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March for Justice

This is War

Iraq Body Count


Stranger than fiction

Ark's Jokes

Excellent radio interviews

Q&A session with CIA Analyst Stephen Pelletiere

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Pentagoon: I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag

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The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside.
Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it." - Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural

It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. --Voltaire--

Faith of consciousness is freedom
Faith of feeling is weakness
Faith of body is stupidity.
Love of consciousness evokes the same in response
Love of feeling evokes the opposite
Love of the body depends only on type and polarity.
Hope of consciousness is strength
Hope of feeling is slavery
Hope of body is disease. [Gurdjieff]

Life is religion. Life experiences reflect how one interacts with God. Those who are asleep are those of little faith in terms of their interaction with the creation. Some people think that the world exists for them to overcome or ignore or shut out. For those individuals, the worlds will cease. They will become exactly what they give to life. They will become merely a dream in the "past." People who pay strict attention to objective reality right and left, become the reality of the "Future." [Cassiopaea 09-28-02]


April 25, 2003 Today's edition of Brought to You by The Bush Junta, Produced and Directed by the CIA, based on an original script by Henry Kissinger, with a cast of billions....The "Greatest Shew on Earth," no doubt, and if you don't have a good sense of humor, don't read this page! It is designed to reveal the "unseen." If you can't stand the heat of Objective Reality, get out of the kitchen!

Bush Order Allows Forced Quarantine Of SARS Cases. - President Bush issued an executive order on Friday allowing the forced quarantine of patients with a mysterious new illness that has killed 80 people, as well as patients with other diseases such as Ebola. The order allows the Health and Human Services secretary to decide when such a quarantine is needed. It calls for the "apprehension, detention or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission or spread of suspected communicable diseases." It names severe acute respiratory syndrome, which has affected a suspected 115 people in the United States and 2,400 worldwide, killing around 80. The order also names cholera, diphtheria, infectious tuberculosis, plague, smallpox, yellow fever and viral hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola, Lassa and Marburg. :

Quit Iraq, Arab states tell U.S. - Arab officials yesterday called for U.S. and British troops to leave Iraqi immediately. In a statement issued after talks on reviving an economic boycott of Israel, representatives of 15 Arab states urged "an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the invading forces from Iraqi territories" and said Iraq should be governed by Iraqis. The statement, issued after four days of meetings in the Syrian capital, also condemned the Bush administration's accusations that Syria sheltered fugitive members of Saddam Hussein's ousted government and possessed chemical weapons. The criticism amounted to "a dangerous precedent in international relations that threatens world peace and stability," the statement said.

U.S. Arms Dealer To Run Iraq’s ‘Humanitarian Relief’ - Although the overwhelming majority countries agree that the U.N. must be at the heart of the reconstruction and administration of post-war Iraq, the U.S. once again challenged the will of the international community and appointed a retired U.S. arms dealer - whose company helps the U.S. bomb Baghdad - to oversee “humanitarian relief and rebuilding of Iraq”. Jay Garner is president of an arms company that provides crucial technical support to missile systems vital to the U.S. invasion of the country In fact Garner the appointment raises troubling questions, to mention but a few, why would the White House pick a man from a company directly concerned with attacking Iraq to spearhead the country's aid and restoration? Not to mention, the Garner’s mission will be under the control of the Pentagon.

PARENTS GIVE THEIR CHILDREN TO THE GOVERNMENT - Reuters dispatch reveals thousands of parents in the US are giving up their kids to state foster care. Voluntarily. These kids have not been charged with crimes. They are "problem children." The parents are convinced their children need therapy---which means psychiatric drugs---but the prices of the drugs are too high. So they give their kids over to foster care, at which point the state WILL pick up the tab for Ritalin and Prozac and Zoloft and Paxil and Haldol and so on. A report on this incredible phenomenon has been released by the US General Accounting Office. The GAO was only able to carry out its survey in 19 states, and it found that 12,700 kids have been donated by parents to state foster care for the purpose of getting "needed mental treatment."

BBC's Dyke "shocked" by American network bias on Iraq - In a speech designed in part to refute criticism that the BBC displayed a pro-Iraq, anti-war bias during its coverage of the war, BBC director general Greg Dyke said he was "shocked" by pro-government bias in American reporting of the war in Iraq. As reported on the BBC, he denounced US media in a speech to a journalism conference in London. Mr Dyke said US networks -- he specifically cited Fox News and CNN -- were guilty of "gung-ho patriotism" in Iraq war coverage and warned that patriotic bias had no place in the BBC. According to the BBC, he said: "If Iraq proved anything, it was that the BBC cannot afford to mix patriotism and journalism." The BBC says its director general also rejected criticism from the government for keeping a BBC reporting team in Baghdad, saying: "The whole culture of BBC journalism is based on the drive for accurate and impartial reporting." He said, "Commercial pressures may tempt others to follow the Fox News formula of gung-ho patriotism but for the BBC this would be a terrible mistake."

Can An Entire Country Go Mad? - Can an entire country go mad? Of course it can! And history provides many examples: the Salem Colony during the witch trials (and its 20th century counterpart, the McCarthy mania), Nazi Germany, Cambodia under Pol Pot, and arguably the United States under George Bush. Worse yet, most people living at a time of national derangement perceive that condition as perfectly normal, and even moral. And pity the poor soul who sees things differently: the "one-eyed person in the land of the blind." If we are even to suggest that the American public has, by and large, gone bonkers, we should begin with a definition of "sanity" and, by implication, of "insanity." Perhaps Sigmund Freud said it best: a sane person is someone with an operating "reality principle" – someone who checks his beliefs against the readily-available promptings of "the real world."

Richard Perle: War Against Terror Not Over - Pentagon Adviser - Pentagon adviser Richard Perle, a key architect of the U.S.-led drive to topple Saddam Hussein, was quoted on Friday as saying Washington would pursue other states in its crackdown on global terrorism. "The military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq are part of efforts to fight against terrorism," Perle told the French newspaper Les Echos. "We are not going to stop there. We shall continue to fight against countries who harbor terrorists and develop weapons of mass destruction." Comment: "Let's see, there's Syria, and Iran, and Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, and Oman, and the United Arab Emirates, oh yes, all those places are terrorists, in fact all Arabs are terrorists, so let's just kill them all to be on the safe side, right? "

New Law Putting Net—and You—at Risk - As of this moment, the security level of the Internet has taken a big hit. And it's not because of a new worm or some nefarious hacker collective; it's because of a set of badly conceived laws that have been passed by several states. These measures, referred to as Super DMCA laws are badly designed laws promoted by the Motion Picture Association of America. Super DMCA legislation has already been passed in Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Wyoming. Now Super DMCA has claimed one of its first victims, the award-winning open-source application LaBrea, which is designed to stop the spread of worms such as Nimda across the Internet. Tom Liston, the developer of LaBrea, has stopped distribution of the program for fear of prosecution under the Illinois version of this law.One of the common aspects of these laws is that they make illegal any device or program that can "conceal or to assist another to conceal from any communication service provider or from any lawful authority the existence or place of origin or destination of any communication." Aside from LaBrea, this makes a whole set of common IT programs and hardware illegal, from firewalls to VPNs to privacy applications.

MSNBC Reveals Facts on Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction -Here is MSNBC, giving us more information on Israel's weapons of mass destruction (WMD)than I've seen in any left-wing or peace-activist news source. Here is the mainstream U.S. media, that beast we love to hate, giving us a story that gives away the store. It's a story we expect the elite media to hide, because it is so embarrassing to U.S. policymakers. How could anyone cheer for the carnage in Iraq, where no WMD have yet been found, if they knew that Israel is the only Middle Eastern nation with a proven WMD arsenal? How could anyone approve of a U.S. policy that kills where WMD don't seem to exist and turns a blind eye where they obviously do? Far from hiding the story, though, MSNBC uses its graphic skills to put all the details just a mouse-click away. What's going on?

Securing Iraqi oil for Israel: The plot thickens - Israel, like the Bush administration, is backing Iraqi opposition leader Ahmed Chalabi in the scramble for power in Baghdad because he is understood to be sympathetic to opening some kind of relationship with the Jewish state and to resurrecting the Mosul-Haifa oil pipeline that would transform the region’s energy map.

The "Separation Wall" - separating Palestinians from their land... - confiscating more Palestinian land. If Israel would genuinely be interested in the security of it's citizens, and in separation from the Palestinian people, it would have erected the wall on the "Green Line"(the border that existed before the 1967 war). But this is not the case. The majority of the planned wall cuts deep into Palestinian territory, incorporating into Israel about 10%-15% of the occupied territories, a huge portion of very fertile land full of olive groves, greenhouses, vegetable fields and water resources.

90 Tigers Found Dead At CA 'Animal Rescue' Home - Nine tigers and two leopard cubs were receiving round-the-clock bottle feedings as they recover following their rescue from a home where authorities also found 90 dead tigers, including 58 cubs stuffed into a freezer. The 11 living cubs were dehydrated and one had a bad case of mange when they were brought to the Fund For Animals Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in San Diego County, but their conditions were improving Thursday, said Charles Traisi, who heads the center.

A whirlwind of "new moon" discoveries - A whirlwind of "new moon" discoveries this year have kept teachers, textbooks, and web sites scrambling to keep up.
March 6th - Seven new moons for Jupiter, 10th March five more moons for Jupiter, April 9th more Moons for Saturn & Jupiter - When Will It End?
Comment: Gee seems awful suspicious to me. Now how about this - those moons are not moons at all but spacecraft

Fund-raiser for GOP pleads guilty in case of child pornography - A prominent Republican fund-raiser who once said former President Bill Clinton was "a lawbreaker and a terrible example to our nation's young people" pleaded guilty yesterday in Baltimore Circuit Court to production of child pornography.


April 24, 2003 Today's edition of Brought to You by The Bush Junta, Produced and Directed by the CIA, based on an original script by Henry Kissinger, with a cast of billions....The "Greatest Shew on Earth," no doubt, and if you don't have a good sense of humor, don't read this page! It is designed to reveal the "unseen." If you can't stand the heat of Objective Reality, get out of the kitchen!

Pa. Student Kills Principal, Self - The 70th anniversary wasn't noticed in the United States, and was barely reported in the corporate media. But the Germans remembered well that fateful day seventy years ago - February 27, 1933. They commemorated the anniversary by joining in demonstrations for peace that mobilized citizens all across the world. Comment: They'll blame the guns instead of trying to figure out why a kid with no prior discipline problems and with no history of confrontation with the principal suddenly snapped

When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History - The 70th anniversary wasn't noticed in the United States, and was barely reported in the corporate media. But the Germans remembered well that fateful day seventy years ago - February 27, 1933. They commemorated the anniversary by joining in demonstrations for peace that mobilized citizens all across the world.

It started when the government, in the midst of a worldwide economic crisis, received reports of an imminent terrorist attack. A foreign ideologue had launched feeble attacks on a few famous buildings, but the media largely ignored his relatively small efforts. The intelligence services knew, however, that the odds were he would eventually succeed. (Historians are still arguing whether or not rogue elements in the intelligence service helped the terrorist; the most recent research implies they did not.)

But the warnings of investigators were ignored at the highest levels, in part because the government was distracted; the man who claimed to be the nation's leader had not been elected by a majority vote and the majority of citizens claimed he had no right to the powers he coveted. He was a simpleton, some said, a cartoon character of a man who saw things in black-and-white terms and didn't have the intellect to understand the subtleties of running a nation in a complex and internationalist world. His coarse use of language - reflecting his political roots in a southernmost state - and his simplistic and often-inflammatory nationalistic rhetoric offended the aristocrats, foreign leaders, and the well-educated elite in the government and media. And, as a young man, he'd joined a secret society with an occult-sounding name and bizarre initiation rituals that involved skulls and human bones. more.

White House steals Lafayette Park - Lafayette Park was a gift to the American people from Thomas Jefferson. Bush has now surrounded Lafayette Park with fences and merged it with the White House compound. The mere existence of these barricades proves that Bush is not afraid of anything so much as the angry American people.

George W Bush's First Year in Office - In George W. Bush's first year in office he:
1. Significantly eased field-testing controls of genetically engineered crops.
2. Cut federal spending on libraries by $39 million.
3. Cut $35 million in funding for doctors to get advanced pediatric training.
4. Cut by 50% funding for research into renewable energy sources.
5. Revoked rules that reduced the acceptable levels of arsenic in drinking water. 6. Blocked rules that would require federal agencies to offer bilingual assistance to non-English speaking persons. This, from a candidate who would readily fire-up his Spanish-speaking skills in front of would-be Hispanic voters. more

Comment: Want to see his resume too? ....And see him here as he jokes about being a dictator

France will pay for war stance, Powell says - Colin Powell, the US secretary of state, who is generally considered the most dovish member of the administration, warned France yesterday that it would pay a price for its opposition to the Iraq war. His blunt remarks suggest that France's conciliatory proposal that most UN sanctions on Iraq should to suspend has done little to heal the US-French rift. The White House clearly remains angry that France's threat to use its security council veto prevented it getting a further resolution authorising military action. Asked on a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) talk show whether France would suffer consequences for trying to frustrate war plans, Mr Powell answered yes.

MOHAMED ATTA WORKED FOR ELITE U.S.—GERMAN GOVERNMENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM - For at least four years while living in Hamburg during the 1990’s terrorist ringleader Mohamed Atta was part of a 'joint venture' between the U.S. and German Governments, the MadCowMorningNews has learned, an elite international “exchange” program run by a little-known private organization with close ties to powerful American political figures like David Rockefeller and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

The jointly-funded government effort picked up the tab for Atta on sojourns in Cairo, Istanbul, and Aleppo in Syria during the years 1994 and 1995, as well as employing him as a “tutor” and “seminar participant” during 1996 and 1997. Moreover Atta’s financial relationship with the U.S.—German government effort may even extend back to his initial move from Egypt to Germany in 1992, after being “recruited” in Cairo by a mysterious German couple dubbed the “hijacker’s sponsors” in a recent news account in the Chicago Tribune.

Mohamed Atta, before becoming a ‘terrorist ringleader,’ enjoyed the patronage of a government initiative, known as the “Congress-Bundestag Program," overseen by the U.S. State Department and the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, the German equivalent of the U.S. Agency currently supervising the secretive bidding race for tens of billions of dollars of post-war reconstruction contracts in Iraq, the Agency for International Development.

All the news that fits...under the rug News that Mohamed Atta had been on the payroll of the elite international program first surfaced a month after the 9/11 attack, in a brief seven-line report by German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Oct. 18, 2001, under the headline “ATTA WAS TUTOR FOR SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS.” The story quoted a spokesman for “Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft,” described as a “German international further education organisation,” as having admitted paying Hamburg cadre principal Atta as a “scholarship holder” and “tutor,” between 1995 and 1997. But the newspaper concealed the shocking revelation that this meant Atta had been on the payroll of a joint U.S.—German government program through the simple expedient of neglecting to mention that the “Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft” was merely a private entity set up to administer the official U.S. and German government initiative.

The U.S. end of the program is run out of an address at United Nations Plaza in New York by CDS International. The letters stand for Carl Duisberg Society, which is also the name of its German counterpart in Cologne, the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft. Both are named for Carl Duisberg, a German chemist and industrialist who headed the Bayer Corporation during the 1920’s. The list of elite power brokers backing CDS International ranges from Kissinger and Rockefeller to former President Bill Clinton, and other Democratic heavyweights like former First Lady Hillary Clinton and Clinton White House adviser Ira Magaziner.

One reason Kissinger bowed out Kissinger, to cite just one example, addressed over 100 international business leaders at a dinner organized and celebrating CDS International, at the River Club of New York on June 2, 1987. At the dinner, Kissinger congratulated CDS International on its 20 years of service in keeping close business ties, not only between Germany and the United States, but more recently through career development programs for participants from other countries as well.

Then-President Bill Clinton, during his visit to Germany to commemorate the Berlin Airlift, also found a lot to like about CDS International, noting that the United States "will be working hard to expand our support" for the "Congress-Bundestag" exchange which "has already given more than 10,000 German and American students the chance to visit each other's countries." Were he to give the same speech today he would no doubt change the speech's wording to read the chance to "visit and vaporize" each other's countries. CDS International, states the organizations literature, provides opportunities for young German engineers. Mohamed Atta wasn't, strictly speaking, a "young German engineer," but apparently he came close enough.

"These young German engineers earn real world experience and are given assignments to contribute from the start,” a program spokesman enthused in a newspaper interview. The organization is today understandably shy about mentioning that their most famous recent graduate's “real world experience” included murdering almost 3000 people in New York City in slightly less than two hours. The fact that a financial relationship between the terrorist ringleader and the U.S. and German Governments has not previously even been hinted at may owe something to the program’s ties with its raft of politically-powerful boosters.

Mysterious German couple called 'hijacker's sponsors' Having powerful friends in such high places may also explain the curious omissions in a second story about Mohamed Atta’s time in Germany which appeared recently, this time in the March 7,2003 Chicago Tribune, under the headline “9/11 haunts hijacker's sponsors; German couple talks of living with pilot Atta.” The story describes the 1992 meeting in Cairo between Atta and a German couple, which the paper does not name, who were at that time running an international student exchange program, which the Chicago Tribune has decided should also remains nameless... even though the encounter was critical to leading Atta to move to Hamburg in the first place.

During a visit to the Egyptian capital in fall 1991, said the Tribune, the German couple had stayed with friends who knew Atta's father, a Cairo lawyer, and his father's friends had then introduced the German couple to Atta. “Atta, who had recently graduated with a degree in architectural engineering from the University of Cairo, told the couple he wanted to study architecture in Germany, but he had no particular idea where he should go,” the paper reported.

Though the article neglects to mention it, the reason Atta found himself with “no particular idea where he should go” was because although he had studied engineering at prestigious Cairo University, he had not fared well enough to gain admission to its graduate school. "In this first conversation, we suggested he continue his studies in Hamburg and offered him a place to live at our house," the paper quotes the German wife telling investigators from the BKA, the German equivalent of the FBI. Atta, she states, accepted their offer right away.

Why did this unnamed German couple running an unnamed international exchange program leap at the opportunity to take Atta, a young man not considered promising enough to even gain entrance in a local Cairo graduate school, and offer him a place to live at their house? The Tribune doesn’t say.

Was "Shock & Awe' campaign used first September 11, 2001? After studying German in Cairo, Atta arrived in the country on July 24, 1992, according to investigators' records, and then lived rent-free for at least the next six months in the couple's home in a quiet, middle-class neighborhood. Although Tribune correspondent Stevenson Swanson cites the German couple for “having played such an important role in Atta's move to Germany,” he never gives either their names nor that of the organization they worked for. This is something more than just curious. It is suspicious.

But since just two years later Atta was on the payroll of the “Congress-Bundestag Program,” we can today reasonably conclude--no thanks to the Chicago Tribune--that this government-funded exchange program was the one responsible for bringing him to Germany in the first place, under the aegis of the unnamed German couple. CDS International's elite sponsors, apparently, are powerful enough to keep the organization’s name out of the newspapers, or, at any rate, out of the Chicago Tribune. One final note: when Atta returned home for his three-month visit to Cairo in 1995, the Egyptian government was in the midst of cracking down viciously on Islamic fundamentalists. Yet, strangely, Atta chose this exact time to grow a beard, traditionally a sign of a devout Muslim, but also in Atta's case assumed to have been a defiant political gesture chosen to register his disgust at the secular elite that ruled his homeland. Or, at least, that's the official story.

And indeed, his two German student traveling “companions” reported that Atta said he would not be cowed by his home country's "fat cats," who he believed were criminalizing religious traditionalists while bowing shamefully to the West in foreign and economic policies. Or, at least, that's what they say he said. But maybe growing the beard and assuming an "Islamic fundamentalist" pose was, instead, the gesture of a man “singing for his supper” by going undercover for “fat cats” from another part of the forest entirely... Naw. It couldn't be. Could it?

Police target longshore workers ‘It was like ‘34 all over again - On April 7, Oakland police, in apparent collusion with maritime companies SSA and APL, launched an unprovoked attack against anti-war protesters and longshore workers. Some 40 people, including nine longshoremen, were hit with police rounds of rubber and wooden bullets, concussion grenades and tear gas. Many were shot in the back. One longshoreman was hit six times and a news journalist five times. It was a shocking reminder of the police attack on maritime workers in the Big Strike of 1934. As one longshoremen who was hit said, “The cops gave no warning they were going to fire. It was like ‘34 all over again.” While the police, the city and the press try to cover up the assault by calling it a “nonlethal” attack, the fact is that Olaf Holland, a striker in Seattle, was killed by a “nonlethal” tear gas cannister fired by the police in the 1934 attack. The San Francisco Bay Guardian on April 16 revealed that the 1999 training manual of the manufacturer, Defense Technology, states clearly in relation to “less-lethal weapons”: “Areas such as the head, neck, spine and groin shouldn’t be targeted unless it is the intent to deliver deadly force.” The big lie the police are pushing is that the demonstrators started throwing bottles and rocks.

Welcome to the Fourth Reich! - O Here it is, The Truth. Many have told me you won't care, that you will call it irrelevant. The truth is that we are in the midst of the Fourth Reich. I know it sounds absurd, but it's true. President George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a NAZI SYMPATHIZER. He personally financed the building of over 40 concentration camps including Auschwitz. How did he do this and how does this relate to "Junior?" Let me explain. "On October 20, 1942, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City which were being conducted by Prescott Bush. Under the Trading With the Enemy Act, the government took over the Union Banking Corporation in which Bush was a director.

The U.S. Alien Property Custodian seized Union Banking Corp.'s stock shares, all of which were owned by Prescott Bush, E. Roland "Bunny" Harriman, three Nazi executives and two other associates of Bush." (Chaitkin and Tarpley, George Bush: the Unauthorized Biography) If you don't think it's important that Prescott Bush had four companies seized including the Holland-American Trading Corporation or the Seamless Steel Equipment Association as well as the Silesian-American Corporation, then you are in denial. The fact is that President Bush's family played a pivotal part in financing Adolph Hitler's takeover of Germany. Prescott Bush was a legal front man for the Nazis and the entire Bush fortune was built off of the Hitler Project. The New York Tribune had exposed Bush, whom it called "Hitler's Angel." What does this have to do with Junior you might say? Well, it's elementary my dear Watson. Prescott's son George Bush followed suit by being the first to sell the Japanese the gasoline that was used on the attack on Pearl Harbor . (Glen Yeadon, From the Street of Little Beirut)

George the first has finished his father's work and retained many of the family's connections with Nazi associations, the same associations that have benefited George Junior. Could it be that naming a "department of homeland security" after the S.S.'s famous reference as being the "department of Home Nation Police" is just a coincidence? There is also the Reichstag fire in Germany, in which Hitler allowed a few famous German buildings to be torched by a feeble-minded simpleton who he aided and abetted beforehand, then later used the fires as an excuse to "tighten security" and "suspend the German constitution." This is just as Bush is using 9-11 as an excuse to pass the Patriot Act and suspend our constitutional rights. In the same vein he is blocking out any meaningful debate on the mainstream media such as Fascist A.M. radio where Clear Channel, which has tight Republican connections, owns most of the radio stations. No, you will never see any of this in the mainstream media, even if you yell it from the rooftops. Even if you scream it at the top of your lungs, the bewildered herd will pass you as it stops-up its ears to protect denial.

Yes, George Bush became a master propaganda artist and one can tell that he took extra time studying Hitler's book, Mein Kampf, which got him his best C at Yale ever. "All propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it is addressed to. Consequently, the greater the mass it is intended to reach, the lower its purely intellectual level will have to be. But if, as in propaganda for sticking out a war, the aim is to influence a whole people, we must avoid excessive intellectual demands on our public, and too much caution cannot be extended in this direction." Well, I guess that says it all in a nutshell. Only one place can say it better, with entertaining music from A Clockwork Orange, an interesting photo collage and funny lyrics in one comical Internet documentary: Internet documentary: I highly recommend it if you want to develop a sense of humor about the whole situation. Until then, Heil Bush!


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