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Signs of the Times for Sun, 29 Jan 2006

Signs Editorial:

Signs of the Times
Another Day in the Empire. He has received death threats and has been the victim of a slander campaign. It is a sad day when a voice for the truth is forced to close down a popular site due to the actions of modern-day Brown Shirts, and, this, in a country that sees itself as the beacon of freedom and democracy in the world. Another Day in the Empire logo

When they came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I did not speak out;
I was not a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Pastor Martin Niemöller

Kurt Nimmo has been writing an informative and hard-hitting blog on current affairs for several years, Another Day in the Empire. Not any more. The Zionist threats against Kurt and his family have reached a level where he is compelled for the safety of his family to stop.

He will continue to write, but he will find other venues for the publication of his stories. We wish Kurt and his family well. Having received Zionist death threaths and having suffered the slander campaigns of Zionist groups, we understand the strain he is under. We look forward to the appearance of new material in whatever forum Kurt chooses. There are too few commentators with his ability to cut through the lies and to piece together the clues. Kurt, you are needed.

Unfortunately, the death threats and silencing of Another Day in the Empire raise serious questions for the future of reporting on the Internet. If it is happening today to Kurt Nimmo, who will be next? One by one will those who dare stand for the truth be silenced in the United States? Will all those who stand up to the lies of the Bush administration be threatened and silenced?

It has happened before, and if you believe the US is somehow immune because you believe the myth and aren't looking at the erosion of civil liberties and constitutional rights under Bush, you're going to wake up some day with a nasty surprise. Of course, if you believe in Bush the Father of the Country, personally appointed by God to do His Will, then you probably are more inclined to be a Brown shirt than a dissident. And if you read Signs of the Times or Kurt Nimmo, it is only with the aim of shutting us up.

The Internet has been and still is an important forum for alternative views on our reality. The mainstream press presents, shall we say, a somewhat biased account of the workings of the world. The more that serious and sincere researchers delve into the inner machinations of society, the more they become convinced that Zionism plays a role that far outweighs the numbers of its adherents. The Bush administration is rife with Zionists, including important advisors who have dual Israeli/US citizenship and who move from the Likud to the Republican party with great ease. If the Democrats are elected, the Zionists will no doubt populate important posts in the next administration. Where do their loyalties lie? They tell us that Israeli and US interests are the same, that Israel is the bastion of democracy in the Middle East. But is it true?

Obviously many Americans believe it is so, including millions of fundamentalist Christians who are all for the establishment of Greater Israel because it will usher in the Second Coming of their Saviour, and lead to the destruction of those Jews who deny their Lord a second time. Some friends!

(Note that we do not speak of the "re-establishment" of Greater Israel because there is no historical evidence whatsoever that suggests it ever existed as depicted in the fanciful stories of David and Solomon in the Bible.)

The Zionists, of course, don't buy into the Christian myth and are using the Christians for their own ends. So they are each using the other. As we said, some friends!

Since 911 we have been comparing the deteriorating situation in the US with that in Germany in the thirties, warning that these new fascists were preparing for a more and more open assault on freedom of expression. We have been laughed at. Kurt Nimmo has also made such comparisons. Unfortunately, he is now suffering the consequences. He has probably been laughed at, too. What will those who laughed say now? They will probably explain it away, or, perhaps, even think Nimmo had it coming for sticking his nose into other people's business.

Signs of the Times can continue its work because we took the warnings seriously and are not in the US. We have a group of editors from several countries. The American editors left their country, going into exile rather than remain when they saw the writing on the wall. Many of their friends thought they were deranged or only seeing the negative side of things in their descriptions of the danger of remaining in the US. Sadly, time is proving that the editors of Signs of the Times were correct in their judgment. And it's only going to get worse. The people around Bush have shown they will go to great lengths to stay in power.

Just look at their record. If they were willing to kill 3,000 innocent people on 911, not to mention the tens of thousands who have died since, they will stop at nothing to maintain their hold on power.

The Ponerogenic groups that harrass Nimmo or that have harassed us do not even need to get their marching orders from Washington or Tel Aviv. They thrive in an environment where this behaviour is encouraged, following the mood of the times and the examples set by their leaders. That, of course, does not mean that they are not getting their marching orders from Washington or Tel Aviv...

But what can those people who are still in the US, and who still wish to speak out, do to continue to put forward the truth while remaining safe? Nazi Germany offers a wealth of material on what happens to dissenters who stay.

There are no easy answers. The choice may come down to remaining in or leaving the United States. We are not alone in warning that we need to learn from the experience of Hitler's Germany, that is, we are not alone in seeing what is there before our eyes, free from the mythmaking and reassuring self-image Americans have of themselves and their country, the belief that "it could not happen here". Don't you think Germans told themselves the same thing?

Here we enter into other territory. It comes down to the question of doing. At what point does what you see begin to really influence what you do? At what moment are you pushed to act on your knowledge? To overcome the inertia that holds you in your current situation? If you were really uncomfortable, you'd do something about it, wouldn't you? You would find a response comparable to the threat.

If you do nothing, you must not consider the threat to be terribly real, menacing, or near.

It is sad but true that most people ignore the warning signs and only act when a situation has gotten out of control and their personal comfort is disturbed. As long as life can continue on in the old way, under the old conditions, people will continue living in what is familar, even if the danger signals are becoming louder and clearer.

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