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Signs of the Times for Wed, 19 Apr 2006

Signs Editorial:

Barbra-renée Brighenti
April 7, 2006
You hypocrites; you know the jackal's name and dare not call it out. Then you ridicule any who do, to preserve your sanctioned seat at the banquet table and soothe yourself with the platitudes that you must compromise the truth to be an ally of the truth! And those that insist and will not compromise the truth, they will have won the prize behind the door — the sayan.

You say there is an elephant in the room; I say that it is the jackal returned. And it is dancing with our self-loathing and greed and vanity and goodness and ignorance and fear. History repeats itself; did you ever ask why? What common denominator stands in the shadows of time and makes a cameo appearance under a pen name and then silently withdraws down the memory hole, only to reappear again and again?

Can anyone today address the jackal’s return without becoming vaporized? And by not addressing it, we will become just another casualty of history; rewritten, cherry picked and hung out to dry. Think Germany, think Russia, and know that their obituaries have become illegal to even question. Scratch the history book a little, and try to read behind the victor’s rhetoric and hyperbole -- just take out the adjectives and adverbs and see what is left. Better yet, see who published it and who wrote it and what “think tank” they are affiliated with and you will know the agenda before turning to the first chapter. Take a step further back and watch the repeat performance ripple, new names, same game, same strategy. Who wrote “The Project for the New American Century” and then ask if the Iraq war was really for Americans? If so, then what was the prize? And don’t tell me about the chump change of thirteen silver pieces given to Halliburton. “Oil, water, Euros” chant the alternative media.” Terrorism and democracy” chant the mainstream guys. And our cousin intellects across the puddle cry “Empire Building”. Then I must ask…

How far can you bend over backwards? Can you see the jackal yet?

What is the Achilles heel that the jackal feeds upon? Open the Pandora’s Box of your psyche. What is your original face? Can you blow the dust off of the mirror to see yourself? Which bubbles and bangles do you feed yourself with to feel alive? To feel good? Which illusion is yours? Which one is your country’s? Do you ritualize, rationalize, and lubricate the hollow feelings of age, loneliness, financial despair?

Or is greed, pride, and envy your roulette wheel? Or perhaps honour and compassion your calling cards? Ready to compromise the here and now for the end result and join the horizontal relativism? How well do you slide and call it caring? Would you sell your soul to save face? From emperors to paupers we have constructed loopholes -- the lie we tell ourselves – to attain the illusions we have been given. Think advertising, media and education. And this throughout time has been the jackal’s banquet table. A seven-course meal prepared in a Hall of Mirrors. From Babylon thru Egypt, from Rome thru England, the jackal lives the creed: “By way of deception we will overcome”, and makes a cameo appearance under a welter of pen names, think Bolsheviks, Communists, Zionists, the Chosen Ones, the tribe of non-gentiles, and then silently withdraws back down the memory hole.

A rose is a rose and by any other name will smell as sweet? Is that how it goes?

And our heroes? The ones who have tracked the jackal to his lair? Usually they are unsung, vaporized. Think survivors of the USS Liberty or JFK. And as one venue after another closes for the naive writers and thinkers, (think of “The Israeli Lobby” research paper written by two distinguished scholars from two elite institutes of higher education), one slowly withdraws from academic debate or any debate and stumbles around this lair of the jackal, either as a hostage, or marginalized, or waiting for classes in political correctness. Occasionally a story, a book, a documentary gets out – a leader makes a stand- but most have been well fed at the banquet table or trapped in the hall of mirrors, and will fall back in line with a little prodding (think Michael Moore). The game is rigged from the start, “tails I win, heads you lose” as the argument is set within guidelines few know and fewer understand. Think Clash of Civilizations, Christians against Muslims -- and who is the winner?

The jackal.

The answer for many is to ignore that the jackal exists or to rename it one hundred times in one hundred different ways so as not to be scorned and shunned.

You hypocrites — you know the jackal's name and dare not call it out. Then you ridicule any who do, to preserve your sanctioned seat at the banquet table and soothe yourself with the platitudes that you must compromise the truth to be an ally of the truth! And if you insist and do not compromise the truth, you will win one of the prizes behind the door — death, intimidation, (think Mel Gibson) blackmail, bribery, or a sayan. For the handmaiden of the jackal is the sayan (plural: sayanim), a Pied Piper who can lead sheeple into any pen.

Are you a caring person, writing about the protection of woman? Guaranteed your sayan will be a damsel in distress.

Want to play even-handed and still talk of equality and justice for all? Then how the sayan will swarm and reward you for your humanity — till you drown in their signing sayanim sirens parade, all the while tainting your points of reference until you too are under the canopy of endless prattle.

Lonely, old, lacking money? No problem. They have special sayanim to take away your blues. And while they’re at it, they will destroy your reputation and ridicule any questionable mists of their history as anti-semitic conspiracies.

What is your Achilles heel, dear brother? If you cannot close your loopholes, you will be strangled by them.

And the future? The jackal is in the midst of a vanishing act. There is only one more scene left.

The alternative media appear to be our heroes of last resort (are they?) as they trumpet their investigative journalism skills without a face that we trust?

Take, a great site for years and then slowly, as the serendipitous fingers of naive writers uncovered more and more of the jackal’s history and started to connect dots — what happened?

Remember the last year? First one writer is of the tribe of non-gentiles, than two, then three, then most. Many of the gentile writers are eliminated — why? Were we taken down the yellow brick road to gain our trust and then slid into a hall of mirrors? Take a long hard look at the sites you frequent. Does the jackal’s name ever appear? Or are there endless labyrinths through mazes, dotted with half truths and lies? Think Illuminati, Freemasons, NWO.

And the tribe writers? Let’s split hairs, let’s point fingers, and let’s deflect the argument. Let’s cause strife and confusion and endless debate, and at the very least let’s destroy faith and moral bearings. Think 911 planes/no planes distraction. Let’s twist and turn the facts and make the jackal out as a present-day victim — why not? The victim status is part of the tribe's media influence for six decades now.

From cradle to the coffin, we know the number of the uncountable 6 million and their privileged pedigree. So why not turn the screw today? Why not make it a profanity or illegal to question their teeth gnashing and cloth wrenching performance?

Why doesn’t Alex Jones mention Israel in the 911 mix? Or the film floating around “Loose Change 2”, hours and hours of great info — and not a word about the jackal. Impossible mathematically to pull that off, don’t you think? Let’s look everywhere else but where we know the pervs are, right?

And as the house of Bush is brought down, and the Christian Right disgraced (who owns the Scofield Bible? who rewrites it for our evangelist friends? and why don’t people know that Jerry Falwell is a non-gentile?) the jackal has hit a home run. The words American and Christian will be an embarrassment, and our brother Muslims will be slaughtered because of our ignorance and willful blindness. Get out the champagne, the jackal will have a feast tonight, three for the price of one!

Perhaps China will be the jackal’s next prey, or perhaps India the next one devoured, as Germany, Rome, Spain, Egypt, Portugal, England and Russia have all been devoured and faded away in a malevolent mist of rewritten history. But take a guess at who are still the money changers in these fallen mausoleums! And we, dear friends, as we see our history crumble, our values lost, and our horror of the killing machines we have unleashed return to haunt us (think DU)-- we will ask ourselves what happened?

The tribe writes of America’s disgrace. Even the tender video floating around, “No Bravery,” flashes on the death and destruction done by the straw man Bush and I ask myself — why after 58 years, does Palestine get no attention? Why not Sharon’s face fading in and out-soft focus? Why not the dancing Israelis? Why not the Bolshevik massacre of 60 million? Why not a few readings from the Talmud? Why Bush? You can’t believe him to be more than a puppet? Why stop there, why not go for the truth behind the figureheads that keep coming back to haunt us?

Why have we become the kindling that has set the world on fire? We were once beacons of hope -- now we can only debate torture. Why, as the tribe slides out the back door, do they wash their hands as the familiar Merchant of Venice does after receiving his pound of flesh and gold? Why do we stand as the ill fated Macbeth, trying to wash away the stain of blood that can never be erased? The jackal is in the media, the White House, the Congress, our universities are now overrun. Think Campus Watch.

Who wrote the curriculum for our children, who makes violence a god, and sex a report card? How many times in history have the non-gentiles changed their stripe? Too many to mention? Scratch the surface, scratch a little deeper. What did Freud do? Who is Marx? Or Metro Goldwyn Mayer? Or the New York Times? Or Sharon? Protecting the tribe, like a slow incessant drip that erodes the gentiles. What Golden Fleece was offered that made it OK to portray Muslims as an enemy? Hussein as the enemy? Iran as the enemy? Our religions as the enemy? Ourselves as the enemy?

And they are the eternal victims? And we dare not laugh at this absurdity? Is our alternative media just another myth set up to control the content, devalue all of us who don’t come on board to massage the message? The Chomskys and Zinns have taken a hit, but we have new Pogo figures from the tribe named Blankfort or Shamir to replace them.

Rows upon rows, layers upon layers, they have renamed deceit and call it truth.Happy Passover, all you luckless goyim aspiring to partake of this trough of swill they have convinced you tastes good. May you gorge yourself with a smile on your face and never know the poison you swallow.

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