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"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism." - Cindy Sheehan

P I C T U R E   O F  T H E  D A Y
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WTC September 11th 2001. The question: Who is to blame?

Donald Hunt
November 28, 2005
Gold closed at $497.10 an ounce on Friday, up 2.2% from $486.40 at the previous week’s close. The dollar closed at 0.8547 euros, up 0.6% from 0.8495 the week before. The euro closed at 1.1700 dollars compared to $1.1772 at the end of the previous week. Gold in euros, then, would be 424.87 euros an ounce, up 2.8% from 413.18 euros the Friday before. Oil closed at $58.03 a barrel, up 1.4% from $57.21 at the end of the previous week. Oil in euros would be 49.60 a barrel, up 2.1% from 48.60 the week before. The gold/oil ratio closed at 8.57 up 0.8% from 8.50 at the end of the previous week. The yield on the ten-year U.S. Treasury note closed at 4.44%, down six basis points from 4.50 the Friday before. In U.S. stocks, the Dow closed at 10,931.62, up 1.5% from the previous week’s 10,766.33. The NASDAQ closed at 2,263.01, up 2.5% from 2,227.07 the Friday before.

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Friday, November 25, 2005
NEW YORK (Reuters) — With the price of gold inching toward $500 an ounce for the first time in 18 years, investors might be in a quandary: whether to buy gold bullion or shares in gold mining companies.

"We have done better owning gold than shares," said Jay Taylor, publisher of an industry newsletter, J Taylor's Gold & Technology Stocks.

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A QFS Member Comments: Maybe the PTB really are getting ready to let the gold price correct... to what effect on the US economy? There are still questionable items in this article though... Newmont and Placer Dome are blaming "energy costs" on their drop in profits and the more likely culprits - the hedge accounts - are pushed into the background. Still, with more and more stories like this, it seems that we are starting to see the mainstream media changing their tune on gold all of a sudden.

Associated Press
Mon Nov 28, 3:09 AM ET
WASHINGTON - Many of America's inner cities continue to hemorrhage jobs despite years of federal programs designed to improve their economies.

Nearly half of the country's 82 largest municipalities lost jobs from 1995 to 2003, according to a new Harvard University study. By comparison, only one of the surrounding metropolitan areas lost jobs during the same period.

A separate analysis by The Associated Press found that most inner cities targeted by the federal government's primary urban economic programs lost jobs as well.

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Nov 28 8:04 AM US/Eastern
BERLIN - EU Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Franco Frattini warned Monday any EU nation found to have operated secret CIA prisons could have their EU voting rights suspended.

"I would be obliged to propose to the Council (of EU Ministers) serious consequences, including the suspension of voting rights in the Council," Frattini said at a counter-terrorism conference.

Comment: Well, that's one way to ensure that EU countries cover up their involvement with the US rendition process...

By Mark Trevelyan
Reuters Security Correspondent
Sun Nov 27, 8:30 AM ET
BERLIN - A wave of investigations into whether the CIA broke laws and violated human rights while using Europe as a hub for secret transfers of terrorist suspects poses awkward questions for both European governments and Washington.

Pressure has grown on all sides in the past week to explain dozens of flights criss-crossing the continent by CIA planes, some suspected of delivering prisoners to jails in third countries where they may have been mistreated or tortured.

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Comment: "It's a pity, because a certain transparency would be to the advantage of everybody, including the U.S."

Indeed. Given that the majority of Americans now believe that the Bush government lied to them about the reasons for the invasion of Iraq, why should we believe the Bush gang when they tell us again that the lack of transparency is because the nation is at war or for "national security" reasons?

Associated Press Writer
Nov 26 5:25 PM US/Eastern
CRAWFORD, Texas - A repeat of last summer's dueling rallies against the war and in support of President Bush drew much small crowds to Crawford on a cool, rainy Saturday.

About a dozen Bush supporters stood downtown with signs, one reading: "Real America won't wimp out." Throughout the morning, shoppers and a few tourists leaving souvenir stores stopped in the tent to voice their support for the president.

Closer to the Bush ranch, where the president celebrated Thanksgiving with his family, about 200 people rallied around Cindy Sheehan in a continuation of California woman's summer protest against the war that claimed her son.

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Comment: The image splashed across the major media outlets today is this one:

Sheehan Book Signing

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan waits for people to show up at her book signing near President Bush's ranch on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 in Crawford, Texas.

Obviously, we are meant to believe that no one supports Sheehan's anti-war cause any more. Yet from the above article, we can see that while "about a dozen" Bush supporters showed up, around 200 anti-war demonstrators rallied around Sheehan. Why are we not surprised that the mainstream news outlets didn't publish photos of Sheehan surrounded by 200 people??

Paul Joseph Watson
November 28 2005
Moviegoers in the upcoming months will be bombarded by films about the Iraq war and 9/11. These movies will uniformly reinforce the official party line that 9/11 was carried out by 19 Arabs with box cutters and that the invasion of Iraq was a heroic act of liberation in the defense of America.

The Associated Press reports that several productions are set to hit both big and little screens, including the dramatized story of what happened on Flight 93.

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SUN NOV 27 2005 17:05:23 ET
The TV networks are getting edgier in their '06 pilot plans.

The nets have filled their development slates with a bevy of brave ideas and bold format experiments, VARIETY reports on Monday, including shows about THE END OF AMERICA!

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Comment: And why wouldn't he be encouraged?! Just look at the optimistic, uplifting programming that's in store for Americans next year!

SUN NOV 27 2005 17:05:23 ET
A CNN switchboard operator was fired over the holiday -- after the operator claimed the 'X' placed over Vice President's Dick Cheney's face was "free speech!"

"We did it just to make a point. Tell them to stop lying, Bush and Cheney,"
the CNN operator said to a caller. "Bring our soldiers home."

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Comment: So, CNN does not support freedom of speech. No big surprise there!

10/18/2005 8:46:00 PM GMT
Americans have become increasingly frustrated with their President’s Iraq policy.

According to most recent surveys, just 28 percent of Americans think the president is doing a good job, the lowest in a decade. But pollsters say that even without running a poll; just wandering down to the local coffee shops you will see the amount of anger and frustration as a result of Iraq war, the mounting casualties, skyrocketing energy prices and the government’s policy.

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November 26, 2005
George W. Bush returned from a brief but difficult November learning foray in Latin America: "Wow, Brazil is big." Meanwhile, U.S. citizens grew impatient with his performance. CBS polls rated him at 35% approval in early November. Even his supporters acknowledge that Bush's policies have created enormous ill will throughout the world. More ethically worrisome, cried his critics, those policies don't represent who we really are.

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By Louay Safi
Washington Report, November 2005
Three militant neocon pundits spoke vehemently against the Bush administration’s gesture to include American Muslim leaders in discussions on how to deal with the rising tide of anti-Americanism and restore the level of trust and support the United States enjoyed prior to the missteps the administration took at the neocons’ urging.

Frank Gaffney issued a warning to Karen Hughes, the newly appointed undersecretary of state for public diplomacy, demanding that she not attend the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention. Ignoring the false alarm he set in a recent op-ed piece in the Washington Times, Hughes did meet with Muslim leaders and discussed her ideas for bridging the deepening divide between the United States and Muslim countries (see p. 69of this issue).

Gaffney told Hughes point bank: “Don’t go there.” Joel Mowbray, another neocon who is apparently more aware of effective tactics of misinformation, gave Hughes the benefit of the doubt, allowing her to make one mistake one time: “Given that it is highly unlikely Hughes knew exactly what she was walking into,” Mowbray wrote, “she deserves the benefit of the doubt—this time.”

Gaffney belongs to a small but vocal group of militant pundits driven by deep-seated hate of Islam and Muslims, and bent on maligning Muslim leaders and organizations in a bid to marginalize and isolate mainstream American Muslims. He joined Mowbray and Daniel Pipes, two other well-known Muslim-bashers, in demonizing ISNA and the leaders of the national Muslim organizations who met with Hughes.

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Comment: While it is open to debate as to whether or not NeoCons like Frank Gaffney and Daniel Pipes really do hate Muslims, what is beyond doubt is their extreme need for the perpetuation of the war on terror in order to continue to sow the seeds of war in the Middle East (yes, that's right, the war in the Middle East hasn't even begun yet). It is possible therefore that their apparent hatred of Muslims has more to do with convincing the American public that Muslims are terrorists and need to be wiped off the face of the planet, a task that the U.S. and Israeli militaries stand ready to undertake.

By Walter Pincus
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, November 27, 2005; Page A06
The Defense Department has expanded its programs aimed at gathering and analyzing intelligence within the United States, creating new agencies, adding personnel and seeking additional legal authority for domestic security activities in the post-9/11 world.

The moves have taken place on several fronts. The White House is considering expanding the power of a little-known Pentagon agency called the Counterintelligence Field Activity, or CIFA, which was created three years ago. The proposal, made by a presidential commission, would transform CIFA from an office that coordinates Pentagon security efforts -- including protecting military facilities from attack -- to one that also has authority to investigate crimes within the United States such as treason, foreign or terrorist sabotage or even economic espionage.

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Simon Jenkins
The Sunday Times
(a disinfo rag)
So why invoke the Official Secrets Act to ban such material? Here the plot thickens. Blair is desperate not to have any split with Washington on public view. He senses that a dam may be about to burst, revealing Anglo-American splits over Iraq just when Bush’s policy there is facing domestic opposition.

We assume from this and from Downing Street’s use of the Official Secrets Act against the Mirror memo that it knows of more high explosive lurking in the bomb bays of Fleet Street. Retired generals, SAS soldiers, Downing Street aides, diplomats and spies are queueing up, eager for profit or revenge. Blair will pay dearly for his lavish entourage of cronies and his contempt for discreet civil servants.

Confidences well kept are a sign of sound leadership. When discipline crumbles it is a sign of decay.

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From correspondents in Washington
November 28, 2005
The White House has admitted it has an Iraq withdrawal plan, arguing that a troop pullout blueprint unveiled this past week by a Democratic senator was "remarkably similar" to its own.

The Bush administration also signalled its acceptance of a recent US Senate amendment designed to pave the way for a phased US military withdrawal from the violence-torn country.

The statement late on Saturday by White House spokesman Scott McClellan came in response to a commentary published in The Washington Post by Joseph Biden, the top Democrat of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in which he said US forces will begin leaving Iraq next year "in large numbers."

The United States will move about 50,000 servicemen out of the country by the end of 2006, and "a significant number" of the remaining 100,000 the year after, according to Senator Biden's article.

Speaking on US television overnight, Senator Biden said that with or without a near-term troop withdrawal, the window is rapidly closing on the opportunity for a US success in Iraq.[...]

"Are we going to have traded a dictator for chaos? Or are we going to have traded a dictator for a stable Iraq? That's the real question. And that depends on the president's actions from here out," said Senator Biden.

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Comment: Unfortunately for Senator Biden, the US government and military have already traded a man who posed no threat to anyone, for the lives of at least 100,000 Iraqi civilians. Regardless or whether or not Iraq turns out to be "stable" (very unlikely) there is no way to wipe the slate clean and absolve the U.S. political establishment for its collective participation in what amounts to genocide.

Associated Press
November 28, 2005
BAGHDAD, Iraq - An American citizen has been reported missing in Iraq, the U.S. Embassy said Monday, a day after a Canadian Parliament official said that four humanitarian workers had been kidnapped. [...]

U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Elizabeth Colton said only that an American had been reported missing. The person's name was not immediately released.

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By Michael E. Ruane
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, November 26, 2005
Some Veterans Feel Lives Enlarged by Wartime Suffering

"If you think about all of the heroes and heroines in cultures across the world . . . all of them, in one sense or another, faced some sort of a dragon," said Matthew J. Friedman, director of the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and a professor of psychiatry at Dartmouth Medical School. "The transformation from that encounter has been celebrated from antiquity."

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Drudge Report Flash
SUN NOV 27 2005 17:05:23 ET
Senior Bush administration officials have considered the unthinkable: What if Saddam Hussein is found not guilty in his trial?

"There will be more charges filed against him, and more charges after that, if needed... he has committed tremendous crimes," a top Bush source explained last week from Washington.

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Comment: Another Bush administration official continued, "Look, one way or another, the fake Saddam MUST be found guilty. The American people deserve no less."

By: Associated Press
11/27/2005 1:37 PM
WASHINGTON -- The labels inside U.S. Border Patrol uniforms have been making many federal agents feel uneasy.

It's not the fit or feel of the olive-green shirts and pants, but what their labels read: "Made in Mexico."

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Comment: The simple fact of the matter is that very, very few of the products that Americans use every day are still 'Made in America'. Oh, and don't forget to check inside that new DVD player - there may be a terrorist hiding inside.

Nov. 28, 2005
Mexico probably will surpass the U.S. in obesity rates for the first time next year as the Latin American nation adopts the fast food and sedentary lifestyles of its neighbor to the north.

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Associated Press
November 28, 2005
DENVER - Blizzard conditions wreaked havoc from Colorado to the Midwest, and tornadoes ripped through Arkansas and Kansas as a burst of treacherous weather damaged homes, turned roads into ice rinks and sent cars spinning off highways.

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By Alireza Ronaghi in Tehran
November 28, 2005

TEN people were killed and about 50 injured when an earthquake razed mud-brick villages on the Gulf island of Qeshm off Iran's south coast yesterday, officials and state media said.

By David Eimer
In the eastern province of Jiangxi, an earthquake yesterday killed 14 people and injured nearly 400.

The quake, which measured 5.7 on the Richter scale, struck at 8.49am and was followed by two aftershocks, damaged 130,000 homes and forced the evacuation of 420,000 people, according to initial reports.

Associated Press
Sun Nov 27, 3:23 AM ET
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Carrying rosary beads and cameras, the faithful have been coming in a steady stream to a church on the outskirts of Sacramento for a glimpse of what some are calling a miracle: A statue of the Virgin Mary they say has begun crying a substance that looks like blood. [...]

Since then, Truong said he has been at the church day and night, so emotional he can't even work. He believes the tears are a sign.

"There's a big event in the future — earthquake, flood, a disease," Truong said. "We're very sad."

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By Neil Mackay
Sunday Herald
27 November 2005
As the Pope’s astronomer, Guy Consolmagno must reconcile faith and science, then work out what to do if ET phones Rome

Even in the 1950s, priests knew that aliens and the Church didn’t compute. If there were extraterrestrials out there, their existence could effectively herald the death of God – cutting the ground from beneath key biblical truths, not least of which is the claim that humankind was made in God’s image.

Consolmagno has been granted a special dispensation from the Church to produce a book called Intelligent Life In The Universe? Catholic Belief And The Search For Extra-Terrestrial Life. Published by the Vatican’s Catholic Truth Society, it explores an issue which could – theoretically – reduce the spires and steeples of Rome to rubble.

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November 28, 2005

NEW! 9/11: The Ultimate Truth is Now Available!

On the fourth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Laura Knight-Jadczyk announced the availability of her latest book:

In the years since the 9/11 attacks, dozens of books have sought to explore the truth behind the official version of events that day - yet to date, none of these publications has provided a satisfactory answer as to WHY the attacks occurred and who was ultimately responsible for carrying them out.

Taking a broad, millennia-long perspective, Laura Knight-Jadczyk's 9/11: The Ultimate Truth uncovers the true nature of the ruling elite on our planet and presents new and ground-breaking insights into just how the 9/11 attacks played out.

9/11: The Ultimate Truth makes a strong case for the idea that September 11, 2001 marked the moment when our planet entered the final phase of a diabolical plan that has been many, many years in the making. It is a plan developed and nurtured by successive generations of ruthless individuals who relentlessly exploit the negative aspects of basic human nature to entrap humanity as a whole in endless wars and suffering in order to keep us confused and distracted to the reality of the man behind the curtain.

Drawing on historical and genealogical sources, Knight-Jadczyk eloquently links the 9/11 event to the modern-day Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She also cites the clear evidence that our planet undergoes periodic natural cataclysms, a cycle that has arguably brought humanity to the brink of destruction in the present day.

For its no nonsense style in cutting to the core of the issue and its sheer audacity in refusing to be swayed or distracted by the morass of disinformation that has been employed by the Powers that Be to cover their tracks, 9/11: The Ultimate Truth can rightly claim to be THE definitive book on 9/11 - and what that fateful day's true implications are for the future of mankind.

Published by Red Pill Press

Order the book today at our bookstore.

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