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Signs of the Times for Tue, 18 Jul 2006

Signs Editorial:

Henry See
18 July 2006
Signs of the Times
What do you do when the entire world is siding with murder? When the life of one Israeli soldier is worth more than the lives of an entire civilian population? Make that two civilian populations - Gaza and Lebanon. What do you do when the deliberate gunning down and bombing of villagers evacuating their town calls forth no shouts of protest, when the premeditated massacre of women and children is called "defence"?

Israel is given free reign to kill as many Arabs as its blood lust demands while the world looks on in silence, or worse, by suggesting those crazed Arab terrorists should calm down, implying "they deserve it".

Israeli psychopath in chief Olmert lets it be known in no uncertain terms that the bombing of Lebanon will continue until the two captured Israeli soldiers are returned. The headlines in the west read "Israeli foreign minister lays out conditions for ceasefire with Hezbollah". They're joking, right? Olmert's violence is played out as an offer for peace!

But it's no joke. It is simply business as usual in a media that is owned and operated as a subsidiary of the Zionist state. The media turns everything upside down: revenge murders carried out with a powerful military armed by US money are 'defence', while people fighting for their lives with homemade rockets and old rifles are 'terrorists'.

Welcome to the pathocracy.

Robert Fisk reported last week on a village in Lebanon whose occupants were ordered by the Israelis to evacuate before their village was to be bombed. As the villagers left, the Israeli's targeted not their homes and businesses, but the fleeing villagers themselves. They were killed. All of them, men women and at least 9 children.

Then John Bolton has the gall the step up and say "I think it would be a mistake to ascribe moral equivalence to civilians who die as the direct result of malicious terrorist acts," he added, while defending as "self-defense" Israel's military action, which has had "the tragic and unfortunate consequence of civilian deaths".

"It's simply not the same thing to say that it's the same act to deliberately target innocent civilians, to desire their deaths, to fire rockets and use explosive devices or kidnapping versus the sad and highly unfortunate consequences of self-defense."

Did you catch that? The willing and knowing slaughter of over 200 Lebanese civilians by Israel in the past 5 days is only the "sad and highly unfortunate consequences of self-defense"?!

Can you see how far down in the muck of psychopathic values we have become mired? Can you see that there is no humanity in Bolton's words? That it is a sound bite meant to reassure the American public that the Palestinians and the Lebanese are no better than animals, that it is OK to slaughter them wholescale in the name of "defence"? That it is meant to put you back to sleep so that all the noise of those bombs is disturbing your rest?

And this just in: "Race to Rescue 20,000 Brits Trapped in Lebanon Hell". It wasn't hell a week ago. You know, before Israel started bombing it back to the stone age.

But it's their own damn fault, right?

We read today as well that "UK Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett has accused Hezbollah militants of 'pouring petrol on the bonfire'"! You mean the fire ignited in Gaza when Israel launched the invasion? Or maybe the fire ignited when the great, Western democracies decided the Palestinians needed to be collectively punished for voting for Hamas? Or could it be the fire that started to burn when Palestine was taken away from the people that had been living there for thousands of years and given to the Jews?

Of course not! It is simply because Arabs are different than "you and me". They don't value life the way "we" do. After all, anyone else on the globe would have been happy to turn over their ancestral land to the Jews after WW2, right? And when the new residents started demanding more and more and more, anyone but the Arabs would have been happy to continue giving them everything they demanded. Wouldn't you? If only those unreasonable Arabs were as unattached to their land as Americans...

Let's be honest here, if soldiers were to come and break down the doors of your home at night, you would welcome them in, offer them a smoke and a drink, wouldn't you? "Hey, just make yourselves comfortable. What's mine is yours. It's just those damn Arabs, be they Palestinian or Lebanese or Iraqi who go and make a fuss about searches that destroy all their belongings and heirlooms, or "accidents" that kill their children, or bulldozers that raze their houses. Anyone else in the world would have been happy to do any of this after all that the Jews suffered in WW2. Wouldn't they?

I suppose it's just bad luck that the Zionists had to choose the one place on the planet where they weren't going to be welcome.

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