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Signs of the Times for Thu, 06 Apr 2006

Signs Editorial:

Mathew K. Kiel
6 April 2006
Tom DeLay's having "won" his party's primary uncovered some very damaging voting "problems" and seriously questionable vote counts in the elections machinery of numerous Texas counties. The primary's balloting was done on ES&S machines, an electronic voting company started and owned by Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, upon which company's iVotronic machines being first used throughout Nebraska he won his own first "election" to the Senate in 1996, of course. He won by a "stunning upset victory" when he'd been more than 17 points behind in statewide polls the night before.

The Texas Republican primary's "irregularities" have been gaining more, and more widespread, indy, alternative and Texas press coverage for the past several weeks thanks specifically to Tom DeLay's "unexpected" victory over both his young and highly popular "new school" Republican opponent and an older moderate. Both of DeLay's opponents had been out-polling him by healthy margins, but, come that night, after the polls closed, there was DeLay being pronounced the "winner" again, as always. Since no one got more than 50% of the total vote, however, DeLay now must face the run-off election against the opponent who came in "second" in the March voting.

In short, DeLay had to quit now in an attempt to keep the "secret" of the totally rigged elections in Texas, and thus across the nation, from getting too well covered and too widely known. The PTB are trying to put the "genii" back into the bottle, but it may be a bit too late for that. TOM DELAY WAS TOO POLITICALLY "HOT" AND TOO "TOXIC" TO THE VOTERS TO GET AWAY WITH IT THIS TIME. He did NOT "win" his primary, and there were all kinds of things wrong with the vote counts, and the machines counting the votes. The complaints were coming in long before the polls closed, and in large numbers, from all those counties mentioned in the article below.

The worst mistake they made was that this time the opposition to DeLay from all the traditionally Republican Right voting blocks was very active and obviously a clear cut majority of even his most formerly visible and loyal consitutents had decided they wanted him out. The impossibility of his "victory" in the March primary was made so obvious that none of the old lies and "justifications" were accepted this time, and the facts of voting "problems" galore at last carried more weight with the public than the standardized "explanatory" propaganda and lies typically used to account for all of the neocons' "stunning upset victories." No amounts of the party bosses and pundits of Texas citing and tallying up various combinations of bizarre interest groups, alleged to make up the aggregate legion of mythical voters who loved DeLay enough to put him up for re-election no matter what, kept the public from immediately raising a loud and ongoing ruckus about the vote counts being way off. This time, the public knew there was NO WAY DELAY HAD WON ANY FAIR PRIMARY.

He is OUT now in order to try to keep the massive, nationwide elections fraud IN for this year. The best way to get the average, mildly brain damaged American to figure out that the US government is totally crooked, and a far more believable, graspable and do-able issue to their limited capacities, IS INFORMING THEM OF THE SYSTEMATIZED ELECTIONS FRAUD FOR THE PAST 10 ELECTIONS (at least) UNTIL THEY FINALLY "GET IT." They get scammed out of an average of 18% to 20% of their money by the computerized price "scanners" in grocery stores and Wal-Mart's every day, and the vote scamming is something they can relate to. They have a simpler, localized, known reference frame to compare it to and use in understanding it.

The whole set of proofs that there was no jumbo jet at the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 is simply beyond the limited cognitive abilities of most Americans. (Read the article, "Word Control, Thought Control, World Control, Part 2" that I sent to you a while back for the facts on the serious, induced cognitive deficits now present in at least a full 70% of the American populace.) Asking them to "grok" the facts of 9/11, even just at the Pentagon, is too much for them. They cannot be awakened by concepts that are literally beyond their cognitive grasp. The proofs of 9/11's manifest and multiple crimes are so far beyond their functional capacities and life experiences that it is like asking them to understand a foreign language that they simply cannot learn now and have never heard before. They lack the very abilities to "grok" the core concepts essential to comprehension.

The difference between awakening the American public to the FACTS of nationwide vote fraud, in regard to bringing BushCo down, rather than trying to do the same with the 9/11 FACTS, is, IMHO, the difference between telling people on the decks of a sinking ship where the lifeboats are, how to launch them and how to use the oars in them, or telling them how the life boats were built and mounted, bolt by bolt, including all of the engineering knowledge involved, in preparation for their then putting all of those facts together for themselves in order to figure out on their own how to use the boats to get off the ship before it sinks and they drown. I did not know, consciously, exactly why I was so certain of this until I learned, in doing the second "Word Control..." article, just exactly how bad and how widespread ARE the American public's induced cognitive deficits, at all levels of society and in all regards.

Computerized scammers, whether for votes or grocery money, are a subject simple enough that they CAN get it. It is something they deal with every day. Stolen votes they actually get, and they get mad enough about it to take real action, even in Texas, even in small, rural counties in Texas. It IS working that way, and if that is the case, there, in Texas, a most totally "red" painted state, then it is equally true of even the most thoroughly "dumbed down" of average American voters nationwide.

And, right now, in Texas, they're getting ready to use old fashioned paper ballots in the run off election coming up. DeLay, after his bogus "win" in the first Republican primary, did not dare to stay in for the run off, not with real, paper, recountable, certifiable ballots being used. Think about it.



Texas Counties at Mercy of ES&S

By Veronica L. Castro,
Texas Coalition for Voting Integrity
April 01, 2006

The elections drama that unfolded this week in Jefferson County, TX is an example of what can happen when an extraordinary amount of power is placed in the hands of a few. Democratic and Republican primary elections were being 'held hostage' by iVotronic manufacturer ES&S. Jefferson county purchased iVotronic machines in order to comply with federal law by the first primary election of the year. On March 7, the iVotronics were in place, but the system was not. Database components were missing. The programming was flawed. There were equipment failures.

County Clerk Carolyn Guidry stated tabulation errors led to votes being counted twice. She added that the ES&S personnel were ill-informed. The Jefferson County Commissioner's Court reviewed what happened on March 7 and concluded that ES&S was not fulfilling its contractual obligations. They decided to withhold payment until ES&S held up their end of the bargain. This is a standard practice; when homeowners or businesses hire a contractor, they do not pay the entire sum in advance but pay a portion when work begins. The remainder is paid when work is satisfactorily completed. Even though the March 7th election was problematic and far from satisfactory, ES&S demanded payment. The company stated that they would not provide programming and technical support for the run-off election until they were paid $1.95 million.

County officials knew they could not conduct the run-off election on iVotronics unless they had ES&S support. Assistant District Attorney Tom Rugg told the Beaumont Enterprise, "They are refusing to do things only they can do. Without ES&S programming, "the system they say they've sold to us is essentially worthless."

Unable to put the voting machines to use, the County planned to use paper ballots for early voting, which begins Monday. "We're cutting and pasting from sample ballots," stated Chief Deputy County Clerk Theresa Goodness. County officials expressed concern about accessibility, but said if they did not reach an agreement with ES&S they would have to use paper ballots. The Secretary of State's office reminded Jefferson county officials that they risked losing federal money and sanctions from the Justice Department if they did not meet handicapped-accessibility requirements.

Although the county has reached an agreement with ES&S late Wednesday afternoon, it appears they had no choice. The county was between a rock and a hard place. The rock: they could pay ES&S for sloppy and incomplete work. The hard place: use paper ballots and face possible sanctions for violating federal law. County commissioners chose the former. They will pay ES&S, but the iVotronics will not be ready for early voting, and the county will have to use optical-scan ballots. The touch-screens will be added whenever programming and testing has been completed. Hopefully that will be before the end of early voting.

Jefferson County is not alone. Several Texas counties who use the iVotronic are at the mercy of ES&S. Angelina, Brewster, Briscoe, Caldwell, Jefferson, Navarro, and Webb counties are among those. None have received ballot programs, some have not received training or software, and all are hoping that someone from ES&S shows up on Friday. Otherwise, they will not be ready for Monday. As one County Clerk put it, "We are going to use whatever we have." Election officials must rely on the expertise of software programmers provided by the company and cannot program their own ballots. Without ES&S ballot programs, the iVotronic is as useless as a door-less refrigerator.

State Director of Elections Ann McGeehan has received numerous complaints. Although the Elections Office could not specify how many and which counties are affected by poor service, they know the problems are widespread. Ms. McGeehan's office issued a memorandum today giving counties permission to "create emergency ballots. If you do not receive your ballots in time to properly prepare for early voting, you may create your own paper ballots or, if you received a proof from your vendor, you may use PDF format to print copies of the ballot. ... If you do not receive your ballot programming in time to conduct your required Logic and Accuracy tests, you will have no option [emphasis added] but to begin early voting using the emergency paper ballots."

Assistant D.A. Rugg knows about not having options. "Right now, they're [ES&S] my only shot at being ... compliant, and I really need to be that way so the federal government doesn't start asking embarrassing questions."

Ms. McGeehan acknowledged, "We recognize that this kind of service from our certified voting systems vendors is completely unacceptable and disturbing." Indeed, it is disturbing when elections cannot go forward without the help of a small number of people from a handful of companies.

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