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October 10, 2003

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"Disasters involve cycles in the human experiential cycle [...] Human cycle mirrors cycle of catastrophe. Earth benefits in form of periodic cleansing. Time to start paying attention to the signs. They are escalating. They can even be 'felt'by you and others, if you pay attention."

Rumors are flying about Arafat, and we will work on keeping you all updated. The Signs Team suspects foul play and outlines a bit of research backing up our suspicions. Few people realize what will happen if Israel carries out their threats (if they have not already) on Arafat's life. We suspect even fewer are aware that Israel's ultimate goal is to plunge the Middle East (and the world) into a bloodbath, even though the evidence is clear for all to see.

Israel kills 6 as it enters a Palestinian refugee camp: among the dead an 8 and 12 year old. The opium secured, the US has left the Afghan people to their fate amid growing violence and disorder.

Who is a Semite? While the Zionists are using genetics to imply historical veracity for the Bible, neither archaeological digs nor linguistic analysis of the Bible offers any support. If the Bible isn't history, then what is it?

US-based Muslim groups are telling Americans that they are being targeted in the U.S, with anti-Muslim sentiment increasing dramatically since 9/11. The discrimination is meted out regardless of the fact that many are US citizens. If other Americans refuse to hear their cry, they cannot expect anyone to speak up for them when their time comes. We are not exaggerating here. Check out the report from 'Lawyers Committee for Human Rights' that we link to today. The alarm is being raised by many, making reasonable arguments and backing those arguments up with well-documented research.

NATO is messing with Colorado residents' garage doors, Australia's Aborigines invite you to their radioactive caravan park, the Vatican condemns condoms and psychopaths abound.

Cheney is promising us a single day of horror.

It appears that the majority still desperately hold on to consensus reality, like a limp security blanket, remaining silent when outrage is called for, and in the process support the creeping fascism that stalks the world. Now is not the time for giving into fear. Now is the time for bravery. In times like these we all find out what we are made of, and none of us can know until we face the tests presented to us through confronting the reality of the world today.

TROUBLE IN THE HOLY LAND: French newssite reports Arafat 'dead'

Guysen Israel News offers sketchy, unconfirmed story

October 9, 2003 1:00 a.m. Eastern

A French-language Israeli newssite is reporting Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian Authority, may have died of a heart attack.

The report is based on the Guysen Israel News' sources and is ''unconfirmed.''

''We do not have any more information on the state of Arafat,'' the latest report said. ''The news of his death is still not confirmed.''

A report earlier in the day from Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia said Arafat's condition was improving. Conflicting reports in recent days had him sick with everything from the flu to heart failure.

The 74-year-old leader looked pale and tired during the ceremony to swear in an emergency cabinet Tuesday, and some reports say he needed prompting from his aides.

But Palestinian Cabinet minister Saeb Erekat told the Associated Press news agency that Arafat had not suffered a heart attack, but was battling a stomach virus. [...]

Arafat 'heart attack' denied

Arafat's Illness

Thursday, Oct. 09, 2003

Yasser Arafat's gaunt, fragile appearance during last weekend's inauguration of an emergency cabinet for the Palestinian Authority has raised a flurry of speculation over the state of the 74-year-old leader's health. Palestinian officials on Wednesday denied rumors that Arafat had last week suffered a mild heart attack and explained that Arafat has been suffering from a bad case of the flu or an intestinal infection.

But according to a source inside the compound, the recent working diagnosis is that Arafat is suffering from stomach cancer. Al-Jazeera TV reported Wednesday that two teams of doctors, one from Jordan and the other from Egypt, arrived in Ramallah Wednesday to treat Arafat. Abu Dhabi TV reported on Thursday that following their examination of the Palestinian leader, the Egyptian doctors "expressed concern" about the state of his health. Neither report specified his condition. [...]


By David Guyatt

[...] Have weapons of this nature been developed and field tested?  Judged by the number of individuals and groups coming forward with complaints of harassment the answer, appears, to be yes.  Kim Besley, of the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp [xxv] , has compiled a fairly extensive catalogue of effects that have resulted from low frequency signals emanating from the US Greenham Common base, and, apparently, targeted upon the women protesters.  

These include: vertigo, retinal bleeding, burnt face (even at night), nausea, sleep disturbances, palpitations, loss of concentration, loss of memory, disorientation, severe headaches, temporary paralysis, faulty speech co-ordination, irritability and a sense of panic in non-panic situations.

 Identical and similar effects have been reported elsewhere and appear to be fairly common-place amongst so called "victims".  Many of these symptoms have been associated in medical literature with exposure to microwaves and especially through low intensity or non thermal exposures. [xxvi]  These have been reviewed by Dr. Robert Becker, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, and specialist in EM effects.  His report confirms that the symptoms mirror those he would expect to see, had Microwave weapons been deployed. [....]

Comment: There are the list of symptoms. We notice that Arafat has been ill for some time, now here is the real kick of a quote from the above article:

During 1989, CNN aired a programme on electromagnetic weapons and showed a US government document that outlined a contingency plan to use EM weapons against "terrorists".  Prior to the show a DoD medical engineer sourced a story claiming that in the context of conditioning, microwaves and other modalities had regularly been used against Palestinians.

Too far out? We are afraid not. Nearly half of the book Kundalini Tales by Richard Sauder consists of patents for this kind of technology. More patents listed at this site.

We notice that in searching the web for information on this topic, disinfo agent Tom Bearden, pops up a lot. It is safer to assume what he has written is spin control since the cat is out of the bag. You can read Ark's article on Bearden here.

The article Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation describes Congress' dismay when the U.S. governments experiments in these fields was discovered. We also note that the emergency government that Arafat attempted to put into place has fallen apart. Perhaps even more signs pointing toward microwave or EM harassment.

Cabinet crisis as ill Arafat argues with ministers

By David Blair in Ramallah
The Telegraph

Yasser Arafat's attempt to launch a new Palestinian government collapsed in chaos yesterday after the prime minister threatened to resign and parliament failed to confirm his cabinet.

Officials said the Palestinian leader had a furious argument with Ahmed Qureia, the new premier, barely 48 hours after swearing him in. [...]

When at a Loss, Escalate

By Gabriel Ash
October 6, 2003

There is an old joke about a man who goes to the doctor with a running nose (this was before the era of nasal decongestants). The doctor tells him to dress lightly and walk a few hours in the rain. The bewildered patient presses for an explanation, and the doctor adds, "I cannot treat a running nose, but if you get pneumonia -- then I can give you antibiotics."

The meaning of Israel's attack on Syria is that the government of Israel is taking the same route as that doctor. Unable to repress the Palestinian struggle for liberation, Israel is now trying to transform it into a regional war, for which its army is better equipped. That spells more disaster for the whole Middle East, including Israel.

On Saturday, October 4, Hanadi Jaradat, 29, blew herself up in a restaurant in Haifa, killing 20 people including herself. American media, as usual, reported Jaradat's act without context. But Jaradat, a law school graduate, was reportedly avenging the death of her brother and cousin, murdered on June 12 in Jenin by Israeli death squads, who, according to LAW Society, apparently shot them after taking them into custody.

No doubt, they, too, were butchered in retaliation for something, perhaps the suicide attack in Jerusalem on June 11, which itself was a retaliation against Israel's attempt to murder Hamas spokesperson Rantisi, which was a response to the joint Palestinian attack on the Erez checkpoint on June 8 (involving no targeting of civilians), which itself was triggered by the continuing killing of Hamas activists, even as Abu Mazen was posing for the camera together with Bush and Sharon.

There is no evidence that Israel's policy of assassination, even beyond the inconvenience of being a form of state terrorism, is achieving a reduction in Palestinian violence. On the contrary, the only success that can be reasonably attributed to this policy is Israel's repeated success in sabotaging cease-fires and insuring a continuation of the intifada.

But, as if the logic of retaliation were not illogical enough, Israel responded to Jaradat's revenge by stretching the concept well beyond the border of the absurd, attacking a civilian target in Syria -- a Palestinian refugee camp in Ein Saheb.

What more is needed to show that Israel's "defense" policies are nothing but international terrorism? Let's be clear. First, Israel attacked another country without provocation. Second, Israel attacked a civilian target in that other country. Third, even by Israel's own admission, the target had no direct connection to the suicide attack on Saturday, and no direct connection to any future attack. It was clearly not an act of self defense.

But Israel's madness has a context, too. Within the world view of Israel's military junta, every problem has a military solution, and every problem that doesn't seem to have a military solution can be transformed into one that does. [...]

The background for the decision to attack Syria is, therefore, Sharon's beleaguered position and absence of options. By attacking Syria, Israel's junta is hoping at the least to frighten the world, including the U.S. and Europe, and "punish" it for daring to impose limits on its use of force. The message is that Israel will react to international pressure by causing greater instability throughout the Middle East.

In considering this strategy of blackmail and its ramifications, one should remember that Israel is a nuclear power that has already used threats of nuclear war to blackmail the U.S. (in 1973, as the New York Times, by "happy" coincidence, has just confirmed). A second "benefit" of the attack is that it can potentially push forward the confrontation between the U.S. and Syria, and possibly Iran. The war in Iraq has raised new hopes for getting the U.S. embroiled in war in Syria and Iran. While the U.S. is acting toward these countries with belligerence for reasons of its own, Israel is impatient. From Israel's perspective, the U.S. needs prodding to act sooner rather than later.

Finally, the attack on Syria has a serious potential to lead to a regional war, which, compared with the unwinnable intifada, would give Israel a chance to maximize the strength of its army and perhaps win -- or so the Israeli junta hopes -- another reprieve from the Palestinian problem.

This importance of the last point needs to be assessed in light of the fact that Israel has used war before to defuse international pressure and avoid tackling the question of Palestinian rights. In 1956, war with Egypt put the lid on international pressure on Israel to compromise. The 1967 war was concocted just as the Palestinians were beginning to organize politically and pan-Arabism was threatening to give them international bargaining power. The 1982 war was a direct response to the danger of peace negotiations with the PLO.

Moreover, all these wars began with unprovoked and unjustified Israeli attacks on its neighboring countries -- in Gaza (at the time in Egyptian hands) in 1955, in Samu (Jordan) in 1966, and in Beirut (Lebanon) in 1982. This pattern, of Israeli military provocations that create conditions for a full Israeli attack, masquerading as "preventive," is well established. It is part of the personal memory of the current Israeli leadership (Sharon, for example, was the commander of the Gaza raid, and the architect of the Lebanon war).

Israel's strategy of escalation is based on a good insight -- that the Israeli army is best and most successful in open war. Israel has indeed won all its wars, and is likely to win the next one, too. Yet with each "victorious" war, Israel in fact grew weaker, and the justice of the Palestinian cause more obvious. The next war is unlikely to change that pattern.

Comment: The above article says it all. Sharon's tactics of fighting the war on both sides is used both on a micro level (provoking or carrying out "terror" attacks inside Israel and Palestine) and on a macro level (provocation of its neighbours). It is patently obvious that Israel's goal is war in the Middle East, and it will go to any lengths to make it a reality.

From Mossad's likely involvement in the 9/11 attacks and it's continued efforts at destablisation of Iraq and Afghanistan, to the recent attack on a civilian target inside Syria. Israel's track record proves that incitement has been and continues to be it's chief modus operandi. Israel is the consummate 'agent provocateur' which, if it remains unchecked, will succeed in precipitating a war that will engulf the world.

The Last Nuclear Moment

October 6, 2003

AKOMA PARK, Md. — Since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, the world has come to the nuclear brink only twice. The first, and better known, was the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. The second, and much less discussed, occurred in the early days of the Yom Kippur war, which began 30 years ago today.

The shock Israelis felt at the Egyptian-Syrian surprise attack on Oct. 6, 1973, can best be compared to that felt by Americans after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Israel was caught totally unprepared: the government had assumed that its intelligence services would be able to alert it at least 48 hours before any invasion.

Yet, while Israeli intelligence had detailed knowledge of Egyptian and Syrian war plans, and Prime Minister Golda Meir had even been secretly warned of an imminent war by King Hussein of Jordan on Sept. 25, the information was not translated into military preparedness. This colossal failure — due to a combination of arrogance, self-deception and misperception — is part of Golda Meir's legacy. [...]

Comment: The irony of the comment in the second paragraph above is palpable. Declassified documents reveal that the US knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen to garner the necessary public support to enter the Second World War. 'Operation Northwoods' tells a similar tale. To compare the "surprise" attack on Israel by Egypt and Syria in 1973 to Pearl Harbor speaks volumes. Also extremely interesting is that the excuses given for the 'unpreparedness' of Israel in 1973 are strikingly similar to the excuses given for the lapse in intelligence on 9/11.

6 Palestinians killed as IDF thrusts into Rafah

By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent

Six Palestinians, among them children aged 12 and eight, were reportedly killed during an Israel Defense Forces advanced deep into the Rafah refugee camp in the sourthern Gaza Strip on Friday. The operaton was meant to expose and seal tunnels used to smuggle arms from Egypt into the Strip.

At least 50 Palestinians were reported injured, most of them when a helicopter fired a missile at a crowd. The IDF said the missile targeted a group of gunmen.

Security sources said Palestinians were attempting to acquire missiles that could knock out tanks and aircraft, weapons they have not used thus far.


J. Bruce Campbell
Dar Al-Hayat 2003/10/9

Dear Al-Hayat,

Congratulations to the writer of 'A New Definition of Anti-Semitism' (Jihad Al Khazen - Ayoon wa Azan, 6 Oct. 2003). The sadistic nature of Zionism must be emphasized so that the dimmest person associates the word with scorn and revulsion.

There is one thing that puzzles me: You are apparently a Semite. And you know very well that the Russian Jews - the Ashkenazim - who control Israel and the United States are not Semitic. But you and all Arabs, who should know better, allow the weaponization of the Jewish term, "anti-Semitism."

You Semites never use this term to characterize those who hate and murder you. The genuine anti-Semites are the Zionists, to whom you have granted the exclusive use of this weapon. You even allow them to accuse you of "anti-Semitism" as they practice the vilest form of it against you, and you never object! Even this otherwise excellent article on "anti-Semitism" doesn't mention this obvious fact.

The Israelis, no matter whence they came to Palestine (Russia, Poland, Lithuania, West Europe, America, etc), are ninety-five percent Russian Jews, whose ancestors never set foot in the Middle East and who were in fact converts to Judaism around 900 AD. The few Sephardic Jews in Israel have virtually no rights compared with the Ashkenazim. "Zionism" simply means that the descendants of those converts must emigrate to Palestine, seize control of it, rename it and "make the Law go forth from Zion." The Law is Deuteronomy and the guide for the application of the Law is the Talmud.

Why don't you Semites blow the whistle on these criminal psychopaths and their deceptive weapon of mind control - "anti-Semitism?" An Anglo-Saxon such as I cannot really complain about the abuse of the term because I have no standing as a Semite. But you have.

The Jews use the term for two good reasons: First, it suggests that they are in fact Semitic, which serves to justify their invasion and occupation of Palestine, something that would be otherwise inexplicable for a non-Semite. The obvious question would be: Why do you insist on living there, where you have no roots?

The other reason is that "anti-Semitism" has a clinical, sinister sound. It sounds like a congenital mental disease, which I believe it is in its true form, as practiced by Jews and their janissaries such as Bush and DeLay.

But they simply do not want the term "anti-Jew" used, because they don't want non-Jews to say the word, "Jew." It offends them because the very use of the word by a non-Jew is an accusation of guilt - and they know it.

So, I urge you to spread this very helpful suggestion to create awareness of the criminal psychopathic abuse of the very legitimate term, "anti-Semitism," by racist fanatics whose main reason for living is to exterminate all Semites.

Such a truth campaign would undermine and eventually destroy the Jewish lie of "the right of return." What right? How can you return to a place you and your ancestors never were?

Comment: In fact, research on the Y chromosome indicates that the Ashkenazim are genetically very close to many families of Semites, both Jewish and Arab. The following chart graphs the genetic proximity.

Jews are represented by triangles: Ashkenazim = Ash, Roman Jews = Rom, North African Jews = Naf; Near Eastern Jews = Nea; Kurdish Jews = Kur, Yemenite Jews = Yem; Ethiopian Jews = EtJ; non-Jewish Middle Easterners = Pal, non-Jewish Syrians = Syr, non-Jewish Lebanes = Leb, Israeli Druze = Dru, non-Jewish Saudi Arabians = Sar; Non-Jewish Europeans: Rus = Russians, Bri = British, Ger = Germans, Aus = Austrians, Ita = Italians, Spa = Spanish, Gre = Greeks, Tun = North Africans and Tunisians; Egy = Egyptians, Eth = Ethiopians, Gam = Gambians, Bia = Giaka, Bag = Bagandans, San = San, Zul = Zulu. Tur = non Jewish Turks, Lem = Lemba from south Africa. (Graph is frpm Jewish and Middle Eastern non-Jewish populations share a common pool of Y-chromosome biallelic haplotypes. M. F. Hammer, A. J. Redd, E. T. Wood, M. R. Bonner, H. Jarjanazi, T. Karafet, S. Santachiara-Benerecetti, A. Oppenheim, M. A. Jobling, T. Jenkins, H. Ostrer, and B. Bonné-Tamir. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, May 9, 2000.)

This, of course, does not justify the genocide of the Palestinian people. But the Zionists and their apologists use genetics research to buttress up their main and primary justification for murder. This justification is found in the Bible, the purported "history" of the Jews, the supposed "Word of God," that announces to the rest of an astonished world that only the Jews are the Chosen People of the jealous and bloodthirsty god Yahweh.

Here is an example:

The finding of a common set of genetic markers in both Ashkenazi and Sephardi Cohanim worldwide clearly indicates an origin pre-dating the separate development of the two communities around 1000 CE. Date calculation based on the variation of the mutations among Cohanim today yields a time frame of 106 generations from the ancestral founder of the line, some 3,300 years -- the approximate time of the Exodus from Egypt, the lifetime of Aaron HaCohen. ( The Cohanim/DNA Connection)

Are we surprised that Jewish-sponsored research would work out the math to fit the purported timeframe of the purported Exodus? It is well-known that he who pays the piper calls the tune - especially in the current American academic world. With 106 generations, adding a few years to the definition of "generation" can change the dating from 1300 BCE to 1600 BCE very easily. Therefore, in countering the Zionists, we think it is more effective to show the a-historical origin of the Bible.

Recent scholarship indicates the Bible was a cut and paste job, with different editors over the centuries pulling together the stories of different tribes from the region of Palestine in order to form what appeared to be a "history of the Jews." In fact, the stories that are strung together to form a long history are more likely to have been different versions of the same story, told from the different points of view of the diverse tribes. It is one story told over and over again to give the impression of being many stories strung out over the years. Imagine a long vertical line, representing a stack of stories covering the same period of time, being turned 90° so that it is presented as horizontal, as extending over time.

The bits and pieces are hooked together in the Bible via genealogies that are faked and padded. This is the explanation for the high number of doublets and triplets, that is, stories that repeat with only the names of the protagonists changing to protect and justify the political interests of the editors.

The final edit appears to have been done following the exile in Babylon in order to unify the returning exiles under the "leadership" of the priestly cast, the Cohanim.

The conclusion from both archaeological work in the region and linguistic work on the source texts is that the Bible is not a history. It is "mythicized" history put together for political reasons to justify the status of the Cohanim. The core story very likely is history, although not true in the way that is claimed in the Bible. Archaeological excavations in Jerusalem have yet to provide any evidence, much less proof, for the existence of the Temple of Solomon, so dear to the Jews, Masons, and other occultists. The work done in this area shows rather that the area around Jerusalem was very sparsely settled during the period the great claims are made for the Kingdom of David and Solomon.

However, religion dictates that the Bible must be historically valid, therefore Christian and Jewish historians have done their best to twist and warp the data, and therefore the history of the surrounding region, to fit.

Since the 19th century, the Bible has been given historical priority by Egyptologists in order to date the chronology of Egypt, thereby turning our understanding of Egypt into chaos. From Egypt, the chaos moved throughout the studies of the Middle East and Asia Minor, causing a revising of the dates of the Hittites and other civilizations. Current chronological dating for our mis-understanding of the entire history of this region is based upon a political agenda, the justification of the Bible. The Bible is the filter used when viewing all historical data! But the Bible itself is misinformation!

Unfortunately, as the Christian Church is also using the Bible as the justification for its own subjugation and annihilation of nonbelievers, and as the Islamic faith is also connected to the Bible, none of the major players in the cosmic drama being played out today is interested in taking the Bible apart. We refer to Laura Knight-Jadczyk's series Who Wrote the Bible for one attempt to do this work. This article is expanded in her book Ancient Science and will be the subject of her next book. Another important work is Richard Elliot Friedman's Who Wrote the Bible.

Ayoon wa Azan (New Definition Of Anti-Semitism)

Jihad Al Khazen
Al-Hayat 2003/10/6

Over the past few weeks, I noticed that an increasing number of Jewish Likudniks around the world have been reading the Arab press, especially the press that is translated to English and published on the Internet. They either make comments or respond, and most of the time they accuse the reporter of this broad accusation of "anti-Semitism."

In the past, anti-Semitism used to mean a person who hates Jews. Today, in the era of Sharon's Likudnik immorality, it means any person hated by the Jews. I used to object to letters I received complaining about what I said about the Israeli government and its practices. The people sending me the letters considered what I said as being against the Jews in general, although I am always cautious and rarely attack Israel without mentioning that the majority of Jews in Israel still wish for a peaceful solution and that the majority of Jews in the world are moderate liberals with whom it is easy to make peace.

This was and still is my opinion, and I have always objected to my articles being read in a selective manner; nevertheless, I found some consolation when Edgard Bronfman, a committed Zionist presiding the World Jewish Forum, was victim of a defamation campaign, waged by radicals who have blood on their hands, such as Ariel Sharon. He had dared send President Bush a letter objecting to Israel's construction of the security wall on Palestinian territory.

The security wall means that it is impossible to reach a peaceful agreement, because if it is completed the way Sharon and the war criminals around him want it, it could take up 40% of the West Bank territories. Once, Mahmoud Abbas told me that if the Israelis want to build such wall for security as they claim, nothing prevented them from building it on their own land. Abbas insisted that it would be impossible to reach an agreement if the wall was completed according to Sharon's official plans…which would mean that the wall's construction comes against the Israeli people's desire for peace, which is vindicated in the opinion polls.

What matters is that Bronfman (along with Lawrence Eagleburger, the former U.S. Secretary of State) dared express the desire of the majority of Jews with regards to the wall, and the result was that one of Sharon's supporters attacked him and accused him of being disloyal.

I read that Bronfman's letter reached Izy Leibler, the deputy president of the World Jewish Forum, so he launched a campaign on the president and asked him to withdraw his letter and apologize because his duty is to promote the Israeli government.

Bronfman is a billionaire who presides SEAGRAM. He constitutes along with his family one of the pillars of the world Jewish support to Israel. The reason why he is treated so disrespectfully is because he expressed the stance of the majority of Jews; so the reader can only imagine how an Arab writer or any commentator is treated if he dare criticize Israel.

A New Stage Of Escalation

Abdulwahab Badrakhan
Al-Hayat 2003/10/9

Regardless of what the Security Council resolution will be regarding the Israeli raid over Syria, the U.S. and Israel have already moved beyond it before it was even issued. Hence, Ariel Sharon can very well consider that he has raised the ceiling of military revelry and has crossed a regional red line, which previous Israeli governments had avoided doing for over thirty years. The U.S. did not take long to voice its support, through George Bush himself who described the Israeli strike inside Syria as a "self-defense" operation. While he does have the presidential elections in mind, scheduled to take place in 13 months, and he is going to extremes in wooing Jewish voices, Bush does not seem to be aware of the frivolity he is committing as an American President towards the region and its security.

From this point on, it wouldn't be surprising if the Israelis repeated an attack inside Syria. They won't wait for any excuses, but will rather look for them and provoke them.

Arab Nations Want U.N. Fence Resolution

Associated Press Writer

UNITED NATIONS - Arab nations called on the U.N. Security Council Thursday to convene an immediate open meeting to discuss a barrier Israel is building which cuts into the largely Palestinian West Bank and to approve a resolution calling it "illegal."

Syria's U.N. Ambassador Fayssal Mekdad, whose country is the only Arab nation on the 15-member council, circulated a letter and a draft resolution at a closed council meeting on behalf of the 22-member Arab League. In the letter, he described the barrier as Israel's "expansionist conquest wall." [...]

The request for Security Council action came a week after the Israeli Cabinet approved an extension of the barrier that would sweep around Jewish settlements deep in the West Bank but also leave large gaps — for now — to address U.S. concerns. [...]

Comment: U.S. and Israel are merely playing good cop-bad cop. After all, the illegal wall is built with a lot of U.S. taxpayer money.

Lebanese ayatollah: US helped Israel attack Syria

BEIRUT, Lebanon

[...] The ayatollah criticized Arab and Muslim countries for failing to take steps to stop Israeli attacks on Arabs and Muslims.

"If Israel is besieging the Palestinians in all aspects (of life), why don't the Arabs use the simplest weapon - such as an economic and political boycott - against Israel?" Fadlallah asked rhetorically. [...]

Afghanistan's slide towards chaos

By Crispin Thorold
BBC correspondent in Kabul

The eruption of violence in northern Afghanistan is a graphic reminder of the challenges facing the Afghan interim administration and the international community.

Afghanistan is a patchwork of instability. Large factions compete in the north, remnants of the Taleban launch almost daily attacks in the south, and drug related violence racks much of the country.

As Nato defence ministers discuss Afghanistan in Colorado Springs, many within the country believe a much more radical peacekeeping solution, than those on the table, is needed, if a return to the anarchy of the 1990s is to be stopped.

At the moment the Nato-led international peacekeeping force (Isaf) only operates in the capital, Kabul.

PRT solution

Various options to extend the peacekeeping mandate are being explored, all of which initially focus on securing provincial towns across Afghanistan. Most are based on the model of the Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) - groups of soldiers and development workers based in provincial towns.

Four PRTs have been established by coalition troops. [...] Kunduz is relatively safe and stable, while half of Afghanistan's provinces are considered high-risk by agencies working there.

Why, ask critics, is the focus on Kunduz, when the main southern city Kandahar is a hotbed for militancy? Why not secure the main urban centres, they say? Herat, Kandahar, Qalat, Ghazni, Mazar-e-Sharif and Shibargan.

'Poppy tax'

If some semblance of stability could be brought to these, then mobile patrols could be established on the circular road that loops around the country, linking them. The main cities need stability From there, so the theory goes, the seven main roads to neighbouring countries could also be secured, allowing trade to flow more freely.

All of this is a best-case scenario. Many observers fear that not enough troops will be provided to secure even Afghanistan's main towns, and even if thousands of soldiers were committed, the country would be far from stable.

In the south and east, remnants of the Taleban launch almost daily attacks, many in rural areas.

Drug production creates "ambient insecurity" across the country. Regional militias, which control opium-producing areas, charge a "poppy tax". This hugely lucrative business causes factional violence across the country, not on the scale of the violence near Mazar-e-Sharif, but significant all the same.

The recent clashes in the north are a timely reminder that two years after the US-led war against the Taleban, Afghanistan is once again sliding towards the chaos. Each area has its own particular problems, which peacekeeping forces alone will not solve, but little development work can be done in such an unstable environment.

If the mistakes of the past are to be avoided, the international community must act quickly and decisively

Comment: This report like so many others tells little of the real story. Afghanistan has essentially been bombed back to the stone age. This was a deliberate tactic by the US government war planners. One of the main goals of the US invasion of Afghanistan was to gain control of the above-mentioned "lucrative" drug business. Before the US invasion Afghanistan was by no means a utopia, however it at least had one dominant controlling group.

The US gift to the Afghan people has been to kill up to 20,000 civilians, and open the country up to a free for all between the rival factions. This has been a tried and tested aspect of US foreign policy over the years. A country is eminently more controllable when it is in disarray.

Contrary then to the opening paragraph in the above article, it is not the international community that is facing the challenge, but rather the Afghan people who must now attempt to survive in the wake of the American juggernaut that came, saw, bombed, stole the drug business and left.

Top Taliban leader freed by US, say his relatives

By Hamida Ghafour in Kabul
The Telegraph

Rumours swirled around the Afghan capital last night that the most senior Taliban leader in American custody had been freed.

Mullah Wakil Abdul Muttawakil, the foreign minister in the ousted regime, was said to have been released from Bagram air base, the US military headquarters, two days ago after 18 months in detention.

Relatives claimed that he had gone home to Kandahar, in the south of Afghanistan, but confusion surrounded the reports.

Comment: This Taliban leader may very well have been on the CIA payroll. Just like Osama and Saddam.

U.S. Muslims Warn of New Government Crackdown

Emad Mekay
Inter Press Service

WASHINGTON, Oct 8 (IPS) -- Muslims in the United States say that the way they are now being treated here qualifies them to be characters in Arthur Miller's famous novel, The Crucible , a classic story of innocent villagers accused of crimes and sins they did not commit. [...]

[...] Muslim groups say a new twist has been added in the past few months--a shift towards targeting of Muslim community leaders who were trying to empower Muslims, and of pro-Palestine activists. [...]

Erosion of Civil Liberties Reflects a "New Normal" in America - not Temporary Sacrifices - since 9/11

Report Documents How U.S Government Has Fundamentally Changed Its Relationship with the People It Serves

Lawyers Committe for Human Rights

NEW YORK – Over the two years since the 9/11 attacks, the relationship between the U.S. government and the people it serves has changed dramatically. This "new normal" of U.S. governance is defined by "the loss of particular freedoms for some, and worse, a detachment from the rule of law as a whole," a new report by the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights finds.

The report, "Assessing the New Normal: Liberty and Security for the Post-September 11 United States," is the third in a series since 9/11. [...]

US Court urged to act on Guantanamo

By Sue Pleming
October 9, 2003

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A group of former U.S. federal judges, diplomats, military officials and human rights advocates have urged the Supreme Court to review the case of detainees held without being charged at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere in the name of terrorism.

The group filed seven friend-of-the-court briefs questioning the legality of the U.S. treatment of prisoners at the naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and elsewhere under the U.S. Constitution, the Geneva Conventions and international law.

"The idea that American executive branch personnel, particularly military personnel, can detain people beyond the reach of habeas corpus is just repugnant to the rule of law," said John Gibbons, former chief judge of the federal appeals court in Philadelphia on Thursday.

Gibbons said he hoped the U.S. Supreme Court would "restore the rule of law" by authorising a judicial review of these cases.

The military is holding about 660 terrorism suspects from 42 countries at the U.S. base in Cuba. No charges have been brought against them but the United States has identified a handful it considers eligible for military tribunals.

The briefs were filed in connection with two cases from Guantanamo Bay currently being appealed to the Supreme Court and one for an American-born Taliban prisoner detained in a U.S. Navy prison in Charleston, South Carolina.

The United States considers the prisoners enemy combatants and not prisoners of war who are granted a wide range of protections under international law.

The first detainees, seized during the U.S. campaign against Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network and its Taliban protectors in
Afghanistan, arrived in January 2002 at Guantanamo. Al Qaeda has been blamed for the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Ret. Rear Adm. Donald Guter, who was judge advocate general for the U.S. Navy from 2000-2002, said the war on terrorism should not be used as an excuse to disregard the rule of law.

He said the war on terrorism could continue for a long time and it could be years before these detainees got a hearing.

"For all intents and purposes these folks are condemned to a long time on Guantanamo Bay in the prison camps with not even an
opportunity to have their issues aired, their situation reviewed by a tribunal," said Guter.

Once regarded as a model for human rights, he said the United States was seen by many as the "bully on the block."

US army accused of torturing inmates


Lawyers accused the US military of torturing two Australians held as suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay Wednesday and threatened to take the case to a United Nations tribunal.

US-based Australian lawyer Richard Bourke claims detainees at Guantanamo Bay were subject to "medieval" torture techniques, including having rubber bullets fired at them and being forced to stand in a crucifix position in the sun until they collapsed.

He alleged Australian terrorist suspects David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib were among those tortured, pointing to the US military's ruling earlier this year that Hicks would be one of the first Guantanamo detainees to face trial.

Comment: Sings - "The land of the freeeee and the hoooome of the braaaave."

Red Cross Criticizes Indefinite Detention in Guantánamo Bay

October 10, 2003

GUANTÁNAMO BAY, Cuba, Oct. 9 — A senior official of the International Committee of the Red Cross said on Thursday that the holding of more than 600 detainees here was unacceptable because they were being held for open-ended terms without proper legal process. [...]

United States officials have said they have begun moving to sort the detainees, choosing which to release and which to take before military tribunals on criminal charges.

Some officials, notably Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, have said the detainees may be held until the effort against terrorism ends. [...]

Street Computer Seized

By Thomas J. Gibbons Jr., L. Stuart Ditzen and Joseph Tanfani
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Thu, Oct. 09, 2003

The day a bug was found in Mayor Street's office, federal authorities seized the mayor's handheld computer as part of their wide-ranging probe into possible corruption in City Hall.

Armed with a warrant, FBI agents sought the BlackBerry computer hours after Philadelphia police, in a sweep of the mayor's office, discovered a sophisticated listening device and two microphones that the FBI had planted in the ceiling of Street's City Hall office, said an official involved in the investigation. [...]

Dems Stand With Bush on Syria Attack

OCTOBER 10, 2003

The top Democratic presidential candidates, who have differed sharply with President Bush over his conduct of the Iraq war, are registering their agreement with him over his support for Israel's bombing of a terrorist target in Syria. [...]

"This was an attack on terrorism, not on Syria," Rep. Richard Gephardt of Missouri told the Forward in a telephone interview. "We're doing a lot to protect ourselves against terrorism. I hardly think we can disagree with a country that is trying to protect itself from a terror attack. It's self-defense." [...]

Two US soldiers killed in ambush

Associated Press
08:23 Friday 10th October 2003

Two US soldiers have been killed and four injured in an ambush just hours after a suicide car bombing that killed 10 people in the same Baghdad neighbourhood.

The troops from the 1st Armoured Division were on a routine patrol in Sadr City, the largest Shiite Muslim enclave in Baghdad, when the ambush happened. [...]

In another part of the city, gunmen - one dressed as a Muslim cleric - shot and killed a Spanish military attache.

No money, no play: US on the brink in Iraq

By Herbert Docena
October 10, 2003

BANGKOK - This coming October 23 to 24, the United States will be sitting down with rich creditor countries, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) during an international donors' conference on Iraq in Madrid. The IMF, the World Bank and the UN have estimated that Iraq will need US$36 billion for reconstruction within the next four years, in addition to $19 billion for other nonmilitary needs calculated by the American occupation regime. With few options left, the US will be passing the hat.

This meeting could be a turning point in the occupation because whether the hat goes back to the US full or not will determine whether the US can afford to stay. The decision of donor countries to cough up cash will depend, in turn, on whether this continues to be a unilateral or multilateral economic takeover of an occupied country. [...]

Paying to get robbed?

Aside from financing reconstruction, the fund will be used by the US for leveraging US government guaranteed loans, as well as for directly financing corporate investments in Iraq.

According to a press release by the US Export and Import Bank, which is officially tasked to promote American business overseas, the fund will be used for lending money to US companies wishing to do business in Iraq. Few risk-averse private banks will willingly give money to any investor applying for a loan to open business in war-torn Iraq. But with the development fund, there'd be lots of money for the daring, adventurous, or simply bargain-hunting types.

And in Iraq, there'd be lots of bargains around. The US handpicked Iraq Governing Council's (GC) Finance Minister, Kamel al-Kelani, announced on September 21 that all of Iraq's assets and state-owned corporations, except the oil industry, will be sold off. As sweeteners, the buyers will be entitled to 100 percent ownership of their purchase, full repatriation of profits, and minimal taxation. Given Iraq's present condition, the items on the bidding block will come very cheap. But in a few more years, what was bought at dirt-cheap prices - using the Iraqis' oil revenues - could then be sold for a nice profit.

Making use of the Iraqis' assets for reconstruction means that the Iraqis themselves will be paying for rebuilding what the Americans destroyed. This is a violation of the Geneva Convention, which unequivocally states that humanitarian assistance, aid, reconstruction and other development expenses are the legal and moral obligation of the occupying forces. The use of the Iraqis' money to finance the massive privatization scheme of their economy means that the Iraqis themselves will be paying US corporations to buy off their own assets from them. [...]

Comment: Bush can't be restrained by international law. After all, he gets his orders straight from god.

Can America Afford the 'Bush Doctrine'?

Ann Scott Tyson
Christian Science Monitor

[...] Most Americans--from all political parties--say that, following the Iraq war, they oppose a policy of using military force against another country unless the US is attacked first. Polls also show that Americans do not support waging war against Iran or North Korea ( news -web sites ), even if those so-called "axis of evil" countries are developing weapons of mass destruction.

Such attitudes contrast sharply with the administration's national security strategy, also known as the "Bush doctrine," which lays out the president's intention to use preemptive military force against perceived imminent threats. "We cannot let our enemies strike first," it says. [...]

Today, however, most Americans believe the preemptive use of force in Iraq has left the US at greater risk for terrorist attacks. [...]


Mark Crispin Miller
News from Underground


Arnold: The Rothschilds' Man in California


The Bush Cabal has lusted after California for a long time. And now with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor, they have finally realized their goal: to capture California, the world's 10th largest economy. Even "presidential advisor" Karl Rove signed off on it.

Most importantly, Arnold has been sanctioned by the Olympians. The European Families have authorized the deal and their American cousins at the Bohemian Grove seconded the motion to install Arnold as Governor. On Sept. 24, 2002, Reuters published a story called 'Buffett's Back, with the Terminator' about Arnold and billionaire Warren Buffett visiting the ancestral home of the Rothschilds in England, where they "stepped onto Waddesdon's freshly cut lawn to be greeted by Lord Jacob Rothschild... Among those invited to Waddesdon Manor were the likes of James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank, Jorma Ollila, chief executive of Nokia and De Beers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer."

Next Sen. Orrin Hatch wants to end the prohibition against foreign-born citizens like Arnold Schwarzenegger from becoming president [...]

Gaps in air defense of D.C. skies

WASHINGTON, Oct. 9 —  A lack of funds has left a pair of sleek Blackhawk helicopters that are assigned the much-ballyhooed task of guarding the skies over the nation’s capital unable to provide the round-the-clock coverage their commander says they should, has learned. [...]

Comment: Sounds like a set up: either for a future terrorist strike, general fear mongering or both. After all, everybody knows that our air defences mysteriously failed on 9/11, even though the flights went through some of the most heavily militarized parts of the country.

U.S. Government Employee Ghouls As Weapon

HOUSTON (Wireless Flash) -- A paranormal researcher has chilling news that the U.S. government has used witchcraft and sorcery as weapons of warfare.

Nick Redfern's new book "Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown" (Paraview Pocket Books) uses declassified government documents to detail how counterintelligence preyed upon Filipino superstitions by spreading rumors of vampires in the Philippine jungles during an uprising in the 1950s. [...]

From The Congressional Record: Early Manipulation of Media

Excerpt from book, MC Realities
by H. Michael Sweeney

[...] Do you remember hearing much about the Trade Center trial? No, instead we had continuous and endless Waco coverage. What media did not tell you about the trial by this process, which was truely news we should have heard, was that there were more ties to CIA, perhaps, than to abject terrorism. The Terrorists themselves were trained and brought into the country by CIA, and a half-billion dollars of Agency funds left America to the terrorist's home lands - but we heard little of this in media. Waco was far louder.

This distraction, by the way, was almost immediately mirrored by yet another distraction during the Waco trials, which also had many CIA ties. Did you read much about Waco trials? No. O.J. Simpson vs. Marsha took precident in media coverage. [...]

U.N. Still Waiting for Iran Nuclear Data

Thu Oct 9,11:57 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - Chief United Nations nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei says he is still waiting for Iran to provide satisfactory information to show its atomic program is entirely non-military, the Financial Times reported on Friday. [...]

Russia will not use nuclear weapons preemptively: Ivanov

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (AFP) Oct 10, 2003

Russia will not use nuclear weapons preemptively under any conditions but reserves the right to use conventional military force preventively, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said Thursday.

Ivanov denied reports from Moscow last week that Russia was asserting the right to launch preemptive nuclear strikes under certain conditions as part of a new national security strategy. [...]

India, Israel sign Phalcon radar deal

Friday October 10, 6:08 PM

India and Israel signed a deal for the sale of three Phalcon airborne early warning radar systems to the Indian air force, a defence ministry spokesman told AFP.

Amitava Chakravarty, said India had signed the deal with both Israel and Russia, which will provide the aircraft to be equipped with the airborne radars. [...]

Bush to Outline Measures to Isolate Cuba's Castro

By Adam Entous
Thu October 9, 2003 10:08 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush will outline new initiatives on Friday aimed at weakening President Fidel Castro's grip on power in Cuba and spurring democratic transition there without using force, administration officials said.

Bush's advisers have gone so far as to draft contingency plans for rushing humanitarian aid to Cuba and preventing civil unrest once Castro is gone.

Eager to avoid any comparisons to Iraq, an administration official said Bush was not calling for using force against Castro but instead exerting pressure to "facilitate his collapse peacefully." [...]

French grape harvest withers on the vine

This year's French wine harvest could be the lowest in a decade, after a summer of storms and heatwaves, an official producers' agency has forecast.

And while some have predicted that quality should be sufficiently strong that high prices will compensate for lost revenues, the Onivins association warned that nothing was guaranteed.

Another Nokia phone explodes

By Tim Richardson
Posted: 09/10/2003 at 13:03 GMT

Another Nokia phone has exploded - this time in Vietnam.

A young woman is in hospital today being treated for burns after her mobile exploded yesterday inside her pocket.

[...] Earlier this week a teenager in Holland suffered burns to his leg after his Nokia phone exploded.

It's been claimed that the phone had an original Nokia battery. However, the spokesman told The Register that an initial investigation by the company suggests that the battery might not be a genuine Nokia part.

He stressed that all cases of Nokia phones exploding to date have been the result of non-Nokia batteries.

In August, a woman suffered burns to her face and neck after her Nokia phone exploded.

Comment: Exploding phones is just one of the problems with cell phones. The more important problem is the effect of the microwaves on your brain. Of course, the industry denies this and can find any number of "scientific" whores to debunk the studies or to provide studies that give them a clean bill of health. Like fluoride, aspartame, and high power lines near housing.

Anarchists raid media offices

In two concerted operations in northern Greece and Crete yesterday, dozens of anarchists invaded a radio station and a state news agency to demand the release of seven people held over June’s anti-globalization riots in Thessaloniki.

Police arrested 29 people during the June 21 riots — during protests against the EU summit in Halkidiki — that caused over a million euros in damage to shops, banks and cars. Seven suspects were remanded in custody.

Around noon yesterday, up to 50 anarchists burst into the Macedonian Press Agency offices, cut the power and hung up a banner calling for the suspects’ release. About an hour later some 30 youths invaded the Radio Crete offices in Iraklion, interrupted the program and read a statement in support of the seven. A Thessaloniki state radio station was attacked on Wednesday. An anarchist group claimed responsibility for a spate of firebomb attacks on Athens politicians and public figures earlier this month, citing solidarity with the detainees.

Rap Radicals dead prez Taken in Custody During Photo Shoot
'Arrested for Breathing'

by Dasun Allah
October 1 - 7, 2003

embers and supporters of the politically-charged rap group dead prez (dpz), who were arrested Saturday afternoon in Crown Heights, allege the incident was police harassment.

[...] Benton, a lawyer for the Legal Aid society contacted by dpz supporters, and the first attorney to see the men, finds the arrest curious. "The bottom line is they were arrested for breathing from what I could tell," says Benton. "Definitely, it was an unjustifiable arrest. I understand the police officers got nosy and tried to find a reason to question them and get their IDs. This is something that happens a lot."

Quake rocks Philippines

From correspondents in Manila

AN earthquake measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale rocked the Philippines capital early today, but there were no reports of damage or casualties, government seismologists said.

The quake struck at 6.19am local time with the epicenter in the South China Sea, west of Manila. The temblor occurred 101 kilometres beneath the earth's crust, the seismology institute said, adding there were no reports of damage or casualties.

Small earthquake hits off Northern California coast

12:57 a.m. October 9, 2003

EUREKA – An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.6 struck late Wednesday beneath the Pacific Ocean about 60 miles northwest of this city, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries – a dispatcher with Eureka police said she didn't even feel any shaking.

It was recorded at 11:11 p.m. in an area that has seen a series of quakes, including one that registered 5.1 magnitude, in the past few weeks. Eureka is located about 225 miles north of San Francisco.

Man killed, five hurt as storms topple minaret in Turkey

ISTANBUL (AFP) Oct 09, 2003

A man who was performing his morning prayers in a mosque in northwest Bursa was killed when a minaret was toppled by strong winds blowing across parts of Turkey, the Anatolia news agency said Thursday.

Five other people were injured in the incident, the agency said, adding that schools across the province had been closed by the winds blowing at 80 kilometres (50 miles) an hour.

The main northwestern towns in Izmir, Canakkale and Istanbul also suffered power cuts and damage such as fallen trees, damaged roofs and overturned cars, the agency said.

Several ferry lines were also suspended due to the rough seas while there was some flooding from Istanbul to Izmir.

Heatwave causes mollusc baby boom -- 100 billion oysters

BORDEAUX (AFP) - The August heatwave kindled the love light in the beds of southwest France. Oyster beds that is, and the result is an unprecedented baby boom of 100 billion larvae. [...]

Airwave glitch hits Springs area: Garage-door openers jammed, hundreds say

By Eileen Kelley
Denver Post

COLORADO SPRINGS - Next time NATO officials say they're doing a lockdown, the folks in the luxury Broadmoor neighborhood will take them seriously.

Very seriously.

Last week, NATO workers erected security and communications towers in the area in advance of this week's defense ministers' conference.

By 9 a.m. Friday morning, all 10 lines at Overhead Door Company of Colorado Springs were lit up with calls from the Broadmoor and the nearby town of Security complaining that their garage- door openers had jammed.

More than 400 calls from frantic, frustrated and flustered residents came on that day alone. They haven't stopped since, said the company's receptionist, Tina Oetken.


Oetken and her bosses don't think so.

"With over 600-plus calls, it's hard to believe that it can be anything but" NATO, Oetken said Wednesday. [...]

Comment: A strange story. Just what is going on over there in Colorado? If you go to the above link, the right bar on the page links to the Denver Post's coverage of NATO's meeting which includes staging a mock crisis. We want to know if the citizens of Colorado Springs start manifesting strange symptoms.

From A-bomb site to caravan park


WHEN an atomic bomb exploded 50 years ago in the outback, local people watched in awe as the huge black mushroom cloud rose into the sky.

The desolate piece of scrubland had been chosen by the British for nuclear trials during the 1950s and '60s. Today, the test site lies forgotten deep in the South Australia desert, visited by a few adventurous travellers each year.

But all that could be about to change, after the Aboriginal owners of the land have declared they want to develop the blighted area of Maralinga as a tourist attraction. [...]

The initial British nuclear test, known as Totem One, was held on 15 October, 1953, and produced dense radioactive clouds that travelled up to 150 miles beyond the testing range on to Aboriginal lands.

In the wake of the tests a young woman, Edie Milpuddie, was found camped in a bomb crater among rabbits blinded by the blast.

Angelina Wonga was a teenager in 1953 when she witnessed the detonation while walking with her parents and their camels towards the outpost of Marla.

"We saw a cloud coming towards us, then we all got scared," she said. "We didn’t know what it was." The radioactive black smoke left her mother and father coughing and covered in rashes. That night they died. [...]

Comment: The above image is from a fragment of a color military film of an early atom bomb test. You can download it here. (Make sure you check out the download guide first to make sure your computer is properly configured.) Watch as the U.S. military sends out hundreds of troops as guinea pigs with no more protection than duct taping their trouser legs. Watch their awe as they get out of their fox holes and start marching toward the mushroom cloud. The military has no problem with human experimentation.

Priest had loot, Nazi stash, porn


Behind his white collar, a Queens priest kept some dark secrets, cops said yesterday. [...]

Franciscan brother admits shooting priest, setting fire

Associated Press

CLEVELAND - A Franciscan brother admitted Thursday to shooting a Roman Catholic priest to death in his office and setting fire to the church rectory with the body inside. [...]

Man pleads guilty to child porn charges

By Alan Gomez, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Thursday, October 9, 2003

WEST PALM BEACH-- A former Sunday school teacher who moonlighted as Noodles the Clown for children's parties pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to 14 counts of possessing child pornography. [...]

Woman charged with killing her baby

By Bill Bryan

A 19-year-old woman has been charged with first degree murder in the beating death of her 2 1/2-month old daughter who, according to shocked witnesses, was held by the ankles and her head slammed on the pavement Tuesday evening in the 5500 block of Pamplin Avenue, near West Florissant Avenue, St. Louis police said. [...]

Shoplifter kicked to death by shop staff

Associated Press
12:16 Friday 10th October 2003

A 40-year-old drug addict who allegedly stole beer and dog food from an Amsterdam supermarket has been chased from the store and was kicked to death by at least four staff.

Anna Roos was chased from the Dirk van der Broek store by employees and died later of internal bleeding and injuries sustained during a beating, according to a police statement. [...]

Man Kills Friend, Drinks Blood

Thu Oct 9,10:34 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - A Scottish man obsessed with vampires has been jailed for life after killing his best friend, drinking his blood and eating part of his skull, British media reported Thursday.

Allan Menzies, 22, told the High Court in Edinburgh, Scotland, he had made a pact with a female vampire from 2002 horror film "Queen of the Damned" and stabbed 21-year-old Thomas McKendrick to death in the hope of becoming immortal. [...]

Vampire man who killed best friend is jailed for life

By Rod Minchin
The Independent

A man obsessed with vampires who said he murdered his best friend because he thought it would make him immortal was jailed for life yesterday. [...]

Suspect admits killing man to see ghost Yomiuri Shimbun

A 54-year-old man who confessed to the 1980 murder of a man police previously thought had committed suicide said he killed his victim to find out whether the dead man's spirit would haunt him, according to Nagano prefectural police sources.

"Since there's a saying that a murdered person will become a ghost and haunt his or her killer, I wanted to see whether it was true," a police source quoted him as saying. [...]

Five years for paedophile who prowled internet

By Neil Tweedie
The Telegraph

A paedophile described as the most prolific internet "groomer" in the world to face justice was jailed for five years yesterday after a court heard how he pretended to be a teenager to entrap young girls via chatrooms.

Douglas Lindsell, 64, contacted at least 73 girls aged 12 to 16 in Britain and across the world whose details he had gleaned on the internet while using his son's old computer. [...]

CD Protection Shifts to Courtroom 

LOS ANGELES -- Three days after a Princeton graduate student posted a paper on his website detailing how to defeat the copy-protection software on a new music CD by pressing a single computer key, the maker of the software said on Thursday it would sue him. [...]

Airport Screeners Got Job Test Answers

Airport Baggage Screeners Were Given Most of Answers to Job Test, Internal Investigation Finds [...]

Heroin influx spurs N.E. drug epidemic

By Thanassis Cambanis
Globe Staff

Heroin dealers who target children as young as 12 with free samples and drug packets decorated with cartoon characters have spawned an epidemic of illicit heroin use in Massachusetts and New England, which now has the highest rate of illegal drug use among teenagers in the nation. [...]

Cosmos is 'shaped like a football'

Comment: Yesterday we posted a link to this BBC story with a photo of a dodecahedron sketched by Leonardo da Vinci. A fascinating article with interesting implications, such as, "If you went out to the edge of the dodecahedron, you would come back in through the opposite face. "

The Signs Team thinks that the models should be updated, even if good ol' Leonardo may have been on the right track. Perhaps a fractal is a better representative for a model of the universe. Check out the gallery of fractal images from the paper "Quantum Jumps, EEQT and the Five Platonic Fractals"

New Disney Space Ride So Real It's Sickening

China space rocket equipped with guns and knives

BEIJING (AFP) Oct 10, 2003

The astronaut aboard China's first ever manned space mission will be armed with a gun and knives in case the capsule comes down in hostile territory, a state-run newspaper said Friday. [...]

Images Show a Snub Really Is Like Kick in the Gut

By Maggie Fox

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The feeling is familiar to anyone who has been passed over in picking teams or snubbed at a party -- a sickening, almost painful feeling in the stomach.

Well, it turns out that "kicked in the gut" feeling is real, U.S. scientists said on Thursday.

Brain imaging studies show that a social snub affects the brain precisely the way visceral pain does. [...]

Roman Catholic church urges HIV sufferers to ditch condoms: BBC

Friday October 10, 4:28 PM

The Vatican is urging HIV sufferers around the globe not to use condoms, claiming contrary to health experts' advice that they do not help protect against the deadly virus, a BBC investigation has revealed.

HIV can pass through tiny holes in condoms, Roman Catholic leaders in four continents told a BBC television programme to be screened in Britain on Sunday. [...]

The show heard from a Catholic nun advising her HIV-infected choir master not to use condoms with his wife because "the virus can pass through". [...]

Loch Ness Marathon diver surfaces

Weird rock carvings puzzle archaeologists

The concave spherical shapes, about 20cm across, may have been cut with metal tools

Mysterious rock carvings engraved into strange shapes are baffling UK archaeologists. One resembles a heart, another a human footprint.

Aron Mazel and Stan Beckensall, who stumbled across the unusual carvings close to England's border with Scotland, believe they are the first such designs to have been discovered in the UK.

"We have absolutely no idea what they are," says Mazel, an archaeologist at the University of Newcastle. "They are nothing like anything we, or anybody else we have talked to, have seen before." He believes the carvings were not created recently - in the last 15 to 20 years - and could be as ancient as 3000 years old. [...]

Comment: The article includes large photos of the carvings. More photos at the BBC article.

Ancient Synagogue Found In Albania

Oct 09, 03

Impressive remnants of a 1,600-year-old synagogue have been discovered in the southern Albanian city of Saranda, opposite the Greek island of Corfu. The remains were first found some 20 years ago, but comprehensive archaeological excavations have been carried out only over the past few months.

Among the findings by Albanian and Hebrew University archaeologists are mosaic floors, one of which features likenesses of a seven-branched menorah (candelabra), an etrog (fruit taken on the Sukkot holiday), and a shofar. The facade of a structure possibly resembling a Holy Ark was also found.

Technology, madness and hope

Globe and Mail

[...] The interest in UFOs is continuing, and I don't know what that says about the technological advances we have made over the past 25 years or so. Ufology has survived the arrival eight-track stereo, cellphones, karaoke machines, Pong and digital watches. In fact, it continues to flourish, which suggests that the current digital revolution is not satisfying some deeper need within us.

And so it's a relief to note that ufologists will congregate this weekend, Oct. 11 and 12, at the Halifax International UFO Symposium , when some of the world's best-known UFO researchers will speak at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth, N.S.
Panelists will discuss, among other things, triangle sightings, reality transformations, new abduction insights, cover-ups and crash scenarios.

Mike MacDonald, a producer with Roadhouse Films Inc., will record the proceedings as part of an upcoming two-hour feature documentary called Northern Lights: Canada's UFO Xfiles being produced for Space: The Imagination Station and to air in March, 2004.

"My plan is to show Canada just how seriously people do take the UFO phenomenon," Mr. MacDonald said. [...]

Nostradamus saw it all, but you'll need a decoder

By SAL Dunn
Snitch Columnist

Every new earth-shaking catastrophe lands at his visionary doorstep. From the French king’s death in a freak accident in 1559 to London’s Great Fire to the French Revolution and even the Cold War, his arcane predictions gain an eerie accuracy with each unfolding tragedy.

Best known for his collection of prophecies, Nostradamus rose from rural obscurity to international fame and fortune. His poetical prognostications, continuously published for nearly half a millennium, still stir endless controversy. [...]

The Prophecies’ format makes them difficult even to read, much less interpret. Written in rhyming four-line (quatrain) stanzas, they meander through French, Provencal, Latin and Greek. Fragmented phrases are strung together with brain-twisting puns, anagrams and classical allusions. The savvy seer made sure that only a true Renaissance scholar would be able to read between these lines.

The verses’ utter lack of chronological order further muddies the picture. Nostradamus himself complained about the time-traveling jumble, blaming it on his psychic network's technical difficulties. [...]

World's gotten too weird for UFOs

'Little green men' just can't compete with Ben and Jen

By Fred Pfisterer

Whatever happened to UFOs? Remember when people used to see them all the time, streaking over their houses like flocks of grackles?

I remember as a child stretching out on a blanket in the backyard at night and staring at the heavens, waiting for that telltale UFO. My buddies and I saw one. Not a bullet, not a plane, but an authentic unidentified flying object darting across the heavens into the Milky Way. It sent chills up and down our spines.

In those days, in the '50s, everybody saw flying saucers or knew somebody who did. While the government said there were no such things, we knew differently and waited for the impending invasion of Little Green Men from outer space. Would they come in peace or war? [...]

Maybe we all grew up and realized there is nothing out there in space but the stars and, based on some of the things that are happening in the world today, the aliens landed a long time ago.

Myth Match-Scientists weigh in on supernatural theories

The great crop circle mystery of Blue Grass

Rare Cow with Six Legs

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