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"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism." - Cindy Sheehan

PODCAST Sat 14th of Jan, 2006

Signs of the Times

The world as seen from around the kitchen table


Part 1

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Part 2

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In our latest podcast, (left to right) editors Henry See, Scott Ogrin, and Joe Quinn discuss the possible reality of reincarnation with Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

In part one, Laura discusses evidence that she collected during her years as a hypontherapist. In part two, Laura shares a very personal experience that provided startling evidence to suggest that reincarnation is indeed a reality.

If you have any questions for the Signs Team or would like to suggest a topic for future Podcast discussion, you can write us at:

Laura Knight-Jadczyk
March 2000: As I recounted in my book, Amazing Grace, when my son, (who is now 17), was born, he exhibited some peculiarly "adult" terrors and reactions to a number of things. I will not describe every detail, but, being involved in the work I have been for most of my adult life, I knew that this child had something strange going on from the way he clung to me so desperately as an infant.

Later, when my son was old enough to start talking, he would tell me about his secret friend, "Janie," and his black dog "Sam," and his four brothers. This was really odd because he is the only boy with four sisters.

One day when he was still in diapers, a big military transport plane flew overhead rather low and he began to jump up and down in excitement and point at it and informed me that he could fly such a plane! That this is what he "used to do in the war!"

Being familiar with the work of Ian Stevenson and his Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation, I just asked questions rather than telling him that such things were silly and untrue.

Anyone who has read his book will wonder why Stevenson was so very careful to say his work is only "suggestive of reincarnation." But he is right to do so. There can be other explanations for such phenomena, though most of them involve going around the elbow to get to the thumb mental contortions to do so. In such cases, maybe Ockham's Razor is appropriately applied?

I once read a completely absurd explanation for "cases suggestive of reincarnation" that goes like this:
"Each life leaves an imprint - emotions and thoughts are like waves in a pond. Some extraordinarily sensitive people can pick up on those emotions and thoughts, like a sensitive radio receiving a signal from far away due to atmospheric skip. Children are open-minded and can pick up on these messages. They talk about them as if they were their own memories.But, the "memory" is really a leftover, it is not real. The deceased person is as dead as a doornail, and has not come back to life. He/she can never know his thoughts and emotions were left behind and picked up by a sensitive child."
I don't think I need to explain why such a "theory" is so absurd. As mentioned, I knew there was an issue with my child from the moment of his birth that had nothing to do with his present environment. Another reviewer of Dr. Stevenson's book wrote:

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The concept of reincarnation seems to offer one of the most attractive explanations of man’s origin and destiny. There is an increasing interest in this topic today, sustained especially by books and magazines, TV broadcasts, movies and conferences. Most of them are related to the world of esoterical wisdom and occult phenomena. Reincarnation is a hot topic also on the Internet, as you may have already noticed. Not only adherents of Eastern religions or New Age spirituality accept it currently, but also many who don’t share such esoteric interests and convictions.

Reincarnation seems to give hope for continuing one’s existence in further lives and thus having a better chance to attain liberation. This is a source of great comfort, especially for those who seek liberation on the exclusive basis of their inner resources. On the other hand, reincarnation is a way of rejecting the Christian teaching of the soul’s final judgment by a holy God, with the possible result of being eternally condemned to suffer in hell. Another major reason for accepting reincarnation by so many people today is the fact that it allegedly explains the differences that exist between people. Some are healthy, others are tormented their whole life by physical handicaps. Some are rich, others at the brink of starvation. Some have success without being religious; others are constant losers, despite their religious dedication. Eastern religions explain these differences as a result of previous lives, good or bad, which bear their fruits into the present one through the action of karma. Therefore reincarnation seems to be a perfect way of punishing or rewarding one’s deeds, without the need of accepting a personal God as Ultimate Reality.

Given the overwhelming impact this ideology can have in the life and beliefs of any person, let us analyze the following major topics:

P.D. Ouspensky
In Search of The Miraculous
On one occasion, at one of these meetings, someone asked [Gurdjieff] about the possibility of reincarnation, and whether it was possible to believe in cases of communication with the dead.

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by Peter Novak
ovak investigates a belief called the Binary Soul Doctrine (BSD) which states simply that humans possess two souls which split at death, the conscious going on to reincarnate again and again, while the unconscious ends up in a type of limbo judging itself for all eternity. He goes on to explain that long ago the BSD was the primary belief of a single world religion, which since has been broken into more and more fragments. However, he claims that twentieth-century findings, including the work of Freud and Jung, as well as findings of modern neuroscience and Near-Death research, has marked a resurgence of belief in the veracity of the BSD. Novak argues—just as those long ago did—that it is essential for humans to integrate these two souls together before death to avoid the nightmare of being split in two at death.

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by P.D. Ouspensky
At one of the following meetings of the group G. continued, in reply to a question, to develop the ideas given by him before on reincarnation and the future life. The talk began by one of those present asking:

"Can it be said that man possesses immortality?"

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Boris Mouravieff
Gnosis, Volume I
The life of man is a film. It is certainly difficult for our Cartesian minds to grasp this concept. Our three-dimensional minds are badly adapted to ideas and facts which touch on the domain of the eternal. Incomprehensible as it may seem, our life is truly a film produced in accordance with a script. This film goes on continuously, without stopping, in such a way that, at the time of his death, man is born again. What seems absurd is that he is born in the same place, at the same date where he was born before, and of the same parents. So the film goes on again.

Each human being, then, is born with his own particular film. This represents the field of action in which man is called to apply his conscious efforts. The repetition of the film is not reincarnation, although these two notions are often confused. For the reasons we have already mentioned, exterior man, who lives in the system of the Future-Past, cannot embrace in a single moment the ensemble of his film, nor even the part that contains his immediate future. To do so, he would need to enlarge the slot of his Present. It thus happens to him that, faced with certain events, he will feel that he has already seen or lived those events. Some see in such phenomena the proof of so called reincarnation.

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Laura Knight-Jadczyk and group
June 17, 1995

Q: (SV) I want to ask one question: If there is no time, there is no past and no future; there are no past lives and no future lives, there is no such thing as reincarnation, then how can you be us...

A: Yes, there is reincarnation. You are getting ahead of yourself there. We never said there is no reincarnation.

Q: (SV) But, if there is no time? (J) It is our perception of it. (L) It is all happening simultaneously. We are having all of these lifetimes at once. (SV) Is there a way that we can connect ourselves with all our other selves?

A: Picture it this way: we will access some of your memory banks and give you another reference which, interestingly enough, fits very closely with the perpendicular reality wheel that we described earlier. You know what a slide projector looks like? To give you some feeling of what this expanded nature of reality really is, picture yourself watching a big slide presentation with a big slide wheel on the projector. At any given point along the way you are watching one particular slide. But, all the rest of the slides are present on the wheel, are they not? And, of course, this fits in with the perpendicular reality, which fits in with the circles within circles and cycles within cycles, which also fits in the Grand Cycle, which also fits in with what we have told you before: All there is is lessons. That's all there is... and we ask that you enjoy them as you are watching the slide presentation...

Q: (J) In that analogy, the light that shines through the slide, as it projects it upon the screen, is our perception.

A: And, if you look back at the center of the projector, you see the origin and essence of all creation itself, which, is level seven where you are in union with the One.

June 10, 1995

Q: (T) A fourth level soul can then enter the body of a third level?

A: Or perhaps a fourth level soul... remember, as we have described to you before, levels one through four, more appropriately density levels one through four, all involve short wave cycle recycling, or, as you refer to it, reincarnation. Because, each and every one of these density levels has a soul and a physical body marriage, as it were, in progressive life experiences. Each and every one of these density levels involves movement to the fifth level of density for contemplation during the cycling process. It is level six, which is the first level where short wave cycly recycling is no longer necessary because there is no more physical orientation. Therefore, all levels, one through four have a soul reflection of the physical body at all times when in physical state. And, therefore, reincarnation of various types, is at various points on the short wave cycle always possible, and, in fact, quite probable. Do you understand?

Q: (T) Somewhat. That's a lot to digest. (J) So, physicality is involved in levels one through four short wave recycling. (L) So, this means that a fourth density being can recycle through fifth density into a third density body?

A: That is one method that can be used, yes.

Q: (L) Can it also be that they can come directly from fourth density into a third density body, just as one of the options?

A: Yes.

Jan 11, 1995

Q: (Barry) Are these people who have reincarnated for lifetime after lifetime and have kept the same memory to continue the same plan?

A: Only a select few.

Feb 18, 1995

Q: ...As you know, I am reading this book about Holocaust victims reincarnating and remembering their experiences at this time. The question is, on one occasion you told us that the Jewish people, as a racial group, were Atlantean descendants, is that correct?

A: Some.

Q: (L) There is some. Can you give us that some?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is there some karmic element that was fulfilled by the Holocaust?

A: Of course.

Q: (L) Could you tell us what karma was being expunged in that activity, and what group the Jews represented?

A: This is not germane, but it was Atlantean overseers "expunging" guilt from that life experience.

April 5, 1997

Q: Apparently Sandra and Keith [deceased friends of Laura's] could come through [to communicate] because of psychic links. Could you like, make an appointment with Max [Planck] and Tesla so we could talk to them? Can we assume that they are still there, they have not reincarnated?

A: Appointment? Get real! That dimension is timeless, i.e. essence extensions for your beings are "still" there, too!

August 28, 1999
Q: So, you seem to be suggesting that the real trick is to just become non-attached to anything and anybody, do nothing, and just dissolve into nothing? No thought, no want, no do, no be, no anything!

A: If you are STS, that does not fit, but, if you did exactly that, you would reincarnate in an STO realm, where such energy does fit.

Q: But, if you have become nothing, how do you reincarnate? And, when you say 'reincarnate,' that implies being in a body!

A: You do not become nothingness.

Q: But, being incarnated means being in a body?

A: No.

Q: You mean moving into a realm that does not necessarily mean being in a body?

A: Close. But 4th density is partially physical. Does not consume nor possess.

July 25, 1998

Q: (L) I read the new book by Dr. David Jacobs, professor of History at Temple University, concerning his extensive research into the alien abduction phenomenon. [Dr. Jacobs wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the history of the UFOs.] Dr. Jacobs says that now, after all of these years of somewhat rigorous research, that he KNOWS what the aliens are here for and he is afraid. David Jacobs says that producing offspring is the primary objective behind the abduction phenomenon. Is this, in fact, the case?

A: Part, but not "the whole thing."

Q: (L) Is there another dominant reason?

A: Replacement.

Q: (L) Replacement of what?

A: You.

Q: (L) How do you mean? Creating a race to replace human beings, or abducting specific humans to replace them with a clone or whatever?

A: Mainly the former. You see, if one desires to create a new race, what better way than to mass hybridize, then mass reincarnate. Especially when the host species is so forever ignorant, controlled, and anthropocentric. What a lovely environment for total destruction and conquest and replacement... see?

July 22, 2000

Q: (I) Do we all have some kind of past life connection? …

A: Before we answer that, we wish to hear from you what you perceive a past life circumstance to be.

Q: (I) For some reason I feel a past life connection to S***. I feel like she was either a parent or someone who taught me a lot about me. I felt that just from reading her correspondence. What do you think? (LC) I don't know... the question didn't really form in my head until I got here...

A: How do you perceive the reincarnation process to be?

Q: (LC) I perceive it as you come back with people you choose to come back with, and that you choose people that you are karmically connected to. (I) I see it a little bit differently than that...

A: Aha! We have a variance!

Q: (I) I think that when we die and go to 5th density, that we make pacts with people in each incarnation, so when you come back, it is coming back to fulfill that pact. (LC) Yes, that is the way my line of thinking is going. But, when they asked that question, I was thinking that you have people you come back with because of closeness. Somebody may be your mother in one life, and there is a love bond, and then there are other people that you come back with because you have to resolve something to let go of that person rather than to get closer.

A: This is partially correct. But, there is more to it than this. For example, one can incarnate on various planes of existence, not just the one you perceive currently. And, one may actually reincarnate on more than one plane concurrently, if one is advanced enough to do this.

Q: (I) You know, a psychic told me that I had two lives going on at once... (L) Are you suggesting that ...

A: Yes, we are!

Q: (L) I was thinking it, but they didn't let me finish. For the record, I was thinking that we are all part of the same soul unit here.

A: To an extent, but you may not yet understand what exactly a "soul unit" is in that sense. And of course, there is more than one sense for this as well. The "trick" that 3rd density STS life forms will learn, either prior to transition to 4th density, or at the exact juncture, is to think in absolutely limitless terms. The first and most solid step in this process is to not anticipate at all. This is most difficult for you. We understand this, but this as also why we keep reiterating this point. For example, imagine if one of your past lives is also a future life?

Q: (I) There we have quantum tunnelling!

A: Yes.

Q: (I) This has to do with past lives and future lives.

A: Yes. ….

Q: (L) P**** was saying that we have come back from the future and inserted ourselves into this timeline...

A: Yes. That is close to being totally correct!

Q: (L) In terms of reincarnation, that we were talking about a few minutes before that, we are possibly incarnations of ourselves incarnated at different levels. This just happens to be one of the levels of reality that we are occupying, but there are other selves at other levels thinking and doing other level stuff, and these other levels are perceived by us as the future...

A: Maybe for some of you, but let us not get ahead of ourselves.

Q: (P) The C's say that they are US in the future. So, we, being THEM in the future, some of who they are in the future, have come back as us, to do what we are doing, to undo what is happening on Earth...

A: Close, but more complex than that. It would be difficult for you to completely understand at this point, but let us just say that you are close.

Jan 21, 1995

Q: (L) Let me ask this one : What is the "ultimate secret" being protected by the Consortium?

A: You are not in control of yourselves, you are an experiment.

Q: (T) When you say this is the ultimate secret, that we're being "protected" from by the government, are we talking about the ultimate secret of humans only here?

A: Basically.

Q: (T) The ultimate secret of the human race is that we are an experiment that other humans are conducting on the rest of us?

A: Part.

Q: (T) Okay, does the other part have to do with the [Hyperdimensional Beings]?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Okay, so, are the humans who are running the experiment, do they know that they are part of the experiment also?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) And they're doing this willingly?

A: They have no choice.

Q: (L) Why do they have no choice?

A: Already in progress.

Q: (T) What is the experiment about?

A: Too complicated for you to understand.

Q: (J) I hate it when that happens! (T) Okay, is part of this experiment that the Hyperdimensional Beings are doing, dominating us and sucking us dry?

A: Yes, but there's much more than that, you will understand at level 4.

Q: (L) Okay, in this Krill document there was a statement made that the Grays and other aliens use glandular substances extracted during physical exams of human beings, what they would call the gynecological and the sperm extraction exams, that they used these glandular substances to get high or to feed on, that they are addicted to these, is this a correct assessment?

A: No.

Q: (L) Do they use glandular substances at all?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What do they use glandular substances for?

A: Medicine.

Q: (L) And what or who do they use this medicine on?

A: Themselves.

Q: (L) And what does this medicine do for them?

A: Helps them cope with 3rd density.

Q: (T) Is this something that they use to help them stay in the 3d density?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Does it help them to manifest in a more solid physical manner?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Do they also use sexual energy given off by individuals to maintain their status in 3 dimensions?

A: No. That feeds them in 4D, as we told you before.

Q: (L) Yes. Okay. How "long", and I put long in quotes, because we know, as you say, there is no time, but how long, as we measure it, have the Hyperdimensional Beings been interacting with our race?

A: Time travelers, therefore, "Time is ongoing." Do you understand the gravity of [this] response?

Q: (L) They are time travelers, they can move forward and backward in time, they can play games with our heads... (T) They can set up the past to create a future they want. (D) They can organize things so that they can create the energy that they need... (L) They can also make things look good, make them feel good, make them seem good, they can make you have an idea one minute, and then the next minute, create some sort of situation that confirms that idea...

A: When you asked how long, of course it is totally unlimited, is it not?

Q: (L) That's not good. If they were to move back through space time and alter an event in our past, would that alteration in the past instantaneously alter our present as well?

A: Has over and over and over.

Q: (D) So they do it over and over and over, constantly? (L) So, at each...

A: You just are not yet aware, and have no idea of the ramifications!!!

Q: (L) We're getting a little glimmer! Yeah, I do, a little! (T) The ramifications of being able to move in and out of time and manipulate it the way you want (Jan/Laura) And the ramifications of what they're doing to us; what they are doing to us and what they will do to us, over and over. (L) So, in other words, our only real prayer in this whole damn situation is to get out of this density level. That's what they're saying, that's what it sounds like to me.

A: Close.

Q: (L) Because, otherwise, we're just literally, as in that book [Replay], stuck in the replay over and over and over, and the Holocaust could happen over and over, and we could just, you know... Ghengis Khan, Atilla the Hun... over and over and over again. (T) We're stuck in a time loop; they're putting us in a time loop.

A: Yes.

Q: (D) I have a question about... there was a... (PAUSE) Mankind has found it necessary for some reason or other to appoint time for some reason or other. The only reason I can see is to have a means of telling, like in verbal or written communications...

A: Control mechanism.

Q: (T) Is there a way for us to break the control mechanism? Besides moving to 4th density?

A: Nope.

Q: (D) When 4th density beings communicate it's telepathic, right?

A: Yes.

Q: (D) Okay, since time doesn't exist, how do you communicate about happenings?

A: Rephrase, please; clarify.

Q: (L) What she means to ask is, if you're communicating telepathically... (D) On 4th density.. (L) And time doesn't exist, how do you communicate about events as one happens now, as opposed to later and the next thing happens, and the next thing happens... (J) How is it sequential?

A: Translate.

Q: (D) Translate? Okay, let me explain what I mean. I mean, we talk about 1907 something happened...

A: That is how it is done.

Q: (T) Translate is how it is done. You translate the experience?

A: From 4 to 3. And vice versa.

Q: (L) So, in other words, it's almost like making movies. (J) Are linear thought processes part of it? Is it being linear and non-linear?

A: Part of 3d illusion only.

Q: (L) So, in other words, if you're a 4th density being, everything is more or less happening, excuse the term happening, everything is simultaneous, and if you wish to discuss or communicate or have any focus upon any particular aspect of this unified dimension, then what you do is you kind of extract it out, project it into 3d...

A: Close.

Q: (L) ... like a movie.

A: But you will not understand fully until you get there

Q: (T) Okay, so it's a concept that we can't completely grasp in 3d at this point.

A: Can a dog grasp algebra? You got it.

Q: (L) In other words, we're in bad shape! And these guys are playing games with us, so to speak...

A: Subjective.

Q: (T) Subjective to whether we're in bad shape or not.

A: Yes.

Q: (T) I was going to say that doesn't necessarily mean we're in bad shape... (L) Well, the situation we find ourselves in, is the only way of getting out of this time loop, so to speak, to move into another density, or is there a loop in the other density as well?

A: No.

Q: (L) No loop in the other density?

A: Yogis can do it.

Today's World News

DAMADOLA, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistan on Saturday condemned a deadly airstrike in which the U.S. reportedly targeted al-Qaeda's second-in-command, as villagers whose homes were destroyed denied the militant was ever there and thousands of Pakistanis protested the attack.

The statement came after U.S. networks, citing unnamed American intelligence officials, reported that a CIA-operated Predator drone aircraft carried out the missile strike Friday and that it was aimed at Ayman al-Zawahri in the Bajur tribal region of northwestern Pakistan.

Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed did not directly blame the U.S. for the attack, which killed at least 17 people, but he said the government wanted "to assure the people we will not allow such incidents to reoccur."

Two Pakistani officials told The Associated Press on Saturday that the CIA had acted on incorrect information, and al-Zawahri was not in the village of Damadola when it came under attack. Al-Zawahri is ranked No. 2 in the al-Qaeda terror network, second only to Osama bin Laden.

"Their information was wrong, and our investigations conclude that they acted on a false information," said a senior intelligence official. His account was confirmed by a senior government official, who said al-Zawahri "was not there."

Meanwhile, sporadic protests broke out against the attack and hundreds of local tribesmen torched the office of the Associated Development Construction, a U.S.-funded aid group, in Khar, a small town near Bajur. The mob ransacked furniture and computers, but no injuries were reported, resident Haji Habibullah said.

An AP reporter who visited the scene in Damadola village about 12 hours after the airstrike saw three destroyed houses hundreds of yards apart. Villagers recounted hearing aircraft overhead moments before the attack. By their count at least 30 people died, including women and children.

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Comment: CIA-operated Predator drone craft launches three missiles at villager's houses in Pakistan, killing 30 men women and children. "Cool" isn't it? A wonderful demonstration of Democracy in action, is it not?

The best part, is that the American's claim they were attempting to target "al-Zawahri", who is in fact a CIA asset and bogeyman. The murder of these 30 Pakistani villagers therefore was carried out in the hope of convincing YOU that the war on terror is real. Question is: will you allow yourself to be implicated in such murders by believing these lies.

"On Saturday, more than 8,000 tribesmen staged a peaceful protest in a nearby town to condemn the airstrike, which one speaker described as "open terrorism."
"Open terrorism indeed". When will the world sit up and take notice of who the real terrorists are?

Saturday January 14th 2006
George W Bush has given a strong warning over Iran's ambitions for its nuclear programme.

The US President said he won't pre-judge any action the United Nations might take.

But he has stressed that if Tehran is seeking the know-how to acquire nuclear weapons, it is unacceptable because it would pose a grave threat to the security of the whole world

Comment: It is part of our human condition, it seems, that we are fated to not recognise history repeating itself. Can it be true that so few remember that the current ramping up of the rhetoric against Iran mirrors so very closely the very same sabre-rattling that led to the illegal invasion of Iraq almost three years ago - an invasion that has costthe lives of up to 200,000 innocent Iraqi civilians?

Are we all going to just sit by and watch and listen to the very same "threat to the world" BS about Iran that was spouted about Iraq in 2003?

SOTT Reader Comments
Words of great import from the Resident of the White House in the United States of Pathocracy:

"I know the American people will be impressed, just like I have been impressed and a lot of other members of the Senate have been impressed.

And my hope, of course, is that the [uh]

the American people will be impressed by the process.

It's very important that members of the Senate [uh]

conduct a dignified hearing.

The Supreme Court is a dignified body; Sam is a dignified person. And [uh]

my hope, of course, is that the Senate [uh]

bring dignity to the process and give this man a fair hearing and an up or down vote on the Senate floor."

Sings the Magus to an old refrai:

"Dear, dear, what can the matter be?
Oh, dear. What can the matter be?
Dear, dear, what can the matter be?
George grows more halt every year."

"September 18, 2004 — In a letter to the editor of Atlantic Monthly's, October 2004 issue, Joseph M. Price, M.D. of Carsonville, Michigan, comments that James Fallows' July/August Atlantic article on John Kerry's debating skills ("When George Meets John"), "was interesting, but most remarkable was Fallows's documentation of President Bush's mostly overlooked changes over the past decade — specifically 'the striking decline in his sentence-by-sentence speaking skills.|..|

The doctor goes on to say: 'Slowly developing cognitive deficits, as demonstrated so clearly by the President, can represent only one diagnosis, and that is 'presenile dementia'. Presenile dementia is best described to nonmedical persons as a fairly typical Alzheimer's situation that develops significantly earlier in life, well before what is usually considered old age."

Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski writes, in his book POLITICAL PONEROLOGY, recounting the experience of his last arrest by his government's secret police, in 1968:
"At that time, I knew not only that up to 1/4 of all secret police officials wind up in psychiatric hospitals. I also knew that their 'occupational disease' is the congestive type of dementia formerly encountered only among old prostitutes. Man cannot violate the natural human feelings inside him with impunity, no matter what kind of profession he performs [...] the congestive type of dementia formerly encountered only among old prostitutes."
Shall we thus bid a farewell to George W. Bush, presiditute in thief of a twice stolen nation? Whatever he might have been there is little to nothing left of him now.

Ah, good friends, how more perfect a figurehead, how truer a puppet than this can there be?

BBC News
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that his country does not need nuclear weapons.

At a rare news conference in Tehran, Mr Ahmadinejad said they were needed only by people who "want to solve everything through the use of force".

The president defended Tehran's recent move to restart nuclear research, which has sparked international condemnation.

Iran says it has a right to peaceful nuclear technology and denies that it is covertly seeking to develop weapons.

The US, UK, France and Germany are threatening to refer Iran to the United Nations Security Council, which could impose sanctions.

But the president said a referral would not end its nuclear plans.

"If they want to destroy the Iranian nation's rights by that course, they will not succeed," he said.

Tehran has said it will stop snap UN inspections of nuclear sites if its case is sent to the Council.

The crisis intensified this week when Iran removed seals at three nuclear facilities, ending a two-year freeze.

'Arrogant rulers'

Mr Ahmadinejad told reporters Tehran pursued an active foreign policy which sought peace, based on justice.

He criticised the "double standards" of Western countries which already had nuclear weapons, and attacked "arrogant rulers" for causing suffering.

"Leaders who believe they can create peace for themselves by creating war for others are mistaken," he said.

A few had a "medieval mindset" and sought to deprive Iran of valuable technology, without evidence of wrongdoing, he added.

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Friday, 13 January 2006
BBC News
A Swiss senator carrying out an inquiry into claims the CIA has run illegal secret detention centres in Europe has said he has no doubt they exist.

Dick Marty accused the US of violating human rights and attacked European nations for their "shocking" passivity in the face of such violations.

He is due to give a preliminary report to the Council of Europe on 23 January.

The US has refused to confirm or deny the allegations over secret prisons. It has denied using or condoning torture.

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Charles Hawley – Spiegal Online January 12, 2006
The message from ex-chancellor Gerhard Schröder immediately prior to the United States invasion of Iraq was hard to misunderstand. Germany, he said on Aug. 5, 2002, "will not make itself available for any adventures under my leadership." Indeed, his anti-war stance resonated so strongly with German voters that it even helped get him re-elected in September 2002.

In January 2003, he emphasized that Germany -- then one of the rotating members of the United Nations Security Council -- would also not vote in favor of a resolution to go to war with Iraq.

But according to new revelations about the activities of Germany's intelligence service Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), the country was not nearly so removed from the US-led war efforts as Schröder liked to claim.

German intelligence agents, according to reports in both the Süddeutsche Zeitung and in German public television, were active in Iraq during the entire war and even helped the United States choose bombing targets. BND spooks may even have delivered targeting assistance for the early April 2003 bombing in the wealthy Mansour district of Baghdad -- a strike which was meant to vaporize Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein along with several top members of his regime. The attack left between 12 and 19 people dead -- but not Saddam.

"Despite the troubles in the relationship between Berlin and Washington, the political decision was made to continue the close relationship of the intelligence services," an unidentified source from the BND told the public television station ARD.

German help "very important" to the US

That close relationship apparently involved German intelligence agents remaining in Baghdad during the entire Iraq war at the same time Schröder, his Social Democratic Party, and his junior coalition partner the Greens -- led by then-foreign minister Joschka Fischer -- were officially maintaining strong opposition to the war in Iraq. Germany evacuated its own embassy on March 17, 2003 -- just three days before the start of the invasion -- but at least two BND employees remained in Baghdad, lodged in a safe house. The BND agents allegedly helped the Americans by identifying "non-targets" -- such buildings as embassies, schools and hospitals that should not be bombed. Schröder's chancellery allegedly knew all about the cooperation.

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14/01/2006 - 12:03:11
Former US president Bill Clinton has given British Prime Minister Tony Blair his backing as a future secretary general of the United Nations.

Former US president Bill Clinton has given British Prime Minister Tony Blair his backing as a future secretary general of the United Nations.

Mr Clinton said Mr Blair would make a “good” head for the international organisation when he stepped down, as he has promised he will before the next general election.

Current secretary general Kofi Annan’s term in office ends on December 31 this year. While most Westminster watchers believe Mr Blair hopes to stay in 10 Downing Street until 2008 at least, he is thought to be ambitious to move on to another leading role on the world stage and few would be as tempting as the top UN post.

Speaking on last night’s Newsnight on BBC2, Mr Clinton revealed that he had discussed the future with Mr Blair and told him there was “a lot of good you can do in the world” after leaving Number 10.

He also hinted at the millions Mr Blair could expect to earn from speaking engagements, books and directorships following his retirement as PM, predicting he would find “immense rewards” awaiting him when he steps down.

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Comment: Birds of a feather. Does anyone really believe that people like Blair and Clinton, having presided over years of global murder and genocide in the form of illegal military campaigns and inhuman economic policies, would suddenly have a change of heart and become involved in real humanitarian foundations? In a just world, the reward awaiting people such as these would be a set of manacles and a long spell behind bars.

Giles Tremlett in Madrid
Saturday January 14, 2006
The Guardian
The US moved yesterday to stop Spain completing a $2bn (£1.13bn) arms sale to one of America's bitterest critics in the Americas, Venezuela's president Hugo Chávez. State department officials informed the Spanish government that it would not give the licences needed to allow the sale of a dozen military aircraft that carry US technology. Spain vowed to press ahead with the deal regardless.

The 10 C-295 transport planes and two CN-235 patrol planes, which Venezuela has insisted would not be armed and would be used for tackling drug smuggling, were part of a deal to supply ships and planes. "In a region in need of political stability, the Venezuelan government's actions and frequent statements contribute to regional instability," the US embassy in Madrid said in a statement. "This proposed sale ... has the potential to complicate the situation."

"Despite being democratically elected, the government of President Hugo Chávez has systematically undermined democratic institutions, pressured and harassed independent media and the political opposition, and grown progressively more autocratic and antidemocratic," it added.

Mr Chávez denounced the move as evidence of Washington's "horrific imperialism". He derided President George Bush as "Mr Danger" and said he would "crash up against the force of the truth."

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Comment: The claim by the Bush government that:

"Chávez has systematically undermined democratic institutions, pressured and harassed independent media and the political opposition, and grown progressively more autocratic and antidemocratic"
fails to mention the fact that the "democratic institutions" and "independent media and political opposition" that Chavez is alleged to have undermined were all funded by the Bush government.

by Michael Parenti
Even before I arrived in Venezuela for a recent visit, I encountered the great class divide that besets that country. On my connecting flight from Miami to Caracas, I found myself seated next to an attractive, exquisitely dressed Venezuelan woman. Judging from her prosperous aspect, I anticipated that she would take the first opportunity to hold forth against President Hugo Chavez.

Unfortunately, I was right.

Our conversation moved along famously until we got to the political struggle going on in Venezuela. “Chavez,” she hissed, “is terrible, terrible.”

He is “a liar”; he “fools the people” and is “ruining the country.” She herself owns an upscale women’s fashion company with links to prominent firms in the United States. When I asked how Chavez has hurt her business, she said, “Not at all.” But many other businesses, she quickly added, have been irreparably damaged as has the whole economy. She went on denouncing Chavez in sweeping terms, warning me of the national disaster to come if this demon continued to have his way.

Other critics I encountered in Venezuela shared this same mode of attack: weak on specifics but strong in venom, voiced with all the ferocity of those who fear that their birthright (that is, their class advantage) was under siege because others below them on the social ladder were now getting a slightly larger slice of the pie.

In Venezuela over 80 percent of the population lives below the poverty level. Before Chavez, most of the poor had never seen a doctor or dentist. The neoliberal market “adjustments” of the 1980s and 1990s only made things worse, cutting social spending and eliminating subsidies in consumer goods. Successive administrations did nothing about the rampant corruption and nothing about the growing gap between rich and poor, the worsening malnutrition and desperation. Far from ruining the country, here are some of the good things the Chavez government has accomplished:

A land reform program designed to assist small farmers and the landless poor has been instituted. In March 2005 a large landed estate owned by a British beef company was occupied by agrarian workers for farming purposes.

Even before Chavez there was public education in Venezuela, from grade level to university, yet many children from poor families never attended school, for they could not afford the annual fees. Education is now completely free (right through to university level), causing a dramatic increase in school enrollment.

The government has set up a marine conservation program, and is taking steps to protect the land and fishing rights of indigenous peoples.

Special banks now assist small enterprises, worker cooperatives, and farmers.

Attempts to further privatize the state-run oil industry - 80 percent of which is still publicly owned - have been halted, and limits have been placed on foreign capital penetration.

Chavez kicked out the U.S. military advisors and prohibited overflights by U.S. military aircraft engaged in counterinsurgency in Colombia.

“Bolivarian Circles” have been organized throughout the nation, neighborhood committees designed to activate citizens at the community level to assist in literacy, education, vaccination campaigns, and other public services.

The government hires unemployed men, on a temporary basis, to repair streets and neglected drainage and water systems in poor neighborhoods. [...]

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Hilary Clarke in Rome
UK Telegraph
The Vatican, citadel of secrets and intrigue, has thrown up another little mystery: what has the Pope been doing on a spate of night-time missions to his old cardinal lodgings?

Over the past few weeks, the German pontiff has been seen sneaking back to his old room outside the Vatican walls three times, La Stampa reported yesterday.

At about 9pm a plain, dark car carrying 78-year-old Pope Benedict and his private secretary, Don Georg Gaenswein, swirls out of a side door of Vatican city. It then doubles round in the back streets before arriving at 1 Piazza Citta Leonina, a hall of residence for senior Church figures and the Pope's home as a cardinal for almost 24 years.

A Vatican security guard is always waiting in front of the apartments in a pedestrian zone tucked behind St Peter's Square. The Pope gets out of the car disguised in the plain black priest's robes he wore when he was the Catholic Church's senior theologian.

Wearing a black hat and with his head down, he opens the wooden door himself, as he did for all those years, and tiptoes inside followed by Don Georg.

"Its is not a question of just dashing in for a few minutes to grab a bag or a book," La Stampa said. "He spends at least a couple of hours there." [...]

Comment: Hmmm....

Dec. 23, 2005
Houston Chronicle
Three men suing the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

A Houston federal judge has removed Pope Benedict XVI from a lawsuit accusing him of being part of a conspiracy to cover up the molestation of three boys in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

A letter from the U.S. State Department giving the pope sovereign immunity shields him from further legal action, U.S. District Judge Lee Rosenthal ruled.

"Pope Benedict's motion to dismiss all claims against him is granted on the basis of this court's recognition of head-of-state immunity," she wrote.

Comment: The confidence to commit the most heinous crimes, safe in the knowledge that you can absolve yourself of any wronging in advance, has been the privilege of the Pathocracy for many centuries.
Arkadiuz Jadczyk
The online Freedictionary has a page on Burkhard Heim - the subject of a recent article quoted on SOTT. Heim and his ideas have been discussed recently on many forums. In particular on a semi-private mailing list managed by Jack Sarfatti. In reply to a post by Genady Shipov (see here and here and here).

Ark wrote there today:

Hello Genady,

Saturday, January 14, 2006, 10:15:47 AM, you wrote:

A. Einstein and some other known scientists considered division of Physics on quantum and classical as the temporary phenomenon, connected with limitation of our modern knowledge.

This may be the case. But it may be not the case as well. We divide natural numbers into even and odd numbers, for example. This division is, as it seems, NOT connected with limitation of our modern knowledge. Of course, at some point we may come to the conclusion that the very concept of a "natural number" is misleading, and that there are NO natural numbers as such (for instance numbers may be always associated to something, there are no "pure" numbers), but the fact that some are better be considered as "odd" and some as "even" in "usual circumstances" may have some objectivity. Similarly the division into "classical" and "quantum" domains may have some objectivity. Moreover, it may well happen that with the growth of our knowledge we can understand this division better and better, and that it will be getting sharper and sharper (as it is rather fuzzy right now.)

Physics (in opinion the great scientist) should be uniform and the unification classical and quantum physics should take place on base of the further development of the principle of relativity.

Again, is it difficult to imagine a "unification" between even and odd numbers. Understanding that there are other numbers (for instance rational numbers) that are neither even nor odd helps us a little bit. So, perhaps, the future of science is in understanding that there is a whole spectrum of phenomena that are neither classical nor quantum,that are still not classified and not "tamed."

For this purpose the program of the Unify Field Theory was formulated by Einstein. This program assumes:

1. Distribution of the general principle of relativity on the classical electrodynamics, i.e. geometrization electromagnetic field (the minimum program).

What Einstein was trying to do is to find a unified language that would enable us to find a continuous transition between gravitational and electromagnetic phenomena. It seems that Einstein was not yet quite ready to face the consequences of such a departure from the standard Weltshau. He got scared and he tried to find an "easy way". But perhaps there is no easy way?

2. Distribution of the general principle of relativity on the quantum theory, i.e. geometrization of the right part of the Einstein equations - energy momentum tensor, formed by quantum fields (the maximum program ).

Einstein was not a very good mathematician. To some extent that was good, because mathematicians often seek "simplicity" and Nature seems to have her own concept of simplicity that is always ahead of our human ideas about simplicity. Therefore experiment and common sense are needed to tame mathematicians. But to have insufficient, inadequate, mathematical background creates problems of its own. Einstein did not know much about spinors, for instance. Would he had the knowledge and expertise of Cartan - he could probably go some other way.

Though many leading scientists ideologically agree with Einstein, they, nevertheless, continue to accept for initial point of development of physics the quantum theory, modernized by formal expansion of its representations (the theory of strings, superstrings, membranes, brans, matrixes, etc.).

I do not think that strings and superstrings have anything to do with "quantum theory". They rather obscure quantum theory than expand it.
I think this point of view deadlock. Absence of significant results testifies it during many years.
Shipov Gennady

Clearly there is a deadlock. But this deadlock may have reasons that go beyond science. Perhaps we are living in an era of decadency and disintegration of our society, our culture, our science. Perhaps we do not really care for the truth. Perhaps politicians and bankers are doing their job by not allowing science to develop freely, and today they have global means of control like never before in the officially registered history of humanity.

Where to go then? Is there a chance? I do not know.

Torsion fields are widely attacked in Russia. Why? Perhaps because there something valuable about this concept. Lavrentev in Novosibirsk is being also attacked as "pseudo-scientist". Perhaps he and his group is onto something. Frolov may also be having some reasonable ideas. Today we are discussing Heim's theory. In March 2000 I was asking our "friends from the future", Cassiopaean's about Heim. Here is the extract:

Q: (A) I have two questions. The first question is about a German fellow named Heim who wrote a couple of books about gravity, antigravity, and all kinds of strange theories that somehow fit what I think is the right direction. These theories were advertised on the internet by our friend, Brandt, and I looked into it and they seem to be interesting. But, they are in German and are costly. They may be useful, but on the other hand it may be a risk.
There is no way to say if they may be valuable or not. So, is it worthwhile to invest in these books?

A: Well, the books contain valuable information, but it is not all valid. One must weave. Static electricity engages a part of continuum.

Q: This relates to these books?

A: Yes. Three pronged instrument. Wave transducer.

Q: I guess that means it's worthwhile to study these books.

A: "Heim." Pseudonym?? Clue?

I can't say I know more today. But Heim is talking about additional dimensions, about complex space-time etc. The same things Einstein was thinking about, the same things that physicists trying to understand remote viewing are looking at, the same things I was writing about in my papers and monographs, the same things that Tony Smith is looking at. There is a hope. Nova Zarya - New Dawn?

Translating from Russian the forbidden song "New Dawn" by Oleg Gazmanov:

Refrain: Hey, here comes a new dawn,
We don't want to live in vain
Yet how can we win,
if we are so easy to buy
How can we win,
If we are so easy to sell

It seems that space-time may have fractal properties. It seems that the phenomena we consider as being "random" are not random at all, that they can tell us many things, provided we know the code. David Finkelstein was writing about space-time code many years ago. Perhaps the concept of a "code" is an important one. And, perhaps, "time" is not as simple as Einstein thought, not as simple as Heim thought, not as simple as Kozyrev thought and not as simple as Tifft though.


International Herald Tribune
ANKARA, Turkey, Jan. 10 - Two young brothers, ages 4 and 5, who have tested positive for the dreaded A(H5N1) avian virus but shown no symptoms of the disease were being closely watched at Kecioren Hospital here on Tuesday. Doctors are unsure whether they are for the first time seeing human bird flu in its earliest stages or if they are discovering that infection with the A(H5N1) virus does not always lead to illness.

In any case, the highly unusual cluster of five cases detected here in Turkey's capital over the last three days - all traceable to contact with sick birds - is challenging some of the doctors' assumptions about bird flu and giving them new insights into how it spreads and causes disease. Since none of the five have died, it is raising the possibility that human bird flu is not as deadly as currently thought, and that many mild cases in Asian countries may have gone unreported.

"The two brothers are a very interesting finding that may for the first time give us a chance to monitor the human response to the disease," said Dr. Guénaël Rodier, who is leading a World Health Organization Team now in Turkey.

The bird flu outbreaks and infections in this country in the last week have perplexed international scientists on many fronts. Turkey is the first country outside eastern Asia to have human cases, and the first one anywhere to have so many separate animal outbreaks simultaneously.

In one week, Turkey announced 15 confirmed human cases of A(H5N1); Asia has seen only about 140 in the space of five years. In that same week, Turkish agriculture authorities announced bird outbreaks in 16 cities, from Aydin on the West coast to Van in the far east; in Asia outbreaks have occurred more sporadically.

"We are not yet sure of the mechanism," said Keith Sumption, an expert with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome. A senior scientist from that group is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow.

On the human side, the five cases in Ankara hospitals are different from those elsewhere in Asia. Four of the five display only mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all. Also, although all five have had some recent contact with birds, Dr. Rodier said, they are people who live on the fringes of a major city, not farmers or people who keep birds in their backyards.

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Comment: Evidence of a human origin of "bird flu"?

BBC News
Preliminary tests on a man suspected of having the lethal H5N1 bird flu virus in Belgium show he is not infected with the disease, health officials say.

The man - an unnamed TV journalist - developed flu-like symptoms after he returned from a visit to Turkey.

Doctors at St Pierre hospital in Brussels said the tests excluded H5N1 100% - the patient had a seasonal cold.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006
Gov. Christine Gregoire declared a state of emergency in King County and 11 other counties Friday because of flooding and damage caused by 26 consecutive days of rain.

Her proclamation starts the process for the counties to receive federal emergency disaster funds and to increase readiness across the state.

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Staff and agencies
14 January, 2006
HOMER, Alaska - Snowflakes laced with fine, gray ash fell on communities south of Anchorage as a series of volcanic eruptions continued early Saturday on an uninhabited island dozens of miles away.

In Seldovia, 15 miles north of Homer, city manager Kurt Reynertson noticed a fine dusting of ash on cars, but he said "That‘s the only way I was able to pick up that there was ash falling." [...]

Ian Johnston
Science Correspondent
BRITISH scientists are planning to create human-rabbit hybrid embryos to speed up research into the causes of inherited conditions such as motor neurone disease and Parkinson's.

The controversial work, which involves placing the nucleus of a human cell inside a rabbit egg, is rejected as immoral by churches and anti-cloning campaigners. One of the key ethical problems is whether the hybrid embryo should be treated legally as a human or an animal.

Edinburgh University's Professor Ian Wilmut - who created Dolly the Sheep - and colleagues in London believe the hybrids will help them circumvent a shortage of human eggs which is hampering research.

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Peterborough Today
A MYSTERIOUS big bang which shook a town and villages could have been a sonic boom caused by an aircraft flying too fast, it has been claimed.

People across Spalding and as far as Eye, near Peterborough (Southern England), were left reeling after the boom, which was heard and felt at about 2pm on Thursday, January 12 2006.

Today, January 13, the cause of the noise is unclear, although many suspect it was a sonic boom, caused by a jet breaking through the sound barrier. But nobody can give a definite answer to the questions.

Stuart Green, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence, said: "There is a channel for military aircraft off the east of England, and, occasionally, pilots go through it too fast.

"RAF pilots go to a lot of trouble not to make sonic bangs, and they don't like it when aircraft from other countries go too fast."

David Galloway, assistant seismologist at the British Geological Survey, said: "We have national and regional monitors which would normally trace something like a sonic boom. But I checked for half an hour either side of the time the noise was reported and nothing came up."

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Comment: Would anyone care to offer a theory as to what these booms, that have been regularly heard around the globe in recent years, are? In most cases, they are obviously not sonic booms. So what are they?

January 14, 2006



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