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Saturday, July 24, 2004

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Picture of the Day

©2004 Pierre-Paul Feyte

From time to time we receive inquiries from readers wondering why we spend so much time covering the situation in the Occupied Territories, focusing upon the genocide of the Palestinians by the Israelis with the complicity of the United States. This horror is not the only genocide being practised upon an "unwanted" people by land grabbers and thieves. Africa is the scene of repeated massacres and wholesale slaughter, all a part of the elite's plans to reduce the world's population. On a human scale, these horrors cannot be ranked or ordered. All are horrendous. The genocide of any people is a stain upon us all because we allow it to happen. All involve amounts of suffering beyond anything those of us in the comfortable Western countries can imagine. All are evidence of the barbaric character of Mankind, when trapped by the motivations of material reality: sex, fear, and hunger. While these basic drives may be masked by calls to nation or tribe, underneath we find those elements that unite us with the animal world - not a higher order.

What makes the situation in Israel unique, in our view, is the esoteric meaning of the events in Palestine.

When you study the many currents that are driving the move to impose ever finer means of control over the world's population, Israel stands in the middle:

  • The Neoconservatives in Washington, many of whom have dual US/Israeli nationality and have served as advisors to Israeli Prime Ministers in between jobs within the US government, have been working for decades to impose Israeli foreign policy as US foreign policy. Where else does such an easy passing back and forth exist in the world? What other government would allow top bureaucrats or advisors on sensitive issues to move between the governments of two countries? Is this not an admission that the two are one, at least in the minds of those who cross the border of allegiances with such ease?
  • The Second Intifada was provoked by Sharon when he visited the Temple of the Mount in the fall of 2000, followed up by an intentional Israeli policy of extreme brutality in order to provoke the Palestinians into a fight they could not win, providing the excuse for increased Israeli repression, all in the name of "defense".
  • 9/11 was an operation carried out under the planning and orders of Mossad, with the complicity of their friends in the US, in order to implicate the entire American population in the phony "War on Terror", a war that serves as a cover for the genocide of the Palestinians, those well-known "terrorists" who have been confined to refugee camps and cities cut off from the resources necessary for survival, who have to struggle to live each day, cut off from their crops, their jobs, their schools. Yes, there are Palestinians and other Arabs who, when pushed to the wall and with nothing to lose other than a life of enslavement, turn to violence against their oppressors. Would not the American people do the same if they were invaded?
  • Israel is the only country in the world that has profited from the 9/11 attack. It has given them a cover under which they continue their activities against the Palestinians. It has rid them of Saddam Hussein.
  • The Neocons and Likudists used 9/11 to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq as the next step in their long-term plans to builder Greater Israel from the Mediterranean to the Tigris and Euphrates.
  • 9/11 has been the excuse to impose important restrictions upon the rights of Americans: the infamous Patriot Acts 1 and 2.
  • All air travelers around the world are now subject to restrictions while traveling. This has reached heights of absurdity in the US where airports resemble internment camps. People are forced to wait in line, subjected to humiliating interrogations and strip searches before boarding. These measures have nothing whatsoever to do with making air travel safe. Any well organised terrorist group - such as the CIA or Mossad (because it ain't the Moslems) could find ways of slipping box cutters onto planes in other than having passengers bring them aboard themselves. These measures are there to acclimate Americans to a police state, one step at a time.
  • "Terror" alerts of a very dubious nature are given out by the new Department of Homeland Security, itself a name that evokes Nazi Germany or the Communist countries the US was supposed to be so much better than. For the last few years, the population has been trained to accept in a docile manner these "threats" as a permanent fixture of our brave new world. Although there have been attacks, the US citizenry is being programmed to expect it and to accept the curbing of their liberties as the price they need to pay in order to remain "free". "Freedom" in this context does not mean the freedom to discuss and debate US policy. It is the "freedom" to consume and continue living a lifestyle that depends upon the subjugation of much of the rest of the world.

The question then is this: why do the powers that be wish to impose these stricter forms of control upon the population? When Bush wanted an excuse to torture "terrorists", he found the lackies necessary to write up a legal excuse to justify it. If he had not wished to break international law, he would not have needed the excuse. If Bush and his gang are imposing these controls, it is because they wish to use them, not in defense against "Islamic extremists", but for their own purposes - or should we say, Bush's controllers have set in motion this process of Nazification of the US for their purposes, purposes of which Bush is completely ignorant.

If they are instituting these controls, they must have a reason, knowledge of some future events that could precipitate civil unrest, either from the exterior or from another internal job like 9/11. Glancing through the newspapers or the web, especially alternative news sites that take up questions the mainstream media never touch, there are any number of possible candidates for such an event: running out of oil, leading to a recession; another "terrorist" attack on the US, staged by the powers that be, to justify martial law; a rapid change in the weather bringing about a new ice age with the accompanying food shortages, energy shortages, and civil unrest; a cometary impact or close passage that could destroy a significant part of the world; several impacts that show the people that their rulers were well aware of the danger and did nothing to protect them, preferring to protect themselves at the expense of the "great unwashed"; a new pandemic of plague or influenza; the explosion of war throughout the Middle East, cutting off energy supplies to the gas guzzling West. We could go on and on.

Our civilisation is a fragile thing, dependent upon oil supplies, food shipped around the globe, and water treatment plants to clean up the foul stench we unload into our rivers and oceans each day. A disruption could bring misery, suffering and death for our ever-growing urban populations who depend upon others for the necessities of life.

But still we are looking at this problem in what we would call "3D terms", that is, from the point of view of the material world. Why Israel?

We have seen that a large number of Neoconservatives play an important role in the group who are implementing this agenda. The extermination of the Palestinians plays a central role in the attempt to create a world-wide battle between the forces of "good", that is, the Jews and the fundamentalist Christians, against the forces of "evil", the Islamic world. The injustice of the Palestinians's plight shocks the Moslem world, and not only the Moslem world. It galvanises forces against the US and Israel. This plays into the hands of the rulers in the US, for the American public by and large have no idea what is really happening in the Occupied Territories. Moslems can be presented as religion-crazed fanatics, and the religion-crazed fanatics of the US feel justified in their demonisation of Islam.

In studying history, the ebb and flow of movements, ideology, religion and their purpose as control systems, one becomes aware of an invisible hand behind the scenes. It is as if the large canvas of human history displays a game of chess, with pieces being put into play, only to be called upon much later. If we put what we see of the possibility of large scale social unrest due to natural or man-made crises under the light of the chess game of history, we see that these elements, so carefully placed over the years, are building to a crisis point. You might say we are in the end game, the final moves on the board of life of a struggle that has been ongoing for millennia, beginning with the founding of the monotheistic religions through to the Balfour Declaration, World War II, and finally the foundation of the Zionist State of Israel, established upon the blood of millions of ordinary Jews. All of these events came about because of the absurd notion that one group of people were more "special" than all others - a "Chosen People". "Chosen" indeed - but for what?..

Those who find themselves unable or unwilling to accept the possible existence of such a millennia-old plan can stop reading now. Yes, it is an outlandish idea. Such a game would, of course, necessitate players with impossible life spans. Yet this is where we must look to physics, to hyperdimensional physics to be exact, because it offers a possible explanation to the predicament we are in and the puzzle that must be solved. This is also the portal to esotericism, because the true meaning of esoteric studies is the understanding that we are "food for the moon", or to put it more plainly, an energy supply for beings from a higher "dimension", a "dimension" that can be shown to exist through the mathematics of hyperdimensional physics. Just as we feed upon animals and, in a more subtle way upon each other, can we really discount that idea that we are perhaps not at the top of the food chain? The chaos and continued suffering that characterises human existence can be understood when we introduce this higher dimension, in the same way that Einstein could come to a new understanding of time and space through the addition of an extra dimension.

The upcoming catastrophes, should they arrive, are Yahweh's final gift to humanity, offered to us by his "Chosen People". It is a period of harvest, the harvest of an incredible amount of negative energy unleashed by war, pestilence, famine and starvation. It is not the "End Times" of Yahweh's second child, the Christian fundamentalists, because neither time nor the world will come to an end. The earth has passed through such physical calamity before and will do so again. This, it seems, is the nature of our reality. The cycles replay themselves as long as it takes for humanity to learn its lessons and decide to make different choices. No, this gift is a return to human sacrifice, but on a planetary scale, to appease the arrogant and jealous ruler of our realm. His priests have been preparing the return and the necessary bounty for centuries. We are heading straight to the sacrificial altar. The priests are showing the way. As of yet, the majority of mankind do not know the final destination. They will not know until it is too late to turn back. But those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can recognise the falseness in the voices of the priests, the lies under the honeyed tones.

It is still not too late for individuals to alter their future, but they must first wake up to the reality of the sacrificial rite within which they hold the starring role.

A Stranger in My Own Land: Changing the Map (5 of 6)

Dr. Saber Zaitoun writing from Ramallah, occupied Palestine, Live from Palestine , 23 July 2004

Having seen the latest developments first-hand on this trip, it dawned on me that what's going on over there is a full-blown genocide. A genocide in slow motion, perhaps, but a genocide nevertheless. When Sharon's wall is completed, several million Palestinians will be completely surrounded by it, separated from the world and separated from each other. Their land and water sources will be on the Israeli side of the wall. Their only means of survival are on the other side, available only upon the approval of the Israeli military gatekeepers. This is indeed a genocide, subsidized in large part by Mr. US Taxpayer, ironically including myself.

The hurdles Israel imposes upon simple necessities for daily life are obviously meant to make people leave, and not come back. Ethnic cleansing for lack of a better word. Yet even as most Palestinians stay there, they are not to be seen. The West Bank has been transformed into a major Israeli playground, with little traces of Arab life within sight. An enormous network of new roads cut through the mountains, interconnecting massive Israeli colonies (so-called "settlements"). The old roads connecting Arab villages and cities were simply blocked off and left to rot. Arabs wishing to travel from one part of the West Bank to another need to follow narrow remote roads, and often get out of the car and walk over bare hills, risking getting shot at by Israeli "settlers" who hunt Arabs for sport.

A visitor driving on the new Israeli roads will see no signs of Arab life - just Jewish "neighborhoods", as the Israelis fondly call their illegal and oppressive colonies, built to surround Arab cities on lands illegally expropriated from Arab farmers. Even the signs are all in Hebrew and English, with the place names transformed to sound like Hebrew. For instance, instead of the historic villages of Upper Beit 'Ur and Lower Beit 'Ur, the same "Upper and Lower Beth Horon" mentioned in the Book of Joshua as existing before Joshua's invasion of Canaan, now you find a single large Jewish colony simply called "Beth Horon" built near its Arab namesakes. While the Arab villages still exist, they are conveniently out of sight from the new bypass road cutting deep through the mountain.

Names or the perceptions of them are critical to this conflict, it seems. Jerusalem, for instance, has for long been known to the Arabs as "al-Quds" - the Holy City. Since Israel took control of the city, they have been trying to impose the Arabized Hebrew name "Orashalim" on the city, e.g. in weather reports. As a child, I recall the road signs for Jerusalem were rather simple: "Yerushalayim" in Hebrew, "al-Quds" in Arabic, and "Jerusalem" in English. Later, when visiting back around 1993, I noticed the signs for Jerusalem had "Orashalim al-Quds" in Arabic, instead of the mere "al-Quds". Today, on a road sign near the Arab city of Nazareth, I read the obituary: "Orashalim (al-Quds)" with al-Quds in parenthesis and in finer print. That leads me to wonder: "What next?" Plain "Orashalim"?

Of course this colony and road construction craze has resulted in an enormous impact on the environment, as arable land and water sources get depleted, and scenic mountains and landscape get torn inside out. There is hardly a hilltop on the West Bank today where one can stand without seeing barbed wire or an 8-meter high wall. The 4.5 million Palestinian residents of the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel are all but invisible. I found it very quiet in Ramallah. Though Palestinians there are not happy with the situation, it is difficult for them to even peacefully protest when their oppressor is conveniently shielded from them by several layers of wall. It is very easy to control a captive population, with a captive economy.

The situation inside Israel proper is even worse. I cannot even dream about ever returning to my ancestral homeland near Yafa and Ramleh. Nowadays I have to plead just to get a permit to see those cities. I am not even allowed to stay overnight, my permit explicitly stating "5 AM - 10 PM", with some checkpoints effectively closing as early as 6 PM. Driving through Palestinian land occupied in 1948, one finds extremely little traces that the area was ever inhabited by Arabs. Apparently, the massive destruction campaign Israel undertook after 1948 paid well. If I'm careful and attentive, I might see a partially destroyed Arab building here, or a cactus patch from an Arab farm there, but most of the 418 villages Israel demolished to the ground betray no trace.

Crossing the "green line" from the West Bank to Israel, one is immediately transported from the 4th world to the 1st world. Israel presents itself today as a big megalopolis where speculators enjoy turning a buck from urban sprawl, while city centers (usually where Israeli Arabs live) are left to rot. Gone are the large swaths of orange groves between Ramleh and Yafa that existed as recently as 1990. Instead the Israelis welcome Big Mac and strip malls and big boxes. Israel itself is now populated mostly by Russians. Whether in Haifa or Jerusalem, more Russian is heard on the street than either Hebrew or Arabic, and Russian is now the official language on street signs in many places. I wondered why should some Russian of Slavic origin (whose ancestors perhaps recently converted to Judaism and who has absolutely no connection to the land whatsoever) have more access to my ancestral homeland than myself. By what right? Because God said so?

We saw the same tendency back at the airport. Droves of people from all over the world were welcomed into Israel: Europeans, Americans, Argentineans, Ethiopians, Chinese. All passed easily through the border, except the few of us who actually originated from that land and ventured to go back, who were taken aside to that Arab room. There, we were ignored for hours, as if the airport attendants had more important things to do, as if they were telling us we were not welcome there.

I began having that feeling as early as 1993. It was my first major trip back after leaving for college in the middle of the first Intifada. Many things had changed, including a so-called "framework" agreement between the PLO and Israel. What struck me back then were the changes on the ground: the almost permanent closure of Jerusalem (a new step at that time), the massive building projects in the Israeli colonies in the West Bank, and the beginning of the massive road network linking those colonies and bypassing Arab towns. Riding on one of those roads (still legitimate at that time for a Palestinian), as we passed by Beth Horon, I noted a small sign in Arabic pointing to the twin villages of Beit 'Ur. Once on the main road from Ramallah to the West, the Beit 'Urs have become off the beaten track, to be reached from a side road off of the colonial road. I looked right and left, and instead of Beit 'Ur's familiar ancient domed village houses, I saw the red roofs of modern Beth Horon. Instead of Beit 'Ur's plowed fields surrounded by borders of cactus plants, I saw swaths of minefields surrounded by barbed wire protecting the new colony. This is the West Bank, right? Supposed to be the last Palestinian stronghold in the land of Palestine, no? I look for any sign that there is Arab life. Apart from that small Arabic sign for Beit 'Ur, all the remaining signs were in English and Hebrew only, pointing out Biblical relics and Israeli colonies with Biblical-sounding names. Suddenly, I felt like a stranger in my own land, as if history was ripped open and engulfed the memory of my forefathers. Thousands of years disappeared in the void, as the 1990s became connected to Biblical times. Back home, I was gripped by a fear that a tourist visiting the "Holy Land" and not knowing much history would never guess that any Arabs existed on the land. Driving in the West Bank just 100s of meters away from millions of Palestinians, the ignorant tourist can happily entertain the illusion that Jews have continuously inhabited an unchanged land since the time of Jesus.

In today's term, that frightening feeling of invisibility and alienation I sensed in 1993 was just a premonition of things to come. The rapidly expanding colonies I saw back then were mere embryos of the megalopolises that now hungrily jostle for every inch of that congested landscape. The red roofs of Beth Horon are now eclipsed by the skyscrapers of Modi'in, another brand new colony just down the road. The little sign pointing to Beit 'Ur is now gone, the side road connecting the Beit 'Urs with the colonial road is now completely blocked off, isolating those two villages from the world. The colonial road itself can no longer be directly accessed from Ramallah. Its one entrance from near the military camp by the village of Beitunia is now blocked off by a massive wall guarded by tanks. The only way for Palestinians to enter this road is to cross the first checkpoint to Jerusalem (which requires a permit), then ride a car with a yellow license plate, identifying one as "Israeli".

Tourists traveling to the West Bank today have to actively seek Palestinians in order to meet any. With few exceptions, Israel is in control of most historic and tourist sites, even within the West Bank. Before leaving on this trip, my wife and I spent much time pouring over travel books trying to identify places of interest for her. I desired to show her as much as I can of my country. It turned out all this time was unnecessarily wasted. Most places of interest were out of reach for Palestinians, several roadblocks away or beyond the wall. I was very, very lucky in obtaining a permit to visit "Israel" and Jerusalem. Most people there are not that lucky - an entire generation of Palestinian children having grown up in Bethlehem and Ramallah, only 10 min. away from Jerusalem, but having never set foot in that holy city. They live in one of the richest parts of the world, historically and culturally, yet are unable to taste this richness. By controlling the historic sites the Israelis also ensure that their version of history is what gets passed on to the tourists. The Israelis thus control the future, by ignoring or sidelining our past.

Today, I am really a stranger in my own country. I am discriminated against upon entering at the airport because the "city of birth" in my passport is "Jerusalem", yet I have to apply for a permit to visit that same birthplace.

Dr. Saber Zaitoun is the pseudonym of a Palestinian-American in his thirties. Dr. Zaitoun grew up under Israeli occupation and first came to the USA during the first Intifada to finish his education. He is married, and currently teaches at a University on the East Coast. For more information about his visit to Palestine, please see

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The Wall: There, and Here

by Frank Scott
(Friday 23 July 2004)

"Though israeli critics are a minority, they are bolder and more numerous than those in the USA, where open questioning seems more dangerous and is immediately labeled anti-Semitism."

The tragedy of Palestine would be impossible without history’s greatest job of mind management. Lincoln was wrong; you can fool most of the people, most of the time. The physical apartheid wall in Israel is possible only because of a mental apartheid wall in American consciousness.

The theft of a people’s homeland, their exile, occupation and slaughter , is seen as the survival struggle of an oppressed jewish nation . People otherwise able to differentiate between their heads and their buttocks still believe that a persecuted minority is innocently trying to create a haven for itself, escaping from the savagery of a heartless western world, to live in the savagery of a heartless arab world. Why there ? It seems that god selected this real estate, and promised it to a chosen tribe from which it had been stolen, and to which it would be returned at some unspecified later date.

Depending on degrees of political correctness, it seems permissible to disrespect, and even ridicule many religious beliefs as fairy tales. But this one is honored, often in embarrassed or nervous silence, by materially affluent people who suffer poverty only in their morals and politics.

The racial supremacist nazi madness that murdered european jews of the working class, has become the rationale for a racial supremacist israeli state, supported by american jews of the middle and upper class. Without their financial and political actions, and especially those of their non-jewish cohorts, this degradation of humanity could not last a minute in its present form. And every minute it is perpetuated, the world becomes a sadder, madder and more dangerous place, and not just for Palestinians.

Americans are socialized to forget things quickly, and concentrate on the next product for consumption. Many have little knowledge of recent history, like the Viet Nam war, let alone what should have been learned from our past history of slavery, and our treatment of this nation’s original inhabitants. Yet, in this short attention span market place, many of us are taught to “remember” that persecution of innocent jews in the past, means that israel is above reproach when it persecutes innocent Palestinians in the present.

Part of this moral tragedy is the equation of mental with physical pain. Those suffering psycho-religious depression are given credence as being truly threatened in the material world. But however painful mental anguish can be, it is nothing compared to physical suffering. And none suffer physically for being jews, unless they are in Israel and among the minority who have been victimized by murderous acts of insurrectionary terror, inflicted by an oppressed people driven mad by their pain and lashing out, often blindly, at those seen as invaders and oppressors.

Supporters of israel in the USA maintain a psychological illness when they give aid and comfort to the racist conquerors of Palestine. Especially under the guise of protecting against some future terror, supposedly awaiting all jews if no homeland exists to which they can escape. This, without regard to material reality, much less the wishes of a native population.

This case of mass depression would be serious if it were only suffered by a minority , but it is the reality of a religious, secular and even anti-religious majority . They support this immaterial madness with a material horror that becomes more threatening the longer it continues.

The apartheid wall has been censured by an international court, but that decision means nothing to the dominant twin state, USrael. That malformation is the most powerful military force in the world, exemplifying a universal truth even stronger than the golden rule of capital, that he who has the gold rules: He who has the weapons, is the law.

The people most responsible for perpetuating this tragedy , Americans, must do something to stop it. Economic sanctions may be the only way to help Israel become part of the real world, and end its pariah status as a bloody religious theme park , which cuts itself off from most of humanity, and wonders why it is despised for doing so.

Israel’s political climate permits a brave minority of jews to speak out against their warped state, which they find in contradiction to the more benign teachings of the faith. Ancient experience can offer lessons for the present, but only biblical fanatics accept it as divine truth. It is significant that the most dangerous entity in the world is presided over by fundamentalist christians and jews. Though these sects often murder one another, they are spawn of the same dualistic , patriarchal doctrines of racial superiority. Their behavior is in the biblical tradition of those 19th century zionists who wanted Palestine for their own, and later even colluded with nazis to get it, long before the bloody murders now called the holocaust.

Though israeli critics are a minority, they are bolder and more numerous than those in the USA, where open questioning seems more dangerous and is immediately labeled anti-Semitism. The lid on criticism is tightly applied, not only by established powers of the center, but even by critical sources on the periphery. As long as the left remains fearfully silent, this dangerous regime of consciousness control, extending from congress to the white house to major media, may one day produce a truly ugly backlash from the right. Then, of course, zionists will say “see, we told you it would happen”.

The Presbyterian action endorsing sanctions against Israel is long overdue. It is time for people of conscience to follow their lead and tear down the wall of disinformation . Americans have already died because of our policy, and more will likely die unless it is changed. A socially just resolution of the ugly reality in Palestine is not merely in service to Palestinians and Jews, but to the whole world. And for Americans, it is not only a matter of conscience, but of survival as well.

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NGOs Claim Wanted Israeli Agent Barkan In North Korea

By Selwyn Manning - Scoop Co-Editor

Zev Barkan the suspected Israeli Mossad agent on the run from New Zealand Police has been sighted in North Korea, according to an Asian-based NGO closely linked to New Zealand intelligence networks.

Information provided to Scoop states Zev William Barkan turned up in Pyongyang as an Israeli security adviser in April, within weeks of fleeing from New Zealand prior to a suspected Israeli spy ring being sprung for attempting to illegally acquire a New Zealand passport.

Zev William Barkan (37), possibly a false name, also answers to the name Jay, was staying at a flat in Sandringham, Auckland City. New Zealand authorities believe he has left New Zealand. Zev Barkan remains wanted by New Zealand Police for allegedly attempting to illegally obtain a New Zealand passport. Barkan is a short, solid built, Caucasian male, has thick black hair, an American accent, said he was from Washington DC, worked for a windows and doors company, and was in New Zealand to do a sailing course. Barkan was last known to be in New Zealand March 3 to 20.

This weekend, international Non-Government-Organisations, including Global Protect All Children, have gathered for a conference in Tokyo Japan to discuss a crisis involving North Korean refugees.

Information was released at the conference suggesting Israeli agents, including Barkan, had entered into North Korea under the guise of security consultants to help North Korea build a "security wall" to keep its people in.

Overnight (New Zealand time), in an address to the conference, a senior NGO chief executive with Global-Protect All Children said: " Barkan is there (In Pyongyang) negotiating details of an extensive contract for design and technical equipment to support (a security wall) project, including- but by no means limited to - Israeli produced motion sensors and night vision equipment."

In discussions with Scoop, the chief executive said: "Barkan flew from Beijing to Pyongyang at the end of April. He was allegedly travelling on a Canadian passport issued in the name of Kevin Hunter, which had been reported stolen at the Canadian Consulate in the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou in mid April."

It is believed North Korean and Israeli experts are conducting a "feasibility study" on the construction of a security fence along the 1500 KM North Korea China border. Brussels based NGO contacts attached to Human Rights Without Frontiers tipped off other NGOs to the North Korean plans.

Scoop contacts with intelligence connections in Asia, said Barkan was also connected to an Israeli security company operating out of Thailand.

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New Zealand Has Solid Evidence of Mossad death Squads operating in S.E Asia that have Killed Australians

by Bev Taylor Thursday July 22, 2004 at 01:16 AM

I am an Australian that worked for a major NGO in Cambodia my exposure to the mossad murder squads operating in the S.E. Asia came about thru the acquaintance of a fellow Australian.

I met Brian at the boarder town of KIoh Kong. Brian was young man from Sydney that had just finished school with an English Major and had come to Australia to teach English for a year we talked in length about how he had lost his entire family in an accident his desire to help the impoverished Cambodian people.

Brian was leaving for Srey Ambel the next day on a small boat to teach at a small local school that he had arranged thru a Cambodian friend he had been corresponding with for a few years.

A few weeks latter I was in the Srey Ambel area and went by to visit Brian. He had never arrived, and was not replying to e-mail from me or his friend at the school he was to teach at, his friend at the school said maybe he had decided to travel around for a few weeks, but no one knew.

Two weeks later while I was in Phnom Penh, I was at a restaurant on the riverfront, I met a man there that introduced himself as Brian, using Brian’s name and background story but it was a deferent man. I tried to get as much information out of him without letting him know I had known the real Brian after our conversation I went strait to the Australian consulate they told me they would look into the report.

The next day I was talking to a Diane, NZ women that I had known for some time that worked for a different NGO. Diane was very alarmed when I told her of what had happened and said I was in great danger and told me to meet her later that day in the Toul Tom Pong Market.

There I was met by Diane and a man I will refer to as Tom that Identified himself as a NZ security Official.

“These mossad run gangs like to throw there victims off of tour boats they do a lot of operations off the southern coast of Thailand and Cambodia” Tom said, as he showed me documentation of 8 people whose bodies where found that ‘disappeared’ like Brian, 5 where Australian.

Tom also showed me some photos of 5 more mossad agents suspected of involvement in the disappearances.

One I identified as the man I met that was using Brian’s Identity, it was a photo of Zev Barkan.

“This is a real bad guy, vicious. He’s killed a few of the victims himself witnesses have said he likes to personally throw them over board while the boats are moving and then turns around and run the victim over, chopping the victim up with the prop” Tom said.

As he showed me photos and documents that connected Barkan and 4 other mossad agents to terrorist training camps in southern Thailand.

And documents linking them to armed terrorist actions in southern Thailand along with documents that linked telecommunications and money wire transfers originating in Israel.

Tom informed me that NZ security Operations have evidence that some Australian Officials are involved in a cover-up of these mossad operations for political reasons that reach up to the highest levels of the Australian Government.

“This guy is an Australian official we linked to Barkan, we have evidence he was involved in the terrorist training camps but not the murders Barkan is in hot water with him because of the murders but he is involved in the cover up of the murders and that why you are in so much danger, now they are committed into covering the murders up” Tom said, as he showed me pictures of Barkan meeting the man at the Australian consulate I had made the missing person report to.

Tom informed me I was in grave danger because of my visit to the Australian consulate, and if I did not Leave Cambodia immediately I would be dead before the end of the week.

Tom arranged for me to fly out of Cambodia to NZ on a small NZ government plane that night.

And now I find myself in NZ living in a safe house not knowing when it will be ok to return to my life. I am writing this in a hope it might save someone from the fate that Brian suffered.

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Israel will not abandon 'spy' says ex-boss


The former boss of alleged Israeli spy Urie Kelman says he will not be "left wounded in the field" if he was on a special operation in New Zealand.

YTS Systems head Doron Stempler said yesterday that New Zealanders needed to "open their eyes" to the impact of terrorism.

Mr Stempler, a former high-ranking intelligence officer in the Israel Army, conceded that his country was operating well outside its borders in the fight against terrorism.

"Unfortunately we are suffering in Israel and we take a huge operation all over the world to reduce our casualties or whatever.

"I don't want anyone to suffer."

Mr Stempler said he was surprised that Kelman had been "charged with belonging to a criminal [group]" in New Zealand.

But he would not comment directly on the role Kelman had played since leaving YTS in 2002.

"I don't know what the mission was ... I heard it from the news."

Asked if Kelman was involved with Israeli intelligence units or Mossad, as alleged by Prime Minister Helen Clark, Mr Stempler said: "That's her say - I don't know."

"I'm not belonging to that. I don't know what they are doing - I think that they are doing good for the country."

He suggested that if Kelman had been on an operation for Israel, the Israeli Government would look after him when he returned home.

"They won't leave him wounded in the field."

YTS Systems is based in Tel Aviv and has about 20 employees, some of them former members of a crack Army intelligence unit.

Kelman worked for the company between 1999 and 2002, marketing products and services in Israel and internationally, according to a letter YTS provided to the High Court at Auckland before his sentencing.

The company's website says it is involved in anti-terrorism work and provides high-tech surveillance systems. It has fitted out a number of embassies worldwide.

YTS was set up in 1987 by Mr Stempler and co-founder Tal Berman. The latter served in a top-secret intelligence unit of the Israeli defence forces, where he was responsible for developing and constructing "smart" electronic equipment for special missions and field operations, according to the website.

Mr Stempler is said to have attained the rank of lieutenant colonel and headed the technical branch of the Army's Intelligence Observations Department.

He told the Weekend Herald that he was not part of Mossad.

Before his arrest, Kelman told acquaintances he was a bugging specialist contracted to a private security firm that planned to set up a Sydney branch.

Mr Stempler said YTS had no involvement in either New Zealand or Australia, but employees went overseas on assignments.

Kelman "was one of my best employees", he said.

Kelman, like other YTS employees, covered the gamut of private intelligence work, from personal security to electronic operations.

"I try to teach them to do everything."

Mr Stempler has also been associated with international security firm Lapidgm, where he is listed as a technical engineer.

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China's "war on terror" under scrutiny

By Benjamin Robertson in Beijing
Wednesday 21 July 2004, 13:23 Makka Time, 10:23 GMT

One of the first nations to express its condolences to the United States following the September 11 attacks, China was quick to respond to President Bush's invitation to join what he described as the war on terror.

Two recent events, however, have spotlighted China's use of this ambiguous phrase in a manner that the US State Department would now be hard put to approve.

The first occurred in early June when eleven railway workers - part of several hundred Chinese labourers now operating in Afghanistan on reconstruction projects - were mowed down in their tents.

The following day, while the motive behind the assault was still unclear, China's leaders blamed "terrorists", a charge that still sticks in official statements, although the Chinese media has speculated that neighbouring warlords and/or competing economic interests might have been to blame.

Beijing's haste in condemning "terrorists" has been given a further twist by a new report of the human-rights group, Amnesty International, which accuses China of arbitrarily using terms such as "war on terror" and "terrorist" to justify a policy of political, cultural, economic and civil oppression in the traditionally Muslim province of Xinjiang.

Eye on Uyghurs

Restrictions on religious practices, closing down of mosques, use of torture to extract confessions and slanted trial procedures are some of the complaints listed in the 40-page report, that concludes with a plea to Beijing to put an end to violations of human rights across the province.

That a country should seek to interpret the word "terrorist" to suit its own ends may not come as a surprise to observers of recent US actions in the Middle East. Even so, Mark Allison of Amnesty International says China is guilty of reneging on basic human-rights commitments made when signing the UN Declaration on Human Rights.

"Since September 11, China has tried to dress up its actions in the region but some of the arrests we know of involve people who were demonstrating through peaceful means," said Allison.

[...] Despite the doubts expressed by some specialists about the real nature of "terrorist" activity in Xinjiang, the US administration post-September 11 agreed to include a number of Uyghur Muslim groups in its list of "international terrorist organisations" – something it had previously refused to do given the scanty evidence and concerns over human-rights abuses.

At the time, with Washington looking to build its alliance against "terror", the move looked like a victory for realpolitik over idealism.

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World creeping closer to 'oil shock'
Energy crisis could loom, experts say
Politics, corporate moves are factors


Are we running out of oil? Are we in danger of another energy crisis of the magnitude of the 1970s "oil shocks" that condemned us to a decade of economic stagnation? And with our desultory regard for conservation and alternative energy sources, are we risking ever greater oil dependence on the volatile Middle East?

Yes, yes and yes.

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Iraqi unemployment rate reaches 70%

By Ahmed Janabi
Wednesday 21 July 2004, 9:03 Makka Time, 6:03 GMT

A study by the college of economics at Baghdad University has found that the unemployment rate in Iraq is 70%.

The study says the problem of high unemployment is going from bad to worse, with the security situation deterioriating and the reconstruction process faltering.

[...) Ala al-Qaisi, 56, a father of three who fought in the Iran-Iraq war, expressed disappointment with the fact that all the jobs seemed to be in the hands of the US authorities.

"I cannot accept a job with the US authorities or a company which supplies them. I care about my image in the eyes of my children. After defending Iraq for eight years, how can I accept work with a country that is militarily occupying the country I fought for?"

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B.C. man dies after being shot with Taser

Last Updated Fri, 23 Jul 2004 16:15:04 EDT

VANCOUVER - Vancouver police Friday confirmed a man died after being shot with a Taser gun last month.

Police say 54-year-old Robert Bagnell was high on drugs when they stunned him in a hotel room on the city's Granville Street. He was handcuffed and lying on the ground when he stopped breathing, police say.

[...] Tasers emit a jolt of up to 50,000 volts, interrupting the body's electrical impulses and causing involuntary muscle spasms.

It's the second Taser-related death during arrests in the city in the last two months.

On May 1, 25-year-old Roman Andreichikov died after police shot him with a Taser in his Granville Street apartment. Police say he was high and threatening to jump off his apartment balcony.

In Ontario, former semi-pro boxer Jerry Knight died Saturday when police shot him with a Taser. Police say the 29-year-old Brampton, Ont., man was breaking things in a Mississauga hotel room.

Amnesty International has called for a suspension of police use of Taser guns.

In a report, the human rights watchdog also looked at the 2003 Taser-related deaths of Terry Hanna and Clayton Alvin Wiley.

Hanna died of cardiac arrest last April after police arrested him in Burnaby, B.C. Police say he was high on cocaine and wielding a hammer and knife.

Wiley died after an altercation at a mall in Prince George, B.C. Police shot him with a Taser while trying to get him into an ambulance.

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The Syrian Wayne Newton: The man inadvertently behind a scare in the skies.

By Clinton W. Taylor
July 21, 2004, 7:21 p.m.

Annie Jacobsen's recent piece for WomensWallStreet.Com made waves. Her account of flying with her family while 14 Middle Eastern passengers acted in a threatening and apparently coordinated manner makes for a terrifying read. Her article captures her sickening sense of both uncertainty and inevitability as what might possibly have been the next 9/11 unfolded around her.

Fortunately, nothing of the sort happened. On June 29, Northwest Airlines Flight 327 landed safely in Los Angeles and a phalanx of law enforcement greeted the suspicious passengers, whisking them away for some intense interviews. Jacobsen noted a pile of Syrian passports in the hand of a law-enforcement official.

But the men checked out, and Jacobsen was told that they were "hired as musicians to play at a casino in the desert." She was not told the name of the band, nor the name of the casino. And as her story made the rounds through the Internet and beyond (the Dallas Morning News printed a condensed version earlier this week), a note of skepticism about her story crept in. Had she imagined the whole thing? Or was the government covering up a "dry run" for another terrorist attack?

Columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin confirmed some of the details of Jacobsen's story with the Federal Air Marshal's service, but the identity of the band remained the subject of much speculation. For a while the blogosphere settled on a Syrian band called Kulna Sawa as a likely candidate, but the gents at Powerline received a note from that group's tour manager explaining the band was still in Syria when all this happened. Even the mainstream media began to notice the story: New York Times reporter Joe Sharkey confirmed some of the details of the story today but admitted he, too, was unable to identify the band.

Well, I am nominally the "news director" for Stanford University's student radio station, KZSU, and I figured I'd help the Times out. There aren't that many casinos in southern California, so I had my research assistant, Mr. Google, take a look at some. An hour later I was talking to the nice folks at Sycuan Casino & Resort, near San Diego. Unlike most casinos where it's all Elvis impersonators, Paul Anka, and Linda Ronstadt — oh, wait, scratch that last one — Sycuan books the occasional "ethnic music" show, too. In August, for example, they'll have a Vietnamese night.

"Oh, do you mean Arab music?" inquired Angie, who answered Sycuan's phone. Yes, they had had an Arab act perform on July 1, an artist named Nour Mehana. Terry, Angie's supervisor at Sycuan, confirmed that he was there and that there was probably a backup band brought in, since there's no house band at Sycuan. In fractions of a second, Mr. Google found a website for Sycuan's event promoters, Anthem Artists, whose archive confirms Nour Mehana performed at Sycuan on 7/01/04.

[...] I talked to James Cullen of Anthem Artists who confirms that Nour Mehana's large band did arrive on Northwest Flight 327. Some of them came in from Detroit, and some from Lebanon. Cullen says they never said anything about a disturbance on the flight to him, even though "I stayed in the same hotel, they were nice, they stayed right above me." He said that they were fine musicians, put on a great show, and he would work with them again in the future.

[...] Nour Mehana (a.k.a. Noor Mehanna, or Nour Mhanna, plus various permutations of those spellings) is, in fact, Syrian.

[...] Which is definitely not the same as saying Jacobsen was wrong to worry. The proven existence of this band confirms one of the last details of her story, and her story confirms some of our worst fears about airline security. The mindset of passengers, of the crew, and even of the law-enforcement personnel (Jacobsen said a flight attendant reassured her husband by pointing out that air marshals were on the flight), and decision makers higher up the ladder was reactive, not proactive.

[...] June 29 was no ordinary day in the skies. That day, Department of Homeland Security officials issued an "unusually specific internal warning," urging customs officials to watch out for Pakistanis with physical signs of rough training in the al Qaeda training camps. The warning specifically mentioned Detroit and Los Angeles's LAX airports, the origin and terminus of NWA flight 327.

Comment: We have uncovered the following email from a regional director of Homeland Security to director Tom Ridge. We think it explains what happened on the flight:

Date: June 6, 2004 9:11:00 PM EDT
Subject: Fantastic Opportunity!


One of our field agents working for Northwest Airlines has discovered that there will be a group of Syrian musicians traveling from Detroit to LAX on June 29, Northwest Airlines Flight 327. We think this is a great opportunity to score a few points. Imagine the following scenario:

We put out a heightened security alert for that day, precising that we have information that "something" may be planned between Detroit and LAX. We'll say it's the Pakis and is connected to al-Qaeda, all these Arabs look the same, anyway. Given the good work of the propaganda department since 9/11, the passengers are gonna be a bit nervous when they see these guys with the dark complexions on board, especially as we all know what musicians are like. They drink and get rowdy. This should reinforce the hatred towards the Arabs of those on the plane, and with any luck, we'll find some scribe who'll write about it and blow it way out of proportion.

I think this is an opportunity that we can't pass up. Looking forward to your thoughts on the matter.


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Bush National Guard records ‘rediscovered’
Filed under:


President Bush’s National Guard Records for the period July through September of 1972, when Bush was working as a campaign volunteer in Alabama, which previously had been reported ‘accidentally’ destroyed, have turned up at the Pentagon.

The records appear to show gaps in the President’s payroll record during the period he claimed to have been in attendance by the Guard.

“Bush’s military records seem to show up as randomly as he did for duty,” Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe said.

The records show that he was in attendance for only three days in February 1972, and was absent during May, June, July, August, September and all but two days of October of that same year.

He was also absent all of February and March of 1973.

They do not, however, lay to rest claims, first put forth by controversial documentarian Michael Moore, that the President was absent without leave (or AWOL) during that period. In fact, they seem to invite more questions as to why they had been reported “accidentally destroyed” earlier this month…

Comment: Only the most gullible will think that Bush wasn't AWOL. There is more than enough evidence for American voters to come to their own conclusions. For more documents on the Bush was AWOL debate, including the testimony of others at the base, go here, then check out Eric Blumrich's animation, Top Gun.

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An open letter to President Bush: Proposal on jobs

By Tracy Williams

From: Tracy Williams (
Date: June 12, 2004 9:41:42 PM EDT
Subject: Hooking a brother up

Dear Mr. President:

Hello. My name is Tracy Williams and I have an exciting proposal for you!

I've been following the news recently, and two things have come to my attention; first, that there appears to be a presidential election coming up later this year, and secondly, that many polls show that you and your opponent, Senator John Kerry, are currently running neck and neck. Some polls even show that you're trailing Mr. Kerry. I'm certain this must all be very stressful for you, and perhaps you even stay up nights, wondering what it is you can do to get just one more vote. Nobody knows better than you that every vote counts.

I, personally, have been stressed out for a somewhat similar reason. While you're worried about losing your job, I'm currently very worried about not being able to find a job.

For the last three months I have been unemployed and struggling to find anybody that will hire me to do anything. At first, my standards were kind of high, as I'd just gotten out of a job that was driving me insane and it was important to me to find something I enjoyed. But as time went by and money became more and more of a pressing problem, my standards got lower and lower until I was willing to do just about anything that would pay my bills. Unfortunately the lowering of my standards has not translated into any new job opportunities.

The more I search for jobs, and the more I talk to people who have recently managed to find jobs, the more I am starting to realize that getting a job these days requires knowing somebody on the inside. Qualifications, while helpful, are really secondary to having a friend who can pull a string or put in a good word for you. So, the other evening, as I was having my normal dinner of water and Tootsie Roll Pops, a brilliant solution occurred to me: you need my vote, and I need a job. If you can talk to some people and find me a decent job in the next 30 days, I am willing to cast my vote for you this November.

According to the media, my vote is crucial to your "re"-election. I believe I am what the media refers to as a "swing voter." I have previously always voted Democratic because my political views have always been left of center, but recently I have been questioning whether I am truly a liberal or a conservative. On the one hand, I believe in abortion rights and universal health care. I also believe that art and culture are important parts of a healthy society, I believe in marriage rights for homosexuals, I believe that a government has a responsibility to help its citizens as much as is reasonably possible, and I believe ensuring access to a good education is the most effective thing a nation can do to provide for its future.

All of these are liberal beliefs. On the other hand, most of these beliefs are held strictly in theory. When it gets right down to it and I am honest with myself, I have to admit that in my day to day life I'm a self-interested ass and I don't really give much of a fuck about anybody but me and my friends, which is more of a conservative outlook. So I'm on the proverbial fence. Mr. President, I'm offering you the opportunity to exploit my uncertainty.

So let's talk compensation for that vote. As I said before, my standards are rather low. As long as the job pays over $20k a year and does not involve customer service or retail (history has shown that I lack the "people skills" for these types of positions), I'll take it. My background is primarily in journalism, with some knowledge of IT (mostly Mac-based), but really, I imagine that somebody as well connected as you can quite easily find me a position that doesn't require any actual knowledge, experience or skill. I feel that this would be ideal.

There's more, though. If the position you find me pays over $30k a year, I'm willing to vote for you and wear a Bush/Cheney '04 button for one day per month from now until November. And if the position is $40k or more, I'm willing to do both of the above in addition to endorsing you on my livejournal, which could very well have a seismic effect on this election. I have 87 friends listed, and that doesn't even take into account my "lurker" audience, which is probably somewhere in the high single digits. You underestimate the influence I wield as an Internet opinion leader at your own peril. I am African-American ("colored"), and, as you know, Negroes are easily led sheep. Can you imagine how powerful an endorsement from a young Negro would be, especially a Negro who is able to both read and write?

If the job you find for me is outside of the Baltimore/Washington area, I must also ask that you pay my relocation costs — hiring a mover plus security deposit and first month's rent for a new apartment — and also buy me a new car. I don't really need flashy wheels, so depending on the location of my new job, I see this adding about $15,000 to $20,000 to the total. Please note that it may be worth looking into relocating me to a closely contested state like Ohio or Pennsylvania, where my vote will be all the more helpful to you. (I would suggest Florida, but I imagine Jeb has probably got your back down there.)

I understand that the economy is still weak, and you may be unable to find me a job despite your best efforts. If that is the case, but you still want to reap the benefits of this deal, I am willing to accept a lump sum payment in lieu of actual employment. Chances are I would hold whatever job you got for me for five years, so depending on what level of support you want from me, the lump sum would come to either $100,000, $150,000 or $200,000. Granted, this may seem like a lot of money, but I have taken the liberty of doing a little research and I see that you've raised over $185 million dollars for your campaign so far, so really the largest possible lump sum comes to a mere 0.00108 percent of your "war chest." That seems like a ridiculously small price to pay for the guarantee of having me in your corner come November, doesn't it?

(I am not a lawyer, so I am not certain whether using campaign donations as direct payment for the vote or endorsement of a private citizen violates campaign finance laws. Please run this past your private counsel, as I know that you are a stickler for abiding by the letter of the law. Perhaps if I declare myself a corporation we can find a workaround or loophole.)

I know that you will come through for me, Mr. President. I have always felt a special kinship with you. Like me, you've quit or failed at just about everything you've ever attempted to do, but you've always had high-placed, high-powered pals to hook your shit up afterwards. This is your chance to give back a little and right the karmic balance, while simultaneously increasing your chances of getting another four years in which to rape the planet, kill innocents, enrich the elite at the expense of the struggling, and eviscerate the Constitution, all in the name of Good.

It's a win-win. Let's roll!

Yours in Christ,
Tracy L. Williams

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U.S. President George W. Bush a big winner at World Stupidity Awards

Nelson Wyatt
Canadian Press
July 24, 2004

MONTREAL (CP) - The November elections may still be ahead of him but U.S. President George W. Bush came out a big winner Friday - at the World Stupidity Awards.

[...] Bush took the Stupidest Man of the Year Award and for the second time in the history of the two-year-old awards won the Stupidity Award for Reckless Endangerment of the Planet.

[...] Bush didn't take the category alone, however, and tied with British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The controversial Texan president shared in two other awards as the United States was noted for having the Stupidest Government of the Year.

"What was interesting about that is that the decision was made overwhelmingly by Americans who voted," said Albert Nerenberg, of the Main Organization Revealing Obvious Numbskulls which runs the awards.

[...] Stupidest Statement of the Year was Bush's pronouncement that "combat operations have ended in Iraq," where fighting still rages more than a year after the U.S.-led invasion to topple Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Bush beat out pop princess Britney Spears, nominated for saying, "I do," at her brief Las Vegas wedding, and singer Jessica Simpson, who wondered aloud on TV: "Why does Chicken By the Sea taste like tuna? Is it chicken or tuna?"

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All San Andreas Quakes Found to Be Big

By Eric D. Tytell, Times Staff Writer

Earthquakes along the San Andreas fault over the last 1,000 years have all been above magnitude 6.5, with no signs of small temblors that might have relieved pent-up pressure, scientists reported in the current issue of the journal Geology.

By matching up dry creek beds on either side of the fault 120 miles northwest of Los Angeles, the researchers estimated that 95% of the slippage in the last six earthquakes was caused by large but rare quakes with magnitudes of about 7.5 to 8.

The smallest quake had a magnitude just below 7, according to the study conducted by researchers from Caltech and Central Washington University.

"When we do have an earthquake along this section of the fault, it will probably have a substantial size," said Charles Rubin, a geologist at Central Washington University and a coauthor of the study.

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Sunspot Grows to 20 Times Size of Earth

By Robert Roy Britt
Senior Science Writer
posted: 05:10 pm ET
23 July 2004

A sunspot group aimed squarely at Earth has grown to 20 times the size of our planet and has the potential to unleash a major solar storm.

The amorphous mix of spots, together called Number 652, has been rotating across the Sun and growing for several days. On Friday, it sat at the center of the solar disk.

Sunspots are areas of intense magnetic energy, cooler and darker than the surrounding surface of the thermonuclear furnace. Sometimes the magnetic fields let loose and huge amounts of radiation and charged particles are hurled into space.

The Sun's last bout of intense storminess occurred last fall, when a string of 10 major flares over two weeks knocked out satellites, damaged others, and forced the FAA to reroute airlines away from exposed polar routes.

No one can say if this sunspot group will let loose with a major storm, but it has the characteristics of a potentially big event.

"The implications of this spot have scientists on the edge of their seats," NASA said in a statement Friday. "If the active region generates coronal mass ejections (CMEs), massive explosions with a potential force of a billion megaton bombs, it will be a fairly direct hit to Earth and its satellites and power grids."

The Sun is now in a generally quiet period of a well-known 11-year cycle of activity. But sunspots and flares can occur at any time. Scientists do not fully understand why the spots appear or how they erupt.

Comment: Whoa! Last fall we had a 10 day period of major flares, and we have just seen a series of X class flares in July. Yet the journalist would have us believe that this is "normal" in a solar minimum, that "sunspots and flares can occur at any time". Sure, they can. But having so many X class flares in the period of a solar minimum is not "business as usual". During the 17th century, the sun passed through a 75 year solar minimum. The "normal" 11 year solar cycle was repressed. We believe this occurred when the Sun's dark star companion passed through the Oort cloud. The solar minimum was caused by the gravitational effect of the companion star. For more information, check out the article "Independence Day".

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Shooting Stars: Preview of Summer Meteor Showers

By Joe Rao NightSky Columnist

Summer is the season for shooting stars, and this year could be among the best as the annual Perseid meteor shower promises to be better than usual.

Anyone gazing at the summer night sky for even a short length of time now through the end of August is likely to spot a few streaks of otherworldly light. In general, the Earth encounters richer meteoric activity during the second half of the year.

The best meteor display of the summer comes during the second week of August, during the Perseid event. At its peak around the nights of Aug. 11 and 12, the shower can produce 50 to 100 fast, bright meteors per hour for any observer with a wide-open view of a dark sky.

Great prospects

This year will be an excellent one to watch for the Perseids, partly because bright moonlight will not interfere as in past years, and also because Earth might encounter a heavier concentration of meteoric debris, astronomers predict, leading to better than normal meteor activity.

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Wildfires ravage 100 to 150 hectares north of Marseille

MARSEILLE (AFP) Jul 24, 2004

Some 400 firefighters were battling wildfires that destroyed 100 to 150 hectares (250 to 375 acres) in northwest Marseille on Saturday, authorities said.

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Floods ebb in northeast India but disease threat looms

GUWAHATI, India (AFP) Jul 24, 2004

Devastating floods in northeast India began to abate Saturday but officials warned the worst was yet to come as disease and health problems threatened to hit millions of people.

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Water-borne diseases break out as 30 million hit by Bangladesh floods

DHAKA (AFP) Jul 24, 2004

Water-borne diseases have broken out in Bangladesh as the death toll in flooding that has submerged half the country and blighted the lives of 30 million people rose to 202 Saturday, the official BSS news agency said.

Lack of clean drinking water and the collapse of sewage systems had led to the outbreak of water-borne diseases in flood-affected districts, BSS said, although it did not elaborate.

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