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"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism." - Cindy Sheehan
P I C T U R E   O F  T H E  D A Y
©Pierre-Paul Feyte
December 2, 2005
Military autopsy reports provide indisputable proof that detainees are being tortured to death while in US military custody. Yet the US corporate media are covering it with the seriousness of a garage sale for the local Baptist Church.

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Comment: If you ask most people in the United States, or other countries, whether or not their governments use torture, we think most of them would respond “no”. There might be a few brutes who say something to the effect of “Ya gotta torture those terrorists because it’s the only way to make them talk and keep us safe”. Every country has its brutes. We are not talking about them.

We think it is quite normal that most people would respond “no” to such a question. Most people would be unable to torture someone and, in fact, have such a strong reaction to the very idea of torture that they can’t imagine anyone performing such an act of cruelty on another human being.

And there’s the rub.

These people, with some innate sense of right or wrong, that voice we call conscience, project their own voice of conscience upon others, assuming that everyone hears the same admonitions or undergoes the same instinctual pulling back at the thought of consciously inflicted pain upon another person. But it isn’t so. Not everyone hears such a voice or instinctually winces at the thought; and nature abhors a vacuum.

Therefore, we make an important, even a fundamental, reading error in our environment. We project our own conscience on those who have none. The projection of our own sense of morality upon those who have no such sense leaves us open to their manipulations and blinds us to their disregard for inhuman cruelty. They can well sit in positions of power and order the torture carried out by others of their ilk in secret detention centres far from public scrutiny with little fear of ever being held accountable. Their crimes are too great for us to imagine, to even begin to grasp: unless and until we come to understand these people without conscience are real and pervade our world, gravitating towards positions of power.

Percentage wise, they are very few in number. Unfortunately, through their positions of influence, they are able to have an influence that far outweighs their number. We have seen entire countries fall under their power in the last 100 years: Nazi Germany and the countries they conquered, the Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China, the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia are some of the more notorious.

The United States is today in the hands of these same beings. We are speaking of psychopaths. The study of how psychopaths and other pathological types work together to take over social movements, political parties, and other groups of well-intentioned individuals is called Ponerology. It is a clinical science that has finally found a scientific basis for an understanding of evil. Very importantly, it also provides an understanding of how to immunize oneself to ponerogenic influences.

We say that it has found a scientific basis for an understanding of evil because it is based upon the work of a group of researchers in Eastern Europe that began under the Nazi regime and which continued under Communist rule. Many of these people were psychologists, practicing in clinics and hospitals where they were able to collect data during decades of work. The data was drawn from interviews and tests with thousands of individuals. The clinical evidence shows that there is a very high correlation between the perpetrators of acts that we would call “evil”, that is, acts that cause harm to others, and some form of psychopathology. These pathologies can be either inherited or acquired (through upbringing or injuries to the brain). In other words, it is possible to identify “evil-doers” clinically.

The essential psychopath is incapable of love and feels no sense of guilt for any wrong-doing. Moreover, at an early age psychopaths sense their difference from other humans as they cannot comprehend the depth of range of normal emotions. Moral laws appear to them a purely artificial construction because they have no voice of conscience to anchor those laws in inner experience. When they break these laws, there is no moral sting, no sense of guilt, no feeling of pain for having hurt another. They can thus operate freely as amoral machines behind a mask of normality, knowing that the rest of us will assume they are just like us -- because they know us well. They have studied us all of their lives. They have their own special knowledge of how to survive in a world which they find foreign, a world in which they are obliged to conform to laws for which the psychopath feels no inner acknowledgement of their appropriateness.

The fundamental insight of the work of these brave researchers in the Eastern bloc countries is that there is a tight correlation between clinically identifiable pathologies and those who are responsible for what are commonly accepted as evil acts. A second insight is that the influence of these individuals works like an infection and its etiology can be studied, the better to combat its propagation and infection.

We all have within us damaged parts of our personalities, be it traits of narcissism, fixations and obsessions, feelings of injustice that might reside below consciousness that inform our thinking and our actions without our being aware, and so on. As well, the world may have done us wrong, or so we may feel. We can bear a grudge against society as a whole.

As well, there are real injustices in the world and many who suffer from them.

Each of these holes within us becomes a possible port of entry for ponerogenic influences, weaknesses of our immune systems in other words. If we are nursing a grudge or feeling hard done by the world, we become susceptible to ideologies which would radically remake the world in another image, righting the wrong we believe we have suffered. While political ideals or ideologies may originally contain a genuine desire for the betterment of society, those words will be interpreted in one way by those who have the voice of conscience and in another way by those who do not. Although they speak the same words, the meanings will be completely different, as will be the methods and means chosen to implement the vision as well as the results obtained.

We are operating with different dictionaries based upon different experiential realities. The problem is that “they” know this, and we are only beginning to awaken to this fact. “They” have been studying us for generations, analyzing our “weaknesses”, that is, our capacity for remorse, our ability to empathize with another’s plight, our desire for some form of justice on this earth, our belief that everyone tells the truth to the best of their knowledge, be it within the family or before a court of law. “They” use these “weaknesses”, that is, our highest values, to manipulate us and bend us to their will.

The history of the last one hundred years shows that “they” know what they are doing, and “they” do it well. “They” send us off to war to fight and die. “They” use religious beliefs to set us one against another. “They” use the economic system to create and maintain poverty so that we must fight to survive. And all of this murder and mayhem is explained away and justified by appeals to a morality that is false, and not only false, but purposely fabricated to catch us in its web of justifications. Just think for a moment of all the excuses given for the overthrow of Saddam and the occupation of Iraq, or the excuses for stealing the land of the Palestinians after WWII to create a Jewish homeland.

The studies in Eastern Europe showed that only 6 percent of the population bought into and identified with the dominant pathological ideology at any one time. Most others were obliged to go along with the state of things because they lacked the tools to understand what they were up against, not understanding that we are not facing a hostile force of a different colour, religion, or economic status -- the main justifications used to set us against each other. No, we are facing a pathology, one that can infect both sexes, crosses all races, cultures, religions, languages, and time. As long as we were told it was due to religion or the colour of our skin or our state of “civilization”, how could we hope to find out the real answer?

Moreover, all of those other “answers” were bogus from the start. They were given to us to keep us off track, to make us believe that it was always the “them” of religion or race and never “us”, and that if we descended into barbarism to beat the enemy, it was because it was the only language that enemy would understand. They weren’t like us. Because they weren’t like us, it didn’t matter if we didn’t fight fair, that is, respect the admonitions of our voice of conscience. But as long as we are infected ourselves, that is, as long as we put into power people with who spin pathological tales of reality that we accept, that we make our own because on some level it touches a hole in our own psyche, we are part of the problem, part of the pathology, and are lost. We will continue to be the manipulated tools of the psychopath, the schizoid, and the characteropath.

In a certain sense, the discovery of the founding text of ponerology, Political Ponerology by Andrew Lobaczewski, enables us to answer with more precision a question we are often asked by our readers: "Well, what can we do!"?

Today we can give you the following answer: Study this new science of the genesis of evil. If you are truly to take it up, you will need to study both the outer world and the world within, to seek out those holes in your own defence system, those blockages that influence your way of seeing the world and that leave you open to infection by political and other pathologies. For what are we facing in the United States of America today but a significant number of pathologies running out of control, infecting the body politic, and, from there, the entire world? From evangelical Christianity with its literal belief in the Bible and the imminent return of Jesus to save the true believers, Zionism and its alliance with Christianity to make the Chosen People the Kings of the Hill, to the worship of the dollar and the bottom line at the expense of the health and sanity of its people represented by liberal economics and a ruthless globalism, the US is infected with a great number of pathologies and seeks to infect the rest of the world.

One might also characterize Ponerology as an important entry way to esoteric work. It gives scientific validation to ideas that have been passed down as esoteric secrets. More to the point, it suggests once again that the true esoteric knowledge was once scientific, far from its current degraded state of airy-fairy ideas of magic, spells, ritual, and an elite that carries special secrets used to tempt the weak-spirited. Our work here is to re-establish the scientific character of such knowledge, the truth about our reality and how to live in it and survive, that is, how to ensure the survival of our souls, for this is the ultimate question the issue of ponerology raises, even if it does not yet address it directly.

With time, it will, as science expands to encompass the mysteries it does not yet comprehend and as we stop looking elsewhere for saviours to haul us out of the soup of our own making. Moreover, this new science gives us the tools to deal with those infected with psychopathologies in a way free from the moralism of the Church. The psychopath is as he is because of factors that are out of his control. He has no choice between one path and another of his own free will because he does not yet have any free will. He does not have the hardware, the circuits, the wiring, or the basic capability to make a moral choice. He is what he does; he does what he is.

In a world where the psychopath has no power to influence society and infect its reason, the understanding and definition of the term “Us” and “Them” changes. We move to the adult dictionary of meanings infused with empathy and understanding, not manipulation and deceit. In such a society of citizens who understand the pathological character of evil, infected individuals will not attain power, either over individuals or over groups or entire nations.

But we are a long way from such a day.

It may never come, but our deepening understanding of the phenomenon is our only way ahead.

Luke Harding in Berlin
Monday December 5, 2005
The Guardian
The US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice's meeting with Germany's new chancellor Angela Merkel tomorrow is likely to be a tricky affair. What should have been a chance to repair the damaging rift between the countries over Iraq is fast being eclipsed by something else - a new transatlantic row between the US and the European Union over the CIA.

During the weekend there were further revelations about the role of the CIA in kidnapping suspects. According to yesterday's Washington Post, the agency carried out a number of "erroneous renditions" - grabbing suspects off the street who later turned out to be innocent.

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Associated Press
Sun Dec 4, 2:13 PM ET
WASHINGTON - Sen. John McCain, a prisoner of war who was tortured in Vietnam, said Sunday he will refuse to yield on his demands that the White House agree with his proposed ban on the use of torture to extract information from suspected terrorists.

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Comment: McCain and Hadley are working toward an agreement?? What exactly does that mean? Why is there any question at all as to whether torture of any kind should be permitted? McCain is simply playing his role so that when the final "agreement" is reached, the White House can continue to justify its use of torture by saying, "Look, McCain was tortured in Vietnam, and even he agrees that what we're doing is acceptable!"

By Raymond Whitaker
04 December 2005
UK Independent
CIA agents have broken ranks to reveal the 'cruel and inhuman' interrogation techniques they are ordered to use at secret prisons around the world, including freezing and near-drowning.

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Ian Cobain and Luke Harding in Berlin
Monday December 5, 2005
The Guardian
The British government is guilty of breaking international law if it allowed secret CIA "rendition" flights of terror suspects to land at UK airports, according to a report by American legal scholars.

Merely giving permission for the flights to refuel while en route to the Middle East to collect a prisoner would constitute a breach of the law, according to the opinion commissioned by an all-party group of MPs, which meets in parliament for the first time today.

The report comes as the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, arrives in Europe for a trip that has been overshadowed by the growing dispute about the CIA's use of rendition - the term used to describe the abduction of suspects who are taken to countries where they can be questioned outside the protection of US law.

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Weekend Edition
December 3/4, 2005
There is no more heinous or morally indefensible crime than capital punishment. Nor is there is any person, however monstrous, deserving of execution at the hands of the state. We may never know the motives behind the actions of many criminals, but we can fully grasp the culpability of the state. For it is the state, through its legal machinations, that calmly premeditates the murder of its own citizens.

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Comment: Capital punishment is an excellent example of the way a pathological view of the world can be accepted as "normal" through the use of paramoralisms. The normal, healthy world-view is stated above:

Again, the nature of the crime makes no difference; it is never within the purview of the state to kill a citizen. Never. That definitive act turns the whole system of representative government on its head.

Such is the point of view of a normal, healthy, functioning individual. However, it is a principle that is often put into cause by zealots of capital punishment who make appeals to a false morality, a para-morality.

Whitney cites such an example above, the agument justifying the murder of a citizen because of "the evil of particularly shocking crime". This statement is just such an example of a paramoralism.

Rather than standing on the principle that the state does not have the right to murder its own citizens, an appeal is made to the shock and awe of violent crime. The fundamental principle is set aside under cover of a plea to our "morality": people who do such things are different, are exempt from law.

Unfortunately, time and again such paramoralisms work. Think attacking Iraq because of 911! Think attacking the entire Afghani people because the 19 accused terrorists were supported by Osama bin Ladin. Even if the above claim were true, and we know well it is not, such an argument is pathological.

By Times Online
5 Dec 2005
Following is the full text of a statement delivered by Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, at Andrews Air Force base in Maryland before her departure on a trip to Europe:

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By Sam Knight and agencies
Condoleezza Rice today defended America's practice of secretly abducting terrorist suspects to interrogate them in bases belonging to the US government and its allies.

In a robust statement issued shortly before she left on a four day tour of European capitals, the US Secretary of State gave the Bush Administration's first detailed response to reports that the CIA operates secret prisons in Eastern Europe, and covertly detains and transports alleged terrorists through Europe.

"The United States will use every lawful weapon to defeat these terrorists," said Dr Rice.

Seeking to head off mounting criticism from European governments, Dr Rice said that the US did not torture detainees, and insisted that co-operating with local officials to remove terrorist suspects so that they can be questioned and prosecuted abroad, a practice known as "rendition", was a crucial tool in the campaign against terrorism.

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By Anthony Browne in Brussels and David Charter in Washington
The Times
5 Dec 2005
CONDOLEEZZA RICE, the US Secretary of State, will try to dismiss mounting concern over alleged CIA human rights abuses in Europe when she embarks on a four-day tour of the Continent today.

Allegations have been multiplying almost daily that the CIA has operated secret prisons in Eastern Europe and covertly abducted and transported alleged terrorists through Europe. The claims have provoked demands for a response from the US Government.

It is alleged that the CIA runs a secret global abduction and internment operation of suspected terrorists, known as “extraordinary rendition”, which since 2001 has captured about 3,000 people and transported them around the world.

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Donald Hunt
December 5, 2005
Gold closed at 508.40 dollars an ounce on Friday, breaking the $500 barrier and closing up 2.3 percent, after rising 2.2 percent the week before. The dollar closed at 0.8534 euros for the week, down 0.2% from 0.8547 at the previous Friday’s close. The euro, in turn, closed at 1.1718 up from 1.1700 the week before. Gold in euros, then would be 433.86 an ounce, up 2.1% from 424.87 the week before. Oil closed at 59.32 dollars a barrel, up 2.2% from 58.03 at the previous Friday’s close. Oil in euros would be 50.62 euros a barrel, up 2.1% from 49.60 the week before. The gold/oil ratio would be 8.57 at Friday’s close, unchanged from the Friday before. In the U.S. stock market, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 10,877.51 on Friday, down 0.5% from 10,931.62 at the previous Friday’s close. The NASDAQ closed at 2,273.37 up 0.5% from 2,263.01 the week before. The yield on the ten-year U.S. Treasury note was 4.51%, up seven basis points from 4.44 the week before.

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Associated Press
Sun Dec 4, 3:14 PM ET
PORTLAND, Maine - The last thing John Gendron wants to do during the holidays is climb high on his steep-pitched roof to hang a wreath from his chimney. These days, he doesn't have to. Instead, he hires a contractor to put one wreath on his chimney and two others high on the house, and to hang Christmas lights on his home and in the crabapple trees in his front yard.

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Comment: With an average initial cost of $1500, there are obviously very few Americans (somewhere around 0.01%) who can afford such a luxury this holiday season, especially when one considers the precarious state of the economy.

By Chris L. Jenkins
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, December 4, 2005; C01
HOT SPRINGS, Va. -- Sen. George Allen rallied fellow Virginia Republicans to his 2006 reelection campaign Saturday, telling them that he would stand for low taxes, energy independence and opposition to "activist judges" on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Allen, who is widely thought to be considering a presidential bid in 2008, also told the state party activists gathered for an annual conference that they must stand behind "common-sense Jeffersonian conservative principles" that have helped propel the GOP in national and state elections.

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By Richard Reeves
Fri Dec 2, 8:13 PM ET
PARIS -- President John F. Kennedy was considered a historian because of his book "Profiles in Courage," so he received periodic requests to rate the presidents, those lists that usually begin "1. Lincoln, 2. Washington ..."

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Weekend Edition
December 3/4, 2005
The immense significance of Rep John Murtha's November 17 speech calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq is that it signals mutiny in the US senior officer corps, seeing the institution they lead as "broken, worn out" and "living hand to mouth", to use the biting words of their spokesman, John Murtha, as he reiterated on December his denunciation of Bush's destruction of the Army.

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Associated Press
Sun Dec 4, 6:28 PM ET
BAGHDAD, Iraq - An angry crowd confronted Iraq's former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi at a Shiite shrine south of Baghdad on Sunday, forcing him to flee in a hail of stones and shoes. Allawi called the attack an assassination attempt.

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By David Hoskins
Published Dec 3, 2005 9:29 PM
Workers' World
Iraqis opposed to the U.S. occupation believe there is a systematic campaign of targeted assassinations aimed at Iraqi intellectuals and that a well-organized enemy intent on keeping Iraq weak and susceptible to foreign occupation is carrying out the killings.

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Michael Howard in Irbil
Monday December 5, 2005
The Guardian
The UN said yesterday said that Saddam Hussein's trial would never satisfy international standards because of ongoing violence and flaws in Iraq's legal system

John Case, the UN's human rights chief in Iraq, said the murder of two defence lawyers, continued threats against judges, lawyers and witnesses and weaknesses in the Iraqi justice system had caused grave doubts about the trial's legitimacy.

"We're very anxious about the tribunal [trying Saddam]," he told Reuters in an interview. "The legitimacy of the tribunal needs to be examined. It has been seriously challenged in many quarters."

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December 5, 2005
The Australian parliament is poised to adopt new counter-terrorism laws, despite a last-minute warning from the country's leading jurists group that the legislation is "as terrifying as terrorism itself".

The bill, which allows for the secret preventive detention of terrorist suspects for up to two weeks and permits authorities to impose controls on suspects, including electronic shackles, for up to 12 months, went before the Senate Monday.

It was expected to pass quickly as the conservative government of Prime Minister John Howard controls the chamber.

The lower House of Representatives adopted the legislation last week after government deputies gagged debate and prevented opposition attempts to amend the bill.

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Declan Walsh
Monday December 5, 2005
The Guardian
A retired US ambassador has reignited the debate about one of south Asia's greatest whodunits, the death in 1988 of Pakistan's president General Zia ul-Haq, by saying that Israel was responsible.

John Gunther Dean, then US ambassador to India, said he suspected Israel's secret service Mossad of downing Gen Zia's aircraft in an effort to stop Pakistan developing the nuclear bomb. But when he reported these suspicions to Washington, he was accused of being mentally unbalanced and subsequently forced into retirement. Almost 20 years later, Mr Dean, 80, was speaking out in an attempt to tell his side of the story.

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Peter Preston
Monday December 5, 2005
The Guardian
The Bush administration will pay both at home and in Iraq for buying puff pieces in the media

It seems such a tiny, insignificant thing. Why worry about planting a little propaganda and bribing a few journalists when your men in the field are dying day after day? "This is war," says the Pentagon. Yes indeed, adds the sonorous senator who chairs the armed services committee, "this is war". And in war, of course, anything goes (even including bombing al-Jazeera) because ... well, it's war, isn't it? [...]

Keep the outrage pot bubbling a moment longer, though. Do you remember Armstrong Williams, TV frontman and syndicated columnist? The Bush administration handed him $240,000 under cover of darkness to plug its education reforms. Do you remember how the American government thereupon funded a string of superficially independent news "reports" on its education and energy reforms in video packages that small stations just plonked on air as all their own work? What about the latest public broadcasting ruckus, with Karl Rove, Bush's fixer, discovered chatting secretly to PBS chiefs about starting a neo-con talk show and getting a few more Republicans on studio duty?

None of this has anything to do with "war" (unless it be some undeclared war on truth). But it is all part of an inescapable pattern, one so serious it can't be allowed to fade away....

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By Anne Penketh in Vienna
05 December 2005
UK Independent
The head of the UN nuclear watchdog, Mohamed ElBaradei, has appealed to both Iran and the West to refrain from escalating their dangerous game of brinkmanship, which has entered an unpredictable phase after the election of a hardline Iranian president.

Talks between Iran and the European Union, which has been leading negotiations aimed at preventing the Iranians from building a nuclear bomb, broke down in August, when the Iranians resumed nuclear-related activities at their Isfahan plant.

The main hope of resuming the dialogue now resides in compromise proposals from Russia, which is offering to enrich uranium for Iran outside its territory. Uranium enrichment is the critical stage in nuclear power which can produce weapons grade fuel.

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By Helen Luk in Hong Kong
05 December 2005
UK Independent
A quarter of a million protesters marched through Hong Kong yesterday to demand full democracy from their rulers in Beijing.

Pro-democracy politicians and some protesters gathered outside the Chinese government's headquarters after the march to call on Hong Kong's leader, Donald Tsang, to specify when the territory will get universal suffrage, promised as an eventual goal under its mini-constitution.

The governments faltering hopes of pushing a political reform package through the legislature are expeceted to be damaged by the high turnout.

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4 Dec 2005
New German Chancellor Angela Merkel's debut in Poland and her chief diplomat's first mission to Russia marked a shift in the delicate balancing act between Berlin and its wartime foes, observers have said.

Merkel took office last month with a pledge to break with the Paris-Berlin-Moscow axis that took shape in opposition to the US-led Iraq war and was strongly favored by her predecessor Gerhard Schroeder.

She has vowed to rejuvenate ties with Poland, which has traditionally been deeply wary of its giant neighbors Russia and Germany forming alliances that could undermine its interests.

Merkel, Germany's first chancellor to grow up in the former communist east, addressed those concerns head-on in talks with Polish president-elect Lech Kaczynski and Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz late Friday.

Warsaw was outraged by the agreement between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Schroeder in September to build a pipeline across the Baltic Sea, bypassing Poland and depriving it of lucrative usage fees.

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4 Dec 2005
MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan: Health authorities in northern Pakistan were racing to control an outbreak of measles at a camp for earthquake survivors on Sunday after a 10-month old baby died of the disease, a doctor said.

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Harcourt Brace & Company
NY Times Review by By ROBERT J. RICHARDS
Science is not a disinterested examination of the structures of reality. Objective truths about the world can be captured only in the thicket of cultural belief, refined experience and honed intuition. The nature Darwin met on his Beagle voyage in the 1830's did not flow through hollow eyes to imprint features mechanically on a pliant brain; it came tumbling through a mind whose romantic contours had been prepared by extensive study of the work of the German adventurer Alexander von Humboldt. In ''The Origin of Species'' (1859), that nature -- creative, value-laden and goal-directed --had not shed its original cultural guise.

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Keith Chandler
In his book, Becoming Human, Ian Tattersall says,

The Neanderthals had occasionally practiced burial of dead, but among the Cro-Magnons we see for the first time evidence of regular and elaborate burial, with hints of ritual and belief in an afterlife. The most striking example of Cro-Magnon burial comes from the 28-kyr-old site of Sungir, in Russia, where two young individuals and a sixty-year-old male (no previous human had ever been known to survive to such an age) were interred with an astonishing material richness. Each of the deceased was dressed in clothing onto which more than three thousand ivory beads had been sewn; and experiments have shown that each bead had taken an hour to make. They also wore carved pendants, bracelets, and shell necklaces. The juveniles, buried head to head, were flanked by two mammoth tusks over two yards long. . . . Also found at Sungir were numerous bone tools and carved objects, including wheel-like forms and a small ivory horse decorated with a regular pattern of tiny holes. The elaborate interments at Sungir are only the most dramatic example of many; and taken together, these Cro-Magnon burials tell us a great deal about the people who carried them out.

First, in all human societies known to practice it, burial of the dead with grave goods (and the ritual invariably associated with placing such objects in the grave) indicates a belief in an afterlife: the goods are there because they will be useful to the deceased in the future. Grave goods need not necessarily be everyday items, although everything found at Sungir might have been, since personal adornment seems to be a basic human urge that was expressed by the Cro-Magnons to its fullest. But whether or not some of the Sungir artifacts were made specifically to be used in burial, what is certain is that the knowledge of inevitable death and spiritual awareness are closely linked, and in Cro-Magnon burial there is abundant inferential evidence for both. It is here that we have the most ancient incontrovertible evidence for the existence of religious experience. (from Becoming Human: Evolution and Human Uniqueness, by Ian Tattersall.)

Robin McKie, science editor
Sunday December 4, 2005
The Observer
The new science of geomythology is being harnessed by researchers who believe folklore can save lives

On the banks of Siletz Bay in Lincoln City, Oregon, officials dedicated a memorial last week to one of America's worst calamities: a huge earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands of Native Americans 300 years ago.

But the memorial's main job is not to commemorate the disaster, which has only just come to light, but to warn local people that similar devastation could strike at any time.

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Comment: We knew that Laura's work on mythology and natural disasters was scientific. Now they even have a name fer it!

by Victor A. Shnirelman
Acta no. 13, Analysis of current trends in antisemitism, 1998.
Russian Neo-paganism is one branch of contemporary Russian nationalism that emerged and developed in the 1970s–1990s. Its ideology is based on the glorification of the pre-Christian Russian past and accuses Christianity of the brutal destruction of the legacy of the Great Ancestors. At the same time, Christianity is treated as an evil ideology created by Jews in order to establish their own dominance of the world and the subjugation of all peoples. Russian Neo-paganism is in fact rooted in Nazi-style rhetoric full of latent or open antisemitism. This paper discusses the ideology and its political implications.

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Comment: To understand the reality of "Russian Neo-Paganism," the reader is urged to get a copy of Laura Knight-Jadczyk's seminal work: The Secret History of the World.

Vladimir Megre
In 1994 a Siberian elder told the entrepreneur Vladimir Megre a fascinating story about the "ringing cedars" - trees respected from Biblical times for their curative powers and the capacity to re-connect human beings with the Divine. The elder told him where such a ringing cedar was growing in the Siberian backwoods. Vladimir Megre set out on an expedition to find the tree. But his encounter with the elder's granddaughter Anastasia transformed him so deeply that he abandoned his commercial plans and, penniless, went to Moscow to write a book about the spiritual insights she shared with him. What happened next thrilled and inspired millions!

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By Helen Altonn
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
University of Hawaii astronomer Fabrizio Bernardi came here from Italy to look for potentially dangerous asteroids.

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December 04, 2005
The Weekend Australian
A spectacular meteorite fireball has lit up the sky over a wide area of Western Australia.

The spectacle is reported to have been in the north of the state, also as far east as Kalgoorlie, nearly 500km from Perth, and in the south at Albany, which is just over 400km from the capital.

Astronomers believe the meteorite, flashing brightly and sending out sonic booms, smashed into the earth's atmosphere about 300km southeast of Perth at 8.47pm yesterday.

It is thought to be the biggest celestial light show seen in WA in a decade.

Barbara McMahon in Rome
Monday December 5, 2005
The Guardian
Venice was mopping up yesterday after widespread flooding, following stormy weather, in much of its historic centre.

Tourists had to wade through 20cm (7.9in) of water in St Mark's Square, which one man, above, traversed by canoe. In some areas, the water covered raised walkways designed to overcome floods. The problem was caused by downpours and a high tide, but city officials said it was unusual to experience such a deluge this early in the winter.

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NEW! 9/11: The Ultimate Truth is Now Available!

On the fourth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Laura Knight-Jadczyk announced the availability of her latest book:

In the years since the 9/11 attacks, dozens of books have sought to explore the truth behind the official version of events that day - yet to date, none of these publications has provided a satisfactory answer as to WHY the attacks occurred and who was ultimately responsible for carrying them out.

Taking a broad, millennia-long perspective, Laura Knight-Jadczyk's 9/11: The Ultimate Truth uncovers the true nature of the ruling elite on our planet and presents new and ground-breaking insights into just how the 9/11 attacks played out.

9/11: The Ultimate Truth makes a strong case for the idea that September 11, 2001 marked the moment when our planet entered the final phase of a diabolical plan that has been many, many years in the making. It is a plan developed and nurtured by successive generations of ruthless individuals who relentlessly exploit the negative aspects of basic human nature to entrap humanity as a whole in endless wars and suffering in order to keep us confused and distracted to the reality of the man behind the curtain.

Drawing on historical and genealogical sources, Knight-Jadczyk eloquently links the 9/11 event to the modern-day Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She also cites the clear evidence that our planet undergoes periodic natural cataclysms, a cycle that has arguably brought humanity to the brink of destruction in the present day.

For its no nonsense style in cutting to the core of the issue and its sheer audacity in refusing to be swayed or distracted by the morass of disinformation that has been employed by the Powers that Be to cover their tracks, 9/11: The Ultimate Truth can rightly claim to be THE definitive book on 9/11 - and what that fateful day's true implications are for the future of mankind.

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