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Signs Supplement - Crop Circles

New Crop Formations
"Generally, my experinece tells me that people who make crop circles are on some ego trip and are quite keen on hingting about new formations to guage our opinions. But there was no sign that any individuals I have spoken to knew about any formations prior to their arrival, which is quite intersting. It is always after the event that they say, 'Oh, yes, I made that one. I made this one.' But when it comes down to the proof and facts which I have learned it is extremely flimsy." [Charles Mallett, Crop Formation Investigator and new Co-Owner with Frances Mallett of the Silent Circle Cafe, Cherhill, Wiltshire, England]

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Spectacular New Crop Circle!
Normanton Down long barrows, near Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Reported 4th July.

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Bizarre Crop Circle
A Reader Comments: "Something is rotten in Denmark." Ark comments: "I don't think they can do that with boards and rope - but they could do it with laser tech." Cassiopaea thinks that the Consortium is creating its own crop circles for distraction and confusion. The new movie, "Signs," is disinformation... Temporary Temples Site. Also see: Crop Circle Connector and Swirled News For Scientific Research on Crop Circles see: BLT Research

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Overnight appearance of dozens of bizarre crop circles
The Courier-Mail May 16, 2003

...has spooked a Sunshine Coast hinterland farmer and his workers.

The phenomenon, which was accompanied by loud "zapping noises", a flash of green light, lost power and barking dogs has the Gowen family of Glass House Mountains flumoxed.

Fifth generation land owner Kel Gowen said he was woken about midnight on Wednesday by two loud "zaps".

His farm hand, Noel Brady, whose cottage overlooks the 4ha of sorghum, said he was also woken by the first zapping sound, which was followed by the loss of power and bright green flashes.

Mr Gowen said it was only during a routine check of his property early yesterday morning that he noticed the 30 flattened circles in the sorghum.

Mr Gowen said his family had never taken notice of stories of crop circles or UFOs.

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Crop Circle Connector Reporting 8 New Crop Circles for June

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Mystery in the wheat field
By Tim Fields

ROCKVILLE -- The farmer stood alone at the edge of his 80-acre wheat field on Saturday, and in the early morning quiet, he stared across a sea of stalks and saw something strange.

Larry Balestra walked into the field and waded through the waist-high grass, and with every step, it slowly came into view.
After about 100 feet he stopped inside a massive circle stamped into his field, the stalks pushed down, flat. It measured about 140 feet in diameter.[...]

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June Crop Circles...

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Cropping up everywhere
By Tiffany Sakato

Thanks to the eyes of a local pilot, Vacaville can now claim its own crop circle phenomenon.

Unlike the smoother finish of two wheat field circle designs discovered last week in Fairfield, the circles discovered in a Vacaville corn field on Sunday look more like bald patches on a mangy dog. [...]

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Boys say they're force behind crop circles

But police think Fairfield teenagers' story is full of holes

Saying they were inspired by a late-night TV documentary, four teenage boys from Fairfield claim they created the crop circles that have been drawing the curious and the kooky to a wheat field in Solano County.

But the claim of responsibility, first published in the Vacaville Reporter on Friday, was scoffed at by some who say that the boys must have made it up.

"I think their story is as big a hoax as the crop circles," said Solano County District Attorney David Paulson, who, like hundreds of other people, has been to the Balestra farm to check out the wheat field designs. "The law enforcement community has been waiting for somebody to take responsibility."

Comment: More attempts to discredit the whole crop circle phenomenon. See here for a scientific report on why crop circles cannot be a "hoax".

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Real culprit behind crop circles? Skeptics point to the media
Keay Davidson
Chronicle Science Writer

Like palm reading, three-card monte and Brooklyn Bridge salesmen, crop circles never die out, thanks partly to the news media's willingness to continue fanning the flames of excitement over a goofy claim that was disproved many years ago.

That's the view of some organized skeptics who, in recent days, rolled their eyes in weary disbelief at the latest revival of crop circle mania, smack in the middle of a Solano County wheat field.

Comment: The questions we have are just who do these "organized skeptics" work for, and why do they care so much?

The article attempts to answer these questions:

"Silly though the subject seems, it is no laughing matter, adds Fraknoi, former executive director of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, based in San Francisco. 'In our media-obsessed times, publicity -- any kind of publicity -- seems to be good for most subjects. . . . Raised on pap, many young people don't know how to do skeptical reasoning any more.'

"At Foothill College, 'many of my students come into astronomy classes fully convinced that UFOs are real and that many other forms of pseudo-science covered by the mass media are part of the scientific landscape of the 21st century.'

Let's give a big hand for the scientists who say something can't exist because they say so, and then have all of this mysterious energy to go and become debunkers just out of the goodness of their heart and concern for our youth, the poor saps. Of course, all crop circles around the world are made by teenagers since the Doug and Dave team aren't around to regale us with their antics.

Yesterday, on the signs page we included a link to Crop Cirles and Life at Parallel Space-time Sheet by M. Pitkanen. We are not saying that he is necessarily correct in his assertions but he does provide some interesting observations (Beware: he discusses genetic code of aliens):

Further facts about crop formations

a) Crop formations need not be only regular, 'geometric' formations. Also randomly downed crop formations caused by the interaction with the ionosphere are possible and are actually more frequent than the regular ones. [...]
b) Expulsion cavities, lengthening and bendings associated with the growth nodes are common to all formation, and it seems that the bending is caused by the softening of the growth nodes. [...]
c) A new and very important plant abnormality has been identied. A massive spiralling and twisting of the somatic tissues in the peduncle (stem at the base of the seed head) could not have occurred at the same time as
the flattening of the crop [...]
d) Balls of light (BOLs) have been also observed in crop formation regions[...]
e) Failures of electrical and mechanical equipment in near or flying over crop circles occur more often than normally [...]
f) Animal and human reactions to crop formations have been studied. Many animals tend to avoid the formations and animals behave abnormally during the appearence of the crop formations. There are also eects on people: dread, euphoria, experiences of peace and oneness, and feeling of love have been reported. Sound sensations like buzzing noise and crackling footsteps have been reported: these could be induced by microwave audition [...]

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Crop circles cause chaos and create questions in Knobel, AR

To say Knobel, AR is a quiet town is an understatement so when crop circles showed up, word spread fast.
The circles appeared June 7th near a small cemetery and got big attention. [...]

Whatever it is, people around the world are talking about Knobel, AR and Tammy Wilson says that's not all bad. "It's better attention than we normally get. It's usually drug busts around here. This is better than that."

Comment: The circles may have already been plowed under but Scientists say crop circles were no prank,

The fact that under the microscope we can see both spherical and partially ablated particles here, the fact that there were no magnetic particles found in the control soils, and the fact that the concentration in the circle samples was so great, all indicate that this formation was not mechanically-flattened" Talbott reported. [...]

Talbott also noted that interviews with witnesses revealed that energy was emanating upwards to at least 800 feet above the formation. [...]

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Star that fell to earth

Dramatic crop circle appears in field

Next time something goes bump in the night, be warned extra terrestrials have been making their presence felt on the outskirts of Luton.

That is the belief of a mysterious customer who arrived in Sharpenhoe pub The Lynmore searching for a crop circle she believed was created by aliens.

The giant five-pointed star shaped design has appeared overnight in a wheat field, and is visible from the top of the Sharpenhoe Clappers. [...]

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Why do people still bother to make crop circles?
John Vidal
The Guardian
Thursday July 17, 2003
Who knows? Whether you believe the cereal circles are harbingers of world change created by an alien intelligence, ever more sophisticated situationist art, or the work of jesters after a good night in the pub, the real mystery is how they continue to intrigue. [...]
Comment: More articles extremely concerned with convincing you that crop circles the whole world over are the work of kids with nothing better to do. As they play up the "bitter debate" crop circles mysteriously appear the next morning. It must really upset the puppet masters.

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Dodge County Man Sees Crop Circles Form

Farm Owner Says 'Mother Nature Did It'
July 18, 2003

MAYVILLE, Wis. -- In the rolling hills of rural Dodge County, people might expect to see farm fields filled with corn and other crops, but if they look a little closer, there is something very different in one barley field.

"The holes appeared and there it was but you couldn't see what made it, but I seen it right when it happened," farm owner Arthur Rantala said. [...]

From the safety of his work shed during a violent morning storm on the Fourth of July, he saw crop circles form

"It looked like a lake. The waves, the wind blowing, and then all of the sudden this dark hole appears, like a black hole. And then immediately, one to the right then another to the center of it," Rantala said. [...]

Comment: Photos from ground level can be found here.

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Land Surveyor Comments About Ogbourne St. George, U.K. Crop Formation

Thirty-seven circles discovered in young wheat below the Ridgeway at Ogbourne St. George, Wiltshire, England

Sunday, June 15.
Aerial photograph © 2003 by Lucy Pringle.
Comment: Although Linda Moulton Howe's interview with the land surveyor leaves something to be desired, the article has two larger photos of the crop circle taken by researcher Lucy Pringle.

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Peculiarities of Crop Circles

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Czech Crop Circle Web Site
Comment: The articles are written in Czech, but contain some excellent photos. Reports on three recent ones in the Czech Republic.

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Crop Circle Connector reports on 44 Circles so far for 2003

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Theorems in Wheat Fields
[...] The hoaxers apparently had the requisite knowledge not only to prove a Euclidean theorem but also to conceive of an original theorem in the first place-a far more challenging task. [...]

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Baffling crop circles draw business

Is it aliens? Or just a farmer's prank? -- It's anybody's guess

[E]ven the father of modern astronomy, who first shocked contemporaries with the notion that Earth was not really the center of the universe, would himself likely be baffled by the bizarre goings-on in one of those villages, Wylatowo, population 581.

Ever since the crop circles and, as local legend has it, the aliens, cropped up three years ago, the beautiful but sleepy backwater has drawn throngs of visitors ranging from the harmlessly curious to the distinctly peculiar.

The investor plans to build what is likely to be the first UFO hotel, bar, grill and restaurant in the known universe. But cashing-in isn't simple for farmers who might be considering resorting to fakery, according to farmer Tadeusz Filipczak, 55, on whose fields the first crop circles appeared three years ago.

"It's impossible [to make them]," he says. "Last year, we even gave it a go with ropes and boards like they do in the West, but it turned out hopeless."

Fancying himself something of a "pictogram" expert, he notes that since 2000, all 16 circles have appeared in prime grain-growing season between June 25 and July 26. [...]

Comment: Interesting how crop circles get lumped in with "aliens" and new age gunk in the media and many people's minds even though there is not any evidence that they are related. COINTELPRO at work.

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The first known formation for this year was found July 23, near Stewartown, Ontario.

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Circles baffle farmers
By Kristin Lukowski 

Pat Esper didn't give a second thought to the 4-foot crop circle he combined over while harvesting wheat from one of his family farm's fields.

It was just some teens causing trouble, he thought.

But getting wind of another circle about 100 feet from the small circle, this one measuring about 50 feet across, quickly brought the other formation to mind. Both were discovered in the Howell Township field, nearly perfectly circular, with the wheat compacted to the ground in a counter-clockwise spiral.

"It's just like you see on TV," Esper said.

The larger circle also has two mysterious protrusions from the circle, sticking out east and west. The western protrusion, a small rectangle hanging off of the circle, is larger than its opposite. [...]

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A Crop Circle Field Report

[A] private scientific research team documented physical evidence that confirmed Art Rantala's eyewitness observation that the Mayville/Kekoskee, Wisconsin crop circle formation was not made by hoaxers. [...]

Comment: Good photos, with some showing the U.S. Air Force taking a very active interest.

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It's fake, 'no doubt' - others aren't so sure
Experts converge on Howell crop circles

News Staff Reporter

[...]Wilson also was impressed with the complex weaving inside the crop circle. "You can get hoaxers to do limited weaving, but it would be nearly impossible to get the kind of weaving we saw," he said.

Wilson said it appears the U.S. Air Force is now interested in crop circles. When he went to a site in Wisconsin last week he was questioned by investigators from Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, who arrived in a helicopter. Wilson says he also observed a military helicopter fly over the Howell Township site Tuesday, but it did not land. [...]

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Crop circles found by Howden farmer

GIANT crop circles and mysterious symbols have appeared in a Howden farmer's wheat field. The intricately patterned phenomenon was spotted last Thursday by a local long-distance truck-driver, although a tour bus driver from Lincolnshire said he saw the crop circles a day earlier as he drove along the Ouse Bridge.

"The field was normal one day, the next day the crop circles had appeared," revealed the truck-driver who wished to remain anonymous.

The crop circles have puzzled Howden farmer Mr Robert Huddlestone, of Grove Farm, owner of the 50-acre field.
"They cover about 80 square yards and are very intricate and precise," he said. [...]

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58 crop circles reported in Germany so far for 2003

Reports in German and English. Some have been identified as hoaxes. And here is the site for the German Association for Crop Circle Research

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Mysterious crop circles drawing hundreds to southern Ontario farm
Canadian Press

HENSALL, Ont. (CP) -- Hundreds of people are flocking to a southern Ontario farm to inspect something they've only seen in the movies -- crop circles.

Erv Willert says the elaborate geometric signs appeared in his 16-hectare wheat field on Wednesday evening, and he doesn't think anybody in the area is responsible.

"There's nobody with enough energy to do this," he said. "They'd get one circle done and lay down and have a beer." [...]

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A diagram of the Crop Circle formation

in Hensal Ontario has been posted at CCCRN. Someone has posted seeing a Cigar-shaped object north of Hensall. Which does not mean we can jump to any conclusions that the two are related.

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MICHIGAN CROP CIRCLES: Farmer raises a mystery

Wheat-field wonders draw skeptics and scientist


Crop circles may be Hollywood now, but out here, at the edge of Detroit's suburbia, they represent something more ethereal, and, said Mike Esper, who discovered three crop circles on his Livingston County farm two weeks ago, something more strange.

"It gets weirder by the minute," Esper said.

He discovered the three circles -- 51 feet, 10 feet and 8 feet in diameter -- as he drove his combine around the wheat field. Not wanting to destroy the evidence, he left a 3- to 4-foot perimeter of wheat intact around the largest circle.

He called in a crop circle researcher to take a look at them. The expert, Jeffrey Wilson, who travels the country from Dexter, took measurements and studied the circles for three days last week. Wilson determined they weren't the act of man, that they were not a hoax, that they were the result of some unexplainable natural phenomenon.

Esper promptly e-mailed the local news media.

"I'm amazed by the whole thing," he said. "I wanted to leave it so people could see it." [...]

Comment: Also see Michigan crop circles 'no hoax'. Investigator: Mystery wheat-field formations no act of man.

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Crop Circle Connector Reports on 6 Formations for August

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Radio station lays claim to farmer's crop circles

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Station retracts claim of making crop circles
The Associated Press

HOWELL TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) -- A radio station on Wednesday retracted its earlier claim of responsibility for three crop circles that appeared in a farmer's wheat field.

The circles appeared last month on the farm of Michael Esper in Livingston County's Howell Township, near Howell and about 50 miles northwest of Detroit. [...]

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Update: Area farmer may sue over crop circle case
Radio station backs off its earlier claim of responsibility

News Staff Reporter HOWELL TOWNSHIP - A farmer is threatening to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission and perhaps a lawsuit against a Detroit radio station for "lying" about creating a mysterious crop circle on his land. [...]
Comment: The farmer may be up against COINTELPRO. There have also been rumors circulating that Lucy Pringle, the famous aerial photographer of crop formations, has had her life threatened.The Signs Team has not found confirmation if there is any truth to the rumor or not.

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More than 5,000 people visit crop circles

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The fifth Canadian crop circle reported for this year

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Wilkie circle not a hoax: researcher
Silas Polkinghorne
Saskatchewan News Network
Monday, August 18, 2003

SASKATOON -- A Saskatoon research assistant with the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network says it's highly unlikely a recent crop formation near Wilkie was a hoax.

"I don't know how somebody would have made this," said Beata Van Berkom shortly after returning from the site to collect soil and plant samples and take measurements.

"If a person did this, they've got too much time on their hands, 'cause it would take forever, even if you decided to do it with a board and rope," she said. "It's not going to happen."

But Const. Dean Flaman of Wilkie RCMP said someone has admitted to making the crop circles as a prank between neighbours. [...]

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Local Crop Circles: Fake Or Phenomenon?

Adams County [Ohio] Soy Bean Field Drawing Visitors

It's been the talk of the town this week, and although recent incidents have been disproven, there are still plenty of believers of unusual activity as crop circles have shown up in Adams County. [...]

Comment: A video at the above link, and a slide show here.

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A brief history of crop circles and the hoax theory

AVEBURY, ENGLAND-There is some evidence to suggest that crop circles have been appearing in England for centuries, while simple circles have been documented in modern times since the 1970s. In those days, theories put forward to explain them included freak whirlwinds, plasma vortexes and UFO landing sites.

Since the early 1990s, however, the phenomenon has grabbed world attention, as the formations evolved into enormous, increasingly mathematically complex and perfectly executed shapes appearing in fields, often near the sacred sites of Wiltshire in southern England.

About 10,000 crop circles have been documented worldwide since records began to be kept in the '70s. [...]

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Southern Ohio Crop Circles - Exclusive Photo Report
In what has to be one of the most intricate of crop circle formations ever found in the United states, the crop circle found in Locust Grove, Adams County, Ohio was found to have a number of anomalies recorded in the formation, as well as an anomaly never before recorded -- trace microwave/radiowave emission readings. It was first discovered in a field of reasonably mature soybeans, unusual in and of itself, on August 24th [...]

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Mysterious crop circle appears near Kendal
By Andy Bloxham

A MYSTERIOUS crop circle has appeared in a South Lakeland wheat field reports Andy Bloxham.

The strange mark, a series of four concentric circles, has appeared in a 65-acre field at Old Hutton, near Kendal, leaving passers-by to wonder whether it is the work of pranksters or something more sinister. [...]

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Canadian Crop Circle Research Site

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Bainbridge, Ohio crop circles report and photo update

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Alien visit? Crop circles remain a mystery

Comment: Let us lump all phenomena in one pot, and mix it together for public consumption so it is an incoherent mess making it difficult to logically analyze. It seems most are willing to jump to conclusions so they do not have to think.

Ours is the age that is proud of machines that think and suspicious of men who try to. - H. Mumford Jones

Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago. - Bernard Berenson

The more you know, the more you know you don't know. - Aristotle

The average man never really thinks from end to end of his life.  The mental activity of such people is only a mouthing of clichés. - H.L. Mencken, Prejudices, 1925

[Thinking is] what a great many people think they are doing when they are merely rearranging their prejudices. - William James

Few people think no more than two or three times a year; I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once a week. - George Bernard Shaw

Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth, more than ruin, more even than death.  Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit.  Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid.  Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man.  - Bertrand Russell

What luck for rulers, that men do not think.  - Adolph Hitler

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The great crop circle mystery of Blue Grass

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Crop circles: To be or not to believe
By Nicole Fitzgerald

Crop circles have long captured public attention of both skeptics and believers alike. A new documentary, Star Dreams, coming to MY Place, sheds perspective on the two conflicting sides through an exploration of crop circles from all over the world - including sightings in B.C.

“The focus of Star Dreams is to lift these circles off the field and into the public consciousness,” said Robert Nichol, documentary producer and director.

The film will provide 77 minutes of disarming information about crop circles, including eyewitness accounts and interviews with scientists along with footage of breathtaking, awe-inspiring landscapes from all over the world. [...]

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New crop circles appear in soybean field near West Union (Ohio, USA)

Another mysterious crop circle has appeared in an Adams County soybean field. The formation was found on St. Rt. 41, south of West Union, across from the entrance to Roy Pence Road. The crop circle, found on the farm of Jack and Sherry Ellis, is believed to have been in the field for three to four weeks, according to Jeff Wilson, an independent crop circle investigator from Dexter, Mich.

The circle is believed to be in the formation of a dream catcher, according to Doug McIlwain, president of the Great Serpent Mound Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers. [...]

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Study Suggests Energy, Not Teens, Made Crop Circles
Bay City News Service

FAIRFIELD, CA - A five-month study has concluded that the mysterious crop circles that appeared in a Solano County wheat field in June were not the work of four teenage boys who claimed they made them as a hoax. [...]

The investigation concludes the 'hoax was a hoax.' [...]

The investigation found statistically significant differences in the elongation of growth nodes of wheat samples taken within and without the crop circle formations.

'Only microwave energies have duplicated the effects shown in the growth nodes of formation samples,' Moreno said.

A ball of light also was reported above the main formation on June 27. Balls of light have previously been reported, photographed and videotaped hovering over crop circles elsewhere, investigators say

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Crop circles to be 'deciphered'

[...] According to Blake, crop circles have been noticed and documented in the US, Canada, Germany and other parts of the world.
Although mystery continues to surround the circles, researchers like Blake are certain they are not manmade. According to her, the circles appear overnight and sometimes within seconds.
"Sometimes, we keep vigil over a misty farm. There is poor visibility. Suddenly the mist clears and a crop circle appears over the farm from absolutely nowhere. We are convinced that these have been created by a force and energy that that we do not understand."
What makes the circles even more intriguing, is the fact that it has been scientifically proved that the circles have affected the cellular structure of plants and the chemical composition of the soil, in a positive manner.
"We have made several laboratory tests and have arrived at the conclusion that the productivity of the plants where a crop circle has been sighted, has improved significantly," says Blake.
According to her, the circles emit a powerful,mysterious energy,which is known to damage electronic equipment like cameras.

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In a whirl over crop circle
The Sunday Mail
04 April 2004

LARGE crop circles with unbroken stems have mysteriously appeared in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Residents of the small town of Conondale, west of Maleny, say they are baffled by the large areas of flattened grass.

Crop circle enthusiast Chris White gave the complex designs an eight out of 10.

"You can't imagine anyone faking these because the seed heads would be broken and it doesn't look like it's been trampled or crushed.

"There were people in England who set out to do a hoax . . . but even they couldn't fake it. [...]

But the property's owner, who does not want to be named, said there was a much simpler explanation for the crop circles.

"It's the wind creating a whirly-whirly. It spins around in the long grass and that creates the circle," he said.

Comment: A whirly-whirly. Now, that's just ridiculous. Everyone knows that these so-called crop circles are the result of swamp gas and the planet Venus...

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New Growth at Old Avebury Crop Circle

On August 9, 2003, a crop circle was discovered by Avebury Stone Avenue near West Kennett, Wiltshire. It seems that new plant growth has now been observed in the exact shape of the original formation.



The original crop circle discovered in 2003.








New growth observed recently.

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Crop circles as oracles

Crop circles have been puzzling observers for decades. Not Robert Nichol. The director of Star Dreams, a documentary film about the UFO-related phenomenon, is quite sure what these precise patterns mysteriously carved into farmers' fields are all about.

Along with other forms of activity attributed to extra-terrestrials, Nichol believes that "the whole thing is preparing us for contact. It's almost imminent, only a matter of a few years."

The B.C. filmmaker, a former employee of the National Film Board with more than 25 film credits to his name, has turned himself into a travelling road show of the paranormal. He has organized a series of 20 screenings of Star Dreams from Victoria to Newfoundland. The Toronto engagement is tonight at 8 p.m. in the Town Hall at Innis College on the University of Toronto campus. Nichol is accompanied by Neil Olsen, author of Crop Circles Deciphered.

Every year there are more sightings of more complex crop circles  and now, ice circles and sand circles  and Nichol is convinced a higher consciousness is trying to make contact with people on earth. He estimates 15,000 crop circles have been found since 1980.

"There were two in Ontario last year," Nichol claims, "both in wheat fields. The one in Hensall (in Huron County) drew 5,000 people."

Star Dreams shows us crop circles, most of them from 70 to 100 metres at their widest point, as photographed from helicopters. Their increasingly complex patterns, say Nichol's interviewees, is an indication of a greater need to communicate. Others form symbols that go back to ancient times and have led researchers to examine Mayan and Hopi prophecies. It is no coincidence, Nichol contends in his film, that so many crop circles have cropped up, as it were, in the south of England near sacred sites such as Stonehenge.

Nichol, a resident of Gibson's Landing, B.C., decided to bring his film directly to his audiences to spread the word. He is certain the crop circles could not have been man-made, and cites witnesses who say the circles get created in four to seven seconds. Star Dreams documents sightings of "balls of light" in the vicinity of the circles. Some witnesses have described UFOs that appeared at the time of the formations.


The intent of the symbols is clear to Nichol. They are "a wake-up call, asking us to come up to a higher level of consciousness. They reach beyond the rational mind and touch us at a very deep psychic level."

On his Web site devoted to crop circle research, Paul Anderson, an artist and graphic designer, says crop circles have been recorded in Canada as far back as 1925. While he is skeptical about aliens transmitting messages, he believes "that somehow human consciousness is involved or interconnected with the phenomenon ... Whether this is an interaction with some other intelligence(s) other than `alien' in the traditional sense, or with natural energy systems, or both perhaps, is a matter of opinion."

What is undeniable is the beauty and precision of the formations seen in the film. Close up, they appear to be created in a uniform fashion, with bent-over stalks swirled into patterns that can include dozens of elements. "They're increasing exponentially," says Nichol. Sightings have now been reported in 50 countries. In his film, people tell how they've felt energized after walking through a crop circle. The same thing happens, Nichol says, to audiences of his film.

Comment: It is interesting that Nichol is convinced a higher consciousness is trying to make contact with people on earth and that he says crop circles are "a wake-up call, asking us to come up to a higher level of consciousness. They reach beyond the rational mind and touch us at a very deep psychic level." This is, in fact, almost exactly what the Cassiopaeans have been saying:

Cassiopaeans: We are compiling an almanac as well as a manual for the entire Terran population there. The reason we are doing this, is that there are millions who want to know the answers on the eve of the Grand Cycle Transformation. However, there are precious few that have chosen to try this form of communication, thus opening up a conduit. Q: (L) Well, how many people are going to be able to understand? A: But it would not be in form with Prime Level 7 Directive to limit entirely the availability of supreme knowledge!!! Q: (L) So you are trying to put the entire story out there for all the world to see? A: Not "trying," we are, my dear.

See Laura's discussion of the Chilbolton Crop Glyph which appeared on the 19th of August, 2001, exactly 23 days before 9-11. Those of you who like to play with numbers might find this fact interesting.

[T]wenty three is the reciprocal golden mean of sixty. Therefore twenty three minutes is the reciprocal golden mean of an hour, while twenty three seconds is the reciprocal golden mean of a minute. There are several other rather obvious attributes of twenty three. It is composed of the first two prime numbers, two and three, which are also, therefore, the first even and odd numbers respectively. The number very nearly says its component's names when spoken in English, as two-to-three, or closer yet, as two-went-to-three, or even as two-went-to-be-three. In this sequence it names the counting number sequence, but also the Fibonacci sequence, the former going on by iteration to four, while the latter goes to their sum, five. [...]

The counting numbers start 0,1,2,3,4... but another sequence, called the Fibonacci numbers starts 0,1,1,2,3,5... Each term is the sum of the previous two. The Fibonacci sequence is most intimately related to the golden mean, 1.6180... and the reciprocal golden mean, .6180... The dividend of any two sequential Fibonacci numbers approximates the reciprocal golden mean, while the dividend of any two reverse sequential Fibonacci numbers approximates the golden mean. The fraction is simply inverted to yield its reciprocal. The larger the Fibonacci numbers, the more exact the approximation of the golden mean: Thus: 1/2 = .5, 2/3 = .666, 3/5 = .6, 5/8 = .625 [Notes About 23 by Jim Fournier - worth a read!]

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Camper claims aliens created crop circle
by Brendan Montague

When camper Wayne Parry was disturbed in the middle of the night, the last thing he expected to find was a crop circle.

As he peered out of his tent he was amazed to see a huge five-circle design just a few feet away.

Some might say the pattern was created by hoaxers but Wayne, 27, is convinced it is the work of aliens.

The facilities cleaner, who was taking advantage of the warm summer nights and camping in barley crops near Coldean Lane, Brighton, claimed there was no way hoaxers could have got into the field without waking him.

Wayne, of Shanklin Road, Brighton, said: "I was very shocked indeed when I woke up - I've never seen a crop circle before.

"They were not there at 10pm when I went to sleep. Where I was camping there is a metal gate and I would have heard them climb over it. There is no way they could have got past."

The circle is hidden from the A27 by trees and consists of two concentric circles with three smaller filled circles apparently orbiting the outside.

Wayne, who works at Asda in Hollingbury, Brighton, said extra-terrestrials could have had a hand in making them because there were no trails leading to the creation.

He said: "The circles are too perfectly formed for someone to have done this.

"They only had a space of a couple of hours to do it. There's no explanation I can give except the usual explanation that this is UFOs.

"It's a nice design, quite psychedelic, and it is a great view from my tent."

An investigation is to be launched by experts from Southern Circular Research, based in Sussex, to find out if the latest design is a hoax.

Andy Thomas, 39, author of the crop circle book Vital Signs and editor of Swirled News, said the field had become a hot spot for suspected UFO visits.

He said: "This is a very interesting case because the guy was there but didn't hear anything.

"When we have conducted hand-made demonstrations it does make a lot of noise with people crunching in the field.

"We've had surveillance experiments before where a crop circle has appeared near equipment caravans without us hearing a thing.

"This field has seen formations for the past 15 years. Nobody knows where these have come from.

"It's a mystery and I could not possibly say what is going on here."

David Taylor, 52, the tenant farmer who owns the crop, said he had lost hundreds of pounds because of the damage but he thought it was more likely to be the work of hoaxers than aliens.

He said: "I've no idea where this circle has come from but to blame it on aliens may be a little far-fetched."

The first crop circle to appear in Sussex this year was created in the centre of a field of oilseed rape.

The 260ft wide shape with spiral arms sprang up at Tegdown Hill, near Patcham, Brighton.

There was a spate of sightings last year, including a strange pattern found in an oilseed rape field on Newmarket Hill, near Woodingdean, in May.

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Mystery of the maize: New Milford woman's corn crop flattened overnight
By Kamilla Gary
July 14, 2004

NEW MILFORD - Martha Bailey got up Tuesday morning, just like she always does, to have her cigarette and coffee out on the porch of her Sunny Valley Road home.

What she saw was reminiscent of the movies. Think Mel Gibson in "Signs."

"Maybe aliens touched down," her 7-year-old granddaughter, Shannon, said.

"They're heeeeere," her son, Eric, joked to his wife, Pat.

Bailey's small garden, marked with the homey sign "Grandma's Garden," is fenced off with 7-foot-tall chicken wire and wood. She has planted yellow and white corn among the squash and tomato plants.

In the middle of the corn patch, a perfect square of corn stalks lay perfectly flat, uniformly bent in one direction. The healthy, green corn stalks were otherwise undamaged and the corn surrounding the approximately 20-foot by-40-foot square was standing perfectly. Not one tomato or squash was harmed.

Whatever, or whoever, flattened the crop is a mystery.

"It's weird," Bailey said, looking out at the garden.

Bailey is convinced that something must have touched down in the garden. She doesn't think it was vandalism; she explained few children live on the quiet street and she has nice neighbors. Even though rain soaked the area Monday evening into Tuesday, no footprints were found in the garden.

"Everything was secure, the gates were locked, it had to be something that touched down and flattened it," Bailey said. "It made me sick this morning."

Some of the cornstalks that had remained standing were beginning to droop Tuesday, but they weren't falling at all the way the others had.

In addition to the 7-foot fence, firewood is stacked against the back and left sides of the fence.

Bailey, 69, said she has been gardening since she was 9 and has never seen anything like it. Her daughter-in-law contacted Dr. Mel Goldstein, a meteorologist with WTNH Channel 8, who told her there was no wind Monday night.

Even if there had been wind, Bailey pointed out that her 3.4-acre property is surrounded by trees, which she believes would have taken the brunt of any wind gusts.

Eric Bailey said that he had seen the 2002 Mel Gibson movie "Signs," by M. Night Shyamalan. The movie focuses on a man who lives on a Pennsylvania farm with his brother and two children. One day the children discover a crop circle in the middle of their corn field, which the family soon learns is a sign that aliens are coming to take over the earth.

"That was the first movie that ever gave me goosebumps," Eric Bailey said. When he first saw the square design in his mother's garden, he said his mind immediately went to otherworldly beings. The square defies other logical explanation, he said.

He knows a little of the history of crop circles, which gained notoriety when stories began popping up in the 1980s in British media. It was revealed that a group of people using wooden boards and wire were creating intricate circles during the night in some instances.

"Who in their right mind would do that and not take credit for it?" Eric Bailey said. [...]

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Crop Circle - Windmill Hill, Nr Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire
Reported 17th July
Courtesy of Crop Circle Connector

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Crop Circle Tan Hill, Wiltshire England - 28/07/2004
Crop Circle Connector

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Aug 26, 2004

Some strange events have residents in the Midwest scratching their heads. Last Thursday and Friday UFO sightings were reported from Minneapolis to Antigo.

Several people also reported some unexpected power outages. Scott Worden has been in the farming business for years, but never in all his time has he witnessed something like this.

"Never seen nothing like this in the field."

Six crop circles were discovered in one of his farm fields early Monday morning.

A worker noticed them while working in a barley field.

Two of the circles are about 20 feet in diameter. The other four are smaller sizes.

Scott says he's not sure how the circles got there. But what he does know, is they're mysterious.

"You can see they're all in a counter-clockwise motion the way the grain is wrapped. Something came down on the field, ya know, and it was turning in a counter-clockwise motion."

Scott says neighbors and friends have come by to see the circles. And take pictures of what some call a phenomenon.

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