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Signs of the Times for Wed, 22 Nov 2006

Joe Quinn
Signs of the Times
To be honest, we tire of stating endlessly that which is patently, almost absurdly obvious to anyone with two firing neurons. While we understand that it is very tempting for many people to just accept the official story that Oswald murdered Kennedy, or any of the other blatant government lies we have been asked to swallow as fact, that understanding in no way lessens our disgust at the fact that those guilty of the very worst crimes are never called to account because they are usually found in positions of almost absolute political or corporate power.

This fact alone effectively prevents us (and any rationale person) from ever being able to "take the blue pill", because given the nature and intentions of these power brokers, rather than take the blue pill, we might as well swap it for a cyanide capsule and get it over with now.

But just as the last vestige of hope may seem to have been squashed, we find ourselves gripped by a strangely invigorating idea: While it may be true that the vast majority of ordinary people simply do not, or are unable to care anymore, there IS one group of people that is still very much concerned about making sure their voice is heard and their message received: the very same group that was responsible for the assassination of JFK, and a host of other heinous crimes leading right up to the present day and the criminal "war on terror".

From this we come to understand that there is still a battle to be joined, and success or failure can not be measured by the extent of the apathy or disinterest of the people, but rather by the evidence for the continued manipulation of the people by the "powers that be". The simple logic is that, if such "power brokers" are still exerting significant efforts to brainwash the masses and obscure the truth, then the Truth, and the exposure of it, must still pose a very real threat to the nefarious plans of these "power brokers", and hope therefore remains.

Our job then, and that of any genuine "truth seeker", is not to fight to free the individual or collective mass of ordinary people per se - for each must choose for themselves what part they will play - but rather to fight for the concept, the very idea of Truth, and its existence in this world. In this way, we shine a light on the door to a different future, and each much choose whether or not they will step across the threshold.

There is never a point then when we can 'throw in the towel' or decide that all is lost, for while we still have breath, we still have work to do. It has been suggested that 'the universe' (or whatever name you wish to give to the force of creation) keeps its 'options' open right up until the last moment, and while the odds may not look good at present, we are not about to shrink from our responsibility to do all we can to keep the fire of Truth alive, right up until that 'last moment'.

Each tactical move that the 'control system' makes in an attempt to bury the Truth and further stack the deck in their favor, will be responded to with the Truth itself. At present there are still a handful of dedicated 'seekers after truth', but if they should fall by the wayside, then we shall carry on the task, alone if need be. Like we said, while we have breath in our bodies.

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