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Signs of the Times for Tue, 04 Apr 2006

Signs Editorial:

Signs of the Times
I have been looking at Rense's website for the last two years and have gathered from Laura's research that he most likely, whether consciously or not, is an asset of Cointelpro. Rense's website gives the image of having no limits on what they will put up and yet there are some glaring omissions.

One of these omissions is in regards to birdflu. The site is like 'birdflu central' with daily updates on birdflu occurring all over the planet, yet there has not been one article in respect to the likelihood that Birdflu is a HOAX.

Another omission is in regard to drastic climate changes, METEORS, the many recent meteor sightings and the many recent discoveries of impact crater from meteors around the world. The signs website has an excellent supplement on Meteors found here.

The last omission that I will mention here is in regard to the Signs website and the pentagon Strike video, which considering the fact that 500+million people have seen it, should feature on Rense's lefthand column as a permanent feature and a permanent link to the Producers thereof, namely Signs of the Times.

One can look at this from the point of view of what is of paramount importance for the PTB, and what they don't want the populace to see. If indeed it is true, that Rense is an arm of Cointelpro, then the important things are the things omitted from the site, some of which I mentioned above. It follows, that nothing that appears on Rense is important at all. It is only for keeping the population distracted!

The Facts are:

1) the US is spending as if there is no tomorrow and as though they will never ever have to pay the money back.

2) The speed with which the US is implementing a world clamp down and a control on the populace is without parallel in modern history.

3) There is hardly any attempt at disguising their fascist march for world domination, as though they know that they will not be held accountable, ever.

4) There is a lack of exposure of the lies of the U.S. from other nations, who have intelligence services with satellite surveillance and who surely know what is going on.

5) The US is using Depleted Uranium in the Middle East and other places indiscriminantly, as though the consequences of radiation of vast areas (including Europe and the U.S.) is of no concern.

Talking to a friend about this, the question that was brought up was why don't they want the populace to ponder the possibility of cataclysmic earthchanges in the very near future, if they are happy to entertain the notion of perpetual war or economic megabust or whatever else is on Rense?

One answer that we came up with is this:

If the PTB have been given advance notice of an imminent (within the next 5-10 years) comet strike (such as the cyclical comet strike with a cycle of 3600 years as mentioned by Laura), then it would be important for the PTB to vector the attention of the populace into all kinds of areas of no real importance.

If the populace knew that the world would be impacted by a massive cataclysm in say April 2009 then:

1) the populace would not be as easily controlled.

2) They would probably reevaluate their life and maybe not go to work.

3) The world economy would collapse, but in a nonlinear fashion, in other words, not when the PTB plans to pull it.

4) The people, from journalist to military official, might not continue to compromise their souls (if they have one) for their masters in order to pay their mortgage/lifestyle unless they are also promised salvation in an underground bunker, which is doubtful.

The PTB, including other world leaders, would have been promised a safe haven, most likely in some deep underground bunker or a 'rapture' for the religiously-minded. This would explain why they go about things as though they will never be held accountable.

Building of underground cities requires massive amounts of money, tunnel workers and industries related to the building thereof. A collapse before time of the world economy would severely hamper the effort of the PTB in creating a safe haven. If not, then maybe an angry and cheated population, whose attention were not distracted on bogus terrorists etc., would hamper the plans of the PTB. Donald Hunt mentions the issue of crowd control and possible riots in Monday's economic report here.

In a recent interview, Richard Dolan claims that there is extensive tunneling going on in America. He mentions a quote from Rumsfeld of the missing 2.6 trillion dollars from the Pentagon's coffers in 2001. The interview can be found here.

Whether the above answer is the answer or just part of the answer is open to discussion, but the fact remains that certain things appear to be deliberately omitted from Rense, and that in itself raises obvious questions. As I have already mentioned, I seriously doubt that any of the things mentioned on Rense are of any real importance, other than providing us with evidence of the direction that the PTB don't want us to look.

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