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Signs of the Times for Wed, 04 Oct 2006

Signs Editorial:

Henry See Signs of the Times 04/10/2006
The Signs of the Times forum is a place for public discussion of topics of interest in understanding our world. Data is brought to the participants where it is read, analysed,and discussed. When Christopher Bollyn, a sometime reporter for the American Free Press, was arrested in August of this year by police in Chicago, we started a thread to discuss the issue. If a journalist who had made a name for himself going after the Israeli connection to 9/11 was arrested and beaten, it was an important story.

As we read the reports, we noticed that Bollyn's story changed with the retelling. At first, he mentioned that he got on his bike to go to the local wine store so that he wouldn't be home if there was trouble, essentially admitting that he was happier if his wife and kids met the police alone. Members of our forum pointed out the, shall we say, less noble aspects of such an attitude, and shortly thereafter, we noticed that Bollyn was no longer including that particular insight into his thinking in his subsequent reports.

Then there was the question of exactly what happened when the police showed up at his house. The details changed with the retelling, and in each case, they changed to make Bollyn look better. Interested readers can follow the discussion on the forum.

Lisa Guliani, from Wing-TV, began contributing to the thread on the third page. Lisa, being a real journalist, that is, she doesn't take anything said by anybody at face value without verifying the facts, even if he is a 'hero' of the so-called 9/11 truth [sic] movement, phoned and talked to a spokesman for the police force that arrested Bollyn. She got and reported the police's version of events. One would think that this is simply good journalism.

Not so Bollyn and his supporters. Lisa was accused of taking sides with the police. Bollyn had been invited to discuss the issue on Wing-TV on the day following Lisa's interview with the police spokesman. He never phoned in for the interview.

The matter had died down on the Signs forum until a few days ago when Bollyn himself joined. At first, we were happy to see him there, and we foolishly thought that he might be willing to answer some of our unanswered questions.

It did not take us long to be disabused of that notion. What we were not expecting was the virulent and base attack on Lisa that he posted last night. The title of his post alone indicates just how far the man has fallen - if it all wasn't a front to begin with.

"An Appeal to Lisa Guliani on Behalf of Her Abandoned Children: An Open Letter from Christopher Bollyn"

Interested readers can find the post at the forum.

Today, Lisa posted a response.

We invite our readers to read the entire thread on Christopher Bollyn's arrest and to judge for yourselves what kind of a man would write such filth, dragging in children and speaking in their name. Lisa Guliani's children have nothing whatsoever to do with her work as a journalist and critic of the seamier side of the 9/11 truth movement. With this attack, Christopher Bollyn has revealed for all to see that he is a man without a conscience.

It will be very interesting to see who comes to his defence and who refuses to get involved, preferring to sit on the fence. It doesn't matter how many thousands of words Bollyn has written on 9/11, that one piece has shown what lies under the mask of crusading journalist. The attack of Christopher Bollyn on Lisa Guliani will be a litmus test for the ponerization of the movement and the individuals within it. Perhaps the seamier side of the movement is all that there is.

Our world is the expression of what we are inside, of the chaos, violence, and lies of our inner lives. Until each of us addresses that most fundamental of issues, the world will continue on in its relentless pursuit of annihilation. Now is the time for people of conscience to speak up, for if those who claim to oppose the horrors of the 'war on terror', the lies of 9/11, and the brutality of Israel and the genocide of the Palestinians, refuse to take a stand on this issue, if they cannot even see the pathological violence of Bollyn's words and take a stand for decency, then they are worth nothing in a fight for truth.
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