Saturday, September 25, 2004
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CBS, the CIA, and the Roving Eye

We all have the vague sense that you can't trust the mainstream media.

We often hear people exclaim " Don't believe everything you read!" Most of us, however, while keeping this adage firmly buried in the recesses of our minds, act as if everything we read was in fact true.

CBS was recently caught publishing forged documents about Bush's National Guard service. Or were they? The facts they recount are true, but the debate has been shifted through the work of Karl Rove into a discussion of CBS and not the President. Not bad work. We imagine he is well paid to do this sort of spin doctoring.


Flashback: Pre-emptive Paranoia

Published: September 16, 2004

Here's how bad off the Democrats are: They're cowering behind closed doors, whispering that if it should ever turn out that Republicans are behind this, it would be so exquisitely Machiavellian, so beyond what Democrats are capable of, they should just fold and concede the election now - before the Republicans have to go to the trouble of stealing it again.

There's no evidence - it's just a preposterous, paranoid fantasy at this point. But it speaks to the jitters of the Democrats that they're consumed with speculation about whether Karl Rove, the master of dirty tricks and surrogate sleaze, could have set up CBS in a diabolical pre-emptive strike to undermine damaging revelations about Bush 43's privileged status and vanishing act in the National Guard, and his odd refusal to take his required physical when ordered.

In this vast left-wing conspiracy theory, Mr. Rove takes real evidence on W.'s shirking and transfers it to documents doomed to be exposed as phony (thereby undermining the real goods), then funnels it through third parties to Dan Rather, Bush 41's nemesis on Iran-contra. A perfect bank shot.

The secretary for W.'s squadron commander in the Texas Guard told The Times that the information in the disputed memos is correct - it's just the memos that seem fake.

"It looks like someone may have read the originals and put that together,'' said a lucid 86-year-old Marian Carr Knox, who was flown up to New York yesterday by beleaguered CBS News executives.

She told Mr. Rather that her boss, Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, wrote a "cover-your-back file,'' a "personal journal'' to keep a record about the politically connected Bush in his charge. She said the contents of that mirrored the CBS documents, but she said those documents were not on the right forms and contained Army terms rather than Air National Guard argot. She confirmed that young Bush had disobeyed a direct order from Colonel Killian to take a physical.

"It was a big no-no to not follow orders,'' she said, adding that the Bush scion's above-the-rules attitude caused some snickers and resentment among fellow officers.

Those who suspect Mr. Rove note that when he was Bill Clements's campaign strategist in a 1986 governor's race in Texas, he was accused of bugging his own office to distract from a debate, according to James Moore and Wayne Slater, authors of "Bush's Brain.'' They said it turned the election because after that, the Democrat could not get any attention.

Was the same scenario playing out yesterday evening on CNN? After a five-minute report on the CBS memo controversy, CNN spent about 30 seconds reporting that two more marines had been killed in Iraq.

House Republicans started clamoring for a Congressional inquiry into the documents used by "60 Minutes,'' saying it might be an attempt to manipulate the election. (Isn't that what the Democrats are scared the Republicans are doing?)

These same Republicans never wanted investigations into missing W.M.D., why Congress passed a Medicare bill based on faulty figures, Abu Ghraib or even whether those Swiftie guys were lying, for Pete's sake.

The Democratic paranoia is a measure of the intimidation the West Wing is wielding in a race where John Kerry can't seem to take advantage of any of the Bush administration's increasingly calamitous blunders.

The administration has been so dazzling in misleading the public with audacious, mendacious malarkey that the Democrats fear the Bushies are capable of any level of deceit.

Iraq is a vision of hell, and the Republicans act as if it's a model kitchen. The president and vice president brag about liberating Iraqis and reassure us that they are stopping terrorist violence at its source and inspiring democracy in the region by bringing it to blood-drenched Iraq.

But what they haven't mentioned is that they have known since July that their rosy scenarios are as bogus as their W.M.D. That's when the president received a national intelligence estimate that spelled out "a dark assessment of prospects" for stability and governance in Iraq in the next 18 months, as Douglas Jehl wrote in today's Times. Worst-case estimates include civil war or anarchy.

Unlike the president, the young men and women trying to stay alive in the unraveling chaos of Iraq can't count on their daddies to get them out of the line of fire.

Comment: It's an interesting hypothesis, that Rove would deliberately forge documents containing accurate information on Dubya's AWOL from the Texas National Guard, so that when they were exposed as fake, the information would be discredited also. Pure Machiavelli. Notice how the writer frames such an idea as a "left-wing conspiracy", thereby discrediting the idea that Rove would even pull off such a job, even though he's done similar things in the past.

Of course, here at SOTT, we're crazy enough to think there is substantial evidence that suggests that some of Karl Rove's close friends were behind the attacks of 9/11, so it is easy for us to imagine that he would manipulate the news in this way. We imagine that if you aren't prepared to look at the truth of 9/11, then it would even be difficult to imagine the above scenario. Once you begin accepting the lie, it is a slippery slope.

We think the rabbit hole goes much, much deeper than most people believe. The next article goes a further step in offering an explanation for the "forged" documents and suggests a slightly different theory...

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Flashback: Don't Let Bush Bury the Present

by Ted Sweeney

Regarding the "Mark of Rove," an even more insidious idea occurred to me a couple of days after the phony "forged document scandal" began. Sure, it would be super clever of Rove to fake documents that essentially contain the truth thus discrediting that truth. But it would be even more of a Grandmaster move to use actual documents to destroy the truth.

Consider this:

Back during the 2000 campaign, it was reported that Bush's TANG files in Texas were thoroughly researched by his campaign team. Of course, folks like us interpreted that as a scrub job. Why wouldn't we?

The team must have found these documents in Col. Killian's P-file. Killian was his CO; of course they checked his files. They left everything in place and immediately created a plausible story to account for the documents, i.e. -- they are forgeries. Friendly "experts" were gathered to create a full-on 24-bit true color oppo plan. They took their time and did a very good job of discrediting the documents. Everyone got their marching orders then waited. This was critical. If anyone traced a leak of the TANG files to Rove after Bush's supporters cried "forgery" then you'd have him red-handed. That was unacceptable.

Remember this was 1999-2000. Rove was preparing for Gore with this. But as we all know a landmine is a patient thing. If it doesn't get the intended victim, it will get someone else eventually.

Rove NEVER leaked the Killian memos; he didn't have to. As Election 2004 came around he set his oppo team to dig into Kerry's Vietnam record. The Swift Boat Liars did their damage to Kerry and made Vietnam an issue. There's your bait. Rove waited for a respected news source to find the files, to take the time to verify the documents and the man who wrote them, to step into the trap. 60 Minutes went public and SNAP. The trap closed. The response was IMMEDIATE and MULTIFACETED. There was a full laundry list of issues in less than a day: document experts with multiple arguments, family members of Killian's, retired TANG officers, etc. No one was ready for that. 60 Minutes never had a chance. As far as they knew, the documents were real and correct BECAUSE THEY WERE REAL AND CORRECT.

How could 60 Minutes see that they were actually playing to Rove's plan? They couldn't. This is Rove's mastery of political intrigue in action. The files that years ago were deadly to Bush transformed into a shield placed over the monster's heart. How freakin' clever is that? Every swing voter or mild Bush supporter who watched 60 Minutes that night saw the truth and was swayed by it, even if only a little bit. Hell, even strong Bushies might have felt a lapse of support.

Then, the "Rove Bomb" went off. EVERY news outlet carried the forgery rap the NEXT DAY. Why? Because the bomb had been planted in advance. All the work had been done ahead of time. A few bloggers and Drudge trotted out some lies about typewriters; some "experts" gave opinions on "breaking news" that had been prepared years ago; the 24 hour news machine rolled it all up in neat bulletins and all the Bushites and swing voters who had felt even an iota of doubt about Bush were inoculated against the truth almost immediately and became IMMUNE to further exposure. The myth of the liberal media grew stronger and Kerry and the Democrats were painted with the tar brush.

I think the scenario above was what we really saw. And if that's true, what other traps are out there? Think about it. The press has not just given these people a four year free pass on all skeletons in the Bush Closet. They have given the Bush Family Evil Empire (BFEE) time and opportunity to turn each of those liabilities into assets.

What this means is that despite the huge amount of blood, sweat, tears and time so many of us have put into researching the past of the BFEE in order to pull down the monster's mask, what we need to do is focus on NOW. The BFEE stole the past and rigged it with tripwires. The press let them do it and it is too late to get it back. Our battleground is NOW.

NOW over 1000 American kids have died for nothing in Iraq. NOW our security is a lie. NOW our friends and allies fear and loathe us. NOW our economy has been turned upside down and its pockets picked for the benefit of the few. NOW class war is being waged on the poor and working class. NOW our rights are gone. NOW Bush has violated his oath of office. NOW Bush is a war-criminal. NOW. NOW. NOW.

NOW we stop playing their game. NOW we start playing ours. We DO NOT dig up the past. WE KEEP THEM FROM BURYING THE PRESENT! [...]

Comment: We would not put such a plan past the evil genius of Karl Rove. It is a brilliant political maneuver.

There has been a lot of hoopla in the American media over the "authenticity" of the documents, diverting attention away from the real issue of Bush's sketchy service record. It is astonishing that, given the parameters of the debate, a man who was AWOL and protected by his powerful father can be running a campaign that dirties the record of someone who did go and fight. How twisted is that! Here we are just looking at the cold facts.

The recent madness has centered around Dan Rather and CBS News' use of "questionable documents". Let's look at this a little more closely.

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Flashback: CBS Faces New Charges Over Discredited Bush Report

By Greg Frost
Tue Sep 21, 2004 6:08 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - CBS News faced new charges of journalistic impropriety on Tuesday, a day after the network said it regretted using questionable documents in a report challenging President Bush's military service.

At issue was a report in USA Today that the source of the documents gave them to CBS only after the network agreed to arrange a conversation between the source and the presidential campaign of Bush's opponent, Democratic Sen. John Kerry.

Experts in media ethics said if the report were true, CBS may have overstepped the boundary between journalism and politics. The network said it would investigate the matter.

"It is obviously against CBS News standards and those of every other reputable news organization to be associated with any political agenda," CBS News said in a statement.

Comment: Sure it is - and Fox News is the most objective news outlet in the known universe...

"As to what actually happened here, it is one of many issues the independent review will be examining," the network said, referring to a probe it announced on Monday as part of a dramatic about-face over the authenticity of documents.

After two weeks of defending the documents, which served as the basis for its Sept. 8 report, CBS News publicly acknowledged that it could not prove they were authentic.

Media experts said the affair had deeply damaged the credibility of CBS News, once home to anchor Walter Cronkite -- dubbed "the most trusted man in America." [...]

Comment: "Credibility", "the most trusted man in America"... These are ideas that most Americans associated with the US media. Today we thought we would try to gain a bit more perspective on the subject of the American media. As numerous Signs of the Times articles have demonstrated, the Bush family seems to have quite a bit of influence on mainstream news organizations. Before, during, and after the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the media was there, faithfully repeating whatever lies Bush decided to spout.

We would like to note a few things before examining the man behind the curtain. First, George Bush Sr. is a former director of the CIA. Second, Karl Rove is certainly capable of pulling off the deception outlined in the above articles regarding the records of Bush's military service. Third, it seems that there is a general chaos brewing in the US in recent days. It is as if there are competing factions vying for power, and they are all beginning to flail their arms wildly in an increasingly desperate attempt to win control.

To begin, let's take a look at the role that the CIA has played in the American media over the years...

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A Report on CIA Infiltration and Manipulation of the Mass Media
Ashley Overbeck
September 1999

Should CIA agents be allowed to pose as journalists to further the aims of their clandestine activities?

Members of a Council on Foreign Relations task force on the future of U.S. intelligence in the post-Cold War world say yes, and a CIA official recently came forward to admit that the Agency already occasionally does so despite regulations barring the practice. But is this a breaking story or just the latest chapter in a spy story that traces its roots back to the 1950's? While they may act like strangers in public, the press and the CIA have a sordid past that spans more than four decades.

The CIA-Press Connection in the 1950s and 60s

The CIA-press connection traces its roots back to the early days of the Cold War, when Allen Dulles (who became CIA director in 1953) began courting the nation's most prestigious journalistic institutions for Agency operations. The mood of the day precluded the need for secretive infiltration, as Carl Bernstein points out in his 1977 expose on the topic. "American publishers, like so many other corporate and institutional leaders at the time, were willing to commit the resources of their companies to the struggle against global Communism," he writes. "Accordingly, the line separating the American press corps was often indistinguishable."

Comment: Today, the war is not against Communism, but rather terrorism.

That's not to say that reporters acted as spies in the James Bond sense. Media outlets offered services that fell into the broad categories of providing "cover" for CIA operatives (i.e. jobs and credentials) or sharing information gathered by reporters on staff.

While the Agency ran a formal training program in the 50's that attempted to teach rank-and-file agents to be reporters, this was among the least common of the more than 400 relationships with the press described in CIA files. Most involved were journalists before their involvement with the CIA began.

Reporters, especially foreign correspondents, typically served as "eyes and ears" for the CIA. Often they were briefed by agents before a trip and debriefed when they returned; they shared their notebooks, relayed things that they had seen or overheard and offered their impressions. More complex arrangements found reporters planting misinformation for the Agency or serving as liaisons between agents and foreign contacts, often in return for information or access.

"In return for our giving them information, we'd ask them to do things that fit their roles as journalists but that they wouldn't have thought of unless we put it in their minds," one agent told Bernstein. "For instance, a reporter in Vienna would say to our man, 'I met an interesting second secretary at the Czech Embassy.' We'd say, 'Can you get to know him? And after you get to know him, can you assess him? And then, could you put him in touch with us -- would you mind us using your apartment?'"

Another senior CIA official offered the following description of "reporting" by cooperating journalists: "We would ask them, 'Will you do us a favor? We understand that you're going to be in Yugoslavia. Have they paved the streets? Where did you see planes? Were there any signs of military presence? How many Soviets did you see? If you happen to meet a Soviet, get his name and spell it right."

It was a symbiotic relationship: reporters got the scoop and the spooks got the dirt. Correspondents with Agency ties were highly valued by their bosses for the stories they brought home. And agents saw in the press a perfect vehicle for information gathering: who else besides a reporter enjoyed such free access in a foreign country, could cultivate so many sources among foreign governments and elites and ask lots of probing questions without arousing suspicion? [...]

The Church Committee Investigation

A flurry of public attention began to cast doubts upon the ethics of a press wedded to the Central Intelligence Agency after a Washington Star-News story by Oswald Johnson reported that the CIA had three dozen American newsmen on its payroll at that time (November 1973). Then-CIA director William Colby (CFR) leaked this information to Johnson, fearing an embarrassing fallout after both the Star-News and New York Times approached him to ask if any of their staff members were receiving payments from the Agency. (A Times investigation four years later showed the number of CIA-funded journalists to be closer to 50; Bernstein's expose in Rolling Stone that same year claimed it was more like 400.)

By now, the times they had a-changed: In a 1974 article in the Columbia Journalism Review, former reporter Stuart Loory chastised fellow journalists for their history of chumming it up with the CIA and for their lax coverage of the issue once it came to light. "There is little question that if even one American overseas carrying a press card is paid by the CIA, then all Americans with those credentials are suspect," he wrote. "We automatically... consider Soviet and Chinese newsmen as mouthpieces and informants for their governments, while at the same time congratulating ourselves for our independence. Now we know that some of that independence has, with the stealth required of clandestine operations, been taken away from us -- or given away."

In 1975, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence headed by Frank Church (the Church Committee) focused its attention on the Agency's use of American news outlets. The CIA went to great lengths to curtail this part of the committee's investigation, though, and some members of the committee later admitted that the Agency was able to get the upper hand. Colby and his successor, George Bush (CFR, TC), were able to convince the Senate that a full inquiry would cripple their intelligence-gathering capabilities and would unleash a "witch-hunt" on the nation's reporters, editors and publishers.

"The Agency was extremely clever about it and the committee played right into its hands," one congressional source told Carl Bernstein. "Church and some of the other members were much more interested in making headlines than in doing serious, tough investigating. The Agency pretended to be giving up a lot whenever it was asked about the flashy stuff -- assassinations and secret weapons and James Bond operations. Then, when it came to things they didn't want to give away, that were much more important to the Agency, Colby in particular called in his chits. And the committee bought it."

Former intelligence officer William Bader (who returned to the Agency as a deputy to Stansfield Turner) and David Aaron (who later served as deputy to President Carter's national security advisor) supervised the committee's investigation of the CIA-press angle. CIA director Bush balked at all of Bader's requests for specific information about the scope of the Agency's media activities. Under pressure from the entire committee, Bush finally agreed to pull records on journalists and have his deputies condense them into one-paragraph summaries. The Agency would not make the raw files available, and neither the names of journalists nor their affiliations would be included. More than 400 summaries were compiled (a number that officials acknowledge was probably on the low side) in an attempt to give committee members "a broad, representative picture." [...]

CBS: CIA Broadcasting System?

Bernstein asserts that a good relationship between former CIA director Allen Dulles and former CBS president William Paley (CFR) made the network the CIA's most valuable broadcasting asset. "Over the years," Bernstein writes, "the network provided cover for CIA employees, including at least one well-known foreign correspondent and several stringers; it supplied outtakes of newsfilm to the CIA; established a formal channel of communications between the Washington bureau chief and the agency; and allowed reports by CBS correspondents... to be routinely monitored by the CIA."

Paley chose Sig Mickelson (CFR), president of CBS News from 1954 to 1961, as his liaison with the CIA. Mickelson (who went on to become president of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty) recalls complaining about having to use a pay phone to contact the CIA, and later installing a private line that bypassed the CBS switchboard for this purpose. A CBS investigation of his files revealed that he was involved in passing on CBS film and outtakes to CIA officials in exchange for payment and that he regularly forwarded copies of CBS' internal newsletter to his CIA handlers. The same investigation revealed that two CBS employees -- stringer Austin Goodrich and Frank Kearns, a network reporter from 1958-1971 -- were undercover CIA operatives.

Mickelson has discussed his CIA activities with Bernstein and others. "When I moved into the job I was told by Paley that there was an ongoing relationship with the CIA," he has recalled. "He introduced me to two agents who he said would keep in touch. We all discussed the Goodrich situation and the film arrangements. I assumed that this was the normal relationship at the time. This was at the height of the Cold War and I assumed the communications media were cooperating -- though the Goodrich matter was compromising."

Mickelson's successor Richard Salant says he continued some of these practices when he took the CBS helm. "I said no on talking to the reporters, and let them see broadcast tapes, but no outtakes," he explains. "This went on for a number of years -- into the Seventies."

Sign of the Times

The New York Times was for the CIA in the realm of newspapers what CBS was to the Agency among broadcasters. Publisher Arthur Hays Sulzberger (CFR) arranged for cover for approximately 10 CIA employees between 1950 and 1966 as part of his general policy of providing assistance to the CIA whenever possible.

According to CIA officials, the Agency's ties to the Times were stronger than to any other papers because of its large foreign news operation and because of close ties between publisher Sulzberger and director Dulles (a relationship described by one staff member as "the mighty dealing with the mighty.") The output of this close relationship generally included reporting for CIA agents and "spotting" new prospective foreign operatives. Sulzberger is said to have signed a secrecy agreement with the Agency in the 1950's -- some say he did so as a pledge not to reveal the classified information he was privy to; others claim it was a pact never to reveal the Times' dealings with the CIA.

Former Times reporter Wayne Phillips said CIA agents approached and tried to recruit him as an undercover operative in 1952, advising him that the Agency has a "working relationship" with Sulzberger. A Freedom of Information Act request later revealed that agents hoped to put him to work as an "asset" abroad. The Times ran a story about the attempted recruitment in 1976, in which Arthur Ochs Sulzberger (CFR) asserted that he had "never heard of the Times being approached, either in my capacity as publisher or as the son of the late Mr. Sulzberger."

A CIA Post?

Bernstein's former employers at the Washington Post escaped his expose unscathed, but other investigators have documented extensive CIA ties at the paper. According to John Kelly of CounterSpy magazine, Post reporter Walter Pincus (CFR) worked for the CIA in 1959 as an Agency trained and funded delegate sent to the International Youth Festival in Vienna to disrupt the festival and spy on fellow Americans. After briefing agents on his activities and taking a pledge of secrecy, he went on attend youth conferences in Ghana and Guinea. Pincus claims that he was offered, but turned down, a permanent CIA position, although he did attend a political meeting in New Delhi at the Agency's request before going on to bigger and better things at the Post. Pincus has written several pieces sympathetic to CIA operations. He published an article just prior to the release of Bernstein's Rolling Stone expose downplaying the article's claims, even though his report essentially let Post publisher Katherine Graham off the hook.

Reporter Russell Warren Howe also has a long history of CIA service. In 1958, he once said, his "days as an asset had just begun." He worked for the CIA proprietary "Information Bulletin, Ltd." and its successor, "Forum Service" (later known as Forum World Features), in addition to the CIA-funded "Africa Report and "Survey." Howe was fully aware of his employer's CIA ties, referring once to the FWF as "the principal CIA media in the world." According to the Church Committee, the Post management was aware that one of their reporters worked for a CIA publication, and that on several occasions they knowingly reprinted propaganda from that paper in the Post.

Philip Geyelin (CFR) on the other hand was a CIA agent before taking a job as a Post reporter. Geyelin joined the Agency for 11 months during a leave from the Wall Street Journal. While at the Journal, CIA memos about Geyelin (which number in the hundreds, according to CounterSpy) described him as "a CIA resource" and a "willing collaborator." Geyelin has come to the CIA's defense in the Post: in response to a statement by Post ombudsman Charles Seib that the CIA should stick to dirty work, the press should inform the public, "and never the twain can meet," Geyelin replied that to the contrary, agents and journalists were "all searching for the same nuggets of truth about the outside world." He took this a step further when he protested Congressional efforts to regulate CIA-media ties, invoking journalists' constitutional right to be co-opted by spooks. "(I)n its zeal to restrict the freedom of the agency to subvert the press," he wrote, "Congress could wind up making a law that would in fact abridge -- or threaten to abridge -- some part of the freedom of the press that the First Amendment was intended to protect."

Publisher Katherine Graham is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations with close ties to former CIA directors Dulles and William Casey (CFR). She hired CIA-linked Wackenhut Security Corporation to break up a Post union strike, and invited former Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach (CFR) to join the Post's board of directors despite his well-documented past as a CIA apologist. Katzenbach is said to have asked a past Post editorial page editor to tone down an upcoming editorial about the CIA, and he chaired a presidential panel that "investigated" CIA domestic operations (but actually served as a rubber stamp for the Agency's activities). While he asserted that both the FBI and CIA were "the most decent and effective intelligence agencies in the world," Katzenbach had first hand knowledge of the seedier side of intelligence: the Church committee produced several memos documenting his suggestions to J. Edgar Hoover that he might undertake wiretap operations as part of the Bureau's campaign to discredit Martin Luther King, Jr.

Making Time for Spooks

Time and Life founder Henry Luce was considered one of the CIA's most cooperative sources in the media. Luce, another of Dulles' personal friends in the media, was said to freely allow staff members to work with the CIA and willingly provide credentials for agents who lacked journalistic experience. Throughout the 50's and 60's Time correspondents attended CIA briefing dinners, and Luce encouraged his foreign correspondents to meet with CIA officials after returning from trips abroad.

C.D. Jackson, a Life magazine vice president in the early 1960's, co-authored a CIA study on reorganization of the intelligence community during his tenure at Time-Life, and approved specific plans for granting cover to CIA operatives. Former Life managing editors Edward Thompson and George Hunt told Stuart Loory that they regularly allowed military intelligence agents to come to the Life office to look at photos and, since they were public domain, sometimes gave them prints. CIA agents were allowed to interview correspondents returning from overseas assignments too, Hunt said, although he did not consider this to be "working with" intelligence agencies. "We never cooperated with the CIA," Hunt claimed. "We didn't have any of that nonsense going on at Life."

Other News Outlets With Documented CIA Ties

Management at the Christian Science Monitor admitted the paper had an ongoing relationship with the CIA throughout the 1950's and early 60's. Joseph Harrison, who became editor in 1950, said he discovered that agents paid frequent visits to the news office to get information on Monitor stories. "I inherited the situation and I continued it," he said of the arrangement, which included allowing the Agency access to uncut versions of stories and letters from Monitor foreign correspondents. While Johnson characterized such activities as "helping out as an American," he drew the line at pursuing stories at the Agency's behest or allowing his employees to moonlight with the CIA. "That," according to his distinction, "would have been espionage."

CIA files show that ABC News provided cover for agents throughout the 1960's. During the Church committee hearings the Agency refused to reveal whether its relationship with the network was ongoing. As with ties to other high profile news outlets, arrangements were made at the highest level, with the full knowledge of network executives. CIA officials claim that Sam Jaffe and one other unnamed correspondent performed clandestine tasks for the Agency. Jaffe admits that he was approached by agents who offered to get him a job with CBS, who would send him on assignment in Moscow if he agreed to cooperate, but claims he never agreed to the deal. Jaffe did go on to do some work for CBS, though, and said he believed that the CIA had a hand in getting him the assignment.

One of the more unusual accounts of the CIA-press connection involves the Louisville Courier-Journal. Undercover operative Robert H. Campbell spent three months at the paper as a reporter in 1964-1965 as part of an arrangement made by the Agency and Courier-Journal executive editor Norman Issacs. The first account of Campbell's tenure at the paper appeared in a front-page story in 1976 -- in the Courier-Journal (one of the few self-investigative pieces written on this topic).

James Herzog reported that Campbell had been hired in spite of the fact that he could not type and knew little about newswriting. "Norman said that when he was in Washington, he had been called to lunch with some friend of his who was with the CIA [who] wanted to send this young fellow down to get him a little knowledge of newspapering," the paper's former managing editor recalled in the article.

CIA sources say that the Courier-Journal arrangements were made so that Johnson could amass a record of journalistic experience (he also worked briefly for the Hornell, New York Evening Tribune). The Agency even sent funds to the Courier-Journal to pay Johnson's salary. These same sources claim that the deal was made with Issacs and approved by the paper's publisher, but neither man recalls being involved. "All I can do is repeat the simple truth," Issacs said in response to Herzog's story, "that never, under any circumstances or at any time, have I ever knowingly hired a government agent." But, he added, "none of this is to say that I couldn't have been 'had.'"

But clues were there. No one looked into Johnson's credentials when he was hired, and his file included the curious notation "Hired for temporary work -- no reference checks completed or needed." Johnson's journalistic prowess (or lack thereof) should have given him away: his editors characterized his work as "unreadable" and it was never published. If that was not clue enough, his penchant for announcing to patrons at a bar a few steps from his office that he was a CIA agent should have done the trick.

Who else? Bernstein compiled the following list of additional organizations known to have provided CIA cover: the New York Herald-Tribune, the Saturday Evening Post, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, Hearst Newspapers, the Associated Press, United Press International, the Mutual Broadcasting System, Reuters and the Miami Herald. [...]


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The CIA and the Media: A Complex Relationship

By, Molly Pietsch
EDGE Paper 2001
Section: War and the Media (Wed. 6:15)


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the American Press have been central features of American society since their beginnings. The CIA concerns itself with international and internal security operations, many of which remain hidden from the general United States population. The American Press works to provide the public with access and information, much of which focuses on the government and its operations. It appears that the two groups work against each other, one striving to conceal, while the other attempting to expose. Unknown to most, the two organizations actually have a long history of partnership. The two groups share personnel and have overlapping payrolls. In addition the CIA has relied on journalists for espionage purposes for over half a century. This partnership raises numerous issues regarding the credibility and bias of the information provided by the press. Many take for granted that the information provided by their daily newspapers and evening news is presented independent of government pressure and control, however the complex relationship between the CIA and the media leads one to question this separation.

This paper will first examine the founding of the CIA and its basic components, the look at the evolution of covert operations, followed by the facets of the operations themselves. Then a review the major covert operations undertaken by the CIA will be presented. An investigation concerning the mainstream press and journalists employed by the CIA will follow, and then move to a look at the relationship between the two organizations. The effects of "September 11" on this relationship will then be explored, and end with concluding thoughts regarding the effects of the CIA and media's complex relationship. [...]

The CIA and the Press: an intimate relationship?

The reason for such an exchange may involve "the revolving door between the media and government. It's considered a badge of honor for a journalist to have spent time working for the White House, whereas it should be seen as a conflict of interest" (Brandt 9). The overlap leads one to question the validity and point of view of the information and articles presented by the shared personnel.

In addition, numerous examples exist in a short examination of recent history of the overlap in payrolls. David Gergen, "has been spinning through the door so often that it makes the rest of us dizzy. Gergen flacked for Nixon, Ford, Reagan and finally Clinton, and between administrations he was an editor at U.S. News & World Report and a commentator for PBS" (Brandt 9).

The list continues; John Scali was with ABC and then Nixon, returning back to ABC after Nixon's era. Robert John Myers was in CIA for twenty years and then took the position of publisher of the New Republic in 1968 (Brandt 9). "Generoso Paul Pope, Jr. was in the CIA the year before he bought the National Enquirer in 1952. Laughlin Phillips, co-founder of the Washingtonian, was in the CIA for fifteen years . . . George R. Packard and L. Bruce van Voorst were with the CIA before they joined Newsweek, and Philip Geyelin worked for the CIA while on leave from the Wall Street Journal" (Brandt 9).

In terms of the actual organizations used by the CIA, in an article by Thomas Wright he listed the American Broadcasting Company, the National Broadcasting Company, the Associated Press, United Press International, New York Times, Louisville Courier-Journal, Copley News, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Newsweek magazine, the Mutual Broadcasting System, the Miami Herald and the old Saturday Evening Post and New York Herald-Tribune, all have worked with the CIA. Furthermore, the most "valuable" associations have been with the New York Times, CBS and Time Inc" (Wright 1).

As demonstrated above, the CIA has not only used reporters and worked with media groups, the organization and the government and media also share much of the same personnel to run their operations. One might ask why the CIA would even risk involving the media at all in its operations, the answer is quite simple: "The use of journalists has been among the most productive means of intelligence-gathering employed by the CIA" (Brandt 9).

Comment: Did you catch the lists of news organizations that have worked with the CIA in the previous two articles? They include CBS, ABC, NBC, AP, UPI, NYT, Copley, Reuters, Hearst, Newsweek, the Saturday Evening Post, the Miami Herald - and the list goes on. In addition, perhaps no news outlet has done more to support Bush and the war on terror than Fox News - and what of CNN and the immense Clear Channel network of radio stations that has taken control of most of US radio and is even taking over European markets?

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CLEAR CHANNEL: Not the Bad Boys of Radio
By Christine Y. Chen

Lowry Mays is the Big Daddy of radio. The founder and CEO of Clear Channel, Mays oversees 1,233 radio stations with some 100 million listeners across all 50 states, and runs a company with $8 billion in revenues and a $23 billion market cap. But ask Mays about what he does for a living and you won't hear much about musicians or how to bring up ratings or who's the best DJ. Those things don't interest him much.

Truth is, Mays isn't that passionate about what goes out over the airwaves. As long as his broadcasts sell ads, he's happy. "If anyone said we were in the radio business, it wouldn't be someone from our company," says Mays, 67. "We're not in the business of providing news and information. We're not in the business of providing well-researched music. We're simply in the business of selling our customers products."

That all-business attitude is just one of the things that infuriates Mays's detractors, for whom creative content is everything. To the musicians, small radio operators, and other radioheads who hate Clear Channel, Mays is an evil emperor intent on seizing the many charming boutiques of Radio Land and converting them into an audio Mall of America. And that's just for starters. [...]

Comment: Is it that much of a stretch to think that someone like Mays - who openly admits that content isn't the point, it's the money that counts - would be a prime target for cooperation with an agency like the CIA? Why would he care if his stations just broadcast a bunch of propaganda and lies? Working with the CIA would make him "a true American" and "supportive of his country" - while simultaneously making him very rich!

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Clear Channel execs donate more to Bush
By Jim Hopkins, USA TODAY
3/23/2004 4:35 PM

Clear Channel, rejecting Howard Stern's claims that he was canned for slamming President Bush, says its radio network does not have a political agenda.

But new political contribution data tell a different story about Clear Channel (CCU) executives. They have given $42,200 to Bush, vs. $1,750 to likely Democratic nominee John Kerry in the 2004 race.

What's more, the executives and Clear Channel's political action committee gave 77% of their $334,501 in federal contributions to Republicans. That's a bigger share than any other entertainment company, says the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.

In contrast, Viacom (VIA) executives and its political action committee gave just 30% of their $545,650 to Republican candidates. Viacom syndicates Stern's show. [...]

Clear Channel CEO Lowry Mays and his sons led the campaign giving. Mays gave $12,500 to the Republican National Committee in September. He gave $2,000 to Bush in July. President Mark Mays and Chief Financial Officer Randall Mays each gave $2,000 to Bush last year, as well. Levin says these gifts reflect a fact of political life — that companies tend to favor the party in power.

Clear Channel, based in San Antonio, has grown rapidly since Lowry Mays started the company 30 years ago. It has 180 million weekly listeners and 1,200 stations, up from about 200 stations five years ago.

Critics worry that its airwave dominance will stifle diversity of broadcast views as the FCC, Congress and the courts debate restricting radio ownership. "When they are that powerful and they have a political track record, it can make one uneasy," says Andrew Schwartzman, president of Media Access Project, a watchdog group. [...]

Comment: At the very least, it seems that Clear Channel has close ties to the Bush administration. We are reminded of George Bush Sr.'s activities as director of the CIA in concealing the true number of CIA employees involved in various media groups...

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Clear Channel Worldwide

According to the company's web pages, "Clear Channel Worldwide (Clear Channel Communications, Inc., NYSE: CCU), headquartered in San Antonio, TX, is a global leader in the out-of-home advertising industry with radio and television stations, outdoor displays, and entertainment venues in 66 countries around the world.

Including announced transactions, Clear Channel operates approximately 1,225 radio and 39 television stations in the United States and has equity interests in over 240 radio stations internationally. Clear Channel also operates approximately 776,000 outdoor advertising displays, including billboards, street furniture and transit panels around the world. Clear Channel Entertainment is a leading promoter, producer and marketer of live entertainment events and also owns leading athlete management and marketing companies."


Following the September 2001 terrorist attacks, Clear Channel program directors issued a list of "potentially offensive songs" that it suggested stations not play. Many reports referred to the list as a "ban" on the songs, which included all Rage Against The Machine songs, the Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy" (which includes the line "Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade"), John Lennon's "Imagine," Metallica's "Seek and Destroy," AC/DC's "Safe in New York," Bobby Darin's "Mack the Knife," Peter, Paul and Mary's "Leaving on a Jet Plane," and Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire," and "The Drifters' On Broadway."

Clear Channel spokesperson Pam Taylor objected to the list being called a "ban," saying, ""This was an effort to help people be sensitive to the unthinkable environment. It's been somehow turned into some sort of evil attempt to control pop music, and that's absurd."[1] According to the New York Times, "a smaller list of questionable songs was originally generated by the corporate office, but an overzealous regional executive began contributing suggestions and circulating the list via e-mail, where it continued to grow." The program directors at individual stations were able to decide whether to play the listed songs or not.[2]

Also, in 2003, "after the Dixie Chicks criticized President Bush during a London performance ... some Clear Channel radio stations pulled the group's music from their play lists."[3] According to the New York Times (March 31, 2003), "More unified were the actions of Cumulus Media, which owns 262 stations, and has at least temporarily stopped all 42 of its country stations from playing the Dixie Chicks."

Pro-War Rallies

The Clear Channel's activities go beyond radio. In March 2003, its affiliate stations throughout the United States organized pro-war rallies, under the name of Rally for America, to coincide with the Bush administration's launch of war with Iraq. "Experienced Bushologists let out a collective 'Aha!' when Clear Channel was revealed to be behind the pro-war rallies, because the company's top management has a history with George W. Bush," reported Paul Krugman in the New York Times. Although Clear Channel denied sponsoring the rallies, "they were promoted repeatedly by the company's widely syndicated radio personality, Glenn Beck."[4]

To counter negative impressions resulting from the post-9/11 playlist and "Rally for America" debacles, Clear Channel hired the crisis-management firm Brainerd Communicators. According to the New York Times (March 31, 2003), part of Clear Channel's damage control included an op/ed article by Glenn Beck in which "Mr. Beck described the [pro-war] rallies as a grassroots response to his personal broadcast call to 'Mr. and Mrs. America' to urge their local radio stations to hold rallies."

Breaking the Law

In their "Ten Worst Corporations of 2003" list, Robert Weissman and Russell Mokhiber report that Clear Channel has "compiled a record of 'repeated law-breaking' ... violating the law -- including prohibitions on deceptive advertising and on broadcasting conversations without obtaining permission of the second party to the conversation -- on 36 separate occasions over the previous three years."[5]

Bush Connections

"The vice chairman of Clear Channel is Tom Hicks, whose name may be familiar to readers of this column. When Mr. Bush was governor of Texas, Mr. Hicks was chairman of the University of Texas Investment Management Company, called Utimco, and Clear Channel's chairman, Lowry Mays, was on its board. Under Mr. Hicks, Utimco placed much of the university's endowment under the management of companies with strong Republican Party or Bush family ties. In 1998 Mr. Hicks purchased the Texas Rangers in a deal that made Mr. Bush a multimillionaire." [6],

"In addition, Hicks steered a controversial scheme to use the University of Texas' $13 billion endowment for private investment. Among the beneficiaries were the Carlyle Group, the arms investment firm tied to both George Bush Snr and the bin Laden family, and George W Bush's controversial Harken Oil drilling project in Bahrain."[7]

Data released by the Center for Responsive Politics in early 2004 revealed that Clear Channel executives donated $42,200 to Bush compared to $1,750 to Democrat Presidental candidate John Kerry. Clear Channel's [political action committee] contributed 77% of their $334,501 in federal contributions to Republicans. [8]


Clear Channel
200 Basse Road
San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: 1-210-822-2828

Comment: Here again we notice that Clear Channel has strong ties to the Bush family, the Carlyle group, and Big Oil. The Bush family, of course, has ties to the CIA in the form of Papa Bush.

We began our look at the CIA-media ties with some flashbacks to the recent stories of the debacle with Dan Rather, CBS, and George Junior's military service record. The following articles are indeed more indications that the major networks are still involved with the CIA...

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The CIA Goes Primetime on CBS

Published on Tuesday, September 4, 2001 in Newsday
by Jeff Cohen

In a country where separation of media and state is so valued, should a TV network allow a government agency to have an editorial role in how that agency is portrayed on the air?

The question is raised by the input and support CBS has accepted from the Central Intelligence Agency in producing its new weekly drama about the CIA, "The Agency," which premieres this month.

One wonders if CBS executives remember "The FBI," the dramatic series starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr. that was one of the great feats in propaganda history. Week after week for nine years, it presented an unvaryingly upbeat -- and largely distorted -- portrait of a highly ethical, non-politicized institution keeping America safe from internal and external enemies. It was a portrait jointly shaped by ABC, a private network, and the FBI, a secretive government agency that had say over scripts and story lines.

Each episode displayed the FBI seal and thanked director J. Edgar Hoover for his cooperation. As far back as the newsreels of John Dillinger's capture, Hoover knew that polishing the Bureau's image through the mass media was a key to ever more power and more funding.

After "The FBI" went off the air in 1973, Congressional hearings and Freedom of Information lawsuits revealed that -- during the nine years of sanitized hero-worship on ABC -- the Bureau was systematically abusing the First Amendment rights of countless civil rights and peace advocates, from grass roots activists to John Lennon and Martin Luther King Jr. "The FBI" offered no episodes about that FBI.

Zimbalist and his TV cohorts waged war against organized crime, but in the real world, the FBI's efforts were half-hearted at best. In 1968, for example, when activist/comedian Dick Gregory made a speech denouncing the Mafia as "snakes" for importing drugs into the inner city, J. Edgar Hoover reacted by trying to provoke the mob into retaliating against the comedian. Hoover wrote that the FBI should develop "a counterintelligence operation to alert La Cosa Nostra to Gregory's attack on LCN."

Those dozen words shed more accurate light on the character and activities of the Bureau than all the weekly ABC episodes that year.

Apparently unconcerned with this history, CBS's "The Agency" has invited the participation of the CIA, an institution with a history at least as controversial as the FBI's. The CBS project readily won the support of the CIA and its public liaison officer with Hollywood, Chase Brandon, whose job is CIA image-enhancement.

A decade after the collapse of our Soviet enemy (which the CIA largely failed to predict), positive media presentations can help sell the public on the need for the CIA and its estimated $30 billion price tag. Each week "The Agency" will glorify CIA officers who save the world from Arab terrorists, drug-runners, kidnappers and assorted cutthroats.

A new ABC spy series, "Alias," has also received some CIA assistance, but Brandon refused requests to help two forthcoming CIA-related movies -- one starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt , another starring Matt Damon -- because he deemed them insufficiently positive: "If someone wants to slander us," Brandon told the Washington Post, "it's not in our interest to cooperate." Echoes of J. Edgar.

After meeting the creator of "The Agency" and reviewing scripts, Brandon granted unprecedented CIA support for the CBS series because "it would show our spirit, patriotism and dedication." As the New York Times described, CBS was even allowed to shoot parts of its pilot at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, using off-duty CIA employees as extras. For interior sets in Los Angeles, the CIA has provided agency seals. "Much to the delight of the agency," the Times reported, "CBS clearly has become an agency booster."

Series creator Michael Beckner explained CIA involvement to the Richmond Times-Dispatch: "[The series] is not going to demonize them…What attracted them to cooperating with us is the fact that we want to tell stories about the lives of the people that work there."

Producers say the CIA will have input on scripts but not script "approval." Executive Producer Shaun Cassidy commented on the CIA's script involvement : "Their support is a strictly case-by-case basis. If they don't like the script, we won't have their support that week."

But should network TV producers be showing scripts to a government agency in hopes of getting its support? And if a series is that cozy with its subject, how much integrity can the program have?

In recent years, the CIA has worked hand-in-hand with brutal regimes and armies. It has helped overthrow elected governments. CBS knows it will abruptly lose its access and support if "The Agency" focuses on the CIA's less savory activities or blunders.

As long as CBS and the CIA remain wedded, don't expect a hard-hitting episode on the agency's alliance with the corrupt, often-brutal military in Colombia. Or on the CIA's past links to terrorists like Osama bin Laden now protected by the Afghan government. Or on the agency's role in the bombings of the Chinese embassy in Serbia and the pharmaceutical factory in Sudan.

In other words, expect far more fiction than fact.

Comment: It seems that ABC - and especially CBS - still have strong ties to the agency.

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Spy Gadgets Out In The Open
CBS Early Show, Jan. 13, 2004 [Link to original article]

WASHINGTON - The part of the CIA that's in charge of science and technology is showing off some never before-seen-devices that have been used in the cloak-and-dagger game over the years.

CBS News Correspondent Bill Plante went to CIA Headquarters to get a sneak peek at what some have called "the finest museum you'll never see."

It's a museum of top-secret spy stuff, a display of the once-classified gadgets used by CIA spies all over the world. It's for CIA employees only, but CBS News got a rare look behind the scenes from Dr. Donald Kerr, director for science and technology.

Comment: Imagine that! CBS news gets a rare look behind the scenes!

It appears that, as in previous decades, the CIA is still intertwined with numerous news outlets in the US - and certainly elsewhere. If anything, the relationship today with American outlets is most likely far simpler than in past years. With the advent of the immense American media oligopoly, and the ties that many media executives have to the power structure in both the US and Israel, it seems that the CIA would be able to exert even more influence over the news that most Americans simply accept as "factual" and "objective".

We note in the previous articles the brief mention of the CIA feeding articles to news organizations. Given the CIA's actions in the overthrowing of democratically elected governments around the globe, it would seem foolish to assume that the agency's involvement with US media exists simply to gather intelligence. This explanation would no doubt be the most provided reason for any ties that were exposed. After all, what patriotic American would ever believe that the CIA teaches torture and overthrows governments? The CIA exists just to collect intelligence on other countries, right? Naturally, the American masses will take the intelligence-gathering bait hook, line, and sinker - and those who run the CIA know it.

The Bush administration is also aware of the gullibility of the American public - or, at the very least, the masterminds behind Bush like Karl Rove are aware.

The CIA has recently become the fall guy for the disaster in Iraq as well as the attacks of 9/11. Numerous CIA agents are upset at the Bush Administration. It is therefore possible that CBS may represent a sector of the US ruling elite that is not in agreement with the specifics of the Bush agenda, not that they would have the best interests of the disenfranchised American citizen at heart. (We don't think there are any real democrats in the American elite, and here we mean democrats in the largest sense of the term.) This makes CBS a good channel for the release of this material, and if the Rove hypothesis is true, and it certainly makes a great deal of sense to us, it shows just how cunning a political strategist this man really is.

What wouldn't he stop at to win?

In the end, regardless of the outcome of the election, the American people will lose once more. We will be told, if Bush steals the election again, that it was God's will. If Kerry wins, those who denounce Bush will be comforted and will believe that the American system "works", that the Bush aberration was eliminated from the political body, proving that American democracy is healthy.

What we do know from presenting the real news and digging for the truth each day is that the behind-the-scenes machinations have not subsided - if anything, they have accelerated. We also know that taking anything at face value is never a good idea. Research and verification are required - and that goes for everything we present on this page each day, as well.

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How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Ben Aris in Berlin and Duncan Campbell in Washington
Saturday September 25, 2004
The Guardian

George Bush's grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.

The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.

His business dealings, which continued until his company's assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz and to a hum of pre-election controversy.

The evidence has also prompted one former US Nazi war crimes prosecutor to argue that the late senator's action should have been grounds for prosecution for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

The debate over Prescott Bush's behaviour has been bubbling under the surface for some time. There has been a steady internet chatter about the "Bush/Nazi" connection, much of it inaccurate and unfair. But the new documents, many of which were only declassified last year, show that even after America had entered the war and when there was already significant information about the Nazis' plans and policies, he worked for and profited from companies closely involved with the very German businesses that financed Hitler's rise to power. It has also been suggested that the money he made from these dealings helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up its political dynasty.

Comment: Interesting legacy eh? The current president's sojourn in the White House was made possible, in part, by the fact that his grandfather facilitated the deaths of 65 million people during WWII and profited enormously from it.

Remarkably, little of Bush's dealings with Germany has received public scrutiny, partly because of the secret status of the documentation involving him. But now the multibillion dollar legal action for damages by two Holocaust survivors against the Bush family, and the imminent publication of three books on the subject are threatening to make Prescott Bush's business history an uncomfortable issue for his grandson, George W, as he seeks re-election.

Comment: "Remarkably"?? We wonder in what way the authors of this article believe that a scandal of such proportions would become public knowlege? Would the scandal simply declare itself to the public? How does "Joe sixpack", preoccupied with the concerns of daily living, get his information? The blindness of the authors as to how the mainstream media actually funtions is all the more remarkable given that the authors themselves work for a mainstream press publication and must surely be aware of the editing that certain stories are subjected to. Are they really unable to make the simple deduction that, since knowledge is power, those in power control the extent of the knowledge that is made available to the public? They seem to be completely unaware of how the military-industrial complex operates and just how all-powerful it is, but then again, most people on this planet are in a similarly uneduated position.

While there is no suggestion that Prescott Bush was sympathetic to the Nazi cause, the documents reveal that the firm he worked for, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), acted as a US base for the German industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, who helped finance Hitler in the 1930s before falling out with him at the end of the decade. The Guardian has seen evidence that shows Bush was the director of the New York-based Union Banking Corporation (UBC) that represented Thyssen's US interests and he continued to work for the bank after America entered the war.

Comment: Why is the argument hinging on whether or not Prescott Bush and his associates were sympathetic to the Nazi cause? This is about money and power, not ideals. Is the current George Bush sympathetic to the "Arab terrorist" cause? Only insofar as furthering that agenda furthers his own goals, and those goals and the goals of Prescott Bush at the time are the real i-ssue.


Bush was also on the board of at least one of the companies that formed part of a multinational network of front companies to allow Thyssen to move assets around the world.

Thyssen owned the largest steel and coal company in Germany and grew rich from Hitler's efforts to re-arm between the two world wars. One of the pillars in Thyssen's international corporate web, UBC, worked exclusively for, and was owned by, a Thyssen-controlled bank in the Netherlands. More tantalising are Bush's links to the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC), based in mineral rich Silesia on the German-Polish border. During the war, the company made use of Nazi slave labour from the concentration camps, including Auschwitz. The ownership of CSSC changed hands several times in the 1930s, but documents from the US National Archive declassified last year link Bush to CSSC, although it is not clear if he and UBC were still involved in the company when Thyssen's American assets were seized in 1942.

Three sets of archives spell out Prescott Bush's involvement. All three are readily available, thanks to the efficient US archive system and a helpful and dedicated staff at both the Library of Congress in Washington and the National Archives at the University of Maryland.

The first set of files, the Harriman papers in the Library of Congress, show that Prescott Bush was a director and shareholder of a number of companies involved with Thyssen.

The second set of papers, which are in the National Archives, are contained in vesting order number 248 which records the seizure of the company assets. What these files show is that on October 20 1942 the alien property custodian seized the assets of the UBC, of which Prescott Bush was a director. Having gone through the books of the bank, further seizures were made against two affiliates, the Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation. By November, the Silesian-American Company, another of Prescott Bush's ventures, had also been seized.

The third set of documents, also at the National Archives, are contained in the files on IG Farben, who was prosecuted for war crimes.

A report issued by the Office of Alien Property Custodian in 1942 stated of the companies that "since 1939, these (steel and mining) properties have been in possession of and have been operated by the German government and have undoubtedly been of considerable assistance to that country's war effort".

In 1924, his [Prescott's] father-in-law, a well-known St Louis investment banker, helped set him up in business in New York with Averill Harriman, the wealthy son of railroad magnate E H Harriman in New York, who had gone into banking.

One of the first jobs Walker gave Bush was to manage UBC. Bush was a founding member of the bank and the incorporation documents, which list him as one of seven directors, show he owned one share in UBC worth $125.

The bank was set up by Harriman and Bush's father-in-law to provide a US bank for the Thyssens, Germany's most powerful industrial family.

August Thyssen, the founder of the dynasty had been a major contributor to Germany's first world war effort and in the 1920s, he and his sons Fritz and Heinrich established a network of overseas banks and companies so their assets and money could be whisked offshore if threatened again.

By the time Fritz Thyssen inherited the business empire in 1926, Germany's economic recovery was faltering. After hearing Adolf Hitler speak, Thyssen became mesmerised by the young firebrand. He joined the Nazi party in December 1931 and admits backing Hitler in his autobiography, I Paid Hitler, when the National Socialists were still a radical fringe party. He stepped in several times to bail out the struggling party: in 1928 Thyssen had bought the Barlow Palace on Briennerstrasse, in Munich, which Hitler converted into the Brown House, the headquarters of the Nazi party. The money came from another Thyssen overseas institution, the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvarrt in Rotterdam.

By the late 1930s, Brown Brothers Harriman, which claimed to be the world's largest private investment bank, and UBC had bought and shipped millions of dollars of gold, fuel, steel, coal and US treasury bonds to Germany, both feeding and financing Hitler's build-up to war.

Between 1931 and 1933 UBC bought more than $8m worth of gold, of which $3m was shipped abroad. According to documents seen by the Guardian, after UBC was set up it transferred $2m to BBH accounts and between 1924 and 1940 the assets of UBC hovered around $3m, dropping to $1m only on a few occasions.

In 1941, Thyssen fled Germany after falling out with Hitler but he was captured in France and detained for the remainder of the war.

There was nothing illegal in doing business with the Thyssens throughout the 1930s and many of America's best-known business names invested heavily in the German economic recovery. However, everything changed after Germany invaded Poland in 1939. Even then it could be argued that BBH was within its rights continuing business relations with the Thyssens until the end of 1941 as the US was still technically neutral until the attack on Pearl Harbor. The trouble started on July 30 1942 when the New York Herald-Tribune ran an article entitled "Hitler's Angel Has $3m in US Bank". UBC's huge gold purchases had raised suspicions that the bank was in fact a "secret nest egg" hidden in New York for Thyssen and other Nazi bigwigs. The Alien Property Commission (APC) launched an investigation.

There is no dispute over the fact that the US government seized a string of assets controlled by BBH - including UBC and SAC - in the autumn of 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy act. What is in dispute is if Harriman, Walker and Bush did more than own these companies on paper.

Erwin May, a treasury attache and officer for the department of investigation in the APC, was assigned to look into UBC's business. The first fact to emerge was that Roland Harriman, Prescott Bush and the other directors didn't actually own their shares in UBC but merely held them on behalf of Bank voor Handel. Strangely, no one seemed to know who owned the Rotterdam-based bank, including UBC's president.

May wrote in his report of August 16 1941: "Union Banking Corporation, incorporated August 4 1924, is wholly owned by the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart N.V of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. My investigation has produced no evidence as to the ownership of the Dutch bank. Mr Cornelis [sic] Lievense, president of UBC, claims no knowledge as to the ownership of the Bank voor Handel but believes it possible that Baron Heinrich Thyssen, brother of Fritz Thyssen, may own a substantial interest."

May cleared the bank of holding a golden nest egg for the Nazi leaders but went on to describe a network of companies spreading out from UBC across Europe, America and Canada, and how money from voor Handel travelled to these companies through UBC.

By September May had traced the origins of the non-American board members and found that Dutchman HJ Kouwenhoven - who met with Harriman in 1924 to set up UBC - had several other jobs: in addition to being the managing director of voor Handel he was also the director of the August Thyssen bank in Berlin and a director of Fritz Thyssen's Union Steel Works, the holding company that controlled Thyssen's steel and coal mine empire in Germany.

Within a few weeks, Homer Jones, the chief of the APC investigation and research division sent a memo to the executive committee of APC recommending the US government vest UBC and its assets. Jones named the directors of the bank in the memo, including Prescott Bush's name, and wrote: "Said stock is held by the above named individuals, however, solely as nominees for the Bank voor Handel, Rotterdam, Holland, which is owned by one or more of the Thyssen family, nationals of Germany and Hungary. The 4,000 shares hereinbefore set out are therefore beneficially owned and help for the interests of enemy nationals, and are vestible by the APC," according to the memo from the National Archives seen by the Guardian.


Jones recommended that the assets be liquidated for the benefit of the government, but instead UBC was maintained intact and eventually returned to the American shareholders after the war. Some claim that Bush sold his share in UBC after the war for $1.5m - a huge amount of money at the time - but there is no documentary evidence to support this claim. No further action was ever taken nor was the investigation continued, despite the fact UBC was caught red-handed operating a American shell company for the Thyssen family eight months after America had entered the war and that this was the bank that had partly financed Hitler's rise to power.

Comment: Right here, the authors of this article have an opportunity to take their first step into conspiracy possibility. Why was the investigation into Bush's links with Nazi Germany dropped? Do investigations drop themselves? Sadly, the authors' abilities for independent thought and real investigative journalism are either lacking or they realise that there is a limit to the conclusions they are allowed to present. We do not blame them of course, these journalists of the world, most of them were completely unaware of the kind of industry they were getting involved in and who really controls it. As David Rockefeller made clear back in 1991 in Germany:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." David Rockefeller... Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

For our part, and like the authors of this article, we are merely presenting our own conclusions, the difference however is that, while we do not have the ears of the masses as they do, we are thankfully unrestricted from any allegiances, other than our declared allegiance to the truth.

The most tantalising part of the story remains shrouded in mystery: the connection, if any, between Prescott Bush, Thyssen, Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC) and Auschwitz.

Thyssen's partner in United Steel Works, which had coal mines and steel plants across the region, was Friedrich Flick, another steel magnate who also owned part of IG Farben, the powerful German chemical company.

Flick's plants in Poland made heavy use of slave labour from the concentration camps in Poland. According to a New York Times article published in March 18 1934 Flick owned two-thirds of CSSC while "American interests" held the rest.

The US National Archive documents show that BBH's involvement with CSSC was more than simply holding the shares in the mid-1930s. Bush's friend and fellow "bonesman" Knight Woolley, another partner at BBH, wrote to Averill Harriman in January 1933 warning of problems with CSSC after the Poles started their drive to nationalise the plant. "The Consolidated Silesian Steel Company situation has become increasingly complicated, and I have accordingly brought in Sullivan and Cromwell, in order to be sure that our interests are protected," wrote Knight. "After studying the situation Foster Dulles is insisting that their man in Berlin get into the picture and obtain the information which the directors here should have. You will recall that Foster is a director and he is particularly anxious to be certain that there is no liability attaching to the American directors."

Comment: Note that, in the above paragraph, the words "to ensure our interests are protected", i.e. the interest of Prescott Bush and Co, is referring to the US of "slave labour" from the concentration camp at Auschwitz. Whan an honorable family history the current US president has...

But the ownership of the CSSC between 1939 when the Germans invaded Poland and 1942 when the US government vested UBC and SAC is not clear.

"SAC held coal mines and definitely owned CSSC between 1934 and 1935, but when SAC was vested there was no trace of CSSC. All concrete evidence of its ownership disappears after 1935 and there are only a few traces in 1938 and 1939," says Eva Schweitzer, the journalist and author whose book, America and the Holocaust, is published next month.

Comment: Again, how does "all concrete evidence" of the ownership of a large mulitnational company, evidence which was openly available beforehand, suddenly "disappear"? Do the documents "disappear" themselves?

Silesia was quickly made part of the German Reich after the invasion, but while Polish factories were seized by the Nazis, those belonging to the still neutral Americans (and some other nationals) were treated more carefully as Hitler was still hoping to persuade the US to at least sit out the war as a neutral country. Schweitzer says American interests were dealt with on a case-by-case basis. The Nazis bought some out, but not others.

The two Holocaust survivors suing the US government and the Bush family for a total of $40bn in compensation claim both materially benefited from Auschwitz slave labour during the second world war.

Kurt Julius Goldstein, 87, and Peter Gingold, 85, began a class action in America in 2001, but the case was thrown out by Judge Rosemary Collier on the grounds that the government cannot be held liable under the principle of "state sovereignty".

Jan Lissmann, one of the lawyers for the survivors, said: "President Bush withdrew President Bill Clinton's signature from the treaty [that founded the court] not only to protect Americans, but also to protect himself and his family."

Lissmann argues that genocide-related cases are covered by international law, which does hold governments accountable for their actions. He claims the ruling was invalid as no hearing took place.

In their claims, Mr Goldstein and Mr Gingold, honorary chairman of the League of Anti-fascists, suggest the Americans were aware of what was happening at Auschwitz and should have bombed the camp.

The lawyers also filed a motion in The Hague asking for an opinion on whether state sovereignty is a valid reason for refusing to hear their case. A ruling is expected within a month.

The petition to The Hague states: "From April 1944 on, the American Air Force could have destroyed the camp with air raids, as well as the railway bridges and railway lines from Hungary to Auschwitz. The murder of about 400,000 Hungarian Holocaust victims could have been prevented."

The case is built around a January 22 1944 executive order signed by President Franklin Roosevelt calling on the government to take all measures to rescue the European Jews. The lawyers claim the order was ignored because of pressure brought by a group of big American companies, including BBH, where Prescott Bush was a director.

Comment: Now hang on a minute... is the above paragraph really suggesting what we think it is suggesting? An "Executive Order", that is, a high-level government-approved legislative decree, was "ignored" because it clashed with the goals of a bunch of industrialists? Where does that leave the voice of the people? Where does that leave democracy? Who really runs the government? Rather than repeating ourselves and further taxing your ability to believe a bunch of "left wing conspiracy theorists" like us, we will let a past pillar of American society, who was in a position to know, spell it out for you:

"The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses generally referred to as 'international bankers.' This little coterie... run our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen...[and] seizes...our executive officers... legislative bodies... schools... courts...newspapers and every agency created for the public protection. - John F Hylan - Mayor of New York 1918-1925

We should, however, not ignore the little detail of extreme importance that forms the subject of abovementioned executive order which was "ignored". The US government was ordered by the Roosevelt to "take all measures to rescue the European Jews", yet this was not done, and indeed, there is much evidence (some of which is detailed below) which suggests that the fact that the European Jews found themselves in a position where they needed to be rescued was also part of a carefully laid plan.

Lissmann said: "If we have a positive ruling from the court it will cause [president] Bush huge problems and make him personally liable to pay compensation."

The US government and the Bush family deny all the claims against them.

In addition to Eva Schweitzer's book, two other books are about to be published that raise the subject of Prescott Bush's business history. The author of the second book, to be published next year, John Loftus, is a former US attorney who prosecuted Nazi war criminals in the 70s. Now living in St Petersburg, Florida and earning his living as a security commentator for Fox News and ABC radio, Loftus is working on a novel which uses some of the material he has uncovered on Bush. Loftus stressed that what Prescott Bush was involved in was just what many other American and British businessmen were doing at the time.

"You can't blame Bush for what his grandfather did any more than you can blame Jack Kennedy for what his father did - bought Nazi stocks - but what is important is the cover-up, how it could have gone on so successfully for half a century, and does that have implications for us today?" he said.

"This was the mechanism by which Hitler was funded to come to power, this was the mechanism by which the Third Reich's defence industry was re-armed, this was the mechanism by which Nazi profits were repatriated back to the American owners, this was the mechanism by which investigations into the financial laundering of the Third Reich were blunted," said Loftus, who is vice-chairman of the Holocaust Museum in St Petersburg.

Comment: So Hitler was funded and brought to power by a coterie of American and European "businessmen". Now that really is newsworthy!

"The Union Banking Corporation was a holding company for the Nazis, for Fritz Thyssen," said Loftus. "At various times, the Bush family has tried to spin it, saying they were owned by a Dutch bank and it wasn't until the Nazis took over Holland that they realised that now the Nazis controlled the apparent company and that is why the Bush supporters claim when the war was over they got their money back. Both the American treasury investigations and the intelligence investigations in Europe completely bely that, it's absolute horseshit. They always knew who the ultimate beneficiaries were." [...]

The Anti-Defamation League in the US is supportive of Prescott Bush and the Bush family. In a statement last year they said that "rumours about the alleged Nazi 'ties' of the late Prescott Bush ... have circulated widely through the internet in recent years. These charges are untenable and politically motivated ... Prescott Bush was neither a Nazi nor a Nazi sympathiser."

However, one of the country's oldest Jewish publications, the Jewish Advocate, has aired the controversy in detail.

More than 60 years after Prescott Bush came briefly under scrutiny at the time of a faraway war, his grandson is facing a different kind of scrutiny but one underpinned by the same perception that, for some people, war can be a profitable business.

Comment: In the above article and the sources it cites alone, we have enough evidence to reasonably conclude that Hitler was not a "lone madmen", despite what our history books proclaim. He was clearly backed by certain international "bankers" and "industrialists", among them the grandfather of the current US president.

Yet the real crux of this mystery, and indeed its solution, lies not in any quirks or innate dispositions of the personalities involved, but rather in a tried and tested 'modus operandi' that has served and continues to serve the power elite very well, as they go about their business of controlling the population of this planet. As the last paragraph in the above article states, war is a profitable business, but it is also indispensable in shaping the global balance of power and shepherding the masses to an ever finer order of control, both physically and in terms of our perception of reality.

Prescott Bush, and those that financed him (for he too had his unseen 'backers') understood this very clearly. They also knew that, left to its own devices, there exists the distinct chance that human society will, by and large, evolve in a peaceful way. In such a situation, war must be manufactured, and if there is no enemy, then one must be created. It is a rather simple and logical plan when one thinks about it objectively, but few of us are willing to allow for the possibility that such callousness might form part of human thinking, let alone play a central role in the strategy of those tasked with governing us - and it is this tendency to deny reality, to prefer our own subjective and illusory view of 'what is' over objective truth, that may, in the final analysis, make us the architects of our own destruction, albeit at the hands of those that mercilessly exploited and used our wishful thinking against us.

Looking then at the present day and the incorrigible 'Bush the younger' and his intolerable "war on terror", we see that the strategy remains the same. Today, instead of Hitler, we have Bin Laden, instead of the Reichstag fire, we have 9/11, and a whole host of "Arab terrorists" apparently only too ready to act as the touch paper that will ignite yet another world-wide holocaust. The "perfect enemy" that these bogeymen represent for Bush, Sharon and Co. are more than likely backed by the same "international bankers" and "industrialists" that funded Hitler.

Their goal this time? Well, it appears that the staged 9/11 attacks and the subsequent invasion of Iraq constituted the most recent steps of the grand finale that was begun with the backing of Hitler, the Second world war and the creation of the state of Israel that resulted. The goal, is war in the Middle East and, ultimately, the destruction of the semitic people - true Jews and Arabs alike.

Talking of goals. For the masses on this planet to continue to procastinate, only to realise too late that we were correct in our assertions, is not our goal, the evidence that we are indeed correct is available to us all, right now. Wake up, before it is too late.

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Flashback: Hitler Didn't Want World War

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
March 21, 2004


According to Kilzer's well-documented book, Hitler was trying to convince the English to make peace. In exchange, he was ready to retreat from Western Europe and from much of Poland.

Kilzer describes how British Intelligence took advantage of Hitler's racist ideology to divert his energies against Russia and trap him in a two-front war. They convinced him that a large pro Nazi (anti Communist) "Peace Party" was prepared to unseat the "war monger" Churchill.

This party consisted of the Duke of Windsor (the former King Edward VIII) and appeasement-minded elitists known as the "Cliveden Set." The Nazis had longstanding social ties with this group and confided in them. Hitler seemed to overlook the fact that Windsor went to stay at the Rothschild castle in Austria after he abdicated.

Rudolph Hess, the Deputy Leader of Nazi Germany, was in contact with the Cliveden group and flew to England May 10, 1941 to negotiate peace. According to Kilzer, Hess had Hitler's blessings.

Coincidentally this was the worst night of the Blitz. Afterward, there was a long lull in both Nazi and British bombing raids. It appears the Nazis thought they had an understanding with the British and turned their attention to the invasion of Russia the following month (June 22, 1941.)

Hitler didn't understand that the Anglo American elite was (and still is) intimately connected with international (i.e. Rothschild) finance. Anglo American imperialism is in fact a front for the families that own the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. These Jewish and non-Jewish families are connected by money, marriage and Lucifer worship (i.e. Freemasonry). Both Roosevelt and Churchill were their flunkies. (All our "leaders" are.)

In 1776 Meyer Rothschild financed the Illuminati, a Masonic secret society that in turn spawned the major revolutions of the modern era including the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. The ultimate aim is to establish the banker world dictatorship, which is at an advanced stage today.

In the 1930's their purpose was to incite a two-front war that would leave the great nation states (England, Germany and Russia) prostrate. Like all wars, the purpose was to kill millions of people, traumatize humanity, increase public debt and private profit, and make "world government" (the future UN) seem essential for "peace."

The 1930's British Policy of Appeasement was probably designed to encourage Hitler's expansionist tendencies and to provoke war. Douglas Reed, the (London) Times Correspondent in Berlin, was first tipped off to something fishy when his newspaper suppressed his warnings of the Hitler menace. [...]


The book "Financial Origins of National Socialism" (1933) by "Sydney Warburg" provides another glimpse of how the Illuminist clique supported Hitler. This 70-page booklet was suppressed for many years but was republished in 1983 as "Hitler's Secret Backers."

"Warburg" describes a July 1929 meeting with "Carter," the President of J.P. Morgan's Guarantee Trust, the Presidents of the Federal Reserve Banks, "the young Rockefeller" and "Glean from Royal Dutch." These are all Rothschild dominated.

It was determined that Warburg who spoke German should travel to Germany and ask Hitler how much money he needed to overthrow the state. The only stipulation was that Hitler adopts "an aggressive foreign policy."

"Warburg" details five meetings with Hitler between 1929 and 1933. The first took place in a beer cellar and Hitler calculated his needs on the back of a paper plate. About $25 million was transferred. This was extremely important in the depth of the depression because the Nazis provided food and shelter to many of their supporters.

Hitler wasn't told the reason for this support and did not ask. On two occasions, he wondered out loud if "Warburg" was himself Jewish but dismissed the idea before "Warburg" could reply.

There is no "Sydney Warburg" but the internal evidence suggests the author could be James Warburg, son of Federal Reserve founder Paul Warburg. Many people dismiss this monograph as yet another fraud but the wealth of accurate detail and anecdote suggests otherwise.

One wonders why anyone would go to this much trouble to alienate the most powerful people in the world if he weren't sincere. The only people with the power to suppress it are the ones it incriminates, and they have a record of suppressing similar works. [...]

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Flashback: 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis

Book Review

In 1983, Croom Helm Ltd. published my 1st book, Zionism in the Age of the Dictators. American writers don't expect favorable reviews from the London Times, but editorialist Edward Mortimer declared that "Brenner is able to cite numerous cases where Zionists collaborated with anti-Semitic regimes, including Hitler's."

Still less could a Trotskyist dream of a review from Izvestia, the Soviet government gazette, but they hailed it. "During the world war, Brenner points out, Zionism showed its real meaning: for the sake of its ambitions, it sacrificed the blood of millions of Jews."

Louis Rapoport, a failed Berkeley radical, denounced the book in the Jerusalem Post as "leftist babble." Nevertheless, he conceded, there were "very real charges that will continue to haunt" Zionism "until they are dealt with honestly."

In 1987, Jim Allen, the celebrated British movie/TV writer, based Perdition, a stage play, on the book. When intense pressure on the Royal Court Theatre canceled production, we debated Sir Martin Gilbert, the Churchill family's private historian, and Stephen Roth, head of the British Zionist Federation, nationwide, prime-time on ITV. The London Review of Books said the Zionist scheme "made it one of the most famous plays of the decade." Indeed, unless the Queen was sick on the crapper, every politically or theatrically interested person in Britain watched us win, thanks to director Ken Loach's strategic instructions.

Extraordinary world interest wasn't matched in America's media. Alex Cockburn championed the book in the Village Voice and in the Nation. But the Voice refused to review it. The Nation sent it out to someone, but, sorry, "he never sent in the review."

Walter Laqueur had to bark in the Zionist New Republic after their Perdition debacle: "Some of Brenner's book is invented, some is exaggerated or drawn out of context." Yet even he admits that "German Zionists did not fully understand the meaning of Hitler when he came to power in 1933. Some of their comments and declarations make embarrassing reading 50 years later."

Despite Zionism's best efforts, over 5,000 copies sold in 18 years before being put on the web: Then Lyle Stuart of Barricade Books discovered that a friend, a Zionist propagandist, had never read the complete proposal of the "Stern Gang," 1940s Zionist terrorists, to go to war on Hitler's side. 51 Documents was born. Now Americans and others can read the evidence and judge for themselves.

There are six selections re Zionism's relationship to anti-Semitism and racism prior to Hitler. The 51 documents, including 35 letters, memos, articles, and reports by Zionists, are from the Hitler era and after. Seven are by Nazis, most notably Eichmann's memoir, written in Argentina, on Hungarian collaborator RA<<zso Kasztner. Five of the six and 43 of the 51 are complete. The rest are extensive excerpts from important reports. There are four first-time full translations of articles from German, Hebrew, Italian and Russian.

Zionism convicts itself. On June 21, 1933, the German Zionist Federation sent a secret memorandum to the Nazis:

"Zionism has no illusions about the difficulty of the Jewish condition, which consists above all in an abnormal occupational pattern and in the fault of an intellectual and moral posture not rooted in one's own tradition. Zionism recognized decades ago that as a result of the assimilationist trend, symptoms of deterioration were bound to appear, which it seeks to overcome by carrying out its challenge to transform Jewish life completely.

"It is our opinion that an answer to the Jewish question truly satisfying to the national state can be brought about only with the collaboration of the Jewish movement that aims at a social, cultural and moral renewal of Jewry--indeed, that such a national renewal must first create the decisive social and spiritual premises for all solutions.

"Zionism believes that a rebirth of national life, such as is occurring in German life through adhesion to Christian and national values, must also take place in the Jewish national group. For the Jew, too, origin, religion, community of fate and group consciousness must be of decisive significance in the shaping of his life. This means that the egotistic individualism which arose in the liberal era must be overcome by public spiritedness and by willingness to accept responsibility."

By 1936, the Post ran a news flash, "German Zionists Seek Recognition":

"A bold demand that the German Zionist Federation be given recognition by the Government as the only instrument for the exclusive control of German Jewish life was made by the Executive of that body in a proclamation today. All German Jewish organizations, it was declared, should be dominated by the Zionist spirit."

Zionist factions competed for the honor of allying to Hitler. By 1940-41, the "Stern Gang," among them Yitzhak Shamir, later Prime Minister of Israel, presented the Nazis with the "Fundamental Features of the Proposal of the National Military Organization in Palestine (Irgun Zvai Leumi) Concerning the Solution of the Jewish Question in Europe and the Participation of the NMO in the War on the Side of Germany."

Avraham Stern and his followers announced that

"The NMO, which is well-acquainted with the goodwill of the German Reich government and its authorities towards Zionist activity inside Germany and towards Zionist emigration plans, is of the opinion that:

1. Common interests could exist between the establishment of a new order in Europe in conformity with the German concept, and the true national aspirations of the Jewish people as they are embodied by the NMO.

2. Cooperation between the new Germany and a renewed folkish-national Hebraium would be possible and,

3. The establishment of the historic Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, bound by a treaty with the German Reich, would be in the interest of a maintained and strengthened future German position of power in the Near East.

Proceeding from these considerations, the NMO in Palestine, under the condition the above-mentioned national aspirations of the Israeli freedom movement are recognized on the side of the German Reich, offers to actively take part in the war on Germany's side."

They hanged people all over Europe after WW II for notes to the Nazis like these. But these treasons against the Jews were virtually unknown in the run up to the creation of the Zionist state in May 1948. Ninety percent of America's Jews suddenly became emotional pro-Zionists. With Democrats, Republicans and even the Communist-organized Progressive Party competing for Jewish votes in the November Presidential election, Harry Truman's monetary aid bought arms from pro-Soviet Czechoslovakia, and an Israel was born, run by the German Zionists' cothinkers in Jerusalem.

Jews and other Americans still know little of Zionism's sordid past. But today only programed fanatics can come away pro-Zionist after reading plain facts. Indeed, according to the American Jewish Identity Survey (2001), less than 22% of all Jews declare themselves Zionist.

Opposition to Zionism also grows among liberal educated gentiles, every time their declared enemy, Pat Robertson, howls in favor of Orthodox Israel.

For complex historical reasons, the Vietnam anti-war movement and anti-apartheid campaign emphasized demonstrations over sustained education. Even in victory, little was left behind in the way of attention to foreign affairs among the broad masses. Even after 9/11, the ultimate attention getter, US public knowledge about the Arab world, Islam, the oil industry, Zionism, and Washington's involvement with them, is minimal. But the present anti-Iraq war movement has no choice but to systematically educate itself and the public. The issues are too complex for anything less. Ignorance or illusions about any of the players, here or there, means certain death for X number of Arabs, Israelis, Kurds, Muslims and Americans.

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Fear and ignorance gives enemy within a nice place to hide

September 20, 2004

Andrea Armstrong doesn't look like the enemy, yet she stands accused of being a traitor. She doesn't act like the enemy, yet she's been insulted, threatened and stalked.

Her crime? Wanting to play basketball at South Florida while being true to her religion:


"I swear, I'll send my degree back to USF if they cave on this. But then, she'd need to shave her beard and moustache off."

That was one of the many chat-room e-mails sent to Armstrong. She is one of the first American athletes in the post 9-11 era who wants to practice Islam in public. Judging by the reaction, Muslims aren't the only ones who should be worried.

"She will be allowed to wear only one suicide belt under her robes." Actually, Armstrong wanted to wear long pants, sleeves and a scarf while playing, since the Islamic code calls for women's skin to be covered. Her teammates didn't mind, but critics screamed it would open the floodgates for individualized jewelry and clothing to be worn by every player with a distinctive faith.

The fact is, the NCAA has been granting uniform exceptions for years. The real problem people have isn't Armstrong wanting to be true to her convictions. It's the convictions themselves.

"Islam condones killing. Do you condone killing?"

Look, there's no question radical Islam is at the root of most terrorism. In the warped eyes of many, that means all 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide are out to destroy America.

"For the record, Islam contributes NOTHING positive to Western Culture."

Tell that to all those Muslim doctors, bankers and business owners. Tell that to the well-known sleeper cell, "Muslims For Bush." Armstrong's plan apparently was to bring down the U.S. one free throw at a time.

"How about SHE adjust to OUR society? If she doesn't like it, she can go back home."

SHE is from Oregon. Armstrong's been playing basketball since the third grade, and would have been a senior at USF this season.

She is white, was raised a Catholic and felt a spiritual emptiness. Islam filled it, so she converted in June.

In America, you're supposed to be able to do that, right?

"If you met this girl, she is so nice," Ahmed Bedier said. "She is reserved and polite and humble."

He is the spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which got involved after Armstrong said USF's coach told her to clean out her locker. The school says she was never pressured to quit. After meeting with CAIR, it decided to seek the NCAA uniform exemption.

By then, the Internet and talk radio were on fire. Freedom of speech and religion are getting burned.

CAIR sponsored a dinner last month and invited Hernando County government officials to discuss the perceptions of Islam.

When the county commission held its meeting last week, a Baptist minister accused commissioners of supporting terrorism.

"Terrorists! Terrorists!" his followers chanted.

If county commissioners get that treatment for simply meeting with Muslims, what could Armstrong expect in college gyms this winter? We won't know, because she decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

She quit last week, not long after some guy started screaming at her and followed her home. The terrorist paranoids won.

USF will honor her scholarship, but this issue isn't going away. Armstrong was a relative nobody. Imagine the reaction if a major sports star decided Islam brought them fulfilment.

What if Serena Williams or Derek Jeter or Peyton Manning became a Muslim? They would probably learn what Armstrong has.

These days, blind intolerance comes in a lot of uniforms.

Comment: So an Oregon girl, attending the University of Southern Florida (would have been a college Senior) playing for the basketball team converted to Islam last June and asked for an NCAA exception to uniform rules to allow her to wear a scarf, long pants, and long
sleeves. She has been stalked, harassed and threatened. The letters and comments show almost total brainwashing by a very large segment of the population. Among the accusations and slurs levelled at her we have:


"Islam condones killing. Do you condone killing?",

"For the record, Islam contributes NOTHING positive to Western

"She will be allowed to wear only one suicide belt under her robes." ,

"I swear, I'll send my degree back to USF if they cave on this. But
then, she'd need to shave her beard and moustache off."

What we find most disturbing is that even in the above article which criticises the way she has been treated, even the journalist makes statements that show a profound level of brainwashing. The author states:

"Look, there's no question radical Islam is at the root of most
terrorism. In the warped eyes of many, that means all 1.3 billion
Muslims worldwide are out to destroy America."

It is the first sentence in the above statement who is so enlightened on how horrid this girl is being treated and how scary the US mentality is becoming that shows the depth of the programming. Even though he abhors what has become the mentality of the masses, he himself has already bought the lie - Most terrorism in the world has at its root radical Islam - no doubt about it. Mossad and company must love this stuff. The programming of the entire US, and much of the rest of the western world is almost complete. If and when the double-cross occurs and the Israelis (Jewish peoples) are blamed for the whole mess, the whole mindless country will believe just about anything they are told.

Bring in the Flying Monkeys.

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The Real Danger Lies Within

By John Kaminski

Hmm — dilemma. I don't like writing about myself .... but I need to sell some books. Why do I need to sell some books? So I can keep writing, of course. Why do I need to keep writing? Well now, there's the central question. Why do I write?

The cynics among you would (and do) insist that Kaminski writes books (or terse essays that he later collects into books) to make money. Of course, others who have read my desperate dissertations about the current calumnies of this twisted tango called human society have definitely digested the idea that I write to alert caring people of dangers, deceptions, and deceits. After all, were I writing to merely make money, wouldn't I be saying those same things that prove so profitable for all those snivelling sycophants you see on TV? Wouldn't I be saying George W. Bush is a great leader and sincere God-fearing guy? And that America is the light of the world and has the right to kill anybody it wants to in the name of profit? That's what the writers who are making the real money are saying, in one demented way or another.

No, my regular readers wouldn't say I write books to make money. Perhaps if I did, I would have more of the green stuff. But for me, that's never been the purpose. Let me explain.

I have no children, nor a wife. Sure, I have some siblings, and their extended families, with whom I have cordial relations. Except they think I'm crazy. They don't listen to a thing I say. I gave them copies of my first book and other things I write. They refuse to read them. And when they glance at them, they think what I assert is preposterous.

The American government behind the 9/11 disaster? How blasphemous, they think. After all, they all voted for Bush. They're wondering when the government is going to come and pick me up and transfer me to Camp Ashcroft. They joke about this. Many of them have advanced degrees. I consider them ineducable.

Because I have no family, and because the family I do have is profoundly anesthetized by this odious American coma so many seem so drugged by, I've managed to construct a family on the Internet.

The Internet. What a great gift. Never in a million years could I have found so many like-minded souls without the Internet. I have managed to build a cyberfamily, one that buries me with e-mails every single day, that cheers me up when I get too low, one that comes looking for me when I am absent for too long a time.

They appreciate what I have tried to give them each time I sit down at this keyboard. Each time I sit down and try to write a piece, it's always ... what do these people who are most important to me, these people who I would rather talk to more than anybody else in the world, because these are the people who really care about what's going on in the world, and the people who are actually trying to do something about it .... what is it that these people who have shown me so much love really need to hear?

Judging by the responses I get back, I am doing what I set out to do, telling them what they need to hear, telling them that there is a higher standard by which the people of the world can lead their lives, telling them about the criminal idiots who every day try to deceive them with false rationalizations and psychotic dogma, trying to get them to be mindless robots who accept killing and lying, and warning them about the poisoning of the minds and bodies and souls by those who pretend to be acting in their best interests, but who clearly are not.

Judging by the responses I receive, I am succeeding. The world can be a better place. It is currently going in the wrong direction. It is up to us to change it, because nobody else will. I am doing my part, and will continue to do it until my last breath. At this point, I can do nothing else. And I am so grateful for all the support I've received, both moral and financial.

This gratitude fuels my original desire, which is to say what I think needs to be done to make this species and this world .... dare I say the words I wrote so long ago in another, never published book? .... they now seem so hopelessly and unrealistically optimistic .... to make this world a beacon of hope, compassion and justice to all the universe for as long as the future shall be! There. I said it. Now you know why I write.

The impossible dream of a pathetically romantic loner, you may fairly conclude. What is there that is really worth doing in the world that the majority do not say in their fleabitten futility: "A just world? That's impossible." But in fact, at the very end of philosophy, you discover that nothing really is worth doing unless it is impossible.

The title of my book The Perfect Enemy is also the title of one of the 41 essays in it. It refers to my continuing insistence that the boogeyman is really a nightmare fairytale constructed to keep us from seeing the obviously criminal behavior of our leaders, that the dreaded al-Qaeda group of so-called terrorists is not so much a group of aggressive Islamic freedom fighters as it is a cynical strategem devised by the powers who control us to justify their endless wars and heartless abuse of all free peoples in the world.

I'm proud to have invented the phrase (although others also make the claim) because as a meme, it has taken hold in the world, and the subject is now discussed in numerous essays on the Internet and elsewhere.

But it is only one of many essays that have been featured on hundreds of websites around the world, from Al-Jazeera to Pravda to the American Free Press (but sadly, never in any mainstream American newspapers), and more importantly, forwarded by many thousands of readers to their own lists of friends and sources.

I was proud to be quoted by a Russian general the other day who was commenting on one of my pieces that was subtitled "only a desperate idiot would join the U.S. armed forces today." And just as proud to receive a letter from Yemen saying I understood the situation in the Middle East better than most Arabs. Or another letter from Iran appreciating that I understood the Iranian people to be decent and honest.

I have always thought the two most important essays in this collection are "9/11 was a hoax," a piece that circulated all over the world and was reprinted by many (and still holds up pretty well despite that fact it was written more than a year ago), and "Solving the Enigma of Media Manipulation," which really was just a rewrite of the fine series on the subject published by about the corruption by the CIA and Zionist manipulation within the so-called liberal left American alternative media. I believe that these are two pieces that everyone in America should comprehend. If they did, we wouldn't be in the desperate fix we are in now, waiting for World War III, a worldwide financial collapse and inevitable environmental disaster.

Of course religion is always one of my favorite topics. My regular readers know my position on the matter all too well — namely, that it too is a hoax. How else could our "God-fearing" president and most of the braindead hypocrites in America keep cheering genocide against the Palestinians and advocating the mass murder of everybody in the world who is not like them. Essays such as "Spiritual Gangsters," "Devils from Heaven," and "Penalty of an Ancient Fraud" pretty much outline my position on these matters.

But the majority of these essays revolve around the great deception known as 9/11, and its horrible offspring issues, the continuing American mass murders in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Detective story" is still the simplest explanation about what happened on 9/11. Find the people who made the money off the suspicious investments prior to that horrid day and you'll find the people who planned and committed this dreadful deed. Of course, the corrupt FBI has already officially said there was nothing suspicious about those investments.

"The understanding" is about how everyone can expect America's next generation to be much worse and more callous than this one, because with all these false myths about Arab enemies being pounded into the brains of our children, the war that Bush plans to last forever no doubt will, since these kids will grow up to be even more warlike and gullible than average Americans are now.

The piece quoted by the Russian general — "Uncle Sam wants you dead — now!" — is about how anyone joining today's U.S. military is either guaranteed a senseless and ugly death in a faraway land for no real reason, or a future of cancer and other ailments due to the depleted uranium ammunition the insane power brokers are now using to pollute the land throughout the world. Why the U.S. has embarked on this obviously suicidal policy is still anybody's guess.

But I think of all the pieces I've written on the Internet, the single one people liked most was "The Man in the Big White Stone," which was about an imaginary conversation with the composite personality inside the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The punchline to that one is probably the best sentence I've ever written.

The Perfect Enemy: The Internet Essays of John Kaminski, volume 2, is simply a continuation of the series of columns I've written over the past three years that have appeared on such esteemed websites as,,,,, and The first volume, titled America's Autopsy Report, took us through the beginning of the Iraq war. Volume 2 takes us up to the summer of 2004, when the Kean commission was just about to issue its bogus report on 9/11.

Needless to say, the series will continue.

Volume 2 is bigger than volume 1, 41 essays to 27, 322 pages as opposed to 200. But it's the same price, $18.95. I figure the first one was priced a little high, so this one is priced a little low. $5 for shipping and handling; if you're outside the country, throw in a few extra bucks.

Again, thanks for your consideration and support, and let me repeat: Go to for ordering information.

We are trapped in a social system that never was what it said it was. Perhaps it was the best the human race could do at the time, evolving as it did out of a system of decaying monarchies and manipulative secret societies. But whatever the situation was, the United States of America as set up by our Founding Fathers was simply not the free republic it pretended to be, and over time, through the inexorable deterioration caused by lies and graft, it has devolved into a corporate police state in which democracy has come to mean corruption and servitude, and freedom means millions of dead innocents slaughtered on the altar of corporate profits.

The genuine wealth and well-being of all life on this planet has been made subservient to the insatiable appetites of those who control the money supply, and the public is left out of the loop where as a consequence the rewards for its labors are siphoned off through the cancerous principles of usury by the parasites who control the social systems.

We are now at a point in our evolution where we either capture control of our destinies by finally assuming control of our money supply and calibrating it to honest evaluations of labor and commodities, or we forever relinquish our claim to be free people on a just planet and accept our roles as powerless serfs in a world of heartless masters and expendable slaves.

The real danger in the world lies within the hearts of each of us. The question that now threatens our future, and the future of our children, is this: Will we accept this kind of economic parasitism that limits our lives to a kind of social slavery, or will we try to build something we can truly be proud of, a world in which honesty and fairness are actual possibilities rather than cynical political doublespeak meant to rationalize the abuse of some for the profit of others?

It is my fondest hope that something I might say in these Internet rants will trigger events that will lead the world toward a truly free, just, and compassionate society. Or better yet, that something I might say will trigger one of you to take that step, utter those words, or make that move that one day will make all the difference in the fight between truly enlightened freedom and manipulated semiconscious slavery.

Best wishes, and thanks for both your attention .... and your heart's desire.

John Kaminski,, is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. He is the author of two collections of essays, America's Autopsy Report and The Perfect Enemy, which have been published individually on hundreds of websites around the world. In addition, he has written The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001, a 48-page booklet aimed at those who still believe the government's highly questionable version of events. A second booklet, 9/11: The Manipulation of Reality, will be published before the end of 2004. For more information, go to

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Mystery of fireball in dawn sky
25 September 2004 06:06

Early morning motorists driving through Norfolk and Cambridge-shire yesterday could hold the key to finding out more about the meteorite or fireball sighted over the region.

Around 20 motorists driving along the area's roads from around 6.30am reported seeing the fireball, which many described as having a bright glow followed by a long trail of light.

They reported their findings to Graham Barnard on his Today in Norfolk early morning programme on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Mr Barnard told the EDP that around 20 callers rang in from around 6.30am to report initially to presenter Wally Webb seeing the fireball mainly in the sky above the west and south of the county.

"Callers had their own theories as to what it was, ranging from a fireball, firework or, in the case of a caller from the Thetford area, an aircraft on fire, but we quickly put listeners' minds at rest that it wasn't an aircraft," said Mr Barnard.

Yesterday, the mystery sighting was confirmed as being a fireball or meteorite by Mark Lawick-Thompson, chairman of the Norwich Astronomical Society.

He said the fireball could have broken up while in the atmosphere and the fragments might have landed but, until more detailed information about the sightings was available, it was not possible to say if fragments had landed.

The last reported sighting of a fireball in East Anglia was in Peterborough in 1991.

He appealed to people who had seen the fireball to contact with their detailed descriptions via his e-mail:

His view was shared by research scientist Vicky Pearson who said the sighting had been reported early yesterday morning in locations mainly in Southern England, including Oxford and Poole in Dorset, but there had also been sightings in the Midlands.

Miss Pearson, who is based at the Planetary and Space Science Research Institute at the Open University at Milton Keynes, said she had not received any of the reported sightings in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

She said that, until more information was available, it would not be possible to say if fragments had landed.

Miss Pearson asked people who saw it to call her on 01908 652814 during weekday office hours.

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Putin calls for establishment of new international security system 2004-09-25 06:42:40
MOSCOW, Sept. 24 (Xinhuanet) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin Friday said on Friday that terrorism is a common threat to the international society, and a new international security system should be created on the basis of a multipolar world with a respect for the rule of international law.

While answering questions raised by President of Xinhua News Agency Tian Congming after the session of the World's first Congress of News Agencies, Putin said that the situation of the world today has changed, so we must see clearly the world's future and take unified measures to safeguard the international security.

Putin indicated that the new international security system which is taking shape should be set up not only on the basis of a multipolar world a respect for the rule of international law, but also be able to defend the rights and interests of the countries and people that suffer from outrageous attacks.

Speaking of Russia's anti-terrorist position, Putin stressed that the world of today is no longer a unipolar world, so no one can achieve its geopolitical interests through the original system, nor can it attain its own geopolitical goal through international terrorist nets.

"We need to put away all factors obstructing cooperation of the international society and unite in efforts to go ahead," said Putin.

The two-day session of the World's Congress of News Agencies that opened in Moscow on Friday was organized by the Itar-Tass news agency, a state news agency of Russia, and attracted about 400 participants, including heads of 115 new agencies from about 100 countries.

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Iran successfully test-fires new strategic missile: TV 2004-09-25 21:37:11

TEHRAN, Sept. 25 (Xinhuanet) -- A new strategic missile has been successfully test-fired and delivered to the Iranian armed forces,state television reported on Saturday.

"The new strategic missile was successfully test-fired during the recent military maneuvers by the Islamic Revolutionary GuardsCorps (IRGC) and delivered to the armed forces," Iran's Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani was quoted as saying.

Shamkhani referred to the "Ashoura 5" military maneuver program,which started on Sept. 12 and was held by the Basij militia corps with the support of the IRGC.

On Sept. 18, state media reported that a new "long-range missile" would be test-fired during the maneuvers.Shamkhani, however, refused to reveal details about the missile for "security reasons".

He also said Iran was ready to confront all threats not only inside but also beyond the region.

Tehran last month announced a successful test-firing of an upgraded version of its Shahab-3 medium-range ballistic missile.Military experts said the missile, with a range of 1,300 km, is capable of striking Israel or any other enemy target in the region.

Shamkhani said on Aug. 27 that the Islamic Republic had achieved an "effective deterrent power" to confront its enemies in the region.

The United States and Israel, which accuse Iran of secretly developing atomic weapons, have threatened to launch preemptive attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities.

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EU's Patten slams Sarkozy view of newcomers' tax regimes
LONDON, Sept 23 (AFP) - EU external affairs chief Chris Patten struck out Thursday at recent comments by French Finance Minister Nicolas Sarkozy about the tax regimes of newcomers to the European Union.

"It is bizarre that anyone should see growing prosperity in one part of our single market as a threat, rather than an opportunity for us all," Patten wrote in an opinion piece in the Financial Times newspaper.

"Would we prefer the entire EU to grow at the current French or German rates of less than two percent?" he added.

Sarkozy suggested earlier this month that EU aid to the 10 central and eastern European states that joined the bloc on May 1 be conditional on the countries raising their tax rates to EU averages.

His remarks were were rejected by the new EU members and were met coldly by other EU countries.

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Chirac faces losing control of Senate
PARIS, Sept 24 (AFP) - French President Jacques Chirac's ruling UMP party risks losing its outright majority in the upper house of parliament, the Senate, when a third of its seats are renewed in elections Sunday.

Candidates for the Union for a Popular Movement face a strong challenge from dissident centre-right lists in a number of constituencies, and party managers have warned that about ten of its seats are in danger.

Heavy losses would be seized on by the left-wing opposition as the government's third defeat after regional and European elections earlier this year, and a sign that it has lost the confidence of the public.

However any setback would be relative, as the Senate has an in-built conservative bias. Currently the UMP has 162
seats in the 321-member body -- a majority of one. If it loses seats it will be forced to share power with a centrist bloc led by the Union for French Democracy (UDF) which is looking to make gains.

The opposition Socialists hope to win five or six new seats, but have no chance of gaining control of the chamber because the electoral system works against them. Senators are chosen by an electoral college consisting of some 150,000 regional, departmental and municipal councillors as well as the 577 members of the lower house of parliament, the National Assembly.

Over-representation of conservative rural areas means an in-built leaning to the right. The Senate's function is to vet legislation -- though it can ultimately be over-ruled by the National Assembly -- and to scrutinise government action. Senators normally hold other positions in local government and are expected to represent their region's interests in Paris.

Under the 1958 constitution the president of the Senate is the country's second ranking figure and takes over from the president if he is incapacitated or dies. The current tenant Christian Poncelet, 76, is hoping for a third term but could face a challenge after Sunday's vote.

Five government ministers -- including Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Education Minister Francois Fillon -- are running for Senate seats, which they will surrender to substitutes if they win.

Much focus Sunday will be on the Hauts-de-Seine department west of Paris where the 77-year-old former interior minister and veteran Gaullist Charles Pasqua is standing for a seat.

Pasqua is the object of a number of judicial investigations into illegal party financing and since losing a seat in the European parliament in June no longer enjoys parliamentary immunity.

Sunday's election is for 127 Senate seats, the others being renewed at three year intervals. Under a 2003 law, members are elected for six years instead of nine, and the number of seats is being increased to 331.

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Hurricane Jeanne forces up to 3 million in Florida to evacuate
11:36 AM EDT Sep 25
FORT PIERCE, Fla. (AP) - Hurricane Jeanne forced up to three million people to evacuate Saturday and sent others to hurriedly buy supplies as the storm gained speed and bore down on Florida with winds near 170 kilometres an hour.

If it hits Florida's Atlantic Coast late Saturday or Sunday as predicted, it would be the fourth hurricane to slam the state this season, a scenario unmatched in more than a century. Jeanne hovered off the coast as a Category 2 storm, but Jack Beven, a hurricane specialist at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, warned that a Category 4 storm with winds of at least 210 km/h "is not out of the question."

Already blamed for the deaths of close to 1,200 people in Haiti, Jeanne was poised to slam some of the same areas hit by the earlier storms, potentially transforming still-uncleared piles of debris into deadly missiles. Meteorologists said the storm's outer bands could bring wind and heavy rain to Florida by Saturday afternoon and its expected northern turn could happen after the storm strikes land, sending Jeanne up and through east and central Florida.

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U.S. Embassy in Jakarta criticizes detention of executives from U.S. company
11:36 AM EDT Sep 25
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - The U.S. Embassy criticized Indonesian authorities Friday for detaining executives of a U.S.-based mining company on allegations of dumping hazardous waste into a bay, and suggested the action could harm the country's efforts to attract investment.

Police were questioning Richard Ness, director of Denver-based Newmont Mining Corp.'s local subsidiary, Newmont Minahasa Raya.

Five other Newmont employees, including the American site manager, were being held at the national police headquarters in Jakarta, company spokesman Kasan Mulyono said.

No charges have been filed. Under Indonesian law, they can be detained for up to 20 days.

"We respect the independence of Indonesia's judicial system, but feel very strongly that the detention of P.T. Newmont employees is inappropriate," the U.S. Embassy said in a statement.

"Throughout the investigation, P.T. Newmont has fully co-operated and made their staff available to the Indonesian authorities," it said. "P.T. Newmont has guaranteed their continued co-operation. There is no need to physically detain officials of the company. The detention of Newmont employees under these circumstances can only harm the investment climate in Indonesia." [...]

Residents on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi say a Newmont gold mine is polluting a bay with mercury-and arsenic-laced waste. Local and international media have carried pictures of villagers with skin diseases and large lumps they claim were caused by the waste.

Newmont has denied the allegations but says it will co-operate with the investigation.

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