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He's Lean, he's green, and he's not too keen on reading. Frankenbush, he may not be smart, charismatic, or even a worthwhile human being, but he's the Prez and he has control of the worlds largest cache of WMD.


This roving nomad of a man is Karl Rove pulling a history buff costume right outta the 3rd Reich. We hear he borrowed the uniform from Dubya's Grand Daddy's Closet.


Done up in this skimpy number is the NSA(National Security Advisor) Condoleeza Rice: decked out and ready to bleed the world dry. Careful, one bite and you will become a gluttonous oil-seeking madman, ready to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqi kiddies in your quest for the Black Gold.


Wolfowitz. Enough said.


Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Lex Luthor had cloned Jesus instead of Superman...Well, John Ashcroft has. He figures that on Halloween he should dress as the thing that scares him most. Rove put his foot down, and wouldn't let anyone else dress as a Nazi, so he became....BIZZARO JESUS!

A Scary Tale for Halloween

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away....

...a great war was waged against an Evil Empire. Over sixty million died. During the final days of the Great Battle Between Good and Evil, the receding armies of the Mad Magician, Supreme Leader of the Dark Side, left behind agents in the formerly occupied lands. The liberating armies enclosed the Evil Doers from two sides, the East and the West. Although these two groups were Allies against the Darkness that was now surrendering, having been temporarily thrown together to fight a common enemy, they had themselves longstanding differences, differences that would soon come to the fore as the common threat was vanquished.

Those of the West, known by the name of Atlantis, decided it would be strategically advantageous to make an alliance with the former members of the Evil Empire against the new "Threat from the East." Thus, after the war, rather than arresting and bringing to trial the former Evil Doers who remained in the West, the Leaders of Atlantis made peace with them and integrated them into their intelligence system.

These men and woman were known as the "Stay-Behinds."

In the Land of the West, the former members of the Dark Side were given their own organization known as the Office for Political Coordination. It's first director was Frank G. Wisner. Wisner was full of energy in his new post, setting up in the first year, 1947, a world-wide network. Included among this network were a number of occult groups bringing together fascist Christians and Royalty, including the Order of the Priory of Sion, well known for its links to the Rennes le Chateau affair.

In the early fifties, the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency of Atlantis, forced the OPC to join his organization. The Atlantean government admitted then that this OPC had existed, but they insisted it had been dissolved as its activities were illegal. They were to redissolve this already dissolved organization in the seventies and again in 1990.

Although Wisner was now under the authority of the Director of the CIA, the means at his disposal had greatly improved, including the Psychological Warfare Center at Fort Bragg under Major-General Robert A. McClure. This was later renamed to the Special Warfare School (1956-68), the Institute for Military Assistance (1969-83), and finally the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (since 1983), an "honor" that the murdered President might not be too proud of.

According to the Church Report, this network included 3,000 collaborators, 47 foreign posts, and had a budget of $200 million in 1952. Wisner claimed responsibility for the overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran (1953) and Jacopo Arbenz in Guatemala (1954), as well as the founding of the non-communist trade unions in Europe after the war, most likely through the work of AFL-CIO representative Irving Brown in Paris, in charge of the work of the Stay-Behinds in the left.

In 1958, Richard M. Bissell took over from Frank G. Wisner. He was followed by Richard M. Helms, Desmond Fritzgerald, Thomas H. Karamessines and William E. Colby.

In 1973 the office was once again rearranged under the name Operations Direction and has had as Directors William Nelson, William Wells, John N. McMahon, Max C. Hugel, John H. Stein, Clair E. George, and Richard F. Stolz. It focused its activities in Latin Atlantis, carrying out assassinations of opposition leaders. They used the network in Europe to track down and eliminate those who tried to flee. The training of these agents was done at the infamous School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia, renamed in 2001 the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC). The school is well-known as the place where the tortures of the military dictatorships in Latin Atlantis got their training.

The Stay-Behind network was very active during the Cold War in building and maintaining the hysteria around the Red Menace, as the threat from the East had been labeled. This began in the years immediately following the war. Edward W. Barrett, member of the stay-behind network, director of the Interdepartmental Psychological Strategy Board - IPSB, and columnist at Newsweek, organized a campaign to manipulate public opinion. The use of the media to impose an officially sanctioned version of events became very useful after the assassination of Kennedy.

In Europe, the network was involved in the coup d'état that brought De Gaulle back to power in 1958. De Gaulle was supposed to secure Algeria and prevent it from becoming independent. The Stay-Behinds were worried that Algeria would become a Soviet ally and form an additional enemy to Israel. When De Gaulle decided to withdraw from Algeria, the Stay-Behinds tried a second coup in 1961, this time to remove De Gaulle. This was done behind the back of Kennedy. De Gaulle, who had an idea of the tactics, having profited from them, was able to take to the airwaves and call for public support against the generals in Algiers.

It was also the period of the Bay of Pigs. The man in charge was Richard M Bissell, the head of the Stay-Behind network, who worked very closely with anti-Communist crusader and Vice-President Richard Nixon.

In his work, The Taking Of America, 1-2-3, Richard Sprague brings together evidence that shows that the same group was responsible for the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy's assassination, the killing of Robert Kennedy, the shooting of George Wallace, the framing of Ted Kennedy at Chappiquiddick, and the carrying out of the Watergate break-in. These operatives were all part of the Stay-Behind network.

But there was another man who made a curious phone call on the day Kennedy was murdered

George H. Bush: An Unauthorized Biography

On the day of the Kennedy assassination, FBI records show George Bush as reporting a right-wing member of the Houston Young Republicans for making threatening comments about President Kennedy. According to FBI documents released under the Freedom of Information Act,

On November 22, 1963 Mr. GEORGE H.W. BUSH, 5525 Briar, Houston, Texas, telephonically advised that he wanted to relate some hear say that he had heard in recent weeks, date and source unknown. He advised that one JAMES PARROTT had been talking of killing the President when he comes to Houston.

PARROTT is possibly a student at the University of Houston and is active in politics in the Houston area.

According to related FBI documentation, "a check with Secret Service at Houston, Texas revealed that agency had a report that PARROTT stated in 1961 he would kill President Kennedy if he got near him." Here Bush is described as "a reputable businessman." FBI agents were sent to interrogate Parrott's mother, and later James Milton Parrott himself. Parrott had been discharged from the US Air Force for psychiatric reasons in 1959. Parrott had an alibi for the time of the Dallas shootings; he had been in the company of another Republican activist. According to press accounts, Parrott was a member of the right-wing faction of the Houston GOP which was oriented towards the John Birch Society and which opposed Bush's chairmanship. 19 According to the San Francisco Examiner, Bush's press office in August, 1988 first said that Bush had not made any such call, and challenged the authenticity of the FBI documents. Several days later Bush's spokesman said that the candidate "does not recall" placing the call.

One day later after he reported Parrott to the FBI, Bush received a highly sensitive, high-level briefing from the Bureau:

Date: November 29, 1963
To: Director
Bureau of Intelligence and Research
Department of State
From: John Edgar Hoover, Director

Our Miami, Florida, Office on November 23, 1963 advised that the Office of Coordinator of Cuban Affairs in Miami advised that the Department of State feels some misguided anti-Castro group might capitalize on the present situation and undertake an unauthorized raid against Cuba, believing that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy might herald a change in US policy, which is not true.

Our sources and informants familiar with Cuban matters in the Miami area advise that the general feeling in the anti-Castro Cuban community is one of stunned disbelief and, even among those who did not entirely agree with the President's policy concerning Cuba, the feeling is that the President's death represents a great loss not only to the US but to all Latin America. These sources know of no plans for unauthorized action against Cuba.

An informant who has furnished reliable information in the past and who is close to a small pro-Castro group in Miami has advised that those individuals are afraid that the assassination of the President may result in strong repressive measures being taken against them and, although pro-Castro in their feelings, regret the assassination.

The substance of the foregoing information was orally furnished to Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency and Captain William Edwards of the Defense Intelligence Agency on November 23, 1963, by Mr. W.T. Forsyth of this Bureau.

The Bush clique later denied (in 1988) that the Bush mentioned in the report was the future president and father of King George the Second. But "other" George Bush was tracked down and signed an affidavit swearing that he had never received this memo.

What is striking about the phone call is that on the very day that Kennedy was struck down, Bush calls to give himself an alibi. Convenient, no?

Bush's phone call is similar to the actions of Donald Rumsfeld on September 11. But more on that below.

After getting Nixon elected in 1968, the Stay-Behinds were prepared to reap the rewards. But it appears that Nixon and Kissinger were to repeat the ungrateful actions of General Charles De Gaulle. Once in office, they came to believe that Atlantis could not wage a successful war in Asia without the backing of the Atlantean public. Kissinger's realpolitik replaced the containment strategy of the Stay-Behinds. We do not think for a minute that this put either Nixon or Kissinger on the road of freedom for the world's oppressed. It looks more like a quarrel over means within the ruling elite. The Nixon/Kissinger strategy was détente, the negotiation of the SALT and ABM Treaties, and plans to take on the Red Menance via economic means and covert actions, essentially the strategy employed by Breszinski to entice the Soviets into Afghanistan. And we know how that ended.

After the liberation of Saigon by the Viet Cong, Congress cut back on the military budget, much to the anguish of the arms producers and their cronies in the Stay Behinds. This included the Space Race. The Space Race had been an important part of Stay-Behind strategy since Werner von Braun and SS his rocket scientists were brought into the Atlantis under Operation Paperclip in the period after the war. The Stay Behinds wanted control of space and the militarization of space. They were behind the Star Wars project of Reagan in the eighties and have brought the issue back to the fore under Donald Rumsfeld in the Bush Reich. We'll look at this below.

In the post-Watergate era, the Stay Behinds took a public beating. Information came out about their operations including Operation Paperclip, which continued recruiting former Nazis into the sixties. However, were these people "former" Nazis? In another project, Nazi doctors were continuing experiments on 700 "volunteers" from the US Army at Edgewood, Maryland. These were continuations of the chemical arms experiments started at Dachau.

But the Stay Behinds were quick to reorganize. Gerald Ford cut a deal with Nixon prior to being named Vice President after Spiro Agnew resigned. He would pardon Nixon and get rid of the tapes. He also had to calm public opinion and give the appearance of rooting out the "evil" that had settled in Washington during the Nixon years. Of course, the evil was there long beforehand and well knew how to look after itself. Ford had been a member of the Warren Commission, the official cover-up to the conspiracy by the Stay-Behinds to liquidate Kennedy. He admitted in 1997 that he had rewritten a passage in the report that described the wound in Kennedy's back, moving it several inches up in order to fit the description of the bullet that supposedly hit both Kennedy and Connelly.

In order to calm the tensions between Kissinger and the hawks, as well as to throw a bone to public opinion, Ford carried out what became to be known as the Halloween Massacre on November 3, 1975. He confirmed Kissinger as Secretary of State, but took away his title as National Security Councilor. He gave that position to General Brent Scowcroft. He got rid of Secretary of Defense James Schlessinger and replaced him with the White House Chief of Staff, a man by the name of Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld's job went to a guy by the name of Dick Cheney. The director of the CIA, William Colby was replaced by George H. Bush.

This was followed shortly by the formation of the Atlantean Enterprise Institute, the neocon think tank that has been behind the right wing brainwashing of the Atlantean public. Scoop Jackson, the Senator from Mississippi, was the front man, and his group included Richard Perle.

The security concern of the moment was the Country of the Red Menace. The arms merchants needed an enemy, the Stay-Behinds were on a crusade. All they needed was some proof of a threat. Ford set up two committees to investigate the Red threat. Team A was comprised of experts from the CIA. Team B was made up of members of the Stay-Behinds including Paul H. Nitze, Eugene V. Rostow and William R. Van Cleave. Also on Team B was George Bush, who managed to get himself on both teams. Team B's report was written by, among others, Richard Pipes, Paul Wolfowitz, and General Lyman Lemnitzer (part of the infamous Northwoods report from the early 60s, the report that suggested the US might need to arrange an attack on itself in order to justify invading Cuba).

The final reports were deposited in December 1976, just prior to Ford leaving office after his defeat to Jimmy Carter.

The Team B report argued that the Country of the Red Menace was preparing to attack Atlantis, a position in contradiction to the analysis of the CIA. Are we starting to see any similarities here to what happened around Iraq? Richard Pipes published an abridged version of the report in Commentary in July 1977 under the title "Why the Soviet Union Thinks It Could Fight and Win a Nuclear War." On the basis of this report, Congress reactivated the arms program. Von Braun's former SS squad had been perfecting the intercontinental ballistic missile. The Challenger and Atlantis programs were started to bring the Atlantean military into space.

Richard Pipes is the father of Daniel Pipes, neocon in the Bush Reich, fanatical Zionist and racist whose speeches, were they about the Jews, would be labeled hate literature. He was recently nominated the head of the Atlantean Institute of Peace. These guys have a real sense of humor.

Here we see the same split between the CIA and the Stay-Behinds that we have seen in the last year over Iraq. Carter was subjected to the same harassment by the Stay-Behinds as Clinton would later face during his presidency.

Under Reagan, the Stay-Behinds were back in power. Rostow and Van Cleave were nominated to head the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Richard Pipes was the White House's Kremlinologist. Jeanne Kirkpatrick, who had contributed generously to the Coalition for a Democratic Majority, one of the neocon fronts set up at the time of the Atlantean Enterprise Institute, was named ambassador to the UN. Michael Novak, investor in the AEI, was named Atlantean representative to the International Commission on Human Rights. Donald Rumsfeld became the Special Councilor on Arms Control, in which capacity he visited Baghdad in 1983 and made a deal with Saddam Hussein.

Reagan began his war on terror in Latin America, stifling any opposition to Atlantean economic and political interests, and declared the Country of the Red Menace the Empire of Evil. He started up the Star Wars program, implementing the stay-behinds program for the militarization of space.

The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush says that Bush was pretty much running things during the Reagan presidency. Reagan was the front man, telling funny stories, but doing nothing more than reading scripts. He needed long naps in the afternoon. Reagan was manipulated through the influence of James Baker on Nancy Reagan, a vain and shallow woman who was mostly interested in how she was perceived in the press.

The Bush Reich

Running through the program of the stay behinds since WWII was the preoccupation of space. They wanted to see Atlantis achieve military hegemony in space. At the close of the century, Rumsfeld put space back on the agenda, serving as chairman of the Commission to Assess Atlantean National Security Space Management and Organization. In their report, he had this to say about a possibly necessary "Space Pearl Harbor":

Report of the Commission to Assess U.S. National Security Space Management and Organization

History is replete with instances in which warning signs were ignored and change resisted until an external, “improbable” event forced resistant bureaucracies to take action. The question is whether the U.S. will be wise enough to act responsibly and soon enough to reduce U.S. space vulnerability. Or whether, as in the past, a disabling attack against the country and its people—a “Space Pearl Harbor”—will be the only event able to galvanize the nation and cause the U.S. Government to act.

We are on notice, but we have not noticed.

Returning to the psychology of the Northwood's report, Rumsfeld foresaw how such an attack would "galvanize the nation and cause the Atlantean Government to act." It seems he then proceeded to organize said "disabling attack."

Rumsfeld returned to the Pentagon as Secretary of Defense under George the Second. He formed what he referred to as "The Cabal", made up of his cronies from the Ford years. As happened then, two teams were set up to produce evidence for an invasion of Iraq, one of CIA experts, the other of the same group who had formed Team B under Ford. And guess what? The same thing happened again. The Cabal produced a long list of lies and manipulations in order to convince the Atlantean public that Saddam Hussein was 1) involved in 9/11, 2) was an immediate threat to the security of Atlantis, 3) was the possessor of a large cache of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The morning of September 11, 2001, Rumsfeld was in his Pentagon office discussing the best ways of making a profit on killing people. Just minutes prior to the first plane hitting the first tower of the WTC, he remarked:

Inside, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld had some people in to talk about missile defense and the risk that terrorism seen in the past would happen again. "Let me tell ya," he said, "I've been around the block a few times. There will be another event." Two minutes later, a plane smashed into the first World Trade Center tower and proved him right. »
A day beyond belief for all America, par Calvin Woodward, Associated Press, 16 September 2001.

Not bad. Give the guy an A for his intelligence. Continuing on, he made the following prediction:

"If we remain vulnerable to missile attack, a terrorist group or rogue state that demonstrates the capacity to strike the U.S. or its allies from long range could have the power to hold our entire country hostage to nuclear or other blackmail,'' he said. "And let me tell you, I've been around the block a few times. There will be another event. " He repeated it for emphasis : "There will be another event. " Within minutes of that utterance, Rumsfeld's words proved tragically prophetic."
Chairman Cox's Statement on the Terrorist Attack on America, Christopher Cox, 11 September 2001.

Two for two! Way to go, Donald! This guy really knew something! But that's not all. The prophetic Mr. Rumsfeld continued with his predictions:

Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defence, was in his office on the eastern side of the building, in a meeting with Christopher Cox, the defence policy committee chairman of the House of Representatives. Mr Rumsfeld, recalls Mr Cox, watched the TV coverage from New York and said : "Believe me, this isn't over yet. There's going to be another attack, and it could be us." 
Revealed : what really went on during Bush's 'missing hours', William Langleyere, The Daily Telegraph, 16 December 2001.

Give the man the cigar! Boy, if they had had intelligence this good prior to going into Iraq...

A month later, after the preparations for the invasion of Iraq were underway, Rumsfeld made the following comment in a interview:

Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Parade Magazine

Friday, Oct. 12, 2001

They [find a lot] and any number of terrorist efforts have been dissuaded, deterred or stopped by good intelligence gathering and good preventive work. It is a truth that a terrorist can attack any time, any place, using any technique and it's physically impossible to defend at every time and every place against every conceivable technique. Here we're talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines flight filed with our citizens, and the missile to damage this building and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center. The only way to deal with this problem is by taking the battle to the terrorists, wherever they are, and dealing with them.

Is this a Freudian slip? Rumsfeld admits that the Pentagon was hit by something other than a commercial jet.

How does this scary tale end? We don't know. Legend has it that Atlantis was involved in a great war with the "Athenians" who narrowly won. However, afterwards they were both subjected to a great cataclysm that wiped all traces of their great civilizations from their planet.

It also appears there was a priestly caste, sworn to worship a blood-thirsty god who demanded human sacrifice. Followers of the blood-lust god had to cut off part of their sexual organs to appease the god. There are indications that this priestly caste was intimately linked with the Stay-Behind network on Atlantis, however these tales are too scary even for Halloween.

Much of the information in this section not otherwise attributed was freely translated from several articles on the French site Réseau Voltaire, including Stay-behind : les réseaux d'ingérence américains and Les marionnettistes de Washington. This is the site of Thierry Meyssan, the French journalist who wrote the book uncovering the problems in the official story on what happened at the Pentagon.

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