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"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism." - Cindy Sheehan
P I C T U R E   O F  T H E  D A Y
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09/12/2005 - 12:06:41
Israeli troops today caught a Palestinian teenager who had strapped explosives to his body, the army said.

The boy was spotted at an army checkpoint in the West Bank and raised suspicions because he was wearing a heavy jacket on an unseasonably warm day.

Soldiers stopped the teenager, and discovered two metal cans filled with explosives and shrapnel taped to his body.

The teenager was arrested, and the cans were destroyed by an army bomb squad, the army said.

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Comment: where have we seen this before?...
AP 2004-03-25
HAWARA CHECKPOINT, WEST BANK -- The Palestinian teenager in the oversized red jersey approached Israeli soldiers, who had received a tip about a suicide bomber at this crowded checkpoint yesterday. Suddenly the soldiers saw something bulge under his top. The Israelis dashed behind concrete barricades, pointed their guns at the youth and ordered him to stop.

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Comment: In the immediate aftermath of this "attempted suicide bombing" over 18 months ago, it was revealed that the Israeli army had manufactured the entire event:
25 March 2004
It turns out that 14 yr old Husam Abdu from Nablus was mentallly retarded and drugged. A stranger offered him $20 to wear the belt.

Six news teams had advance notice. Cameras were rolling as the child approached

The 1st story

The boy was a religious nut that belong to Hamas – he did it to get 72 virgins in heaven, the IDF said - as he approached the check point the Jewish soldiers stopped him. His controllers saw this and tried to detonate the bomb but the cell phone failed.

The 2nd story

The second story is the Jewish soldiers were informed he was coming – they kept Arabs away from checkpoint – next the IDF notified the press and the kid approached alone. The IDF sent a robot to meet him.

Palestinian teenager in the oversized jacket approached Israeli soldiers, who had received a tip about a suicide bomber at this crowded checkpoint yesterday. Source

A few weeks ago, another boy from Nablus, Muhammad Kuraan, made headlines when the Israeli army presented him to the media as a child who had been dispatched to blow himself up at an Israeli roadblock.

Residents of Shechem, including the boy himself, now refute Israel's version of events, and say the bag Abdullah Quran was transporting did not contain any explosives.

The IDF wouldn't let today's bomber be interviewed.

By Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank
Thursday 25 March 2004
Palestinian leaders have accused Israel of fabricating a story about a 14-year-old Palestinian boy who planned to blow himself up.

The Israeli army said he was caught wearing an explosive belt at an army roadblock in the northern West Bank.

The boy, identified as Husam Abdu from Nablus, was shown on TV screens around the world, with an explosive belt strapped to his waist.

The Israeli army said the boy told interrogators that his dispatchers promised that he would have sex with 72 virgins in heaven soon after his death.

"We know for sure this is a fabricated story from A to Z. Would you believe that a 13 or 14-year old would agree to blow up himself in return for a hundred shekels which he would receive after his death?

"It seems to me that the Israelis are bad liars as well," said Yaqub Shahin, a director-general of the Palestinian Authority ministry of information.

Painting a 'terrorist' picture

In an interview with, Shahin accused Israel of seeking to justify slaughtering Palestinian children by spreading the false impression that they are used as human bombers.

"Their [Israel’s] goal is to besmirch Palestinian childhood so that when they slaughter the children, the world won’t feel sorry for them," he said.

Arab Knesset member Muhammad Baraka has also voiced "serious doubts" about the veracity of the Israeli narrative.

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Comment: Coming back to today's story then, given the IDF's track record, it is very possible that today's events were simply more smoke and mirrors, designed to confuse the Israeli people, and the rest of the world, about the real nature of Israeli government and military aggression against the Palestinian people. The simple fact is that people like Sharon and Netanyahu need a constant threat to justify their war of attrition on the Palestinian people, and they have long since understood that they only way to provide the level of "terrorist" threat they need, is to create it themselves. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a cold, hard, and very easily provable, fact.

So the next time you catch yourself, or someone you know, thinking that Israeli or American aggression in the Middle East is justified, understand that you have been carefully manipulated to think this way, and that you are in fact supporting terrorism rather than taking a conscientious stand against it. Speaking of manipulating the population to believe in the "reality" of Islamic terror, yesterday we ran the story about Rigoberto Alpizar, who was shot dead by an air Marshall at Miami airport because, it was claimed, he ran off the plane and stated that he had a bomb in his bag. As we predicted yesterday, the accuracy of the official story is now being questioned...
Dec. 08, 2005
A passenger on Flight 924 gives his account of the shooting and says Rigoberto Alpizar never claimed to have a bomb

At least one passenger aboard American Airlines Flight 924 maintains the federal air marshals were a little too quick on the draw when they shot and killed Rigoberto Alpizar as he frantically attempted to run off the airplane shortly before take-off.

"I don't think they needed to use deadly force with the guy," says John McAlhany, a 44-year-old construction worker from Sebastian, Fla. "He was getting off the plane." McAlhany also maintains that Alpizar never mentioned having a bomb.

"I never heard the word 'bomb' on the plane," McAlhany told TIME in a telephone interview. "I never heard the word bomb until the FBI asked me did you hear the word bomb. That is ridiculous." Even the authorities didn't come out and say bomb, McAlhany says. "They asked, 'Did you hear anything about the b-word?'" he says. "That's what they called it."

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Paul Joseph Watson
December 9 2005
Eyewitness says Alpizar never mentioned bomb, passengers were more afraid of Air Marshals putting guns to their heads.

The shooting of Rigoberto Alpizar at Miami International Airport stinks like a giant festering rat just two days after it happened. Alpizar never screamed that he had a bomb and passengers relate that they were more frightened of Air Marshals putting guns to their head and threatening them not to look at what was taking place on board American Airlines Flight 924. For those of us who researched the brutal murder of Charles De Menezes in London, striking parallels have begun to emerge.

We live in an age where government deception about everything under the sun is a matter of course and no major event can take place without us automatically being suspicious about whether there were underlying motives involved.

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Dec 08 2005
Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that if Germany and Austria feel responsible for massacring Jews during World War II, a state of Israel should be established on their soil. Ahmadinejad, who sparked an international outcry in October when he said Israel "must be wiped off the map", also repeated his view Thursday that the Jewish state was a "tumour".

"Now that you believe the Jews were oppressed, why should the Palestinian Muslims have to pay the price?" the hardline president asked in an interview with Iran's Arabic-language satellite channel, Al-Alam.

"Why did you come to give a piece of Islamic land and the territory of the Palestinian people to them?

"You oppressed them, so give a part of Europe to the Zionist regime so they can establish any government they want. We would support it," he said, according to a transcript of his original Farsi-language comments given to AFP.

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Dec 8, 2005
By Paul Hughes
Ahmadinejad was quoted by IRNA as saying: "Some European countries insist on saying that Hitler killed millions of innocent Jews in furnaces and they insist on it to the extent that if anyone proves something contrary to that they condemn that person and throw them in jail."

"Although we don't accept this claim, if we suppose it is true, our question for the Europeans is: is the killing of innocent Jewish people by Hitler the reason for their support to the occupiers of Jerusalem?" he said.

"If the Europeans are honest they should give some of their provinces in Europe -- like in Germany, Austria or other countries -- to the Zionists and the Zionists can establish their state in Europe. You offer part of Europe and we will support it."

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Comment: The scary thing about this is, we get the feeling that Ahmadinejad is only giving voice to something that a LOT of people are thinking, but are afraid to say.

Friday, 9 December 2005, 13:27 GMT
BBC News
The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has said the world is losing patience with Iran over its nuclear programme.

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Comment: Looking at the other stories today about Iran and comments made by its new president, one wonders whether the "world's" losing patience with Iran over its nuclear program may not be related.

The article above is suggestive of the idea that the whole nuclear question in Iran is being used to rein the country in because of its politics in other areas.

Now, that is really just too far-fetched an idea!


Middle East Online
IAEA chief says military solution to Iran’s nuclear issue would be completely counterproductive.

OSLO - The head of the UN nuclear watchdog IAEA, Mohamed ElBaradei, on Friday warned against the possibility of a military strike against Iran if it refuses to abandon its alleged nuclear weapons ambitions.

"I don't believe there is a military solution to the issue" at this time, ElBaradei said in Oslo where he is to receive the Nobel Peace Prize on Saturday. 2005-12-09 23:07:20
JERUSALEM, Dec. 9 (Xinhuanet) -- Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said on Friday that Israel must prepare solutions "other than diplomatic" in the face of Tehran's persistent advancement of its nuclear program.

"The right move would be to let a diplomatic approach guide us, but we must also prepare other solutions," Mofaz said on a campaign tour for the Likud leadership primaries in Tel Aviv.

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9 Dec 2005
JERUSALEM - Israel called Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "very dangerous" on Friday after he expressed doubt that the Holocaust occurred and suggested the Jewish state be moved to Europe.

"This was not a misstatement or a passing remark," Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom told Israel Radio. "It is a systematic way of thinking which is intended to bring about the annihilation of the state of Israel."

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Comment: The problem is, the Iranian president only said what a lot of people are thinking. It's not much different than most of the rest of the world saying, in a poll last year, that the United States posed a greater danger to global peace than terrorists.

The US and Israel are both Pathocracies just as Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia were.

Pathocracy is a disease of great social movements followed by entire societies, nations, and empires. In the course of human history, it has affected social, political, and religious movements as well as the accompanying ideologies… and turned them into caricatures of themselves…. This occurred as a result of the … participation of pathological agents in a pathodynamically similar process. That explains why all the pathocracies of the world are, and have been, so similar in their essential properties.

The actions of [pathocracy] affect an entire society, starting with the leaders and infiltrating every town, business, and institution. The pathological social structure gradually covers the entire country creating a “new class” within that nation. This privileged class [of pathocrats] feels permanently threatened by the “others”, i.e. by the majority of normal people.
That is why laws have been passed to "protect" Israel from what most normal people think.

A normal person deprived of privilege or high position goes about performing some work which would earn him a living; but pathocrats never possessed any practical talent, and the time frame of their rule has eliminated any residual possibilities of adapting to the demands of normal work. If the law of normal man were to be reinstalled, they and their kind could be subjected to judgments, including a moralizing interpretation of their psychological deviations; they would be threatened by a loss of freedom and life, not merely a loss of position and privilege. Since they are incapable of this kind of sacrifice, the survival of a system which is the best for them becomes a moral idea. Such a threat must be battled by means of psychological and political cunning and a lack of scruples with regard to those others “inferior- quality” people.

In general, this new class is in the position to purge its leaders should their behavior jeopardize the existence of such a system. …Pathocracy survives thanks to the feeling of being threatened by the society of normal people, as well by other countries wherein various forms of the system of normal man persist. For the rulers, staying on the top is therefore the classic problem of “to be or not to be”. [...]

The pathological minority’s attempts to retain power will thus always be threatened by the society of normal people whose criticism keeps growing. On the other hand, any and all methods of terror and exterminatory policies must therefore be used against individuals known for the patriotic feelings and military training; on the other, specific “indoctrination” activities such as those we have presented are also utilized. Individuals lacking natural feeling of being linked to society become irreplaceable in either of these activities. The foreground must again be occupied by cases of essential psychopathy, followed by those with similar anomalies, and finally by people alienated from the society in question as a result of racial or national differences.

The phenomenon of pathocracy matures during this period: an extensive and active indoctrination system is built, with a suitably refurbished ideology constituting the vehicle of Trojan horse for the process of pathologizing the thought of individuals and society. The goal is never admitted: forcing human minds to incorporate pathological experiential methods and thought patterns, and consequently accepting such rule. […]

The following question thus suggests itself: what happens if the network of understandings among psychopaths achieves power in leadership positions with international exposure? This can happen, especially during the later phases of the phenomenon. Goaded by their character, such people thirst for just that even though it would conflict with their own life interest… They do not understand that a catastrophe would ensue. Germs are not aware that they will be burned alive or buried deep in the ground along with the human body whose death they are causing.[...]

The pathocracy finally realizes that it must find some “modus vivendi” or relations with the majority of society: “After all, somebody’s got to do the work for us.”

There are other needs and pressures, especially from outside. The pathological face must be hidden from the world somehow, since recognition by world opinion would be a catastrophe. … Primarily in the interests of the new elite and its expansionary plans, a pathocratic state must maintain commercial relations with the countries of normal man. Such a state aims to achieve international recognition as a certain kind of political structural; it fears recognition in terms of clinical diagnosis.[...]

All this makes pathocrats tend to limit their measures of terror, subjecting propaganda and indoctrination methods to certain cosmetology and to accord the society they control some margin of autonomous activity, especially as regards cultural life. The more liberal pathocrats would not be averse to giving such a society a certain minimum of economic prosperity in order to reduce the irritation level, but their own corruption and inability to administer the economy prevents them from doing so. [...]

Any war waged by a pathocratic nation has two fronts, the internal and the external. The internal front is more important for the leaders and the governing elite, and the internal threat is the deciding factor where unleashing war is concerned. In pondering whether to start a war against the pathocratic country, one must therefore give primary consideration to the fact that one can be used as an executioner of the common people whose increasing power represents incipient jeopardy for the pathocracy. After all, pathocrats give short shrift to blood and suffering of people they consider to be not quite conspecific. […]

Pathocracy has other internal reasons for pursuing expansionism through the use of all means possible. As long as that “other” world governed by the systems of normal man exists, it inducts into and within the strivings of the non-pathological majority, thereby creating a certain sense of direction. The non-pathological majority of the country’s population will never stop dreaming of the reinstatement of normal man’s system in any possible form. This majority will never stop watching other countries, waiting for the opportune moment; its attention and power must therefore be distracted from this purpose, and the masses must be educated and channeled in the direction of imperialist strivings. Such goals must be pursued doggedly so that everyone knows what is being fought for and in whose name a harsh discipline and poverty must be endured. This latter factor effectively limits the possibility of “subversive” activities on the part of the society of normal people.

The ideology must of course furnish a corresponding justification for this alleged right to conquer the world, and must therefore be properly elaborated. Expansionism is derived from the very nature of pathocracy, not from ideology, but this fact must be masked by ideology. […]

On the other hand, there are countries with normal man’s governments wherein the overwhelming majority of societies shudder to think a similar system could be imposed on them. The governments of such nations thereupon do everything they can within the framework of their possibilities and their understanding of the phenomenon in order to contain its expansion. The citizens of those countries would sigh with relief if some upheaval were to replace this malevolent and incomprehensible system with a more human, more easily understood governmental method with whom peaceful coexistence would be possible

Such countries thus undertake various means of action for this purpose, their quality depending on the possibility of understanding that other reality. [...]

Approximately 6 % of the population constitute the active structure of the pathocracy, which carries its own peculiar consciousness of its own goals. Twice as many people constitute a second group: those who have managed to warp their personalities to meet the demands of the new reality. …

This second group consists of individuals who are, on the average, weaker, more sickly, and less vital. The frequency of known mental diseases in this group is at twice the rate of the national average. We can thus assume that the genesis of their submissive attitude toward the regime, their greater susceptibility to pathological effects, and their skittish opportunism includes various relatively impalpable anomalies. …

The 6 % group constitute the new nobility; the 12 % group forms the new bourgeoisie, whose economic situation is the most advantageous. …Only 18 % of the country’s population is thus in favor of the new system of government.

The great majority of the population forms the society of normal people, creating an informal communications network. It behooves us to wonder why these people reject the advantages conformity affords, consciously preferring the opposing role: poverty, harassment, and curtailment of human freedoms. What ideals motivate them? Is this merely a kind of romanticism?

A person with a normal human instinctive substratum, good basic intelligence, and full faculties of critical thought would have a difficult time accepting such a compromise; it would devastate his personality and engender neurosis. AT the same time, such a system easily distinguishes and separates him from its own kind regardless of his sporadic hesitations. No method of propaganda can change the nature of this macro social phenomenon or the nature of a normal human being. They remain forever foreign to each other.

After a typical pathocratic structure has been formed, the population is effectively divided according to completely different lines from what someone raised outside the purview of this phenomenon might imagine, and in a manner whose actual conditions are also impossible to comprehend…. Pathocracy corrodes the entire social organism, wasting its skills and power. … Typical pathocrats take over all the managerial functions in a totally destroyed structure of a nation. Such a state must be short-term, since no ideology can vivify it. The time comes when the common masses of people want to live like human beings and the system can no longer resist.

Pathocracy is even less of a socioeconomic system than a social structure or political system. It is a macro social disease process affecting entire nations and running the course of its characteristic pathodynamic properties. … As long as we keep using methods of comprehending this pathological phenomenon which attempt to use political doctrines to define it, (even if those doctrines are heterogeneous to it) we will not be able to identify the causes and properties of the disease. A correspondingly prepared ideology will be able to cloak the essential qualities from the minds of scientists, politicians, and common people.
[Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes by Andrew M. Lobaczewski, Ph.D.]

By: Peter Schwarz
The German-American partnership is based on “common democratic convictions and values,” and on the basis of these values Germany and the US are seeking “to master together the new challenges and threats of the twenty-first century.” These were the words used by German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian Democratic Union, CDU) as she welcomed US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday during the latter’s stopover in Berlin. The words used say a great deal about Merkel and the character of the government she leads.

What are the “values” to which Merkel refers?

In the days preceding Rice’s arrival, the German and international headlines were dominated by reports on the illegal activities of the American intelligence service, the CIA. A series of new details emerged over illegal arrests, kidnappings, renditions and torture. The Berliner Zeitung summed up the role of the American government in a comment: “No other US government has ever carved such a path of destruction through international law—the illegal war of aggression becomes the legitimate means, statements extorted by torture the legal norm....”

But on these issues Merkel had nothing to say. Instead, she publicly welcomed the assurance by Secretary of State Rice that the US acted in accordance with its international obligations and abided by national and international law in its fight against terrorism—an assertion that completely defies reality.

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By Saul Hudson
9 Dec 2005
BRUSSELS - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice won a reprieve from European governments over the U.S. treatment of detainees this week but public pressure is unlikely to ease over allegations of secret CIA jails.

On a trip that ended on Friday, Rice aimed to defuse anger that has raged across the continent since a newspaper report early last month said the United States held suspects in clandestine jails in eastern Europe.

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Dec 9, 2005
WARSAW - Poland was the heart of the CIA's secret detention network in Europe, with bases there until recently holding a quarter of the 100 detainees estimated held in such camps worldwide, a human rights group said.

Reports of the CIA operating secret jails in Poland and Romania as part of its war on terrorism have caused controversy on both sides of the Atlantic and dogged U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's European trip this week.

Both countries deny hosting such facilities, and the United States has declined to comment on the reports.

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9 Dec 2005
The US has admitted for the first time that it has not given the Red Cross access to all detainees in its custody.

The state department's top legal adviser, John Bellinger, made the admission but gave no details about where such prisoners were held.

Correspondents say the revelation is likely to increase suspicion that the CIA has been operating secret prisons outside international oversight.

The issue has dogged Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's tour to Europe.

Mr Bellinger made the admission in Geneva.

He stated that the group International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) had access to "absolutely everybody" at the prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, which holds suspects detained during the US war on terror.

When asked by journalists if the organisation had access to everybody held in similar circumstances elsewhere, he said: "No". He declined to explain further.

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MOSCOW - Russia may reconsider whether to abide by a key European arms control agreement if the US military presence continues to creep closer to its borders, Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov warned Wednesday.

Speaking a day after Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice signed an agreement to set up US military bases in ex-Soviet bloc country Romania, Ivanov questioned whether the 1990 Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) treaty had any meaning any more.

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Robin McKie, science editor
Sunday December 4, 2005
The Observer
The new science of geomythology is being harnessed by researchers who believe folklore can save lives

On the banks of Siletz Bay in Lincoln City, Oregon, officials dedicated a memorial last week to one of America's worst calamities: a huge earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands of Native Americans 300 years ago.

But the memorial's main job is not to commemorate the disaster, which has only just come to light, but to warn local people that similar devastation could strike at any time.

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Comment: In case you missed it, this article is stating that a huge earthquake and tsunami hit the Western coast of the U.S. just 300 years ago, yet today, that event and the lessons that could be derived from it, have been completely wiped from the collective awareness, surviving only as "dim legend". Not only that, but we are told that such cataclysms occurred at regular intervals (somewhere between every 200 and 1,000 years) and we may well be due for the next installment.

Despite the fact that it is being claimed as a "new science" Laura Knight-Jadczyk has been working and publishing in the field of "Geomythology", for several years, albeit that she was unaware of her status as such. Indeed, Laura's work is not limited to any one geographic location, but uncovers evidence of cyclic cataclysms on a global scale. Needless to say, such information is of extreme import to every man, woman and child on this planet and any hopes or illusions they have about their own futures and the future of the planet as a whole.

To read more about Laura's pioneering work, you may want to get a copy of her seminal and very appropriately named work, "The Secret History of the World and How to Get Out Alive".

CBC News
8 Dec 2005
Commuters coming into Whitehorse were treated to some free fireworks Thursday morning, as a meteoroid streaked across the sky.

Witnesses saw a bright fireball streak west to east across the sky just north of the territorial capital at about 8:30 a.m.

"It was blue-white, neon-like and very bright, and lasted about four seconds," said CBC reporter Doris Bill, who saw the light streak across the sky as she drove in to work .

The meteoroid left a grey contrail across the sky that slowly broke up in the upper atmosphere. There were no reports of any sonic boom.

In January of 2000, a 150-tonne meteoroid lit the skies over Whitehorse, and exploded over a lake about 100 kilometres south of the city. The Tagish Lake meteor produced a treasure of information about a rare kind of meteorite.

Thursday's meteoroid likely burned up far above Earth's surface.

December 8, 2005
There were reports of a big meteorite crossing south-western New South Wales and central Victoria overnight.

Victorians from Geelong to Mildura called police after apparently watching the object.

Senior Victorian Constable Peter Bullock and his partner were patrolling the Calder Highway at Kyneton at about 11:20pm AEDT when they saw what they say was a huge light.

Senior Constable Bullock says they had a clear view of the meteorite dropping towards the ground in the eastern sky.

"My offsider with me had a look as well and we were just dazzled," he said.

"It was unbelievable, it was a huge light, much bigger than any star. It was sort of round and had a very long tail and seemed to be dropping fairly slowly, so we were able to see it for 15 to 20 seconds."

"I said to my offsider, 'that's a meteorite, it's certainly too big to be a falling star' and he said the same thing."

Comment: With the increasing numbers of Fireballs being sighted, and increasing volcanic activity, we have to wonder if these events are in any way connected to the obvious climate changes we see all around the globe? Unfortunately, most people who do pay attention to the fact that all the ancient myths discuss heating of the earth, increasing Volcanic and Earthquake activity, "signs in the heavens," and wars and rumors of wars, can do little or nothing about it in the face of the massive control system that has been created to keep our attention off what really matters. The Global propaganda machine more and more resembles the system utilized against the citizens of Nazi German under Hitler and Soviet Russia under the Communists. Those who might be creative enough to figure a way out of this mess are marginalized and factionalized. It is oh, so true, that Pathocracy is like a disease:
...What happens if the network of ... psychopaths achieves power in leadership positions with international [control]? ... Goaded by their character, such people thirst for just that even though it would conflict with their own life interest… They do not understand that a catastrophe would ensue. Germs are not aware that they will be burned alive or buried deep in the ground along with the human body whose death they are causing.

December 8, 2005
Following an increase in small earthquakes under Augustine Volcano last week, the Alaska Volcano Observatory in Anchorage raised the level of concern for Augustine Volcano from code green to code yellow. Scientists also have measured a 1-inch bulge in the volcano’s dome.

In its four-level system, code yellow means the volcano is restless and the potential for an eruption has increased. Gas and steam plumes with minor amounts of ash also are possible.

Augustine last erupted with a series of explosions that started March 27, 1986. Historically, Augustine is more active than the other Cook Inlet volcanoes — Iliamna, Redoubt and Spurr — said Chris Waythomas, a geologist at the observatory. Augustine is also known to have erupted in 1812, 1883, 1908, 1935, 1963-64 and 1976.

“It wouldn’t be a big surprise if it should erupt again,” he said. “The one nice thing is almost always it has some precursor of seismic activity.”

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By Rod Thompson
Hawaii Star Bulletin
8 Dec 2005
HILO » Loihi seamount, the small underwater volcano off the southeastern coast of the Big Island, experienced a swarm of 45 small earthquakes Tuesday night and yesterday morning, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said.

The most likely explanation is "structural adjustment" of the earth's crust in response to the weight of the small mountain, said Steven Brantley, second in command at the observatory.

The description refers to rocks breaking under stress, he said.

Loihi has not been erupting, and there is nothing to indicate that the swarm represents an eruption, he said.

The quakes started at 10 p.m. Tuesday and continued to 9:48 a.m. yesterday, according to the observatory Web site.

The biggest, with a magnitude of 4.7, was also apparently the deepest at 17 miles. Another was magnitude 4.0. A third earthquake during that time had a magnitude of 4.2, but it was on the Big Island near the lava flow area, unrelated to the Loihi swarm.

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Associated Press
December 9, 2005
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Ethiopian, American and European researchers have observed a fissure in a desert in the remote northeast that could be the "birth of a new ocean basin," scientists said Friday.

Researchers from Britain, France, Italy and the U.S. have been observing the 60-kilometer (37-mile) long fissure since it split open in September in the Afar desert and estimate it will take a million years to fully form into an ocean, said Dereje Ayalew, who leads the team of 18 scientists studying the phenomenon.

The fissure, now four meters (13 feet) wide, formed in just three weeks after a Sept. 14 earthquake in a barren region called Boina, some 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) north east of the capital, Addis Ababa, said Dereje.

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Comment: Note that the Scientists say that it will take ‘millions of years’, but that may not be the case at all. We would like to point out that the Western Pacific Rim has been quite active over the past few years, while the Eastern side of the "Ring of Fire" has been unnaturally quiet. There have also been rather frequent "outgassing" events over the past few years. All of this suggests that something is going on in our planet's interior... and all bets are off.

Associated Press
Dec 7, 2005
TOPEKA, Kan. - A University of Kansas professor who drew criticism for e-mails he wrote deriding Christian fundamentalists over creationism resigned Wednesday as chairman of the Department of Religious Studies.

Paul Mirecki stepped aside on the recommendation of his colleagues, according to Barbara Romzek, interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

"This allows the department to focus on what's most important — teaching, research and service — and to minimize the distractions of the last couple of weeks," Romzek said in a statement after receiving Mirecki's resignation.

Contacted by The Associated Press, Mirecki declined to comment about his decision, only saying he was still a member of the university faculty and planned to continue teaching.

Click to Expand Article 2005-12-09 09:37:56
Beijing, Dec. 9 (Xinhuanet)-- Gold prices on Thursday galloped to a new 24-1/2-year high of $518.50 an ounce in Europe as investment funds persisted in buying.

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Last Updated Thu, 08 Dec 2005 18:50:27 EST
CBC News
A Montreal man is grabbing international attention for his increasingly successful quest to barter a single red paper-clip for a house.

Click to Expand Article 2005-12-09 22:42:19
KIEV, Dec. 9 (Xinhuanet) -- Fears have been expressed that an outbreak of bird flu on the Ukraine's Crimea peninsula could have spread to other parts of the region.

Click to Expand Article 2005-12-09 21:01:56
GENEVA, Dec. 9 (Xinhuanet) -- Global economic growth is failing to translate into new and better jobs that lead to a reduction in poverty, said a report issued by the International Labor Organization (ILO) on Friday.

Around half of the world's working men and women continue to live on less than 2 dollars a day, said the fourth edition of Key Indicators of the Labor Market. It is a statistic which has remained the same for the past decade.

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Comment: There should be no surprise at this news. When international capital moves to poor countries, they are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts; they are doing it for their shareholders. That means lower wages and higher profits.

The new profit strategy for large, multinational corporations is to move jobs out of the high-wage Western countries to other low-wage countries. The companies are welcomed with tax breaks for several years. When the tax breaks run out, they then move on. It is now cheaper for them to do this than to stay in one place. Taxes mean lower profits. Paying workers over time means higher wages and lower profits.

It is cheaper for them to completely pull up shop and move.

We must also understand that they do this not because it becomes unfeasible to continue making a profit in these countries, even in Western countries. However, they do not just want to make "a profit", they wish to maximise profits, regardless of the social consequences.

Such is the point of view of someone without a conscience, someone who is left thoroughly unmoved by the effects of their acts on real human beings.

Yes, we are talking about a psychopathic view of he world.

Sam Jones
Friday December 9, 2005
The Guardian
· Obesity could disqualify patients, says watchdog
· Recommendations will not be binding on NHS

Patients who smoke, drink too much or are obese could be denied medical help if their lifestyle is likely to undermine their treatment, the government's health treatment watchdog said yesterday.

A report published by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) said: "If the self-inflicted cause of the condition will influence the likely outcome of a particular treatment, then it may be appropriate to take this into account in some circumstances."

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UPI Senior Editor
Dec. 7, 2005
CHICAGO, -- It's a far piece from the horse-and-buggies of Lancaster County, Pa., to the cars and freeways of Cook County, Ill.

But thousands of children cared for by Homefirst Health Services in metropolitan Chicago have at least two things in common with thousands of Amish children in rural Lancaster: They have never been vaccinated. And they don't have autism.

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8 Dec 2005
Scientists are warning about the risks posed by paracetamol after it emerged the painkiller had become the leading cause of liver failure in the US.

The annual proportion of cases caused by paracetamol - known in the US as acetaminophen - had risen from 28% in 1998 to 51% in 2003, researchers said.

The US team found just 20 pills a day - the recommended maximum is eight - was enough to kill, New Scientist reported.

Experts said restrictions on sales had helped cut the number of UK cases.

Since 1998 in the UK, pharmacies have been advised not to sell more than one pack of 32 paracetamol tablets to any individual.

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BBC News
Friday, 9 December 2005
A Royal Marine shown in footage leaked to a newspaper lying naked and unconscious during an initiation ritual has denied he was bullied.

Nakes Dorks

Ray Simmons, 23, told the Daily Mirror newspaper the colleague who hit him was a "good mate", saying "it was just a game that went too far."

The footage, handed to the News of World, sparked widespread condemnation.

A criminal inquiry is being carried out into the incident at 42 Commando's Bickleigh Barracks near Plymouth.

The footage showed two naked men fighting during an alcohol-fuelled "new joiners'" party - one of them Mr Simmons.

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Comment: What do you think? Is it possible that there is something fundamentally different about a person who actually seems to enjoy bare fist fighting with his "friends" and getting kicked in the face and knocked unconscious? Is there something fundamentally wrong with such a person's sense of morality? Or should we just conclude that these men can be reasonably classified as idiots?

Whatever the case, we now have a good understanding of why thousands of Iraqi civilians have been indiscriminately murdered by British and American troops over the past two and a half years.

Last Updated Fri, 09 Dec 2005 09:49:30 EST
CBC News
U.S. transportation officials are seeking answers into a bizarre accident in Chicago where an airliner skidded off a runway, killing a 6-year-old boy and injuring 10 others.

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Comment: On August 3 of this year, an Air France plane skidded and crashed on the runway when landing in Toronto. Is there a symbolic connection?

By Manuel Valenzuela
Alternative Press Review
8 Dec 2005
In this age of modernity and technology, where the television monitor has become the center of the average American household, from cradle to grave acting as surrogate parent, teacher, role model and as influencer of human thought, it should come as no surprise that entire populations can be controlled with such facility and efficiency, turning once thinking humans into grazing sheeple. For in today’s day and age, he who controls television controls the masses, and he who controls the masses controls the nation.

Television has become, quite simply, the greatest tool of mass manipulation and thought control civilization has ever seen, an incarnation of the myriad of myths, fables, fictions, story telling, theologies and all other forms of ‘bread and circus’ history’s elite have concocted from which to retain power and control the lower echelons of man’s corrosive pyramid of hierarchy.

In the television the elite have found the greatest weapon of mass control, seemingly able to dictate culture, politics, events, thought and destiny from the moment of birth to the time of death. It can even be said that it is they who can determine reality in twenty-first century America, magically making history disappear, altering the past, changing the present and molding the future. Reality is what they want it to be, shifting culture to their dictates, conditioning minds to fit their goals, pushing society in the direction that most benefits them and erasing from memory any manifestation that does not correspond to the reality they wish to create.

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December 9, 2005
It did not happen overnight but slowly came to America's shores from testing grounds in China and the Middle East.

Progressive and investigative journalist web site administrators are beginning to talk to each other about it, e-mail users are beginning to understand why their e-mail is being disrupted by it, major search engines appear to be complying with it, and the low to equal signal-to-noise ratio of legitimate e-mail and spam appears to be perpetuated by it.

In this case, “it,” is what privacy and computer experts have long warned about: massive censorship of the web on a nationwide and global scale. For many years, the web has been heavily censored in countries around the world. That censorship continues at this very moment. Now it is happening right here in America.

The agreement by the Congress to extend an enhanced Patriot Act for another four years will permit the political enforcers of the Bush administration, who use law enforcement as their proxies, to further clamp censorship controls on the web.

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Comment: Don't hold your breath. See: Political Ponerology for a better understanding of what is going on here on the planet today: it is a process that has been witnessed and identified and examined carefully. It is advisable for all of you to read and consider this information now: your future may depend on it.

Here at Signs of the Times, we have talked about this censorship (and attendant COINTELPRO defamation campaigns) on a number of occasions. When we first brought it up - having collected and analyzed certain data with the assistance of several computer/internet techs, we were ridiculed for even suggesting such a thing. When Laura wrote, on September 14, 2001:

...if nothing that is sensible prevails, the one thing we CAN expect is a severe and sudden infringement of our freedoms.

Unless the reality changes through awareness, I may not be able to say much more very much longer. Phones and computers will be monitored, or severely controlled. Restrictions may be legislated so as to create a basis for prosecution. Individuals may be rounded up and taken to detention centers. In a state of war, or under threat of terrorist attacks, all constitutional rights (which are amendments, by the way) are suspended.

We may be told what we can or cannot say and to whom we may say it. And this may be within a matter of days.

I hope all who are reading this realize that. I have known for some time that the powers that be - and I don't necessarily mean the government, though it will be effected through the government - will seek a way to curtail the communication between people that has been growing apace for the past few years via the internet. What better way to do it than war?
... she certainly could see where the events of 9/11 were designed to take us.

We have arrived.

August 4, 2004
The Onion
WASHINGTON, DC—In the interest of national security, President Bush has been asked to stop posting entries on his three-month-old personal web log, acting CIA director John E. McLaughlin said Monday.

According to McLaughlin, several recent entries on PrezGeorgeW. have compromised military operations, while other posts may have seriously undercut the PR efforts of White House press secretary Scott McClellan.

A July 24 posting read, "Just got back from a lunch with Colin and Adil Moussa (one of Prince Saud al-Faisal's guys). Colin wants the Saudis to send some troops to Najaf—so some of the soldiers are Arab, I guess. This Moussa guy sure wears a lot of jewelry. A golden chain, a golden ring with his initials or something, and some other sparkling stuff—kinda effeminate. Anyway, best of luck in Iraq, Iyad."

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