Tuesday, October 12, 2004
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The Ambiguity of 911: Are We Dr. Watson or Sherlock Holmes?
Signs of the Times Editorial

The battles are getting nasty among the numerous journalists and researchers looking into the true story of the events of 911. [See our editorial yesterday.] Different clans have staked out different areas of expertise, rival theories contend and it often seems as if it isn't the facts, but rather the egos that are taking centre ring.

Such behaviour discredits the entire search for the facts. The intelligence services that are very likely involved in the organisation and execution of 911 must be happy to see the rancor and infighting. They couldn't have hoped for a better outcome and are very likely behind much of it. This is an important point. Since we conjecture that different intelligence agencies may be involved at some level, or on many different levels, provoking or throwing out slurs, we must be extremely careful before descending into name calling, before denouncing this or that "colleague" as a disinfo artist or agent.

Let's look at a similar situation. Although John F. Kennedy was assassinated over forty years ago, we are still not clear as to who pulled the trigger or why. There are many theories out there. Just about the only one that doesn't make any sense at all is the official story: that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. We may never know the truth about Kennedy's assassination, but we can be certain that it was a conspiracy; that is, that more than one person was involved. It is very probable that those involved were connected with the US intelligence services. Mordecai Vanunu has recently suggested that Mossad played a role, a theory that was proposed by Salvador Astucia in a book published on his website.

Will we ever be certain? Will we ever find the smoking gun? We doubt it. However, there is nonetheless a great deal of data available, and if we look at enough data, and by this we mean putting the Kennedy assassination in a historical context, we make begin to make some sense out of it. We'll return to this idea.

The events of 911 are similar. Since the groundbreaking work of Thierry Meyssan with his book The Big Lie published in early 2002, many others have been investigating the different aspects of the 911 "attack on America". There is certainly a lot of data and and many varied theories woven from that data.

Now that what is being called the 911 Truth movement has grown in the US to what seems to be critical proportions, the squabbles have started to break out in true COINTELPRO fashion. Most common is one group or individual denouncing another as disinformation artists on their various websites, with the denounced one staunchly defending themselves and denouncing the denouncers. Still other groups or individuals do not denounce web sites by name, but say that certain theories are incorrect and accuse the purveyors of these theories of being disinfo artists by default. Among these disputes, we observe most particularly that some parties claim that 9-11 was an "inside" job, but then say that it was most certainly American Airlines Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon, denouncing anyone who claims otherwise as disinfo artists. Curiously enough, both Mike Ruppert and Daniel Hopsicker, whose battle of words and now legal battle we discussed yesterday, agree with the official version of this event, while going whole hog to produce reams of evidence that the context demonstrates government complicity. For Ruppert it's "Peak Oil," and for Hopsicker it's "drug cartel." Facts seem to show that both of them could be right and neither idea excludes the other. There are many layers to these events!

According to analysts, COINTELPRO was the FBI's secret program to undermine the popular upsurge, which swept the country during the 1960s. Though the name stands for "Counterintelligence Program," the targets were not enemy spies. The FBI set out to eliminate "radical" political opposition inside the US. What a lot of people do not realize is that this was a high level psychological operation specifically set up to vector "ideological" trends - beliefs, etc.

Do we think, for a moment, that the intelligence services have not mastered the techniques? Do we think for a moment that when people begin to question the official story that the same sorts of operations will not be launched to "vector" the questions?

When dealing with COINTELPRO, we must consider the range of activities that have been uncovered. Some of the most well known and typical activities include sending anonymous or fictitious letters designed to start rumors; publishing false defamatory or threatening information; forging signatures on fake documents; introducing disruptive and subversive members into organizations to destroy them from within, and so on. Blackmailing insiders in any group to force them to spread false rumors, or to foment factionalism was also common. COINTELPRO also concentrated on creating bogus organizations. These bogus groups could serve many functions which might include attacking and/or disrupting bona fide groups, or even just simply creating a diversion with clever propaganda in order to attract members away so as to involve them with time-wasting activity designed to prevent them from doing anything useful. COINTELPRO was also famous for instigation of hostile actions through third parties.

Applying this model to our present problem, the 9-11 Truth Movement, we have to consider that there may be some groups or individuals that will propose outlandish theories that, when discredited, bring discredit upon the idea of questioning the government's official line. Others might promote reasonable theories in obnoxious ways that make people reject the message with the messenger. Others, whose research is going in a fruitful direction, may find themselves receiving offers of financing from otherwise dubious characters, later exposure of which could discredit their work even if the dubious financing had no influence whatsoever in the actual research.

Social control is an old and well known routine. The tactics are nothing new; fact is, they work. Sowing confusion will certainly drive away the support of many people who have neither the time nor inclination to do the research themselves. And so, we have to consider the fact that CONFUSION itself, is a COINTELPRO tactic.

So we know right up front that any group working towards uncovering the facts about an incident as serious as 911 may certainly be infiltrated and manipulated.

But that doesn't mean that all is lost. With a timeline, with careful observation of where, when and how different ideas emerge, with careful investigation into the "line of force" that runs as a subtext to the ideas being proposed, we have some hope of coming to a reasonable idea of what really happened on 9-11 just as we can certainly come to a reasonable idea of what happened in Dealey Plaza. We may never know who pulled the trigger(s) with exact certainty, but we can most assuredly identify motives and benefits and high probabilities.

In the case of 9-11, we may find people who are proposing theories that turn out to be wrong ARE, indeed, working for the secret government for the very reason of promoting false and even - in some cases - ridiculous ideas.

The very nature of the beast we are attempting to identify means that it is amorphous, hidden, and hard to pin down. It is also a moving target, responding to anything that comes to light with ridicule, scorn, slander, denial, or rival theories. Stories are wrapped inside of stories, false leads are sown, honest researchers are discredited, agents are praised, and earnest and sincere researchers allow their wishful thinking get the better of them.

We may never know all the "inside" facts of 911.

For those of us that sincerly desire the Truth, we need to realize that we are all going to make mistakes. We are working with an event that is meant to be hidden and that is covered up with many layers of lies. There are many players and many conflicting agendas. It thus becomes important for us all to remain open. If we are working towards the Truth, that is, a correct and factual account of what really happened that day, then we cannot be attached to our own ideas.

Our preconceptions and agendas mean that we will see all the data through these filters. Those who investigate 911 through the filter of a Patriot background view the data one way: the essential concern is the defence of the US Constitution and the refocusing of US foreign policy to the interests of the US. Those who having a pro-Israeli leaning will view it another way: following the leads that appear to pin the blame on the Saudis and perhaps the Bush family and the oil cartel. Others may interpret the data to suggest that the complicity of the Bush Administration, or members of that Administration, goes no further than simply allowing 911 to happen.

We have all certainly heard the rumors that the CIA is "at war" with the Bush Administration and we must factor that idea into our calculations. We will have to consider that each side may "leak" information that is damning to the other while busily concealing their own complicity. More problematical for the present problem is the idea that the secret service of another (or more than one) country may certainly have played a leading role in the events of 9-11 and their manipulations have to be accounted for as well.

We think that to understand what happened on 911, a broader perspective is needed: understanding the attacks in the context of global warming, which, as we have seen in these pages, could very quickly lead to another ice age and subsequent wars for food and resources even within national borders; understanding the attacks within the context of cycles of cometary and meteor bombardment of the Earth's surface; understanding the attacks within the context of the current cycle of earthquake and volcanic activity on the Earth; understanding the attacks within the context of hyperdimensional reality within which our world is but one manifestation of creation; and understanding 911 in the context of the "topic of topics" of esoteric work: that we are an experiment and are manipulated by denizens of a "higher" reality who influence and direct the development of events in this world for aims that are not in our best interest.

Of course, people who find the idea that members of the US government could be involved in 911 will use any discussion of hyperdimensional realities and hyperdimensional beings as a way to dismiss and discredit the most fruitful discussion of 911. If they can't accept the involvement of insiders or Israel, a relatively small leap in terms of their sense of identity, they certainly won't be able to make the leap of understanding necessary to accept such a fundamental change in their view of reality.

Mike Ruppert, in his response to the ten questions asked of him that we referred to yesterday, mentioned the following in passing:

"I have never once, inside or outside my office said that I wanted to be connected to illuminati jerks, UFO advocates or David Icke's Lizard people. Anyone who knows me at all knows that this is ironclad policy with me."

While we share Ruppert's opinion of David Icke's Lizards and think the whole shape-shifting royal family allegations are disinfo a la COINTELPRO, (which doesn't mean that Icke isn't sincere and honest), and while we think that many UFO researchers could use an understanding of hyperdimensional physics in order to understand the true character of many of these sightings, and while we think that many of those who are talking about the Illuminati conspiracy are falling for the straw man, because those who are really behind the conspiracy are not in the public eye, Ruppert's rejection of these areas in toto is the trap that might well lead to him being the one who carries the bomb into the building, as in the film Arlington Road.

The disinfo artists have succeeded most masterfully when their absurd theories and allegations create a barrier to the study of anomalous events, because it is precisely through the study of such events that we come to an understanding of just how crazy the world really is. It is through the study of such phenomena, along with the study of, among other disciplines, physics, history, geology, dendrochronolgy and ice core carrots, that we can see that the ultimate Conspiracy goes back thousands of years. Having seen this fantastic and unbelievable Conspiracy, this Conspiracy that is so outrageous that one is tempted to refuse to acknowledge the consequences of the evidence, and having understood the Conspiracy's ultimate goal, only then can we see how the events of 911 and their aftermath are part of a much larger and nefarious strategy.

J. Allen Hynek addressed the United Nations on the subject of UFOs on November 27, 1978 in the following way:

Mr. Chairman, there exists today a world-wide phenomenon... indeed if it were not world-wide I should not be addressing you and these representatives from many parts of the world. There exists a global phenomenon the scope and extent of which is not generally recognized. It is a phenomenon so strange and foreign to our daily terrestrial mode of thought that it is frequently met by ridicule and derision by persons and organizations unacquainted with the facts. […]

Mr. Chairman, any phenomenon which touches the lives of so many people, and which engenders puzzlement and even fear among them, is therefore not only of potential scientific interest and significance but also of sociological and political significance, especially since it carries with it many implications of the existence of intelligences other than our own. […]

Mr. Chairman, I have not always held the opinion that UFOs were worthy of serious scientific study. I began my work as Scientific Consultant to the U.S. Air Force as an open skeptic, in the firm belief that we were dealing with a mental aberration and a public nuisance. Only in the face of stubborn facts and data similar to those studied by the French commission... have I been forced to change my opinion.[…]

The UFO phenomenon, as studied by my colleagues and myself, bespeaks the action of some form of intelligence... but whence this intelligence springs, whether it is truly extra-terrestrial, or bespeaks a higher reality not yet recognized by science, or even if it be in some way or another a strange psychic manifestation of our own intelligence, is much the question.

We seek your help, Mr. Chairman, in assisting scientists, and particularly those already associated with the many formal and informal investigative organizations around the world, by providing a clearing house procedure whereby the work already going on globally can be brought together in a serious, concentrated approach to this most outstanding challenge to current science.

We would like to draw your attention to particular remarks made by Dr. Hynek in the passage quoted above:

…a global phenomenon … so strange and foreign to our daily terrestrial mode of thought… it carries with it many implications of the existence of intelligences other than our own … [It] bespeaks the action of some form of intelligence... but whence this intelligence springs, whether it is truly extra-terrestrial, or bespeaks a higher reality not yet recognized by science, or even if it be in some way or another a strange psychic manifestation of our own intelligence, is much the question..

Dr. Hynek wrote in a paper presented at the AIAA 13th Aerospace Sciences Meeting Pasadena, Calif., January 20-22, 1975, entitled "The Emerging Picture of the UFO Problem":

But one element that is common to all scientific endeavor is the problem of signal-to-noise ratio; in the UFO phenomenon this problem is a major one. The UFO problem is, initially, a signal-to-noise problem. The noise is, and has been, so great that the existence of a signal has been seriously questioned.

Isaac Asimov, whom no one could accuse of lacking in imagination, writes:

"Eyewitness reports of actual space ships and actual extraterrestrials are, in themselves, totally unreliable. There have been numerous eyewitness reports of almost everything that most rational people do not care to accept - of ghosts, angels, levitation, zombies, werewolves, and so on... The trouble is, that whatever the UFO phenomenon is, it comes and goes unexpectedly. There is no way of examining it systematically. It appears suddenly and accidentally, is partially seen, and then is more or less inaccurately reported. We remain dependent on occasional anecdotal accounts".

(From the December 14, 1974 issue of TV Guide, a media magazine with a very great circulation and hence powerful in forming public opinion.)

Here we see a very important part of the UFO problem, that of the presentation of data to men of science, and to men, like Asimov and others who excel in writing about science. Scientific efforts can be seriously hampered if the popular image of a subject is grossly misleading. [...]

Now, in the UFO problem we did not know at the start that there was a signal - there were merely tales, unacceptable to scientists as a body. Only those of us, through a long exposure to the subject, or motivated by a haunting curiosity to work in the field and to get our hands dirty with the raw data, came to know there was a signal. [...]

With the noise level so high, and with the popular interpretation of UFOs as visitors from outer space rather than simply what their initials stand for, Unidentified Flying Objects - an unidentified phenomenon whose origin we do not know - it is very difficult for one to be motivated to study the subject. [...]

The noise in the UFO problem is two-fold. There is the obvious noise, and also the more "sophisticated" noise, which might even be part of the signal. The obvious noise is akin to that well known to any scientist. An astronomer recognizes the noise of errors of observation, of instrumental errors, or that introduced by atmospheric distortion, by photon statistics, etc.

In our problem the noise is likewise comprised of errors of observation (though to a much greater degree), but also to wishful thinking, deliberate substitution of interpretation of an event for the event itself, as, "I saw a space ship last night" for "I saw a light in the sky last night", and the totally extraneous noise of the unbalanced imaginations of the pseudo-religious fanatics who propagate unfounded stories and who uncritically accept anything and everything that appeals to their warped imaginations. […]

Here we must ask: where does the "totally extraneous noise of the unbalanced imaginations of the pseudo-religious fanatics who propagate unfounded stories and who uncritically accept anything and everything that appeals to their warped imaginations" come from?

Well, from COINTELPRO. Deliberate noise inserted into the field of study to vector attention, to ridicule the subject, to make it a certainty that the best minds that could achieve some understanding of our reality never do because they are "turned off" to the study by the same types of actions that are currently being focused on the search for the truth about 9-11.

Using the model of the 70s COINTELPRO as a guide to what may be going on in the 9-11 Truth Movement, let us consider the fact that the FBI has been shown to have concentrated on creating bogus organizations and promoting bogus ideas as a form of control.

"There exists in our world today a powerful and dangerous secret cult".

So wrote Victor Marchetti, a former high-ranking CIA official, in his book The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. This is the first book the U.S. Government ever went to court to censor before publication. In this book, Marchetti tells us that there is a "Cabal" that rules the world and that its holy men are the clandestine professionals of the Central Intelligence Agency. In our opinion, the CIA is but one "arm" of the cult, just as Benedictines were but one order of the Catholic Church.

To borrow from, and paraphrasing, Marchetti: This cult is patronized and protected by the highest level government officials in the world. It's membership is composed of those in the power centers of government, industry, commerce, finance, and labor. It manipulates individuals in areas of important public influence - including the academic world and the mass media. The Secret Cult is a global fraternity of a political aristocracy whose purpose is to further the political policies of persons or agencies unknown. It acts covertly and illegally. The most effective weapon of COINTELPRO is Ridicule and Debunking. Notice particularly that Marchetti points out that this is done via manipulation of individuals in areas of important public influence - including the academic world and the mass media.

What was it Mike Ruppert said?

"I have never once, inside or outside my office said that I wanted to be connected to illuminati jerks, UFO advocates or David Icke's Lizard people. Anyone who knows me at all knows that this is ironclad policy with me."

And certainly, Mike Ruppert and others are victims of manipulation when they dismiss out of hand the idea that there are many layers to this 9-11 issue.

Bottom line is: if you have bought into the emotionally manipulated consensus of "official culture" that there are no conspiracies, that there is no other reality involved, it is very likely that you are being manipulated by fear of ridicule. You are in denial. You have been hypnotized by the suggestions of the holy men of the Secret Cult. And you have chosen to believe them over your own possible observations and senses.

Why is it so that the very individuals who should be diligently studying the UFO/alien phenomenon do not? Why is it so that scientists - most particularly physicists and mathematicians of a good and honest disposition - seem to be the ones who most actively resist the very idea that their profession may have been taken over and "vectored" by conspirators who do not have humanity's best interests at heart?

Why do scientists - those to whom the power elite must look for military technology solutions to their "power problems" - think for one instant that their profession is exempt from conspiratorial manipulation and management?

That just isn't logical, is it?

In the physical sciences, very often machines and instruments are utilized to "take measurements". In order to achieve accuracy with even the most precisely tooled device, certain tests are undertaken to establish the "reading error" of the gadget. What we would like to suggest is that the "official culture" that establishes what may or may not be taken "seriously" is a planned and deliberate "reading error" built into the "machine" of science - the foundation of our very thinking. Without a historical context that includes the hyperdimensional hypothesis, there is little possibility that a sincere individual will ever be able to establish the "reading error" of his machine - his thinking.

These issues form the core of Laura Knight-Jadczyk's book, Ancient Science. In it, she looks at conspiracy theory, alchemy, history, evidence for cyclic cometary bombardments of the planet, the ancient division between the people of the Sun and the people of the Moon and their respective pyramidal and circular organisation of society, and much, much more. Here are some comments from one reader:

I am a cross-disciplinary scientist. My main scientific books have been in establishing a second-order-economics (Dr. philos. on a thesis written in 1984-85; this subject being my main scientific occupation and speciality for ten years), core philosophy (innovative work in ontology, epistemology, causality, information theory), and "the transcendental turn" of recent cutting edge science. I have held positions as associate professor in sociology, and (nowadays) in anthropology. I also hold a position as professor related to the natural sciences (I prefer to call it supra-physics) at a high level research organization abroad.

In the spring of 2000, my most important scientific inspiration from recent years was from complexity theory, cybernetics and bohmian science, along with my own, autonomous research. Since then I have come to terms with a lot of explosive new knowledge and theory, especially in the natural sciences, on a broad range of matters.

Last summer I read your book Ancient Science.

This may very well have been the most influential book I have ever read, and in my opinion one of the most important books ever written.

It is not possible for a sound - open and critical - mind to read this book without changing a lot of basic opinions about the history of civilizations, biological evolution, religion and politics; and what the heck is going on in this world NOW.

The existence and some key operators from hyperdimensional intelligence is very well argued by autonomous reflection, a mountain of important facts, and a wealth of references to literature not easy to overview or find. Very important here is the manipulations by reductive indoctrination into the existence of only linear/successive time, camoflaging the existence of cyclic and holographic time.[...]

This book changed the horizon of my life in some important regards, delivering some key bits to the greater puzzle. During my reading it became increasingly plausible to me that human life is embedded in a system of higher meaning, invisible without an extraordinary effort, in some analogy to the invisibility for the little child of ordinary language overlaying the world of objects and sense inputs.

The existence of such a higher system of meaning and the... art/science to explore it, is also consistent with Bohmian ontology, holographic flow of meaning in systems reaching a threshold of critical complexity, and with hyperstructural mathematics.

[Laura Knight-Jadczyk's] work plugs into the generative grammar of this higher language which to me seems to require the learning of some improvisational art of proprioception to the ordinary meaning system, including acknowledging an unknown and hidden order in serious play.

[Ark's note: The Author of the above comments is, perhaps an expert in philosophy and anthropology, and even economics, but certainly not an expert in physics and/or mathematics. Thus some of the above statements should be taken with a grain of salt. There is no such thing as "Bohmian science", though there is "Bohmian (quantum) mechanics". There is no "supra-physics" though there is "strange physics". There is no "hyperstructural mathematics", there is no "holographic time" etc.

Apart of these issues, I agree with our professor that "[Laura Knight-Jadczyk's] work plugs into the generative grammar of this higher language which to me seems to require the learning of some improvisational art of proprioception to the ordinary meaning system, including acknowledging an unknown and hidden order in serious play." :-)]

Laura's new book, The High Strangeness of Dimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction, addresses the issue of hyperdimensions in great detail, including the question of their interactions with us, both in recent history and throughout the ages. (See Laura's new article for more details.) Whether it be through the means of what today we call UFOs, or via the beings made known to use through fairy stories and mythology, these visitors have been an integral part of human history as far back as the records allow us to go.

What seems to be so is that in recent decades, technology has permitted our earthly rulers, some of whom are aware of the true character of our existence, to mimic such hyperdimensional manifestations, faking UFOs and abductions, creating phoney crop circles, and even sending transmissions into our minds.

Sorting through the evidence, both real and fake, is impossible if one does not know one's quarry, as Sherlock Holmes so eloquently put it. Dr. Watson was able to see certain data and put them together in a logical way, but he was usually wrong. Holmes, because of his greater understanding of the criminal mind, as well as his awareness of the existence of Dr. Moriarty, could see more and put the facts together based upon this greater knowledge.

We have a choice before us in our quest to bring out the Truth of 911: either to remain the good-hearted yet naive Dr. Watson, or to become, each of us, a Sherlock Holmes.

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The New *Klasskurtzian*
By Alfred Lehmberg

October 10's History Channel Documentary by Kathleen Quinn regarding "MJ-12" was a remarkable program. I detected an even-handedness and balance rarely seen on television about ufological issues.

I won't be getting into the details of Quinn's doc other than to say that Dr. [immaterial] Joe Nickel, bless his little corn-fed traditionalistic's coal black patrician heart, is credited with putting a true face on the total irrationality that is the whole of CSICOP's "Klasskurtzian" *shtick*... pardon the newly coined word. It's meaning can be drawn, easily, from its context with the forthcoming.

And, in a quick sidebar, you know what? Klasskurtzianism ~is~ about ideologically canted and authoritarian storm-troopers from the biased realms of CSICOPia, after all! Thank you, Doctor Rudiak!

I digress...

Back at the ranch, "Ufologists are, at best, irresponsible," implies an *earnest* Dr. [immaterial] Joe Nickel towards the end of the hour long program. Stanton Freidman is derelict. Richard Dolan is reckless. Richard Hall is an elder scoundrel from an even deeper strata of irresponsibility. Jerry Clark lacks accountability. So do a lot of men and women seriously investigating the single most important eventuality of our time.

The preceding radical seditionists are not *dependable* persons, Nickel feels. They are without *responsibility*. They ~have~ no *liability*... Stop! Nickel's (et al) stuffy pontification is ~so~ much prolapsed and expulsive nonsense... steaming monkey droppings from high up in the canopy. Get to cover!

Moreover, our [immaterial] doctor implores that, "the public should be outraged"! Not because critical information is withheld from interested individuals for spurious and manipulative reasons by an autocratic and authoritarian elite! No. But that Ufologists, those radical funsters and seditious gamesters, actually ~threaten~ America's culture and society by making, "a lot of [us] distrust [our] government" and by "causing invalid suspicions" with regard to currently
*worshipped* "historical figures"! And there we have the dieing CSICOPian philosophy completely contained in its moldy nutshell of reproductionist tediousness.

To wit, their "Prime Directive": At all costs to sense and sensibility, maintain the status quo. End of line.

That's it. That's all they've got. Everything else is stentorian proclamation, stretched assumption, and pompously insentient axe grinding.

Pushing 60, a good citizen taxpayer, combat veteran, and intelligent patriot... I find it repugnant to the ~extreme~ that *Governments* can not earn distrust, or that *historical figures* are beyond the suspicions they themselves provoke! ...Even our own governments and historical figures... ~especially~ our own governments and historical figures!

That's not the America I served in a highly decorated military career. That's not the America I described to my immigrant wife and only son! That's not the America I internalized in the freaking Cub Scouts, boys and girls!

Some figures of history have ~more~ than earned our suspicion, and governments, ~abundantly~, our distrust, then AND now! If that is not obvious in extremis... than you're just not keeping up with current events, you're chewing window sills lathered in wet lead paint, or you know the truth and ~choose~ to turn away.

...Misleading, mislead, or mentally ill... "M" cubed. Sound familiar? Feel it deviate your septums, skeptibunky spawn, CSICOPian caperers, and "klasskurtzian" sycophants!

Forget for a moment that it is just ~that~ recognition of provoked *mistrust*, and the *suspicions* that justifiably arise, which ~provide~ for an enlightening reexamination, revision, or more realistic result for an evolving human condition, at ~all~! Understand, first, that the doctor [immaterial] Joe Nickel exposes the CFInistic or CSICOPian "prime directive" in a few chosen words that won't respect individual sensibility and insensiblely supports a status quo continuing only to discredit ~itself~ as it shortchanges ~you~, reader, on a plethora of levels.

"Mistrust of government is dangerous and without support". I paraphrase the [immaterial] doctor. "Suspicions regarding the *respected* are dangerous and unsubstantiated." Is it ~any~ wonder which side of the bullhorn our Dr. [immaterial] Nickel prefers to be?

No. Weigh the pros and cons as they were ladled out in last night's surprisingly credible and balanced treatment of the mystery surrounding the controversial MJ-12 documents to see for yourself which is more *nourishing*. Mistrust of government ~is~ justified. Suspicion with regard to historical figures is ~not~ without support. Friedman, Dolan, and Rodeghier were just more convincing, less presumptive, and more authoritative than Kurtz, Klass, or Nickel, who were ~less~ than authoritative, ~entirely~ assumptive, and ~profoundly~ less convincing. The former were credible while the latter were "klasskurtzian," to use that word one more time.

Verily, and in a manner similar to Dan Rather's "Bush Memo" imbroglio, even if the MJ-12 documents ~are~ fakes... they're the likely truth, I'm betting. MJ-12 ~is~ a reality. Suspicion ~is~ validated. Mistrust ~is~ appropriate.

Together they are the true skeptics very ~soul~... and an apparent klasskurtzian antithesis.

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Build Up To A New Fake Terror Attack And The Overt Establishment Of The Fourth Reich

U.S. Funds Chat-Room Surveillance Study

Mon Oct 11, 8:31 PM ET
By MICHAEL HILL, Associated Press Writer

TROY, N.Y. - Amid the torrent of jabber in Internet chat rooms — flirting by QTpie and BoogieBoy, arguments about politics and horror flicks — are terrorists plotting their next move?

The government certainly isn't discounting the possibility. It's taking the idea seriously enough to fund a yearlong study on chat room surveillance under an anti-terrorism program.

A Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute computer science professor hopes to develop mathematical models that can uncover structure within the scattershot traffic of online public forums.

Chat rooms are the highly popular and freewheeling areas on the Internet where people with self-created nicknames discuss just about anything: teachers, Kafka, cute boys, politics, love, root canal. They are also places where malicious hackers have been known to trade software tools, stolen passwords and credit card numbers. The Pew Internet & American Life Project estimates that 28 million Americans have visited Internet chat rooms.

Trying to monitor the sea of traffic on all the chat channels would be like assigning a police officer to listen in on every conversation on the sidewalk — virtually impossible.

Instead of rummaging through megabytes of messages, RPI professor Bulent Yener will use mathematical models in search of patterns in the chatter. Downloading data from selected chat rooms, Yener will track the times that messages were sent, creating a statistical profile of the traffic.

If, for instance, RatBoi and bowler1 consistently send messages within seconds of each other in a crowded chat room, you could infer that they were speaking to one another amid the "noise" of the chat room.

"For us, the challenge is to be able to determine, without reading the messages, who is talking to whom," Yener said.

In search of "hidden communities," Yener also wants to check messages for certain keywords that could reveal something about what's being discussed in groups.

The $157,673 grant comes from the National Science Foundation's Approaches to Combat Terrorism program. It was selected in coordination with the nation's intelligence agencies.

The NSF's Leland Jameson said the foundation judged the proposal strictly on its broader scientific merit, leaving it to the intelligence community to determine its national security value. Neither the CIA nor the FBI would comment on the grant, with a CIA spokeswoman citing the confidentiality of sources and methods.

Security officials know al-Qaida and other terrorist groups use the Internet for everything from propaganda to offering tips on kidnapping. But it's not clear if terrorists rely much on chat rooms for planning and coordination.

Michael Vatis, founding director of the National Infrastructure Protection Center and now a consultant, said he had heard of terrorists using chat rooms, which he said offer some security as long as code phrases are used. Other cybersecurity experts doubted chat rooms' usefulness to terrorists given the other current options, from Web mail to hiding messages on designated Web pages that can only be seen by those who know where to look.

"In a world in which you can embed your message in a pixel on a picture on a home page about tea cozies, I don't know whether if you're any better if you think chat would be any particular magnet," Jonathan Zittrain, an Internet scholar at Harvard Law School.

Since they are focusing on public chat rooms, authorities are not violating constitutional rights to privacy when they keep an eye on the traffic, experts said. Law enforcement agents have trolled chat rooms for years in search of pedophiles, sometimes adopting profiles making it look like they are young teens.

But the idea of the government reviewing massive amounts of public communications still raises some concerns.

Mark Rasch, a former head of the Justice Department's computer crimes unit, said such a system would bring the country one step closer to the Pentagon's much-maligned Terrorism Information Awareness program.

Research on that massive data-mining project was halted after an uproar over its impact on privacy.

"It's the ability to gather and analyze massive amounts of data that creates the privacy problem," Rasch said, "even though no individual bit of data is particularly private."

Comment: Hmmm. So if the FBI receives information of another planned attack, as they did prior to the 9/11 attacks from various sources, will they again choose to ignore it? Will there be yet another, "failure of intelligence", or will it be clear that it was yet again "facilitation of terrorism"?

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Flashback: Odigo: Instant Messages Warned Of Terrorist Attacks

By Ryan Naraine

Two employees at New York-based instant messaging start-up Odigo received IM warnings about two hours before the aerial attacks in two U.S cities, the company confirmed Friday.

Odigo, which has a satellite office in Israel, said employees there received pop-up text messages containing advance warning of the attacks but said the IMs did not mention the World Trade Center specifically, or any other targets.

The contents of the IM messages, including the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the sender, was given to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Odigo spokesman Alex Diamandis said [...]

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Flashback: Was The US Government Alerted To 911 Attack? - Part One Warnings In Advance

By Patrick Martin
It is not necessary to postulate an all-embracing conspiracy, extending from the White House to the airline security personnel who let the armed hijackers board the planes, to believe that there is much more to the story of the September 11 attacks than the American public has been told so far. Certainly the least likely and least credible explanation of that day's events is that the vast US national security apparatus was entirely unaware of the activities of the hijackers until the airliners slammed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

According to this official version, voiced most crudely by FBI Director Robert Mueller immediately after the event, no one in the US government had the slightest idea of the identities of the September 11 hijackers, the methods they would employ, or the targets they would choose. A careful review of the information that has come to light, in bits and pieces, since September 11, demonstrates that these claims are not merely tenuous, but clearly, obviously and knowingly false.

The case of Zacarias Moussaoui ["The strange case of Zacarias Moussaoui: FBI refused to investigate man charged in September 11 attacks"] is only the most glaring evidence that the September 11 terrorist attacks represent, not merely a colossal failure on the part of the FBI and CIA, but a refusal to act that has no legitimate explanation. Not only were there general warnings of the likelihood of suicide hijackings, but several of the hijackers, including the man alleged to be the principal organizer, Mohammed Atta, were under active surveillance by US agents. It is not too much to say that the terrorists were only able to accomplish their murderous and destructive mission because US intelligence agencies ignored repeated warnings, refused to carry out elementary defensive actions and manifested a seeming indifference to the prospect of a major terrorist attack on American soil.

Added to that is the refusal of any branch of the US government to conduct any probe into the circumstances of an attack which killed more American civilians on a single day than any other act of violence in US history. There has been no serious effort in the four months since September 11 to investigate, learn lessons and assign responsibility. This by itself is a demonstration that there are highly placed people in Washington with a great deal to hide.

Warnings from foreign governments

The governments of at least four countriesóGermany, Egypt, Russia and Israelógave specific warnings to the US of an impending terrorist attack in the months preceding September 11. These alerts, while fragmentary, not only combined to foretell the scale of the attack and its main target, but indicated that hijacked commercial aircraft would be the weapon of choice.

According to an article in one of the major daily newspapers in Germany, published just after the destruction of the World Trade Center, the German intelligence service BND told both US and Israeli intelligence agencies in June that Middle East terrorists were "planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture."

The newspaper cited unnamed German intelligence sources, who said that the information came through Echelon, the US- controlled system of 120 satellites which monitors all worldwide electronic communications. Echelon is operated jointly by the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand, although its existence is not officially admitted. (Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, September 14, 2001)

The government of Egypt sent an urgent warning to the US June 13, based on a video made by Osama bin Laden. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak told the French newspaper Le Figaro that the warning was originally delivered just before the G-8 summit in Genoa. It was taken seriously enough that antiaircraft batteries were stationed around Christopher Columbus Airport in the Italian city. According to Mubarak, bin Laden "spoke of assassinating President Bush and other heads of state in Genoa. It was a question of an airplane stuffed with explosives. These precautions then had been taken." (Source: New York Times, September 26, 2001, "2 Leaders Tell of Plot to Kill Bush in Genoa," by David Sanger)

According to Russian press reports, Russian intelligence notified the CIA during the summer that 25 terrorist pilots had been specifically training for suicide missions. In an interview September 15 with MSNBC, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that he had ordered Russian intelligence in August to warn the US government "in the strongest possible terms" of imminent attacks on airports and government buildings. (Source: From The Wilderness web site; MSNBC).

The London-based Sunday Telegraph óan arch-conservative newspaper usually highly supportive of the Bush administrationó reported that the Israeli intelligence service Mossad had delivered a warning to the FBI and CIA in August that as many as 200 followers of Osama bin Laden were slipping into the country to prepare "a major assault on the United States." The advisory spoke of a "large-scale target" in which Americans would be "very vulnerable." The Los Angeles Times cited unnamed US officials confirming this Mossad warning had been received. (Source: Sunday Telegraph, September 16, 2001, "Israeli security issued urgent warning to CIA of large-scale terror attacks," by David Wastell and Philip Jacobson; Los Angeles Times, September 20, 2001, "Officials Told of 'Major Assault' Plans," by Richard A. Serrano and John-Thor Dahlburg)

The Independent, a liberal daily in Great Britain, published an article asserting the US government "was warned repeatedly that a devastating attack on the United States was on its way." The Independent cited an interview given by Osama bin Laden to a London-based Arabic-language newspaper, al-Quds al-Arabi, in late August. About the same time, tighter security measures were ordered at the World Trade Center, for unexplained reasons. (Source: Independent, September 17, 2001, "Bush did not heed several warnings of attack," by Andrew Gumbel)

Despite this series of alerts, no US intelligence agency issued any warning of a possible attack on a target on US territory in the months leading up to September 11. The CIA and FBI had issued warnings about likely attacks on American military bases or embassies in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. On September 7 the US Department of State issued a worldwide alert about an impending attack by bin Laden followers, although it was focused on US-related targets in east Asia, especially Japan, not within the US itself. As the ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Richard Shelby, admitted, "This obviously was a failure of great dimension. We had no specific warning of the US being attacked."

Moreover, the FBI's decision to take no action on Zacarias Moussaoui must be considered in the light of this continuous stream of warnings from overseas. The US government was being repeatedly alerted to the danger of devastating attacks using hijacked commercial aircraft, yet the FBI decided to conduct no serious investigation into a man, believed by French intelligence to be linked to Osama bin Laden, who wanted to learn how to steer a 747 jumbo jet, but not to take off or land. Moussaoui was not even turned over to the FBI by the Immigration and Naturalization Service until after September 11.

US investigations and concerns

Despite claims that US intelligence agencies had not considered the possibility of suicide attacks involving commercial airliners before September 11, there were many indications of such concerns on the part of the American government over a period of eight years.

An expert panel commissioned by the Pentagon in 1993 discussed how an airplane could be used to bomb national landmarks. "It was considered radical thinking, a little too scary for the times," said retired Air Force Col. Doug Menarchik, who organized the $150,000 study for the Defense Department's Office of Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict. "After I left, it met a quiet death." The decision not to publish detailed scenarios was made partly out of a fear that it could give terrorists ideas, participants said. A draft was circulated through the Pentagon, the Justice Department and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but senior agency officials ultimately decided against a public release. (Source: Washington Post, October 2, 2001, "Before Attack, U.S. Expected Different Hit, Chemical, Germ Agents Focus of Preparations," by Jo Warrick and Joe Stephens)

Three incidents of attempted attacks on buildings using airplanes took place during 1994. The first, in April of that year, involved a Federal Express flight engineer who was facing dismissal. He boarded a DC-10 as a passenger and invaded the cockpit, planning to crash the plane into a company building in Memphis, but was overpowered by the crew. The second came that September, when a lone pilot crashed a stolen single-engine Cessna into a tree on the White House grounds just short of the president's bedroom. The third was the December hijacking of an Air France flight in Algiers by the Armed Islamic Group. The hijackers had the plane land in Marseilles and ordered it loaded with 27 tons of fuel, three times the amount required to reach Paris. Their aim was to crash it into the Eiffel Tower. French special forces stormed the plane on the ground. (Source: New York Times, October 3, 2001, "Earlier Hijackings Offered Signals That Were Missed," by Matthew Wald)

In January 1995, Philippine police arrested and tortured Abdul Hakim Murad in a Manila apartment where bomb-making equipment was found. He told them of plans to plant timed explosive devices on 11 US airliners simultaneously, and to crash-land an airplane into CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The preparations were so far advanced that Murad detailed the specific flights targeted, most of them trans-Pacific flights which would explode over the ocean. Murad had attended flying schools in the United States, earned a commercial pilot's license, and told investigators he was to fly the plane into CIA headquarters. Another Islamic fundamentalist was to fly a second plane into the Pentagon. (Source: Washington Post, September 23, "Borderless Network of Terror, Bin Laden Followers Reach Across Globe," by Doug Struck, Howard Schneider, Karl Vick and Peter Baker)

Later that year, the alleged organizer of the first World Trade Center bombing, Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, was captured in Pakistan, turned over to US agents and flown back to the United States for trial. On the flight, Yousef reportedly boasted to FBI agent Brian Parr and the other agents guarding him that he had narrowly missed several opportunities to blow up a dozen airliners on a single day over the Pacific and to carry out a kamikaze-type suicide attack on CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Yousef was referring to the same plot for which Abdul Hakim Murad had been arrested in the Philippines. Murad was extradited to the United States, where his testimony played a major role in Yousef's trial and conviction. (Source: John Cooley, Unholy Wars, New York, NY, 2000, p. 247)

Early in 1996, US officials had identified crop-dusters and suicide flights as potential terrorist weapons, and began taking elaborate steps to prevent an attack from the air during the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. Black Hawk helicopters and US Customs Service jets were deployed to intercept suspicious aircraft in the skies over the Olympic venues. Agents monitored crop-duster flights within hundreds of miles of downtown Atlanta. Law enforcement agents also fanned out to regional airports throughout northern Georgia "to make sure nobody hijacked a small aircraft and tried to attack one of the venues," said Woody Johnson, the FBI agent in charge of the Atlanta office at the time. From July 6 through the end of the Games on August 11, the FAA banned all aviation within a one- mile radius of the Olympic Village that housed the athletes. It also ordered aircraft to stay at least three miles away from other sites beginning three hours before each event until three hours after each event ended. (Source: Los Angeles Times, November 17, 2001, "Suicide Flights and Crop Dusters Considered Threats at '96 Olympics," by Mark Fineman and Judy Pasternak)

As early as 1996 the FBI began investigating the activities of Arab students at US flight schools. Government officials admitted that "law enforcement officials were aware that fewer than a dozen people with links to bin Laden had attended US flight schools." FBI agents visited two flight schools in 1996 to get information about several Arab pilots who received training there. The two schools were among those attended by Abdul Hakim Murad, who had told Philippine and US police about plans to fly a hijacked plane into CIA headquarters. In 1998 FBI agents questioned officials from Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma about a graduate identified in court testimony as a pilot for Osama bin Laden. This was the school later attended by Zacarias Moussaoui. A Washington Post article concludes: "Since 1996, the FBI had been developing evidence that international terrorists were using US flight schools to learn to fly jumbo jets. A foiled plot in Manila to blow up U.S. airliners and later court testimony by an associate of bin Laden had touched off FBI inquiries at several schools, officials say." (Source: Washington Post, September 23, 2001, "FBI Knew Terrorists Were Using Flight Schools," by Steve Fainaru and James V. Grimaldi)

In the run-up to the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, there was active consideration of the danger of "a fully loaded, fuelled airliner crashing into the opening ceremony before a worldwide television audience," according to former Sydney police superintendent Paul McKinnon. Osama bin Laden was considered the number threat, he said. IOC officials said plane-crash catastrophes have been incorporated into security planning for every Olympics since 1972. "That was our nightmare scenario," one IOC official said. There were extensive IOC discussions with the FBI during 2001 in the course of the security planning for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. (Source: Sydney Morning Herald, September 20, 2001, "Jet crash on stadium was Olympics nightmare," by Jacquelin Magnay)

The 2000 edition of the Federal Aviation Administration's annual report on Criminal Acts Against Aviation, published early in 2001, said that although bin Laden "is not known to have attacked civil aviation, he has both the motivation and the wherewithal to do so," adding, "Bin Laden's anti-Western and anti-American attitudes make him and his followers a significant threat to civil aviation, particularly to US civil aviation." (Source: FAA)

Beginning in early 2001 a trial was held in New York City of four defendants charged with involvement in the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The trial revealed that two bin Laden operatives had received pilot training in Texas and Oklahoma and another had been asked to take lessons. L'Houssaine Kherchtou, a bin Laden associate turned government witness, told the court how he was asked to take flying lessons in 1993. Another bin Laden aide, Essam al-Ridi, testified that he had bought a military aircraft for bin Laden and flown it to Sudan. Al-Ridi became a government witness in 1998, giving the FBI inside information about a pilot-training scheme three years before the September 11 attack. While the proceedings of the trial extended from February to July 2001, they did not produce any heightened alert in relation to US commercial aviation.

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Bush's campaign office in Spokane burglarized, vandalized

By David Postman
Seattle Times chief political reporter

Offices that house President Bush's re-election campaign in Spokane were broken into and vandalized last night, the latest in a string of crimes at Republican offices across the country.

Workers arriving this morning found a hole smashed through the wall from an adjacent, vacant office. Bush campaign officials say a small amount of petty cash is missing and a computer and television had been moved and left near the hole.

"They must have gotten spooked because they ultimately left the computer and TV," said Bill Hyslop, the campaign's chairman for the Fifth Congressional District.

The computer and the TV had recently arrived in Spokane and the computer was loaded with information from the Republican get-out-the vote program.

Spokane police responded this morning and took the computer's monitor and the TV, Hyslop said.

"We obviously have no idea who did this and are not going to cast aspersions," said Hyslop, who served as U.S. attorney in Spokane under President George H.W. Bush.

In Bellevue last week, computers that stored the Republican get-out-the-vote database were stolen in a burglary at the Republican headquarters there. Bush campaign officials believe the break-ins are part of a broader attack on the president's re-election offices around the country, including a burglary in Canton, Ohio, last night, gun shots fired in West Virginia, Florida and Tennessee and union protestors storming offices in three Florida cities and Minneapolis.

There are no suspects in the burglaries or shootings and no injuries were reported.

Because the protests at campaign offices that were stormed were part of organized union demonstrations, Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot wrote a letter today to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney asking him to call off any future protests.

"In addition to the injuries, property damage and disruption associated with these acts, these events have created a threatening and intimidating atmosphere abhorrent to our democratic process," Racicot wrote.

The Spokane building leased by the state Republican party and serves as the area office for party operations as well as the campaign for the President and other Republican candidates.

Hyslop said that a security guard checked the building at about 6 a.m. today and did not report any disturbance.

But when construction crews working on the adjacent office arrived within 30 minutes later, they noticed the back door of the adjacent office had been pried open from an alleyway.

They also discovered that a hole appeared to have been kicked through the drywall separating the vacant space from the Bush offices. The computer and TV were found near the hole.

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Flashback: Guantanamo On the Hudson: Detained RNC Protesters Describe Prison Conditions

Democracy Now!
September 2nd, 2004

[...] Protests against the Republican convention continued yesterday throughout New York as Democratic Sen. Zell Miller delivered the convention's keynote address and Vice President Dick Cheney accepted his nomination to run for a second term.

Early in the day, AIDS activists from the ACT UP group breached the Madison Square Garden convention hall and briefly interrupted a speech by White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card to young Republicans, including Bush's twin daughters.

Outside, five thousand people protesting high job losses formed a silent, single-file unemployment line that stretched for three miles from Wall Street to 31st Street, just shy of the convention center. Tens of thousands other protesters gathered for two hours in a designated demonstration area two blocks from Madison Square Garden in support of more union jobs in the United States.

Later in the day, some 2,000 people staged a "March on the Media" to protest what they say is uncritical coverage of the Bush administration by the mainstream press. Other major protests yesterday included a women's rights demonstration and a protest against Coca-Cola.

The police arrested 19 people, bringing the total of those detained so far during seven days of relentless convention-related protests to more than 1,760, a record for a political convention.

Hundreds of people yesterday protested the conditions under which those arrested are being held before going to court saying the site was contaminated with oil and asbestos. Pier 57 is a three-story, block-long pier that has been converted to a holding pen. [...]

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has denied the city was operating what some called "Guantanamo-on-the-Hudson." And defended the use of the of the pier garage saying "It's not supposed to be Club Med." [...]

Comment: It strikes us as quite strange that the Republican offices seem to be the only ones being targeted by this violence. Why not democratic offices? Is this evidence that the Democrats are more "violent" than the Rrepublicans? Or is that the impression that is being "created?"

We notice that there is no hotline for victims of the current administration's repressive activities against Free Speech.

People often wonder how the Nazis actually came to power in a civilized and modern country when you consider that the Nazi regime was among the most criminal, barbarous and immoral that the world has ever witnessed.

The fact is that the Nazis made huge efforts to present themselves as the defenders of conventional social and moral values. They represented themselves as guarantors of public decency and law and order. The Nazis suppressed homosexuals and pornography just as Bush and his coterie of Christocrats seek to do.

The daily reality of the Third Reich was a complex mixture of fear and bribery, terror and concessions, barbarism and appeals to conventional moral values which were employed in order to gain and maintain a grip on German society.

Does that sound familiar?

Nazi activists gloried in violence and hate. Thousands of opponents of the Nazis were, indeed, rounded up after being set up by the Nazis to protest against their repressive policies. Long before Germany was officially declared a one-party state, open political dissent had come to an end by clever maneuvers and "false flag operations."

The Nazis didn't, at first, use direct state violence against their opponents. They used propaganda and private individuals who later got a pat on the head and maybe a nice cushy position as a Storm Trooper - about the only place left where people had work and food.

A rather common tactic of the Nazis was to stage an attack against themselves, blame it on their opponents, and thus find justification for violent repression. They were, after all, only supporting law and order!

Another interesting thing about Nazis was their extreme hatred of Communists. The Communists of Germany tried to protest the intensification of the Fascist dictatorship in the city of Breslau (now Wroclaw, Poland) one morning. No sooner had the peaceful protesters assembled than about 500 Nazi Storm Troopers marched through the square. They tried to provoke the protesters to violence in ways similar to what the New York Police recently did to the anti-war protesters during the RNC. In Breslau, violence did erupt when the police began firing on the protesters, and this was used as a reason to ban the Communist workers and unions and all rallies as a "threat to public order."

That evening, the Nazis celebrated their victory over the Communists by staging a huge demonstration of their own. Over 50,000 people took part in the center of Breslau. The square of the largest city in Eastern Germany became a sea of swastika flags and marching columns of brown-shirted storm troopers.

The term "Liberal" could be used to describe both the Leftists and the
Communists of Germany.

The Leftists of Germany were known as "Social Democrats." These were largely trade unions, worker's organizations and so on.

There was encouragement by the government for individual violence against the "Left." Leading members of the left-wing parties were arrested as the various police forces and Nazi formations began to coordinate their activities. Attempts by the Social Democrats or Communists to hold election rallies were broken up with growing frequency. The left-wing press was suppressed, and by the time of the elections in Germany, violence from Brown Shirts, Storm
Troopers, as well as police repression, had combined to drive the Left from public view.

After the election, the Nazis turned their attention to rooting out and
destroying the supporters of the now underground Left and Liberal parties. The once impressive supports of German Social Democracy, which had withstood Bismarck's attacks for fifty years, were destroyed piecemeal.

The campaign against the Left and Liberals was all the more effective because of its ambiguous nature. There was no single, decisive confrontation. It was carried out both within and outside of the existing legal structure just as we see happening in the U.S. today. The Leftists and Liberals essentially faced what were "spontaneous" attacks from "marauding bands" of Nazis just as marauding bands of Bushistas roam the internet and the streets of the U.S. These types of attack are quite effective because, essentially, the power of the State stands behind them.

Analysts suggest today that even if the Left and the Communists had been united, they would not have prevailed because once the Nazis and their conservatives controlled the State organs of power, as do Bush and his gang at present, the police and the army were used effectively to eliminate opposition.

If the history of the Nazi seizure of power teaches us anything, it is that there is little the Liberals can do to stop a powerful Right Wing movement that has mass support, allies in powerful places (such as the media), and control of the repression apparatus of the State.

Of course, the Liberals were not the only targets of the Nazis: there were the Jews. However, the assault on Germany's Jews took second place behind the attacks on the Left.

The Third Reich was only able to establish and maintain itself by being in a perpetual state of emergency. And mostly, they targeted "Liberals." It seems that a liberal then and now is anyone who values human life even if that human is different.

Notice again the comment from the article above: "Because the protests at campaign offices that were stormed were part of organized union demonstrations, Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot wrote a letter today to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney asking him to call off any future protests.

"In addition to the injuries, property damage and disruption associated with these acts, these events have created a threatening and intimidating atmosphere abhorrent to our democratic process," Racicot wrote.

So, when you start going after Liberals, Communists and the "Left," - the unions and people's organizations - the only conclusion that can be drawn is that you are a Fascist - a Nazi.

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Letter on Voter Intimidation to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney

Monday, October 11, 2004

To: Interested Parties
From: Bush-Cheney '04 Communications
Date: 10/11/04
Re: Violence At Republican And Bush-
Cheney '04 Campaign Headquarters
Across The Country

Below is the text of a letter sent by Bush-Cheney '04 Campaign Chairman Governor Marc Racicot to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney via fax at 10:15 a.m. today. The letter asks Sweeney to put an end to protest activities that have led to injuries, property damage, vandalism and voter intimidation at Bush-Cheney '04 and Republican Party offices around the country.

Bush-Cheney '04 has created a hotline for victims of voter intimidation to report what happened. The hotline, 1-888-303-7125, will begin operation at 11:00 a.m. today.

Letter To AFL-CIO President John Sweeney

Mr. John Sweeney
815 16th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20006
October 11, 2004

Dear Mr. Sweeney:

Over the past several weeks, acts of violence and vandalism have occurred at Republican and Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters across the country. In addition to the injuries, property damage and disruption associated with these acts, these events have created a threatening and intimidating atmosphere abhorrent to our democratic process.

On October 5th, according to news reports, witnesses, police reports and admissions of your members, the AFL-CIO, as part of a national strategy, protested at more than a dozen of our campaign and party headquarters across the country. In many locations, the protestors attempted to enter, or entered, campaign or party facilities. As one protestor said, "Actually, we're storming into an office." In Orlando, Florida, injuries and damage were sustained. Protestors forced their way into the facility, fracturing the arm of one staffer, and vandalized the office. In Michigan, protestors entered a headquarters and engaged in activities apparently intended to disrupt volunteers trying to make phone calls.

Protests by your organization come on the heels of several other incidents at Bush-Cheney '04 offices around the country, including a break-in at our Seattle office where laptop computers were stolen from the Washington State Bush-Cheney '04 executive director and the state Republican Party 72-hour director. Just last night in Canton, Ohio, a Bush-Cheney '04 staffer was forced to lock herself in an office while another break-in was in progress. The facility was seriously damaged and property was stolen. Additionally, gun shots have been fired into Bush-Cheney '04 offices in West Virginia, Florida and Tennessee, windows broken in West Virginia and campaign staffers threatened. In Wisconsin, a supporter of the President had a swastika burned into his front yard simply because he had a Bush-Cheney '04 lawn sign. We urge your support in helping us ensure the safety of all individuals working on our campaign and others as we are making every effort to secure the safety of all participants in the political process.

I hope you will put an end to protest activities that have led to injuries, property damage, vandalism and voter intimidation. We will hold you and your organization accountable for the actions of your members and urge you to immediately discontinue any coordinated protest efforts that result in damage to our facilities, or injury to people who may hold different political views than your members, but who share an equal right to be involved in the political process without suffering violence, intimidation and threats.


Gov. Marc Racicot, Bush-Cheney '04 Campaign Chairman

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The madness of George

Mark Moulitsas
Tuesday October 12, 2004

The Bush campaign was once happy to use 'angry' as a term of abuse - but that was before the US public met Furious George, writes US political blogger Markos Moulitsas

The evolution of George Bush's persona over the past few weeks is startling for even the most casual observers. Only a short while ago, Bush was a strong, decisive leader and Kerry was a weak, flip-flopping Massachusetts liberal. The Bush campaign expected those images to carry them through the November elections: it had cost them more than $200m (£112m) to build those caricatures and they had every reason to expect a solid return on their investment.

But those images were built on a carefully crafted stage. Despite all the flaws in the US electoral process we still force the candidates to exit that bubble a handful of times during the election, and it is some credit to the system that those three 90-minute debates can still determine the fate of an election. This year, they have helped introduce the nation to Furious George.

Bush's political operators have worked overtime to make "angry" a pejorative term this political cycle. They wielded the "too angry" attack against Howard Dean in the primaries, when it seemed Dean would be the Democratic nominee, and it helped destroy Dean's candidacy. Republicans again shouted "too angry" to discredit Al Gore's series of impassioned anti-Bush speeches earlier this year.

The "too angry" claims successfully marginalised the content of those speeches - blistering indictments of an incompetent administration. But what happens when your best attack line is a double-edged sword?

Bush's operation has taken stage management to extremes. His handlers have figured - correctly - that the press conference format suits their man poorly and is to be avoided at all costs. His last primetime press conference was in April 2004, and he has had only two with the White House press corps since late August - both of them with the Iraqi prime minister, Ayad Allawi, at his side. (The Bush campaign actually wrote Allawi's speech in order to squeeze out precious political points.)

Bush's campaign appearances are not much better. While Kerry's events are open to the public, Bush's affairs require the signing of a "loyalty oath". Quietly wearing an anti-Bush T-shirt or badge is grounds for expulsion.

Bush faces only adoring audiences vetted by the campaign's enforcers. At his town hall events, questions are planted for maximum political effect. At one, a veteran merely got up and requested permission to salute his commander in chief. Compelling visuals? Perhaps. But it does little to acquaint Bush with reality.

Campaign commercials do their best to paint an alternative reality in which Bush is an effective leader and Kerry is anything but. Entire media networks, such as Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting, prop up Bush in a way that would make their fellow propagandists in North Korea and Cuba proud. Sinclair, in fact, will pre-empt local programming on its 62 stations to air an anti-Kerry movie days before the election.

Given the force of Republican efforts to deify Bush, his debate performances came as a big shock to many Americans. They showed a Bush quick to anger, indecisiveness, pettiness and petulance. The sheltered Bush was clearly unprepared for the debate and unprepared to face criticism. In fact, it seemed to take him by surprise. No one seemed to have told him he had critics.

After his first debate performance, Bush was in a quandary. He had to stem his erosion in the polls, but to do so would require attacking Kerry and furthering the perception that he was too angry to be president.

So how did he respond? By getting even more angry. He not only viciously attacked Kerry but also took out the moderator and several questioners in the process. Someone, somewhere, labelled Bush Furious George - a clever turn on HA Rey's Curious George children's books and an appellation that took firm hold in the online and, increasingly, offline worlds.

Bush acted like the proverbial ugly American trying to be understood in a foreign land, cranking up the volume and shrillness to make his points while Kerry sat by serenely. The contrast was impossible to miss as Bush became increasingly unhinged. Even on the road, Bush's desperation is palpable as the rhetoric soars to angrier heights.

Bush is now hemmed in. With poll after poll showing small Kerry leads, he needs to do something to regain the momentum. His campaign's attack ads have kept him in the game but he is not pulling away. Furthermore, he is well below the 50% mark in most key battleground state polls - a mark of political vulnerability.

If he cannot convince people to vote for him, he will have to convince people to vote against Kerry, and to do that he has to attack, attack, attack. And since it takes more skill than Bush possesses to attack without appearing angry, well, he's in a real bind.

Bush's political operation has conditioned the electorate to distrust "anger". It has made the charge a cornerstone of its smear effort against Democrats such as Dean and Gore. For a campaign that lives by the smear, it is poetic justice to see the tables turned. Furious George is here to stay.

Comment: From The Secret Wartime Report: The Mind of Adolf Hitler By Walter C. Langer


When we try to formulate a conception of Adolf Hitler as the German people know him we must not forget that their knowledge of him is limited by a controlled press. Many thousands of Germans have seen him in person, particularly in the past, and can use this experience as a basis for their individual conception of him. [...]

The Nazi propaganda machine devoted all its efforts to the task of portraying Hitler as something extrahuman. Everything he did was written up in such a way that it portrayed his superlative character. If he does not eat meat, drink alcoholic beverages, or smoke, it is not due to the fact that he has some kind of inhibition or does it because he believes it will improve his health. Such things are not worthy of the Fuehrer. He abstains from these because he is following the example of the great German, Richard Wagner, or because he has discovered that it increases his energy and endurance to such a degree that he can give much more of himself to the creation of the new German Reich.

Such abstinence also indicates, according to the propaganda, that the Fuehrer is a person with tremendous will power and self-discipline. Hitler himself fosters this conception, according to Hanfstaengl, for, when someone asked him how he managed to give up these things, he replied: It is a matter of will. Once I make up my mind not to do a thing, I just don't do it. And once that decision is made, it is taken for always. Is that so wonderful?

The same is true with regard to sex. As far as the German people know he has no sex life and this, too, is clothed, not as an abnormality, but as a great virtue. The Fuehrer is above human weaknesses of this sort, and von Wiegand tells us that he has a profound contempt for the weakness in men for sex and the fools that it makes of them. Hanfstaengl reports that Hitler frequently makes the statement that he will never marry a woman since Germany is his only bride. However, Hitler, with his deep insight into human nature, appreciates these weaknesses in others and is tolerant of them. He does not even condemn them or forbid them among his closest associates.

He is also portrayed in the propaganda as the soul of kindliness and generosity. Endless stories that illustrate these virtues are found over and over again in the literature. Price cites a typical example: an attractive young peasant girl tries to approach him but is prevented from doing so by the guards. She bursts into tears and Hitler, seeing her distress, inquires into the cause. She tells him that her fiancé had been expelled from Austria for his Nazi principles and that he cannot find work and consequently they cannot get married. Hitler is deeply touched. He promises to find the young man a job, and, in addition, completely furnishes a flat for them to live in, even down to a baby's cot. Every attempt is made to present him as extremely human, with a deep feeling for the problems of ordinary people.

A great many writers, both Nazi and anti-Nazi, have written extensively about his great love for children and the Nazi press is certainly full of pictures showing Hitler in the company of little tots. It is alleged that when he is at Berchtesgaden he always has the children from the neighborhood visit him in the afternoon and that he serves them candy, ice cream, and cake. Phayre says,

Never was there a middle-aged bachelor who so delighted in the company of children. Princess Olga reported that when she visited Hitler in Berlin and the topic of children came up during the conversation, Hitler's eyes filled with tears.

The Nazi press had made extremely good use of this and endless stories accompany the pictures.

Likewise, a great deal is written about his fondness for animals, particularly dogs. Here again, there are numberless pictures to prove it is so.

The propaganda build-up is Hitler's modesty and simplicity. One writer even went so far as to attribute his vegetarianism to his inability to tolerate the thought of animals being slaughtered for human consumption.

Hitler is pictured as an affable lord of the manor, full of gentleness, kindliness and helpfulness, or as Oechsner puts it, he is the Great Comforter—father, husband, brother, or son to every German who lacks or has lost such a relative.

Another trait that has received a great deal of comment in the propaganda is that power has never gone to his head. At bottom he is still the simple soul he was when he founded the Party and his greatest joy is to be considered as one of the boys. As proof of this they point to the fact that he has never sought a crown, that he never appears in gaudy uniforms or does a great deal of entertaining. Even after he came to power he continued to wear his old trench coat and slouch hat and when he donned a uniform it was always that of a simple storm trooper.

Much was written about his fondness for visits from early acquaintances and about how he loved to sit down in the midst of his busy day in order to talk over old times. There was really nothing he liked better than to frequent his old haunts and meet old friends while he was in Munich, or to take part in their festivities. At heart he was still a worker, and his interests were always with the working classes with whom he felt thoroughly at home.

Hitler is also a man of incredible energy and endurance. His day consists of sixteen and eighteen hours of uninterrupted work. He is absolutely tireless when it comes to working for Germany and its future welfare, and no personal pleasures are permitted to interfere with the carrying out of his mission. The ordinary man in the street cannot imagine a human being in Hitler's position not taking advantage of his opportunity. He can only imagine himself in the same position reveling in luxuries, and yet here is Hitler who scorns them all. His only conclusion is that Hitler is not an ordinary mortal.

Phillips reports the case of a young Nazi who once confided to him: I would die for Hitler, but I would not change places with Hitler. At least when I wake every morning I can say, ‘Heil Hitler!' but this man, he has no fun in life. No smoking, no drinking, no women! —only work, until he falls asleep at night!

A great deal is made of Hitler's determination. It is pointed out, over and over again, that he never gives up once he has made up his mind to attain a particular goal. No matter how rough the road, he plods along in unswerving determination. Even though he receives serious setbacks and the situation appears to be hopeless, he never loses faith and always gets what he goes after. He refuses to be coerced into compromises of any sort and is always ready to assume the full responsibility for his actions.

The great trials and tribulations through which the Party had to pass on its way to power are cited over and over again, and all the credit is given to Hitler and his fanatical faith in the future. Even his refusal to permit ordinary scruples to get in his way is cited as a sign of his greatness. The fact that he did not communicate with his family for over ten years becomes a great virtue since it meant a severe deprivation to the young man who was determined to make something of himself before he had returned home!

A great deal of publicity has also been given to his breadth of vision, ability to penetrate the future, and his ability to organize both the Party and the country in preparation for obstacles they will have to overcome. According to the propagandists, Hitler is the soul of efficiency and has an extraordinary power of resolving conflicts and simplifying problems that have stumped all experts in the past. In fact, his infallibility and incorruptibility are not only implied but openly stated in no uncertain terms.

He is also a person of great patience who would never spill a drop of human blood if it could possibly be avoided.

Over and over again one hears of his great patience with the democracies, with Czechoslovakia and with Poland. But here, as in his private life, he never loses control of his emotions. Fundamentally, he is a man of peace who desires nothing quite so much as to be left alone to work out the destiny of Germany in a quiet and constructive manner. For he is a builder at heart and an artist, and these prove that the creative and constructive elements in his nature are predominant.

This does not mean, however, that he is a coward. On the contrary, he is a person of outstanding courage. His way of life is proof of this, as well as his enviable record during the last war. A great many stories about his decorations for bravery have been circulated, stressing his outstanding heroism for which he was awarded the Iron Cross First Class. The fact that the stories of his performance vary from one time to another does not seem to disturb the people in the least.

Fundamentally, according to the Nazi press, Hitler is a man of steel. He is well aware of his mission, and no amount of persuasion, coercion, sacrifices, or unpleasant duties can persuade him to alter his course. In the face of all sorts of disasters and disagreeable happenings, he never loses his nerve for a moment.

But he is not hard in human qualities. He places loyalty and justice as the two greatest virtues and observes them with scrupulous care. Loyalty means so much to him that the inscription over his door at Berchtesgaden reads, My honor is called loyalty.

He is the acme of German honor and purity; the Resurrector of the German family and home. He is the greatest architect of all time; the greatest military genius in all history. He has an inexhaustible fount of knowledge. He is a man of action and the creator of new social values. He is indeed, according to the Nazi propaganda bureau, the paragon of all virtues. A few typical examples may illustrate the extent to which they are carried in their praise of him.

Next comes Hitler himself: Hitler is a man without compromise. Above all he knows no compromise with himself. He has one single thought that guides him: to resurrect Germany. This idea suppresses everything else. He knows no private life. He knows family life no more than he knows vice. He is the embodiment of the National will.

The knighthood of a holy goal which can be climaxed by no man: Germany Hitler surprises (with) his geniality. The tranquility and strength radiate, almost physically, from this man. In his presence others grow. How he reacts to everything! His features harden and the words drop as stones The classical solemnity with which Hitler and his surrounding group of co-workers consider their mission has very few parallels in world history.

Also in private matters of exemplary behavior and human greatness whether Hitler is met with cheers by streetworkers, or moved and shocked stands at the bed of his murdered companions, he is always surrounded by this grandeur and deepest humaneness this unique personality a great and good human being. Hitler's spirit is universal. Not even in 100 pictures is it possible to give justice to the manifoldness of his being. In these fields too (architecture and history) Hitler is an unassailable expert. Perhaps in our time this outstanding man will be honored and loved, but nobody will be able to measure his great depth.

Hitler is a modest man-and the world needs modest men. Therefore the people love him. Like every good leader, he must be an efficient follower. He makes himself the humblest disciple of himself, the severest of all disciplinarians with himself. In fact, Hitler is a modern monk, with the three knots of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience tied in his invisible girdle. A zealot among zealots. He eats no meat, drinks no wine, does not smoke. I am told he takes for himself no salary but lives privately from the income of his book, ­Mein Kampf Surplus funds he turns back to the S.A.

His work day consists of eighteen hours, usually, and he often falls asleep in the last hour of his work. There have been four women in his life-but only to help him along with service and money.

He once gave a lecture at Bayreuth on Wagner and Deutsche Lieder that astounded the musical critics and revealed him as a musical scholar of parts. Sheer opportunism never lured him as much as the opportunity to preach his doctrines. His quality is Messianic; his spiritual trend is ascetic; his reaction is medieval.

Hitler not only knows about all these writings, but since he has always been the guiding spirit in all German propaganda and usually plans the broad lines that are to be followed, it is safe to assume that he himself is responsible for the instigation and development of this mythical personality. When we look back over the development of this build-up we can see clearly that Hitler, from the very beginning, planned on making himself a mythological figure. He opens Mein Kampf with the following passage:

In this little town on the river Inn, Bavarian by blood and Austrian by nationality, gilded by the light of German martyrdom, there lived, at the end of the ‘80's of the last century, my parents: the father of a faithful civil servant, the mother devoting herself to the cares of the household and looking after her children with eternally the same loving kindness.

This is the classic way of beginning a fairy tale rather than a serious autobiography or a political treatise. In the very first sentence of the book he implies that Fate was already smiling on him at the time of his birth, for it reads: Today I consider it my good fortune that Fate designated Braunau on the Inn as the place of my birth.

As soon as Hitler came to power new weapons for self-aggrandizement were put into the hands of the propagandists and they made good use of them. Unemployment dropped off rapidly, roads that the Germans never dreamed of sprang up over night, new and imposing buildings were erected with astounding rapidity. The face of Germany was being lifted at an incredible speed. Hitler was keeping his promises; he was accomplishing the impossible. Every success in diplomacy, every social reform was heralded as world-shaking in its importance. And for each success, Hitler modestly accepted all the credit. It was always Hitler that did this, and Hitler who did that, provided these acts were spectacular and met with the approval of the public. If they happened to meet with disapproval, it was always one of his assistants who was to blame. Every effort was made to cultivate the attitude that Hitler was infallible and was carrying through his mission of saving Germany.

It was not long before the German people were prepared to take the short step of seeing Hitler, not as a man, but as a Messiah of Germany.

Public meetings and particularly the Nuremberg rally took on a religious atmosphere. All the stagings were designed to create a supernatural and religious atmosphere, and Hitler's entry was more befitting a god than a man.

In Berlin one of the large art shops on Unter den Linden exhibited a large portrait of Hitler in the center of its display window. Hitler's portrait was entirely surrounded, as though by a halo, with various copies of a painting of Christ. Notes appeared in the press to the effect that, "As he spoke, one heard God's mantle rustle through the room!" Ziemer reports that on the side of a hill in Odenwald, conspicuous as a waterfall, painted on white canvas were the black words: We believe in Holy Germany

Holy Germany is Hitler!

We believe in Holy Hitler!

Roberts reports:

In Munich in the early autumn of 1936 I saw colored pictures of Hitler in the actual silver garments of the Knights of the Grail; but these were soon withdrawn. They gave the show away; they were too near the truth of Hitler's mentality.

Teeling writes that at the Nuremberg Nazi Party Rally in September 1937, there was a huge photograph of Hitler and underneath which was the inscription, In the beginning was the Word. He also says that the Mayor of Hamburg assured him, We need no priests or parsons. We communicate direct with God through Adolf Hitler. He has many Christ-like qualities.

Soon these sentiments were introduced by official circles.

Rauschning reports that the Party has adopted this creed: We all believe, on this earth, in Adolf Hitler, our Fuehrer, and we acknowledge that National Socialism is the only faith that can bring salvation to our country.

A Rhenish group of German Christians in April 1937 passed this resolution: Hitler's word is God's law, the decrees and laws which represent it possess divine authority. And Reichsminister for Church Affairs, Hans Kerrl, says: There has arisen a new authority as to what Christ and Christianity really are—that is Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler is the true Holy Ghost.

This is the way Hitler hopes to pave his path to immortality. It has been carefully planned and consistently executed in a step-by-step fashion.

The Hitler the German people know is fundamentally the fiery orator who fascinated them, and this has gradually been embroidered by the propaganda until he is now presented to them as a full-fledged deity. Everything else is carefully concealed from them as a whole. How many Germans believe it we do not know. Some, certainly, believe it wholeheartedly. Dorothy Thompson writes of such a case:

At Garmisch I met an American from Chicago. He had been at Oberammergau, at the Passion Play. These people are all crazy, he said. This is not a revolution, it's a revival. They think Hitler is God. Believe it or not, a German woman sat next to me at the Passion Play and when they hoisted Jesus on the Cross, she said, ‘There he is. That is our Fuehrer, our Hitler.' And when they paid out the thirty pieces of silver to Judas, she said: ‘That is Roehm, who betrayed the Leader.'

Extreme cases of this kind are probably not very numerous, but it would be amazing if a small degree of the same type of thinking had not seeped into the picture of Hitler that many Germans hold.

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Bush paints Kerry as dangerous leftist ahead of final debate

Mon Oct 11,12:47 PM ET

CRAWFORD, United States (AFP) - President George W. Bush's tactic heading into the third and final presidential debate this week is to paint his opponent John Kerry as a dangerous leftist who wants to increase the government's role in public life.

Kerry wants to empower government, Bush wants to use government to empower individuals: it's a theme that Bush has been repeating, and voters can expect to hear it drummed home again in the final televised show-down in Tempe, Arizona on Wednesday.

"Much as he tried to obscure it, on issue after issue, my opponent showed why he earned the ranking of the most liberal member of the United States Senate," Bush said to cheers from supporters during a rally in the northern state of Minnesota on Saturday.

That message could win votes in the United States, where the term "liberal" is often considered an insult. Bush describes himself as a "compassionate conservative," a slogan he used in 2000 and throughout his political career.

"We're throwing labels around," is how Kerry handled the salvo in the second presidential debate, in St Louis on Friday.

"I mean, compassionate conservative? What does that mean? Cutting 500,000 kids from after-school programs? Cutting 365,000 kids from health care? Running up the biggest deficits in American history? Labels don't mean anything," Kerry said.

Kerry has represented one of the most left-leaning states in the country, Massachusetts, in the Senate for 20 years.

"You're going to hear a lot more about Senator Kerry's record in the coming days," Bush strategist Karl Rove advised.

The president allowed himself a day of rest at his ranch in Crawford, Texas Sunday to prepare for the final debate on Wednesday.

Clearly bested by his rival in their first debate on national security and the Iraq war, in Miami on October 1, Bush rebounded in the second match, with questions on all subjects posed by members of the audience.

Kerry's strong showing in Miami enabled him to catch up with Bush in voter polls, putting the White House race into a dead heat. The third debate is to focus on domestic themes; questions will be posed by a moderator.

Bush appeared far more at ease with the format of the second debate, a so-called town-hall style event in which citizens asked questions, allowing the president to address the public with his trademark informality.

But Kerry seems better suited to the more formal format of the first and third debate, which do not involve direct participation by the public.

Attacked by Kerry on the Iraq war, Bush is now trying to steer the campaign back into the domestic arena. Even though his record is mixed on that score, it allows him to recycle arguments he used against his Democratic opponent of four years ago, Al Gore.

"He says he's going to have a novel health care plan. You know what it is? The federal government is going to run it," Bush charged during the debate in St Louis Friday.

"That's what liberals do: they create government-sponsored health care. Maybe you think that makes sense; I don't. Government-sponsored health care would lead to rationing. It would ruin the quality of health care in America," he said.

Polls have shown that Americans consistently consider Kerry stronger on issues of health care and the economy. If Bush can close that gap, he will increase his chance at victory on November 2

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The Kennedy Assassination: The Nixon-Bush Connection

by Paul Kangas

Note: All references to "George Bush" refer to George Herbert Walker Bush, Father of George "Dubya" Bush who was "elected" pResident by a 5 to 4 vote of the Supreme Court.

A newly discovered FBI document reveals that George Bush was directly involved in the 1963 murder of President John Kennedy. The document places Bush working with the now-famous CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez, recruiting right-wing Cuban exiles for the invasion of Cuba. It was Bush's CIA job to organize the Cuban community in Miami for the invasion. The Cubans were trained as marksmen by the CIA. Bush at that time lived in Texas. Hopping from Houston to Miami weekly, Bush spent 1960 and '61 recruiting Cubans in Miami for the invasion. That is how he met Felix Rodriguez.

You may remember Rodriguez as the Iran-contra CIA agent who received the first phone call telling the world the CIA plane flown by Gene Hasenfus had crashed in Nicaragua. As soon as Rodriguez heard that the plane crashed, he called his long-time CIA supervisor, George Bush. Bush denied being in the contra loop, but investigators recently obtained copies of Oliver North's diary, which documents Bush's role as a CIA supervisor of the contra supply network.

In 1988 Bush told Congress he knew nothing about the illegal supply flights until 1987, yet North's diary shows Bush at the first planning meeting Aug. 6, 1985. Bush's "official" log placed him somewhere else. Such double sets of logs are intended to hide Bush's real role in the CIA; to provide him with "plausible deniability." The problem is, it fell apart because too many people, like North and Rodriguez, have kept records that show Bush's CIA role back to the 1961 invasion of Cuba. (Source: The Washington Post, 7/10/90).

That is exactly how evidence was uncovered placing George Bush working with Felix Rodriguez when JFK was killed. A memo from FBI head J. Edgar Hoover was found, stating that, "Mr. George Bush of the CIA had been briefed on November 23rd, 1963 about the reaction of anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination of President Kennedy. (Source: The Nation, 8/13/88).

On the day of the assassination Bush was in Texas, but he denies knowing exactly where he was. Since he had been the supervisor for the secret Cuban teams, headed by former Cuban police commander Felix Rodriguez, since 1960, it is likely Bush was also in Dallas in 1963. Several of the Cubans he was supervising as dirty-tricks teams for Nixon, were photographed in the Zagruder film.

In 1959 Rodriguez was a top cop in the Cuban government under Batista. When Batista was overthrown and fled to Miami, Rodriguez went with him, along with Frank Sturgis and Rafael Quintero. Officially, Rodriguez didn't join the CIA until 1967, after the CIA invasion of Cuba, in which he participated, and the assassination of JFK. But records recently uncovered show he actually joined the CIA in 1961 for the invasion of Cuba when he was recruited by George Bush. That is how Rodriguez claims he became a "close personal friend of Bush."

Then "officially" Rodriguez claims he quit the CIA in 1976, just after he was sent to prison for his role in the Watergate burglary. However, according to Rolling Stone reporters Kohn & Monks (11/3/88), Rodriguez still goes to CIA headquarters monthly to receive assignments and have his blue 1987 bulletproof Cadillac serviced. Rodriguez was asked by a Rolling Stone reporter where he was the day JFK was shot, and claims he can't remember.

George Bush claims he never worked for the CIA until he was appointed director by former Warren Commission director and then President Jerry Ford, in 1976. Logic suggests that is highly unlikely. Of course, Bush has a company duty to deny being in the CIA. The CIA is a secret organization. No one ever admits to being a member. The truth is that Bush has been a top CIA official since before the 1961 invasion of Cuba, working with Felix Rodriguez. Bush may deny his actual role in the CIA in 1959, but there are records in the files of Rodriguez and others involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba that expose Bush's role. The corporations would not put somebody in charge of all the state secrets held by the CIA unless he was experienced and well trained in the CIA. (Source: Project Censored Report, Feb 1989, Dr Carl Jensen, Sonoma State College).

Recently I interviewed former CIA liaison officer L. Fletcher Prouty. He is a consultant for the excellent new movie on how the CIA killed JFK, being made by Oliver Stone. He told me that one of the projects he did for the CIA was in 1961 to deliver US Navy ships from a Navy ship yard to the CIA agents in Guatemala planning the invasion of Cuba. He said he delivered three ships to a CIA agent named George Bush, who had the 3 ships painted to look like they were civilian ships. That CIA agent then named the 3 ships after: his wife, his home town and his oil company. He named the ships: Barbara, Houston & Zapata. Any book on the history of the Bay of Pigs will prove the names of those 3 ships. Again, this is more finger prints of George Bush's involvement in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Yet Bush denies his role in this great adventure. Why would Bush be so shy about his role in this war? What is the secret? Is there something dirty about this war that Bush & Nixon don't want the public to know about?

Answer: Yes there is. The same people involved in the Bay of Pigs were the people involved in the Watergate burglary. Why was the Watergate burgalarized [sic]? The CIA was trying to plug up a possible news leak. They were trying to stop the Democrats from publishing the photos of Hunt & Sturgis under arrest for the murder of JFK (May 7, 1977, SF Chronicle.)

Presently, there is a law suit attempting to force the government to release the records about the Bay of Pigs invasion. Why are those documents still secret? Why are they locked in the National Archives along with all the photos from [the] Dallas assassination of JFK? Why are the 4000 hours of Watergate tapes in which Nixon is babbling about the mysterious connections between the Bay of Pigs, Dallas and Watergate also being sealed in the National Archives? Is it because all three incidents are connected?

Yes. We must demand the secret files on these 3 cases be released now. For a copy of the petition to release the files, please write to: Paul Kangas, private investigator, POB 422644, SF, Ca 94142. Thanks to Oliver Stone's blockbuster new movie on JFK there is now sufficient national movement to reopen all these cases. The White House fears Stone's new movie so much that they have hired more CIA journalists to slander the movie & Stone. Don't fall for it. Every serious investigator now agrees that Oswald did not shoot JFK. That James Earl Ray did not shoot Dr. Martin Luther King and that Sirhan Sirhan did not shoot Robert Kennedy. These cases must be reopened so that Sirhan and Ray can be set free. The only bar that keeps Sirhan in prison is the tremendous anti-arab racism in Americans: in both blacks & whites.

According to a biography of Richard Nixon, his close personal and political ties with the Bush family go back to 1941 when Nixon claims he read an ad in an L A. newspaper, placed by a wealthy group of businessmen, led by Prescot Bush, the father of George Bush. They wanted a young, malleable candidate to run for Congress. Nixon applied for the position and won the job. Nixon became a mouthpiece for the Bush group. (Source: Freedom Magazine, 1986, L.F. Prouty).

In fact, Prescot Bush is credited with creating the winning ticket of Eisenhower-Nixon in 1952.(Source: George Bush, F. Green, Hipocrene, 1988).

Newly discovered FBI documents prove that Jack Ruby has been an employee of Richard Nixon since 1947. That that [sic] FBI document Ruby is listed as working as a spy & hit man for Nixon. On Nov. 22, 63 Ruby was seen by a women who knew him well, Julian Ann Mercer, approximately an hour before the arrival of JFK's motorcade, unloading a man carrying a rifle in a case at the Grassy Knoll from his car. Ruby later was seen on national TV killing a witness who could link Nixon & Bush to the killing of JFK: Oswald. On the Trail of the Assassins, Garrison, p xiii.

Richard Nixon was Vice President from 1952 until 1960. In fact, Nixon was given credit for planning Operation 40, the secret 1961 invasion of Cuba, during his 1959 campaign for President After Batista was kicked out by the starving people of Cuba, and Fidel Castro came to power, Castro began telling American corporations they would have to pay Cuban employees decent wages. Even worse, Pepsi Cola was told it would now have to pay world market prices for Cuban sugar.

Pepsi, Ford Motor Co., Standard Oil and the Mafia drug dealers decided Fidel had to be removed since his policies of requiring corporations to pay market wages was hurting their profits. So the corporations asked then Vice-President Nixon to remove Fidel. Nixon promised he would, just as soon as he'd won the 1960 elections against some underdog, an unknown Democrat named John Kennedy. It would be an easy victory for Nixon. The polls had Nixon winning by a landslide. Besides, Kennedy was a Catholic, and Americans would no more elect a Catholic President than they would elect a woman, a black or a Jew. This was 1959.

Nixon told Pepsi, Standard Oil and other corporations who lost property given back to the farmers of Cuba, that if they would help him win, he would authorize an invasion to remove Castro. To further impress contributors to his campaign, then Vice-President Nixon asked the CIA to create Operation 40, a secret plan to invade Cuba, just as soon as he won.

The CIA put Texas millionaire and CIA agent George Bush in charge of recruiting Cuban exiles into the CIA's invasion army. Bush was working with another Texas oilman, Jack Crichton, to help him with the invasion. A fellow Texan, Air Force General Charles Cabel, was asked to coordinate the air cover for the invasion.

Most of the CIA leadership around the invasion of Cuba seems to have been people from Texas. A whole Texan branch of the CIA is based in the oil business. If we trace Bush's background in the Texas oil business we discover his two partners in the oil-barge leasing business: Texan Robert Mosbacher and Texan James Baker. Mosbacher is now Secretary of Commerce and Baker is Secretary of State, the same job Dulles held when JFK was killed. (Source: Common Cause magazine, 3-4/90).

On the Watergate tapes, June 23, 1972, referred to in the media as the "smoking gun" conversation, Nixon and his Chief of Staff, H.R. Haldeman, discussed how to stop the FBI investigation into the CIA Watergate burglary. They were worried that the investigation would expose their conection to "the Bay of Pigs thing." Haldeman, in his book The Ends of Power, reveals that Nixon always used code words when talking about the 1963 murder of JFK. Haldeman said Nixon would always refer to the assassination as "the Bay of Pigs."

On that transcript we find Nixon discussing the role of George Bush's partner, Robert Mosbacher, as one of the Texas fundraisers for Nixon. On the tapes Nixon keeps refering to the "Cubans" and the "Texans." The "Texans" were Bush, Mosbacher and Baker. This is another direct link between Bush and evidence linking Nixon and Bush to the Kennedy assassination.

In the same discussion Nixon links "the Cubans," "the Texans," "Helms," "Hunt," "Bernard Barker," Robert "Mosbacher" and "the Bay of Pigs." Over and over on the Watergate tapes, these names come up around the discussion of the photos from Dallas that Nixon was trying to obtain when he ordered the CIA to burglarize the Watergate. (Source: Three Men and a Barge", Teresa Riordan, Common Cause magazine, March/April 1990, and San Francisco Chronicle, May 7,1977, interview with Frank Sturgis in which he stated that "the reason we burglarized the Watergate was because Nixon was interested in stopping news leaking related to the photos of our role in the assassination of President John Kennedy.")

After Nixon's landslide victory in 1972, he knew he had to centralize all power into the White House to keep his faction in power, not only to hold power, but to prevent the media from digging into how he secretly shot his way into the White House, just like Hitler shot his way into control of Germany. The first thing Nixon did was to demand signed resignations of his entire government. "Eliminate everyone," he told John Ehrlichman about reappointment, "except George Bush. Bush will do anything for our cause." (Source: Pledging Allegiance, Sidney Blumenthal.)

The reason why Bush will 'do anything" is because his hands have as much of Kennedy's blood on them as do Nixon's, Hunt's, Sturgis's, Felix Rodriguez's and Gerald Ford's. This White House gang fears that if the public ever realizes how they shot their way into power it could set off a spark that would destroy their fragile fraud and land them in jail.

Other famous Watergate members of the CIA invasion that Bush recruited were Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, Bernard Barker and Rafael Quintero. Quintero has said publicly that if he ever told what he knew about Dallas and the Bay of Pigs, "It would be the biggest scandal ever to rock the nation."

Meanwhile, in 1960, Prescot Bush was running Nixon's campaign. Nixon was sent to South Vietnam to assure the French-connection government there that if France pulled out, the U.S. would step in to protect the drug trade from the GoIden Triangle. (Source: Frontline, 1988, "Guns. Drugs and the CIA"; Alexander Cockburn; "Cocaine, the CIA and Air America," S.F. Examiner, Feb. 2, '91; The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, Alfred McCoy, 1972.)

In 1959, Vice President Nixon was flying all over the world, acting just like presidential material. It was an easy race for Nixon. Congressman Jerry Ford was doing a great job fundraising for Nixon, as was George Bush. The rich loved Nixon. The media picked up every bone Nixon tossed out to them. The biggest problem was that Nixon was afraid to speak openly of his plan to invade Cuba. The plan was a secret. No sense in alerting Cuba to the coming invasion. But Kennedy was taking a harder line on Cuba than Nixon, because Kennedy was not aware of the corporate/CIA planned invasion.

Nixon lost the 1960 race by the smallest margin in history. At first Bush, Nixon, Cabel and Hunt decided to just go ahead with the invasion, without informing President Kennedy. Then, at the last second, at 4 a.m., just two hours before the invasion was set to go, General Cabel called JFK and asked for permission to provide U.S. air cover for the CIA invasion. Kennedy said no.

The CIA was furious with JFK but decided to go ahead with their private invasion anyway. Due to poor intelligence, the CIA landed at the worst possible beach. A swamp. The invasion failed. The CIA lost 15 of its best men, killed, with another 1100 in Cuban prisons. It was the worst single blow the CIA ever suffered. (Source: F. Howard Hunt, Give Us This Day.)

Bush, Nixon and Hunt blamed Cabel for asking Kennedy and blamed Kennedy for saying no. They were livid with anger. Nixon's corporate sponsors ordered JFK to make any deal necessary to recover the 1100 CIA agents imprisoned in Cuba. JFK did. Once the CIA had its well-trained Cubans back, they decided to continue the invasion of Cuba just as soon as they could get rid of that S.O.B. Kennedy.

The 1964 election was fast approaching. Nixon was running against Kennedy again. Bush, Ford and Nixon knew that they had to get rid of JFK now, or else the Kennedy clan, with Robert and Ted in the wings, could control the White House until 1984. They decided not to wait until '84 to get back in the White House. The Cuban teams of "shooters" began following Kennedy from city to city looking for a window of opportunity to shoot from. They came close in Chicago, but couldn't get the cooperation of Mayor Daley.

But in Dallas they had an ace. The mayor was the brother of General Cabel, whom the CIA blamed for the failure of the invasion. The general prevailed on his brother, Earl, and the motorcade was changed to pass the grassy knoll at 7 m.p.h. Hunt and Sturgis shot JFK from the grassy knoll. They were arrested, photographed and seen by 15 witnesses. But the media turned a blind eye to the photos, and for 25 years the world has been searching for the truth.

On the day JFK was murdered, Nixon, Hunt and some of the Watergate crew were photographed in Dallas, as were a group of Cubans, one holding an umbrella up, like a signal, next to the President's limo just as Kennedy was shot. The Cubans can be seen holding up the signal umbrella in the Zapruder film and dozens of stills taken during the assassination. After the murder they can be seen calmly walking away.

Nixon denied he was in Dallas that day, but new photos and stories prove he was there. Nixon claimed to the FBI he couldn't remember where he was when JFK was killed. (Source: FBI memo, Feb. 23, 1964, published in Coup d'etat in America, Weberman & Canfield). Bush, too, claims he can't remember where he was. Jack Anderson did a TV special in 1988 proving beyond any shadow of doubt that two of the tramps arrested in Dallas behind the grassy knoll were Hunt and Sturgis.

After the murder, former Vice President Nixon asked President Lyndon Johnson to appoint Nixon's friend, former FBI agent Jerry Ford, to run the Warren Commission. Nixon also asked LBJ to appoint Nixon's long-time supporter, Judge Earl Warren, to head the Commission. LBJ agreed. Ford interviewed all the witnesses and decided which ones would be heard and which ones eliminated. It is no coincidence that Nixon selected Ford as his Vice President after Spiro Agnew was ousted. When Nixon himself got busted in the Watergate scandal, Earl Warren offered to set up another special commission if it would help get him out of trouble again. Ford, of course, pardoned Nixon for the Watergate burglary but Nixon is still not out of the woods. There are 4000 hours of Watergate tape. On the June 23, 1972, discussions with John Ehrlichman and Haldeman there is clear evidence that Nixon is openly "confessing" to hiring Hunt to kill JFK. That is why the Watergate "investigation" went into secret session after Congress heard some of the tapes. This is why only 12 hours of 4000 hours have been released to the public.

Did Congress realize that Nixon and Bush had openly discussed killing JFK for stopping the air cover for the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba? Remember, Nixon taped virtually every discussion he had with anyone in his inner circle, including Bush, in order to blackmail people later. There is a photo of Bush reporting to Nixon in the White House in 1968. It will be interesting to see what they were talking about on that day, when the full 4000 hours are finally released. The key to unlocking the secrets behind the 1963 murder of JFK is hidden in the 3988 hours of unreleased White House tapes. Bush was in Dallas the day Reagan was shot. (Source: George Bush, F. Green, 1988.) That must have given Bush a flashback to November 22,1963.

Paul Kangas is a private investigator in California. This article is reprinted from The Realist with permission.

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Rights group lists Al-Qaeda suspects in secret CIA custody

Mon Oct 11, 8:08 PM ET

NEW YORK (AFP) - Human Rights Watch listed the names of 11 senior Al-Qaeda suspects it said were held by the CIA in secret locations overseas, where some had reportedly been tortured.

The suspects were detained with no notification to their families, no Red Cross access and, in some cases, no acknowledgement that they are even being held, the New York-based watchdog said in a 46-page report.

"'Disappearances' were a trademark abuse of Latin American military dictatorships in their 'dirty war' on alleged subversion," said Human Rights Watch special counsel Reed Brody.

"Now they have become a United States tactic in its conflict with Al-Qaeda," Brody said.

Latin American prisoners who were killed and buried in secret were often called the "disappeared."

Detainees profiled in the report included Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the alleged principal architect of the September 11, 2001 attacks and Abu Zubayda, reputedly a close aide of Osama bin Laden.

Mohammed, among others, has reportedly been tortured in custody, according to the report.

While recognizing the United States' right to gather anti-terror intelligence, Human Rights Watch argued that the secret incommunicado detention of suspects violated the "most basic principles" of a free society.

"Those guilty of serious crimes must be brought to justice before fair trials," said Brody. "If the United States embraces the torture and 'disappearance' of its opponents, it abandons its ideals and international obligations and becomes a lesser nation."

Calling on the United States to bring all detainees, wherever they are being held, under the protection of the law, the report demanded that the International Committee of the Red Cross be given unrestricted access to all those held pursuant to anti-terrorist operations.

Comment: The only reason we can see for a repressive regime to detain and "disappear" their alleged enemies is because if those alleged "enemies" were allowed to be heard, it might come to light that they are not, in fact, merely enemies but rather parties with knowledge of the criminal activities of the repressive regime in question.

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Reeve: thorn in Bush's side over stem cell research

Mon Oct 11, 3:43 PM ET

LONDON (AFP) - US actor Christopher Reeve, who died of heart failure after a long battle with paralysis, was a thorn in the side of US President George W. Bush over his championing of stem cell research.

In an interview two years ago with the British newspaper The Guardian, Reeve accused Bush and the Roman Catholic Church of obstructing medical research which might help him.

He charged that there had been a serious violation of the constitutional separation between the affairs of state and church.

"If we'd had full government support, full government funding for aggressive research using embryonic stem cells from the moment they were first isolated, at the University of Wisconsin in the winter of 1998, I don't think it unreasonable to speculate that we might be in human trials by now," Reeve told the British daily.

"I think we could have been much further along with scientific research than we actually are," he told The Guardian.

"There are religious groups -- the Jehovah's Witness, I believe -- who think it's a sin to have a blood transfusion," he said.

"Well, what if the president for some reason decided to listen to them, instead of to the Catholics, which is the group he really listens to in making his decisions about embryonic stem cell research?" Reeve told The Guardian.

Reeve, who brought comic book hero Superman to the silver screen, died of heart failure at the age of 52 after battling for years against the paralysis that resulted when he was thrown from his horse in 1995.

Reeve apologized for having singled out Catholics in his criticism or offended any other religion, but added "our government should not be influenced by any religion when matters of public policy are being debated."

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Can an Entire Country Go Mad?

by Ernest Partridge
Dissident Voice
April 28, 2003

"The way of a fool is right in his own eyes. . . . A wise man fears, and departs from evil: but the fool rages and is confident." -- Proverbs

Can an entire country go mad?

Of course it can!

And history provides many examples: the Salem Colony during the witch trials (and its 20th century counterpart, the McCarthy mania), Nazi Germany, Cambodia under Pol Pot, and arguably the United States under George Bush.

Worse yet, most people living at a time of national derangement, perceive that condition as perfectly normal, and even "moral." And pity the poor soul who sees things differently: the "one-eyed person in the land of the blind."

If we are even to suggest that the American public has, by and large, gone bonkers, we should begin with a definition of "sanity" and, by implication, of "insanity."

Perhaps Sigmund Freud said it best: a sane person is someone with an operating "reality principle" – someone who checks his beliefs against the readily-available promptings of "the real world."

Of course, each and every one of us falls short of complete congruence with "reality" – it's the price we pay for our finitude, our mortality.

"Sanity" does not mean perfection; it merely means sufficient commerce with the real world to allow us to survive both day-by-day and in the long term – thus "sane" individuals obey traffic laws, learn from their mistakes and practical experience and, in the case of moral sanity, they recognize in others their worth and their capacity for joy and suffering. Furthermore, sanity implies a capacity to critically evaluate one's experience, to distinguish fact from fiction, and to further adapt to the real world through that experience and knowledge.

Insanity, by implication, suggests a kind of "habitation" in an unreal, made-up world. The megalomaniac who believes he is Napoleon, to put it bluntly, is not Napoleon. The schizophrenic hears voices that nobody in fact utters. The paranoid is in constant fear of non-existent threats. The psychopath can not recognize the human worth and the capacity for pleasure and pain in others, and so on.

A deranged society is often, but surely not always, made so by a deranged leadership. This is especially likely when that leadership has effective control of the media. Then the leaders possess the means to convey their delusions to much of the public at large.

Now I don't wish to claim that one George Bush has lost all his marbles, though I suspect that he may be "a few bulbs short of a full marquee" (Garrison Keilor). George Bush's "world" may, to a disturbing degree, be out of sync with the real world.

That's a startling charge to level at "our leader" and, by extension, at our compatriots. So let's look at the evidence:
"National Solipsism"

"Solipsism" is the philosopher's term for the assertion that "all that exists is my mind and its ideas." It is epitomized by the opening sentence in one of Arthur Schopenhauer's books: "the world is my idea." Of course, no sane person believes this (including Schopenhauer). However, the challenge of "escaping solipsism" leads to the core issues of epistemology: how do we demonstrate the existence of other minds and of an independent "outside" physical world. (My late friend, the novelist Edward Abbey, had an ingenious solution: "if someone tells you he is a solipsist, throw a rock at his head. If he ducks, he is a liar.")

Now, of course, Bush and his gang are not solipsists, and the term, "national solipsism" is meant figuratively. (Literally, the term is self-contradictory – "national" entails a plurality of minds).

In this figurative (and I suspect original) sense, "national solipsism" is a belief, still better an "attitude," that the world beyond our borders is just what I want it to be and believe it to be, and nothing more. To Bush and his neo-con "handlers," ours is an uncomplicated world free of unintended consequences. This world need not be studied in order to be understood – the opinions of "experts" are of no interest. Rather, the state of the world is best apprehended by "gut feeling." So we are free to violate a batch of treaties, to defy the United Nations, and to invade an unthreatening country. And what will the excluded "community of nations" think of this behavior? How will the Arabic and Islamic nations react? Can they retaliate in any troublesome way? We don't know and we don't care. Anyhow, we can always bribe or bully our way through, as we did when we collected the "coalition of the willing." In brief, in the world of the "national solipsists," our nation is the sole actor; all other nations are completely passive.

Case in point: Syria. When asked "what is the message of the Iraqi attack" to other countries in the region, Richard Perle casually said: "you're next!" To Perle and others of like mind, the governments of Syria, Iran, North Korea, or wherever, upon hearing this and contemplating the fate of Iraq and its leader Saddam, will simply passively await their fate in fear and dread, making no alliances or other preparations that might surprise us. Instead, they will wait helplessly, like condemned prisoners in their cells, awaiting the sentence of the court.

And that kind of an assumption is just plain crazy.

In point of rational fact, the remark "You're next!" must surely provoke strategic planning in Syria, etc., and for that matter in numerous nations throughout the world. Similarly, reactive strategic planning is the certain response abroad to the Bush regime's flagrant violation of treaties, and its disregard of international law and institutions. We are not the only nation on earth with "national interests" to attend to, although the neo-cons behave as if this were so.

Suppose one were to directly confront Perle, or Wolfowitz or Rumsfeld with the question, "Do you really believe that other countries will stand idly and passively by as they contemplate the fate of Iraq, as they read the text of ‘Project for a New American Century,' and as they hear that taunting remark, ‘you're next'?" Surely they would reply, quite truthfully, that they don't really believe in the complete passivity of nations abroad. But the essential point is that they act as if they believed this! Provocative remarks (‘you're next!"), violations of treaties, habitual lying, unprovoked attacks upon harmless and disarmed countries – all this is done by the Bush team as if they firmly believed that the U.S. government and its military can do whatever it damned pleases, without fear of "surprises" and retaliation from other regimes and non-governmental organizations such as al Qaeda.

In short, their beliefs in rational reflective moments are fundamentally disconnected from their actions and their policies. And that is clinically insane behavior. Moreover, to the degree that this disconnection between certifiable knowledge ("justified-true-belief") and operative foreign policy doctrine infects the general public, via the "vector" of a compliant media, that public "catches" a bad case of the crazies from its government.

Sooner or later, the Bushistas and the American public will find out, to their astonishment and chagrin, that "the world" beyond will not tolerate this behavior much longer, and moreover, that the community of nations, comprising the "other" 95% of the world's population, is quite capable of devastating, albeit non-military, retaliation.
Science be damned -- "the world is my idea"

Solipsism, or "subjectivism gone mad," is reflected in Bush's attitude toward science, and in the consequent policies of his administration. According to the Bushevik subjective metaphysic, the physical world is also just what we want it to be, scientific expertise and proof be damned. And so, when the threat of global warming is affirmed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change, consisting of 2000 of the leading atmospheric scientists of the world, and when the IPCC findings are confirmed by the National Academy of Sciences, the Bush regime responds by "shooting the messenger" – by arranging the firing of the IPCC Chairman, Thomas Watson. Furthermore, the Bush EPA then removes a section on climate change from its annual report. Similarly, Bush energy policy is apparently based on the belief that petroleum reserves are infinite – contrary to scientific information and economic statistics. . "We don't want to believe what the scientists tell us, so it ain't so."

Economics is not a "hard science" – to say the least of it. Nonetheless, there are a few compelling economic principles that are ignored at the peril of society. One is that huge deficits far into the future, with no indication of reversal, leads inexorably to fiscal collapse. Another principle is that the way to "stimulate" an economy is to direct funds to those who will spend and/or invest in the near future (that's most of us), and not to those who will send these funds to offshore banks or to set up low-wage industries abroad (i.e., to the fortunate top 2%). But never mind all that. George Bush has "a promise to keep" – to his political contributors. And, at least in this case, he keeps his promises.

Another bit of economic lunacy: "Compulsive behavior" – persisting in an activity that has clearly been shown to be useless or even counter-productive – is a compelling indicator of some loose screws in the cognitive clockwork. In extreme cases, it calls for strait-jackets and padded cells. Now consider "supply-side," "trickle-down" economic policies (i.e., "reverse Robin-Hoodism" – throwing money at the rich), which proved to be a colossal failure during the Reagan and Bush-I administrations. When Bill Clinton dumped "supply side," two conservative Texas Professors of Economics, (and Senator and Congressman respectively) Dr. Phil Gramm and Dr. Richard Armey, predicted economic disaster. Instead, there followed eight years of unprecedented growth and prosperity. But never mind that, with Bush the Sequel we get supply side, the sequel. Experience refutes supply-side economics, and eight Nobel Laureate economists have denounced it. But so what? George Bush's "gut" says otherwise, therefore "supply side" theory is true.

Psychopathology: "Who cares what you think?"

Psychopathy – the failure to recognize, much less to empathize with, the personal human dignity, rights, and feelings of others, is displayed in the Bush administration de-funding of Medicare, Social Security, veterans' benefits, and furthermore, in the callous disregard of the lives and safety of the unfortunate Iraqis beneath the U.S. military's cruise-missiles, shells, and bombs. Sure enough, the Bush word-smiths recognize compassion as a politically potent concept – hence "Compassionate Conservatism." But the astute citizen will (untypically) follow Richard Nixon's advice: "don't pay attention to what [they] say, pay attention to what [they] do."

"The Truth is Out There"

The Bush administration has an uncanny ability to concoct lies and, when "found out," to "move on" unscathed. This accomplishment stands as a tribute to their mastery of the black arts of public relations and propaganda.

Consider the "justifications" for the attack on Iraq – in particular, those presented by Colin Powell to the UN Security Council. (a) Saddam Hussein is producing weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), and (b) Saddam Hussein is in close cahoots with al Qaeda terrorists. As it turns out, the case for WMDs was based on a collapsing structure of plagiarized term papers, forged documents, rumors and false reports, even as the UN inspectors were failing to find any independent evidence of WMDs. And even the CIA reported that there was no evidence linking Saddam with al Qaeda. Furthermore, it was a plain verifiable fact that none of the 9/11 hijackers were Iraqi. And yet, so effective is the Bush propaganda machine, that a majority of the American public now believes that Saddam had WMDs "at the ready," and that Saddam was involved in the 9/11 attacks. Significantly, the corporate media has taken no great pains to disabuse the public of these flat-out misconceptions.

In other words, the American public's "reality principle" was, in these cases, deliberately and effectively sabotaged, resulting in a case of mass-derangement.

And yet, "the truth is out there." The facts about Saddam, WMDs, al Qaeda, 9/11 are not secret, nor are the opinions of atmospheric scientists, petroleum geologists. The opinions of world-renowned economists are on the record, and if that doesn't suffice, the economic statistics – unemployment, consumer confidence, inventories, stock prices, etc. – are published for all to see.

Yet, to the neo-conservative and fundamentalist dogmatists in the Bush administration, none of this matters. "Screw reality, we have our doctrine – and we have the interests of our ‘sponsors' to tend to."

Likewise, although the facts are out there in front of the eyes of the public, yet they refuse to see. Meanwhile, the subservient corporate media have instituted a successful campaign of "mass distraction," while the Congress and the Courts are no help, since they no longer work for "We the People."

Corruption and despotism, like cockroaches, scurry for cover when the light is cast upon them. Thus the most dependable route out of this pit that we the people find ourselves in, is the route prescribed by Thomas Jefferson and fellow founders of our republic: a free and diverse media, a vigorous and well-funded system of education, and the resulting open discussion of competing ideas. Unfortunately, now that the corporate media at home have abandoned us, we must now look to the foreign press and the internet for our news and information.

So wake up, America. Reality calls!

And reality won't budge an inch to accommodate our fantasies.

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One-quarter of working Americans live in poverty, study finds

Tue Oct 12, 1:20 AM ET

WASHINGTON, (AFP) - More than a quarter of American working families -- or nearly 39 million people -- have trouble making ends meet and can be qualified as poor due to a fast shrinking pool of well-paying jobs, according to a new report.

The study, coming on the eve of the third and final presidential debate between President George W. Bush and his Democratic challenger, John Kerry, was likely to add fuel to the already heated political campaign, during which Kerry has been accusing Bush of outsourcing good American jobs.

"The president does not seem to understand how many middle class families are being squeezed by falling incomes, and spiraling health care, tuition and energy costs," the Massachusetts senator stated just last week, pointing out that 1.6 million private sector jobs had been lost in the country during Bush's nearly four-year term.

Although the report, compiled jointly by the respected Annie E. Casey, Ford and Rockefeller foundations, refrained from direct partisan blame, it appeared to back Kerry's argument by insisting that "our society has not taken adequate steps to ensure that these workers can make ends meet and build a future for their families."

A total of 28 million jobs, or almost 25 percent of all available in the country, can no longer keep a family of four above the poverty level, the study found.

Even education beyond high school is no longer a shield from poverty: as many as 3.9 million low-income working families have a member with some post-secondary education, the report said.

To be considered low-income, a family of four had to earn less than 36,784 dollars in 2002, according to government standards. The median income for a family of that size was 62,732 dollars that year.

Comment: But we were told that Bush was going to help us "put food on your family!"

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Flashback: Bush isn't a moron, he's a cunning sociopath

By Bev Conover
Online Journal Editor & Publisher
December 5, 2002 — If any of us are to have a future worth having, the world's leaders, the members of Congress, the US corporate media and people of all political persuasions who value freedom and democracy had better start seeing George W. Bush for what he is: a sociopath and a passive serial killer.

Psychiatrists tell us that all serial killers lack the emotions that make us human; that they have to learn to emulate those emotions in order to get by in society. Hence, a charming, well educated fellow like Ted Bundy who is known to have murdered 15 women and may have killed 36 before he was caught.

While Bush is no Bundy, when it comes Bundy's education and acquired charm, and to our knowledge has never personally murdered anyone, it has been evident to us that there is something missing in George W. in terms of his lack of compassion and empathy. As governor of Texas, he set a record in signing death warrants — 154 in five years. He even made fun of the way convicted killer Karla Faye Tucker begged for her life.

If we believe the psychiatrists, a sign of a future serial killer is a child who delights in torturing and killing animals. George W., as a child, did exactly that. In a May 21, 2000, New York Times' puff piece about the values Bush gained growing up in Midland, Texas, Nicholas D. Kristof quoted Bush's childhood friend Terry Throckmorton: "'We were terrible to animals,' recalled Mr. Throckmorton, laughing. A dip behind the Bush home turned into a small lake after a good rain, and thousands of frogs would come out. 'Everybody would get BB guns and shoot them,' Mr. Throckmorton said. 'Or we'd put firecrackers in the frogs and throw them and blow them up.'"

On Sept. 12, 2000, Baltimore Sun reporter Miriam Miedzian wrote, "So when he was a kid, George W. enjoyed putting firecrackers into frogs, throwing them in the air, and then watching them blow up. Should this be cause for alarm? How relevant is a man's childhood behavior to what he is like as an adult? And in this case, to what he would be like as president of the United States."

We're finding out, aren't we? While we, in two articles before the 2000 election — Sept. 21 and Oct. 23 — noted Bush's penchant for blowing up frogs, the corporate media blew it off, just as it had no interest in what he was trying to hide by obtaining a new Texas driver license and his 1976 drunk driving conviction, or the fact he was AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard. Instead, they bought into his nonsensical claim of being a "compassionate conservative" and "a uniter not a divider" who was going to "restore honor and dignity to the White House."

All through the 2000 campaign and up to Sept. 11, 2001, the corporate media depicted Bush as an affable, tongue-tied bumbler — the kind of guy Joe Six-pack would like to have a beer with — turning a blind eye to his dark underside. It mattered not that he stocked his illicit administration with the worst of the worst: John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, Gale Norton, Paul O'Neill, Harvey Pitt, Thomas White, John Negroponte, Otto Reich and convicted Iran-contra felon Elliot Abrams who received a 1992 Christmas Eve pardon from George W.'s father.

Then, despite his peculiar behavior on Sept. 11, the corporate media and his handlers transformed him into a leader extraordinaire in the mold of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill rolled into one.

And as Bush had Afghanistan bombed back beyond the Stone Age to rid the world of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, then switched to claiming it was the Taliban that had to go, then declared there was an "axis of evil" and it was really Saddam Hussein who was the "mother of all evil" and that war with Iraq was in the offing to get rid of Saddam, the corporate media cheered him on and to this day continues to beat the war drum. They have yet to consider that the passive serial killer needs to feed his lust for blood by sending others to put their lives on the line and do the killing for him.

In his Sept. 12 article, White House insiders say Bush is "out of control," Mike Hersh wrote, "Some among Bush's trusted White House staff fear what they are seeing and where Bush is taking us. His state of mind hauntingly reminds them of Richard Nixon's Final Days. They fear Bush is becoming Nixonesque . . . or worse. Although Bush lacks Nixon's paranoia, he may entertain even more dangerous notions."

But their desperate late night phone calls to trusted reporters has not seen the light of day in the corporate media. Yet, some of us outside the Beltway have long had an inkling of what we are dealing with.

More proof lies in Alexandra Pelosi's documentary, Journeys with George. Pelosi, the daughter of incoming House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, was a producer for NBC when she wangled the assignment to spend 18 months as part of Bush's campaign press corps.

From the surface, Pelosi's "home movie," as she calls it, seems to be nothing more than a love fest as George W. works to charm the pants off her and the rest of the press corps. The striking thing about this George, even though Karen Hughes is often seen hovering at his elbow, is that he isn't tongue-tied when he is pumping up his ego, dishing out digs and being sarcastic and crude.

Mark Crispin Miller, author of The Bush Dyslexicon and professor of media studies at New York University, who also sees the darker Bush, said in a Nov. 28 interview with the Toronto Star, ""Bush is not an imbecile. He's not a puppet. I think that Bush is a sociopathic personality. I think he's incapable of empathy. He has an inordinate sense of his own entitlement, and he's a very skilled manipulator. And in all the snickering about his alleged idiocy, this is what a lot of people miss."

Miller said he did intend The Bush Dyslexicon to be a funny book, but that was before he read all the transcripts, which revealed, according to reporter Murray Whyte, "a disquieting truth about what lurks behind the cock-eyed leer of the leader of the free world. He's not a moron at all on that point, Miller and Prime Minister Jean Chretien agree."

"He has no trouble speaking off the cuff when he's speaking punitively, when he's talking about violence, when he's talking about revenge," Miller told Whyte. "When he struts and thumps his chest, his syntax and grammar are fine. It's only when he leaps into the wild blue yonder of compassion, or idealism, or altruism, that he makes these hilarious mistakes."

In a speech last Sept. in Nashville, trying to strengthen his case against Saddam, Bush's script called for him to say, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." But the words that came out of his mouth were, ""Fool me once, shame . . . shame on . . . you," followed by a long pause, then, "Fool me — can't get fooled again!"

Said Miller, "What's revealing about this is that Bush could not say, 'Shame on me' to save his life. That's a completely alien idea to him. This is a guy who is absolutely proud of his own inflexibility and rectitude."

Another example, Miller said, occurred early in Bush's White House tenure when he said, "I know how hard it is to put food on your family."

According to Miller, "That wasn't because he's so stupid that he doesn't know how to say, 'Put food on your family's table' — it's because he doesn't care about people who can't put food on the table."

Miller told Whyte, "When he tries to talk about what this country stands for, or about democracy, he can't do it."

"This, then, is why he's so closely watched by his handlers, Miller says not because he'll say something stupid, but because he'll overindulge in the language of violence and punishment at which he excels," Whyte wrote.

"He's a very angry guy, a hostile guy. He's much like Nixon. So they're very, very careful to choreograph every move he makes. They don't want him anywhere near protestors, because he would lose his temper," Miller said.

"I call him the feel bad president, because he's all about punishment and death," Miller told Whyte. "It would be a grave mistake to just play him for laughs."

A grave mistake, indeed.

If all that has happened since Bush was first mentioned as a possible GOP presidential candidate hasn't set off alarms, his naming of war criminal, mass murderer and international fugitive Henry Kissinger last week to head up the 9/11 investigation should have. And this week another alarm should have gone off when Bush promoted Elliot Abrams to lead the National Security Council's office for Near East and North African affairs, which oversees Arab-Israeli relations.

Bush must be stopped now, before he sets the world aflame. And set it aflame is what he intends to do, even if Iraq has no "weapons of mass destruction" or Saddam stands on his head, naked, on the White House lawn.

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Outsourcing to Asia will persist despite US election rhetoric: analysts

Mon Oct 11, 9:38 PM ET

BANGALORE, India, (AFP) - Democratic hopeful John Kerry has made the flight of US jobs overseas a key theme of his election campaign but Asian nations expect the outsourcing trend to continue even if he wins, analysts say.

India heads a pack of Asian nations including the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore where US companies have farmed out work ranging from airline ticketing to payroll processing due to cheap skilled labour.

In his campaigning, Kerry has promised sweeping reform of international tax laws in order to prevent jobs moving to Asia and Latin America and has vowed to create 10 million jobs in four years.

His plan would eliminate all tax breaks that encourage firms to move jobs overseas and use the savings to encourage companies to create employment in the United States.

But Indian IT industry officials and analysts have dismissed the concerns as campaign "rhetoric" which would die down once the elections are over.

"In an election year all the political parties go through rhetoric," said Kiran Karnik, president of India's top IT trade body, the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM).

"If you know the track history of Senator Kerry he is a supporter of free trade. Kerry must address the issue of unemployment and job-creation (but) his focus will not be at our cost," Karnik told AFP.

"Recent research has shown that job loss due to outsourcing in the US is very small and it benefits all the corporations who outsource," he said.

A study by economic research firm Global Insight for the Information Technology Association of America, a high-tech trade group, said recently even though some IT jobs had been moved offshore, the net result was a gain of 90,000 jobs for the overall economy in 2003.

S. Nagarajan, co-founder and chief executive of 24/7 Customer, one of India's largest outsourcing firms employing 4,000 people, said vendors were not looking at a large chunk of outsourcing work from the US government but expected the flow to continue from the private sector.

"The US being the epitome of capitalism, outsourcing work will not be curtailed. It is a passing trend which will go away (after) the elections," Nagarajan said.

Mukul Aggarwal, vice-president of Unisys India, a subsidiary of US-based Unisys Corporation which has started a software development and outsourcing centre in the technology hub of Bangalore, echoed Nagarajan's views.

"To a large extent it is rhetoric. We believe it will all die down once the elections are over," Aggarwal said.

"The US is the biggest votary of free trade and free economy. They just cannot close the tap," he said. "The other fact is that in the US there is a shortage of trained manpower.

"Long-term demographics is in favour of India and China," Aggarwal said.

According to Forrester Research, in the next 15 years more than three million US jobs, representing 136 billion dollars in wages, will be moved offshore.

India, which accounts for about 80 percent of the global outsourcing market, has the largest pool of English-speaking trained labour outside the United States.

It churns out more than two million graduates every year, about 200,000 of them with engineering degrees. Many are willing to work for a fraction of the wages being paid to their US counterparts.

In Singapore, the government has stated it has a "neutral" policy on outsourcing while a global survey by US consultancy firm AT Kearney listed Malaysia as the third most attractive offshore location in terms of cost and skills behind India and China.

India's Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram last week said the outcry among some Americans against firms outsourcing business services to India was "highly exaggerated" as the United States stood to gain far more than it did to lose.

"For every dollar that is outsourced by US business to India, the US insources at least 10 dollars of business from India," Chidambaram said.

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Bush postpones election-year doctor's visit

Tue Oct 5, 7:39 PM ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) - After undergoing his annual medical check-up in August 2001, 2002 and 2003, US President George W. Bush has put the procedure off this year until after the November 2 election, his spokesman said.

Bush, locked in a neck-and-neck race for the White House with Democratic Senator John Kerry, is in "great health" and got the green light for the decision from his doctors, spokesman Scott McClellan told AFP.

"This has been a busier travel period for the president than the previous three years," the spokesman said.

Bush, 58, is known as an avid physical fitness buff who switched from running to mountain biking earlier this year after hurting his knee.

"The president, like other Americans, talked with his doctors about when to have his physical. They felt it was perfectly fine to do it later this year," said McClellan. "The president is an active person who is physically fit and in great health."

Bush underwent his three previous physicals as president in the first week of August in 2001, 2002 and 2003. He was given a clean bill of health after all three.

Comment: One cannot help but be reminded of another physical exam that Bush skipped...

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Flashback: Texas Guard Releases More Bush Service Records

Tue Oct 5, 9:30 PM ET

Recently released records show President Bush was on "no fly" status for his last active duty days. The Texas Air National Guard belatedly produced two documents Tuesday that include Bush's orders for his last day of active duty in 1973. They show he was on "no fly" status because he had been grounded almost a year earlier for skipping an annual medical exam.

The records released today are the fifth set of documents related to Bush's Vietnam era National Guard service to be released in response to the Associated Press's Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Bush has insisted he fulfilled all of his Air National Guard duties and says he is proud of his service. Democrats have criticized Bush's Guard performance, saying he shirked his duties in his final years in the service.

Comment: We are next reminded of the following...

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Flashback: Bush falls on bike ride

From Dana Bash
CNN Washington Bureau
Saturday, May 22, 2004
President suffers minor scrapes during jaunt on his ranch

CRAWFORD, Texas (CNN) -- President Bush fell off his bicycle Saturday while riding on his ranch, according to White House spokesman Trent Duffy.

Bush, who was accompanied on his bike ride by his doctor, Richard Tubb, a military agent and a member of the Secret Service, fell about 16 miles into a 17-mile ride.

Bush suffered minor abrasions to his chin, upper lip, nose, right hand and both knees, but was able to ride back home, Duffy said.

Tubb treated the president at the scene. Bush was wearing a helmet and a mouth guard when he fell, Duffy said.

Reporters were told not to be surprised if the president is bandaged next time he appears in public.

Bush is scheduled to deliver an "important speech" Monday night about the transfer of political power in Iraq. The speech will be televised at 8 p.m. from the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Last June in Kennebunkport, the president fell while riding a "Segway Human Transporter." First lady Laura Bush witnessed the spill; a picture of Bush falling forward was published on numerous Web sites. He was not injured.

In January 2002, Bush fainted for a brief time in the residence of the White House while eating a pretzel and watching a professional football game on television.

At the time, Tubb said the president blacked out and fell to the floor from a couch but appeared to have recovered quickly.

Following that incident, Bush had a bruise on his lower lip and a scrape on his left cheek bone about the size of a half-dollar. Bush believed his head either hit the floor or a table next to the couch and that his glasses cut his face.

Comment: Which finally leads us to this...

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George Bush's Cocaine Accusations Resurface

Washington Dispatch
September 7, 2004

Rumors of heavy cocaine abuse by Bush have been floating around for many years. The most pointed and public work was released by James Hatfield in his book, Fortunate Son. The book details an alleged 1972 drug conviction by Bush that was supposedly later removed from the record. In July of 2001, Hatfield was found dead in an Arkansas hotel room from a drug overdose. Since Hatfield's death, the work has been somewhat discredited by the author's own shady past.

During the 2000 race, Bush's team quelled the allegations by stating that Bush had not used illegal drugs in the past 25 years. The American public or the media did not push any further regarding the allegations.

One has to wonder if allegations of misconduct from thirty years ago are cogent to this election. Bush supporters have already answered the question by pushing unfounded allegations of misconduct during John Kerry's service in Vietnam. Will Kerry supporters demand the same level of scrutiny regarding George Bush's supposed cocaine use?

Comment: And finally, this...

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Flashback: Bush Taking Anti-Depressants to Control Mood Swings

By CHB Staff
Jul 28, 2004
President George W. Bush is taking anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia, Capitol Hill Blue has learned.

The prescription drugs, administered by Col. Richard J. Tubb, the White House physician, can impair the President's mental faculties and decrease both his physical capabilities and his ability to respond to a crisis, administration aides admit privately.

"It's a double-edged sword," says one aide. "We can't have him flying off the handle at the slightest provocation but we also need a President who is alert mentally."

Tubb prescribed the anti-depressants after a clearly-upset Bush stormed off stage on July 8, refusing to answer reporters' questions about his relationship with indicted Enron executive Kenneth J. Lay.

"Keep those motherfuckers away from me," he screamed at an aide backstage. "If you can't, I'll find someone who can."

Bush's mental stability has become the topic of Washington whispers in recent months. Capitol Hill Blue first reported on June 4 about increasing concern among White House aides over the President's wide mood swings and obscene outbursts.

Although GOP loyalists dismissed the reports an anti-Bush propaganda, the reports were later confirmed by prominent George Washington University psychiatrist Dr. Justin Frank in his book Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President. Dr. Frank diagnosed the President as a "paranoid meglomaniac" and "untreated alcoholic" whose "lifelong streak of sadism, ranging from childhood pranks (using firecrackers to explode frogs) to insulting journalists, gloating over state executions and pumping his hand gleefully before the bombing of Baghdad" showcase Bush's instabilities.

"I was really very unsettled by him and I started watching everything he did and reading what he wrote and watching him on videotape. I felt he was disturbed," Dr. Frank said. "He fits the profile of a former drinker whose alcoholism has been arrested but not treated."

Dr. Frank's conclusions have been praised by other prominent psychiatrists, including Dr. James Grotstein, Professor at UCLA Medical Center, and Dr. Irvin Yalom, MD, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University Medical School.

The doctors also worry about the wisdom of giving powerful anti-depressant drugs to a person with a history of chemical dependency. Bush is an admitted alcoholic, although he never sought treatment in a formal program, and stories about his cocaine use as a younger man haunted his campaigns for Texas governor and his first campaign for President.

"President Bush is an untreated alcoholic with paranoid and megalomaniac tendencies," Dr. Frank adds.

The White House did not return phone calls seeking comment on this article.

The exact drugs Bush takes to control his depression and behavior are not known. While Col. Tubb regularly releases a synopsis of the President's annual physical, details of the President's health and any drugs or treatment he may receive are not public record and are guarded zealously by the secretive cadre of aides that surround the President.

Veteran White House watchers say the ability to control information about Bush's health, either physical or mental, is similar to Ronald Reagan's second term when aides managed to conceal the President's increasing memory lapses that signaled the onslaught of Alzheimer's Disease.

It also brings back memories of Richard Nixon's final days when the soon-to-resign President wandered the halls and talked to portraits of former Presidents. The stories didn't emerge until after Nixon left office.

One long-time GOP political consultant who – for obvious reasons – asked not to be identified said he is advising his Republican Congressional candidates to keep their distance from Bush.

"We have to face the very real possibility that the President of the United States is loony tunes," he says sadly. "That's not good for my candidates, it's not good for the party and it's certainly not good for the country."

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Bush And Kerry Represent The Real Terrorists: Why I Wouldn't Vote

By Henry Makow PhD
Americans have an unappetizing choice November 2.

They can vote for the candidate who metaphorically will kill their brother. Or they can choose the other who will kill their sister.

Choices. Isn't democracy great?

George Bush represents US oil interests. He likely will launch a nuclear war against Iran and let the radiation solve his Iraq problem. See "Bush Victory Could Foil occult Plot"

John Kerry represents Rothschild oil interests. Kerry will look the other way while Israel does the same thing.

If I were an American (I am Canadian), I would not vote on Nov. 2.

The election legitimizes and makes us accomplices to government by a thoroughly corrupt and immoral elite. It is far better to disassociate oneself from the sorry affair.


I cannot participate in a system that slaughters its own citizens as a pretext for war. Both the Democrat and Republican leadership are guilty of perpetuating the 9-11 and War on Terror hoax. They are the terrorists, as well as traitors.

On Sept. 11, 7 World Trade Center, a 47-story building nearby collapsed apparently in sympathy with the twin towers. Larry Silverstein, the owner, admits that he chose this moment to demolish it.

Isn't it a huge coincidence that it was already wired for demolition? Was it the intended target of the jet that crashed in Pennsylvania?

Silverstein also owned the World Trade Center. It stands to reason that it was a planned demolition as well.

According to one source, the towers fell in roughly 10 seconds, about the same rate that an object falls through air.

"Anyone with a little common sense will realize that the top of a building does not pass through the concrete and steel that comprises the lower portion of the building at the same rate that it falls through air. This just doesn't happen, unless, of course, the lower part of the building has lost its structural integrity (and this is usually due to the detonation of a multitude of small explosive charges as seen in controlled demolitions.)"

A Boeing 757 jet did not hit the Pentagon. The damage did not fit the profile of a passenger jet and there was no debris on the lawn. See this short video.

Sept. 11 was perpetrated by the Mossad, CIA and MI-6, which are instruments of the London-based financial cabal that runs the Western world. The purpose was to provide a rationale to invade Moslem countries and create a police state in the West.


The corrupt criminal elite spins a yarn about Al Qaeda. Like children, Americans hope that they won't be harmed if they play along. This has reached the level of "Stockholm Syndrome."

According to Ask Yahoo, "Stockholm Syndrome describes the behavior of kidnap victims who, over time, become sympathetic to their captors. The name derives from a 1973 hostage incident in Stockholm, Sweden. At the end of six days of captivity in a bank, several kidnap victims actually resisted rescue attempts, and afterwards refused to testify against their captors.

Captives begin to identify with their captors initially as a defensive mechanism, out of fear of violence... Rescue attempts are also seen as a threat; since it's likely the captive would be injured during such attempts.

These symptoms occur under tremendous emotional and often physical duress. The behavior is considered a common survival strategy ... and has been observed in battered spouses, abused children, prisoners of war, and concentration camp survivors."

When "terrorists" hijacked four planes on Sept. 11, it was only the latest episode in the long history of the kidnapping of humanity by a corrupt financial elite.


"Democracy" is the financial elite's preferred method of deceiving and controlling the plebes.

The media creates the illusion that the candidates are our leaders. In fact, they are members of the elite who also own the media.

Both Bush and Kerry pretend to be opposed. Distant cousins, they are both members of an occult secret society, the Illuminati "Skull and Bones" at Yale. You would think this would disqualify them from "public service."

The two men and their respective parties act as giant pincers keeping the sheep in their pen. They are the two arms of the great American mental straitjacket. They define the boundaries of the debate. People like Ralph Nader or Dennis Kucinich need not apply.

Although the major parties barely differ, they have polarized the US population into two warring camps. Thus Americans ignore the true enemy, the sponsor of both parties.

The U.S. talks of bringing democracy to Iraq when American democracy is an embarrassing farce. The U.S. promises freedom to the world while gutting it at home.


"They Live", a visionary 1988 movie directed by John Carpenter, postulates a police state run by aliens who look and behave like yuppies. The masses are reduced to a nomadic life of poverty and persecution.

The hero, played by wrestler Roddy Piper, discovers glasses that reveal the true hideousness of the ruling class. An interminable fight between Piper and his sidekick ensues when his sidekick refuses to wear the glasses and see the truth. Anyone who has tried to reason with a brainwashed acquaintance will identify.

Prophetically, Piper and the people resisting alien rule are dubbed "terrorists" by the mass media in the movie.

In reality, the financial elite are aliens only in the sense they have embraced the Illuminati's occult mission to spiritually enslave humanity.

Meyer Amschel Rothschild started the Illuminati in 1776, at the same time as the American Revolution, which was caused by England's demand that the colonists use its (privately produced) money and stop printing their own.

To put down the revolt, Rothschild concocted the scheme of sending 16,800 Hessian mercenaries. For this King George paid the Hessian Landgrave $20 million which he gave to Rothschild for safekeeping.

Rothschild promptly lent it to the colonists to finance their rebellion. The Rothschilds and their allies have instigated and financed every major war since. (See Gertrude M. Coogan, Money Creators pp.173 ff.)

They regained control of the U.S between 1902 and 1913 when they purchased 25% of US industry and established the privately owned Federal Reserve. When Marina Oswald was asked who killed JFK, she answered, "the Federal Reserve." Kennedy had committed the unpardonable sin: he tried to print US money.

Also known as the "Club of the Isles" the moneylenders and their allies are the aliens. Both Bush and Kerry are members of this clique. Every war has been designed to enrich this cabal and consolidate its power. See "The Jewish Conspiracy is British Imperialism"

This cabal controls every Western government, newspaper, TV network, university and large corporation. You are a bystander in their unfolding program of "world government."

I would love to be wrong about all of this. But as a hostage who eschews Stockholm Syndrome, I think participating in their elections shackles my mind and makes me an accomplice to their evil design.

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Rumsfeld's optimism silenced by bombing

By Kim Sengupta in Baghdad
11 October 2004

Bombs in Baghdad killed 18 people as the US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, declared during a visit to Iraq that America was winning the war against insurgency.[...]

Mr Rumsfeld's trip had not been announced beforehand for security reasons. He met US military commanders, the American ambassador, John Negroponte, and Iraq's interim Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi. His last visit was in May at the height of the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse scandal. Mr Rumsfeld said that the United States might be able to reduce its troop levels in the country after January's projected elections, as more Iraqi government troops were trained to replace them.

"[The rebels] are hoping to cause members of the coalition to decide the pain and the ugliness and the difficulty of the task is simply too great," he said. "They know they cannot defeat us militarily, but they are hoping they can win the test of wills. It's a battle of morale. It's a battle of perception." [...]

Before his arrival, those assembled to meet him were told the questions not to ask. "Don't ask when you are going home. We'll tell you when you are going home," said Sgt-Major Dennis Reed.

Mr Rumsfeld appeared to become exasperated when journalists questioned him about reports that rather than reduce troop levels, the US may have to increase them for the elections. "There's a fixation on that subject. It's fascinating how everyone is locked on that," he said. The Defence Secretary added that the media were ignoring the expansion of the Iraqi army. [...]

Comment: Indeed it is a "battle of perception". Rumsfeld is attempting to skew the perception of the masses away from the real issue and towards the lies and propaganda that seem to flow unhindered from his mouth. The real issue being the fact that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job, carried out in co-operation with Israeli intelligence in order to provide the impetus for the Iraq invasion and the implementation of the Israeli/US goal of complete control of the Middle East.

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Army chief 'emptied his magazine' at girl in Gaza

Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem
12 October 2004
Two separate official investigations are under way into the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old girl in Gaza by the Israeli army after soldiers testified that their company commander "emptied his magazine" at her after she had been shot and was presumed dead.

The army has already admitted that the killing of Iman al-Hams in the town of Rafah a week ago was a mistake and that her bag, which it says soldiers thought carried explosives, contained school books.

Soldiers have come forward to explain that her body was riddled with 20 bullets because their immediate commander "confirmed the killing" by shooting two bullets at her already prone body before withdrawing a short distance and then firing a burst of automatic gunfire at the corpse.

The Judge Advocate General, Brigadier General Avi Mandelblit, has instructed the military police to launch a criminal investigation against the commander in the Givati Brigade's crack Shaked Battalion as a result of the claim. Unusually, the investigation was ordered even though the army inquiry is incomplete.

The move follows interviews with soldiers serving in the company published in the Israeli newspaper Yedhiot Ahronot. It quoted them as saying the commander should have been stood down immediately after the incident. One soldier told the newspaper: "The company CO who sprayed the girl with bullets turned us all into vicious animals and besmirched us all ... If he is not dismissed, we will not agree to serve under him." Another said the commander had "desecrated the body".

According to figures produced by 11 UN agencies, 24 Palestinians under the age of 17 have been killed since 28 September when the army entered northern Gaza in response to the firing by Palestinian militants of two Qassam rockets which killed two Israeli children in Sderot. A nine-year-old girl was among 11 Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip over the weekend.

The investigations opened as security sources told the newspaper Haaretz that the Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, had rejected a request from army commanders to withdraw from the densely populated Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza on the grounds that the fortnight-old operation "Days of Penitence" was endangering troops and that militants had now removed rockets to positions outside the camp.

Mr Sharon told the Knesset at the opening of what promises to be a difficult winter session for the government that it would be voting on 25 October on his plan to withdraw some 7,500 settlers from Gaza.

The level of difficulty was underlined last night when the legislature opposed by 45 to 33 a routine motion noting Mr Sharon's speech. Although it does not threaten Mr Sharon's administration, the defeat emphasised the strong opposition to the plan from the extreme right of Israeli politics and from the far right of his own Likud party, seven of whose members abstained last night.

* A Palestinian farmer, Hani Shadeh, 26, was shot and critically wounded in his olive orchard near Nablus in the West Bank yesterday.

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Rocky Mountain News
October 12, 2004

Meteorites are generally named after the region or town near where they were found. Here are the five Colorado meteorites that fell to Earth with someone watching.

• Johnstown, July 1927. (Eventually 27 fragments were recovered.)

• Denver, 1961. (This meteorite crashed through the roof of a warehouse in northeast Denver.)

• Cañon City, 1973. (Crashed through a garage roof.)

• Elbert County, 1998. (Many witnessed a fireball; eventually three fragments were recovered.)

• Berthoud, Oct. 5, 2004, at 1:30 p.m. (Fell one day after other reports of a daylight fireball in Colorado.)

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US volcano sends up new cloud of steam
US News, Mount St. Helens spewed out more steam on Monday after new seismic tremors that led some experts to warn the volcano could explode at any time.

The volcano ejected steam followed by "a small amount of ash" in an eruption that lasted some 10 minutes at 9.47am (1647 GMT), said Tim McBicker, a spokesman for the US Geological Survey (USGS).

Although it has stopped, McBicker said "there will be additional eruptions".

Monday's eruption was similar to one on Friday that sent a huge cloud of steam and some ash into the air, USGS spokesperson Catherine Puckett said.

A tremor shook St. Helens early Sunday for 25 minutes, prompting scientists to warn of an imminent eruption two days after the volcano roared back to life.

Authorities elevated their alert level to the maximum third level over the weekend and diverted flights away from the volcano's area. Visitors were evacuated from an eight kilometre radius around the mountain, including the USGS Johnson Ridge Observatory.

The volcano killed 57 people during a major eruption in 1980 after weeks of quakes, slides and tremors and after belching smoke, steam and ash.

St. Helens erupted again in 1986, but with nowhere near the same intensity.

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'UFO' Spotted Near Fort Wayne
October 11, 2004
Fort Wayne - A resident here got out his video camera and caught an object moving through the sky at a high rate of speed on Sunday.

Brandon McBroom used the family videocam to tape a strange looking object in the Sunday sky. He pulled over in the Croninger Elementary parking lot and pointed the camera north-northwest.

WANE-TV took the tape around town Monday to the experts. "That's not a meteor. It's too slow," said Roger Sugden, Assistant State Director with Mutual UFO Network. "High altitude aircraft. If you've seen them at sunset, they're pretty far away. You'll see a white line that's moving real slow, that's the contrail and in front is the aircraft."

But Christopher Crow, Assistant Professor of Geosciences at IPFW, thinks this is a meteor. "Whatever that is, it's coming down at a very fast speed giving off flames." "My first inclination is it's not a meteor."

Chris Highland is from the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society. His opinion is different from the other two. "I'm more inclined to think it's space junk, like an empty booster or a fuel tank," said Highland.

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Mars could be quaking

Science News, New York, Oct 12 (IANS) Scientists now have proof that Mars suffers from quakes just like earth, dispelling previous notions that the planet was tectonically dead.

While some theorists believe that Mars has no more seismic disturbances, scientists at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio here have found that pit chains found on Mars' surface are similar to those found along in Iceland, along the seismic fault lines there.

Also the fact that the pit chains are still in "relatively pristine condition," without any sediments at the bottom, suggest that they were formed recently and may still be developing, reported space.com.

A certain type of faulting produces large void space in the subsurface," said David Ferrill, the study leader at Southwest Research Institute. "Over time, the overlying surface material collapses to create pit chains."

Although many theorists say the gradual cooling of Mars over 3.5 billion years after formation has slowed down tectonic activity there, others have argued that dozens of quakes have occurred, measuring over 3.5 on the open-ended Richter scale.

Volcanoes on Mars appear to be dormant but some scientists are not sure about that either.

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