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January 13, 2004

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Filled, as he apparently is, with a heightened sense of his own importance and purpose, Bush, like Blair, feels no remorse for the lies he has told, even when his lies led to the massacring of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children. Who cares that he lied to do it? As Bush says: "what's the difference"? We wonder if the tens of thousands of bereaved Iraqis share his indifference. As far as Bush is concerned, the end justifies the means and America is a safer place after the removal of Saddam. The world is a safer place ... for the Bush Doctrine.

The 9/11 panel finally gets around to thinking about formally calling Bush to meet with them. They are really going out on a limb now. The problem is the level of schizophrenia most people have when investigating a conspiracy. What will they do when they discover they have one staring them right in the face? Actually the 9/11 conspiracy is grabbing them by the lapel and shaking them. Or perhaps they are just a part of the conspiracy. Meanwhile, Bush is busy taking away the privacy of US citizens as he continually expands his own.

Israel expands a concrete barrier in a Jerusalem suburb home to Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia. Some Palestinian children have to worry about stepping on a land mine on the way to school. The panel for the investigation of the USS Liberty is progressing as expected.

US small caliber ammunition suppliers are stretched to the limit. The 45,000 strong security force for the 2004 Olympic games is training with US troops.

More on the airline passenger color code scheme, karma and the American people, mind control, and hole-punch clouds.

'Conspiracy Theories' and Clandestine Politics

by Jeffrey M. Bale
From Lobster 29

Very few notions generate as much intellectual resistance, hostility, and derision within academic circles as a belief in the historical importance or efficacy of political conspiracies. Even when this belief is expressed in a very cautious manner, limited to specific and restricted contexts, supported by reliable evidence, and hedged about with all sort of qualifications, it still manages to transcend the boundaries of acceptable discourse and violate unspoken academic taboos.

The idea that particular groups of people meet together secretly or in private to plan various courses of action, and that some of these plans actually exert a significant influence on particular historical developments, is typically rejected out of hand and assumed to be the figment of a paranoid imagination.

The mere mention of the word 'conspiracy' seems to set off an internal alarm bell which causes scholars to close their minds in order to avoid cognitive dissonance and possible unpleasantness, since the popular image of conspiracy both fundamentally challenges the conception most educated, sophisticated people have about how the world operates and reminds them of the horrible persecutions that absurd and unfounded conspiracy theories have precipitated or sustained in the past.

So strong is this prejudice among academics that even when clear evidence of a plot is inadvertently discovered in the course of their own research, they frequently feel compelled, either out of a sense of embarrassment or a desire to defuse anticipated criticism, to preface their account of it by ostentatiously disclaiming a belief in conspiracies.

They then often attempt to downplay the significance of the plotting they have uncovered. To do otherwise, that is, to make a serious effort to incorporate the documented activities of conspiratorial groups into their general political or historical analyses, would force them to stretch their mental horizons beyond customary bounds and, not infrequently, delve even further into certain sordid and politically sensitive topics. Most academic researchers clearly prefer to ignore the implications of conspiratorial politics altogether rather than deal directly with such controversial matters. [...]

List of Records from the Rockefeller Commission's Investigation of the CIA

The Memory Hole

[...] Thanks to DC-area researcher Michael Ravnitzky, we can now see the titles of—and request copies of—material from the 1975 presidential commission that examined CIA misdeeds. (Instructions for requesting are below.) This material includes information on CIA domestic mail surveillance, human experimentation, assassinations of leaders, and the Agency's other "family jewels," plus depositions from Henry Kissinger, William Casey, and other spooks and powerbrokers. [...]

The Lawless State: The Crimes of the U.S. Inteligence Agencies

by Morton Halperin, Jerry Berman, Robert Borosage, Christine Marwick
Penguin Books, 1976

The secret intelligence agencies: the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Military Intelligence apparatus, the National Security Agency (NSA), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

These agencies represent the major part of the large, secret realm of government. They consume ... an estimated 10 percent of controllable federal spending, virtually all of it appropriated in false budget categories so that even most legislators do not know the true figures.... They operate in secrecy at home and abroad, beyond the normal view of citizen judge, or public official. [...]

The number of citizens who have been the objects of the professional voyeurs is truly staggering. The FBI headquarters in Washington alone has over 500,000 domestic intelligence files, each typically containing information on more than one group or individual. Nearly a quarter of a million first-class letters were opened and photographed by the CIA in the United States between 1953 and 1973 producing a computerized index of nearly one and one-half million names. The ClA's six-year Operation CHAOS produced an index of 300,000 individuals. Uncounted millions of international telegrams and phone calls have been intercepted by the National Security Agency. Some 100,000 Americans are enshrined in Army intelligence dossiers. The Internal Revenue Service created files on more than 11,000 individuals and groups. During a three-year period, from 1971-74, political grand juries subpoenaed between 1,000 and 2,000 persons. [...]

War greatly expands a president's powers and capabilities, for he acts not simply as the chief executive, but as the commander in chief. The legislative role naturally contracts as open deliberation is replaced by secret command. Political liberties are constricted; citizens are called to soldiery; obedience and sacrifice replace independence and questioning. Fear and hatred of the enemy provide the political base for the expanded authority of the president and the military.

War also requires intelligence, to discover plans of the enemy and to prevent the uncovering of one's own. Intelligence agencies operate at home and abroad, to spy and to frustrate the spies of others; to subvert and to deter the subversion of others; to sabotage and to guard against sabotage. [...]

By the mid-sixties, the dangers posed by a permanent secret realm in a constitutional republic became apparent. The executive branch had developed a conception of national security that had little to do with the defense of the country or the security of the people. [...]

"In the eyes of posterity it will inevitably seem that, in safeguarding our freedom, we destroyed it; that the vast clandestine apparatus we built up to probe our enemies' resources and intentions only served in the end to confuse our own purposes; that the practice of deceiving others for the good of the state led infallibly to our deceiving ourselves; and that the vast army of intelligence personnel built up to execute these purposes were soon caught up in the web of their own sick fantasies, with disastrous consequences to them and us."

Comment: This book was written in 1976. With new technologies at hand the US terrorist agencies have far expanded their powers. As we have mentioned here many times, the Patriot Acts just make legal what the US was already doing illegally. The new parts just give you no recourse in courts, and soon you can be easily disappear. All in the name of defending the country.

American Karma & The River of Tears

by Bill Morgan

One shudders to think of the terrible karma America is reaping throughout the world as a result of its actions. "Karma" is a sanskrit word which simply means "action," but it carries with it the the implications of the Biblical phrase, "As you sow, so shall you reap." In other words: the consequences of your actions will come back to haunt you.

The "new" America is now a rogue nation, considered by increasing numbers of people around the world to be one of the greatest threats to world peace. It is gradually taking over the place once held by the former Soviet Union as the world's greatest "Evil Empire." It destroys lives all around the world, destroys what people had built up, their homes, their institutions, the infrastructure on which they depend. It kills the sons of mothers whose grief shall know no end.

Said one Iraqi mother whose son was recently murdered by the Americans: "Those soldiers have turned everything America has ever stood for into one big lie." This is the reaping of what America has sown, and it is the just result of America's actions. Her 19 year old son, Zaydun Al-Samarrai, was murdered by American soldiers on January 3, 2004. His only crime, apparently, was that the car he was driving in with his cousins broke down near an American convoy. The soldiers tied them up and took them to one of the gates of the Tharthar dam and pushed them into the churning water. Zaydun could not swim. One cousin survived to tell the tale. What America reaps is clearly stated in the mother's words:

"After days of search we found my son's jacket floating with the stream, it shall remain with me as a memory and a symbol of the injustice brought against him by soldiers of the United States of America's army, who came to our country under the banners of human rights and democracy only to send my son to his demise on his wedding days...Yes, they killed him and they broke my heart, try to imagine that dear sirs and ask your wives how hard it is for a mother to see her fruit ripen only to be thrown by sinful hands and to be swept away without any mercy or humanity."

These words are taken from a letter written by the mother to George W. Bush and his gang, which was translated by another of Zaydun's relatives. This relative writes further of the incident ."This was done in the name of your country by soldiers of your national army. This was not an accident or a mistake, this was deliberate action. I do not know the exact details of the event or what Zaydun and his cousin were accused of, that is all irrelevant because even a criminal would not deserve such treatment." He goes on to say:

"Zaydun's cousin said that the soldiers were drunk and looked tired, and that during their ride they even chatted and joked with one of the soldiers who spoke a little Arabic. After he managed to get out of the water he remained hidden because he could see that the unit was searching for them using flashlights and he was scared to death.

"The family met an American official to ask him for an investigation, he yelled at them and started to lecture them about the discipline of American GI's, in the end he promised them nothing. Zaydun's body is yet to be found and the family is broken.".

Families broken by drunk soldiers sowing the seeds of karma, whose fruits we shall all have to reap and eat.

At left is a picture of Zaydun, the Iraqi boy whose life was snuffed out by the Americans, for no reason, perhaps just because they were drunk and felt like killing someone. The question is: what are these soldiers doing there in the first place?

Nothing can bring back the tens of thousands of innocent lives whom we Americans have murdered. We cannot resurrect them. Nor can we foist off our blame onto our proxies, currently the nearly-satanic Bush Regime. If we really want a democracy we must take responsibility for their actions which even now, by the law of karma, are reaping their terrible rewards.If we do not want to take responsibility, then we must accept the dictatorship our leaders are planning and putting into place. In a dictatorship the leaders suffer the blame for their sins by themselves. No one said life is easy, nor is democracy easy. Not even our founding fathers said the republic would be secure from takeover or usurpation, in fact they doubted it strongly.

There is a terrible vision that I believe is imprinted into our very genes after a hundred thousand years of human life on earth: it is the sight of another's blood on one's hands. How many murderers, how many soldiers throughout these millienia have had that sight and then suddenly heard the grave voice of God in their souls, "Thou shalt not kill?" Is that so difficult a commandment to follow? If not, then why are we doing it again? Is there no end to this river of tears?

9/11 panelists eye Bush, Bill


WASHINGTON - The federal 9/11 commission has formally decided to ask President Bush and former President Bill Clinton to meet with the panel and to extend its investigation by several months.

Vice President Cheney and former Clinton veep Al Gore also would be called, a spokesman told the Daily News yesterday. [...]

Excerpt from the December 16th ABC interview with President Bush

WMD Intelligence

DIANE SAWYER: Fifty percent of the American people have said that they think the administration exaggerated the evidence going into the war with Iraq, weapons of mass destruction, connection to terrorism. Are the American people wrong? Misguided?

PRESIDENT BUSH: The intelligence I operated on was good sound intelligence, the same intelligence that my predecessor operated on. The — there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein was a threat. The — otherwise the United Nations might — wouldn't a passed, you know, resolution after resolution after resolution, demanding that he disarm. I first went to the United Nations, September the 12th, 2002, and said you've given this man resolution after resolution after resolution. He's ignoring them. You step up and see that he honor those resolutions. Otherwise you become a feckless debating society. ... And so for the sake of peace and for the sake of freedom of the Iraqi people, for the sake of security of the country, and for the sake of the credibility of institu — in — international institutions, a group of us moved, and the world is better for it.

DIANE SAWYER: But let me try to ask — this could be a long question. ... ... When you take a look back, Vice President Cheney said there is no doubt, Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, not programs, not intent. There is no doubt he has weapons of mass destruction. Secretary Powell said 100 to 500 tons of chemical weapons and now the inspectors say that there's no evidence of these weapons existing right now. The yellow cake in Niger, in Niger. George Tenet has said that shouldn't have been in your speech. Secretary Powell talked about mobile labs. Again, the intelligence — the inspectors have said they can't confirm this, they can't corroborate.


DIANE SAWYER: — an active —


DIANE SAWYER: Is it yet?

PRESIDENT BUSH: But what David Kay did discover was they had a weapons program, and had that, that — let me finish for a second. Now it's more extensive than, than missiles. Had that knowledge been examined by the United Nations or had David Kay's report been placed in front of the United Nations, he, he, Saddam Hussein, would have been in material breach of 1441, which meant it was a causis belli. And look, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein was a dangerous person, and there's no doubt we had a body of evidence proving that, and there is no doubt that the president must act, after 9/11, to make America a more secure country.

DIANE SAWYER: Again, I'm just trying to ask, these are supporters, people who believed in the war who have asked the question.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Well, you can keep asking the question and my answer's gonna be the same. Saddam was a danger and the world is better off cause we got rid of him.

DIANE SAWYER: But stated as a hard fact, that there were weapons of mass destruction as opposed to the possibility that he could move to acquire those weapons still —

PRESIDENT BUSH:So what's the difference?


PRESIDENT BUSH: The possibility that he could acquire weapons. If he were to acquire weapons, he would be the danger. That's, that's what I'm trying to explain to you. A gathering threat, after 9/11, is a threat that needed to be de — dealt with, and it was done after 12 long years of the world saying the man's a danger. And so we got rid of him and there's no doubt the world is a safer, freer place as a result of Saddam being gone.

DIANE SAWYER: But, but, again, some, some of the critics have said this combined with the failure to establish proof of, of elaborate terrorism contacts, has indicated that there's just not precision, at best, and misleading, at worst.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Yeah. Look — what — what we based our evidence on was a very sound National Intelligence Estimate. ...

DIANE SAWYER: Nothing should have been more precise?

PRESIDENT BUSH: What — I, I — I made my decision based upon enough intelligence to tell me that this country was threatened with Saddam Hussein in power.

DIANE SAWYER: What would it take to convince you he didn't have weapons of mass destruction?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Saddam Hussein was a threat and the fact that he is gone means America is a safer country. [...]

Comment: Bush continues the interview with further lies and half-truths, but most shocking of all is his comment above, "So what's the difference?" For the sake of clarity let us spell out exactly what the President is saying with this remark. Bush responds to the accusation that he lied and led the country to war without any real justification, sacrificing 10,000 Iraqi civilians and 500 US soldiers, by saying essentially "So what?"

We will allow our readers to come to their own conclusions about the nature of the people in the Bush administration and where the future of the world lies with these men at the helm.

Macedonian dailies see links between Albanian Rebels and bin Ladin

The Macedonian Press "Spills the Beans." The War in Macedonia provides "a missing link" in understanding the current crisis.

There have been several attempts to choke the publication of information pertaining to links between the National Liberation Army (NLA) and Osama bin Laden in the Macedonian press. The US Representative in the "peace negotiations"

Ambassador James Pardew has in this regard directly pressured the Macedonian Prime Minister to curb the Macedonian newspapers which are "spilling the beans".

The reports published in the Macedonian press reveal that Washington and NATO are working hand in glove with the NLA terrorists, who in turn are supported by the Islamic Jihad.

Meanwhile, the Bush Administration is using the campaign against terrorism as a pretext for waging a war in Central Asia and the Middle East. [...]

The New Reality

Laid-Off Workers Just Can’t Find Comparable Jobs

Comment: US policy has created much of the so called "third world" conditions. Now it is being done in the US.

U.S. Consumer Debt Grows at Alarming Rate

Debt Burden Will Intensify When Interest Rates Rise

US security drive 'hinders trade'


The leaders of Canada and Mexico have warned that a fresh security drive by the US could hinder the free flow of goods and people across North America.

Canadian prime minister Paul Martin and Mexican president Vicente Fox were speaking ahead of a regional summit in the Mexican city of Monterrey.

Starting on Monday evening, the two-day event is being attended by 33 leaders, including US President George W Bush.

The summit will debate a wide range of economic and security matters. [...]

Comment: All a part of the plan.

U.S. to Push Airlines for Passenger Records

Travel Database to Rate Security Risk Factors

By Sara Kehaulani Goo
Washington Post Staff Writer

Despite stiff resistance from airlines and privacy advocates, the U.S. government plans to push ahead this year with a vast computerized system to probe the backgrounds of all passengers boarding flights in the United States. [...]

The two new initiatives will augment a system introduced last week to fingerprint and photograph millions of foreign visitors on arrival in the United States. [...]

But privacy experts are skeptical. Registered traveler is "going to create two classes of airline travelers," said Barry Steinhardt, director of the technology and liberty program at the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that opposes both programs. Registered traveler, he said, "has no security benefits." Terrorists will learn one way or another how to "game" the system, he said. [...]

Comment: This plan is not to catch terrorists. It is for convincing US citizens that perpetual war for peace is necessary. Give up your rights to be free.

Air Passenger Code Plan In Motion
Jan. 12, 2004

Precautions in the name of air security are about to taken to a level unimaginable in the United States only a few years ago.

The Washington Post reports the Bush administration is expected to order as soon as next month the first step in setting up databases on all air passengers, to be used to color-code each air traveler according to his or her potential threat level.

Passengers coded red would be stopped from boarding; yellow would mean additional screening at security checkpoints; and green would mean an only standard level of scrutiny.

Airlines and airline reservation companies would reportedly be forced to turn over all passenger records to U.S. government officials, who struck out in a trial program was based on voluntary surrender of airline industry data.

Not a single airline agreed to turn over data voluntarily.

The Transportation Security Administration hasn't completely given up on the idea of voluntary surrender of personal information, however.

The Post says the TSA plans to introduce this year a program for frequent fliers who could get through check-in lines at the airport faster - if they agree to give the government access to some of their personal information. [...]

Comment: See, all the extra security isn't so bad! You can still get through airport security quickly if you relinquish your right to privacy to Big Brother Bush. Besides, the only people who are worried about giving up their privacy are those with something to hide... right? Bush and his White House pals, however, are a different story. They have every right to classify whatever information they want. If their secrecy disturbs you, surely it's because you have read too many conspiracy theories... right?

Supreme Court upholds secret detentions

Justices decline to hear challenge to post-9/11 jailings

The Associated Press
Jan. 12, 2004

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court refused Monday to consider whether the government properly withheld names and other details about hundreds of foreigners detained in the months after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

The high court turned down a request to review the secrecy surrounding detainees, nearly all Arabs or Muslims, who were picked up in the United States immediately following the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Many if not most of the more than 700 detainees at issue in the case have since been deported. Some picked up after Sept. 11 were charged with crimes, and others were held as material witnesses. Only Zacarias Moussaoui, who was detained before the Sept. 11 attacks, is being prosecuted in connection with the Sept. 11 attacks.

A Washington study center critical of the Bush administration responses after Sept. 11 sued to learn names and other basic information about the detainees. The appeal raises constitutional questions under the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and legal questions under the federal Freedom of Information Act.

Twenty-three news organizations and media groups, including the Associated Press, joined in asking the high court to hear the case.

“It is the responsibility of courts, and especially this court, to provide meaningful judicial review when the government invokes national security to justify unprecedented secrecy in exercising its awesome power to arrest and detain hundreds of people,” lawyers for the Center for National Security Studies argued in a court filing.

“History shows that, in times of crisis and fear, executive officials are prone to overreact, especially in their treatment of minorities in their midst,” the appeal said.

The government grabbed people on thin suspicion, then moved to deport detainees who had no demonstrated link to terrorism but who had violated civil immigration laws, lawyers for the Center for National Security Studies told the court. [...]

Comment: Just as the US government fabricated evidence of WMD to justify its bogus "war on terror", it also felt compelled to provide evidence that the threat to the "homeland" was real. The simplest and easiest way to do this was to round up and incarcerate hundreds of people, accusing them of "terrorist" crimes which they did not commit. To make their case to the public, it was sufficient to subject these unfortunates to inhuman treatment at "Camp X-Ray", thereby creating the impression among the public that these people really were "evil terrorists".

Shiite Goodwill May Be Eroding in Iraq

Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The goodwill of Iraq's Shiite majority, so crucial to the success of U.S. policy, may be eroding. Strong opposition by a top Shiite cleric to key parts of a U.S. political blueprint for Iraq and the spread of violent protests in Shiite areas suggest a dangerous trend. [...]

Comment: There is that little detail of no longer having a sovereign country and no democracy may just be a tad upsetting.

Protests in Iraq

Ewa Jasiewicz
Occupation Watch

Ewa Jasiewicz writes a chilling piece on the occurences at the protests in Basra this week where ex-Iraqi soldiers that have been denied payment for the past 3 months demanded promised wages. She also provides an Iraqi's own account of the events. "Ex-soldiers rioted in Basra, 10 Shot, 2 Killed, and 11 British Troops injured. [...]

US Treasury to probe O'Neill book


The US Treasury Department has called for an investigation into whether its former head leaked secret documents in a new book.

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill appeared on a US news programme to promote the book in which documents marked "secret" were shown.

A Treasury department spokesman said it had asked its inspector general to see if disclosure laws were violated.

Mr O'Neill was sacked from the US Government in December 2002.

Bush set fair to weather attack

BBC Washington correspondent Justin Webb says that despite a statemanslike response from President George W Bush, the reaction behind the scenes has been vitriolic.

Our correspondent says that the episode is a reminder that not all senior Republicans think Mr Bush has made the right choices at home or abroad. [...]

Introduction To The Soft Skull Edition of Fortunate Son (by James Hatfield)

Greg Palast

[...] It’s not as simple as ‘this lump of cash for this change in regulations.’ As one CIA agent put it: suggesting an investigation of your President’s or his daddy’s business partners is not a career-maker. It’s a web of relationships, one hand - or one wallet - washing another. Somehow those that took care of the Bush family get taken care of.

For example, while investigating the theft of the vote in Florida, I discovered that a company, ChoicePoint, had given a list of 57,000 ‘felons’ to the office of Secretary of State Katherine Harris prior to the 2000 election – and she ordered the removal of these criminals from the voter rolls. In fact, 95% of those on the list were innocent of crimes – but the vast majority were guilty of being African-Americans and Democrats. That was the election. Lo and behold! The big winner in the contracting game that is the Bush War of Terrorism: ChoicePoint, the database company whose computers made George our President. Hatfield showed us the pattern: investigative reporters today just have to fill in the new names. [...]

The Bush Clan's Family Business

Bid for Senate by Harris would create a frenzy

The race for Bob Graham's Senate seat will be in the national spotlight if Katherine Harris, of 2000 election fame, decides to run, possibly against White House wishes.

Miami Herald
Mon, Jan. 12, 2004

U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris' tantalizing talk of a U.S. Senate bid, the buzz of political circles from Tallahassee to Washington, underscores one certainty: Should Florida's former secretary of state decide to run, she would transform an important Senate race into a national event. [...]

Harris and a White House spokesman downplayed the talk of an intervention, but Harris and her rock-star status among the Republican faithful could seriously complicate matters for former U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel Martínez. A Cuban-born Republican and the only Hispanic member of Bush's Cabinet, Martinez left his Washington job just last week and plunged into the race at the administration's prodding. [...]

In an interview last week, Harris told The Herald that she's convinced she could win the seat and not wound the president. She said her poll numbers show that the number of Democrats angered by her presence would be outnumbered by the number of mobilized Republicans.

"When people look back, there are so many ways that I've been vindicated," Harris said. [...]

Comment: Unfortunately, Ms. Harris didn't elaborate.

Ayoon wa Azan (The Legend Continues)

Jihad Al Khazen Al-Hayat 2004/01/12

At a State Department press conference last Friday, Secretary of State Colin Powell reiterated the myth of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, saying: "I am confident of what I presented last year. The intelligence community is confident of the material they gave me. It was information they had presented publicly, and they stand behind it. And this game is still unfolding."

Powell was referring to his February speech at the UN Security Council, which was proven to be erroneous and fake, and that the issue has ended, since one day prior to Powell's speech, it turned out that the U.S. administration had pulled the last weapons inspectors out from Iraq.

Does the reader recall the tube of white substance that Powell held at the Security Council, and its threat of killing thousands, or hundreds of thousands? Does he recall evidence about Iraqi generals he uncovered? Does he recall his five totally wrong points, and the tens of wrong secondary points? How could the issue go on after being closed?

On the same day, Friday 9 February, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. "Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq: Evidence and implications," which briefly states that no evidence confirmed Saddam Hussein regime's resumption of its nuclear program, and that it is impossible for Iraq to have destroyed its chemical and biological weapons, without the United States discovering their remains.

Three experts at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said in the report that the Bush administration systematically misrepresented a weapons threat from Iraq, and incited fear among people in order to justify its preparation to war. Thus, the administration lied on purpose, and if the reader wants to read the complete record of Carnegie, he can find it on the company's web page.

I put Powell's speech and Carnegie report side by side, and went back to Powell's article "What We Will Do in 2004," published in the New York Times at the beginning of the year, and republished by other eastern and western newspapers.

Powell said:

-President Bush's vision is clear and correct. I tell him: if it were so, the conditions in Iraq would have been way better today.

-We decided to profuse freedom, with a focus on Afghanistan and Iraq. Even if I choose to believe this, the strategy adopted by America will not enable the spread of freedom.

- We insist on implementing the president's vision of a free and democratic Middle East in 2004. Once again, I choose to believe the Secretary's words, but I must tell him that the Middle East hates American policy, and if free and democratic elections were to be held, extremist Islamic groups would win in most countries targeted by American projects.

-In 2004, we will widen our partnership with the Middle East, in order to support the political, economic, and educational reformations in the region. I say that the first and last American objective from this partnership is to force us to deal with Israel, before settling the Palestinian issue.

-We will support the Iranian people, and all people that suffer from oppressive regimes. I would like to ask Powell whether he would support the Palestinian people against Israeli oppression, and the crimes of Ariel Sharon's government.

-Iran felt our pressure, and announced its nuclear weapons program; Libya also rejected terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. I ask Powell what would he do with Israel's weapons of mass destruction, especially with such a racist extremist government in power? I also ask the U.S. government, whether it aims at making the Middle East a region free of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, in order for it and its people to stay under Israel's mercy.

Secretary Powell is the best senior official in the Bush administration. If I cannot agree with him since I am an Arab citizen, it is impossible to agree with the goals of an administration that supports Israel and encourages Sharon in committing crimes, as it had supported him during the 1980's, when he committed his cruelest crimes, which the U.S. itself wants to hold him accountable for.

I know that since I am an Arab citizen, I am naïve and simple. But there is a difference between stupidity and craziness, and despite my naivety, I find it hard to believe an administration that pulls off its inspectors from Iraq, and then announces the validity of its report concerning weapons of mass destruction, saying that the issue is not over yet.

Does the reader want to hear more? During his press conference, Powell defended Sharon's building of the security wall inside Palestinian territories, considering it an emergency plan, in case there is no one to trust among Palestinians.

A week before Powell's speech, the Israeli forces killed 19 civilians in Nablus, destroyed and hungered, and the Bush administration did not utter a single complaint; its Secretary of State even demanded from Ahmad Qureih to fight terrorism.

I know that we Arabs and Muslims are paying the price for American policy, but the United States will pay a higher price in the end. And in case the promised democracy is spread, the U.S. administration's extremism and total commitment to the criminal Israeli government, will lead to the founding of anti-American governments, that will make the Bush administration regret every presumed dictator it has worked against.

Nine Iraqis, US soldier killed as Bremer calls to continue with transitional government plans

12-01-2004,15 :26

US occupation forces shot dead seven Iraqis who "were trying to steal oil from a pipeline" in central Iraq last night. According to the US Army, a group of 40 men armed with AK- 47assault rifles in 10 to 15 vehicles were spotted at the pipeline by the troops who were led to the area by an Iraqi informant.

The Cost Of Iraq's Unity

Ghassan Charbel Al-Hayat 2004/01/12

The retired Iraqi politician said that the occupation forces have no choice but to quickly leave Iraq. Any delay would deepen the clash with Iraqis, and attract more of them towards resistance in its various aspects. He added, "Frankly, I am not afraid of the occupation. Iraqis are strong and tough; no foreigner can break their will. The Americans learned this lesson, and this is why they set a date to end the occupation. What I fear is for Iraqis to deal incorrectly with the mission of saving Iraq's unity."

The words of the experienced politician caught my attention, and I started linking these fears, with the attempts to ignite conflicts by targeting mosques, in order to incite and trigger reactions, and with what Kirkuk conflicts revealed of a debate concerning the situation of Iraqi Kurds in the new Iraq.

US presses accusations over Russian arms sales to Iraq

WASHINGTON (AFP) Jan 12, 2004

The United States said Monday it is pursuing allegations that Russian firms sold sophisticated military technology to Saddam Hussein's Iraq which Moscow has angrily rejected. [...]

Ereli would not comment on the reports, but reiterated allegations made by the White House and State Department in the early days of the Iraq war in March that Russian firms had sold equipment to Baghdad in violation of US law and UN sanctions. [...]

Comment: If the US accusations aren't a case of the pot calling the kettle black, we're not sure what is...

U.S. ammunition plant reaching its limit

By Joseph L. Galloway
Knight Ridder Newspapers
Sunday, January 11, 2004

FORT BELVOIR, Va. — The U.S. military's only plant making small-arms ammunition is running at near capacity, 4 million rounds a day, and the United States still is forced to look overseas and to the recreational industry for ammunition for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and those training to deploy there soon. [...]

Because of the increased demand for ammunition since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and America's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Kern said the Army in late December let two supplemental contracts to Olin Winchester of East Alton, Ill., and Israeli Military Industries for each to produce 70 million rifle rounds per month starting in June. [...]

Pepsi production returning to Iraq

Jim Fitzgerald AP Writer
Wednesday, January 7, 2004

PepsiCo Inc. plans to resume producing Pepsi-Cola in Iraq, using the same bottler that distributed fake Pepsi after economic sanctions forced the company out of the country.

PepsiCo, headquartered in Purchase, said Wednesday it has signed an agreement with Baghdad Soft Drinks Co., Iraq's largest bottler, to make and distribute Pepsi, 7-Up and other soft drinks in central Iraq by the end of June.

"Iraqis have been great supporters of Pepsi over many years, and we're delighted to resume local production," Saad Abdul-Latif, president of the Middle East/Africa region of PepsiCo International, said in a news release.

Pepsi was introduced in Iraq in 1950 and was the country's biggest brand when PepsiCo stopped doing business in Iraq in 1990, when trade sanctions were imposed. The sanctions were lifted in May as the Sadam Hussein regime was ending.

While the sanctions were in effect, there was no locally produced Pepsi, although a small amount was imported. Baghdad Soft Drinks, which had been the Pepsi bottler since 1984, could no longer get Pepsi concentrate and began selling homemade colas in leftover Pepsi bottles, PepsiCo says. But the company is forgiving and said it feels "very fortunate to again be working in partnership with Baghdad Soft Drinks Co., which has the experience, infrastructure and local knowledge to effectively serve the needs of Iraqi consumers."

Comment: We do not doubt that PepsiCo is "delighted" to be in war-ravaged Iraq. After all, one of the reasons for the illegal invasion and conquest was to provide an untapped market for American big business to swoop into, capitalising on the Iraqi people's enforced "liberation". If there's one thing a bloody, decimated, violence-torn, rubble-strewn, completely traumatised nation needs as it is being violently and unhappily occupied by the world's most brutal superpower, it's syrupy, sticky, heavily carbonated, high-sugar (or aspartame laden), American-made fizzy drinks that feed more dollars directly into the American corporate maw.

Landmines: Palestine's hidden danger

By Laila El-Haddad in Gaza
Saturday 10 January 2004, 18:41 Makka Time, 15:41 GMT

All over Gaza, large well-illustrated billboards sporting the UNICEF logo can be seen alongside major streets and busy intersections.

They show photos of Israeli-made bombs and mines and carry a single in-your-face message: “Landmines and suspicious objects are a danger that threatens us all! Do not try to get near them!”

While landmines usually invoke images of places like once war-torn Angola or Afghanistan, the issue is gaining increasing prominence in the occupied Palestinian territories.

[...] At least 23 children have been killed by landmines or UXO planted by the Israeli military in the occupied Palestinian territories since the start of the Intifada in September 2000.

Israel Building Wall in Jerusalem Suburb

By RAVI NESSMAN, Associated Press Writer
Mon Jan 12,11:18 AM ET

ABU DIS, West Bank - Israeli construction crews hoisted 26-foot-high concrete slabs into the middle of a main road in this Palestinian suburb of Jerusalem on Monday, cutting off thousands of Palestinians from the city they consider their home. [...]

Parts of the wall have been put up elsewhere around east Jerusalem — which Israel seized in 1967 along with the West Bank — but the sections put up in Abu Dis were the most intrusive yet, signaling that Israel's encirclement of the city is becoming more permanent.

There had already been a 6-foot-high divider that slowed but did not stop the flow of people and goods between the West Bank and Jerusalem. Residents have been able to crawl over that barrier or pass goods over it.

But the new construction replaces that with a stark, impenetrable wall, more than four times as high, running down the center of Shayah St. [...]

The barrier in Abu Dis also has symbolic significance. Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia lives in the suburb, and the building set aside for the future Palestinian parliament is located there. [...]

Israel's Berlin Wall goes up in Jerusalem


[...] Along its path, the barrier has cut Palestinians off from their fields and schools, their hospitals and businesses.

The new wall in Abu Dis, on the eastern outskirts of Jerusalem, replaces a much lower divider that had slowed, but not stopped the flow of people and goods between the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The construction signalled that Israel’s encirclement of Jerusalem is becoming more permanent.

Rarely is the divide as stark as it is in Abu Dis, where construction crews arrived on Saturday night to tear down the old six ft barrier that hundreds of residents climbed over every day and replace it with an impassable wall four times as tall that runs down the centre of Shayah St.

The old wall was covered with graffiti declaring: ”The wall is wrong,” and “Apartheid wall.”

The construction confused and angered residents, many of whom consider themselves Jerusalemites, carry the blue identification card of Jerusalem residents and say they pay Jerusalem city taxes.

“This is Jerusalem. Why are they putting the wall here,” said Yazid Abu Hliel, 31, who lives on the West Bank side of the new barrier.

Abu Hliel worries that his four children will not be able to cross to get to school and he won’t be able to reach his job as a floor polisher.

“They are putting us into prisons,” he said.

Comment: Is history repeating itself? Has the Israeli government become a facsimile of the Nazi regime, the actions of which Israel used to justify its "right to exist"? The Israeli government justifies the building of the wall by claiming that it is to prevent "terrorist attacks" on Israel. Hitler too used the excuse of protecting Germans from "Jewish terrorism" to justify the policies that eventually lead to the concentration camps and the deaths of millions of innocents.

The Wall Issue

Abdullah Al Ashaal Al-Hayat 2004/01/11

The United Nations General Assembly has issued on the 3rd of December 2003, a Resolution asking a consultative opinion from the International Court of Justice concerning the wall of isolation in the West Bank. When the General Assembly was convened again in order to discuss Israel's insistence on building the wall it was in response to Washington's opposition to deal with the issue in the Security Council. The Assembly's resolution was a referendum on the international community's desire to halt the Israeli policies, which the Secretary General described as illegal. Consequently, what are the legal and political implications of the decision to consult the ICJ, especially that Israel does not want the United Nations to play any role in the Arab-Israeli peace process and has belittled the importance of the General Assembly's resolution? Does the Arab community's campaign challenge the United States? How far will this campaign go? What are the implications of these legal activities?

The resolution, which Israel refuted, is considered a diplomatic victory for Arabs against Israel and the United States because the international community has almost unanimously agreed that Israel is an expansionist state and the wall an illegal act. In fact, the wall is illegal because it aims to annex occupied land, to alter its geographic nature, and harm the local community.

Israeli president invitation to Assad declined as sources say Syria agrees to Turkish mediation in talks

12-01-2004,09 :56

Syria has rejected Israeli President Moshe Katsav's invitation to President Bashar al-Assad to visit Jerusalem.

Syrian Immigrant Affairs minister Buthaina Sha'aban told the BBC that there was no doubt that President Assad would reject the invitation.

The minister added that there was no substance to Katsav's invitation, and that it was a "meaningless statement". She restated her country's demand to renew talks with Israel from the point where they were broken off.

Jordanian deputies demand to expel Israeli ambassador, cancel planned visit by Israeli FM


41 Jordanian deputies have signed a petition demanding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Jordan and the cancellation of the planned visit to Jordan by the Israeli foreign minister, Silvan Shalom. The visit is expected to take place later this month.

In their petition, published on Monday, the deputies said their demand to severing ties with Tel Aviv came following "dangerous" statements by members of the ruling Likud party regarding the need to "transfer" Palestinians to Jordan and that "Jordan is Palestine".

Last week, Uzi Cohen, a member of Ariel Sharon’s right-wing party, the Likud, has proposed the creation of a Palestinian state in northern Jordan in preparation for the expulsion of all non-Jews from Palestine.

Cohen said that there is widespread support in Israel for “the idea of transfer.” “Many people support the idea (of transferring Arabs out of Palestine), but few are willing to speak about it publicly.”

Tempers flare on spy-ship sinking

By Matthew Lee in Washington

A STATE Department conference has failed to quell the raging controversy over Israel's attack on a US spy ship during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, as an expert panel was unable to agree whether the strike was intentional.

All but one of four panelists said they either accepted or tended to accept Israel's stated explanation – that the attack on the USS Liberty had been a case of tragic misidentification and an accident. [...]

Jew's Don't Want a Monopoly on Suffering

Henry Makow Ph.D.

Hana Brady was murdered at Auschwitz in February 1944. She was a 13-year-old Jewish girl from Czechoslovakia. Her fate was tragic.

It's deplorable therefore that the Illuminati's Jewish wing is using it in a propaganda drive to advance their totalitarian Globalist agenda. More deplorable, I suspect the same group may have been complicit in Hana's death. I will explain later.

In my opinion, the majority of Jews don't want a monopoly on suffering. International finance is foisting this on us through its control of most Jewish organizations. The true Jewish spirit is one of universal brotherhood and justice. One human tragedy does not take precedence over another.

I have been to Auschwitz and seen the pictures displayed of thousands of contemporary-looking victims. Half of these victims were Christians. Altogether the Nazis murdered three million Polish Christians, mostly educated people. Did you know this?

The Second World War was a holocaust and 60 million people died. Most Jews do not want a Holocaust Memorial Day, hundreds of Holocaust Studies programs, scores of Holocaust and "Human Rights" Museums, all designed to give them special status.

Hana’s Suitcase

Since 2001, Fumiko Ishioka, 34, has been telling Hana's story at schools in Japan, the US and Canada. Children's book, radio program and film have been made. The book has been translated into 11 languages and sold 250,000 copies. The film is shown on TV around the world. I saw it last week here in Canada on CBC-TV's The National. [...]

Zionist Complicity in the Holocaust

Many Jews were duped by Communist promises of "social justice and equality." Similarly, they have been duped by another creation of international finance, Zionism.

Jews think Israel was created as a refuge from anti Semitism. In fact, the Jewish holocaust was engineered to induce Jews to build Israel, intended as the capital of the New World Order.

"Inside Zionism", Chapter One of Jewish historian Alfred Lilienthal's The Other Side of the Coin (1965) documents how Zionists had no use for their fellow Jews except as Israelis. Zionists vetoed plans to rescue people like Hana Brady. For example, FDR had a plan to rescue 500,000 Jews but said: "We can't put it over because the Zionist movement won't stand for it."

Zionists helped enumerate Jews and their property, and steer them into cattle cars, while rescuing themselves. Lilienthal writes: " The submissive meekness with which the Jews of Europe (save in Warsaw) went to their death can be explained only in terms of the overpowering obsession with Palestine on the part of the only leaders who were able to act to save them, but who simulated rescue while practising statecraft."

The Hana Bradys were worth more to Zionists dead than alive. Their deaths provided moral capital to guilt the world into dispossessing the Arabs and establishing Israel. Now the same forces are using Hana Brady for the next step in the New World Order.

Antiwar Group Exposes Undercover Agent

Crimson Staff Writer Article Options

An outspoken member of Harvard Students for Israel went undercover in what he says was a quest to gauge anti-Semitism in a campus anti-war group.

Members of the Harvard Initiative for Peace and Justice (HIPJ) discovered last week that mysterious anti-Semitic posts on the group’s web log were written by Eric R. Trager ’05, who posted them under an assumed name. [...]

Chew said she was “shocked that [Trager] would stoop to this” and termed his posts “reckless.”

“I don’t think that Harvard should be a place where people practice to become FBI or CIA agents,” said HIPJ member Daniel DiMaggio ’04. “I think that this type of behavior deserves the utmost censure on the part of the student body and all members of the Harvard community.”

Comment: So a Jewish individual posts anti-Semitic diatribes as a "test". This tactic was incredibly dangerous, with potential to do grave harm in today's charged climate. This was no test, rather an attack on someone with different opinions. Besides, it is disturbing to read such diatribes.

Saudi Arabia makes anti-terror arrests, unveils huge weapons find

RIYADH (AFP) Jan 12, 2004

Saudi Arabia has found about 300 explosives belts and nearly 24 tonnes of explosive materials and seized an unspecified number of people in its hunt for terror suspects, the interior ministry said Monday.

The seizures by security forces over the past six months included also more than 300 rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and launchers and more than 430 hand grenades, some locally made and others produced abroad, said a statement carried by the official SPA news agency.

Security forces also seized 1,020 weapons such as Kalashnikovs, guns and automatic rifles, more than 352,300 rounds of ammunition and 674 detonators "for use in 350 bombings," it said. [...]

Air and Naval Blockade of North Korea to Prevent Nuclear Warhead Export

JAN 12, 2004

A naval and air blockade of North Korea was insisted on by neo-conservative (neocon) Richard Perle, Bush’s defense policy advisor.

“We need to assure South Korea that the 1962 Cuban-style blockade is the only alternative to avoid war,” he added.

This argument came from the book titled “An End to Evil: Strategies for Victory in the War on Terror,” co-authored by Richard Perle, the former Assistant Secretary of Defense and David Frum, the former special assistant to President George W. Bush.

“North Korea can sell nuclear warheads to terrorists like Al Qaeda, which is more dangerous than a war on the Korean Peninsula,” says the book, “Japan, within the North’s missile range, agrees to this.”

He doubted that the North would agree to give up its nuclear ambitions. He also argued, “Any new agreement with North Koreans must begin by acknowledging that North Korea cannot be trusted to keep its promise.”

The book demands North Korea to dismantle its nuclear materials and missile facilities as well as accept IAEA’s permanent inspection. As North Korea will probably refuse the terms, the book says, the U.S. should either tolerate North Korea’s attempts to go nuclear or take decisive actions to stop it. Decisive action would begin with a comprehensive air and naval blockade of North Korea and cutting all intercourse with the South, according to the book.

He urged Washington to move boldly against all other sponsors of terrorism such as Syria, Lybia, and Saudi Arabia, as well as the remaining “axis of evil”-- Iran and North Korea.

U.S. troops join in Olympics security drill

By Karolos Grohmann
Monday January 12, 01:49 PM

ATHENS (Reuters) - U.S and Greek troops plan to stage joint exercises in Greece from March as part of security preparations for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Greece says.

The exercises are designed to help security forces tackle potential threats during the Games including nuclear and chemical attacks, as organisers put the final touches on the biggest security blueprint the Olympics have ever seen, Public Order Minister George Floridis said. [...]

Greece is spending a record 650 million euros (450 million pounds) to protect the world's largest sporting event, mobilising 45,000 personnel -- three times the number used at the last summer Olympics in Sydney in 2000. [...]

Laos Rebels Draw Eye Of USA

By Richard S. Ehrlich

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The U.S. State Department has warned of increased security concerns in tiny communist Laos because of deadly, politically motivated assaults against markets and buses and "more attacks could occur" endangering Americans. [...]

NKorea offers to freeze nuclear reactors in new overture to US

North Korea offered to freeze its nuclear reactors producing weapons grade plutonium if compensated by Washington in a new sign officials say shows Pyongyang wants to negotiate an end to its nuclear crisis. [...]

China Warned Against Using U.S. to Pressure Taiwan

AM ET TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian warns China in his new book against using the United States to pressure it, saying the strategy could backfire and further alienate the island, according to excerpts seen on Monday.[...]

'Jesus' told me to kill Swedish Foreign Minister, man confesses

Last Updated Mon, 12 Jan 2004 9:06:55

STOCKHOLM - The man who has confessed to the stabbing death of Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh says voices he believes came from Jesus told him to kill, according to police.

Mijailo Mijailovic, 25, told prosecutors that he didn't know specifically who told him to kill Lindh, but said: "I think it is Jesus. That he has chosen me," according to a transcript of the confession.

Comment: The guy who murdered Anna Lindh has confessed now, and it's interesting to see what he had to say. On the one hand he claims it was a "random kill", yet on the other hand "an inner voice made me do it". Those two can coexist, we imagine, without contradiction if you consider various mind control technologies.

Storms in wake of twister

Jan 12 2004
Ceri Jones
The Western Mail

SCORES of people could scarcely believe their eyes when a tornado appeared hovering over the Bristol Channel.

The destructive force, more akin to Mid-West USA than Wales, formed from low storm clouds over the water at 1.10pm yesterday. [...]


Sunspot 537 has a "beta-gamma-delta class" magnetic field that harbors energy for powerful X-class solar flares. NOAA forecasters estimate a 15% chance of such an explosion during the next 24 hours. [...]

A Hole Punch Cloud Over Alabama

2004 January 12
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Joel Knain

Explanation: What could create a huge hole in the clouds? Such a hole, likely hundreds of meters across, was photographed last month from a driveway near Mobile, Alabama,USA . Very unusual to see, hole-punch clouds like this are still the topic of meteorological speculation. [...]

Comment: The full sized picture to the left is well worth seeing. See our article Mysterious Smoke Rings or When is a Cloud not a Cloud? for more examples of this mysterious phenemenon.


Climate model predicts more stifling summers

Extreme heat on the rise


The heatwave that paralysed Europe last summer was hailed as a harbinger of global warming by many, including climatologists who predicted wilder extremes in floods, droughts and storms thanks to climate change. Results from a climate model now add evidence to the idea that extreme temperature events are set to rise - for Europe at least. [...]

'Artificial fog' seen as means of protecting nuclear plants


The German Environment Ministry is considering the use of equipment that would throw up giant, artificial “fog shields“ to improve the protection of nuclear power plants against airborne terrorist attacks, according to recent news reports. [...]

Germany Set to Abolish the Draft


Jan 12 2004
By Stephen Moyes
London Mirror

A FRIEND of Princess Diana has told how she had a car crash two years before she died which she blamed on sabotage.

Simone Simmons, 48, is ready to testify to the Scotland Yard inquiry into Diana's fatal accident in Paris in 1997.

Two years earlier, the princess's green convertible had hit another car as she drove away from a healing centre in Marylebone, central London.

Ms Simmons said: "Diana rang to tell me. She was panic-stricken. She told me that the brakes had suddenly failed.

"Fortunately she wasn't hurt. It seemed to reinforce her belief that someone was trying to kill her.

"Diana said later that the garage confirmed it was just a mechanical failure, and not foul play.

"But it shook her up badly and she was convinced that someone had tampered with the car."

Last week the Daily Mirror revealed how Diana wrote in a note that Charles might be plotting her death in similar fashion.

Net fuels rise in child porn crimes

Press Association

Child pornography crimes have rocketed 1,500% since 1988 - and an avalanche of more porn could be unleashed by new internet mobile phones.

The massive rise in child porn offences is mainly due to the increase in use of the internet, according to the report from children's charity NCH. [...]

Comment: Expect these horrific crimes to be used as an excuse to shut down or at least to control the internet.

United States Patent 4,641,633

February 10, 1987

Electronic system for the activation, inhibition and/or modification of the development and functioning of cells, organs and organisms of living beings


Instrumentation and methodology for the application of non-invasive electromagnetic fields characterized by sharp, unidirectional square waves with rising and falling times below 0.1 microseconds and frequencies below 120 pulses per second. The waves are applied through antennas which produce magnetic fields. The magnetic fields are applied to living beings with the purpose of producing predictable modifications of determined structures, functions and manifestations.

Comment: Straight from the site itself. Here is a nice quote from this particular mad scientist:

Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.

Also see Chemical Hallucinations, Mind Control, and Dr. Jose Delgado, and yet another patant: Method and apparatus for transdermal communication.

Nanoparticles in the brain

Tiny particles enter the brain after being inhaled.


Nanoparticles - tiny lumps of matter that could one day to be used to build faster computer circuits and improve drug delivery systems - can travel to the brain after being inhaled, according to researchers from the United States.[...]

Montreal seminary to test aspiring priests for HIV

Last Updated Mon, 12 Jan 2004 12:40:59

MONTREAL - A Roman Catholic seminary in Montreal will become the third in Canada to require HIV tests for aspiring priests.

Rev. Marcel Demers, rector of the Grand Seminary of Montreal, said if the virus were contracted through a gay relationship, the seminary "will try to see what the person's calling really is."

Oops! US fighter drops bomb on Britain

LONDON (AFP) Jan 12, 2004

A US Air Force fighter jet dropped an inert training bomb by accident last week over a sparsely populated area of northern England, causing no damage or injury, the British Ministry of Defence said Monday.

The incident happened Thursday near Holme upon Spalding Moor, a town of 3,000 people in East Yorkshire, a ministry spokesman told AFP. [...]

German Police Investigate Potato Computer Scam

Mon Jan 12,11:00 AM ET

BERLIN (Reuters) - German police are investigating after an angry man returned a computer he had just bought saying it was packed with small potatoes instead of computer parts.

The store replaced the computer free of charge but became suspicious when he returned a short time later with another potato-filled computer casing, police in the western city of Kaiserslautern said on Monday.

"The second time he said he didn't need a computer any more and asked for his money back in cash," a police spokesman said.

Police are now investigating the man for fraud.


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