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September 16, 2003

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New! - Letters from Readers

Today a reader commented on our newly published 'letters to readers'

re: Letters from Readers.

"Can you tell me why the letter talking about "no gas chambers during W.W.II" was included,
especially considering it was not commented on? It's a little confusing to see it next to the other letters, since they seem to be so different with regard to Seeing what is. Or am I missing something here?



Here is the letter in question that the reader above references:

"I am a lawyer who has acted for clients accused of "Holocaust denial" and have written a book on it myself. The "gas chambers" of Nazi Germany are the missing WMD of W.W.II. They simply never existed. If you are interested, I can give you a run down, but to give an example, the "gas chambers" at Dachau were probably built by US servicemen immediately after liberation of the camp. They put in a false ceiling in one room and stuck in the heads of water cans to look like "shower heads". The very famous Hollywood producer George Stevens produced the film "Nazi Concentration Camps" where he showed this room and a lot of pipes and levers while a deep, baritone voice intoned that the gas came through the pipes to the showers. These pipes, however, are still there today and are part of the heating system. Pretty smart, heh? Very simple really. I suppose Stevens got a big chuckle out of it. He was working for the US Government at the time.

No one claims today that there was a gas chamber that worked at Dachau . They say it was "installed but never used". But people were hanged at Nuremberg for "gassings" at Dachau.

Those who attempted to show this lie to the world were of course branded as "Nazis", "anti-Semites" and "hate-mongers" and most are in jail. In France, you have Dr. Robert Faurisson who was almost beaten to death. Norman Finkelstein has documented how this horrible lie has been exploited, to the point of being an industry.

I feel strongly that those of us who devoted our lives to this issue failed badly in our efforts to bring truth to the public. And because we did, the US was able to use more such huge lies to bring war in Iraq. People cannot seem to accept that such huge lies can be told and not be found out. But if you discredit, jail, beat, kill and destroy anyone who does try to tell the truth, its not surprising that the lie can survive."

The issue in question here is not whether ALL details commonly accepted as factual about 'the holocaust' are in fact factual or not. We do not question the truth that millions of Jews were persecuted by the Nazis during W.W.II and that gas chambers were used. The real issue is the term 'the holocaust' itself and the apparent hijacking of a verified historical event (the overall deaths of 65 million people) and its subversion and distortion, in an attempt to create the illusion that Jews were the ONLY victims of Nazi aggression.

'The Jewish holocaust' has for many years been synonymous with the atrocities committed by the Nazis during the Second World War. From a historical point of view this is inaccurate. The Nazis pogrom against civilians included anyone not of strictly Germanic or Aryan descent. As a result an estimated 11 million human beings were exterminated.

Born from the Ashes and Blood:

In late August of 1939, Hitler signed nonaggression pact with Stalin which, effectively, was an agreement between the two of them to divide Poland. When the Germans invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, the Polish people hardly knew what the Nazis had in store for them. According to the Nazi grand design for the solution to the need for " lebensraum , " (living space), the whole of Polish territory was to be gradually cleared of its native population for the colonization by German ethnic populations and eventually incorporated into the Greater German Reich.

Thus, unfortunately, the Poles themselves were the next target of the Nazis, and the plan was to play the Poles against the Jews to effect their mutual destruction. Pure Machiavelli.

The Germans considered the Poles to be an inferior race as they did other Slavic nations. So, according to the plan, the Poles were to be sorted according to strictly racist criteria. Those Poles with German ancestry were to be reclassified as ethnic Germans. The transformation of Poland into a German province was to be carried out over a short period of twenty-five or thirty years. Hence, no mercy was to be shown to this population. And, to guarantee the success of this fast despoliation, the intelligentsia was to be liquidated. "It sounds cruel, " Hitler reportedly told Hans Frank, "but such is the law of life."

Through restrictions on marriages, lowering of sanitary conditions, reduction of food supply, and the removal of hundreds of thousands of able bodied men for labor in Germany, a biological campaign was carried out to bring about a sharp reduction of the Polish population. Polish children with strong Aryan characteristics were forcibly taken from their families and sent to Germany for "re-Germanization."

The Polish language was banned, and Polish towns and cities were given German names. In the Eastern Zamosc region, some 110, 000 Poles were evacuated from villages and replaced with 25,000 German colonists.

In other words, the whole of Poland was to be treated as a concentration camp.

The premeditated and constant harassment of the Polish population led to an unremitting reign of terror which lasted the full duration of the occupation. Individual arrests were conducted on a massive scale, and street roundups for labor in Germany became a common, frightening reality.

And, it must be remembered, this was directed against POLES in general, and not merely Jews! Of the 11 million human beings killed by the actions of the Nazis, SIX million were Polish citizens. Half of these were Jews and half were NOT. Jews and non-Jews alike were made prisoners in their own country; no one was allowed out.

Thus, it is obvious why Poland was chosen as the main killing site for the slaughterhouses that were to effect the elimination of both the Jews and the Poles. The Polish countryside was blanketed with an array of death camps whose names will forever remain as significators of the unfathomable depths of human depravity. In these camps, the practice of death became a question of German efficiency and thoroughness, with gassing becoming the main killing device.

In spite of this it seems that there has been a concerted attempt to deflect from the the suffering of the Poles, keeping victimhood the exclusive right of the Jews, even to the extent of portraying Poles as accomplices in the Nazi plan.

For example Lawrence Weinbaum writes:

"Over the last thirty years, much of world Jewry has displayed a keener sense of hostility to Poland than to Germany itself. Poland, not Germany, is often seen as the ultimate place of evil ... Part of the hostility to Poland is based on the entirely false impression that Germans chose occupied Poland as the venue for the death camps because they could court Polish cooperation in carrying out the Final Solution. Although there is no historical evidence to support this contention, it has gained very wide currency and credence ... Careless references to 'Polish extermination camps,' rather than German or Nazi camps, also played a part in fostering this perception ... Popular literature, not always based on objective scholarship, has also played a leading role in shaping the popular image of Poland. Novels (and subsequent film adaptations) by popular writers such as Leon Uris (Exodus, Mila 18, QBVII), Gerald Green (Holocaust), and others have done much to influence the way we think about Poland, and the impression gained from these books has generally been negative. In such works Poles are often portrayed in a worse light than the Germans and it sometimes seems that the burden of guilt for the Holocaust has been shifted to the shoulders of the Poles." [WEINBAUM, p. 7]

History does not write itself. For this misperception to be have gained such widespread acceptance, some deliberate and conscious effort must have been made, and logically must have come from Jewish quarters or those promoting a Jewish agenda. The question then is "why?" Why would one group of people, or their representatives seek to gain a monopoly on suffering that was shared by so many?

Various Jewish groups have rightly denounced 'holocaust deniers', those that reject out right the idea that any Jewish holocaust ever occurred. The problem is that the term is used equally to malign and defame anyone that would even question the right of Jews to their monopoly on the usage of the term 'holocaust'.

The word holocaust is defined by the Oxford English dictionary as:

"a case of large scale destruction or slaughter, especially by fire or nuclear war."

Interestingly the next entry is for "The holocaust" defined as:

"The mass murder of Jews (and other persecuted groups such as gypsies and homosexuals) under the German Nazi regime."

The definition then continues with further details of the concentration camps etc. There is no mention of the Poles, Armenians, Catholics and intelligentsia from ALL backgrounds. No mention that 10 million Ukrainians died. Such is the level and effectiveness of the programming.

The simple fact then is that Jews were not the only ones that suffered the "large scale destruction and slaughter" at the hands of the Nazis. Their suffering is no more important than the suffering of any other group. To have a situation where, in order to further promote Jewish interests, the memory of almost half of the 11 million people who died innocently is ignored, is unacceptable.

As author Maxime Rodinson asks:

"I would be the last to minimize the atrocity of Auschwitz, where my father and mother perished. But don't the tears of others count?"

The holocaust was a human holocaust, in all 65 million died. The practice of focusing solely on the suffering of the Jews amounts to elitism, assigning a higher 'worth' to the suffering of one group over another. The promotion of the 'Jewish holocaust' and Jews as victims to whom the world owes a debt, has been very effective over the course of the last 58 years. So effective in fact, that the Israeli government, in it's capacity as acting in the interests of the Jewish community, enjoys virtual immunity from reproach in it's actions towards the Palestinians. We disagree with Elie Wiesel when he says:

"To cheaply universalize the Holocaust would be a distortion of history."

The insistence of groups like the ADL that this distorted view of history can never be questioned (on pain of being labeled anti-semitic) amounts to censorship of the truth. If we are to truly seek and See the truth, there can be no taboos as to what we can and cannot look at. To follow the path of the truth seeker requires the unwavering desire to see ALL as IS.

This emphasis as the holocaust as a Jewish only tragedy was, however, not always the case. On the July 22 edition of the Signs page we put together this commentary:

On this day in 1942

The New York Times reports on page SIX the mass extermination of 700,000 Jews. To further add insult to injury (to put it mildly):

"In Israel, in the early years after the Holocaust, Jewish survivors were even scorned with contempt by Israeli Jews as 'soap' (i.e., feebly passive Jews who were passively turned into bars of soap by Nazi tormentors, the fulfillment of demeaning stereotypes about fellow Jews. 'With what scorn,' noted Georges Tamarin in 1973, 'Israeli youth reacts to the alleged faint-heartedness of the six million victims of Nazis!' The Holocaust was an emblem of shame to Jewry, little discussed, more often avoided. "Even in their extraordinary death agony," notes Haim Breseeth, 'the millions of European Jews had not attracted sympathy [in Israel] -- a minimum expectation from an important Jewish community."

"A daughter of Holocaust survivors who was raised in Israel remarked at a conference there that, 'What I hated and dreaded most when I was a child was summertime. It was a time when the [tattooed concentration camp] numbers on my mother's arm would be there for all to see and people would know that she was a survivor and was one of the despised people. People like my parents were despised in Israel, and I was ashamed of them.'" Jewish Tribal Review

In order to see reality as it is, it is important to not see the world in black and white. To use an analogy, we prefer 8 bit or 24 bit images rather than black and white one or two bit images. We are against racism or stereotyping of any type, but we refuse to look away from manipulation and propaganda twisted to suit an agenda. There have been critical examinations regarding this focus on the Holocaust:

"It isn't the truth [about Jews in the Holocaust era] that frightens me but the suppression of free speech in order to protect communal myths that are not lies but truths rendered so sacrosanct and undiscussed that they start to smell fishy."  -- Carol Oppenheim, Jewish author

"The actual historical subject [of the Holocaust] itself has become almost unimportant compared with its contemporary political function in the hands of some Jews." -- John Fox, non-Jewish faculty member in Jewish history and Holocaust studies at both University College and Jews College, London

Who is being manipulated with this focus? Not only the world at large, but the Jews themselves, who right at this moment are being walled in while their government threatens to murder Arafat. Israel's inhabitants may very well be consumed in the inferno ignited by their own government's murderous policies. These policies are discussed in the media in Israel, such as this article from Haaretz, a newspaper owned by Zionists as they clearly state on their website.

What the fatality statistics tell us

By Amira Hass

"[I]t turned out that according to calculations of the Shin Bet and by its own definitions, of the 2,341 Palestinians who were killed up to the beginning of August this year, 551 were terrorists, "that is, bearing arms and explosives" (Ze'ev Schiff, Haaretz, August 8, 2003). To those who wonder who the other victims were, whether they were suspects, or civilians in the wrong place at the wrong time - here is a partial answer: Until the end of August this year, IDF soldiers killed 391 minors, according to B'Tselem. According to the Red Crescent, the IDF killed 141 women. B'Tselem determined that 291 Palestinian security personnel were killed, some of whom were participating in the fighting, whether during an IDF incursion or during attacks they initiated in the settlements or against soldiers.

However many did not take part in the fighting, and were killed while they were standing at their posts as defined in the Oslo Accords. Many others were killed in bombardments, in invasions of cities, or in attempts to detour roadblocks. In addition to some 120 Palestinians who were targets of assassination, 82 Palestinian civilians were killed "by mistake." They, it is to be assumed, are not included in the 551 terrorists as defined above.

Here are the disastrous proportions, in the hope that someone in Israel will take notice: 80 percent of the Palestinians killed were not connected to armed actions.[...]

The American media never covers regular demonstrations of Orthodox Jews against Israel and the country's policies. Instead, Orthodox Jews are targeted by the likes of Rick Ross, a convicted felon, self-proclaimed cult deprogrammer and probable Mossad agent, who also instrumental in the events that lead to the murders of the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas in 1993..

Jewish Protests not shown on TV

[...]Now why don't I see this on television? Because the media is trying to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism! These pictures cause a problem, and so must be suppressed.

Instead there is censorship of all sorts:

Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians

Robin McKie, science editor
The Observer

A keynote research paper showing that Middle Eastern Jews and Palestinians are genetically almost identical has been pulled from a leading journal.

Academics who have already received copies of Human Immunology have been urged to rip out the offending pages and throw them away.

Such a drastic act of self-censorship is unprecedented in research publishing and has created widespread disquiet, generating fears that it may involve the suppression of scientific work that questions Biblical dogma.

'I have authored several hundred scientific papers, some for Nature and Science, and this has never happened to me before,' said the article's lead author, Spanish geneticist Professor Antonio Arnaiz- Villena, of Complutense University in Madrid. 'I am stunned.' [...]

The paper, 'The Origin of Palestinians and their Genetic Relatedness with other Mediterranean Populations', involved studying genetic variations in immune system genes among people in the Middle East.

In common with earlier studies, the team found no data to support the idea that Jewish people were genetically distinct from other people in the region. In doing so, the team's research challenges claims that Jews are a special, chosen people and that Judaism can only be inherited.

Jews and Palestinians in the Middle East share a very similar gene pool and must be considered closely related and not genetically separate, the authors state. Rivalry between the two races is therefore based 'in cultural and religious, but not in genetic differences', they conclude. [...]

Very interesting considered in the light of our research into Ethnic Specific Weapons. Are the Jews being set up once again, but this time right along with the Arabic peoples? Israel's support of the Iraq Invasion for their own purposes may bring more human suffering than ever experienced before in history.

More Censorship:


Statement from the Organizing Committee of the Third National Student Conference on the Palestine Solidarity Movement at Rutgers University

[...] Today, Rutgers University officials have CANCELLED the Third National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement, scheduled for October 10-12, 2003 at  Rutgers University. [...]

In canceling this widely supported conference throughout  North America, the university administration has trampled on constitutional rights, muted free speech, and has  betrayed its pledge to fairness and education.

This is an attack on peace and justice activists everywhere. It is an attack on our society as a whole and on our right to free expression and assembly.

But the university administration has gone much farther,  and has taken a shameful overt political stand in favor of  Israeli Apartheid. As the university cancels the Palestine  conference, it is simultaneously supporting an overarching  pro-Israel program called "Israel Inspires", organized by the likes of AIPAC and Hillel International along with  others, which will be held at Rutgers to "neutralize the  Palestinian movement".

According to the official website of "Israel Inspires"  (www.israelinspires.org), the president of Rutgers  University, Dr. Richard L. McCormick, "pledged his support for Israel Inspires, and asked to be personally involved  in Hillel's positive pro-active initiative." In fact,  President McCormick will appear tonight as a keynote at a pro-Israel event hosted by Zionists groups at Rutgers  University. Featured participants at the "Israel Inspires"  program during the weekend of October 10-12 will include  the arch-Zionist Richard Perle and former CIA Director,  James Woolsey. They will join the president of the  right-wing Hudson Institute, Herbert London, and the  publisher & CEO of the Jerusalem Post, Tom Rose.  On  September 18, 2003, Israeli Minister, Natan Sharansky,  will be featured as the opening speaker of the anti-Palestinian year-long program. [...]

There has been an effective shutting down of all discussion of what is really going on this world. The Holocaust is off the table for discussion. Anyone who questions Israel's current genocidal policies is labeled anti-semitic, or even worse an holocaust denier, which can be punishable by law:

In 1995, while in France, Bernard Lewis, a very prominent Jewish (and Zionist) emeritus professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, told a Le Monde reporter that the Armenian disaster at the hands of the Turks didn't qualify as "genocide." This remark caused an uproar in France, where "Holocaust deniers" have faced jail and hefty fines for similar assertions about Jewish history at the hands of the Nazis. [...] 

The death and destruction of six million Jews is being dishonored by some in power, twisted and used for their own plans.

[...] Irving Greenberg, Chairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Commission, "regarded comparison of the Holocaust with any other form of genocide as 'blasphemous, as well as dishonest.'" [LILENTHAL, p. 55] "The unique demands and inherent risks of teaching the Holocaust," says Richard Libowitz, "point to rejection of an instructor who merely instructs, in favor of the professor who will profess." [LIBOWITZ, p. 65] "The instrument of my return to [a Jewish identity] is not religion," says Jane Delynn, "but the Holocaust. It is where my identity as a Jew lies -- my chosen identification with an event in history that I have declared to be of significance as no other." [DELYNNE, p. 64]

[...] The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz traced the Jewish efforts to reject a proposed United States resolution to recognize a day commemorating the Armenian genocide. A Jewish community leader in Turkey, Jacque Kamhi hired Paul Berger, a Jewish American lawyer to lobby against it. [...]

[...] Katz notes that in this century alone there were far worse man-made catastrophes that have befallen people other than Jews. Joseph Stalin, for example, "willfully" killed up to twenty million people in Russia between 1929-39. In the 1940's another twenty million more Soviets lost their lives as a consequence of World War II. Alexander Solzhenitsyn estimated that between 1929 and 1959 sixty-six million Russians were killed by "manmade famines and related forms of violence and war."
[...] In China, Katz figures between 34-64 million people died during the Chinese communist revolution in the 1930's and 1940's. In Turkey, between 35 and 60% of the Armenian population was killed by Turks in 1915-1917. Aborigines in Tasmania were entirely wiped out by the European conquest in the nineteenth century. [All KATZ, p. 97] In Central America, with the invasion of the Conquistadors, some fifty million indigenous peoples were reduced to three and a half million in less than a century. [TRAVERSO, p. 106] Jewish Tribal Review

This censorship inhibits seeing. If the people cannot look into the past, we are all be doomed to repeat it, but perhaps in a much more devastating scale. Who benefits? Only a small minority of psychopaths.

World War II in Ukraine:

The Ukrainian Experience in World War II With a Brief Survey of Ukraine's Population Loss of 10 Million

by Andrew Gregorovich

This article is intended to provide some of the basic information about the Ukrainian experience in World War II. Ukraine's role in the war is basically unknown in the world. For example, one American encyclopedia of World War II does not even include an entry on Ukraine. For almost a half century Soviet and Ukrainian archives were closed to historians but today it is possible to do scholarly research in Ukraine and Moscow. This may finally provide a more accurate picture than has been possible with existing sources.

Every Ukrainian family suffered losses in the war and many had victims of both Hitler and Stalin. Perhaps it is significant that out of three of my relatives who were victims of the war, two were shot by Stalin's USSR and one was shot by Hitler's Gestapo. Ukraine has thousands of World War II monuments. Very small villages often have a monument listing the names of the World War II dead. Ukrainian losses probably numbered 10 million or half of the entire USSR total and twenty per cent of the entire World War II total of fifty million dead. [...]

Will the Media Let Bush Lose?

By Sam Parry
September 16, 2003

The U.S. news media may soon face a dilemma: Can pundits keep calling George W. Bush "the popular war-time president" – a favorite stock phrase – if his poll numbers sink much further? For two years, the phrase has been a media cliché for Bush often delivered with a pleasing smile from an agreeable talking head. Or it’s used like a club against some critic who is out of step with the American people. [...]

Similarly, the U.S. news media has framed next year’s election around the repeated question, "Is Bush Unbeatable?" – again suggesting that Bush is next to invincible. But the latest polls suggest that Bush’s voter support is fading fast in the face of job losses, a worsening deficit and continuing violence in Iraq. [...]

Comment: Perhaps Bush is unbeatable. Elections mean nothing, since they can easily be rigged with little protest from U.S. citizens. Of course, if Bush does not fulfill every one of his bloody objectives that he has been "commissioned" to do than he can easily hung out to dry. He and his family have so many skeletons and dark "secrets" (in quotes, because anyone who wants to know, can find evidence of such with a three minute internet search) that they can be kicked out when it suits his puppet masters.

Heart of darkness

Monday September 15, 2003
The Guardian

I can identify the moment I fell out of love with India quite precisely. It happened at the end of last February. Riots had just broken out in the western state of Gujarat, after a group of Muslims attacked a train full of Hindu pilgrims, killing 59 of them. In Gujarat's main city, Ahmedabad, trouble was brewing. Hindu mobs had begun taking revenge on their Muslim neighbours - there were stories of murder, looting and arson. Arriving in Ahmedabad from Delhi, I found it impossible to hire a car or driver: nobody wanted to drive into the riots.

But the trouble was not difficult to find: smoke billowed from above Ahmedabad's old city; and I set off towards it on foot. There were rumours that a mob had hacked to death Ahsan Jafri - a distinguished Indian former MP, and a Muslim - whose Muslim housing estate was surrounded by a sea of Hindu houses. A team from Reuters gave me a lift. Driving through streets full of burned-out shops and broken glass we arrived half an hour later outside his compound, surrounded by thousands of people. Jafri had been dead for several hours, it emerged. A Hindu mob had tipped kerosene through his front door; a few hours later they had dragged him out into the street, chopped off his fingers, and set him on fire. They also set light to several other members of his family, including two small boys. There wasn't much left of Jafri's Gulbarg Housing Society by the time we got there: at the bottom of his stairs I discovered a pyre of human remains - hair and the tiny blackened arm of a child, its fist clenched. [...]

Hatch alarms right over anti-terror act

By Christopher Smith
The Salt Lake Tribune

WASHINGTON -- When Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch says he will do everything in his power to grant President Bush's latest request to expand federal police authority beyond the Patriot Act, it dismays one of the nation's leading conservative strategists.

"That's like somebody saying they'll raise taxes indefinitely," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and a board member of the National Rifle Association and American Conservative Union. "Why would he want to give the federal government indefinite power?" [...]

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