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"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism." - Cindy Sheehan

PODCAST Sat 31th of Dec, 2005

Signs of the Times

The world as seen from around the kitchen table

The Cathars

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In our latest podcast, (left to right) editors Henry See, Scott Ogrin, and Joe Quinn discuss the Cathars with a special guest.

For our final podcast of 2005, the editors of Signs of the Times discuss the Cathars and life in the Languedoc (southern France) in the 11th and 12th centuries with Pierre, a friend from Marseille. The Cathars were an integral part of the flourishing culture of the Languedoc until the Catholic Church began the crusade and the Inquisition in the early 13th century that wiped them out and brought the southwest of France under the control of the Frankish kings of the north.

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New Signs of the Times Article!

by Joe Quinn
Signs of the Times
December 31, 2005
After the release of the QFG Pentagon Strike Flash Animation on August 23rd, 2004, a veritable onslaught of new articles were published that sought to dismiss the "no plane at the Pentagon" theory. One such article, that is frequently referenced by certain '9/11 reseachers' was authored by a member of the forum at the "Above Top Secret" (ATS) website. Interestingly, the article was written just a few weeks after the release of the Pentagon Strike Flash animation, which by then, was winging its way around the world and into the inboxes of millions of ordinary citizens. Perhaps you were one of them...

The claim that promoters of the "no plane at the Pentagon" theory were doing immense damage to the truth/accountability movement was raised in Mike Ruppert's book Crossing the Rubicon. In a stunning piece of warped logic, Ruppert claimed that, while he is quite convinced that it was not Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon, he chose not to talk about or deal with the subject as part of his overall case for conspiracy because of the "implications". According to Ruppert, the "implications" are that anyone that suggests that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, is then forced to answer the question as to what actually happened to Flight 77. If that's the case, then we better just wrap up the whole 9/11 Truth Movement and go home and have a beer.

Ruppert balks at the idea of offering an answer to this question to his readers because, he claims, most people would be unable to accept it, and, he suggests, 9/11 researchers serve only to alienate the public support that they wish to attract by stretching the boundaries of the collective belief system. What Ruppert doesn't explain is why any member of the public would happily accept that U.S. government officials participated in the slaughter of the passengers on Flights 11 and 175 and the occupants of the WTC towers (as he details in his book) yet would be unable to accept the idea that the same government officials played a part in disposing of the passgengers of Flight 77 in a much less imaginative way. Llet's be honest here, in the context of 9/11 being the work of a faction of the US government and military, the answer to the question as to what happened to Flight 77 if it didn't hit the Pentagon, is quite obvious - Flight 77 and its occupants were flown to a specific destination and “disposed of” by the conspirators. That's pretty simple; cut and dried; no need for much stretching there! But, for some reason, Ruppert (and others affected by this paramoralism) seems to think that killing thousands of citizens by crashing airplanes is easier to accept than cold bloodedly murdering them "in person," as it were.

Since Ruppert's declaration about the "no plane at the Pentagon" theory, many other "9/11 researchers", such as Mark Rabinowitz and Jim Hoffman , have seized upon Ruppert's idea and even expanded upon it by suggesting that the "no planers" are actually government agents trying to discredit the REAL 9/11 researchers with the 'kooky' "no plane" theory.

In order to really understand the insidiousness of this patronising claim that the public could not accept the implications of the idea that a Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon, let's look at the "evidence" as presented by the ATS member that it really was Flight 77 that impacted the Pentagon that bright September morn.

First, however, I would like a few observations about 9/11 research in general.

Comment: Click here to read the rest of our new article!

In Other News:

Decca Aitkenhead
December 31, 2005
The Guardian
Bomb blasts in London, an earthquake in Pakistan, an American city laid waste by a hurricane - one disaster followed another with devastating loss of life. 'Peace' brought mayhem and slaughter to Iraq as well as two elections. Yet 2005 will be remembered with smiles of pleasure, too - for the glimmerings of unity over global warming and, in England, a thrilling Ashes victory. Decca Aitkenhead tells the story of the year.

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The Independent
31 December 2005
It's too early to tell if the new year will turn out good or bad. But a surprising number of facts about it can be stated with something close to certainty. Ed Caesar presents a selection

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December 31, 2005
Police are on a high state of alert in a predominantly Christian province of East Timor, Indonesia, after an Islamic group threatened an attack on local churches to coincide with New Year's Eve celebrations.

According to Asia News, a cellphone text message received Wednesday by radio Timor Voice read: "On New Year Eve, 31 churches in [East Tenggara Timor's] capital of Kupang shall receive the same bomb blasts as Bali did last October. [Signed:] From the Jemaah Islamiiyah Chief of the eastern region, Jihad for the Great Prophet Muhammad."

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Dec 31, 2005
Federal prosecutors and lawyers for lobbyist Jack Abramoff are putting the finishing touches on a plea deal that could be announced early next week, according to people familiar with the negotiations.

The plea agreement would secure the Republican lobbyist's testimony against several members of Congress who received favors from him or his clients.

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By R. Jeffrey Smith
Washington Post Staff Writer
December 31, 2005
The U.S. Family Network, a public advocacy group that operated in the 1990s with close ties to Rep. Tom DeLay and claimed to be a nationwide grass-roots organization, was funded almost entirely by corporations linked to embattled lobbyist Jack Abramoff, according to tax records and former associates of the group.

During its five-year existence, the U.S. Family Network raised $2.5 million but kept its donor list secret. The list, obtained by The Washington Post, shows that $1 million of its revenue came in a single 1998 check from a now-defunct London law firm whose former partners would not identify the money's origins.

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Dave Lindorff
30 Dec 2005
The massive warrantless spying campaign against people living inside the U.S. which was authorized and ordered by President Bush and is only now coming to light has angered Americans across the political spectrum.

Now it appears that besides massively violating the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment protection against illegal search and seizure, this illegal spying may have put the U.S. at risk by undermining the prosecution of possible terror suspects.

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Comment: Dave, Dave, Dave! Don't you get it? The natural answer that will be given to this problem is to simply get rid of the 4th Amendment! It will be said that it is the 4th amendment that is endangering America, NOT search and seizure that violates said amendment! It's a perfect set up: violate a law, set it up so that the violation creates a danger, and then it is easy to get rid of the law!!! The people will demand it!

December 30, 2005
WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department has opened an investigation into leaks to the media about the National Security Agency's classified domestic surveillance program.

The program authorizes the NSA to eavesdrop on Americans without first seeking permission from a court for a search warrant. It has caused a political uproar with both Democrats and Republicans questioning whether President Bush went beyond his powers under the U.S. Constitution in authorizing it.

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Comment: CNN attempts to "normalize" the event...

December 26, 2005
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday supported government eavesdropping to prevent terrorism but said a major controversy over presidential powers could have been avoided by obtaining court warrants.

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Comment: More "normalizing" of Bush's illegal activities.

By Becky Bartindale
Mercury News
29 December 2005
A University of California chancellor called Wednesday on Bay Area congressional representatives to investigate the government's reported spying at college campus protests, including one in April at UC-Santa Cruz.

``We are greatly concerned about the Pentagon's investigation of a UCSC campus protest of military recruiting last spring,'' UCSC Chancellor Denice Denton wrote in a campus e-mail. ``MSNBC reports that this protest was classified as a `credible threat' by the Department of Defense.''

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Associated Press
Friday, December 30, 2005
Crawford, Texas — President Bush, unhappy with Congress for not permanently extending the Patriot Act, on Friday signed a bill that renews the anti-terrorism law for a few weeks and pushes lawmakers to take up the debate over its measures.

The president signed about a dozen other bills, including one funding government agencies and a defence measure that funnels extra money to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gulf Coast.

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From correspondents in Crawford
December 31, 2005
PRESIDENT George W Bush signed today a law explicitly prohibiting torture of prisoners in US hands outside of the US, after months of fighting the legislation, the White House said.

The anti-torture statute was an amendment to a broader defence appropriations bill signed by Mr Bush at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, where he was taking a year-end holiday.

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December 30, 2005
Accusing President Bush of breaking the law and lying to the American people, the American Civil Liberties Union today condemned a Justice Department investigation into the leak of the National Security Agency's operation to eavesdrop on suspected terrorists.

The Justice Department announced the investigation today of disclosures to The New York Times about surveillance conducted without warrants on calls between U.S. citizens and terrorists in foreign countries since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Administration officials argue the president had the power to conduct the wiretaps under the Constitution's war powers provision and contend Congress also gave permission when it authorized the use of military force against terrorism in a resolution adopted days after 9-11.

The ACLU, however, called on the administration to drop the newly announced probe of the leakers and, instead, to order an investigation of Bush's program.

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By Lisa Rein
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, December 31, 2005
CRAWFORD, Tex., Dec. 30 -- On most of the 365 days he has enjoyed at his secluded ranch here, President Bush's idea of paradise is to hop in his white Ford pickup truck in jeans and work boots, drive to a stand of cedars, and whack the trees to the ground.

If the soil is moist enough, he will light a match and burn the wood. If it is parched, as it is across Texas now, the wood will sit in piles scattered over the 1,600-acre spread until it is safe for a ranch hand to torch -- or until the president can come home and do the honors himself.

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Comment: Well, boys and their toys... We think it's a GOOD thing that Bush loves his chainsaw so much! After all, if he "goes at it" the same way he "goes at" his bike-riding, maybe one day he will have a mishap... Gives an all-new meaning to the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," eh?

By Peter Baker and Jim VandeHei
The Washington Post
Dec. 28, 2005
President Bush shifted his rhetoric on Iraq in recent weeks after an intense debate among advisers about how to pull out of his political freefall, with senior adviser Karl Rove urging a campaign-style attack on critics while younger aides pushed for more candor about setbacks in the war, according to Republican strategists.

The result was a hybrid of the two approaches as Bush lashed out at war opponents in Congress, then turned to a humbler assessment of events on the ground in Iraq that included admissions about how some of his expectations had been frustrated. The formula helped Bush regain his political footing as record-low poll numbers began to rebound. Now his team is rethinking its approach to his second term in hopes of salvaging it.

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By Arthur Spiegelman
Fri Dec 30, 9:05 AM ET
LOS ANGELES - Call it the wrong phrase at the wrong time but "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job" was named on Thursday as U.S. President George W. Bush's most memorable phrase of 2005.

The ill-timed praise of a now disgraced agency head became a national punch line for countless jokes and pointed comments about the administration's handling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster and added to the president's reputation for verbal gaffes and clumsy turns of phrase.

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This is the text of a speech given on December 24 at the "In Defense of Humanity" conference.
What happened these past days in Bolivia was a great revolt by those who have been oppressed for more than 500 years. The will of the people was imposed this September and October, and has begun to overcome the empire's cannons. We have lived for so many years through the confrontation of two cultures: the culture of life represented by the indigenous people, and the culture of death represented by West. When we the indigenous people--together with the workers and even the businessmen of our country--fight for life and justice, the State responds with its "democratic rule of law."

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A half-century after Jan Karski warned the world about the consequences of hatred, his words still ring true.

He blends in well these days, living most of his quiet life in an apartment building on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., his accent piquing no curiosity among neighbors of all the nationalities one encounters in the capital. In the midst of these mostly retired educators, civil servants, diplomats, soldiers and business people, he cuts a dignified but unexceptional figure.

Many of them know about him now, but most have never seen the compact study in his modest widower's apartment, its walls and table space full of talismans of honor: honorary degrees from universities; awards from organizations such as the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, United States Holocaust Memorial Council and the Archdiocese of Washington; the Polish military equivalent of the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor; and a certificate commemorating the highest honor the State of Israel can bestow, honorary citizenship.

Jan Karski, now 81 years old, a Polish-born Roman Catholic, an American citizen since 1954, retired after many years as a professor of political science at Georgetown University, has received all these and other accolades for an effort he made a half-century ago as a young, clandestine operative from Nazi-occupied Poland-- an effort that failed.

He tried to stop the Holocaust.

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Comment: Laura writes about Jan Karski in her autobiography, Amazing Grace (50 copies left, when they are gone, no more will be printed). Later, she undertook to research and write about the Polish Holocaust. This two part article has been praised by the grandson of Stanislaw Mikolajczyk as a concise and accurate rendering of what happened in Poland during WW II.

Ben S. Austin
It is my purpose to open the case, particularly under Count One of the Indictment, and to deal with the Common Plan or Conspiracy to achieve ends possible only by resort to Crimes against Peace, War Crimes, and Crimes against Humanity. (Trial of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal. Volume II. Proceedings: 11/14/1945 -11/30/1945.)

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Comment: Too bad that Bernays didn't have access to Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology. He would then have understood that it is not any given conspiracy, per se, that makes people guilty, but rather those things that make people susceptible to fall in line with conspiracies: psychopaths and other pathological personalities. Identifying and exposing those elements are crucial in order to prevent the Holocaust of the Future... and that Future may be very close indeed.

Saturday, December 31, 2005
SANTIAGO, Chile -- Former dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet was stripped of his legal immunity Friday to face charges of diverting public funds to personal bank accounts.

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By Rod Nordland
Dec. 30, 2005
Egypt’s presidential elections last September were supposed to be the highlight of the Bush administration’s campaign to promote democracy in the Middle East. Instead, they’ve become an embarrassing acknowledgement of its failure.

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Comment: Gosh! It sounds exactly like Democracy According to George Bush!

Thomas Preisinger, Mark Mullen, John Humprys
Quantum Future Group researchers have been following economic trends for some time now, and several of our experts in this area have noted a troubling "sign of the times" in recent weeks. The following is an exchange between them.

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By Vivianne Rodrigues
30 December 2005
NEW YORK - U.S. stocks fell in the year's final trading session on Friday, pushing the Dow Jones industrial average to its first loss since 2002, while both the broad S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite Index booked gains for the third straight year.

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USA Today
12/31/2005 2:51 AM
NEW YORK (AP) — Investors marked the last trading day of 2005 Friday with the same conundrum they faced all year — trying to find a good reason to buy stocks and coming up short. Stocks fell to their December lows, and the Dow Jones industrials finished the year with a loss.

With little news to spur buying, stocks fell as investors consolidated their meager profits on the year. As a result, the Dow suffered its first down year since 2002, although the other major indexes posted modest gains for 2005.

This year was marked by skyrocketing energy prices, a slowing economy, hot-and-cold inflation threats and the Federal Reserve steadily raising interest rates — all of which made investors nervous over the state of the economy and kept stocks volatile but ultimately little changed since the end of 2004.

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Associated Press
Fri Dec 30, 1:47 PM ET
NEW YORK - Hotel prices set wallet-busting records in New York City in 2005 after a long, slow recovery from the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The average daily price of a room in the city hit $292 in November, according to the hospitality industry analysis firm PKF Consulting. Figures for December weren't yet available, but the city is a lock to break its previous record yearlong average of $237 per night, set in 2000.

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By John Steele, Crime Correspondent
UK - Police are to be given sweeping powers to arrest people for every offence, including dropping litter, failure to wear a seat belt and other minor misdemeanours.

The measures, which come into force on Jan 1, are the biggest expansion in decades of police powers to deprive people of their liberty.

At present, officers can generally arrest people if they suspect them of committing an offence which carries at least five years in prison. They will now have the discretion to detain someone if they suspect any offence and think that an arrest is "necessary".

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Comment: Why British citizens aren't taking to the streets to protest the NWO takeover there is beyond us. Everybody is so focused on what is going on in the U.S. that the "experimental petrie dish" of the UK is just growing slime exponentially.

By Stephen Soldz
The headline in the Independent tells it all: Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey: From 2006 Britain will be the first country where every journey by every car will be monitored

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Comment: What is happening in Britain is as horrifying as what is happening in the U.S. Have the Brits replaced their spines with wet noodles?

By Ann Harrison
wired news
BERLIN -- When the Austrian government passed a law this year allowing police to install closed-circuit surveillance cameras in public spaces without a court order, the Austrian civil liberties group Quintessenz vowed to watch the watchers.

Members of the organization worked out a way to intercept the camera images with an inexpensive, 1-GHz satellite receiver. The signal could then be descrambled using hardware designed to enhance copy-protected video as it's transferred from DVD to VHS tape.

The Quintessenz activists then began figuring out how to blind the cameras with balloons, lasers and infrared devices.

And, just for fun, the group created an anonymous surveillance system that uses face-recognition software to place a black stripe over the eyes of people whose images are recorded.

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Comment: Attaboy, Austrians! Kick out Arnie and foil the snoopers! Why is it that countries that were occupied by the Nazis and/or Communists seem to have bigger cojones when it comes to resisting the New World Order of the Bush Reich? Go HERE for the answer.

By Carol Matlack
Business Week
DECEMBER 27, 2005
Interior Minister -- and would-be President -- Nicolas Sarkozy has created a sensation in cyberspace. Expect more pols to follow

Nicolas Sarkozy, the law-and-order Interior Minister who wants to be France's next President, rarely passes up a chance to speak before an audience. So when Loïc Le Meur, one of the country's most widely read bloggers, proposed doing a podcast interview with Sarkozy, the answer was mais, oui.

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By Erik Kirschbaum
Fri Dec 30, 8:24 AM ET
BERLIN - Germans are leaving their country in record numbers but unlike previous waves of migrants who fled 19th century poverty or 1930s Nazi terror, these modern day refugees are trying to escape a new scourge -- unemployment.

Flocking to places as far away as the United States, Canada and Australia as well as Norway, the Netherlands and Austria more than 150,000 Germans packed their bags and left in 2004 -- the greatest exodus in any single year since the late 1940s.

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Conal Urquhart in Gaza City and Sam Jones
Saturday December 31, 2005
The Guardian
The British family held hostage for three days after being kidnapped in Gaza were freed last night after 18 hours of secret negotiations. Following their release, shortly after 8pm, a previously unknown faction calling itself Brigades of the Mujahideen - Jerusalem, said they were responsible for the seizure of Kate Burton, 24, her father Hugh, 73, and mother Helen, 55.

In a video released to media, a masked gunman read out a message standing next to Ms Burton, who appeared with her hands behind her back. "We have decided to pardon the three Britons as a gesture of goodwill in return for a seriousness in answering our demands," the gunman said.

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Dec. 31, 2005
JAKARTA -- Four people were killed and several others injured when a bomb, believed to be a hand-made, exploded in Palu, in central sulawesi province of Indonesia, on Saturday morning.

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Associated Press Writer
December 31, 2005
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Two more U.S. soldiers were killed in
Iraq as the year wound down Friday, putting the American military death toll at 841 so far — just five short of 2004's lost lives despite political progress and dogged efforts to quash the insurgency.

In Baghdad, hundreds of cars lined up at gas stations as word spread that Iraq's largest oil refinery shut down two weeks ago because of threats of insurgent attacks. Nearly three years after the U.S.-led invasion, a fuel crisis again threatens to cripple a country with the world's third-largest proven oil reserves.

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Comment: Well, it looks like 2006 may be an even worse year for Iraqis than 2005...

Associated Press
Sat Dec 31, 2:48 AM ET
SYDNEY, Australia - Australians' support for the
Iraq war has fallen in the past year, with two-thirds now saying the war was not worthwhile, according to results of a poll published Saturday.

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December 31, 2005
With a copy of the Quran and a Palestinian flag in his trunk, a Jordanian-turned-U.S. citizen crashed his car into a Home Depot in Arizona where he formerly worked, igniting an explosive blaze in the stores' paint section and causing $1 million in damage.

The Dec. 18 attack in Chandler, Ariz., by 24-year-old Ali R. Warrayat was a carefully planned "personal statement," the East Valley Tribune of Mesa, Ariz., reported.

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Associated Press Writer
December 30, 2005
MIAMI - Tropical Storm Zeta formed Friday in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, another installment in a record-breaking hurricane season that officially ended last month.

Zeta, the 27th storm of the season, formed Friday about 1,000 miles south-southwest of the Azores islands, according to an advisory posted on the National Hurricane Center's Web site. It posed no immediate threat to land.

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Associated Press Writer
Dec 30, 2005
VIENNA, Austria - Europe's second snowstorm this week piled drifts onto railway tracks and roads Friday, slowing buses, trains and trams and stranding motorists. At least two people were killed in mass pileups and a week of icy weather was blamed for dozens of other deaths. In Poland, police said 23 people had frozen to death in recent days, with the last victim found Friday.

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Martin Wainwright
Saturday December 31, 2005
The Guardian
The snowy aftermath to Christmas largely melted away yesterday in a slushy mess and driving rain, but only after claiming at least three more lives as morning blizzards buried cars on east coast roads.

Click to Expand Article 2005-12-31 04:52:21
PANAMA CITY, Dec. 30 (Xinhuanet) -- An earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale rattled Panama on Friday afternoon, but no major damage or injuries were immediately reported.

The quake was centered in the Pacific Ocean, 335 kilometers southwest of Panama City, according to the U.S. Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center. It was felt across western Panama.

Panamanian officials said there was no immediate fear that the quake could lead to a tsunami.
2005-12-31 11:01:24
BEIJING -- An outbreak of Asia Type One foot-and-mouth disease has occurred in Changqing District of Jinan City, capital of east China's Shandong Province, China's Ministry of Agriculture announced on Friday.

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Joe Kot
Till death do us part? An unusual wedding ceremony was held in the southern resort town of Eilat on Wednesday, as Sharon Tendler, a 41-years-old Jewish millionaire from London married her beloved Cindy, a 35-years-old dolphin, Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Thursday.

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Comment: It is impossible for Jews and non-Jews to marry in Israel. If an Israeli and a Palestinian marry, the Palestinian has no right to come and live in Irsrael.

However, it is possible for a Jewish woman to marry a dolphin.

By Susan Heavey
Fri Dec 30, 9:08 AM ET
WASHINGTON - Pregnant women coached through their first delivery do not fare much better than those who just do what feels natural, according to a study released on Friday.

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Associated Press
Fri Dec 30, 9:40 PM ET
WASHINGTON - Contaminated dog food which was sold in 23 states killed nearly two dozen dogs and sickened 18 more, the
Food and Drug Administration said Friday.

The deaths and illnesses sparked an FDA investigation into the pet food made by the Diamond Pet Food Company at its Gaston, S.C., manufacturing plant.

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December 31, 2005



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