socialists' Royal biggest winner of CPE tussle

reptile_eye.png Nazis planned Holocaust for Palestine: historians

road_cone.png 19 dead in stampede at Pakistan stampede

road_cone.png 'Many killed' in India fair blaze


epluribus.png Documents were faked in Rome over Iraq-Niger uranium claims: newspaper

u-s-flag.png Did Plame out White House plans for finding WMD in Iraq?

u-s-flag.png GOP senator urges Bush, Cheney to explain CIA leak

spying.png Specter Calls for Bush to Speak on Leak

cowboy_hat.png Ben Affleck: Bush 'Can Be Hung' for 'Probably' Leaking Plame's Name

u-s-flag.png White House refuses to discuss Bush's role in Iraq war leaks

u-s-flag.png Thompson's Dog Won't Hunt

vader.png Libby Sings

u-s-flag.png The Leaker-in-Chief


attention_sign.png US propaganda magnifies Zarqawi threat: report

attention_sign.png Flashback: How US fuelled myth of Zarqawi the mastermind

attention_sign.png Flashback: Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead

attention_sign.png U-S ambassador warns of threat of sectarian war to entire Middle East

reptile_eye.png Saudis plan to fence off Iraq border

grenade.png Iraqi Troops Start Rolling Out in Ramadi

grenade.png Iraqi official: 'It's civil war'

Nutty News

lightbulb.png The rise and rise of Sudoku

cookie_monster.png Bigs bunny: monster rabbit devours English veggie plots

questionable-story.png Psychic helps probe plot to kill Australian PM

gray_alien.png Ark's Quantum Quirks

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