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Signs of the Times for Wed, 15 Feb 2006

By Hugh Bronstein
February 14, 2006
BOGOTA -- Security forces have killed civilians, and have covered up the killings by dressing up the bodies as Marxist guerrillas, according to testimony in an annual United Nations human rights report released yesterday.

Last year, UN investigators said, they saw an increase in allegations of extrajudicial executions that, the report said, attributed to soldiers and police.

Those officials often presented the killings as deaths of guerrillas in combat, said a report, which was issued by the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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Prensa Latina
13 Feb 06
La Paz- Presidente of Bolivia Evo Morales called upon his US counterpart George W. Bush to stop protecting former president Gonzalo Sanchez de Losada to be tried in Bolivia for his crimes.

Morales made his call after attending a Catholic mass in memory of the 33 people killed during a crackdown operation in the wake of social turmoil on Feb 12-13, 2003.

I urge Bush to "join hands in doing justice for the people." To that end, Washington "should withdraw the asylum and expel these people, who have brought a lot of confrontation in Bolivia," a demand that is virtually a nationwide clamor.

He was referring to Sanchez de Losada and his associates in exile in the US. Morales said that if both governments are truly democratic, "we should not have any reason to protect criminals."

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Spain Herald
14 Feb 06
Venezuelan ambassador in Madrid Arevalo Mendez said yesterday that former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar "has no voice, nor thought, nor discourse of his own." When analyzing the Latin American political system, "Aznar is carrying Bush on his shoulders, which limits the vision the US has of the region."

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Feb. 14, 2006. 09:21 PM
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Haiti’s interim government has ordered a review of election results amid accusations of electoral fraud, the country’s interior minister said Tuesday.

“The government wants to make sure that everything with the process is correct,” interim interior minister Paul Magloire said.

“We’re going to review the results because we want to make sure what we have is right.” Earlier Tuesday, leading presidential candidate Rene Preval claimed that “gross errors” and likely fraud marred the vote that could see him fall just short of a first-round victory, and he said he would contest the results.

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