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"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism." - Cindy Sheehan
P I C T U R E   O F  T H E  D A Y
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Donald Hunt
December 19, 2005
Gold pulled back last week, closing at 505.50 dollars an ounce, down 5.2% from $532.00 last week. The dollar closed at 0.8323 euros on Friday, down 1.7% from 0.8466 euros the week before. The euro, then, was worth 1.2015 dollars at Friday's close, compared to 1.1812 the previous week. Gold in euros, then, would be 420.72 euros an ounce, down 7.1% from 450.39 the Friday before. Oil closed at 58.06 dollars a barrel, down 2.9% from $59.76 at the previous week’s close. Oil in euros would be 48.23 euros a barrel, down 4.9% from 50.59 euros the week before. The gold/oil ratio closed at 8.71, down 2.2% from 8.90 the previous week. The yield on the ten-year U.S. Treasury note was 4.44%, down nine basis points from 4.53 the week before. In the U.S. stock market, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 10,875.59 on Friday, up 0.9% from10,778.58 at the previous Friday’s close. The NASDAQ closed at 2,252.48, down 0.2% from 2,256.73 the week before.

Another strange week. With the price of gold falling more than 5% and oil down about 3%, both markets that are susceptible to short term manipulation, it looks like they want us to keep our heads in the sand for a few more weeks or at least until after Christmas. But the people don't seem to be falling for it completely this time, as holiday retail sales are okay but not great, due to consumer anxiety:

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Posted by James Wolcott
Tracer Fire
It's difficult to think of a smarmier band of cold-hearted bastards than the stockpickers and marketwatchers who behave like over-age frat boys each week on Fox News's Saturday morning "business block". A few women are sprinkled into the mix of hosts and panelists, but White Male Bluster prevails, as it does in the rest of the Fox lineup. And although the four programs that make up the business block have separate names and guests, it's really one big two-hour suds dispenser, the same talking points reiterated by different inflatable fatheads.

Today one of the themes was the shooting of the passenger at the Miami airport, which most people would regard as a human tragedy, but to the fun-lovin' guys on "Bulls & Bears" a dead body is a buying opportunity.

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By Thomas Ferraro
Dec 18,2005
WASHINGTON - U.S. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid called the Republican-led Congress "the most corrupt in history" on Sunday, and distanced himself from lobbyist Jack Abramoff, at the center of an escalating probe.

The Justice Department is investigating whether Jack Abramoff directed illegal payoffs to lawmakers, including Rep.
Tom DeLay of Texas, who was forced to step down as House Republican leader in September after indicted in his home state of Texas on unrelated charges.

"Don't lump me in with Jack Abramoff. This is a Republican scandal," Reid told Fox News Sunday, saying he never received any money from Abramoff.

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Associated Press Writers
Dec 18
WASHINGTON - President Bush asserted Sunday night the United States is winning the war in Iraq but acknowledged setbacks and the doubts of some "that the war is lost and not worth another dime or another day." He pleaded with Americans to ignore "defeatists who refuse to see that anything is right."

Struggling to build confidence in his policy, the president held out hopes for withdrawing American forces as Iraqi troops gain strength and experience. "As these achievements come, it should require fewer American troops to accomplish our mission."

The president spoke from the Oval Office, where in March, 2003, he announced the U.S.-led invasion. Nearly three years later, more than 2,150 U.S. soldiers have died, Bush's popularity has plummeted and about half of Americans think the war was a mistake. Yet a strong majority oppose an immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces.

The address came on the heels of four major speeches in which Bush acknowledged setbacks and surprises in the war and took responsibility for ordering the invasion on the basis of inaccurate intelligence. The admissions were part of a White House effort to address complaints that Bush lacked a solid strategy for the war and has been oblivious to the violence that Americans plainly see on television.

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Comment: Black is white, white is black; up is down, down is up. Right is wrong, wrong is right... "We are winning" when we are losing... Ah, the world of the psychopath!

Angus Reid Global Scan
19 Dec 2005
Support for the activities of the House of Representatives and the Senate is at a low point in the United States, according to a poll by Hart/McInturff released by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News. Only 25 per cent of respondents approve of the way Congress is handling its job, down three points since November.

The current approval rating of 25 per cent is the lowest for the federal legislative branch since George W. Bush became president in January 2001.

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Comment: Looks like Congress is due for a major house-cleaning. Well, that is, only if Diebold machines are NOT used. What seems to be lacking is a viable field of challengers.

December 18, 2005
UK Guardian
LONDON (AP) - Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said in an interview to be broadcast Sunday that the United States will have a military presence in Iraq for years, although a gradual withdrawal likely will start in 2006.

In an interview with the British Broadcasting Corp., Powell also said the U.S. practice of moving prisoners between countries - also known as ``extraordinary rendition'' - was not new to European governments.

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Comment: Powells claims present us with a serious conundrum. If, as he says, "there were people in the intelligence community that had doubts about some of this sourcing, but those doubts never surfaced up to us," then why did the White House Cabal go to such extremes to silence Joe Wilson? Plamegate clearly demonstrates that Powell is simply lying. Maybe Powell and the White House gang should have been reading the alternative news sites to find out what was really going on. 2005-12-19 14:30:58
BEIJING, Dec. 19 -- US President, George W. Bush, argued Sunday night that the United States is winning the war in Iraq, while acknowledging setbacks and the doubts of some "that the war is lost, and not worth another dime or another day."

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Comment: Is anyone still listening to the ravings of this madman? "The US is winning the war in Iraq"???

30,000 Iraqi civilians have died??? Other sources have put the figure over 100,000, some as high as 200,000.

Deaths mean nothing to Bush. He just has to be right.

By Steve Holland and Adam Entous
Sun Dec 18,10:01 PM ET
WASHINGTON - U.S. President George W. Bush made an unusually direct personal appeal to Americans on Sunday night not to give in to despair over Iraq, insisting "We are winning" despite a tougher-than-expected war.

Confronting American doubts about the war, Bush said in an Oval Office address he recognized that people wondered whether the U.S. mission had created more problems than it is solving.

"I do not expect you to support everything I do," Bush said in remarkably personal terms. "But tonight I have a request: Do not give in to despair, and do not give up on this fight for freedom."

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Comment: Um, doesn't Bush have it backwards? Isn't it the president who is supposed to support and carry out the will of the majority of the American people?? And yet his bold and psychopathic statement, "I do not expect you to support everything I do" is interpreted by the mainstream media as "candid" and "personal"!!

By Ted Cordova Claure
Translated By Carly Gatzert
December 12, 2005
Bolivia's Bol Press
President Bush, made a bit desperate by the current situation in Iraq, is speaking of settling for "nothing less than a complete victory." Several times I have written that President Bush's reactions matched those of a "banana republic," as though the United States were being dominated and bullied by foreign powers.

I am willing to admit that my assertion about the President of the great superpower of globalization seemed to have been an exaggeration. However, after having read and listened to the pre-Christmas analyses from Washington, my comparison now appears quite accurate.

Bush is indeed desperate. In his December 1, 2005 speech at Annapolis before U.S. Naval Academy alumni, Bush reiterated the concept of "victory" fifteen times, as if he needed to first convince himself that success in Iraq is possible. Meanwhile, a recent poll in Newsweek magazine indicates that Bush has a 30% or less approval rating regarding the way in which he has handled the war in Iraq.

So it seems an appropriate moment to question, "victory against whom?"

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Dec 19, 2005
No more rosy scenarios. After watching his credibility and approval ratings crumble over the course of 2005, President Bush completed a rhetorical shift Sunday night by abandoning his everything-is-OK pitch to Americans and coming clean: He was wrong about the rationale for going to war in Iraq; he underestimated the dangers; the country has suffered "terrible loss"; and the bad news isn't over.

Even with his high-profile display of candor _ a step anxious Republican leaders had been demanding for weeks _ Bush remained unyielding.

"To retreat before victory would be an act of recklessness and dishonor and I will not allow it," he said in a prime-time address, capping a series of five speeches designed to reverse a stunning political free-fall.

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Dec 19, 2005
As the Presidential caravan sped away from the Florida school where President George W. Bush was speaking to children when he was first told about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Bush turned to White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card and said, “OK, we’re at war.”

It was a phrase Bush would repeat many times in the days following the attacks. Being considered a wartime President is important to him. It allows him to justify, at least in his own mind, the actions he has taken over the last five years.

Play close attention to Bush’s speeches and words and you see this obsession with being a wartime President. Whenever he wants to justify an action that pushes the envelope he refers to himself as the “commander in chief,” not the President. In Bush’s world, being commander in chief gives him greater latitude in pursuing actions that may or may not be legal.

“I’m the commander in chief,” he told Congressional leaders at a recent White House meeting. “Do it my way.”

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By Abdul-Ilah Al-Bayaty
Egypt's Al-Ahram
December 9 - 14 Edition
The defeat of the aggression of the United States in Iraq was expected even before the invasion began. There were many indicators to show that the right of Iraqis to independence and democracy would be stronger than all of the military might of the U.S.

As is well known in war theories, aggressive power can only achieve victory under two scenarios: by its ability to destroy completely, or by destroying the will of any resistance to continue. In the case of the war on Iraq, it is evident that the enemy of the United States is the majority of the Iraqi nation, which it attacked to destroy its Arab-Muslim identity, plunder its natural resources and subjugate it by creating a puppet government. For geopolitical, moral and practical reasons, this was not possible. The consequence of this impossibility is that the more the United States tries to destroy its enemies in Iraq, the more it finds that the resistance of the Iraqi people grows.

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Associated Press Writer
Dec 19, 2005
WASHINGTON - A day after addressing the nation from the Oval Office, President Bush will hold a year-end news conference on Monday. Democrats and Republicans are applauding Bush for acknowledging mistakes in Iraq and taking responsibility, but critics say he still has not given Americans a realistic plan that will lead to the withdrawal of U.S. forces.

"I know that some of my decisions have led to terrible loss _ and not one of those decisions has been taken lightly," Bush declared in a televised speech to the nation Sunday, his first from the Oval Office since announcing the invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

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Gerard Baker
London Times
December 16, 2005
2005 WAS THE YEAR we celebrated the Nelson Touch, 200 years after one of the greatest naval victories in history. In America, it was the year President George Bush acquired the Medusa Touch. It started all right, in a mood of triumphal optimism, with an inauguration in Washington and an election in Iraq. But since then, everything that the President has been anywhere near has turned to stone.

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December 17, 2005
The Star (Malaysia)
KUALA LUMPUR: Leaders of the United States, Britain and Australia are criminals who have committed crimes against humanity and should be hauled up and tried for war crimes, according to two law professors.

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by Nat Hentoff
December 9th, 2005
The Village Voice
Nothing in the [Geneva] Conventions [on the treatment of prisoners of war] precludes directed interrogations. They do, however, prohibit torture and humiliation of detainees, whether or not they are deemed P.O.W.'s. These are standards that are never obsolete—they cut to the heart of how moral people must treat other human beings. John McCain , in Torture: A Human Rights Perspective, edited by Kenneth Roth and Minky Worden (The New Press)
In a November 21 USA Today interview with Porter Goss, the head of the CIA "declined to describe interrogation methods exclusive to the CIA." He thereby confirmed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's statement during his confirmation hearings that the CIA has "special powers."

Where did the CIA get permission to overrule the rule of law?

The word came from a classified directive by President George W. Bush soon after 9-11, and was confirmed by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Therefore, whatever is increasingly revealed about how the CIA uses its grant of cruel and unusual exclusivity in dealing with prisoners makes George W. Bush directly accountable for any crimes committed.

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by Justin Raimondo
Naming Names:Behind every war criminal is a criminal idea

Editorial note: What follows is the text of a speech delivered on Dec. 16, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the 2005 Perdana Peace Forum.

The theme for this part of the program is "Crimes Against Peace, Crimes Against Humanity." We are discussing here the question of defining and dealing with war crimes. In any such discussion, however, we must start out by identifying who are the war criminals. We must, in short, name names.

I would remind you that only governments make war. Only governments have the resources to commit mass murder. Government is, by its very nature, a weapon of mass destruction. Governments from A to Z – from America to Zimbabwe – are potential instruments of brutal repression.

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The Reichstag fire on February 27, 1933 was a disaster for Communists because they received the blame for starting it, but it was a dream come true for Hitler as it allowed him to transform Germany from a democracy into a dictatorship. The rest, as they say, is history.

Did the Bush administration try the same trick on September 11, 2001?

9/11 wasn't a surprise attack, it was a governmentally orchestrated "catastrophic and catalyzing event" - the Nazis attempted to initiate a New World Order by burning the Reichstag, an identical objective lay behind the 9/11 attacks.

"Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death." - Adolph Hitler

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Daryl Bradford Smith interview
14 Dec 2005
Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Kee Dewdney. He is part of SPINE, (Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven), a loose association providing scientific evidence that 9-11 was government operation.

Daniel Vallin
December 17, 2005
Just about 3 years ago, in March 2003, the United States, a nation which likes to refer to itself as "peace-loving," "democratic," "civilized," and standing for "liberty and justice," lied to the world and attacked the sovereign nation of Iraq without provocation.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005
Adds he OK'd program more than 30 times, will continue to do so

WASHINGTON - In acknowledging the message was true, President Bush took aim at the messenger Saturday, saying that a newspaper jeopardized national security by revealing that he authorized wiretaps on U.S. citizens after September 11.

After The New York Times reported, and CNN confirmed, a claim that Bush gave the National Security Agency license to eavesdrop on Americans communicating with people overseas, the president said that his actions were permissible, but that leaking the revelation to the media was illegal.

During an unusual live, on-camera version of his weekly radio address, Bush said such authorization is "fully consistent" with his "constitutional responsibilities and authorities."

After hearing Bush's response, Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wisconsin, said there was no law allowing the president's actions and that "it's a sad day."

"He's trying to claim somehow that the authorization for the Afghanistan attack after 9/11 permitted this, and that's just absurd," Feingold said. "There's not a single senator or member of Congress who thought we were authorizing wiretaps."

Comment: Black is white and up is down in the crazed world of the Bush administration. The facts of the case are the following:

Bush acted illegally by ordering secret wiretaps on the communications of American citizens, yet he claimed that he was acting legally and in the interest of American citizens in order to keep them safe. As far as we are aware, being spied on is generally not something that makes people feel safer, quite the opposite in fact, but Bush was not content to leave it at that. He then claimed that the fact that an American newspaper revealed to the American public that their government was spying on them, is threatening the security of the American public!

Obviously, Bush believes that "protecting the American people" is synonymous with keeping them in the dark about everything that their government is doing.

Of course, the New York Times that leaked the illegal actions of the Bush administration failed to highlight the fact that illegally wiretapping the communications of American citizens is an impeachable offence.

Sean M. Madden
East Sussex, United Kingdom
UK-based American writer-educator
In a fine Huffington Post article published yesterday, Martin Garbus, a leading American trial lawyer, unequivocally states that Bush has committed an impeachable crime in authorizing domestic surveillance without a court-issued warrant, and has, in conjunction with Congress, legitimized torture for the first time in US history.

Yet, again, the corporate media has failed to inform the citizenry of the implications of these illegal acts. Indeed, the corporate media has failed to present these acts for what they are, forget the reporting of implications. Obfuscation seems the preferred practice. ...

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Comment: We emphasize one remark made in the above artcle and make a suggestion:

"At what point will the New York Times' reading public dismiss the newspaper as a propagandist rag which is deep in the pockets of a war-criminal administration and an anti-democratic, and thereby anti-American, corporate-political elite, whether Republican or Democratic?"
Indeed. At this point, every patriotic American who is subscribed to the NYT ought to immediately cancel their subscription and make note of the corporate sponsors of said rag and boycott them.

By Barton Gellman and Dafna Linzer
Washington Post Staff Writers
December 18, 2005
In his four-year campaign against al Qaeda, President Bush has turned the U.S. national security apparatus inward to secretly collect information on American citizens on a scale unmatched since the intelligence reforms of the 1970s.

The president's emphatic defense yesterday of warrantless eavesdropping on U.S. citizens and residents marked the third time in as many months that the White House has been obliged to defend a departure from previous restraints on domestic surveillance. In each case, the Bush administration concealed the program's dimensions or existence from the public and from most members of Congress.

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Comment: "Defiant in the face of criticism, the Bush administration has portrayed each surveillance initiative as a defense of American freedom. Bush said yesterday that his NSA eavesdropping directives were "critical to saving American lives" and "consistent with U.S. law and the Constitution."
"Why of course the people don't want war. But it is the leaders who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." -Hermann Goerring, Nazi Germany.

Dec - 2005
An identity is questioned only when it is menaced, as when the mighty begin to fall, or when the wretched begin to rise: James Baldwin

Look around. If you look really closely, you’ll see that something is very wrong. If you look in every direction and into every possible hiding place, you’ll become aware of the awful truth: The United States of America, the proud nation that existed just a few years ago, is no more.

Only five years ago, the US had a clear identity. Only five years ago the US had a definable nature and a credible reputation. Only five years ago we knew pretty much who we were as Americans. But that time, that safe and comfortable time is no more.

As 2005 comes to an end, there is nothing to be gained by denial. At this moment in our history, our identity as a nation and as a people has disappeared. It did not go willingly, and it did not go peacefully. Instead, our identity as Americans was destroyed by design and by stealth.

In essence, the people of the United States have become the collective victims of one of the most insidious offenses in recent times: the crime of identity theft.

No, we were never a perfect nation, or a saintly one. But we were working at it. We had our shameful moments and we did our share of damage. But we were a nation that cherished its founding principles. We knew, that whatever else went amiss, the nation was guided by the most astounding document in modern history. In the long run, we would right the wrongs and learn from our misdeeds. For in the end, we were a nation of laws, guided through bad times and good by the Constitution of the United States.

No more. This is no longer that country. We have been stripped of the distinction we held such a short while ago as citizens of the United States. The theft of our national identity has been thorough and complete.

To add insult to injury, the most painful aspect of this outrage is that we are only too well acquainted with the thieves. And at this writing, the culprits who wronged us are safely at work in the White House.

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Comment: Pathocracy is a disease of great social movements followed by entire societies, nations, and empires. In the course of human history, it has affected social, political, and religious movements as well as the accompanying ideologies… and turned them into caricatures of themselves…. This occurred as a result of the … participation of pathological agents in a pathodynamically similar process. That explains why all the pathocracies of the world are, and have been, so similar in their essential properties.

…Identifying these phenomena through history and properly qualifying them according to their true nature and contents - not according to the ideology in question, which succumbed to the process of caricaturization - is a job for historians. […]

The actions of [pathocracy] affect an entire society, starting with the leaders and infiltrating every town, business, and institution. The pathological social structure gradually covers the entire country creating a “new class” within that nation. This privileged class [of pathocrats] feels permanently threatened by the “others”, i.e. by the majority of normal people. Neither do the pathocrats entertain any illusions about their personal fate should there be a return to the system of normal man. [Andrew M. Lobaczewski, Ph.D. (psychology); Political Ponerology: A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes]

NY Times
19 Dec 2005
WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday defended President Bush's decision to secretly authorize the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on Americans without seeking warrants, saying the program was carefully controlled and necessary to close gaps in the nation's counterterrorism efforts.

In Sunday talk show appearances, Ms. Rice said the program was intended to eliminate the "seam" between American intelligence operations overseas and law enforcement agencies at home.

"One of the most compelling outcomes of the 9/11 commission was that a seam had developed," Ms. Rice said on "Meet the Press" on NBC. "Our intelligence agencies looked out; our law enforcement agencies looked in. And people could - terrorists could - exploit the seam between them."

"So the president is determined that he will have the ability to make certain that that seam is not there, that the communications between people, a limited number of people with Al Qaeda links here and conversations with terrorist activities outside, will be understood so that we can detect and thereby prevent terrorist attacks," she said.

Ms. Rice also said Mr. Bush decided to skirt the normal process of obtaining court-approved search warrants for the surveillance because it was too cumbersome for fast-paced counterterrorism investigations, an assertion that some national security experts, members of Congress and civil liberties advocates have challenged.

Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, or FISA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency must obtain search warrants from a special court before conducting electronic surveillance of people suspected to be terrorists or spies. Ms. Rice said the administration believed that it needed greater agility in investigating terrorism suspects than was possible through that process.

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Comment: Yada, yada, yada. The law is very specific in banning any searches without warrants except in extraordinary circumstances that are clearly defined. Condi and the gang have NOT cited any of those conditions. Instead, these nonsensical, pseudo-explanations are not only transparently slippery evasions of the real issues, they are attempts to evade legal consequences. The fact that Bush and the gang were not up front with Congress about what they wanted to do tells us clearly that they KNEW it was illegal and that they could not meet the standard of proof required.

That Cheney can say "It's the kind of capability if we'd had before 9/11 might have led us to be able to prevent 9/11," with a straight face is astonishing. He conveniently forgets the Presidential Daily Briefings that proved that the intell was available before 9/11, but was ignored.

December 16, 2005
From An Infowars Reader
The Patriot Act Amendments to HR3199 include a portion for creating a Secret Service Uniformed Devision.

This "Secret Police" will have rights to warrantless arrest. They can be called upon by the president at special events of national significance, as determined by the President.

(1) When directed by the President, the United States Secret Service is authorized to participate, under the direction of the Secretary of Homeland Security, in the planning, coordination, and implementation of security operations at special events of national significance, as determined by the President.

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Comment: While you may think that this is no big deal since we are told the new-and-improved SS will only be used for "national events", ask yourself why this expansion of the Secret Service's power is even necessary given the numerous other agencies that have already arrested and imprisoned "evildoers" in the war on terror with little or no judicial oversight. Perhaps the fact that the Secret Service is directly linked to the president can give us a clue...

Associated Press Writer
December 18, 2005
AL ASAD AIR BASE, Iraq (AP) -- Facing tough questions from battle-weary troops, Vice President Dick Cheney on Sunday cited signs of progress in Iraq and signaled that force changes could come in 2006.

Cheney rode the wave of last week's parliamentary elections during a 10-hour surprise visit to Iraq that aimed to highlight progress at a time when Americans question the mission. Military commanders and top government officials offered glowing reports, but the rank-and-file troops Cheney met did not seem to share their enthusiasm.

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Comment: "When he delivered the applause line, 'We're in this fight to win. These colors don't run,' the only sound was a lone whistle."

"The skepticism that Cheney faced reflects opinions back home, where most Americans say they do not approve of President Bush's handling of the war. It was unique coming from a military audience, which typically receives administration officials more enthusiastically."

"A lone whistle..." That says it all. The soldiers themselves know... it was all a lie, it IS all a lie...

Sunday, 18 December 2005
BBC News
US Vice-President Dick Cheney has made an unannounced visit to Iraq - his first since the 2003 US-led invasion.

Mr Cheney praised Iraq's "tremendous" elections last week and was described by President Jalal Talabani as a "hero for liberating Iraq".

The visit was kept so secret that it is thought even the Iraqi prime minister was not told beforehand.

As one of the main advocates of the Iraq war, Mr Cheney has come under constant criticism by opponents.

No quitting

The trip - Mr Cheney's first since 1991 when he was defence minister in George Bush senior's administration - came on the same day that President George W Bush was to give a prime-time address on Iraq.

The vice-president flew around the Baghdad area in a pack of eight fast-moving Blackhawk helicopters with guns mounted on the sides, the Associated Press news agency reports.

Comment: Ah yes, old Dick flies in to newly liberated Iraq and takes a tour of the city to observe the wonderful Democracy in progress, sadly, he doesn't get to see much because he is in the middle of a group of 8 fully armed black hawk attack helicopters flying at 200 miles per hour. Of course, the reason that Cheney must travel in this extreme cavalcade has absolutely no bearing on the reality or otherwise of the wonderful "freedom" that the Iraqi people are enjoying in the streets below. Cheney was just in a hurry, and he likes armored helicopters, lots of armored helicopters, and he likes company because he gets lonely because he is really just a big sweet, cuddly, teddy bear...can't you see it?

by Douglas Drenkow
December 19, 2005
Bush breaks federal wiretap law, then brags about it in a national address, daring the country to challenge his "authority" above the law.


From Daily Kos throughout the Internet goes this Emergency Action Alert: When the senate reconvenes Monday morning, at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time, jam the phone lines of the senators; let them know that Bush must be held accountable for his blatant violation of the federal wiretap law. No one -- not even the president -- is above the law. No one -- not even Geo. W. Bush -- exercises absolute power in our democracy; our liberties are our most precious possessions as Americans!

President Bush, don't tread on us.

To find the phone numbers and other contact information for your senators, go to the U.S. Senate homepage and select your state.

To send a message to your senators, congressional representatives, and/or local newspaper, use the Action Form below.

Remember, you will not be alone Monday: The people united will never be defeated!

Take action -- click here to contact your local newspaper or congress people:Hold Bush Accountable for Breaking Federal Wiretap Law!

Click here to see the most recent messages sent to congressional reps and local newspapers

Comment: The LINK has a cool form where you just fill it in, and it automatically sends your message to your congressmen/senators, and to all your local newspapers! Try it! You'll like it!

December 14, 2005
While the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal is conservative, the newspaper's news pages are liberal, even more liberal than The New York Times. The Drudge Report may have a right-wing reputation, but it leans left. Coverage by public television and radio is conservative compared to the rest of the mainstream media. Meanwhile, almost all major media outlets tilt to the left.

These are just a few of the surprising findings from a UCLA-led study, which is believed to be the first successful attempt at objectively quantifying bias in a range of media outlets and ranking them accordingly.

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Comment: Note that the study protocol was to "scour U.S. media coverage of the past 10 years." That means that over half of the articles tallied in the study were pre 9/11. The change in the media at the time of 9/11 was so profound and radical that there is no comparison. A better study would be to compare media bias before and AFTER 9/11.

Phillip Knightley
October 4, 2001
The way wars are reported in the western media follows a depressingly predictable pattern: stage one, the crisis; stage two, the demonisation of the enemy's leader; stage three, the demonisation of the enemy as individuals; and stage four, atrocities. At the moment we are at stages two and three: efforts to show that not only Osama bin Laden and the Taliban are fanatical and cruel but that most Afghans - even many Muslims - are as well.

We are already through stage one, the reporting of a crisis which negotiations appear unable to resolve. Politicians, while calling for diplomacy, warn of military retaliation. The media reports this as "We're on the brink of war", or "War is inevitable".

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The first duty of the press is to obtain the earliest and most correct intelligence of the events of the time, and instantly, by disclosing them, to make them the common property of the nation. The statesman collects his information secretly and by secret means; he keeps back even the current intelligence of the day with ludicrous precautions The Press lives by disclosures For us, with whom publicity and truth are the air and light of existence, there can be no greater disgrace than to recoil from the frank and accurate disclosure of facts as they are. We are bound to tell the truth as we find it, without fear of consequences--to lend no convenient shelter to acts of injustice or oppression, but to consign them at once to the judgement of the world.

Robert Lowe, editorial, London Times, 1851.

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Comment: Again we say, the American people need to vote with their wallets: cancel subscriptions to the NY Times, and boycott its corporate sponsors and their products.

By Ward Harkavy
The Village Voice
17 Dec 2005
I don't know what's worse: the New York Times's revelation yesterday that the National Security Agency is illegally spying on Americans or the New York Times's keeping secret in yesterday's revelation that there's a book deal involved.

Go ahead and read the fine coverage of this latest scandal at the formerly great paper by the Washington Post's Paul Farhi ("At the Times, A Scoop Deferred") and Salon's Tim Grieve ("How Long Did the Times Hold Its News?").

But here's something they don't have that you may have forgotten: James Risen, the reporter in the middle of this disgraceful episode of the paper's delaying this "scoop" for at least a year, was involved in a similar (and similarly hinky) deal three years ago with another U.S. spy agency, the CIA.

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By Andrew Buncombe
17 December 2005
UK Independent
A 30-year-old Oxford graduate with no public relations experience was the recipient of a $100m (£56m) contract from Donald Rumsfeld's Department of Defence for buying space in Iraqi newspapers to place deliberately one-sided stories written by US "psy-ops" troops, at a time when the chaos of Iraq makes genuine journalism all but impossible and when journalists risk their lives on a daily basis to report the truth.

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By Susan Llewelyn Leach
Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
The headline reads, "Columbus' Discovery of America: History's 'Biggest Mistake.' " That might sound harsh to an American audience, but it's less likely to ruffle Iraqis reading it in Arabic. Another zinger, this one from Tunisia, bluntly states, "The United States: a Country Beyond the Law." A Mexican headline declares: "Time Near for Bush to Pay the Piper."

The stories offer a glimpse of how foreigners feel about the only superpower. And they were all available recently on, a website launched earlier this year that simply culls, without comment, the foreign online press for commentary about America.

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By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco
17th December 2005
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has been shot dead, according to Wikipedia, the online, up-to-the-minute encyclopedia.

Apparently, the assassin was a "friend" of the victim of a recent controversy which ironically, smeared former Robert F Kennedy aid John Seigenthaler as a suspect in the assassination of both Kennedy brothers. That claim, which the site carried for several months, along with the assertion that Seigenthaler had lived in Russia, was eventually proved false.

For the record, The Register must note that the ubermeister of Wikipedia appears to be alive and well

The "news" of his death consisted of a random edit to his own, particularly fulsome entry on the encyclopedia he helped create.

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Comment: Is anybody else, besides us and millions of others, getting tired of this Wikipedia nonsense? Wales is a pervert slimeball and his "free for all encyclopedia" is little more than an online food fight.

Dominic Timms
Monday December 19, 2005
Wikipedia, the online user-generated encylopedia, plans to tighten editorial practices after coming under criticism for inaccuracies.

The site, which gets around 1,500 new submissions from ordinary individuals every day, said it would introduce a "stable" version and require contributors to register, to counter the criticism.

Wikipedia, which relies on about 1,000 volunteer editors to monitor entries, had to take down a entry on John Siegenthaler, a former aide to John F Kennedy, last month after it was modified by a user to falsely imply that he was involved in the former American president's assassination in 1963.

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By Ignacio Ramonet
Le Monde Diplomatique
“WE DO not torture,” said President George Bush, speaking in Panama on 7 November at the end of a five-day tour of Latin America, a region that has suffered under a series of Washington-backed dictatorships guilty of torture and the “disappearance” of suspects on a massive scale. The United States president was replying to an article in the Washington Post (1) accusing the US intelligence services of the “extraordinary rendition” and torture of prisoners in secret detention centres, or “black sites”, outside the US.

Can we believe Bush? The answer is no. Believe the man who told us, when he wanted to invade Iraq, that Saddam Hussein’s regime had links with al-Qaida? And Baghdad had weapons of mass destruction? Two lies that gave Washington an excuse to launch a “preventive war” that has cost the lives of tens of thousands of people (including more than 2,000 US soldiers).

No, Bush is not to be believed. Still less on the subject of torture.

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By John Saxe-Fernandez
Translated By Carly Gatzert
December 9, 2005
La Journada, Mexico
"I cannot comment on specific aspects of our intelligence activities."

During her official visit to Germany, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice used these words in an attempt to divert the onslaught of questions from the European press regarding the existence of locally operated antiterrorist intelligence centers financed by the CIA.

Specializing in the detention, interrogation and elimination of Islamist suspects, the camps that the George Bush Government has installed in Europe, Iraq, and around the world reflect an attempt to establish a "new political-judicial order" which disregards international law and focuses on the systematic use of State terror.

As a result, foreign governments are finding themselves increasingly at odds with the public opinion of their citizens. For instance, the application of torture and the clandestine use of runways in Germany for the transport, torment, and elimination of presumed terrorists has become a hot topic.

It is an especially thorny issue for Germans, who have both suffered and been shamed by World War II extermination camps and Nazi terror. Given Germany’s history and current public sentiment, the psycho-political impact of a scheme such as the one driven by the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld triumvirate is profound, and it surfaced when Rice visited Chancellor Merkel’s government, which is currently striving to improve relations with the U.S.

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Monday, December 19, 2005 Posted: 0735 GMT (1535 HKT)
LONDON, England (CNN) -- Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has suggested that European leaders are pretending to be shocked by news reports America took suspected terrorists to secret prison camps in Europe for interrogation.

In an interview broadcast Sunday on the BBC, Powell compared the situation to the movie "Casablanca," in which "the inspector says 'I'm shocked, shocked that this kind of thing takes place.'"

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Comment: We have to agree for once with Powell. As Réseau Voltaire showed last week, the Europeans signed on to a docuent in january 2003 in Athens that permitted just that activity that the European politicians are now finding so shocking.

Réseau Voltaire
(our translation)
European governments, who had repeated demanded explanations after the "discovery" of the existence of secret CIA prisons on their territories, were strangely satisfied by Condi Rice's evasive responses.

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By Elizabeth Zimermann and Ulrich Rippert
17 December 2005
"The criminal actions of the American secret service and the arrogant defence of such activities by the Bush administration recall the darkest days of fascist dictatorship when Gestapo agents ran amok in Europe, kidnapping and “rendering” opponents at will.

There is no one inside the German government, parliament and the entire political elite who is seriously prepared to oppose such crimes."

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By Chris Marsden
17 December 2005
Attempts by European governments to deny knowledge their airports were used by the CIA to fly detainees to facilities where they could be tortured has unravelled. A document obtained by the civil rights group Statewatch confirms that the European Union (EU) agreed to such flights as part of a wider programme of joint security operations with the Bush administration in 2003.

Minutes of confidential talks held in Athens on January 22, 2003, prove that EU officials agreed to allow access to their airports for the United States, and also indicate that the EU was well aware that such an agreement made them complicit in possible war crimes. EU officials have confirmed to the media that a full account of the meeting was circulated to all member governments, but all references to the agreement were deleted before the record was made public.

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By Mark Trevelyan
Security Correspondent
15 Dec 2005
BERLIN - German politicians expressed surprise on Thursday at reported U.S. comments that Washington had apologized and paid money to a German citizen it abducted to Afghanistan and held for months as a terrorist suspect.

The case of Khaled el-Masri, who is suing the Central Intelligence Agency for wrongful imprisonment and torture, took a new twist with comments from Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble in parliament on Wednesday.

Schaeuble shed new light on a conversation on May 31, 2004, between his predecessor Otto Schily and then-U.S. ambassador Daniel Coats, at which Coats first told the German government that one of its citizens had been detained.

Coats had said that Masri "had received an apology, agreed to keep quiet and been paid a sum of money", Schaeuble said.

But he said the U.S. envoy had not gone into detail about what happened to Masri. He had mentioned "neither the word Afghanistan, nor the length of time he had been held by the American side".

Masri's lawyer told German media his client had not received money from the Americans, and dismissed the account as an attempt to smear him.

The case has caused a political storm in Germany, with the government under pressure to demand a full explanation from Washington and clarify when German officials were told of the case and what they did about it.

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Translated By Paula van de Werken
December 9, 2005
El Tiempo Editorial
Attack is not always the best defense. As an example, in order to confront accusations of secret prisons on the Old Continent and the abuse of prisoners by the CIA, Condoleezza Rice on her European tour decided to go on the offensive. Indignation accompanied her throughout the trip.

On November 2, the Washington Post reported eight presumed secret detention camps of the CIA in Europe. Poland and Romania were implicated, and denied the report. The European press has exposed lists of landings of flights (400 in Germany alone) by American-operated aircraft which could have been transporting prisoners to countries suspected of interrogating them under torture.

Monday, as she was leaving on her five-day tour, Rice called upon the Continent not to complain about secret operations that "have saved European lives." She insinuated that several European governments knew more than they wanted to publicly admit.

Click to Expand Article 2005-12-19 04:52:32
LA PAZ, Dec. 18 (Xinhuanet) -- Evo Morales, the left-wing presidential candidate that is leading Bolivia's elections, called on the United States president George W Bush to respect "the sovereign will of Bolivia's people", local media reported on Sunday.

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Dec 18, 2005
France is likely to send a couple hundred more troops to Afghanistan next year, French Defence Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said here Sunday.

"It is likely that we will reinforce our men by a couple hundred," Alliot-Marie told a media briefing in the capital Kabul. The expansion would occur between now and mid-2006, she said.

France has about 800 soldiers in Afghanistan, including 600 in the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) of peacekeepers that works mainly in Kabul and in the north and west of the country.

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18 December 2005
Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has been taken to hospital after suffering a "very minor" stroke.

He had said he was feeling unwell while being driven home from work on Sunday and was taken directly to Jerusalem's Hadassah University Hospital.

Hospital officials say the prime minister is conscious and that his condition is not life-threatening.

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By Saleemur Rahman
The News International
18 Dec 2005
KASUR: Foreign Minister Khursheed Kasuri has said Pakistan strictly opposes any expected US attack on Iran, and will stand by Iran if this extreme step is taken by Washington.

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December 19, 2005
MADRID - Fourteen people suspected of recruiting fighters for the insurgency in Iraq were arrested overnight in a string of cities across Spain, police said.

They are suspected of having "recruited and indoctrinated mujaheedeen (Islamic fighters) for missions in Iraq," a spokesman said Monday, adding that the suspects were detained in the cities of Lerida, Malaga, Nerja, Seville and on the Balearic islands.

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PARIS, Dec 18 (AFP)
PARIS, Dec 18 (AFP) - It's been a tough year for the French president, but his victory at the EU summit over British Prime Minister Tony Blair has given Jacques Chirac a moment of recovered prestige at home and a chance to off-set an impressive tally of domestic problems, media said Sunday.

"European rebound" was how Le Monde summed up the marathon Brussels negotiations, which ended Saturday with Britain giving up EUR 10.5 billion of a jealously guarded rebate from the EU's 2007-2013 budget.

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Angelique Chrisafis, Ireland correspondent
Monday December 19, 2005
The Guardian
· Buck stops with Sinn Féin chief, say rival nationalists
· Republicans speculate real mole is more senior figure

Gerry Adams' leadership of Sinn Féin was last night being called into question as the recriminations over the Stormont spy ring scandal continued to reverberate across the province.

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By Tom Fawthrop in Havana
Published: 18 December 2005
The rich tourists whose luxury yachts once crowded the idyllic Marina Hemingway complex on the outskirts of the Cuban capital are shocked to find all Havana's hotel rooms fully booked until mid-2006. More than a dozen hotels have been temporarily closed to tourists to make way for a different kind of visitor. Most of them arrive nearly blind; but all will be able to see perfectly before they leave.

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by Shingo Ito
AFP Yokohama, Japan
Dec 15, 2005
An ambitious Japanese-led project to dig deeper into the Earth's surface than ever before will be a breakthrough in detecting earthquakes including Tokyo's dreaded "Big One," officials said Thursday.

The deep-sea drilling vessel Chikyu made a port call Thursday in Yokohama after ending its first training mission at sea since being built in July at a cost of 500 million dollars.

The 57,500-ton Chikyu, which means the Earth in Japanese, is scheduled to embark in September 2007 on a voyage to collect the first samples of the Earth's mantle in human history.

The project, led by Japan and the United States with the participation of China and the European Union, seeks clues on primitive organisms that were the forerunners of life and on the tectonic plates that shake the planet's foundations.

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Andrew Findley
News 5
Dec 16, 2005
A mysterious force shook buildings from Pascagoula, Mississippi to Chumuckla, Florida Friday morning, but no one News 5 talked to knows exactly what caused it. Sometime between 9:00 and 9:30 am, a thunderous sound rumbled through the Gulf Coast. Not everyone felt it, but those who did all described it in much the same way. Ruthstein Woods in Eight Mile said, "I was laying in the bed watching TV and all of a sudden, it was like big boom, like the ceiling or something was like falling. I jumped up and ran and looked, and I looked outside, but I didn't see anything. It was like real, real shaking and stuff."

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Comment: Hmmm... we were talking about big booms just the other day and how they can be a type of earthquake... just what IS going on inside our planet?

By Anthony R. Wood
Inquirer Staff Writer
Scientists fear that the Gulf Stream - the immense, enigmatic force behind ferocious weather and mild climate - is being remade. The effects could be profound.

First of Three Parts

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12/14/2005 2:13:00 PM
It may be the latest evidence of global warming: Polar bears are drowning.

Scientists for the first time have documented multiple deaths of polar bears off Alaska, where they likely drowned after swimming long distances in the ocean amid the melting of the Arctic ice shelf. The bears spend most of their time hunting and raising their young on ice floes.

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Comment: "It may be the latest evidence of global warming"?? How much more evidence do they need?

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor
18 December 2005
UK Independent
The world is now hotter than at any stage since prehistoric times, a top climatologist announced last week. His startling conclusion comes as Nasa reported that 2005 has been the hottest year ever recorded.

Dr Michael Coughlan, head of the National Climate Centre at the Australian Government's Bureau of Meteorology, said: "One probably has to go back into prehistoric times - and way back in them - to be seeing these sorts of temperatures."

Top British climatologists agree privately but are cautious of saying so in public because, naturally, no measurements were taken of temperatures then.

Dr Coughlan is supported by research that shows carbon dioxide levels in the air - the main cause of global warming - are higher now than at any time in the past hundreds of thousands of years.

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19 April 2002
Fred Pearce
Robert Watson, one of the world's leading climate scientists, has been ousted from his job as chairman of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This followed the withdrawal of support by the US government, apparently at the behest of the oil company ExxonMobil, which had lobbied against him.

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Comment: A lot has happened since Robert Watson was kicked out because Bush and Co didn't like him and didn't like hearing about Global Climate Change. If we examine the records, we find that a lot of scientists have been kicked out, silenced, and even killed since Bush came to power. In short, the Bush Gang has been quietly and steadily getting rid of anybody who could help us solve the problems humanity faces today.

16 December 2005
Britain has seen its biggest and brightest Moon for 18 years, after its orbit brought it closer to Earth.

Dr Jim O'Donnell, of the Royal Greenwich Observatory, said it was also "higher in the sky than usual".

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By LISA TOLIN, Associated Press
Published December 18, 2005
Sure, we all know the one about the second gunman on the grassy knoll. And thanks to a little book by Dan Brown, we know Leonardo Da Vinci may or may not have slipped Mary Magdalene into The Last Supper.

But did the Titanic sink because of a secret fraud conspiracy? Are Nazis hanging out in Antarctica? Was a CIA experiment in mind-control behind the Jonestown massacre?

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Comment: More debunking. Set up the outlandish theories and scare people away from the more realistic ones. Anyone want to talk about the crazy idea that 19 Arabs guided by a madman in a cave in Afghanistan pulled off the attack of 9/11?

By Claire Hoffman and Kim Christensen
LA Times Staff Writers
GILMAN HOT SPRINGS, Calif. — Nearly 30 years ago, the Church of Scientology bought a dilapidated and bankrupt resort here and turned the erstwhile haven for Hollywood moguls and starlets into a retreat for L. Ron Hubbard, the science fiction writer who founded the religion.

Today, the out-of-the-way 500-acre compound near Hemet has quietly grown into one of Scientology's major bases of operation, with thriving video and recording studios, elaborate offices and a multimillion-dollar mansion that former members say was built for the eventual return of "LRH," who died in 1986.

Like the previous owners, the church also has used the property as a sanctuary for its own stable of stars. It is here, ex-members say, that Hollywood's most bankable actor, Tom Cruise, was assiduously courted for the cause by Scientology's most powerful leader, David Miscavige.

Scientology has long recruited Hollywood luminaries. But the close friendship of these two men for nearly 20 years and their mutual devotion to Hubbard help explain Cruise's transformation from just another celebrity adherent into the public face of the church.

The bond between the star and his spiritual leader was evident last year when the two traded effusive words and crisp salutes at a Scientology gala in England. Calling Cruise "the most dedicated Scientologist I know," Miscavige presented him with the church's first Freedom Medal of Valor.

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ecember 16, 2005
KABUL, Afghanistan -- Suspected Taliban guerrillas dragged a teacher from a classroom of teenagers in southern Afghanistan and killed him at the school gate after he ignored their orders to stop teaching girls, police said on Friday.

The attack was carried out by two armed men who arrived at the secondary school in the Nad Ali district of Helmand province by motorcycle on Thursday, Helmand police chief Abdul Rahman Sabir told Reuters.

"They dragged the teacher from the classroom and shot him at the school gate," he said.

"He had received many warning letters from the Taliban to stop teaching, but he continued to to do so happily and honestly -- he liked to teach boys and girls," Sabir said.

He identified the teacher by the single name, Laghmani.

The fundamentalist Taliban banned education of girls during their rule before being overthrown by U.S.-led forces in 2001.

The guerrillas have carried out a series of attacks in the provinces on schools teaching girls since them, often burning them down at night. 2005-12-19 11:28:26
BEIJING, Dec. 19 (Xinhuanet) -- No human-to-human transmission of bird flu has been found so far, but subtle mutations in the virus are bringing the world closer to a pandemic, the UN's coordinator on avian influenza has warned recently.

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December 17, 2005
The Australian
BAGHDAD: Iraqi security forces allegedly caught terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi but released him because they did not realise who he was.

Deputy Interior Minister Hussein Kamal said on Thursday that the Jordanian-born leader of al-Q'aida in Iraq was in custody some time last year, but he would not provide further details, CNN reported.

The report could not be confirmed, but a US official said in Washington that American intelligence believed it was plausible. The official spoke on condition of anonymity.

There have been several reports of missed opportunities to capture Zarqawi, including an April 28 raid by US forces acting on a tip from local informants that militants, reportedly including the terror leader, were hiding in a hospital in Ramadi, 100km west of Baghdad. The terrorist group al-Q'aida in Iraq and Iraqi officials also denied reports last month that Zarqawi was among those killed in a raid in the northern city of Mosul.

Zarqawi, who has claimed responsibility for attacks in Iraq, along with the kidnappings and beheadings of foreigners, has a $US25million ($33.1million) bounty on his head. He also drew criticism in his home country of Jordan after his insurgent group claimed responsibility for the deadly November 9 attacks on hotels in Amman.

Comment: How much more of this nonsense are we willing to take? How much more evidence do we need to convince us that that our leaders clearly believe us to be complete imbeciles, incapable of any rational independent thought, numbskulls to be toyed with and who will believe anything they are told?

At what point does our own self-respect come into play? Do we have any? At what point do we begin to get over the need to believe that our leaders are telling the truth and the "Islamic terrorist" threat is real and begin to see and call the lies and BS for what they are?

Al-Zarqawi as "Islamic terror chief" is obviously a completely fictional character. More than two and a half years ago, Iraqi sources had confirmed that he was dead, yet this fact was simply ignored by the Bush regime who had plans for this "master terrorist" and needed him to be alive.

Yet even US military intelligence in Iraq could not avoid spelling out the real nature of the al-Zarqawi myth. About one year ago the UK Telegraph reported:
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the terrorist leader believed to be responsible for the abduction of Kenneth Bigley, is 'more myth than man', according to American military intelligence agents in Iraq.

Several sources said the importance of Zarqawi, blamed for many of the most spectacular acts of violence in Iraq, has been exaggerated by flawed intelligence and the Bush administration's desire to find "a villain" for the post-invasion mayhem.

US military intelligence agents in Iraq have revealed a series of botched and often tawdry dealings with unreliable sources who, in the words of one source, "told us what we wanted to hear".

"We were basically paying up to $10,000 a time to opportunists, criminals and chancers who passed off fiction and supposition about Zarqawi as cast-iron fact, making him out as the linchpin of just about every attack in Iraq," the agent said.

By AARON NICODEMUS, Standard-Times staff writer
NEW BEDFORD -- A senior at UMass Dartmouth was visited by federal agents two months ago, after he requested a copy of Mao Tse-Tung's tome on Communism called "The Little Red Book."

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Tuesday December 13th 2005, 8:29 pm
Kurt Nimmon
Another Day in the Empire
Dick Marty, a Swiss senator investigating Bush’s rape and torture gulag and macabre sadism flying circus, reveals what many of us have long suspected: the CIA had more than a little help from “national secret services” in Europe, thus making a case for the obvious—the CIA is but one of several components of a larger and more sinister global covert “intelligence” organization. However, key players and prime motivators in this sprawling murder, black op, and torture infrastructure consist of elements in the CIA, MI6, and Mossad (and Mossad should be considered European, not Middle Eastern, since Israel was created after the Polish rabbi Zevi Hirsch Kalischer proposed Baron Edmond de Rothschild create Erez Israel and British colonialism set the stage less than a hundred years later, paving the way for Ashkenazi Jews—that is to say, European Jews—to steal Arab land and create the outlaw state of Israel, now a full partner in the New World Order plot to turn the planet into a hellish plantation).

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Comment: To understand the dynamics at work in the world today, we refer you once again to the work Political Ponerology, excerpts of which can be found here.

by Laura Rozen
December 19th, 2005
He's drawn the scorn of the Bush administration and Iraq war supporters for coming out last month in favor of a rapid drawdown of U.S. troops from Iraq.

Now Representative John Murtha, Democrat of Pennsylvania, a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran known for his closeness to the uniformed military, is drawing the ire of moderates in his own party who worry that his position on Iraq saddles them, again, with a reputation for being soft on defense.

Murtha has kept at his attacks on the Bush administration's Iraq policies. Last week, he joined forces with Senator John McCain, introducing the House version of a measure banning torture by U.S. personnel. The non-binding measure passed overwhelmingly.

President Bush may not like his call for scheduling an exit, but Murtha says Bush hands out guidelines and timelines all the time, from No Child Left Behind to the deadline for a constitution in Iraq. Unless we give the Iraqis an incentive to protect themselves, Murtha says, we'll reduce U.S. troops to targets in never-ending conflict.

He spoke by telephone with the Voice from his Capitol Hill office Friday, December 16, the day after Iraq's parliamentary elections.

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By John Kaminski
We're lost in the music, and cannot hear the words

No one sleeps! No one sleeps. Even you, oh princess, in your cold room, look at the stars that tremble with love and hope!
–Giacomo Puccini, Nessun Dorma
It's long past time to examine a strange anomaly in the human psyche.

Consider, if you will, the eerie irony that resonates in the brainspace between these two facts. One: Free-thinking people who are thrown in jail for disputing the nature of the deaths of certain Jewish people 50 years ago. Two: The utter current silence about families being obliterated by white phosphorus in Iraq, probably 50 minutes ago. Or, if you like, left to die on the streets of New Orleans, 50 days ago.

These bonechilling contrasts mirror the schizophrenic split in contemporary society, where official versions of things tend NOT to be accurate descriptions of the events that actually happened. Witness Fallujah, and countless other daily examples of human depredation.

Do you have the perceptual skills and actualized courage to make the connection?

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Comment: At the end of the article, Kaminski included the following:
Note to readers: Due to time constraints and several popular websites not posting my stories consistently (always due to a certain subject matter which intimidates so many), many of you have not had a chance to see several of my recent pieces, links to which are listed below:

Cultural wormhole
The emissary
The real war

And for more information on Puccini’s Nessun Dorma, check out these

By Robert Miller
In his day, he was one of America's celebrities, gawked at by the multitudes, hyped by a massive publicity machine. His presence alone saved the Greatest Show on Earth from financial ruin. When he died, it was banner headlines and front page news.

Today, with King Kong returning to the screen, Gargantua — one of America's other Great Apes — is on display at Yale University's Peabody Museum of Natural History in New Haven.

In a corner on the second floor, he stands — or rather, his skeleton stands — skull turned to face the humans that used to pay a quarter to see him. But instead of a mob, only a few people wander by. Stripped of his girth, his pelt, his bad temper and menacing scowl, Gargantua has been tamed by time.

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December 19, 2005

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