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July 17, 2003

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Laura has updated the article:
Ross Institute: COINTELPRO or Agent of Mossad?
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Bush lies and lies and lies

and the mass murder media is full of details, regaling us with the he-said she-said, pass the blame around until most people give up trying to keep track who faked what game. The Washington Post tells us that the Flap Over Iraq Charge Shows Bush Vulnerability , "With surprising swiftness, an esoteric debate over 16 words in this year's State of the Union address has changed the national political scene in recent days."

"And, for the first time a senior Republican has hinted that blame for the matter might extend beyond Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet," as a Senate panel probes possible White House blame. America's "public servants" dance around while, Whole Units Of US Soldiers In Iraq are On Suicide Watch.

How about adding to the confusion by implicating Italy as the source of those uranium documents, and the fact that Niger is upset by uranium slur.

Blair Visits Bush with Clouds Over Iraq Victory, and plans to address Congress and we are told that, "behind the scenes there are likely to be some tensions." Whatever. No mention of the tensions of the U.S. troops as the, new commander of coalition troops in Iraq declared yesterday that America was "still at war" and that it was facing classic guerrilla tactics, and some troops should expect a year in Iraq. Meanwhile raping, pillaging, looting, pot shots, infected water, malnutrition, electrical blackouts, killer heat, and a general stench of death are Bush's idea of freedom, and what U.S. troops are sent in to defend.

ABC news (owned by Disney) reports A Big Letdown: Soldiers Learn They’ll Be in Baghdad Longer Than Expected and quotes Spc. Clinton Deitz saying "If Donald Rumsfeld was here," he said, "I'd ask him for his resignation, " and the articles continues with, "Those are strong words from troops used to following orders." (Check out Salon's report on Rumsfeld's personal spy ring that was used to provide a pretext for war in Iraq. Requires registration for the day if not already a subscriber.)

But Wait! Just in time! Pentagon Bombshell: U.S. Uncovers WMD Document 'Mother Lode' A veritable "treasure trove" we are told of oh so scary documents. Are we supposed to believe this stuff?

Meanwhile, Everyone is so jittery these days that Goat cheese is all it takes to cause security trouble.

A few days ago we posted a link to Greg Palast's new BBC Video. We recommend downloading, burning it on a cd and passing it on to family members who still believe that Bush was elected, and that the Iraq invasion was about 9/11. Heck, it's got an ex-fighter pilot breaking down in tears over Bush's lies.

The documentary leaves the door wide open about Bush's involvement in the 9/11 affair. Is it a warning to the Bush family to toe the line? Perhaps the pedophile cover-up in Britain was also a warning to Blair to toe the line. Just who is pulling the strings here? Why is the Zionist owned media suddenly jumping on Bush? What are we all not supposed to see while this soap opera is being played in front of us night and day? We will continue to probe for the answers and assemble the clues here at The Signs of the Times.

During all this high drama, the media has bothered themselves to make the curious announcement that Asteroid hazards have been revised:

Large meteorites are more likely to break up in the atmosphere before they hit the Earth than was previously thought. [N]ew estimates reduce the likely frequency of potentially catastrophic impacts of large meteorites at the Earth's surface by about a factor of 50, relative to previous forecasts...

We feel safer already.

Small Stony Asteroids Will Explode and Not Hit Earth

When asteroids fall through Earth's atmosphere, a variety of things can happen. Large iron-heavy space rocks are almost sure to slam into the planet. Their stony cousins, however, can't take the pressure and are more likely to explode above the surface.

Either outcome can be dismal. But the consequences vary.

So scientists who study the potential threat of asteroids would like to know more about which types and sizes of asteroids break apart and which hold together. [...]

Chances of asteroid hitting earth 'get slimmer'

The chances of a "small" asteroid the width of two football pitches hitting the Earth are slimmer than previously thought.

Computer simulations indicate asteroids about 220 metres across are likely to smash into the Earth once in every 170,000 years. [...]

Dr Phil Bland, from Imperial College London, who took part in the study reported in the journal Nature, said: "Massive impacts of the type thought to have wiped out the dinosaurs leave an indelible print on the Earth, but we have not been able to accurately document the effect of smaller impacts. [...]

"Now, we have a handle on the size of 'rock' we really need to worry about and how well the Earth's atmosphere protects us."


From session 940930 (1994):

Q: (L) Is there any regular periodicity or cycle to this comet business?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What is the period?
A: 3600 years roughly.

From session 940015 (1994):

Q: (L) Now, this cluster of comets, when was the last time it came into the solar system?
A: 3582 yrs ago?
Q: (L) What is the cycle?
A: 3600 yrs.
Q: (L) So, when is this cluster expected to hit the plane of the ecliptic again?
A: 12 to 18 years.

From session 980704 (1998):

Q: (A) I understand that this comet cluster is cyclic and comes every 3600 years. I want to know something about the shape of this comet cluster. I can hardly imagine...
A: Shape is variable. Effect depends on closeness of passage.
Q: (L) So, it could be spread out... (A) We were asking at some point where it will be coming from. The answer was that we were supposed to look at a spirograph.
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Now, spirograph suggests that these comets will not come from one direction, but from many directions at once. Is this correct?
A: Very good!!!
Q: (A) Okay, they will come from many directions...
A: But, initial visibility presents as single, solid body.
Q: (A) Do we know what is the distance to this body at present?
A: Suggest you keep your eyes open!
Q: (A) I am keeping my eyes open.
A: Did you catch the significance of the answer regarding time table of cluster and brown star? Human cycle mirrors cycle of catastrophe. Earth benefits in form of periodic cleansing. Time to start paying attention to the signs. They are escalating. They can even be "felt" by you and others, if you pay attention.

Fresh, rayed impact crater seen on Mars


This Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) image shows a fresh, young meteor impact crater on the martian surface. It is less than 400 meters (less than 400 yards) across. While there is no way to know the exact age of this or any other martian surface feature, the rays are very well preserved.

On a planet where wind can modify surface features at the present time, a crater with rayed ejecta patterns must be very young indeed. Despite its apparent youth, the crater could still be many hundreds of thousands, if not several million, of years old. [...]

Smoking supernovae solve ten billion year old mystery

Posted: July 16, 2003

A team of UK astronomers have announced the discovery that some supernovae have bad habits -- they belch out huge quantities of 'smoke' known as cosmic dust. This solves a mystery more than 10 billion years in the making. The new observations, published on 17th July in the journal 'Nature', answer long-standing questions about the origin of the first solid particles ever to form in the Universe.

The team measured the cold cosmic dust in 'Cassiopeia A', the remnant of a supernova explosion in our own Galaxy, about 11,000 light years from Earth. The amount of dust was a thousand times what had been previously detected, suggesting that these powerful explosions are one of the most efficient ways to create cosmic dust. This also answers the riddle of how large quantities of dust recently discovered in the early universe were formed.

Unlike household dust, cosmic 'dust' actually consists of tiny solid grains (mostly carbon and silicates) floating around in interstellar space, with similar sizes to the particles in cigarette smoke. The presence of dust grains around young stars helps them to form and they are also the building blocks of planets. [...]

The Middle-Finger News: Sticking It To the Poobahs

by Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom


Thirty years ago, the United States' Vice-President, Spiro Agnew, was forced from office by a belated scandal. Gerald Ford, the JFK murder white-washer, without an election, replaced him as the Vice-President thanks to the 25th Amendment which was pushed into constitutional law by the Rockefeller family.

Shortly thereafter, President Richard M. Nixon was coerced to leave office and this time, Vice-President Ford, without an election,  became the resident of the Oval Office.

President Gerald Ford, in turn, appointed Nelson Rockefeller, without an election, as the new Vice-President. Thus the Nixon/Agnew team was replaced by the Ford/Rockefeller cabal. Rockefeller, a member of one of the world's richest families, testified to the U.S. Senate that he had paid no taxes for the previous eleven years.
Shortly thereafter, Ford survived three genuine assassination attempts. Rockefeller almost became the President by a bullet not a ballot.

Like his uncle, John D. Rockefeller 4th, who calls himself Jay to be cute, itches to occupy the Oval Office without legal election formality. And the CIA is now attempting to force out U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney.

Does George W. Bush study history? Does he see a pattern here? Or is he, according to some cynical commentators, busy pissing on his shoes? [...]

Israel releases Irishman after Real IRA mix-up

By Gary Kelly

An Irishman held in Israel on suspicion of helping to train Palestinians in bomb-making techniques was due to be put on a plane to London last night.

Sean O'Muireagain, 40, from west Belfast, was arrested near Ramallah on Saturday on suspicion of being a bomb expert helping terrorist groups on the West Bank. But on Tuesday, the Israeli authorities said the Irish language activist had been a victim of mistaken identity. Israeli sources said Mr O'Muireagain, who is still in custody, was being deported, but not for terrorist reasons.

Sinn Fein's former health minister, Bairbre de Brun, said the west Belfast man should not have been arrested. "Serious questions remain to be answered about the role of British intelligence agencies in the initial arrest and elements of the media in the coverage of this." Mr O'Muireagain, who is known at home as "John Boy Morgan", was apparently mistaken for a South Armagh man called John Morgan, who is known to British and Irish security services. Israeli security sources were reportedly blaming British intelligence for the tip-off.

Mr O'Muireagain, a member of the Ireland-Palestinian Solidarity Committee, had been in the Middle East for three weeks on a cultural exchange visit. He had also been working as a correspondent for the west Belfast-based Irish Language newspaper La, and had submitted an article on conditions in the Palestinian town of Jenin.

He was also hoping to forge links with a Palestinian primary school because he is chairman of a board of Irish school governors.

Missile Fired at U.S. Plane in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AFP)- Suspected pro-Saddam Hussein insurgents fired a surface-to-air missile at a U.S. military C-130 transport plane as it landed at Baghdad International Airport Wednesday, but missed the target, a coalition military spokesman said. [...]

U.S. courting UN resolution

Hoping to prompt global assistance in Iraq


WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Colin Powell said today the United States is discussing with other countries and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan whether a new UN resolution is needed to get other nations to participate in peacekeeping operations in Iraq. [...]

The Latest edition of   Filer’s Files

reports UFO sightings in New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Gastonia, Tennessee, Texas, Nevada, Puerto Rico, England, Holland, Tawain, and a flying cross in the Azores. Plus chemtrails and other oddities.

Terrorism Act 'used to halt protest'

Jamie Wilson
The Guardian

The civil liberties group Liberty claims police breached the human rights of anti-war protesters at a Gloucestershire RAF base by using powers under the Terrorism Act to stop them demonstrating. [...]

British TV crew faked story from submarine during Iraq war: report

LONDON (AFP) Jul 17, 2003

Britain's Sky News faked a television report from a Royal Navy submarine during the Iraq war, according to a BBC documentary team that filmed on the same vessel, the Guardian reported Thursday. [...]

The report by Sky News apparently showed the preparation and firing of a cruise missile.

But the nuclear-powered submarine HMS Splendid was docked and the BBC documentary crew says the events were staged for the benefit of Sky's camera, the Guardian reported. [...]

29th suicide attempt made at Guantanamo prison

Jul. 16, 2003. 09:09 PM

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) - A prisoner tried to kill himself again in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where U.S. authorities are preparing for military tribunals to try terror suspects, officials said Wednesday.

Tuesday's attempt was the 29th since the detention mission began 1 1/2 years ago, said spokesman Lt.-Col. Barry Johnson. [...]

Officials at Guantanamo Bay have begun planning for court facilities and an execution chamber, since the tribunals may impose death sentences.

Pentagon officials have said the military might continue to hold suspects even if they were acquitted.

Comment: If this doesn't make the Bush Reich's agenda blatantly obvious to the American people, we're not sure what will. There is simply no room left to deny that Bush is a dictator.

US soldier killed in Iraq as attacks mark Saddam anniversary

Thursday July 17, 1:38 AM

A US soldier was killed in Iraq as troops went on high alert for a double Baath party anniversary, with fears that former regime loyalists were planning a major anti-American assault. [...]

The death of the US soldier was the 147th combat death since US troops invaded Iraq March 20, tying the number of US dead in the 1991 Gulf War and raising alarm about the occupation's high cost in human life. [...]

NATO Plans Early Start-Up of New Force


RUSSELS, July 16 — NATO said today that it would be able to deploy elements of a new strike force for high-intensity combat in mid-October, a year ahead of the deadline it had set.

Officials said the military force, proposed by the United States to adapt the cold war alliance to new security threats, could grow to 25,000 troops. The force's rapid-response brigade, however, is expected to have no more than 6,000 troops. [...]

U.N. seeking global gun control?

Conference moving toward plan that would regulate U.S. arms

July 16, 2003 1:00 a.m. Eastern

A U.N. group is working toward establishment of an international system to register and regulate civilian possession of firearms, according to a former congressman.

The ultimate aim of many members of the conference on small arms is to outlaw personal ownership of guns altogether, said Georgia Republican Bob Barr in an interview yesterday on the newly syndicated WorldNetDaily Report with Joseph Farah. [...]

"By any measure the United States is the most armed country in the world," the report said. "With roughly 83 to 96 guns per 100 people, the United States is approaching a statistical level of one gun per person."

British army planned nuclear landmines

It could only have happened at the height of cold war paranoia. To counter the threat of Soviet invasion, the UK planned to bury 10 huge nuclear landmines in Germany, declassified army documents from the 1950s reveal. [...]

Military junta seizes power in Sao Tome and Principe

(AFP) A military junta seized power in a bloodless coup in the tiny west African island nation of Sao Tome and Principe while President Fradique Bandeira de Menezes was visiting Nigeria. [...]

The soldiers seized key facilities and detained Prime Minister Maria das Neves de Sousa and her cabinet before announcing the power grab on state radio and television. [...]

North, South Korea Soldiers Exchange Fire

Associated Press

SEOUL, South Korea - South and North Korean soldiers briefly exchanged machine gun fire along their border on Thursday, but the South Korean military said it did not suffer casualties in the shootout. [...]

Journalist murdered, Iran admits

Dan De Luce in Tehran
The Guardian

The Iranian vice-president for legal affairs, Mohammad Ali Abtahi, admitted yesterday that a Canadian photojournalist was beaten to death after being arrested last month, contradicting an earlier official statement that she died of a stroke. [...]

July 16, 2003 -- WASHINGTON - Sources say the report was originally around 900 pages but Eleanor Hill, the staff director of the House-Senate intelligence panel that conducted the Sept. 11 probe, insisted on stretching the report to 911 pages.

The report is expected to contain new details on the Saudi government's link the hijackers.

Cuba: Hijacks Leave Three Dead and a Child Wounded

Ax-Wielding Man Still Missing; Likely In Ocala Forest, FL

Defendant flips table over after sentencing for murdering his children

WASHINGTON (AP) — After leaping to his feet and overturning the defense table, a man was sentenced Monday to two concurrent life sentences for slitting the throats of his two children.

During the sentencing hearing, a prosecutor told the federal judge that Anderson Black's motive for the murders was anger.

"That's not true! That's not true," Black screamed — then used his shackled hands to flip over the heavy wooden table, shattering its glass top and breaking off two legs.

Shooter's girlfriend interrupts memorial service

MERIDIAN, Miss. (AP) The girlfriend of accused Meridian plant gunman Doug Williams interrupted a memorial service Thursday, saying Williams also should be viewed as a victim.

Authorities are attempting to contact individuals who may have firsthand knowledge about any behavioral problems displayed by Williams who shot 14 colleagues, killing five, at an aircraft parts plant on Tuesday.

Williams committed suicide following his lethal rampage at the Lockheed Martin plant. Co-workers said the 48-year-old had had run-ins with management and several fellow employees.

Shirley Price, Williams' girlfriend, interrupted a speech by Meridian Mayor John Robert Smith.

Price said, "Excuse me. Don't criticize this man. He was human too...don't exclude him. He was a victim, too...He was a kind and loving human being."

Price broke into tears and left the church.

Price told The Associated Press that Williams had "felt like everybody was against him," knew he had problems and had tried to get help from Lockheed officials who ignored him.

Price says Williams was taking medicine for depression and high blood pressure.

Comment: We have posted this article before, but if you haven't checked it out then you might find it interesting: The Link Between Anti-depressants and Mayhem.

Suit: Doc surgically inserted screwdriver in patient's spine

HILO, Hawaii (AP) -- A surgeon accused of inserting a piece of a screwdriver into a patient's spine, instead of a titanium rod, has been sued for malpractice.

Priest proves no comfort in shadow of death
Thursday, July 17, 2003

A New Mexico family is suing the local Catholic church over a funeral in which the priest allegedly said their relative was only a middling Catholic who was going straight to hell. [...]

Court papers filed last month say Rev Scott Mansfield said at Martinez's funeral last year that the deceased was "living in sin", "lukewarm in his faith" and that "the Lord vomited people like Ben out of his mouth to hell". [...]

Family members say he was a practising Catholic all his life but was too ill to attend church in the last year of his life. [...]

The complaint also said that as Rev Mansfield walked to the grave, he laced his comments about Martinez - a former town councilman - with profanities. [...]

Sharp rise in rape cases overshadows fall in crime rate

Alan Travis, home affairs editor
The Guardian

An unexplained 27% rise in female rape cases last year cast a shadow today over the publication of new Home Office figures that reveal the crime rate in England and Wales held broadly stable in 2002-3. [...]

Serial killer fear grips Moscow

Parents charged in starving death of 4-year-old son


PHILADELPHIA - (KRT) - A Lansdale, Pa.-area couple were charged Wednesday with third-degree murder in the death last month of their 4-year-old quadruplet son Shawn, who starved in a squalid home filled with food and well-fed pets, authorities said.

James and Tamra Seymore of Towamencin Township, Pa., also were charged with endangering the lives of all five of their malnourished children. A Philadelphia forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy called Shawn's death one of the worst cases of child neglect he had ever seen. [...]

Elderly Man Ends Argument with Grenade

BELGRADE (Reuters) - An elderly Serb ended a heated argument with his neighbor by lobbing a hand grenade and severing the man's arm, Tanjug news agency said Tuesday. [...]

People Smoking in Their Own Homes Faced Fines

Residents of Montgomery County, Md., were threatened with a fine if the smoke from cigarettes used within the bounds of their own home offended neighbors. [...] County Council Member Michael Subin, who voted against the measure, said: "If this isn't Big Brother putting their nose under your tent, I don't know what is. What else are y'all going to start regulating in my home?"

Satellites See Lightning Strikes In Ozone's Origins

During summertime ozone near the Earth's surface forms in most major U.S. cities when sunlight and heat mix with car exhaust and other pollution, causing health officials to issue "ozone alerts." But in other parts of the world, such as the tropical Atlantic, this low level ozone appears to originate naturally in ways that have left scientists puzzled. Now, NASA-funded scientists using four satellites can tell where low level ozone pollution comes from and whether it was manmade or natural. [...]

Thousands Flee Blaze on Ariz. Reservation

By SARA THORSON, Associated Press Writer

WHITERIVER, Ariz. - Firefighters worried about wind, lightning and a lack of rain Wednesday as they battled a blaze that forced thousands of people to leave their homes on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. [...]

Fires also were active in Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Washington, the National Interagency Fire Center said.

Forest fire evacuation in Okanagan

Wednesday, Jul 16, 2003
Vancouver News

A wildfire has forced some residents from their homes in the Anarchist Mountain area east of Osoyoos – and closed down Highway 3. [...]

Two feared dead as aerial tanker plane crashes fighting B.C. forest fire

Wednesday, Jul 16, 2003

VICTORIA (CP) - A large water bomber crashed Wednesday with two people aboard while fighting a forest fire near the eastern B.C. town of Cranbrook. [...]

Four die in France as wind and rain sweep away heatwave

Jon Henley in Paris and Mark Oliver
Thursday July 17, 2003
The Guardian

Four people died and up to 80 were injured in violent summer storms that have lashed western France, while the downpours started drifting across to sticky southern Britain yesterday. [...]

In France, as well as the four weather-related fatalities on Tuesday night, three people were reported missing after the storms tore across the region between Bordeaux and Biarritz, felling pine trees and devastating camp sites and caravan parks along the coast. Winds of 100mph (160kph) and hailstones the size of golf balls left 100,000 homes in the area without electricity and interrupted train services. [...]

High-tech 'Batcanes' for the blind

By Dale Paget

Queensland has begun trials of a laser-guided walking cane, and plans to soon test a prototype "Batcane" that uses sonar technology to warn the blind of obstacles. [...]

Fossil Of 'Nessie Monster' Found In Loch Ness

By Tom Peterkin
The Telegraph - UK

The fossilized remains of a long-necked, carnivorous sea reptile, which existed 150 million years ago, have been found in Loch Ness. [...]

Japanese scientists take first step towards cloning ice age beast

Tim Radford
The Guardian

After a six-year search Japanese scientists are preparing to clone prehistoric woolly mammoths from frozen DNA samples found in Siberia. [...]

Comment: Also in Japanese news, "Takara Co, a major Japanese toy maker, said on Wednesday it would launch a device called the " Meowlingual" that can interpret a cat's meow, hoping to repeat its success with the "Bowlingual," a dog translation device.

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