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"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism." - Cindy Sheehan
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Comment: Supplies are very limited - once they are gone, they are gone!

By Mathew Kristin Kiel
December 8, 2005
Completed and Revised January 1, 2006
An Analysis: Many among the current "opposition" and its alternative and independent media, press and online journalism are actively delivering us to the Pathocracy.

The Human Race must either begin to work in a united and coordinated resistance to the advancing global Pathocracy, all of us together, or we will lose everything. The so-called opposition to the global menace is, thus far, a global disgrace, either utterly ineffectual against or downright collusive in the antihuman insanity about to destroy all of us and the planet with us. There is no limit to the harm intended and sought by the force(s) seeking to visit ruination upon all Humanity and Planet Earth, nor to that Enemy's deviousness in devising means to prevent our becoming aware of that Fact.

Unfortunately, as if by design, a not entirely far fetched possibility, we are being made almost helpless to confront and defeat the Monster by two simple elements of basic semantics: Terminology and Nomenclature. If we do not find and establish a set of terms that all of Humanity can understand, clearly and carefully defining just who and what it is that we oppose, we will have no hope of successfully resisting the Monster, let alone of ever defeating it. We are perishing under a plethora of descriptions so widely variant across Human languages and cultures as to render them contradictory and useless, divisive and baffling in the extreme.

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By Tom Engelhardt
As with bestselling books by big authors from publishing conglomerates and Oscar-winning films from giant studios, so, when it comes to the Political Folly Awards, the famed PFs, ever fewer members of the Bush administration and associated bureaucrats, spooks, and Pentagon officials took ever more of them in 2005. Unfortunately, our secret panel of judges, all former members of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (or FISA) courts, saw no alternative but to distribute the PFs as they did. We want, however, to give you our ironclad guarantee of probity as we run through the winners for 2005: No unwarranted decisions were made this year.

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2 January 06
Support for President George W. Bush's Iraq policy has fallen among the US armed forces to just 54 percent from 63 percent a year ago, according to a poll by the magazine group Military Times.

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2 Jan 2006
Caught in gratuitous and illegal spying on American citizens, the Bush administration has defended its illegal activity and set the Justice (sic) Department on the trail of the person or persons who informed the New York Times of Bush's violation of law.

Note the astounding paradox: The Bush administration is caught red-handed in blatant illegality and responds by trying to arrest the patriots who exposed the administration's illegal behavior.

Bush has actually declared it treasonous to reveal his illegal behavior! His propagandists, who masquerade as news organizations, have taken up the line: To reveal wrong-doing by the Bush administration is to give aid and comfort to the enemy.

Compared to Spygate, Watergate was a kindergarden picnic. The Bush administration's lies, felonies, and illegalities have revealed it to be a criminal administration with a police state mentality and police state methods. Now Bush and his attorney general have gone the final step and declared Bush to be above the law. Bush aggressively mimics Hitler's claim that defense of the realm entitles him to ignore the rule of law.

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2 January 2006
"You're like an ambassador for peace," a Spanish journalist told me as we finished one of the dozens of interviews I gave in Europe. I did this interview right before I went to meet with the Spanish Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs.

In reality, I did feel like an ambassador for peace as I traveled around Europe for 16 days in December.

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Publisher, Capitol Hill Blue
Jan 3, 2006
It is my belief that President George W. Bush is drinking again. Even worse, he may be mixing alcohol and anti-depressants -- a dangerous combination for anyone, let alone the so-called leader of the free world.

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By Rupert Cornwell
01 January 2006
Already the "war on terror" has led America to embrace a new doctrine of preventive war. In its name, the US has invaded two countries - Afghanistan and Iraq - and some urge it to attack others. This amorphous conflict has already lasted longer than the Korean War and US involvement in the Second World War, and this may be only the beginning. [..]

Since 9/11, despite many scares, there has been no terrorist attack on US soil, or even solid evidence of sleeper cells, similar to those that carried out the 2001 attacks. Hundreds of suspects have been rounded up, but only one person has been charged in connection with 9/11, and even now the precise role of Zacarias Moussaoui in the plot is far from clear.[...]

For the rest it has been one false alarm after another. [...]...the astonishing fact remains that for more than four years terrorists have not struck on US soil. After all, what could be simpler than a suicide bomber blowing himself up at a shopping mall in the unprotected American heartland? "Suiciders", as Mr Bush calls them, cost little and are virtually impossible to thwart. Nor can it have escaped the attention of America's enemies that in the world's most avid consumer society, and one far less inured than Europe to terrorism, such an attack would have consequences - psychological and economic - far exceeding its intrinsic importance. But nothing has happened. ...the conclusion is inescapable. Either the threat has been much exaggerated, or somebody must be doing something right.

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By Friedemann Diederichs
Braunschweiger Zeitung
Translated By Marianne Casson
December 27, 2005
Revelations that President Bush approved surveillance that may have breached the constitutional rights of Americans also shows that he 'lied to the public.' According to this op-ed article from Germany's Braunschweiger Zeitung, the Bush Administration 'has only itself to blame' for the mess it finds itself in.

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by Lori Lippitz
Dear Editor,

I am stunned after watching a report tonight on ABC about a man whose "bad luck" included losing his job, 20% of his VA benefits, and then his home in a fire caused by a candle memorial to his son who died in Iraq.

While I commend the station on publicizing a collection on this poor couple's behalf, the idea that the offense which needs to be corrected by legislation is prohibiting war protesters from protesting near a funeral (sensible enough) is astouding. Friends, look again at this man's "bad luck."

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by Mary Geddry
The problem with the December parliamentary elections in Iraq is that once again, Shi’ites voted for Shi’ites, Sunnis for Sunnis and Kurds for Kurds cementing the already sectarian division inherent in the constitutional vote. The ultimate result is an Iraq keenly aligned with Iran’s hard line fundamentalist president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

No one has benefited more by the overthrow of Hussein’s Ba’ath Party and the Taliban than Iran’s recently elected hard line government. If the Bush administration believed that an Iraqi democracy would be a model for the Middle East where Iran’s theocratic democracy was not, it was most certainly mistaken.

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by Larry Scott
2 Jan 2006
When the Washington Post prints a front page story about the politics and money surrounding veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), it attracts lots of attention. And, when that story spells out plans by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) to redefine PTSD and restructure veterans’ compensation, it forces the conservative “spin machine” into action to try to minimize any information that indicates PTSD is a problem in the veteran community.

The trouble with trying to minimize accurate information about the PTSD issue is that misinformation, disinformation and outright lies are the only tools available to make the disorder seem like a minor problem instead of the colossal mental health crisis that it is.

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2 Jan 06
Over the New Year's weekend, the Busheviks tried another rope-a-dope to get them off the mat. This time they brazenly decided leaks were once again harmful to the United States.

It's odd, because the Bush White House leaks all the time to spin things their way. That's why the Washington Post and New York Times are always quoting anonymous sources in the Bush Administration. They even sometimes leak pro-administration propaganda saying they have to be anonymous because they are not supposed to leak!

And Bush certainly didn't think his closest aides outing a CIA operative specializing in tracking the illicit sales of WMDs was important. He's still defending those leakers.

But if you leak information to the press that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Bush broke the law, then you are a leaker who needs to be summarily investigated and prosecuted. So, it's not the president who violates the law who is to be investigated and charged; it's a witness to the crime!

And we have to tragically laugh when Bush tosses out the totally fallacious notion (at the urging of Mr. Rove) that whoever leaked the story about the illegal NSA wiretaps was alerting the enemy and assisting them. This is so post-9/11 fear mongering redux.

How does he get away with it?

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Huw Richards
January 3, 2006
The Guardian
For a native east Londoner, Paul Rogers does an excellent impersonation of a country boy. The Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University is known chiefly as a commentator on strategic issues who has enjoyed a particularly high profile since the 9/11 attack on the US, but has little doubt about one of his proudest achievements. "Building a house-sized barn on our smallholding," he says proudly, flourishing a photograph of a solid four-square construction to be found at Kirkburton, on the edge of Huddersfield.

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by David Swanson
1 Jan 2006
Can there be any doubt that if the White House finds out who leaked the story of its illegal spying, fierce retribution will follow?

Another way of asking that question is: Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?

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By E&P Staff
January 01, 2006
NEW YORK In a free flowing roundtable discussion on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday, former New York Times columnist, and Nixon White House speech writer, William Safire, suddenly said, "I have a thing about wiretapping."

This was apparently a reference to the current controversy over the Bush White House approval of warrantless eavedropping on Americans.

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Associated Press
Sun Jan 1, 8:53 PM ET
LANSING, Mich. - Thirty years ago, Dan Fairbanks looked at the jobs he could get with his college degree and what he could make working the line at General Motors Corp., and decided the GM job looked better.

He still thinks he made the right choice. But with GM planning to end production of the Chevrolet SSR and shut down the Lansing Craft Centre where he works sometime in mid-2006, Fairbanks faces an uncertain future.

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By Robert Kuttner
The Boston Globe
December 31, 2005
THE NEW YEAR brings with it congressional midterm elections. Here is an issue that should be a real political gift to the opposition party -- the colossal Medicare drug-benefit mess.

It was clear back in 2003, when the Bush administration rammed this bill through the Republican Congress, that the purpose was not to devise an affordable prescription drug program for seniors. Rather the administration wanted to help two friendly industries, the pharmaceutical companies and the HMOs, and to get bragging rights for the 2004 election that President Bush had helped seniors. Few voters would grasp just how bad the law was, since its effective date was deliberately put off until 2006.

Now, as the year of reckoning arrives, the true cynicism of Bush's program is becoming evident to each senior citizen (or adult child of senior citizen) who attempts to fathom what Bush and the industry lobbyists wrought

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Comment: As we have said before, Two years ago, almost NONE of the mainstream media sources were calling Bush and Cheney liars theives, cheats, and destroyers of America; that was the purview of the alternative news sites and bloggers. But the issues have grown so large, so frightening that even the moderates and former Bush supporters are joining the general clamor for something to be done.

There's a problem, however, as Eleanor Clift points out above:

"The polls show that a majority of Americans no longer trust this team, which is why Bush and Cheney are hitting back hard at their critics. ... We have no mechanism to deal with a president who has lost the trust and confidence of the American people and has three years remaining in office. Impeachment is a nonissue; it’s not going to happen with Republicans in control of the House and Senate."

Recent polls (uncooked ones, that is) show that over 80 % of the American People want Bush impeached. But, as we pointed out a day or so ago, that's not the answer. If you impeach Bush, you get Cheney, if you impeach Cheney, you get Hastert, if you impeach Hastert, you get Stevens.

What we need is a way to get rid of an entire government.

The problem seems to be that our Founding Fathers did not include in their deliberations, any situation such as the United States is faced with today: a gang that has fixed elections, assassinated opposition, blackmailed and stacked the Congress to pass laws that essentially create a dictatorship.

Some other democratic governments have made provisions for just such contingencies. Typically, when parliaments vote 'no confidence,' or where it fails to vote confidence, a government must either: 1. resign, or 2. seek a parliamentary dissolution and request a General Election. We think that such provisions still leave something to be desired in that there is no way to factor in the voice of the people

In view of the situation, we here at Signs do have an idea. Since it is now obvious that 80 % or more of the American people want Bush OUT, it is not very likely that any of them will be voting Republican in the next congressional elections. If a Republican majority is returned to Congress, we can then be almost certain of vote rigging. So, the thing to do first is deluge all state governments with demands for voting systems that have a paper trail to ensure that no more elections are stolen.

Then, the people must put their energy into demanding new legislation. This legislation should be a bill introduced in Congress to the effect that a petition of citizens can invoke a national referendum of confidence/no confidence. Such a referendum will be 1 person = 1 vote, no "electoral college," no steps between the will of the people and the representatives of the people. If the will of the people is "no confidence" in the reigning government, they must all resign and a new election will be held. There ought to also be new legislation regarding elections, election financing, Congressional perks and power brokering.

by Dreama Runyon
I am 48 years old and disabled. I have been thrown into this cruel and complex Medicare Part Plan. I am speaking out on behalf of all disabled as we are not mentioned by any media as having to lose our Medicaid Drug coverage and sign on to a Medicare plan. We also will not have a lot of our very vital life-saving medications paid for and now have premiums and co-pays.

I would like the fact to be known that all disabled Americans were given only 6 weeks from November 15, 2005 to December 31, 2005 to get enrolled into a plan, as our Medicaid prescription coverage would not exist after December 31, 2005.

I have no idea how we are going to survive but I do know that I am tired of all of the focus being on just the elderly and forgetting the disabled that are being "tossed" into this horrible drug plan. Please, at least give the American disabled a mention?

Dreama Runyon, Wellington

Associated Press
January 2, 2005
CHANTILLY, Va. - Independence Air, which won fans with its low fares, announced plans Monday to cease operations just days into the new year.

The carrier said its money troubles will force it to cancel all departures after 7 p.m. Thursday. The end came less than 19 months after the airline's first takeoff.

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AP Business Writer
Mon Jan 2, 2:55 PM ET
DALLAS - The U.S. airline industry is coming off an up-and-down year that saw two major carriers file for bankruptcy but others begin to pull out of a nosedive that began in 2001. Losses at the biggest U.S. airlines since the economic downturn in 2001 were expected to approach $30 billion. Still, 2005 was nearly a good year.

Some companies, including the parent of American Airlines, the largest U.S. carrier, could have turned a profit if fuel prices hadn't shot so high. Some airlines narrowed their losses by sharply cutting costs other than fuel, including wringing wage concessions out of their workers.

Some analysts think 2006 will be a pivotal year.

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Comment: If the airline industry's financial problems existed in a vacuum, then sure, consolidation might just solve everyone's problems. Unfortunately, the industry's difficulties are not unique; they are part of a much larger economic picture that doesn't look too bright as 2006 starts rolling.

By Martin Hickman
Consumer Affairs Correspondent
03 January 2006
* 66,000 people predicted to go bust this year;
* Average household debt is £7,650 (exc. mortgage);
* Two-thirds of EU credit card debt is British;
* One in five students owes at least £15,000;
* 40% of women keep debt secret from partners;
* Half of all heavy debtors suffer from depression

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Mon Jan 2, 8:22 PM ET
WASHINGTON - Support for President George W. Bush's Iraq policy has fallen among the US armed forces to just 54 percent from 63 percent a year ago, according to a poll by the magazine group Military Times.

In its annual survey of the views of military personnel, the group reported on its website that support for Bush's overall policies dropped over the past year to 60 percent from 71 percent.

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By Andrew Gumbel
03 January 2006
The US government is not planning to continue funding reconstruction projects in Iraq, in what appears to be a major climbdown from the White House's one-time pledge to build the best infrastructure in the region.

According to officials cited in yesterday's Washington Post, the Bush administration will not be adding construction funds to the $18.4bn (£10.7bn) it has allocated since the 2003 invasion.

In future it will be up to other foreign donors and the Iraqi government to do what it can to complete even basic tasks such as supplying reliable electricity and water to the country's 26 million people.

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By Ko Colijn
Translated By Meta Martens
December 28, 2005
Recently declassified documents from the U.S. National Security Agency reveal that just as in Iraq, the escalation of the Vietnam War was based on mistaken intelligence. According to this op-ed article from Vrij Nederland of The Netherlands, lies that originated somewhere down the bureaucratic chain take on a life of their own when intelligence officials cover up their own errors, and political leaders seize on bad information to launch the nation into war.

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January 2, 2005
WASHINGTON - A new book on the government's secret anti-terrorism operations describes how the CIA recruited an Iraqi-American anesthesiologist in 2002 to obtain information from her brother, who was a figure in Saddam Hussein's nuclear program.

Dr. Sawsan Alhaddad of Cleveland made the dangerous trip to Iraq on the CIA's behalf. The book said her brother was stunned by her questions about the nuclear program because — he said — it had been dead for a decade.

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By Andrew Buncombe in Washington
03 January 2006
A company headed by a young British businessman at the centre of a controversy over the Pentagon's information war in Iraq has been making payments to Islamic clerics in exchange for advice on how to target Sunnis with pro-American propaganda.

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by Mark A. Goldman
2 Jan 2006
If I have my facts straight, Hitler killed only one person in his lifetime: himself. All the other atrocities that are attributed to him were carried out by people who were only following orders.

If it is true that the war in Iraq is illegal, as I and others believe it is—including the Secretary General of the United Nations—then all the deaths and atrocities that have occurred to date, inflicted by our coalition forces, are the acts of individuals who, knowingly or unknowingly, with good intentions or not, have been willing to break the law in order to follow the orders of superiors.

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Comment: "Under the influence of politicians, masses of people tend to ascribe the responsibility for wars to those who wield power at any given time. In World War I it was the munitions industrialists; in World War II it was the psychopathic generals who were said to be guilty. This is passing the buck.

The responsibility for wars falls solely upon the shoulders of these same masses of people, for they have all the necessary means to avert war in their own hands.

In part by their apathy, in part by their passivity, and in part actively, these same masses of people make possible the catastrophes under which they themselves suffer more than anyone else.

To stress this guilt on the part of the masses of people, to hold them solely responsible, means to take them seriously.

On the other hand, to commiserate masses of people as victims, means to treat them as small, helpless children. The former is the attitude held by genuine freedom fighters; the latter that attitude held by power-thirsty politicians." Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism

Sarah Baxter, Washington, Ali Rifat, Baghdad and Peter Almond
The Sunday Times
January 01, 2006
AMERICAN forces are dramatically stepping up air attacks on insurgents in Iraq as they prepare to start the withdrawal of ground troops in the spring.

The number of airstrikes in 2005, running at a monthly average of 25 until August, surged to 120 in November and an expected 150 in December, according to official military figures.

The tempo looks set to increase this year as the Americans pull back from urban combat, leaving street fighting increasingly to Iraqi forces supported by US air power.

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Comment: Bush is taking the heat at home, so the obvious solution is to pull out the troops and start bombing the heck out of Iraq again. He is probably hoping that most Americans will be much happier when US casualties drop, and that they won't care about the increased Iraqi deaths.

By Ellen Knickmeyer
Washington Post Foreign Service
Monday, January 2, 2006; Page A01
Documents Show Much of the Funding Diverted to Security, Justice System and Hussein Inquiry

BAGHDAD -- The Bush administration does not intend to seek any new funds for Iraq reconstruction in the budget request going before Congress in February, officials say. The decision signals the winding down of an $18.4 billion U.S. rebuilding effort in which roughly half of the money was eaten away by the insurgency, a buildup of Iraq's criminal justice system and the investigation and trial of Saddam Hussein.

Just under 20 percent of the reconstruction package remains unallocated. When the last of the $18.4 billion is spent, U.S. officials in Baghdad have made clear, other foreign donors and the fledgling Iraqi government will have to take up what authorities say is tens of billions of dollars of work yet to be done merely to bring reliable electricity, water and other services to Iraq's 26 million people.

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Comment: "Reconstruction costs" causing you trouble back home? No problem! Just fire up the Iraqi "security services", pull out your troops, cut off the flow of money, and watch Iraq descend into civil war and a new brutal dictatorship as you and your Neocon pals pull the strings from behind the scenes.

Mon Jan 2, 9:09 AM ET
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq's oil minister said Monday he resigned after the government last week gave him a forced vacation and replaced him with Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi following criticism about fuel price increases.

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Last Updated Mon, 02 Jan 2006 11:03:17 EST
CBC News
Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas says he will postpone the Jan. 25th parliamentary elections if Israel stops Jerusalem Arabs from voting.

The announcement comes after top members of his Fatah party pressured him to delay the election because of a fierce challenge from the Islamic group Hamas. They are worried Hamas will have a strong showing at the polls.

"We all agree that Jerusalem should be included in the elections," Abbas said in Doha, Qatar. "If it is not included, all the factions agree there should be no elections." His comments were carried on the Al-Jazeera satellite channel.

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Comment: And why should Israel have any say in who votes and who does not in a Palestinian election?

December 25, 2005
By Paul de Rooij
During 2005 the Israelis and most main media trumpeted the "disengagement" from Gaza, and claimed that bold steps had been taken to resolve the conflict. Despite these claims, the reality is that more Palestinian land has been stolen, many have been dispossessed, and ethnic cleansing has been exacerbated especially in Jerusalem. Meanwhile Israelis are orchestrating a propaganda campaign to hide this latest sordid chapter of dispossession. The main feature of this campaign is its invisibility: Israel and its media surrogates are effectively diverting attention from what is happening on the ground. There are virtually no reports about the progress of the construction of the wall and the effect it is having on those caught in its path. Furthermore, it is evident that events have been stage-managed and over hyped to divert media attention elsewhere, e.g., the hoopla surrounding the eviction of the settlers in Gaza [1]. The third feature is the adoption of propaganda-tainted words; these are a subtle means of altering the perception of the Palestinian condition and the nature of Israeli actions -- and these are the focus of this article.

Click to Expand Article 2006-01-03 20:11:49
RAMALLAH, Jan. 3 (Xinhuanet) -- Israeli police detained a campaigning Palestinian candidate in East Jerusalem on Tuesday, Palestinian sources and witnesses said.

Mustafa Barghouti, head of the independent Palestine list for the coming Palestinian legislative elections due on Jan. 25, was detained for not having a permission to enter the Old City, the sources said.

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By Kerstin Doerr
Tue Jan 3, 3:57 AM ET
BAD REICHENHALL, Germany - Up to 15 people, including children, were killed or feared dead after the roof of a skating rink in southern Germany collapsed in heavy snow, police and officials said on Tuesday.

Schools in the region were on holiday and many children and their parents were inside the building in the Bavarian town of Bad Reichenhall, by the Austrian border, when the roof, weighed down by masses of snow, fell in on Monday.

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Last Updated Mon, 02 Jan 2006 17:33:14 EST
CBC News
Russia has promised to increase natural gas shipments to Europe by Tuesday after a price dispute with Ukraine left several European nations reporting shortfalls in their own supplies of gas.

France, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Poland said Monday that gas piped to them through Ukraine had slowed by as much as 40 per cent since Sunday. That's the day Russian energy monopoly Gazprom cut off gas shipments to Ukraine after it refused to pay a four-fold price increase.

Russia has accused Ukraine of siphoning off $25 million worth of gas intended for European customers.

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2 Jan 2006
Europe has started to feel the pinch after Russia cut gas supplies to Ukraine in a politically-charged price dispute, while Moscow accused Kiev of stealing some of the supplies meant to cover 25 percent of the European market.

Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland reported drops in supplies by as much as 30 percent on Monday, a day after Moscow turned off the taps to Ukraine because of Kiev's refusal to pay a four-fold increase for Russian gas imports.

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3 Jan 2006
MOSCOW - Russian and Ukrainian officials agreed to resume talks Tuesday on resolving a dispute over the price of natural gas that has reverberated across the continent.

Click to Expand Article 2006-01-03 18:59:15
PARIS, Jan. 3 (Xinhuanet) -- The French government on Tuesday approved the lifting of a state of emergency imposed two months ago amid nationwide riots.

The order, which was made by the cabinet, will take effect on Wednesday.

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Ian Cobain
Monday January 2, 2006
The Guardian
Winston Churchill wanted the RAF to wipe out German villages in retaliation for the massacre of Czech civilians in the village of Lidice, wartime cabinet documents have revealed.

The same declassified papers show that Churchill also wanted Adolf Hitler executed "like a gangster" in an electric chair borrowed from the Americans, if the dictator were captured alive by British troops.

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By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles
03 January 2006
Wildfires driven by unseasonably warm and dry weather tore through parts of Texas and Oklahoma yesterday, reducing at least two border towns to cinders, destroying dozens of homes and threatening to overwhelm several populated areas including Oklahoma City. [...]

Adverse weather of a very different kind, meanwhile, was assailing California yesterday, as the West Coast was buffeted by its second major rainstorm in three days.

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3 Jan 2006
TALLMANSVILLE, W.Va. - A coal mine explosion that may have been sparked by lightning trapped 13 miners 260 feet below ground Monday, and rescuers went in to find them after waiting almost 12 agonizing hours for dangerous gases to clear.

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January 3, 2006
By Andrew Dodd
The Age
Crackpot or genius? Danny Vendramini may be labelled both. The anti-religious amateur biological theorist is challenging mainstream evolutionary thought.

Danny Vendramini didn't wake up one morning and say to himself: "Today, I'll shatter half of the accepted beliefs about evolutionary biology." It has been more gradual than that. In fact, his theory, that a second evolutionary process is at work alongside natural selection, has been percolating away for quite some time, emerging from the primordial soup of the subconscious and slowly taking form over several years.

It's a theory that seems both preposterous and wonderful, taking, as it does, the core of Darwinian biology and cladding it with some truly extraordinary ideas about trauma, the genetic transmission of emotions and the origin of instincts.

Could his evolutionary process - known as "teemosis" - really explain the explosion of new species 543 million years ago? Does it really provide a plausible means for environmental information to be passed on to offspring? Does it truly describe the evolutionary purpose for the "junk DNA" that makes up 98.5 per cent of our genome?

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by Sandra Lucas
In October, 2004, after taking TeenScreen, a 10-minute computer test developed in the psychiatric department of Columbia University, 16-year-old Chelsea Rhoades of Indiana was told she had two mental health problems, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and social anxiety disorder. The diagnoses were based upon Chelsea’s responses that she liked to help clean the house and didn’t “party” much.

Chelsea is one of countless children who get labeled with fraudulent diagnoses every day. The difference in her case is that her parents, who were unaware that TeenScreen had infiltrated their daughter’s school and had not given permission for the screening, reacted quickly. They filed a lawsuit against the officials of the high school who allowed the test to be administered and the TeenScreen program. In doing so, the Rhoades took a stand for all parents across the nation.

The unscientific nature of psychiatric labeling was admitted to by the American Psychiatric Association’s own president, Steven Sharfstein, when he stated on June 27, 2005, during an interview on the Today Show, “We do not have a clean cut lab test [for diagnosing mental illness or chemical imbalance of the brain.]”

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By Jeremy Laurance Health Editor
The Independent
03 January 2006
Millions of sexually active women who rely on the contraceptive pill may be putting themselves at risk of long-term sexual dysfunction.

Scientists believe they have uncovered the mechanism that leads to mood swings, health problems and sexual difficulties among some users of the pill which persist even when they stop taking it. They say GPs should be aware of the pill's physiological effects before assuming women's sexual problems are psychological.

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Comment: The title and main focus of this article emphasise that oral contraceptives may decrease sexual desire in women. Less attention is paid to the other two issues, which are obviously far more important: "mood swings" and long-term "health problems". When so little attention is paid to the very real effects of the variety of powerful drugs so many people are taking these days, it is curious that things like smoking can be so easily blamed for increased incidences of heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc.

Associated Press Writer
January 3, 2005
GUERNEVILLE, Calif. - Homeowners shoveled away mud and other debris and authorities worked to repair damaged levees Monday after a pair of storms that flooded Northern California's wine country moved south.

The rain let up over the hard-hit region and moved into Central and Southern California, drenching the Rose Parade for the first time since 1955 and threatening mudslides on hills stripped bare by last summer's wildfires.

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By The Associated Press
Jan 02 11:16 PM US/Eastern
Unseasonably warm weather brought severe storms to parts of the Ohio Valley and the South on Monday, spawning tornadoes, dropping hail and contributing to the death of a utility worker in Indiana.

Tornadoes were reported in Georgia and Kentucky. Three people were hospitalized with minor injuries in Georgia's Pike County, about 50 miles south of Atlanta.

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Comment: Nothing to worry about folks! Tornadoes happen in January all the time! Go back to sleep!

Jan 03 12:38 AM US/Eastern
EQUALITY, Ill. - No major damage was reported after a minor earthquake shook areas around this small town in southern Illinois on Monday.

The quake struck at 3:48 p.m. and registered magnitude 3.6, according to Rafael Abreu, a geologist at the National Earthquake Information Center in Denver.

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CANBERRA, Jan. 3 (Xinhuanet) -- An earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale hit under the South Pacific near Fiji on Tuesday, but it is unlikely to trigger a major tsunami and there were no reports of casualties or damages from the region.

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Bernard O'Riordan in Sydney
Monday January 2, 2006
The Guardian
Sydney sweltered through its hottest New Year's Day on record yesterday as blowtorch conditions pushed the mercury to 44.2C (112F), causing power blackouts and sparking more than 40 bushfires along Australia's east coast.

Homes and cars were destroyed, towns isolated and roads cut off as firestorms raged across parts of New South Wales, Victoria and the capital, Canberra.

At least 35 people were treated for heat exhaustion at Sydney's beaches and 100 people were rescued by lifeguards.

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By Kathy Marks in Sydney
02 January 2006
Bushfires razed at least 10 homes and threatened dozens more in south-eastern Australia yesterday as a heatwave brought temperatures of up to 47C (117F).

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DAR ES SALAAM, Jan. 3 (Xinhuanet) -- The Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) has warned that a drought is looming large over the country due to widespread failure of rainfalls in the short-rain season.

The unpredictably sporadic rainfalls, that stretched between October and December last year, are expected to continue over the next two months, up till the start of the country's long-rain season, TMA said.

The three Tanzanian annual seasons also include a dry spell in between June and September.

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3 January 2006
Rescuers combed through debris and mud for victims of flash floods that inundated villages in Indonesia's East Java as the death toll rose to 57, officials said.

Thousands sought shelter, medical care and food on Tuesday in the wake of the disaster, which environmentalists have blamed on rampant illegal logging on the island of Java, one of the world's most densely-populated.

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2 Jan 2006
China, already enduring its coldest winter in 20 years, is preparing for a cold snap that will see temperatures drop by as much as 16 degrees Centigrade (29 degrees Fahrenheit).

Northern China, where temperatures are already as low as minus 15-20 degrees Celsius, will feel the strongest effects of the cold front, which is sweeping in from Mongolia and western Siberia, the China Daily reported.

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1 January 06
NEW DELHI, India : A cold snap sweeping northern India has killed another five homeless people, taking the toll to 101 since the start of December.

Most of the fatalities were reported in northern Uttar Pradesh state, India's most populous and one of its poorest states. One-fifth of its population are homeless.

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Comment: One fifth of the population is homeless??? !! We find that difficult to understand when you consider all the Western industry and money that has been outsourced to India... Obviously, somebody isn't planning things very well.

Associated Press in Nairobi
Monday January 2, 2006
The Guardian
Thousands of prisoners skipped their annual New Year's lunch yesterday and instead sent the food to hundreds of thousands of Kenyans affected by food shortages.

Most of the country's estimated 50,000 prisoners gave up their ration of beans and stiff porridge made from maize on the day that President Mwai Kibaki declared the food shortages a national disaster in an attempt to speed up relief efforts.

Prisoners wanted to help after watching starving Kenyans on television, reading about food shortages in newspapers and discussing the situation with visiting relatives.

By Judi McLeod
Monday, January 2, 2006
The Peoples Republic of China will give "life-on-other-planet" Canadians a run for their money on pushing the UFO agenda in 2006.

Canada already has a welcoming committee at the ready to establish diplomacy with "ethical Off-Planet cultures now visiting earth".

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Mon 2 Jan 2006
The Scotsman
PEOPLE are more likely to believe in ghosts and the paranormal than have faith in an organised religion, a new survey has found.

A research by the Scottish Paranormal organisation of amateur enthusiasts showed that more than two thirds of people surveyed said they believed in the existence of ghosts and supernatural spirits.

This compares to only 55 per cent of the 2000 people questioned who said they had faith in a religion and believed in a god.

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Mon Jan 2, 6:39 AM ET
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Police aren't sure how else to explain it. But when an officer walked into an apartment Thursday night to answer a 911 call, an orange-and-tan striped cat was lying by a telephone on the living room floor. The cat's owner, Gary Rosheisen, was on the ground near his bed having fallen out of his wheelchair.

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January 3, 2005



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