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December 25, 2003

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A Christmas Fractal
This image was generated from Ark's Quantum Fractal Generator. You can download a copy of his paper On Quantum Iterated Function Systems.

A Christmas Poem

Twas the night before Christmas as I made my rounds
the reindeer were skittish because of the sounds
of shooting and screaming from the city's outskirts
Tom Ridge and the Bush boys had decreed "Red Alert!"

The spotlights were blinding and lit up the sky
my sleigh was careening while the jets rushed on by
When the black copter rose like Darth Vader himself
I'd wished I stayed home and sent out the elf

A mechanical voice roared "You are ordered to land,
put your hands on your head, your vehicle's been scanned.
We got several questions 'bout the sack on your back
cause the enemy's everywhere planning attack."

"Whatcha think it contains, you half-brained nitwit.
It's the night before Christmas, what you think is in it?"
Then he asked if these boxes myself I had packed.
"No, I got 'em from Carrot Top, they came nicely prewrapped."

For a moment they hemmed, hawed and studied my beard,
then they looked at me funny, as if I was weird.
They knocked me out cold, thus ending the drama,
The Press was called out: "We've just captured Osama!"

So I was arrested, the first time in my life
and locked in a jail cell then joined by my wife
We were charged with resisting and spewing sedition
They denied me my meds for my diabetic condition

Lucky for me my brother's connected
they released us more quickly than I had expected.
It wasn't so bad, but there's one thought that lingers
all the time that I lost scrubbing ink off my fingers

All things considered and this is just a thought
I'll stay home next year and take Christmas off
With the laws that they're passing I could end up in the pen
and poor Mrs Claus would never see me again

But all the world's children who are waiting with glee
at the thought of the gifts that are coming with me
will be better off than the kids in Iraq
whose gift for next year is another attack.

The Tree of Life and The End of Time
(From Ancient Science)

One of the very ancient  aspects of the idea of Celestial Archetypes was the concept of the “Axis Mundi,” or “Center of the World”. This was a point where Heaven, Earth and Hell met and where Time was abolished and passage to one region or another was possible. At any point where there was a convergence of the three realms, a “temple” was considered to exist whether one was constructed there or not. This center was the zone of the sacred — of absolute reality  — and was symbolized by trees, fountains, ladders, ropes, and so forth. Interaction with these symbols was considered initiatory  and took place in a timeless state. Thus, it has been theorized that religious  rituals were developed in an attempt to “connect” to this Divine Model or archetype. In this way, a sacrifice was not only an imitation of the original sacrifice of the god, it somehow was seen to be an alignment of the three realms, the creating of a “passage” of some sort along the Axis Mundi. So, for a moment, during the ritual or sacrifice, the supplicant was identifying him or her self with the primordial gesture and thereby abolishing time, the burden of the Terror of History, and regenerating him or her self and all the related participants. There are endless examples of scapegoats and dying gods and sacrificed kings, as well as a host of “substitutes” in terms of a variety of animals and other products offered to the gods. We are going to suggest that it is, indeed, through “sacrifice” that man “identifies with the gods,” and “aligns himself with the Axis Mundi.” But, it is in a sacrifice of a very different sort — one that sacrifices our “animal nature,” and that this has been corrupted to mean that an “external” sacrifice or ritual is required. We are going to suggest that this “ladder” or “tree ” image is a reflection of our very own DNA , and that it is through the DNA that man regains his “Timeless State.”

What is important, however, is that the myths  are only a much later formulation of an archaic content that presuppose an absolute reality , or levels of reality which are extra-human or hyper dimensional .

There is another interesting key to the ancient  myths and rituals: in nearly every case, everywhere there is a conception of the end and the beginning of a Cyclical Temporal Period; and, coincidental to this idea, is the expulsion of demons, diseases and sins. These ideas are demonstrated by the ubiquitous carnival celebrations of the New Year.

...This annual expulsion of sins, diseases, and demons is basically an attempt to restore — if only momentarily — mythical  and primordial time, “pure” time, the time of the “instant” of the Creation. Every New Year is a resumption of time from the beginning, that is, a repetition of the cosmogony. The ritual combats between two groups of actors, the presence of the dead, the Saturnalia, and the orgies are so many elements which denote that at the end of the year and in the expectation of the New Year there is a repetition of the mythical moment of the passage from chaos to cosmos. [1]

At this period, the expulsion of evils and sins takes place by means of a scapegoat, and the cycle is closed by the Hierogamy (“sacred marriage”), which initiates  the new creation. The more ancient  ceremonies are nearly global in their proliferation among “primitive ” societies, and it could be conjectured that it is to these “purer” examples we should look for the more common elements to discover if there is any hidden meaning that might serve as a clue.

For the most part, the beginnings of these rites comprise a series of dramatic elements that represent a condition of universal confusion, the abolition of order and hierarchy , and the ushering in of chaos. There is a “symbolic Deluge” that annihilates all of humanity in order to prepare the way for a new and regenerated human species. In numerous myths  and rites we find the same central idea of the yearly return to chaos, followed by a new creation. The chaos that preceded the rebirth was as essential as the birth itself. Without chaos there could be no rebirth.

In many of the more “modern” versions, the Deluge and the element of water are present  in one way or another as either libations or baptism. Baptism is the subjective , microcosmic equivalent of a macrocosmic level deluge : a return to the formless state.

This formlessness, this chaos, was exemplified in many ways: fasting, confession, excess grief, joy, despair or orgy — all of them only seeking to reproduce a chaotic state from which a New Creation could emerge.

It is also interesting to note that, at the time of renewal, the New Year festival, it was thought that the fate of men was fixed for a “whole year.” In short, it was the “formation of the Ark ” that determined if and how and who would pass through the deluge .

What is important in the preceding idea is that the end of a past  year and the beginning of a new year are predicated upon the idea of an exhaustion of biological resources on all cosmic planes, a veritable end of the world. In this view, the “end” is not always occasioned by a deluge , but can also occur through the effects of fire, heat and other causes. Fulcanelli  writes:

Nature herself gives us the unequivocal signs of weariness: she is becoming lazy. It is only by dint of chemical  fertilizers that the farmer now obtains average value crops. Ask a peasant, he will tell you that “the earth is dying,” that seasons are disturbed, the climate modified. Every growing thing lacks sap and resistance. Plants wither and prove unable to react against the invasion of parasitic insects or the attack of diseases. [2]

In Le Probleme des centaures, Georges Dumezil studies and discusses the scenario of the end and beginning according to a large selection of material derived from the Indo-European world including Slavs, Iranians, Indians and Greco-Romans. He noted several elements from initiation ceremonies that have been preserved in more or less corrupt form in mythology and folklore. Another examination of the myths  and rites of Germanic secret  societies by Otto Hofler brought out similar relationships. Both of these researches point up the importance of the twelve intercalary days, and especially New Year’s Day.

 ...We shall recall only a few characteristic facts:
(1) the twelve intermediate days prefigure the twelve months of the year;
(2) during the twelve corresponding nights, the dead come in procession to visit their families;
(3) it is at this period that fires are extinguished and rekindled;
(4) this is the moment of initiations, one of whose essential elements is precisely this extinction and rekindling of fire;
(5) ritual combats between two opposing groups; and
(6) presence of erotic elements, marriage, orgies.
 Each of these mythico-ritual motifs testifies to the wholly exceptional character of the days that precede and follow the first day of the year, although the eschato-cosmological function of the New Year (abolition of time and repetition of creation) is not explicitly stated... Nevertheless, this function can be shown to be implicit in all the rest of these mythico-ritual motifs. How could the invasion by the souls  of the dead, for example, be anything but the sign of a suspension of profane time, the paradoxical  realization of a coexistence of ‘past ’ and ‘present ?’ This coexistence is never so complete as at a period of chaos when all modalities coincide. The last days of the past year can be identified with the pre-Creation chaos, both through this invasion of the dead — which annuls the law of time — and through the sexual excesses which commonly mark the occasion. [3]

Take particular note of the ideas of “exhaustion of physical  resources, invasion by the souls  of the dead, and sexual excess” as being  indicative of the suspension of time. These are significant in our present  time wherein it seems there are a veritable “invasion” of “otherworldly” visitors masquerading as “aliens ” as well as a rapid descent of morality into greater and greater sexual excesses; a veritable frenzied “return to chaos,” as it were!

The rites still mark the abolition of all norms and violently illustrate an overturning of values and a reversion of all forms to indeterminate unity. The very locus of the orgies, when the seed was buried in the ground, demonstrates the dissolution of form into orgiastic chaos. We are in the presence of a very ancient  idea: a return to primordial unity, the end/beginning in which limits, contours, distances, no longer hold sway. What is primordial and essential is the idea of regeneration through chaos, repetition of creation: a Time Loop.

 In the last analysis, what we discover in all these rites and all these attitudes is the will to devaluate time. […] time can be annulled. [4]
Comment: We are approaching this holiday a new way: we have decided to celebrate the symbolic rebirth of the
world. Our Christmas tree represents the ladder of ascent to the celestial realms and the ornaments on the tree are all the aspects of the world that we treasure and wish for in the "new world."

I would like to ask as many of you as feel comfortable doing so, to meditate on what a new world might be like... and let me quote a little bit from the C's for hope:

A: Laura you will feel the effect of the Lords of Entropy's
desperate push for total control no matter where you go.
[...] Changes will follow turmoil be patient.

As I wrote to someone recently, Lord, we had NO CLUE back then what that could mean... but we sure do now. I hold onto that reassurance: "changes will follow turmoil, be patient."

Merry Christmas to you all.

[1]        Eliade, op. cit., p. 54.

[2]        Fulcanelli , op. cit., p. 504.

[3]        Eliade, op. cit., pp. 67-68.

[4]        Ibid., pp. 85-86.

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