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Signs of the Times for Tue, 07 Feb 2006

Signs Editorial:

Kurt Nimmo 6 Feb 06

According to CBS, Americans don’t care what gender their neolib rulers are. “As has been the case for a number of years, nearly all Americans say they would vote for a woman for president from their own political party if she were qualified,” reports the corporate propaganda division of Westinghouse (a former death merchant industry). Not unexpectedly, CBS sports an image of the Grand Madame of Globalism—Hillary Clinton—on the page with the poll results, thus revealing who they imagine the next president should be, that is if the easily and repeatedly hoodwinked masses decide 2008 is high tide for a female ruler. No doubt millions of Americans will feel a tad better—at least in the short term—about taking their marching orders down the thorny road toward slavery from a woman.

Hillary is the choice of “progressive” neoliberals because she supports the idea that the world should be a “free trade” gulag modeled after the world’s largest dictatorship, China (Clinton voted for MFN status for China). She also believes in a “trade agreement” (an official contract between thieves) inked between the United States and Chile, the latter with a lovely record of torturing and disappearing people, thanks in large part to the concerted effort of one of the most notorious war criminals of recent history, Henry Kissinger. In addition, Clinton voted to establish “normal trade relations status” with Vietnam, an impoverished and war-damaged communist nation hankering to become a sort of miniaturized “free trade” gulag based on the Chinese model. In regard to the NAFTAization of Latin America, Clinton is nearly indistinguishable from Bush, or rather his neocon-neolib handlers, only taking issue with a minor and nearly invisible peccadillo (i.e., she believes women in victimized and fleeced third world nations should not be “marginalized,” whatever that means in the larger context of the transnational march to impose serfdom on billions of people).

Clinton is more Bush than Bush, as was Kerry, when it comes to killing Iraqis by the boatload at the behest of the Jabotinsky Likudites in Israel. “One cannot look at the Middle East today and not believe that there has been progress against great odds,” averred Clinton, understanding well the rules of the political game in America. “Former sworn enemies of Israel are recognizing its existence, are even talking about ways of increasing trade, commerce, and diplomatic relations,” never mind that millions of Arabs and Muslims rightly harbor a big time distrust of Israel—and for good reason, considering its long-running overt and covert war against its neighbors (in recognizing this subversive danger, Arabs and Muslims are light years more enlightened than your garden variety American who has endured decades of pro-Israeli evangelism and indoctrination and in the process mindlessly supporting the ongoing slaughter and humiliation of the Palestinians).

This CBS poll on the gender impartiality of the average feeble-minded American reveals nothing short of the distressing fact the average citizen will celebrate—or at least nod in numb acquiescence—to the long term evolvement of the global neolib “free trade” gulag and slavery plantation as the hand-picked cadre represented by Hillary Clinton stake their claims in preparation for the 2008 “election,” basically little more than a cosmetic shuffling of the same old perfidious deck of swindlers, carpetbaggers, loan sharks, and mass murdering and sociopathic miscreants who will be offered up under a ballyhooed political system we are incessantly told is a shining light and hope for the world.

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