We Grow Up, Now, or We Die

By Mathew Kristin Kiel
December 8, 2005

Completed and Revised January 1, 2006
Final Revision and Expansion, January 19, 2006

An Analysis: Many among the current "opposition" and its alternative and independent media, press and online journalism are actively delivering us to the Pathocracy.

The Human Race must build a united and coordinated resistance to the advancing, plutocratic, global Pathocracy, all of us together, or we will lose everything. The so-called opposition to this global menace is, thus far, a worldwide laughingstock, either utterly ineffectual against the Pathocracy's advance or else downright collusive in its antihuman insanity. The Pathocracy's deviousness in devising means to prevent our becoming aware of its nature and its foul intentions has, thus far, been succeeding far too well, and there are no limits in the harms it will inflict on all the Peoples of the Earth if not stopped.

We must now become determined to examine ourselves and to subsequently change as required, in every way. Our ways of doing things, our thinking, our concepts about the way this world works, and most of all our assumptions and understandings about the nature of the people in it, especially the nature of the people now running it, MUST be brought into alignment with the Facts. It is imperative that we find and face, now, and then broadcast the world around, to all who will and can listen and learn, the Facts about our own Natures and the Nature of the Pathocratic Enemy. The false givens and assumptions we hold, conditioned into us, for the most part, by our would-be destroyers, are working against us all and still empowering them. If we are to have any hopes of surviving, let alone of defeating the tyranny that has been unleashed upon us, we must reach a new, deeper and far more accurate awareness of what is happening and why.

Unfortunately, as if by design, not a far fetched possibility, a simple element of basic semantics, dialectics, the terms and names with which we identify, describe and ultimately understand the Enemy, ourselves and all else, is making it far more difficult for us to confront and defeat the Monster. If we do not find and establish a new and far more precise set of terms that all of Humanity can understand, clearly and carefully defining just who and what it is that we oppose, we will have no hope of successfully resisting the Pathocratic juggernaut. We are perishing under a multiplicity of descriptions so widely variant across Human languages and cultures as to render them contradictory, divisive, baffling in the extreme and all but meaningless.

As but one example of this problem please consider: The precise, same group of individuals, comprising a global, semi-sovereign and massive fiduciary, commercial, paragovernmental bureaucracy, with Paul Wolfowitz currently at the head of their largest international front, the World Bank, are being identified, globally, by two diametrically opposite terms. All of the organization's members are part of the same, solitary, imperial, world destroying, extralegal financial, commercial and economic consortium. They pursue their policies with a ruthless unanimity of focus and purpose. Ever since the end of WW II, they have been devising and utilizing international trade, banking, development and commerce regulations, policies and "laws" to conduct what amounts to a worldwide war of economic rape, robbery and pillage against the humble peoples of the Earth.

These members of the global Elite are identified, on two or more continents, in one separately established and largely ineffectual opposition movement, as the "Neo Liberals." Every nuance of their policies and practices is identified by the signature, supposedly representative and accurate label of this older of their two opposition movements as "Neoliberalism." However, simultaneously, on another continent or two, in another, separately established, slightly younger and also largely ineffectual opposition movement, the exact same consortium, with all of the exact, same members and players, right up to the World Bank with Paul Wolfowitz at the helm, is identified, known and opposed, by the signature and supposedly accurate label of "Neo Conservatives." The identical set of activities, effects and goals is labeled "Neoconservatism."

It IS the same devouring Monster, gobbling up the resources, sustenance and rights, wealth and health of the world's humble peoples. It IS the same society and economy deforming, hideously destructive and globally present Monster being called by two different, opposite names, and described in contradictory, opposite terms. This semantic confusion gravely endangers all of Humanity. It is drastically slowing and often outright defeating our responses by scattering our counteractions in multiple directions, nearly all of them either misleading or outright false.

In the particular example of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the International Development Agency, among other consortium fronts, neither of the terms currently used to represent that Monstrous Elitist racketeering enterprise is in any regards descriptively, economically, politically, socially or ideologically correct. Both terms, again not coincidentally, disguise and deny the truth of the design, nature and purpose of the devouring Monster. However, this dismal failure to find and hold an essential unity of focus and purpose cannot be assigned only to the deplorably imprecise and contradictory semantics in use. Neither can it be allayed entirely to the appalling lack of access to mainstream media and press outlets by opposing voices.

Many dedicated purveyors of hysterical thinking, hatred, divisiveness, myths, illusions, cons, lies and plain old, nasty, low down in-group vs. out-group programming, in somewhat cosmetically revised "packages," are firmly lodged in the center and heart of the ranks of "truth movement," "opposition," "alternative," "independent" and other counter cultural media, press and online information outlets and forums. It is they who could and should have long since begun addressing these glaring semantic problems and begun working toward establishing a workable and uniting, global, pan-Humanity dialogue.

But, being apparently arrogant unto the death of all Humanity, they would rather keep on spewing out the standard, confusing and fragmentary fare, often repeating purely false information and reinforcing prevailing lies, illusions and myths, keeping the burgeoning Pathocracy going and growing contentedly. Such "journalists" seem to be too busy loudly grinding their own various "axes," to bother taking the time and making the efforts to ascertain whether the information and conclusions they declare to be factual are in fact supported by evidence, solid data and documentation. Writing an article that is one third fact, one third self-posturing hype and one third Pathocratic Lies is not helpful.

We are also being mislead by allegedly truth-based and fact-based material that deliberately compounds the serious semantic difficulties, raising the levels of confusion and obfuscation. Present among us, without possibility of doubt, is a dedicated element of COINTELPRO. Those who seem the most astute in either revealing or at least admitting that such agents of chaos, strife and disinformation do exist and are deliberately setting various groups of dissidents against one another, who turn out to be the most guilty of doing exactly those things themselves.

They too frequently just happen to, coincidentally, be subtle false flag wavers, distraction action jockeys, tall tale spinners and repeaters of fabrications and rumours in the fields of countercultural and opposition media, journalism, information services and research. For some baffling reason, it seems that those who receive the hystericized outpourings and exhortations of this new generation of quieter, more seemingly reasonable and objective sensationalists consider that all which is proclaimed to be done in and for the sake of Truth and Fact must then automatically be beyond suspicion of being less than reliably objective and accurate.

To make the point clear, only those information sources where active links, bibliographies, references, etc., are freely provided, so the reader or viewer can go to the unaltered, original source materials and documentation, and where the readers or viewers are urged, strongly, to check things out for themselves and not to take anyone's word for it automatically, are fit to be at all trusted any longer. Even then, it is up to each of us, personally, to take responsibility for the contents and quality of the information we allow to guide our decisions and to influence our very thought processes themselves. We must stop assuming that what is seen or heard from any media or press, not only in the obviously tainted and collusionist mainstream, is necessarily free of willfully incorrect, carelessly unchecked or downright fraudulent content.

The modern resistance fails to investigate, find, challenge, expose and evict from among its own information sources and communications those publications, networks, organizations and persons not providing reliable, factual, unbiased and well documented content. An even worse defeat is assured by the failure to acknowledge and address this lack of attention to and concern for the need to maintain strict standards of accuracy, unbiased truth, reason and ethical behaviour in reporting from among the prevailing counterculture's own ranks. Often the most truthful, factual and honest information content and sources are simply out shouted by or ignored in favour of the false and misleading, especially in the case of sensational and hystericized content or presentation.

A body of persistent, conditioned, irrational beliefs and "factual" information that proves patently false under careful, logical scrutiny sits within the heart of the so-called opposition, alternative and independent media, press and punditry. It is indicative of both the scope of the problem and of the deplorable content of some "opposition journalists" that the word "punditry" is a correct evaluation of their output, behaviour and attitudes. That such manipulative and irrational content, regardless of the inclination of its slant, is lodged within the very fabric of what purports to be a truth-based, freedom of information and thought movement is a dangerous reality.

The output from such sources is replete with emotional "hot buttons," reactionary trigger words, name calling, spear chucking and a multitude of mind twisting, unity defeating, and truth slaying Lies, myths and unfounded beliefs presented as givens or facts. In perpetuating myths, illusions, irrational beliefs and lies, and in triggering conditioned, irrational, emotional responses in readers and audiences, the producers of such materials are enhancing the Monster's abilities to Deceive, manipulate and control us. Even if such fare is couched in a somewhat altered iteration, or when attempts are made to ameliorate its pejorative nature, twisted facts or just plain Lies, by an author's personal disclaimers that the biases, inflammatory nature or other obviously "loaded" flaws of the content didn't come from himself or herself, it is simply not acceptable. Those individuals who choose to produce and distribute such materials are actively betraying Humanity. Every such work is a direct assault on the reader's mind, an attempt to block or reduce crucial critical faculties.

At a time when the ability to think logically and dispassionately is imperative for each and every one of us who does or would stand opposed to the Monster, deliberately seeking to fan the flames of unreason is inexcusable. The modern resistance is being destroyed from within by its own failure to tune out and shut out those who continue to pour further inaccuracy, deceit and fragmentation into the already chaotic clamour and deliberate confusion as to what is and is not true and factual.

Some of the most respected and widely known counter cultural leaders and voices are among the worst of the spear-chuckers and muckrakers, railing vehemently against all but their own rigidly defined political and demographic identity groups. Only by dint of their also bashing Bush or other figureheads and fragments of the most visible arm of the Pathocracy, the U.S. government, have they managed to gain what little credibility they have. It is a poor substitute for objective, hard hitting facts. Any journalist who resorts to name calling and inflammatory rhetoric is actively creating more problems, not helping to solve them.

Possibly the most devious peddlers of disinformation are those members of the mainstream media and press, or highly regarded alternative journalists, and a number of well regarded academics and other experts, who will go after the U.S. government and the Bush administration's manifest wrongs, but turn around and serve as outspoken excuse makers, defenders, blame shifters and deniers for all of Zionism's and Zionist controlled Israel's wrong doings.

The reprehensible actions of Zionists, worldwide, in designing, fueling and even, in regard to many Ashkenazi "Jews" and their founding, medieval fathers, deliberately acting as an integral part of the global Monster of doom, is historically well documented. The Zionist/Ashkenazi/Israeli complicity in the instigation, establishment, escalation, planning and conduct of each day's increase in the war mongering and other antihuman insanity being undertaken by the U.S. government and the Bush administration is far from difficult to ascertain and document. Those who claim to speak the truth while still behaving as apologists for or defenders of Israel's racist, anti-Arab, anti-Palestinian and rigidly, murderously theocratic policies and activities are either severely deluded or seriously and dangerously collusive with the Monster. Any of us who continue to grace their words with one iota of attention, let alone credence, are enabling them to get away with actively contributing to the enslavement and mega destruction coming down upon all Humanity, very soon, and brutally raining down upon the Palestinians in the here and now.

There is one last "camp" in the anti-totalitarian movement deserving of mention for the harm they're doing to truth seekers and sincere opponents of the Monster. They are the entrenched new-era dogmatists. Despite a thinly modernized "fact based" or "truth movement" cover, they're still touting and spouting, from between the deceitful few revelatory facts they place in their outpourings, a solid stream of old school muck raking incantations and exhortations to engage in hatred. Rather than to help us unite in making our common cause against a far more lethal Real Enemy, these habitual mudslingers still depict the old, standardized and demonized "enemies", such as the communists, or the socialists, or the Democrats, or the liberals, or the Republicans, or the conservatives, or whites, or blacks, or anglos, or gringos, or Asians, or immigrants, or atheists, or Catholics, or Jews, or hippies, or right-wing, or left-wing, or Neoliberals, or Neoconservatives, or whatever else, etc., etc., et al, ad nauseum and nearly ad infinitum, as being, the sole and total cause of the problems.

Each of these "alternative" rabble rousers vows, as always, that his or her own most despised group is the one and only real and true "enemy" of us all, or the one and only "wrong" or "bad" ideology, philosophy, political party, economics, religion, or whatever, that has caused this entire mess. It really is, with a few rare and notable exceptions, a truly worn out and noisome crock of tired old cliches passing itself off as "opposition" journalism. The only thing it actually opposes are straw figures, and opposing a straw figure, then knocking it down is one of the classic tactics of the disinformation specialist.

Simple logic dictates that there cannot be so very many "one and only true enemies" out there. Logic says that either none of these groups is the Real Enemy or else that all of them are a part of it, but absolutely not the heart of it. Betting on the latter would be the wiser choice by far. It is all just the same, old in-group, an arbitrarily and narrowly defined, patently enhanced and egotistical "us" pitted against the, same old, tried and false, exaggeratedly dangerous and demonized out-group of "them."

The formulaic output coming from some of these "journalists" is making a direct contribution to the ongoing failure of Humanity to effectively identify and resist the destruction unleashed against us all. As one small example, the ceaseless anti-Islamic, anti-Muslim rhetoric coming out of the mainstream press and media is bad enough, but there is more than enough of it also being foisted upon us from the "new right" voices among alternative and independent sources to cause trouble. All rhetoric, no matter whose, no matter how cleverly subdued or disguised, promotes scapegoating and finger pointing, two habits of conditioned pathological thinking that I would personally vote as being among the top 10 intellectual and emotional habits most likely to get us all killed. Both are operand patterns of denial and projection. Denial and projection are more lethal in this regard than in most, and they are, in fact, two of the Enemy's favorite weapons.

If these self-proclaimed insiders and experts, each claiming to be the revelator of entirely factual content, do sincerely desire to inform and alert the rest of us to the dangers and threats we face, in contrast to basking in the glows of their own self-inflamed egos, they might want to first commence making some real efforts to educate themselves as to the Facts of the global menace. All they have done up to now is to guarantee an old fashioned, ongoing "divide and conquer" victory to the real Enemy. So far, that old strategy is working superbly. We have fallen for it and continued to give both merit and credibility to a bunch of self-important posturers who as yet care nothing for the truth of our dreadful situation.

To persist in their customary tactics is no longer a simple matter of free speech or style. It is a significant part of the defeat, thus far, of many appeals and attempts to make possible an effective and dedicated pan-Human opposition to the global menace now being deployed against us. They need to stop inflaming the emotions of their readers, which only adds thoughtless reactivity and senselessly provocative vulgarity to an already massive public confusion. They need to stop increasing the contradictions and errors in a situation that is already being desperately misidentified, even by many of the well-intentioned among us, and that is being at best poorly understood, if at all, by the vast majority of those to whom the thinking public turns for elucidation.

While the use of terms such as pathological, psychopathic, delusional, disturbed, demented, plutocratic, autocratic, dictatorship and the like are indeed becoming much more frequent in the more sincerely dedicated truth movement sources lately, it is far too slow and too limited in scope to convey the Reality. That specific type of awareness needs to increase exponentially and to be made known worldwide in order for us to have any working chance to build the unity we so desperately need. If we cannot and do not root the divisive Lies and the Liars who purvey them out from among our own ranks, we will fail to build the global, Human trust and community that is now imperative. The honest and profoundly honourable commitments, built upon that trust that we desperately need to achieve, will never happen. We must now reach across every previously known "difference" between one another, every previous barrier to our unity, and find the commonality that is the critical and real foundation of our ability to effectively resist and counter the advance of the Monsters.

As for the hard core hate mongers and myth pushers, we cannot permit them to continue with impunity in their total disregard for the consequences of their, at best, mistaken and misguided assumptions and assertions being presented as facts. If they make no attempt whatsoever to amend both the inflammatory rhetoric and the faulty "informational" content and tone of their missives, they need to be "outed" publicly as deliberate disinformation specialists and propagandists, given publicly the Truth demanded by their lies, and then soundly ignored until they cease to have enough readership or audience to keep themselves afloat.

If any of these self-proclaimed journalist-patriots are real fighters for the good of all Humanity they will stop the hype, dispense with the emotional button-pushing and the political name-calling, stop all of the petty and divisive crap, and immediately begin dealing with the Truths of who and what is really destroying us all and how we can all go about fighting back. They are selling us all to the Enemy with every rant and rave that pits one demographic, racial, social, political or religious group of psychologically normative Humans against another, or that portrays any one group as either more wronged or more right than another. They are encouraging us to keep on being the blinded victims of artificially constructed "differences" that were foisted upon us to deliberately confuse us and to obfuscate the Truths about our Nature, the Enemy's Nature and our dire situation as a race and a planet.

Of course, with them as with any of us, the hardest battle to win is the one that takes place internally. It is at the level of their personal responsibilities to achieve the highest possible levels of honesty, integrity, courage, humility, and much else, (in the individual and supremely personal war for control of their own Minds and Souls) that these journalists have truly failed. They seem to not yet have bothered attempting to fight for even their own freedom from the lifelong indoctrination in bigotry, bias, prejudice and other entirely erroneous assumptions about our "human nature" that has been drummed into us all. Lodged within that most resistant place of all, their own minds, the conditioned, irrational beliefs they are ignoring are working, through them, to keep us all powerless.

Those old and comfortable terms reinforce the habituation with which, for all of our lives until now, we have all been conditioned, whether subtly or openly, to either love or hate one group or another, to think that external differences are causes to either accept or reject one group of our brother and sister Beings or another. By making their constant exhortations for us to continue to either love or hate those same old things right along with them, they are helping to deliver us all to the slaughter houses of the real Enemy.

While the behemoth coming to devour us is all of these old things, and more, those are all but symptoms of the Enemy's Real nature and presence. Fighting the symptoms, one at a time, from a hundred different directions, will not cure the cause of the cancerous and pandemic disease of the Body Human that is eating us all. Treating the symptoms, only, will result in the death of the patients, in this case potentially the entire human race and Planet Earth. This time we must confront the cause and eradicate its ability to ever again harm or attack us, or else all will perish.

The Truth over and above all other geopolitical, socio-economic, demographic, military, personal and psychological Truths is that we are nearly all targeted for extermination by a truly global Pathocracy.

These are the Real stakes, and the Real issues. Let it sink in. Get used to it.

Pathocracy is the first and only accurate term that Humanity has ever yet had to convey the meaning of the Evil that has always stalked the halls of power and the realms of privilege, in all times, in all civilizations, and in all governments. Learn it. Learn its meaning and spread it as far and as wide as you possibly can. Read it and learn its lessons as if your very own life and the lives of everyone and everything you hold most dear depend upon it, for, in Truth, they do.

The term Pathocracy contains within it both the cause(s) of the condition afflicting us and the keys to a means of establishing the necessary unity to fight back. It even holds the hope of a real and lasting means to at last cure this world of the specter of Evil in human form. Anyone who seeks to learn what is really wrong with this world, and how things got to where they are today, needs only to click on the link to Political Ponerology, (provided in the column of links to the left, near the top of the Signs of the Times web page each day) then read. Read it as many times as needed for the full import to sink in. There will the seeker find the Facts, the Truth. There is no word in it that should be skipped or skimmed over lightly. There is no means to overstate or even begin to estimate the value of the gift that the aged Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski, MD., has given to all Human Beings.

You'll know when you've gotten there, when you've reached an Awareness of the Objective Reality. There will come a moment of such visceral response to this potent and imperative Knowledge Dr. Lobaczewski has saved from destruction and passed on to us, that you will Know. In the depths of your Mind and Soul, nothing will ever be the same for you again, your Thinking, Seeing, Feeling, Living, and especially your Being, will NOT be the same again, ever. About the middle of my third reading of Political Ponerology, the Truth of it finally broke through completely.

No, Toto, we are NOT in Kansas any more, and we can never go back to Kansas, not to the same one that we left behind, not ever again. We can only go forward. It is crucial for us to begin living and acting in accordance with this new and essential knowledge about ourselves, Pathocracy and our two Human Natures. We can only go forward through the trials to come and have faith that, if we learn to live by this new awareness, we will have the hope of someday building a new Kansas that will be in Reality what we had only been deceived into believing it was before.

The survival of our Human Race and of the only planet that is our home depends upon each and every one of us learning the Facts found in this text and then informing as many others around us of the basic truths in them as we possibly can. Until the majority of us, globally, have learned the truth, the danger will keep getting worse, as will the horrors being inflicted upon ever greater numbers of us by the day. However, even the first, quick read through of Political Ponerology will provide the reader with the first real clarity yet found, the first sense that it really IS possible to understand, at last, long last, through the evidence of solid facts, scientific research and proofs, the causes of the whole nightmare that afflicts our modern Reality. Those who do want to know the truth will find it there. It is not pleasant, but it is, at last, the only Sane answer to "What is WRONG with?"... These people.... This world.... This government, and much, much more.

Once you have read it, once you have absorbed its meaning, then you too will understand another Fact.

All of the following are equally wrong, equally false, and now equally OBSOLETE terms: capitalism, socialism, communism, federalism, republicanism, democracy, monarchy, constitutional monarchy, liberalism, conservatism, and all other isms, archies, and ocracies.

With one notable exception, tribal matriarchy in hunter-gatherer and nomadic herder societies, and pure, one-on-one bartering and trade, everything that is now ruling, or has ever ruled, over human beings in a system with one of those endings, ism, archy and ocracy is a Pathocratic Lie, a deliberately deceptive means of control devised to gradually bring ever greater numbers of human beings into living under pathological systems of governance and control.

The seed of Pathocracy has been extant within every inherently rigid and/or hierarchical human social, religious, economic, political and governmental structure ever to have been invented, from the oldest to today's. With each new generation of humans, historically, Pathocracy has increased, exponentially, in the numbers, kinds and degrees of its control over non-pathological human beings. Now, we live in the times when its control has at last extended to almost 100% of the normative human populace across almost 100% of the earth's habitable surface. Any action we now take that does not help us to confront our previous failures, grasp the Reality of our situation and henceforward respond appropriately is the same as acting on behalf of the Pathocracy.

Dr. Lobaczewski sums up well the denials of the old school thinkers and blamers who just cannot and will not change their minds, refusing to even examine let alone accept, support and report the facts, "The defenders of the natural world-view have traditions, belles-lettres, even philosophy on their side. They do not realize that during the present times, their manner of comprehending life's questions renders the battle with evil more problematic."|...|

When the self-proclaimed opposition, independent and alternative pundits keep on handing out the old, false labels, fables and myths, when they keep plucking on the old harp strings and lines, they are selling us all out, and it is time we stopped accepting it. It matters not whether they do so from a basic lack of personal integrity, or to make a few more bucks, or to get away with laziness in researching the facts. They do grave harm to us all whenever they reinforce and reiterate things that have now been clearly shown to be false, or when they use words that are designed to create the kind of emotional reactivity that is intended to cancel out our capacity for higher thought.

In fact, the flogging of emotionalism and reactivity in others is classic Pathocratic mind control tactic, and a favorite Psychopathic spellbinding weapon against the normative Human Being.

Let us from now on keep that in mind. When we peruse online journals or read the newspapers, when we hear a pundit expounding on any topic, or view the speeches of public figures, let us ask ourselves whether the material is appealing to our Reason and our Minds or seeking to stir up and elicit a purely emotional response that does not necessarily relate to the information or matter at hand. Doing so may prove invaluable in teaching us to identify exactly who is and who is not a contributor to the pathological drive for the destruction of this world and humanity. By keen observation, we can, and must, determine who is and who is not working for the Pathocracy in one way or another.

All hopes of our own simple survival, depend upon our winning, personally and collectively, this central battle to confront and defeat the emotionality, inaccuracies, distortions, irrationality and Lies, the "dark glasses" of the learned and conditioned projective processes, denials and the habits of pathological thinking lodged within ourselves.

As Dr. Lobaczewski himself puts it "Developing and popularizing the objective psychological world-view could thus significantly expand the scope of dealing with evil via sensible action and pinpointed countermeasures."

That we, the Truth movement, the independent, alternative, and fact-based, freedom of information proponents, writers, journalists, press members, publishers, bloggers, forum posters and you name it, should and must make the implementation of this "developing and popularizing the objective psychological world view" our number one priority is obvious. It is perhaps the most crucial service to the good of all Humanity that any generations of communicators have ever undertaken. With the facts now before us, confirming beyond dispute the existence of an organized and globally active, highly sophisticated Ponerological Pathocracy, front and center in all this world's affairs, we must make the exposure of the literal and readily provable Insanity of our current leaders, and other prominent figures worldwide, our primary focus and goal.

The front page, day in and day out news of the world, at least in our own corners of it, must expose to the public's view the literal Insanity of the world's leaders and their irrational, basic and well demonstrated incompetence to fill the requirements of their positions. When we fight them on political, social or economic grounds, or on any of the other conventional grounds, we are fighting them on their own terms, and we will lose every time. Their terms are all Lies, all disguising the central, most important point about themselves and all that they have done and will do. THEY ARE INSANE.

Let us fight them then on the basis of Fact: The sole and entire cause of all that ails them, and thereby us, is their fundamental Insanity, their pathological, ponerological, collective and individual Insanity. It is extremely doubtful whether many of those residing in the heights of power in and over this planet and her peoples, could, or would, pass the basic mental competency and psychological fitness exams as used by the military, police departments and courts.

It is time for us to make common and constant before the public all these words and more in the same vein: Pathological, psychopathic, sociopathic, delusional, personality disordered, disturbed, pre-senile dementia, congestive dementia, paranoid, ideation, conspiratorial, fixated, irresponsible, irrational, and add to them the new and profoundly Truthful terms Pathocrat, Pathocratic, Pathocracy, Ponerogenic, Ponerological, Ponerology, Psychophage, Psychophagia, Psychophagic, (a more accurate word to describe psychopathy and psychopaths, it means a Mind and Soul eater).

All of these are factual, scientific and clinical terms. All of them accurately, truthfully describe the behaviours and ideation displayed daily by our world's rulers. Their Insanity is obvious in their speeches, their acts and all else about them in every moment. Exposing those public figures who fit those terms so well, assigning to them the Facts of their Insanity at every hand, ought to be our number one focus, because this IS the Truth told to all of their countless Lies. The cause of the Lies IS, and always was, their Insanity.

We must simultaneously identify and eliminate our own conditioned viewpoints as to the nature of the evil we confront. The minds of all Human Beings are and will continue to be the primary and hardest to win of all the battlegrounds in this war for our own survival. All of us who seek and value the objective, factual truth, about ourselves, our societies, our world-view and even our very Universe itself, are the most Real combatants there may ever have been.

We are now standing on the front lines of the War to Overcome Human Evil. That is no longer a statement of religious, philosophical or moral principles but a simple, worse than dreadful, scientific Fact.


Essay: Only one dividing line between Humans is Real, or ever was. We must learn what it is and learn to live by it.

All of the human race, every last single member thereof, suffers an equal jeopardy. To quote that notable and humble man of Truth, Benjamin Franklin, "If we do not all hang together, they will hang us all separately." In other words, it is already a serious, worldwide threat.

We are now in the mega crisis of Humanity's ultimate confrontation with the Evil that stalks this Earth in Human form. It has engulfed most of our world, and far too many of us who do sincerely care about others and who want both the earth and the ordinary folks therein to live in peace, are caught up in fighting with each other over just what kind or flavour of evil is afoot. We have, until now, been unable to discern just which direction is, in reality, opposite to them, the Pathocracy, so as to then apply resistance in the correct direction or manner. However, our thinking of them and responding to them by a hundred different negative words that they have invented, manipulated, twisted and long been expert at using to divide us IS now OVER.

We have been callously and deliberately boxed in by a multitude of utterly meaningless, rigidly defined and terribly confining compartments, the illusory justifications for various groups of Human Beings to be reflexively conditioned to despise each other. All of our existing and historical group related "differences" are now irrelevant in the discovery of the One Factual, scientifically established and demonstrable Difference made clear to us by the works of Andrew Lobaczewski, MD., author of Political Ponerology.

His chillingly factual, objective scientific research, clinical data, case studies and analysis reveal that there is but one point of distinction that ever has held or ever will hold validity in dividing human beings into two separate camps. Those two camps truly and absolutely cannot ever coexist in harmony with one another. They never have yet. The sole cause of this inability to coexist harmoniously is that one of these two groups, the one that has finally developed a globally organized and sophisticated Pathocracy highly likely to kill us all, is constitutionally incapable, by right of its very Nature, of according to all the rest of Humanity the simple rights to exist unmolested, live in freedom and be able to, without restrictions, interference or fear of harm, choose and peacefully pursue their own courses in life.

The two camps of Humanity are comprised of the innately cooperative type, the "live-and-let-live," normative Human majority, a good 80% or more of the total Human Race, and the innately aggressive and predatory type, a very small minority of 20%, at the most, who are utterly helpless to control their inherent needs to prey upon, dominate, and even torture or kill, in one degree and regard or another, anyone who is unlike themselves. It is probable that the real ratio is an even greater split than 80% vs 20%, likely as much as 90% vs 10% or more.

Why and how then can such a small minority of the Human Race have wound up in control of almost all the territories and peoples of the Earth? Because they are endlessly deceitful, cunning, cruel, calculating and ruthless in their aggression against normative Humanity, having no capacity for either conscience or sincere bonding and attachment to others. The closest they ever approach to such things as loyalty, family and love are the intuitive, ponerological bonds they have with one another. Such bonds are then always turned, in a very typical, predatory, hunting pack mentality and methodology, to the formation of ponerological unions, associations, and, now, in the ultimate extreme, a global ponerological Pathocracy with one another, always and ever in their endless, headlong pursuit of more and better predation against normative Human Beings.

They have gotten us to this day's brink of annihilation simply by cheating, lying, stealing, converting, spellbinding, intimidating, aggressing, killing and brutalizing against normative Humanity since prehistory. Their favorite and most effective tactic is deceit. It is also their greatest weapon against us. What they most crave to steal, by way of their incomparable deceitfulness, is the belief, the good faith, the trust and even the love of normative Human Beings, and taking all of our sustenance, goods and works too is a nice "fringe benefit" for them.

This is nowhere more a fact than in their means and ways to evoke from us, and then betray for their own selfish gains, our own beliefs and trust in them to do what and as they've said they would do, to keep their words, uphold the oaths they've sworn, to deliver on promises they've made or honour the deals they've agreed upon with us in good faith. They never do, never have and never will: It is NOT in their Nature to do so. They cannot behave with either honesty or integrity, not ever, not even within their bonds, unions and associations with others like themselves. Even in their relationships with each other, they will con and cheat, violate and betray. They are born without the capacities for either empathy or truth.

This article has required several revisions, because attempting to deal with some of the most life and death matters in Human history is not done both well and also done quickly, or easily, at least not by me. The whole works got blocked up when I found myself seeking in vain for a single word that would clearly convey the true depth and breadth of the chasm that separates a normative Human Being from the born, humaniform predators known as a Psychopaths. No matter how I hashed up suffixes, prefixes and roots, Greek, Latin and other, nothing could and would describe their inner desolation, their absolute lack of Empathy, Love, Loyalty, Fealty, Fellowship, Compassion, Mercy and all other such normative Human characteristics that is at the core of the psychopath's Nature.

After more than a week stuck on it, I e-mailed Laura Knight-Jadzyk, publisher of the original version of this analysis and essay, and explained the difficulty to her. She said she'd get back to me on it a few days later. She certainly did. When I first read her suggestion, chills ran down my spine. She has provided a word we would all be wise to learn, and make use of it in addition to, and perhaps even in lieu of psychopath. With it we can truly describe these spiritually vacant, malevolent humaniform predators who walk among us, disguised as us. They do unimaginable amounts of damage, of literal evil to us just as easily, as automatically and as persistently as they draw breath.

Laura wrote this in her reply: "|..|It occurred to me that the true nature of the psychopath is a 'black hole' so to say - a 'soul eater.' |..| So, then I thought: what about psychophagia - soul eating. What we call a psychopath is really a psychophage - a soul eater."

Anyone who has had the "benefit" of a close, personal encounter with a Psychophage, the most malevolent of humaniform predators, will Know exactly what this new term means and how powerfully appropriate it is. Those who haven't had such an experience are best advised to take this word to heart and let it serve them not merely as Knowledge but as warning.

There is the chasm that cannot be bridged by either side of the line. In addition to the manifold material, emotional and psychological harms they do, they are PSYCHOPHAGES; they EAT away at our SOULS. As individuals, as nations and as a worldwide ponerological Pathocracy intent on enslaving and destroying the Earth and the Human Race, they eat our souls. Since Psyche is from the same root as Psycho, Psychophagia also includes their eating away at our seat of consciousness, at our brains, our emotions, our Minds. And of course, among all else that they steal, some of the worst, most lasting damage done by them is their theft of our emotional well being, our trust, self confidence, hopes, dreams and, worst of all, our hearts. It is an even more powerful, fit and correct description then. They consume eagerly all of those things most essential to our very Beings and Nature. They eat away at our minds and souls and hearts first, and then at all else of necessity to us as well.

The single most powerful weapon that we have and can use against them is to know and tell the Truth of their Nature, as near to universally as possible throughout the global, Human community and consciousness. The only way to surely defeat them is to rob them of all ability and chance to continue pretending to be like us, to expose them before the face of all Humanity as the humaniform predatory Psychophages that they are.

Inevitably we must deny to the Pathocracy, and to all of their psychophagic kind, permanently, any chance for gaining access to positions of power over the lives and affairs of others. If we do not now unite and stop their Pathocracy, then humanely confine them away from the company of susceptible normative Human Beings ever more, they will succeed in rendering the Earth a smoking, ruined cinder in the very foreseeable future. That they will also destroy themselves, in their uncontrollable drive to destroy us, is something that has literally no meaning for them. It is beyond their abilities to conceive of let alone to contemplate the negative consequences of their own actions.

The old terms that have previously separated us into opposing groups, all of them, deceitfully pitted us against each other on the sole basis of a group identification or affiliation. Individuals who are essentially far more like than unlike have been divided into groups by facile and deceitful definitions based upon surface characteristics that have nothing to do with questions of the true, core and essential, individual Human Being's Nature. The one and only dividing line is whether any given individual, without regard to any and every group definition ever yet known or devised, is Sane or Insane, Rational or Irrational, Logical or Pathological, Merciful/Empathic or Psychophagic.

This is, in fact, the only existing or historical division of Human Beings into separate and irreconcilable groups that is scientifically valid. It stands the test of being fully predictive of any given individual's solitary behaviour toward another individual, throughout the course of a lifetime, and across every conceivable demarkation of race, sex, creed, demographics, language, culture, age, religion and all else. This is it and, in a nut shell all of it: Whether the person is Sane, Rational, Logical and Empathic, or whether he or she is Insane, Irrational, Pathological and Psychophagic.

Until now, we humans have been indoctrinated to despise, fear, separate from and abuse one another on the basis of "differences," such as being a transsexual or a heterosexual, having dark skin or light skin, being rich or poor, being formally educated or illiterate, male or female, and, most and worst of all, on the basis of religious choices and/or indoctrination. None of these aspects of collective or aggregate Human behaviours denotes any lasting and universally applicable predictors of individual behaviours whatsoever. We have been programmed to view our very Humanity as secondary in importance and subservient to our group-related identifications. These group aspects have been entirely defined by our juxtapositions to and affinities with others, not by the nature of our own Beings.

This is one of the key, foundational Lies used to establish and maintain Pathocratic manipulation and control. It is one of the biggest, baddest, oldest, meanest and costliest Lies ever told to the Human Race, that one's group "membership" whether chosen or an effect of genetics, adverse or felicitous events or societal views and/or coercion, is more valid and more important than one's own, individual, basic Human Nature. Think it over for a moment, let this too sink in.

Those religions based upon dogma and doctrines all profess the certainty that theirs is the one and only true religion and the one and only true god. All such religious constructs have been used, for the past few thousand years, to create excuses for the killing, torturing and conquest of others. They have provided justifications and rationalizations for committing the thefts of entire continents from their rightful, indigenous inhabitants. Now, finally, they are the causes for embroiling the entire planet in an unwinnable doomsday game of slaughter, all being done for the sake, the glory and in the name of one or another of these multiple "one and only true" gods and religions.

Doing every conceivable and inconceivable harm to other Human Beings, wreaking unbearable horrors and devastation globally, and doing every Evil there is, ever was or will be, all in the name of their righteousness and their gods, the Truth is that all of the organized, dogmatic religions on the face of this Earth are ponerological, psychophagic, spellbinding constructs used to build up to today's state of Pathocratic global crisis. Whatever sources may have been their original inspirations, the Truth of all dogmatic religions is that they've all, and always, been used by greed-infected, Insane, malevolent humaniform predators to convert, indoctrinate, coerce, dominate, rob, abuse and even kill all of those normative, rational and Sane Humans who dared to disagree with their assertions of ultimate authority and right. EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES.

Even outside of the constructs of dogmatic religions, all of the standard dividing lines and group associated identifying terms demonize and emphasize variations of Human character, behaviour, appearance, functioning or culture that actually exist only at the social, outer and surface levels of Being. External difference do not necessarily reflect any significant differences in the essential, individual natures of fully Sane, Logical, Rational and Empathic Human Beings. They are merely made to seem insurmountable by Insane, Irrational, Pathological, Psychophagic, ponerological deceit, exaggeration, manipulation, and conditioning. This deception, costly beyond all reckoning down through the ages, is what we now must learn to recognize and soundly reject, naming it for what it is, ponerological spellbinding, paramoralsims, tricks and Lies. We must come to See it, Know it and refuse to ever be taken in by it again.

Surely, if we have learned anything yet at all, it is this: The nature of ourselves, who and what we are when no one else is watching, when no penalties for bad behaviour or rewards for good acts will ever befall us, is the most important and largest part of our Beings. That solitary and unseen Being IS who and what we really are.

The fact is that when the internal, essential character of the individual is fully normative, fully sane, rational and empathic, then that Being is deeply opposed, irrevocably opposed, to the core nature of the Pathocracy. Humanity can now, at long last, undo the group-think conditioning and stop throwing our friends out with the Pathocratic bilge of bigotry and negative typecasting over petty differences in appearances only. And if we do not do so, we will have only ourselves to eventually blame for our ultimate annihilation by the Pathocracy.

We must now cease to have pasts: No more adherence or allegiance to any of the past affiliations, identifications and perspectives we've wasted our time on thus far. We cannot be what we were, never again, in light of this new awareness. If any of us, maybe even most of us, are to survive, we must become what is needed now. Today holds a threat that is total, and failing to meet it because we want to hang on to those old and false differences, deliberately conditioned into us to prevent our unity, is not acceptable. All Humans capable of sane, logical, behaviour, conscience, compassion and love are the born allies to one another and the born enemies of the Pathocracy. Those who persist in clinging to the old divisions, labels and externally defined compartments, those who continue to be vehemently bigoted and determined to foment divisions between people for the sake of Lies, must be recognized and revealed for what they Truly are, the agents of pathocracy, Insane, Irrational, Pathological and Psychophagic themselves.

We now must correct our previous errors and begin work immediately to eliminate the reactive emotional triggers from not only our public discourses but from our own thoughts, words and communications. Instead, let us make the fullest use, in every way and at every opportunity, of these new words and accurate terms, true terms. All of us who have been opposing it have fallen right into one of its biggest traps: "define the battle in your own terms." Until now.

Well, here are some of our new terms: They are a literal, global, PATHOCRACY, the Insane, united by their innate drive and determination to destroy all who are not of, among, with and like themselves. In other words, they hunger to do away with the vast majority of the Human Race and enslave the remainder to serve and entertain them. The Real threat IS Pathocracy, the Real cause of it IS Insanity, and the Real issue IS exposing and stopping the Pathocracy's War Against Humanity.

It is no longer a matter of politics, or wealth, or race, or class, or sexual preference, or sex, or religion, or any of the other divisive labels we have been indoctrinated to place upon, around and between ourselves and each other. As a worldwide Human Race, we can no longer afford the childish luxuries of homophobia, heterophobia, racism, classism, sexism, or any other phobia or ism, especially not of any form or brand of bigotry and fanaticism, religious or otherwise.

To change the language, the words of our thoughts and speech, consciously, diligently, and logically, is to change both the inner Being and our relationships to all else. That is known as dialectics, and it is one of the most powerful tools for human growth and change that there is, when used in a sane, logical and truth-affirming manner and applied consistently, permanently.

When used as the Enemies of humanity use it, dialectics is a powerful weapon in the mind control arsenal. Until this very moment, they have invented and controlled the entire dialectics of our awareness and of all of our discourses regarding themselves.

Again: they have invented and controlled the entire dialectics of our awareness and of all of our discourses regarding themselves, until now.

We can and must take control of our own dialectics by establishing and utilizing our own set of terms and names for them, employing the True words to confront their Lies. Then we must spread our Dialectics of Truth to all the world. We can, and must, force them to fight on our terms by refusing to refer to them by, or allow them to get away unchallenged with referring to themselves by any other terms. They must and shall be confronted, at every turn with the Facts of themselves. They are individually psychophages, and collectively they have formed a ponerological, political, global Pathocracy.

The certainty is that those Insane and Irrational individuals in positions of power, when challenged with the Fact of their personal and specific symptoms of Insanity, in the open public view, will not be able to establish that they are, in fact, mentally competent and psychologically fit to fulfill the requirements and responsibilities of their offices, appointments or other positions of power and public trust. Exposing the Truth, the one cause of the ills in this world toady, an aggressive form of Insanity that creates malevolent humaniform predators devoid of all scruples or conscience, and that it has literally infected and sickened almost to death the entire structure of power, influence and governance the world around, IS the beginning to a real solution. When we control the subject and terms of the dialogue, by making know the Truth, indisputable and demonstrable readily, that they are NOT Sane, the entire balance shifts, and not it their favour.

They know one very powerful Fact: Much of the real power lies in owning and defining the terms of the conflict. That is why they keep changing the WORDS they use to describe themselves, their motivations, their goals, to describe and define their enemies, etc., etc. Slippery, confusing, Lying, shifting words are their greatest weapons. That is why our allowing them to define the battleground by continuing to use their old terms and by automatically adopting their new terms has cost us so dearly.

That is why, no doubt, one of the highest of the high among their Global Pathocracy's Elite, Zbigniew Brzezinski, killed the publication of Dr. Lobaczewski's book many years ago. Had Humanity been able, then, to learn these facts, apply this science and especially to name these two, universally definitive Human types, the current totalitarian nightmare, the Global Pathocratic War Against Humanity would have been seen, known, and most importantly Named for what it is and stopped in its infancy.

There is but ONE valid dividing line.

All humans fall into one of the two following types, behaviourally, psychologically, emotionally, intellectually and in all other regards. All other declared differences are but superficial variations. These are the differences that divide Humanity at the core of the brain's fundamental structures governing personality formation and reasoning abilities, in other words these are the divisions of Heart, Mind and Soul, of Being and Nature.

Type 1 Humans: Those who are devoid of conscience and empathy. They are pathologically selfish, self-involved and self centered. They crave and seek to own, control and consume without restraint or consideration for others' needs and rights to live and be. Even unto all of the earth, and their drive to either enslave or eliminate every human being thereupon in the pursuit of their selfish pleasures and purposes, there is no such thing as "enough" for them, not in all of creation, to satisfy their insatiable lusts and greed for whatever is the target of their desires. To get more of what they most want, in the case of the Global Pathocracy until they own and rule everyone and everything of a material nature on this planet, one way or another, and to do so without regards as to who is hurt or what gets destroyed by them, is all they care about. And when they get it all, they will still want more. They are without the capacity to become full. Material, worldly, psychological, or other, satiation in any form or regard is impossible for them to achieve. They cannot feel its presence.

(Note: At most, 6% of all Humans will be totally, dedicatedly Type 1, with a maximum of another 12% who can easily become enslaved to Type 1 individuals and groups. A figure taken from Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski, MD. and the companion commentaries to it from Laura Knight-Jadczyk.)

Type 2 Humans: Those who do have conscience and empathy inherent in their natures. They have a full capacity to identify with and share in the experiences and emotions of others, and are capable of applying restraint to their own behaviour, imposing limits upon themselves based upon reason, logical parameters and consideration for the needs of others. If initially acquisitive, they are capable of becoming filled at a certain point, and they will not engage in deliberate acts of harm or deprive others of necessities and rights in order reach their goals, nor will they willingly lie, cheat and steal to do so. They prefer and strive to live in a state of peaceful, mutual live-and-let-live, in a sharing, respectful, give and take manner, seeking an interactive and integrated, dynamic community with others, regardless of what differences from themselves those others may have.

TYPE 1 HUMANS ARE THE INSANE , the psychophagic, the humaniform predators, truly and incurably, pathologically selfish and greedy. These people are absolutists: they cannot reason; they cannot negotiate; they cannot compromise; they cannot peacefully agree to disagree; they are driven to convert others to their own ways and control them and to destroy those who cannot be converted or controlled; they cannot, ever, not in the slightest regard, live-and-let-live as the coequals of others; they cannot and do not form loving, interdependent attachments, bonds and relationships with others. The sole exception to this is that THEY CAN AND WILL FORM PONEROLOGICAL UNIONS, GROUPS AND ASSOCIATIONS WITH ONE ANOTHER for the purposes of getting more of whatever they want, by collectively plotting against, harming and taking more of everything, up to and including life itself, from Type 2 Humans.

They are the ruthless, the unjust, bigoted, unfair and deceitful, the pathologically egotistical, disrespectful, arrogant and hateful, the absolute competitors, the destroyers, the takers and users, the discompassionate, the cheaters and liars.

TYPE 2 HUMANS ARE THE SANE, the traditional prey of Type 1: They are the satiable, the rational, the logical, the cooperative, the predominantly, preferentially truthful, the humble. When they do crave gains or achievements, for them there IS a limit, a point at which they will stop acquiring and be content with what they have. They are able to share what they have with others. To live and let live with others, to be at peace in a world where there is enough for all is their real goal and desire. They are capable of making reasonable compromises, of making and living by good faith negotiations with others, of behaving with objectivity, self-discipline, restraint and honour, of considering the good and the needs of the many to be a higher priority than the satisfaction of their own personal wants. When they find themselves in the wrong or discover they've inadvertently harmed another, they will admit to their errors, feel genuine guilt, shame and pain for having committed them, and do everything within their abilities to correct the wrong or make restitution and compensation to the victim.

They are the coexistentialists, the reasoners, the responsible, the apologizers, the remorseful, the negotiators, the carers and sharers, the peacemakers, the compassionate, the givers and builders, the generous, the objective, fair-minded, respectful and amenable.

The old ideas and old habits of our group identities are a stinking (as in rotten and deader than a five day old fish out in the summer sun) way of thinking, and they will get us all killed if we do not relinquish them. The entire planet and most of the human beings and other life forms upon it, will perish unless we grow up and stop calling each other and ourselves by names that were taught and assigned to us by the Type 1 Human, Global Pathocracy now making every possible kind of covert and overt War upon us all.

Let us begin by simply telling it like it is:






There are Four Definitive Characteristics of Pathocracy. They provide us with all of the terms we need to use in addressing and referring to the groups, systems and structures inherent in all Pathocracies. With these terms we can at last have some accuracy and reliable descriptive clarity when referring to the pathological conditions and structures to which we've become accustomed and by which we've been indoctrinated all of our lives. Learning and using the correct names for them, we will have four more clear, precise and unshifting word weapons to use in our new dialectics of Truth.

This time, the Pathocracy itself can no longer tell us Lies about who and what they are. In every nation, every government, the people can use these Characteristics to make a rational, objective, factual assessment of their own politicians, leaders, rulers, governments and laws. If the symptoms of Pathocracy are there so is the disease of ponerogenesis. That disease is always the result of the collective behaviour, the lying, plotting, cheating and tricks of the psychophagic individuals who have pushed for and created the Pathocracy. This time, just this once, we will fight them from and with the rock bottom truth of their very Nature exposed to public view as our weapon. This disclosure, their essential Insanity, is the one thing they have fought hardest of all to prevent us from ever finding out. It is the one thing they most deeply deny about themselves. It is their Achilles heel.

The Four Definitive Characteristics of Pathocracy:

1. For the system of government they seek to inflict upon all of humanity: ABSOLUTE TOTALITARIANISM .

This term, long in use, describes any system that deprives any of the people under its control of their personal rights, liberties, and freedoms to live, associate and express themselves as they choose, in every regard. Even if they do not commit or cause, nor specifically threaten to commit or cause, any deliberate acts of physical harm or grave emotional, psychological or material harm to others, (the sole legitimate causes for any normative system to ever deprive it citizens of their full and free rights to Choose and Be and Do) the citizens will be subjected to punishments for "crimes" that amount to nothing more than variations from the dominant social, religious and/or cultural behaviours of their society, such as forming multiple partner marriages, engaging in public nudity, practicing birth control, not wearing a veil, etc. From monarchies, to democracies and other elective systems, to military dictatorships, theocracies and all else, if and when any government punishes or imprisons its citizens for any of the following four types of offences it IS totalitarian: We must never again allow ourselves or any who would demand either our attention or respect for their opinions and actions to use any other terms to describe any government or other entity with the authority to command the actions and lives of others when that government or authority engages in the 4 activities listed below.



The 4 essential characteristics of all totalitarian systems:

a) Convicting and punishing its citizens or other subjects for committing behavioural "crimes."
This category of "crimes" is created by the outlawing of the individual's rights to engage in certain lifestyle choices and activities that actually do no specific harm to others than themselves. Excellent examples are anti-drug laws, anti-smoking laws, anti-adult oriented pornography laws, and anti-homosexuality statutes, among many others, mandatory seatbelt use, motorcycle helmet laws, etc. Behavioural crime laws are obtained through the terrorising and intimidation of the public by means of using false statistics and "scientific" or other invented "factual" information, in other words myths, hyped into propaganda and prominently run in news and other media programmes, to brainwash the public into allowing or supporting the passage of such laws in the name of "the public good."

b) Convicting and punishing citizens or other subjects for violating the "rights" and "safety" of material goods and property as a crime placed above or equal in importance to violating the rights and safety of organic human beings and other organic life;
A prime example was the utilizing of the police, National Guard and military to shoot or arrest looters while thousands were still drowning in the attics and on the rooftops after hurricane Katrina, or ruling that a homeowner in Florida who shot and killed a clearly unarmed burglar who was fleeing from him and already outside of his house had acted in "self defence."

c) Convicting and punishing citizens or other subjects for breaking laws designed to censor, stifle or destroy those who dispute the government's "rights" to do as it does to its citizens or who seek to freely disseminate information; Includes banning certain political parties or activities, demanding complex registrations, permits, licenses and so forth to assemble and speak or to produce and distribute written materials, insisting upon governmental, covert or overt monitoring and/or police control of peaceful marches, meetings, demonstrations, festivals, etc.

d) Convicting and punishing citizens or other subjects for breaking any one of a large body of obscure and complex business regulations and codes, tax laws and other personal and private financial conduct laws;
Such laws are passed to gradually and surely increase governmental or other authorities controls over the lives, finances, employment, career choices, sharing and distribution of resources, efforts and wealth, including both material and interpersonal assets and activities, of all whom it governs.


All other terms are just distractions from the Fact of totalitarianism. Not coincidentally, there is not one government of any nation on this earth at this time that has NOT crossed the line into at least the mildest attributes of totalitarianism as defined by these criteria.

We need never again waste our efforts and time in discussions of which current or previous government or part thereof is the "best" or "right" one, because they are ALL infected with the seed of totalitarianism. All else is but a matter of degree, with the underlying reality being they will inevitably get to absolute totalitarianism, with time, unless we use this new awareness to keep them in check and/or reverse the trend.

2. For Pathocratic Social Structure: ORWELLIAN.
Rigidly conformist in every regard, with very limited access to factual information and intellectual pursuits, such as higher education, public libraries, and open press or media sources, for the citizenry. An abundance of mindless pastimes will be provided, strongly supported and encouraged, with nearly unlimited access to pointless entertainments and distractions available for all. Many of them, such as television shows and competitive sports, are given far more attention and importance than is reasonable or even sane, and are used skillfully to programme the populace to ignore the realities of their circumstances and the nature of their governments.

3. The Pathocratic Economic System: FEUDALISM.
Fascism (which is the best, in purely economic terms, to describe the current "globalist Corporatocracy") is but a stepping stone to where the Pathocracy wants to take us. They will, in the end, if not stopped, have the very few of us left alive on the wasted Earth living in conditions at best equal to that of the average feudal serf or peasant, and serving the Pathocracy from birth to an early grave. Feudalism is the hidden character within any and every economic system allowing the few at the top to have far more than is necessary, or even reasonable, without first providing that all have enough. All economic systems in which this attribute is present will inevitably lead to absolute feudalism if allowed to continue unrestrained. That is their sole purpose, kept hidden until now.

4. The Pathocratic State Religion: BLIND FANATICISM.
The flavour is utterly irrelevant to them. They use religions to achieve mind control, spiritual blackmail, conformity, emotional control, etc. They care only that a religion's followers be programmed to sufficient fanaticism to then be easily manipulated by their religious beliefs and conditioned emotional responses. Despite the appearances the Pathocracy carefully maintains, all that any religion is to them is a very useful tool for stifling logical thought and inciting emotional reactions in individuals and thus controlling the masses. (Like it or not, Marx was right about that part.) They are as incapable of sincere religious feelings as of any other profound or normative emotions.

These four terms clearly describe the essential attributes and goals of those now attempting to make themselves the rulers of this planet, and, in most regards, of all their dedicated followers and cohorts.

Now we can Know them, and See them, and Name them as they are, not as they have claimed to be.

Using these four terms will empower reasonable people to communicate with one another about the Pathocracy sweeping down upon us without bringing the old and useless, divisive concepts into the discussion. It will lead to far greater clarity in our thoughts, our dialogues and most of all our abilities to See who is and is not among the members of the Type 2 Human Family.

No more does one need to say whether oneself or another is this, that or the other old label, for all that truly matters is whether anyone is LOGICAL or PATHOLOGICAL, SANE or INSANE, EMPATHIC OR PSYCHOPHAGIC. Type 2 or Type 1.

All else is mind cluttering noise, junk, only confusing and obscuring the reality, the facts. The Sane, Logical and Empathic are innately opposed to the Four Goals of Pathocracy, and the Insane, Pathological and Psychophagic innately embrace them and seek to impose them upon others.

All who would join me in a do-or-die-trying battle to halt and bring down the Insane, Pathological and Psychophagic, Pathocratic individuals, governments, religions, economies and all else of theirs in this world, are invited to join me in using these terms in that struggle. This entire struggle is the Final Invitation to us to mature into fully aware, fully conscious, fully focused and fully, personally and collectively responsible Beings who can and will embrace one another in a unity of purpose never seen before, globally. We must now become, act and live as a True Human Family, dedicatedly giving all that we are and have to bringing the ways of peace and community into a full, global flowering, and equally dedicated to defeating and extinguishing the destruction of the fully matured and no longer latent Pathocracy that has been unleashed upon us. Now is the moment, Humanity, when we either grow up or die.

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