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July 13, 2003

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Bastille Day "Terror Attack"

Yesterday's Signs page carried the story of how the French government is gearing up for a possible "terrorist" threat on France's national holiday, Bastille day. Tomorrow (Monday) commemorates the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789, an event which lead to the French revolution and the overthrow of the French royals, restoring "Liberté, Égalité et Fraternité".

While information about the suspected source of the threat was not given, it is clear from the overwhelming evidence that the "terrorist threat" as promoted by the US, Israel, Britain and their various lapdogs throughout the world, does not exist, but is rather a creation of these very same governments.

If we assume that most crimes that are successfully committed are premeditated, in attempting to discover the culprit it is useful to first look at who benefits.

Using this technique all fingers point to the US and Israel (Mossad) as being responsible for the 9/11 attacks (leaving aside all of the objective evidence that supports this conclusion.)

The allegation that "Arab/Muslim terrorists" carried out the 9/11 attacks has always been problematical.

Very little is ever said about the the logical inconsistency that the "Arab terrorist masterminds" supposedly with the intellectual and strategic capabilities to carry out 9/11 are however too stupid to understand that by carrying out such attacks on the US they are acting against themselves and the very people they are supposedly fighting for, by incuring the brutal wrath of the insatiable US military machine.

It is for this reason that the Bush administration must labor the point that these "terrorist masterminds" "hate us because of our democracy and freedom" and other ridiclously simplistic and infantile accusations.

All Ameicans must be brainwashed into believing that the "Arab terrorists" are blinded by hate for the glorious and free USA, simply because it is "free and democractic", otherwise the whole picture begins to fall apart.

And so to Bastille day. The idea of "Arab Terrorists" attacking France is even more far fetched.

Due to its colonisation of various African nations, France has for many years had a large number of foreign immigrants particularly from Muslim North Africa (Algeria especially).

These immigrants have on the whole been accepted graciously into French society and some like Zinedine Zindane have become national heros (incidentally about half the French national soccer team are from Algerian or African descent, and soccer is big news in Europe in general). France is one of the most "Arab friendly" countries outside of the Arab world.

Perhaps it is that the echo of "Liberté, Égalité et Fraternité" still reverberates to some degree in the minds of most French people, but there is definitely a strong sense of "power to the people" in French society, a unspoken threat to the leaders that "we did it once, we can do it again".

So simply put, France would probably be the LAST of the western nations that any intelligent "Arab terrorists" would consider striking (even if they existed).

So tomorrow on Bastille day if anything "terrorific" transpires, justifying further atrocities in the US and Israel-lead global "War on Terror", look to who benefits and has been beneifitting since the US government allowed Israeli terrorists to murder US citizens on Sept. 11th.

Blair seeks new powers to attack rogue states

By Andy McSmith and Jo Dillon
13 July 2003

Tony Blair is appealing to the heads of Western governments to agree a new world order that would justify the war in Iraq even if Saddam Hussein's elusive weapons of mass destruction are never found.

It would also give Western powers the authority to attack any other sovereign country whose ruler is judged to be inflicting unnecessary suffering on his own people.

A Downing Street document, circulated among foreign heads of state who are in London for a summit, has provoked a fierce row between Mr Blair and the German Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder.

Mr Schröder is in London for a summit of "progressive" governments, convened by Mr Blair, which opens today.

Mr Blair has involved British troops in five conflicts overseas in his six years in office, and appears to be willing to take part in many more.

The document echoes his well-known views on "rights and responsibilities" by saying that even for self-governing nation states "the right to sovereignty brings associated responsibilities to protect citizens".

This phrase is immediately followed by a paragraph which appears to give the world's democracies carte blanche to send troops anywhere there is civil unrest or a tyrant who refuses to mend his ways.

It says: "Where a population is suffering serious harm, as a result of internal war, insurgency, repression or state failure, and the state in question is unwilling or unable to halt or avert it, the principle of non-intervention yields to the international responsibility to protect."

Comment: Truly, by these standards the US should be top of the list and the UK second.

Sharon faces protests as he flies in for London talks

By Justin Huggler in Jerusalem
13 July 2003

Massive security is expected as the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, arrives in London today ahead of talks with Tony Blair. Protests against his visit are expected from British Muslim groups as well as British Jews who oppose his hardline policies in the conflict with the Palestinians.

Visits by Israeli officials usually involve intense security, and none is more controversial than Mr Sharon, who has presided over the reoccupation of Palestinian towns and cities and the Jenin atrocities as Prime Minister. He was held personally responsible by an Israeli inquiry for the 1982 massacre of Palestinians by Lebanese Christian militias at Sabra and Chatila refugee camps in Beirut.

Demonstrations are being planned outside Downing Street during Mr Sharon's meeting with Mr Blair by groups such as the Muslim Association of Britain, and Jews for Justice for Palestinians.

[...] Since then, Mr Sharon has had his arm twisted to sign up to the "roadmap" peace plan - a plan that he never wanted, and for which he has repeatedly shown his distaste.

The Israeli Prime Minister fired his own first shots even before he boarded the plane to Britain, accusing European leaders of damaging the peace process by maintaining contacts with Yasser Arafat.

"He [Mr Arafat] got all those telephone calls from leaders, mostly from Europe, and he receives messages from ministers of foreign affairs and others," Mr Sharon said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

"Every act of this nature only postpones the progress in the process," he said. "Most European countries are doing that. By that they are undermining [the Palestinian Prime Minister] Abu Mazen."

Relations have also been strained over the shooting of British citizens in the occupied territories. The UN agency that provides humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees has accused Israel of a cover-up after Iain Hook, a British UN worker, was shot dead by an Israeli sniper in the West Bank city of Jenin. Tom Hurndall, a British peace activist, is in a coma after he was shot by an Israeli sniper as he tried to help trapped Palestinian children out of the line of fire in the city of Rafah, in southern Gaza.

And James Miller, an award-winning British cameraman, was shot dead at close range by Israeli soldiers in Rafah despite being clearly marked as a member of the press.

When Mr Hurndall's parents attempted to visit the spot where their son was shot - they were travelling in a British consular vehicle and were accompanied by British diplomats - an Israeli soldier at an army checkpoint fired over their car.

Comment: Sharon is a brutal war criminal and genocidal psychopath, that is clear for all to see. That Blair is fraternising with him tells us a LOT about the man behind the cheesy grin.

[The below is a translation of a Norweigan newspaper article on Sharon's visit to Norway on Wednesday of this week. Translation by KAH]

I Thought I Would Be Shot

Dagbladet Friday 11. Juli 2003: 9:00

Eivind Witsøe is not at all pleased that Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is coming to Molde. When Sharon led the massacre in Sabra and Chatila, Witsøe was put up against a wall and thought that he would be shot.

"Sharon is a war criminal. He was responsible and he was present when nearly 2000 people were massacred in the refugee camps of Sabra and Chatila in 1982. I saw this massacre with my own eyes," says Witsøe.

It was Saturday, September 18, 1982. Witsøe and other health workers were working non-stop for over three days trying to save as many as possible of the numerous wounded refugees that were flowing into the hospital during the Israeli led massacre during those autumn days. Saturday morning it was extremely quiet – not a shot could be heard. Outside of the main entrance 10-15 (Israeli) soldiers showed up and ordered everyone in the hospital to come outside.


Witsøe and the other health workers were marched through the camp under guard. A Palestinian nurse – the only Palestinian that was left in the hospital – was quickly picked out by the soldiers and taken into a narrow side alley. Witsøe then heard a short round of gun fire.

Afterwards, Witsøe and the other health workers were interrogated by the soldiers.

"I was interrogated for over an hour, and treated as a criminal. They called me a terrorist – we were accused of being German terrorists. Then we were lined up against a wall while the soldiers walked in front of us and pointed their automatic weapons towards us. It was then I thought they were going to shoot us," says Witsøe.


Witsøe and the other foreign health workers were not shot. Today, Eivind Witsøe is the Chief surgeon at the University Hospital in Trondheim, and his thoughts about Sharon are based upon the experience with him for close to 21 years ago. "Sharon's politics have been to massacre. What he did in Sabra and Chatila was not out of the ordinary for him. Sharon is a man that seems to believe that all political questions can be solved militarily. But such a man can never give the Israelis that security that they, too, need," he says.


It was the Lebanese Christian Falangists that physically carried out the massacres in the refugee camps of Sabra and Chatila 21 years ago. However, it was Ariel Sharon who was responsible for that which took place, something that an Israeli inquiry commission also maintained. It was the commission's report that led to Sharon resigning as Defense Minister in 1983. A Belgian court has wanted to charge Sharon with war crimes, but did not have jurisdiction as the supreme court declared that the accused must live in Belgium in order to be tried by a belgian court.

"When we were marched from the hospital, we saw what went on. The Israelis had their headquarters on an incline between the camps. They had a full overview from there. We saw the Israeli officers and the Falangists consulting with each other the whole time. We saw Israeli bulldozers and didn't understand until afterwards that they were to be used to dump the Palestinians into mass graves. There was no doubt that the Israelis had the command and responsibility for what took place," says Witsøe.


Witsøe will be vacationing in a cabin in Molde when Ariel Sharon comes to the city next week. He will take part in the demonstrations again the Israeli Prime Minister's visit, and has nothing against it if some people decide to lay down on the landing strip (in Molde) in attempt to stop Sharon's airplane from landing. Witsøe grew up with Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik as a neighbor and they get along when they meet, even if they disagree in an extremely high degree when it comes to Middle East politics.

"I think it is embarassing and distressing that Bondevik has invited the leader of an occupation force to Norway and to Molde," says Witsøe.


Jul 12 2003

By Stephen White

ONE of the Britons due to face trial at Guantanamo Bay has tried to kill himself.

Feroz Abbasi, 23, attempted to hang himself with a towel - one of the few possessions allowed in the harsh Cuban detention centre.

He was spotted by a guard at the US military base who alerted marines. They raced to the tiny wire cell where he has been incarcerated for 18 months to rescue him.


Abbasi, from Croydon, South London, is said to be increasingly withdrawn. The suicide attempt will increase the pressure on Tony Blair to raise the case of British terror suspects held in Camp Delta when he meets President George Bush on Thursday.

The US has said Abbasi and fellow Briton Moazzam Begg, 35, from Sparkbrook, Birmingham, will be among the first to face military courts which could order their executions.

Downing Street is already discussing a number of options, which could include repatriating the men to face trial in the UK. Begg's father Azmatt, who has not heard from his son for more than a month, said yesterday: "Moazzam should be brought back here and tried under British law. If he has done anything wrong I will support the British judiciary."

Abbasi turned to militant Islam as a teenager before leaving to fight in Afghanistan, where he was arrested in December 2002.

Comment: The brutal regieme in America which tortures its prisoners MUST be called to account for their atrocities.

Israel Threatens Arafat as Prisoner Issue Simmers

By Dan Williams and Wafa Amr
Sat July 12, 2003 11:04 PM ET

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel could deport or arrest Palestinian President Yasser Arafat if he holds up his prime minister's efforts to implement a U.S.-backed "road map" to Middle East peace, Israeli diplomatic sources said Saturday.

"Israel conveyed to Washington that if Arafat continues to undermine Abu Mazen, we will reconsider his location and status," a source said, using Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas's nom de guerre. "By status we mean immunity." [...]

Palestinian officials say Arafat is trying to weaken Abbas, viewing him as too soft on Israel when it comes to implementing reciprocal measures required by the road map en route to Palestinian statehood in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by 2005.

On June 29, Abbas coaxed a temporary truce out of militant groups spearheading the uprising. Israeli troops withdrew from the West Bank city of Bethlehem and areas of Gaza.

But tensions still simmer over 6,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails. Israel has said several hundred "minor offenders" could be freed -- not enough to satisfy Palestinians who view the release of prisoners as key in any peace process.

Abbas spoke with British Prime Minister Tony Blair by telephone Saturday and asked him to pressure Israel to release prisoners, a senior Palestinian official said.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is to meet Blair in London Monday and push for Arafat's deeper isolation. [...]

Bush Vows to Stop Terrorists Using Africa as Base

By John Chiahemen and Patricia Wilson
Sat July 12, 2003 10:15 PM ET

ABUJA (Reuters) - President Bush warned Saturday he would not allow terrorists to use Africa as a springboard to threaten the world, ending a trip that underlined a major U.S. policy shift toward the continent.

Bush, wrapping up his African tour in Nigeria -- a key U.S. oil supplier, issued fresh vows to help restore peace to Liberia, promote economic development on the world's poorest continent and inject funds for Africa to fight its AIDS scourge.

"We will not allow terrorists to threaten African people or to use Africa as a base to threaten the world," Bush said in a speech in West Africa's powerhouse state on the last stop of his first trip to black Africa as president.

Bush has reassessed Africa's strategic importance because of growing U.S. reliance on its oil and intelligence that its porous borders and swathes of lawless territory could be attractive to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda.

The U.S. president, who visited five African states in a whirlwind five days, has pledged a $100 million package to help East African nations bolster their security following recent attacks in the region widely blamed on al Qaeda.

Bush praised Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, whose country is the fifth largest crude oil exporter to the United States, for his leadership on issues such as Liberia. [...]

African oil to cut American reliance on Persian Gulf

By Don Melvin and Bob Deans in Pretoria

President George Bush will wind up his five-nation Africa trip with a weekend visit to Nigeria, the hub of a West African oil boom fuelled by tens of billions of dollars in United States investment.

Two powerful forces lie behind the trend: improved technology for finding oil in the deep water off the West African coast and the US drive to decrease its reliance on crude from the volatile Persian Gulf.

"If the US intervention in Iraq does not bring peace in the Middle East, then the US may have to look to other sources of oil," said Vincent Farley, a former US diplomat in Africa. "And Africa is at the top of the list." [...]

Bush Expresses Faith in CIA Director

By DARLENE SUPERVILLE, Associated Press Writer
Sat Jul 12,10:39 PM ET

ABUJA, Nigeria - President Bush said Saturday he still has faith in his intelligence chief after CIA Director George Tenet accepted blame for Bush's erroneous claim about Iraqi weapons.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tony Blair's office insisted he still believes the disputed charge that Iraq sought uranium in Africa was true, saying Britain has reliable information it cannot share with Washington because it comes from foreign intelligence sources. [...]

Bush and Blair, close allies, are scheduled to meet Thursday in Washington, where the British leader plans to address a joint session of Congress, according to his office.

Asked in Nigeria whether he continued to trust Tenet, Bush said, "Yes, I do. Absolutely."

"I've got confidence in George Tenet," he added. [...]

New Iraqi Governing Council Set to Hold First Meet

By Christine Hauser
Sun July 13, 2003 01:35 AM ET

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A U.S.-backed Iraqi governing council meets Sunday for the first time, giving Iraqis a bigger role in running their country but leaving the final say to U.S. administrator Paul Bremer.

The council, filling a power vacuum after the fall of Saddam Hussein on April 9, will have 25 members roughly reflecting Iraq's religious and ethnic make-up -- 13 Shi'ite Muslims, five Sunni Muslims, five Kurds, one Christian and one Turkmen.

Washington hopes now daily attacks on U.S. troops in mainly Sunni central Iraq will decline if Iraqis feel the U.S. and British occupying powers are transferring authority to local leaders.

U.S. forces largely blame die-hard Saddam loyalists for the attacks, but many Iraqis have been expressing frustration at what they say has been a slowness to return government to Iraqi hands and rebuild the war-battered country.

"The launch of the governing council will mean that Iraqis play a more central role in running their country," Bremer said in a Saturday night statement to Iraqis. [...]

US Troops Struggle to Tell Friend from Foe in Iraq

By Daniel Trotta
Sat July 12, 2003 07:16 AM ET

KHAN DARI, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi children skip joyously toward the U.S. military convoy. They smile and wave and yell "thank you" with thumbs up.

"The kids are great -- until they start throwing rocks," said Sergeant Marvin Foster, waving back on the streets of Khan Dari, some 20 miles west of Baghdad.

"If you don't wave, you get a rock."

U.S. military commanders say they are winning friends and eliminating enemies in towns like Khan Dari in a Sunni Muslim triangle from Baghdad to the north and west, where American forces most frequently come under fire from insurgents.

But the troops cannot always determine whether the civilians they came to free from Saddam Hussein are friendly or hostile. A stone may suddenly come flying from an apparently genial crowd, or a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) from behind a market stall. [...]


Sergeant Foster's field artillery unit, which helped capture Baghdad, has since become a humanitarian mission.

Every day his soldiers haul 3,000 gallons of drinking water into the dusty, littered streets of Khan Dari, filling barrels and buckets of thirsty villagers.

Trained in high-intensity warfare, Foster now finds himself at the pump, trying to impose order on the chaotic queue. Little girls like to charm their way to the front.

Suddenly AK-47 gunfire crackles from a rooftop.

Company commander Captain Matthew Payne leads a team through the streets looking for the gunman, but comes back empty-handed.

"Nobody will tell you who it was," Payne said. "A couple of days ago we took an RPG round and I know everyone there knew who it was. Of course they didn't tell us."

The soldiers then move across town to the propane station, where cooking gas is distributed for a nominal price. [...]

U.S. Forces Girding for Raids by Iraqis

The New York Times

WASHINGTON, July 11 — American intelligence agencies are warning of a possible new wave of attacks against United States forces in Iraq during the next week to coincide with anniversaries tied to Saddam Hussein and the Baath Party, military officials said today.

The anniversaries include July 14, the date of the 1958 coup against the British-backed monarchy, which is celebrated as Iraq's National Day; July 16, the date that Mr. Hussein took power in 1979; and July 17, the date of the Baath Party revolution in 1968.

While stopping short of saying the guerrilla attacks on Americans were centrally orchestrated, the officials said the intelligence agencies were edging closer to a view that they were being coordinated at least at a regional level.

American commanders have made clear in the past that they intend to counter such attacks with aggressive military operations aimed at former Baath Party and paramilitary leaders who are believed to be leading the resistance.

Military officials refused today to discuss any future operations, but they said no one should be surprised if concern over possible new attacks prompted new American military action. "We see a heightened period ahead in which the groups who are out there will try to convince others to carry out attacks," one military official said.

The warnings extend to July 17, the date of the last anniversary, and reflect specific intelligence about possible attacks in Baghdad and other areas, the officials said. They follow a spike in attacks against American forces during the past three days.

Among the particular reasons for concern, the military officials said, are credible but unconfirmed intelligence reports indicating that senior Baath Party officials may have recently gathered for a meeting aimed at reconstituting their movement under the titular leadership of Mr. Hussein. "When you combine the intelligence that we're seeing with the sentiment that usually surrounds these days, there's reason for a lot of concern," a second military official said. [...]

US public doubts grow over Iraq involvement
07:07 Saturday 12th July 2003

A growing number of Americans feel the US troop casualty level in Iraq is unacceptable.

They also believe the Bush administration intentionally exaggerated evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, according to an ABC-Washington Post poll.

The increasing concern about Washington's Iraq policy appears to be pulling down the President's job approval rating, which was at 59% in this poll. That's still relatively strong, but down from the high 60s to mid 70s where it had been for the last few months.

More than half in the poll, 52%, said there is an unacceptable level of casualties in Iraq - the first time this poll has found a majority who feel that way. [...]

Belgium repeals controversial war crimes law

Sunday July 13, 6:40 AM

The Belgian government decided to repeal a controversial war crimes law that has been used in attempts to indict leaders around the world for crimes against humanity, the Belga news agency reported.

The "universal competence" law will be withdrawn and replaced with a new text that has considerably less scope and is more in line with other western countries, Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt told a press conference.

The 1993 law dragged Belgium into a diplomatic minefield as cases were brought against US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, among others, accusing them of war crimes over the war in Iraq.

The existing law gives Belgian courts the right to judge anyone accused of war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide, regardless of the suspect's country of origin or where the crime took place.

Senior US officials, including Secretary of State Colin Powell, had warned that the law could threaten Belgium's standing as home to international institutions including the European Union and NATO. [...]

Comments: America commits war crimes -America threatens any country that points this out. Ya gotta love "democracy"

Iranian president offers to resign over protests

By Behzad Farsian in Teheran

Iran's reforming President, Mohammad Khatami, put his future in the hands of the Iranian public yesterday, offering his resignation after weeks of violent student protests and attacks from hardline conservative and liberal politicians.

In a speech that was censored by Iran's state-run newspapers and television stations, Mr Khatami said he would resign if the people wanted him to, recognising disappointment over the slow pace of promised reforms.

"We are not the people's masters. Rather, we are the servants of the people," he said.

"If the nation says, 'we do not like [you],' we will quit. A society should be so." [...]


By Ted Rall
Wed Jul 9, 8:01 PM ET

NEW YORK--He has canceled elections in Iraq. He will probably cancel them in Afghanistan. Will George W. Bush put the kibosh on elections in the United States next year?

Frightened by Bush's rapidly accruing personal power and the Democrats' inability and/or unwillingness to stand up to him, panicked lefties worry that he might use the "war on terrorism" as an excuse to declare a state of emergency, suspend civil liberties and jail political opponents.

People who have spoken out against Bush are talking exit strategy--not Alec Baldwin style, just to make a statement, but fleeing the U.S. in order to save their skins. "Do you or your spouse have a European-born parent?" is a query making the rounds. (If you do, you can obtain dual nationality and a European Union passport that would allow you to work in any EU member nation.) Those whose lineage is 100 percent American are hoping that nations like Canada and France will admit American political refugees in the event of a Bushite clampdown.

To these people, whether or not the 2004 elections actually take place as scheduled is the ultimate test for American democracy. At Guantánamo Bay the United States is converting a concentration camp into a death camp where inmates will be executed without due process or legal representation. Never before in history has a U.S. president contemplated the denaturalization of native-born citizens-thus far even people executed for treason have died as Americans--but Bush has drafted legislation that would allow him to strip anyone he calls an "enemy combatant" of their citizenship and have them deported. By any objective standard he has already gone way too far, but for many it would take the cancellation or delay of the elections to confirm that we are trading in our wounded democracy for a fascist state. [...]

'I'm the most persecuted man in Italy,' says Berlusconi

'This image of my personality in the media is one I don't recognise. It's the opposite of the way I am'

By Stephen Castle in Rome
13 July 2003

Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's richest and most powerful man, has made an extraordinary defence of his much-criticised leadership in which he describes himself as his country's most persecuted man and lashes out at foreign media.

The comments came just hours after the Italian premier forced a junior minister, Stefano Stefani, to quit for insulting German tourists and thereby prompting Germany's Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, to cancel his Italian holiday.

During an hour-long question and answer session with foreign journalists, Mr Berlusconi denied accusations of unpredictability - but unveiled a surprise proposal to turn the European Commission into a true government of Europe. At one point he argued that his image abroad was so distorted it was as if someone else was committing crimes that could be blamed on him.

Talking into the early hours of yesterday in the opulent Villa Madama in Rome, the Italian Prime Minister gave an unscripted speech that was a bizarre blend of showmanship, political insight, exaggeration and paranoia. [...]

Comment: Psychopathic traits abound!


Glenda Jackson attacks PM

By Paul Gilfeather, Whitehall Editor
Jul 12 2003

TONY Blair must quit if weapons of mass destruction are not found in Iraq, former minister Glenda Jackson said yesterday.

In one of the strongest attacks on Mr Blair's leadership yet by a former member of his Government, Ms Jackson said time was running out.

As several senior Labour figures raised doubts over his future, she said: "He must resign if they are not found. This is most certainly a resigning matter. British troops died for goodness sake.

"Now he is saying that only weapons 'programmes' will be found.

"Does that mean we went to war because Saddam Hussein could launch chopped up pieces of paper - effectively confetti - within 45 minutes?

"Tony Blair placed British troops in clear and present danger on the basis that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and was ready to use them.

"If they are not found then why did we go to war? Why were people killed?" [...]

Hideous Allied War Crimes During And After WWII

From Ingrid Rimland

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

The ZGram below is one that probably few people ever forgot who read it on May 31, 1996 when I first sent it out. In the wake of what Truman said about the cruelties of certain people in power who care not at all about others, it certainly merits a repeat.

Brace yourselves - it is not pleasant reading.

Yet this is the kind of sadism I saw with my own eyes as a child, and this is why so many of the World War II generation so bitterly resent what is being claimed over and over about their detractors. There was unbelievable, truly satanic suffering in Europe in those years - and much of it happened long after all shooting had stopped. [...]

Comment: A strong stomach is required for this one...

"Burden is on those people who think he didn't have WMD to tell the world where they are"

According to a July 9, 2003 White House press briefing:

MR. FLEISCHER: I think the American people continue to express their support for ridding the world of Saddam Hussein based on just cause, knowing that Saddam Hussein had biological and chemical weapons that were unaccounted for that we're still confident we'll find.

I think the burden is on those people who think he didn't have weapons of mass destruction to tell the world where they are . We know he had them in the '90s, he used them. So just because they haven't yet been found doesn't mean they didn't exist. The burden is on the critics to explain where the weapons of mass destruction are. If they think they were destroyed, the burden is on them to explain when he destroyed them and where he destroyed them.

Comment: Thanks to for grabbing this one, since it appears it has now been removed from, where it was originally. More psychopathic babble. We are beginning to suspect that the U.S. cabal was selected to beat the hope out of the American people.What do you do when they lie and then blame you for it?

Pravda also gets angry letters for saying "Bush lies"

Canada leads study to stop super bombs

Powerful thermobaric explosives feared to be in hands of terrorists
David Pugliese
The Ottawa Citizen

Massive thermobaric bombs kill by the force of their shockwave.
Canadian defence scientists are leading an international effort to devise protection against new and more powerful terrorist explosives designed to flatten buildings and rupture people's internal organs. [...]

Mystery death of anti-war student

Family calls for new German police inquiry after crucial questions left unanswered

Hugh Muir
Saturday July 12, 2003
The Guardian

The family of a British student who died mysteriously after attending meetings organised by a rightwing political group in Germany have called for a new investigation into his death.

Jeremiah Duggan, 22, was hit by a series of vehicles on a road outside Wiesbaden, western Germany, in March. German police concluded that Mr Duggan, who was studying English literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, had committed suicide.

But following private inquiries, his family are pressing for the German authorities to take a fresh look at the case and at the activities of the group he was staying with. The Metropolitan police yesterday confirmed its officers are liaising with their German counterparts and Interpol.

He had travelled to Wiesbaden with a group of young men selling the newspaper Nouvelle Solidarité, a French version of a newspaper published by Lyndon LaRouche, an American rightwing extremist condemned by leading Jewish organisations as an anti-semite. LaRouche served five years of a 15-year sentence for fraud and conspiracy in 1984, has a following in many countries and has contested seven presidential elections as a minor candidate. The Schiller Institute in Wiesbaden, where the conference was held from March 21 to 23, is run by his German wife, Helga. [...]

Had they dug deeper they would have been concerned. The Guardian has detailed some of LaRouche's "conspiracy theories". The former Trotskyist has spoken of a worldwide Zionist conspiracy taking in the freemasons, Henry Kissinger and the royal family. He described senior members of the Bush administration as "Children of Satan". [...]

But as the Duggans pieced together details of the conference, one anecdote disturbed them most of all. "It seems he had no idea about who he was with at all. Someone blamed the Jews for the war in Iraq and for the problems of the world. Jeremiah stood up and said 'But I am a Jew'. Everyone went quiet. Jeremiah would have been very upset by that." [...]

Comment: An interesting article. Anyone that mentions that Zionists may have been behind the push for the Iraq war is associated with a criminal and spewing crazy conspiracy theories. No mention of the conspiracy theories that the crazy mass murder media is shoving down the world's throat with some success.

FLASHBACK "The Mind Has No Firewall"

excerpt from an Army article on psychotronic weapons

[...] Psychotropics, defined as medical preparations used to induce a trance, euphoria, or depression. Referred to as "slow-acting mines," they could be slipped into the food of a politician or into the water supply of an entire city. Symptoms include headaches, noises, voices or commands in the brain, dizziness, pain in the abdominal cavities, cardiac arrhythmia, or even the destruction of the cardiovascular system.

There is confirmation from US researchers that this type of study is going on. Dr. Janet Morris, coauthor of The Warrior's Edge, reportedly went to the Moscow Institute of Psychocorrelations in 1991. There she was shown a technique pioneered by the Russian Department of Psycho-Correction at Moscow Medical Academy in which researchers electronically analyze the human mind in order to influence it. They input subliminal command messages, using key words transmitted in "white noise" or music. Using an infra-sound, very low frequency transmission, the acoustic psycho-correction message is transmitted via bone conduction. [...]

The Push and Shove Among Kurds and Shiites

A reader comments: This is a bit interesting and almost certainly beneath the notice of western journalists, considering all that's going on in Iraq.

Mortgage rate hikes may be bad omen

Higher costs could depress booming housing market

A reader comments: There is something on the move here. It might be possible that the massive exodus out of California (the C's mentioned something) is more or less planned and getting close.

First, a few years ago, implementation of low interest rates and PR of digital gold rush to set millions of people to move over a raisonable period of time (long enough so nobody notices the enormity of the manipulation of masses of populaton) and so people get caught in huge mortgage for overpriced housing and other debts. Later, perhaps, when there is no more relevant profit to make from it, set higher interest rates, houses value will drop, massive lay offs, no jobs, people wont be able to afford their houses anyway and will be forced to sell them to the lenders. Gotta go see mom in Nebraska! Oops... And, right, you will spend the rest of your life paying for a house that you wont have anymore. The grip will be stronger than ever. Total political and social control is on the way, the final economic blow ("the sum of all fears") will do the rest. So they wishfully think.

It is happening nationwide but in California it is looking worse. The state in bankrupt, we like that, see, now we try to recall governor Gray Davis, he is too darn liberal (excuse me ..., Gray Davis you say?) and we have our own candidate, Arnold Terminator the Forth, ready to save us form chaos, we're already doing the PR for Arnie.

Aznar (fascist under Franco and beyond)comes to visit and our State Assembly behaves like cheerleaders of Georgie's buddy. Hasta la vista baby.

Fatal Fight Over Yankees Cap

By Rocco Parascandola

A Brooklyn man was arrested after allegedly stabbing his brother to death in a fight over a Yankees cap, police said Friday. [...]

Police: Woman Digs Skeleton Up, Burns It To Fake Death

Disinterred Body Not Identified

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A South Carolina woman accused of putting a disinterred skeleton in her car and setting the vehicle on fire in an attempt to stage her own death has been arrested in Florida. [...]

Former Youth Supervisor Sentenced to Life for Sucking Boys' Toes

SANTA ANA, Calif.  — The former supervisor of a Newport Beach youth program was sentenced Friday to life in prison on 25 counts of lewd conduct and assault for sucking the toes of 20 boys. [...]

Pro-infanticide prof awarded ethics prize

Princeton's Peter Singer advocates killing disabled after birth

World Net Daily

A controversial professor who advocates killing the disabled up to 28 days after birth, has been honored with an international ethics award.

Peter Singer, professor of bioethics at Princeton University, has been given the 2003 World Technology Award for Ethics by the World Technology Network.

The organization says its members are dedicated to the business and science of emerging technologies such as biotechnology and new energy sources. [...]

When Singer was hired by Princeton in 1999, a group calling itself Princeton Students Against Infanticide issued a petition in protest, charging the Australian professor "denies the intrinsic moral worth of an entire class of human beings – newborn children."

"His assertion of the appropriateness of killing some humans based on others' decision concerning the "quality" of their lives should strike fear into everyone who cherishes equality and honors human life," the petition said.

The group called the hiring a "blatant violation of Princeton University's policy of respect for people with disabilities."
Singer also is known for launching the modern animal rights movement with his 1975 book "Animal Liberation," which argues against "speciesism."

Singer insists animals should be accorded the same value as humans and should not be discriminated against because they belong to a non-human species.

Jewish groups block Irving film

Melbourne's Jewish community will act to prevent any future attempt to screen a film by controversial British historian and holocaust denier, David Irving. [...]

Man cleared, claims tea drove him crazy

July 11, 2003  |  PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP)

Criminal charges were dropped against a man whose defense lawyer claimed that drinking jasmine tea made him temporarily insane before he smashed his way into a neighbor's house and chased the woman with a dagger. [...]

20,000 activists may make N.H. a permanent home

By Adam Leech

PORTSMOUTH - New Hampshire and Maine are on a small list of states that a group of 20,000 advocates of limited government will choose from to organize their attempt to reduce the size and scope of government.

Mysterious Smoke Ring: New Details Emerge

You'd have thought it was the end of the world. Actually, some here thought it was. News 4 WOAI tracked down an explanation for a bizarre sighting in San Antonio's skies. [...]

Real culprit behind crop circles? Skeptics point to the media

Keay Davidson
Chronicle Science Writer

Like palm reading, three-card monte and Brooklyn Bridge salesmen, crop circles never die out, thanks partly to the news media's willingness to continue fanning the flames of excitement over a goofy claim that was disproved many years ago.

That's the view of some organized skeptics who, in recent days, rolled their eyes in weary disbelief at the latest revival of crop circle mania, smack in the middle of a Solano County wheat field.

Comment: The questions we have are just who do these "organized skeptics" work for, and why do they care so much?

The article attempts to answer these questions:

"Silly though the subject seems, it is no laughing matter, adds Fraknoi, former executive director of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, based in San Francisco. 'In our media-obsessed times, publicity -- any kind of publicity -- seems to be good for most subjects. . . . Raised on pap, many young people don't know how to do skeptical reasoning any more.'

"At Foothill College, 'many of my students come into astronomy classes fully convinced that UFOs are real and that many other forms of pseudo-science covered by the mass media are part of the scientific landscape of the 21st century.'

Let's give a big hand for the scientists who say something can't exist because the say so, and then have all of this mysterious energy to go and become debunkers just out of the goodness of their heart and concern for our youth, the poor saps. Of course, all crop circles around the world are made by teenagers since the Doug and Dave team aren't around to regale us with their antics.

Yesterday, on the signs page we included a link to Crop Cirles and Life at Parallel Space-time Sheet by M. Pitkanen. We are not saying that he is necessarily correct in his assertions but he does provide some interesting observations (Beware: he discuses genetic code of aliens):

Further facts about crop formations

a) Crop formations need not be only regular, 'geometric' formations. Also randomly downed crop formations caused by the interaction with the ionosphere are possible and are actually more frequent than the regular ones. [...]
b) Expulsion cavities, lengthening and bendings associated with the growth nodes are common to all formation, and it seems that the bending is caused by the softening of the growth nodes. [...]
c) A new and very important plant abnormality has been identied. A massive spiralling and twisting of the somatic tissues in the peduncle (stem at the base of the seed head) could not have occurred at the same time as
the flattening of the crop [...]
d) Balls of light (BOLs) have been also observed in crop formation regions[...]
e) Failures of electrical and mechanical equipment in near or flying over crop circles occur more often than normally [...]
f) Animal and human reactions to crop formations have been studied. Many animals tend to avoid the formations and animals behave abnormally during the appearence of the crop formations. There are also eects on people: dread, euphoria, experiences of peace and oneness, and feeling of love have been reported. Sound sensations like buzzing noise and crackling footsteps have been reported: these could be induced by microwave audition [...]

I spotted this article on the BBC news web-site yesterday (Friday) afternoon;

It's basically about Franklin Mint countersuing the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund for malicious prosecution.
I don't know the exact history - so far only what I've read from the above article - but I get the impression that the Mint used some images (or a doll or something) that the Fund considered they had exclusive rights to. The Fund sued the Mint and lost. In return, the Mint is now suing the Fund for (potentially) $25million. The Fund has therefore had to freeze funding to it's beneficiaries.

The Mint won it's court case!

Why is it so interested in putting the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund out of business? Are the Mint not worried about a public back-lash if they did put the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund out of business? Are the Bush Reich not content with atrocities like Iraq and Afghanistan that they are also targetting those that try to tidy things up after them (landmine victim funds, refugees, etc)?

I thought I'd mention it and I'd be most interested to hear your views on it.

Regards, M

Comment: A quote from the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund site reveals, "Later this year, the Fund, in partnership with Landmine Action will be inviting all kinds of civil society organisations and members of the public to add their voices to the campaign to bring cluster bombs and other explosive remnants of war (ERW) under effective humanitarian law - watch this space for further details." Can't have attention drawn to Bush baby killer and his beloved cluster bombs, so perhaps this indeed may have something to do with it. But, the Franklin Mints sells such cute replicas of war machines.

The Installation: An Interview with Valery Uvarov

Comment: Yet another story of friendly aliens saving us from those big, mean meteors. Go back to sleep, the salvation of your skin is in good hands. Smells like COINTELPRO

More than 200 dead in latest Burundi clashes

Sunday July 13, 4:38 AM

The number of dead in latest fighting between the army and rebels in the war-torn central African country of Burundi passed the 200 mark, according to official and unofficial sources.

The bodies of 44 rebels were found Saturday in a southern district of Burundi's capital, Bujumbura.

Rebels of the Hutu ethnic group have fought the army, dominated by the rival Tutsi ethnic group, since 1993, in a war that has claimed at least 300,000 lives.

Witnesses said the bodies of two senior commanders of the National Liberation Forces (FNL), Colonel Raphael Barankitse and Major Giovanni Kwizera, were among corpses found in a rural part of Gikoto district. [...]

Abrupt Climate Change: Should we be worried ?

Robert B. Gagosian, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

[...] Fossil evidence clearly demonstrates that Earth's climate can shift gears within a decade, establishing new and different patterns that can persist for decades to centuries.Given the fact that the second sun is coming closer, it can only exacerbate the problem.[...]

Fifth earthquake hits Fars province

To order click here... Saturday, July 12, 2003 - ©2003 Shiraz, Jul 12 - An earthquake measuring 3.5 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale shook this southern province on Saturday morning for the fifth time, IRNA reported.

Tropical Storm Claudette Heads for Texas

By LYNN BREZOSKY, Associated Press Writer
Sat Jul 12,11:01 PM ET

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas - Tropical Storm Claudette headed for the Texas coast Saturday, with forecasters expecting the sluggish storm system to intensify to hurricane strength before landfall early Tuesday.

As of Saturday night, the storm was about 345 miles east of Brownsville and continuing at 8 mph toward the mouth of the Rio Grande. Maximum sustained winds were 50 mph, with higher gusts.

"It's actually slowing down right now," said Tim Speece, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Brownsville.

Speece said Claudette was expected to stay tropical storm strength through Sunday morning, then gather strength as it moves across the Gulf. [...]

World's leading stargazers gather in Sydney

Two thousand of the world's leading astronomers are in Sydney in New South Wales for the general assembly of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), which starts today.

The IAU is currently headed by Australian Professor Ron Akers and this week's gathering of 2,000 astronomers represents a quarter of the world's best stargazers.

In a gathering that runs almost a fortnight, they will examine the latest evidence on recent water and volcanic activity on Mars.

Talk will also turn to the study of comets and asteroids which might one day threaten earth, a threat that prompted formation of the International Spaceguard Foundation.

Astronomers will also boldly talk of where no person has gone before - outside our solar system to the 110 extra solar planets discovered so far - a number being added to almost monthly.

Revealed: food companies knew products were addictive

By Robert Matthews, Science Correspondent

Multinational food companies have known for years of research that suggests many of their products trigger chemical reactions in the brain which lead people to overeat, The Telegraph can reveal.

Scientists working for Nestle and Unilever have been quietly investigating how certain foods, such as chocolate biscuits, burgers and snacks, make people binge-eat, thereby fuelling obesity. The companies insist that there is no proof that the foods create bio-chemical reactions that make people eat too much. They are not yet prepared to issue consumer warnings or change the nature of the products.

However, scientists working for the industry have said manufacturers fear they have created foods that undermine the body's abilities to control intake and are battling to find a solution. "We have created a bio-chemical monster," one said.

The revelation will be seized on by those who allege that the food industry has been reckless. More than 300 million people worldwide are now deemed clinically obese, with an estimated 2.5 million dying each year as a result of being overweight. In Britain, more than one in five adults is obese - triple the figure of 20 years ago.

Earlier this year America's leading fast-food chains, including McDonald's and Burger King, were warned of possible legal action from obese people following research on mice and rats suggesting that fast food could trigger overeating. It is now clear that the industry has known for years of similar results from research on humans.

One scientist who acts as a consultant to food manufacturers said: "They are aware that they have been too successful in creating food that some people just can't say no to. It's an enormous problem."

The overeating effect is thought to be triggered by opioids, chemicals which produce a desire to eat more while reducing the "sated" feeling that normally kills appetite.

Research being studied by the industry shows that although the effect is only short-lived, it can have a dramatic effect on food intake. According to a recent review of 20 years of research by scientists at the University of Sussex, when release of opioids was blocked using drugs, intake among human volunteers fell by 21 per cent. The effect was even larger among obese people, whose intake fell by 33 per cent. [...]

Rubber duck flotilla makes landfall after riding waves 20,000 miles

By Charles Laurence in New York

A flotilla of rubber ducks about to beach on the shores of Nova Scotia after travelling the world for more than a decade is being hailed as more than just flotsam and jetsam by oceanographers.

Scientists say the Chinese-made bath toys - part of a consignment including turtles, frogs and beavers lost overboard from a container ship in a Pacific storm - have provided valuable lessons about ocean currents.

A total of 29,000 of the toys, bound for America, were spilled into the sea when their steel container breached, and Dr Curtis Ebbesmeyer, a retired oceanographer based in Seattle, has been tracking their voyage ever since. [...]

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