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Overcoming Mechanical History:
Henry Makow and the Commie Threat

Henry See

March 14 , 2005: In reading about the Truman era in the United States recently, we were fascinated to discover some of the details of the red-hunts that were undertaken to rid America of Communist influence. This included passing laws excluding people with radical ideas from getting jobs in union shops, ridding liberal commentators from the airwaves, and forcing citizens to take loyalty oaths. Read the right-wing commentators in the US today and you hear the same things. Anyone who is against the war is a traitor, liberals should be driven from the airwaves (as if there were any left), and people not loyal to the president are traitors.

There is also a revisionist history making the rounds that the hearings of the House Un-American Activities Committee in the forties and fifties, hearings to root out communists and fellow-travellers from all areas of society, were good things! Ann Coulter is part of this trend with a recent book that seeks to resurrect Joseph McCarthy, the Wisconsin senator who held televised hearings in the fifties where lives and reputations were ruined based upon innuendo alone.

But if you thought the Communist menance was dead and buried, think again! It has been sighted in the Department of, gasp!, Homeland Security!

Last week, I wrote that KGB generals have been given important positions in the Dept. of Homeland Security, run by Lenin look-alike, Zionist Michael Chertoff.

I described this development as the "stealth Communist takeover of the USA. How better do it than when everyone is thinking Muslims, and our elected officials are too corrupt and compromised to protect us?"

We don't recognize what has taken place because we think Communism is an idealistic but discredited working class experiment, tried mainly in Russia and China.

So writes Henry Makow. Having spotted the Commies, he is doing his bit as well to resurrect the witch hunts.

The Liberal media marginalized and ridiculed as "right wing fanatics" people who warned of the Communist threat. To this day, people don't accept that the Rosenbergs were indeed Russian spies. The House Un-American Activities Committee is portrayed as a "witch hunt."

First off, where is this so-called "liberal media"? Decrying Liberal media in a era of corporate media ownership, where the owners are all active backers of the conservative movement, is a favourite right-wing pundit sound-byte. However, it is not a new tactic. Read this passage written in 1950 and see if it sounds familiar:

One of the weirdest passages in J. Edgar Hoover's testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee dealt with the radio business. At a time when hardly a liberal voice is to be heard on the air, and there is an organized undercover campaign to frighten sponsors and stations, the FBI chieftan would have us believe that a Communist conspiracy may take over the business. [I.F. Stone, The Truman Era, p. 88]

Is it a coincidence that the dress-wearing Hoover, known as "Mary" to his intimate friends, would make an appearance in an age that reflects our own, from witch hunts to homosexual promiscuity among politicians?

We think not. Hoover certainly was neither the first nor the last hypocrite in a position of pwer.

Next, contrary to what Makow would lead you to believe in his article from his selection of quotes and sources, HUAC hounded people from their jobs not for an illegal acts, but for what they thought and believed. None of the blacklisted Hollywood Ten were accused of doing anything illegal. None of the other, less famous Americans who lost their jobs and became social outcasts were accused of illegal acts. They were attacked for their beliefs. Makow obscures this very important fact by writing:

Thus, for most of the last century the United States has tolerated the legal existence of a party openly dedicated to the violent overthrow of the US government and the enslavement of its people.

This party, the CPUSA was funded and directed by a hostile foreign government. It engaged in industrial and military espionage, trained guerrilla units on American soil, forcibly took over unions, raided their treasuries and controlled whole industries. It slandered, harassed and killed opponents; bribed police and judges and infiltrated the military.

Wow! Quite the conspiracy! The image of the Commie behemoth with its tentacles reaching into every aspect of American life. There's a Commie under every bed don't ya know! But there are a couple of problems. First, the people who were called up before HUAC and during the McCarthy hearings were not being questioned about military espionage, training guerilla units, and other illegal activities. If they had done such things, they would have been arrested and faced trial.

Second, you could use the same words to describe the actions of the US government against the Communists in the US, as well as the actions of the US government in other countries. This is not to excuse illegal activity, only an attempt to see our reality for what it is. This description applies across the board.

But the important point is the ideological battle over individual freedoms. During the Communist witch-hunt in the United States, we repeat, the accused were being tried in public for their beliefs, not for any illegal acts they had committed. To praise the activities of those who hunted them down is to give support for the reintroduction of such trials in the future, as well as for the detention of "suspects" not for what they have done, but for what they think and believe. Welcome to the modern thought crime, one of the evils for which the West long castigated the Soviet countries. Curious that the fervent anti-communist Makow takes up the Communist banner, so to speak. And so have the Bushists.

We have seen the Bush Reich already take moves in this direction with the Patriot Act and a campaign of lies against its enemies. Pin the label of "terrorist" on someone, and they lose their civil rights. There is only a small step from where we are now to people being taken away because they do not support the president. Right-wing pundits are already "joking" about it. "Liberals" are equated with terrorist-hugging traitors. They are "un-American", which takes us right back to the mindset of the fifties.

And remember the man who was arrested and sent to jail for making a joke about a "burning Bush", a joke that was interpreted as a threat?

None of this appears to bother Makow who sees an Illuminati conspiracy behind every Liberal and, it would appear, anyone who doesn't support capitalism:

The Illuminati bankers despise capitalism because it involves competition, market forces and allows other people to prosper. They favor monopoly or state capitalism and the abolition of private property because then they own or control everything. Of course, this is disguised as "public ownership."

And here he reveals his hand. In our Illuminati-controlled world, the only force that stands outside of their influence is capitalism! Market forces in their pure state! Free individuals meeting to buy and sell in a free exchange of money and goods! Of course, not monopoly capitalism, or state capitalism, the kind of capitalism that has, no doubt, been corrupted by the Illuminati. No, he has faith in that free and pure capitalism that we find in... well, where exactly do we find it? Nowhere? Proof positive that the influence of the Illuminati extends into every corner of the globe!

Capitalism develops towards monopoly. It is inherent in its laws, the brute, mechanical forces that impel it forward. Nowhere has it succeeded in remaining in its pristine state, if ever it existed in such a pristine state to begin with. Were the industries of 18th and 19th century Britain an example of such a state? Where workers worked long hours side-by-side with their children before being thrown into the debtor's prison when they couldn't pay their bills? Or were the "market forces" extolled by Makow already a faint memory of an idyllic capitalistic Eden even by then?

Makow is taking sides in a battle where there are no sides to take. All economic and social formations in our world are corrupt when seen from the viewpoint of the soul. They are manifestations of our mechanical nature, of our submission to our basic drives of fear, sex, and need to feed. Moreover, through his support of witch-hunts, he is aligning himself with the most reactionary members of the elite that are guiding the US deeper and deeper into the hands of the new fascists.

Moreover, our own work has shown that capitalism, in its current manifestation as the official culture of the US, is closely linked to psychopathy. And we aren't the only ones sitting up and taking notice of this link.

Linda Mealey of the Department of Psychology at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota, has recently proposed similar ideas in her paper: The Sociobiology of Sociopathy: An Integrated Evolutionary Model. These ideas address the increase in psychopathy in American culture by suggesting that in a competitive society - capitalism, for example - psychopathy is adaptive and likely to increase. She writes:

I have thus far argued that some individuals seem to have a genotype that disposes them to [psychopathy].

[Psychopathy describes] frequency-dependent, genetically based, individual differences in employment of life strategies. [Psychopaths] always appear in every culture, no matter what the socio-cultural conditions. [...]

Competition increases the use of antisocial and Machiavellian strategies and can counteract pro-social behavior…

Some cultures encourage competitiveness more than others and these differences in social values vary both temporally and cross-culturally. [...] Across both dimensions, high levels of competitiveness are associated with high crime rates and Machiavellianism.

High populaton density, an indirect form of competition, is also associated with reduced pro-social behavior and increased anti-social behavior. [...] [Mealey]

The conclusion is that the American way of life has optimized the survival of psychopaths with the consequence that it is an adaptive "life strategy" that is extremely successful in American society, and thus has increased in the population in strictly genetic terms. What is more, as a consequence of a society that is adaptive for psychopathy, many individuals who are NOT genetic psychopaths have similarly adapted, becoming "effective" psychopaths, or "secondary sociopaths."

In other words, in a world of psychopaths, those who are not genetic psychopaths, are induced to behave like psychopaths simply to survive. When the rules are set up to make a society "adaptive" to psychopathy, it makes psychopaths of everyone.

Until the proponents of the Capitalism of the Golden Age find a way of returning us to those idyllic times, when market forces reigned free and unfettered by Illuminati statism, we are stuck with the capitalism of psychopaths.

Makow ends his piece on the following note:

Western elites (including the intelligentsia) suffer from a peculiar death wish. We would be slaves already were it not for the fact that ordinary Americans own firearms. This, the Internet, and the inherent self-destructiveness of evil are my main reasons for hope.

Ah, yes. The old "freedom grows out of the barrel of a gun" rant about firearms. The curious thing is that the words just cited, which come from a famous phrase of the great free market capitalist Mao Tse-Tung, could also be the motto of the National Rifle Association. In Makovian alchemy, freedom comes from the transmutation of guns, the Internet, and the "inherent self-destructiveness of evil". Obviously, the only thing that has prevented the prior establishment of heaven on earth has been the lack of the Internet! Thank heaven for technology! Once more the solution is to be found outside of ourselves in a magic bullet: gun-toting bloggers!

Makow's ravings are a good illustration of what happens when we ignore both the reality of hyperdimensional influences in our world and the mechanical nature of ourselves and our social constructions. First, ignorance of these issues means that one continues to search for an out within the framework of life as we know it. We take sides where no sides can be taken because all aspects of our existence are reflections and manifestations of our own mechanical nature. Although we are capable of dreaming of just societies, we are incapable of making them manifest through our work because we are not "just" ourselves. Filled with self-importance, we lie to ourselves about ourselves. If we can't even face the truth about who and what we are, how can we expect to see the world for what it is? Our self-lying is a blinder to objective reality.

It works the other way as well. People can be quite perspicuous when it comes to identifying programs in others, but then they fail hopelessly when it comes to being objective about their own programs.

A real way out can only come after we recognise in a profound way the utter hopelessness of justice in our world because we have seen the utter bankruptcy of our own thoughts, ideas, and notions about ourselves, when the scales fall from our eyes and we see ourselves as we really are, helplessly vacilating from self-importance to self-pity as we receive first praise and then blows from the world around us. At that moment, and at that moment only, do we become capable of finding a different path by beginning the work of overcoming our mechanical and automatic way of acting/reacting and tapping into the Creative force of the universe.

Second, by remaining ignorant of the depth of our mechanical nature, the development of human social formations is misunderstood. Makow and others of the "Illuminati control the world" ilk are left to explain the rise of communism and state capitalism and monopolies as some sort of Illuminati plot, as if there were a group of people capable of micromanaging human society on such a level. When we understand that we are ourselves machines, we can recognise the machine-like workings in history. Marx spoke of historical determinism in his descriptions of the successive rise and fall of economic structures: slavery to feudal to capitalist to socialist and communist. He said that each form carried within it the seeds of its downfall. There is some truth to this, although not in the sense given to it by the Communist Manifesto which predicted the victorious, crowning glory of Communism where man lived according to the slogan: "From each according to his ability; to each according to his need". What Marx described without really understanding what he was seeing was the mechanical development of society trapped in the unfolding of action and reaction. Injustice, the seed of destruction within each social formation, provokes a reaction against it in the form of social movements against that injustice. Those social movements at their origins may well be inspired by the vision of equality and justice for all; they are not necessarily just another piece of the Illuminati agenda. However, given that man is mechanical himself, that one-half of society is made up of organic portals, and that society has its fair share of psychopaths, no social movement can remain true to its initial vision of justice. It must of necessity, due to the mechanical character of man, remain mechanical, unable to surmount the fundamental problem -- man himself.

For things to be different, man needs to change in a very profound way, and no political party or doctrine, no philosophy, no art, no product of man can bring about such change. Only a commitment to Truth and to seeing objective reality consistently applied over years, free from any parti pris, any entrenched position, be it political, philosophical, or other, can bring such a change about. The work on the self.

Which is not to say that there is no great conspiracy, that there is no small group who are the overlords of our world working to keep us as slaves or cattle. But the nature of this conspiracy is so much more vast, sinister, far reaching, amorphous, and integral to the workings of our reality than the commonly accepted idea of the Illuminati, that any discussion which is limited to the Illuminati is merely a diversion. Add to the discussion the mastery of space/time by these overlords, their ability to move through time to affect history, and you are closer to the truth. But what would be the character of their interventions?

If we are all machines, if one of every two people is an organic portal and one in every twenty-five is a psychopath, and if the entire population is living within a mechanical system of action/reaction, unable to rise above cause and effect, then it seems highly probable that there is little need for the overseers to intervene in the way posited by Illuminati conspiracy buffs. Other than the occasional tweaking of things to keep the machine well-oiled, interventions would likely need to occur only at those moments when a person or a group of people begin to see reality for what it is and align themselves with Truth and objective reality. In other words, interventions would be necessary when there arose threats to the system itself from people who see it for what it is.

In this hypothesis, ideas such as the formation of the United Nations, the CFR, and the Bilderberg group are not conscious plots on the part of a small minority of individuals, such as the Illuminati, to control the world or impinge upon the freedoms of Americans, but are rather the attempts of people to best manage a system that appears to be moving out of their control. There may even be secret societies such as the Illuminati at work, or groups based upon bloodlines that descend from who knows what. Yes, each group will try to manage the whole in ways that conform with its interests, at the expense of competitors, and the real powers will use the groups to tweak and oil the machine, but the public faces so widely denounced by people taking a different side aren't likely to be the top of the pyramid.

The real rulers are well hidden. They may even be playing these other groups off of one another to keep the true character of the ultimate game as the ultimate secret, telling a bit to one group and a different bit to another, making promises they have no intention of keeping after the curtain comes down.

In a sense, we are our own keepers because no matter what move we make on the chessboard, the board and the rules are already fixed. The rules serve to keep us firmly planted in material existence and focused upon material solutions to material problems. However, the ultimate problem is on a different level completely: the evolution of our souls. To this problem, people like Makow have no answer.

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