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July 8, 2003

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Have you done some dastardly deed for the Bush Reich? Have you done anything to expose the Bush Reich?

Then for god's sake don't get in a small plane, look both ways before crossing the street, and don't drive alone down deserted roads late at night.

Perhaps the Bush Reich is in clean up mode.

We have discussed on the Signs page before the long list of deaths that surround the Bush family. It is just Machiavellian business as usual to get some pawn to do the dirty work for you and then kill them.

Dead men or women tell no tales.

If you have done something to help facilitate the Bush Reich now may be the time to talk, and to spread it as far and wide as possible. Your only way to be safe.

People With Connections To The Bush Dynasty Who Met With Suspicious And Untimely Deaths

This link examines the corpses left in the wake of the Bush criminal dynasty.

Katherine Harris victim of Net rumor

Posted: July 8, 2003
9:29 a.m. Eastern

Rep. Katherine Harris, R-Fla., is alive and well, her office announced today in response to an Internet rumor to the contrary.

Jennifer Platt in the congresswoman's office said Harris arrived in her Washington office yesterday afternoon following the July 4 break.

A website is claiming Harris was killed in a plane crash in Canada.

Harris is the author of "Center of the Storm,", published by WND Books, which tells how she dealt with the controversy surrounding the 2000 presidential election and the part she played in it when she was Florida's secretary of state.

UPDATE, Tuesday 3:30 PM EST: Tom Flocco responds:

Retraction of Rep. Harris Story:

Late last night we reported that Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) had died in a plane crash off the coast of Toronto, Canada. We were misinformed on this matter, as an unidentified staffer in Harris' office told us this morning that the Florida legislator was in her office. However, we still stand on the fact that we both talked to an individual in Harris' office at 10:30 pm and midnight Eastern Time yesterday requesting the individual to confirm or deny the story before publishing Monday on the day of the plane crash in Toronto.

Our phone records will also indicate that the female we both talked to was in Harris' office and did indeed answer the telephone. Moreover, Mr. Thomas lives on the West Coast and actually talked one more time to a woman in Harris' office at approximately 1:30 am Pacific Time before retiring, which would be 4:30 AM Eastern Time in Washington, DC -- confirming activity in Harris' office from 10:30 PM until 4:30 AM at a minimum.

We still question why someone other than a maintenance worker (who would be unauthorized to do so) would answer the telephone so late Monday evening during a four-day holiday weekend and tell us two times that she "did not have the authority to confirm whether Rep. Harris had died in a plane crash," instead of saying she's alive, she's fine, she's here in town, and please call her press secretary in the morning.

Why wasn't standard protocol followed pursuant to House rules, policies and procedures; and what was going on in Harris' office during the wee hours on Monday night?

We were also told by our source that Governor Jeb Bush was reportedly at the scene of the crash shortly thereafter. And not only did we confirm the small plane crash in Toronto yesterday morning via the Globe and Mail story; but we also confirmed that the Florida Governor was in Toronto, having flown there yesterday on a trade mission. Thus, a confluence of confirmed events along with our trust in the source led us to go with the story.

We apologize to Congresswoman Harris; but we still wonder who was able to obtain entrance to her office so late at night, why someone remained in her office for such a lengthy period of time, what activities may have transpired, why there was no outright denial of the story, and why there was no initial identification of a congressional office in the woman's response to our inquiry.

We also stand by the investigative reporting of Greg Palast of the BBC regarding the Florida election controversies that were delineated in our story and also Palast's newly revised book, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy."

And we can admit when we are wrong or misinformed at a time when few media and virtually no government officials are willing to do so.

UPDATE, Tuesday 11:29 AM EST: This following article has now been removed from Tom Flocco's site.

Florida Rep. Katherine Harris Dead in Plane Crash

by Tom Flocco
(posted 11:55 PM ET)

According to an unidentified source, Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) died in a small plane crash on Monday morning off the Ontario coast near Toronto, Canada.  And with her death, many of the secrets involving the 2000 presidential election voting controversies -- where Governor Jeb Bush ordered 57,700 "ex-felons" removed from the Florida voting rolls -- will be lost forever...

Reports and sources are as yet unable to confirm why the Florida congresswoman and former Secretary of State during Florida's 2000 presidential election controversy had flown from Chicago to Toronto; however, the source also said that Governor Jeb Bush was reportedly at the accident scene shortly after the crash.  

Comment: We received Tom Flocco's mailing this morning. We have checked regularly all day for other mentions of Katherine Harris being on this plane in the mass media. So far nothing... Flocco reports that someone was in Harris's office late last night but refused to comment on the phone.

As of mid-morning Tuesday EST, Flocco has removed this story from his site, with no mention or update.

We are leaving this link up for the moment because it does give us the chance to look at the illustrious career of Ms. Harris, the woman who rigged the election for Jeb's brother.

Mad Cow Productions reports other connections of Katherine Harris in the Bush-Terrorist web, "...ATA and Discover Air were going bust, corporate filings relating to Wally Hilliard and his operations had begun to go missing at the Secretary of State's office in Tallahassee—Katherine Harris's office.

"A leading 9/11 researcher gave us an early ‘heads up' about the problem...

"'It should be very simple to look up earlier annual reports and documents...but in the past two months the Secretary of State has made many documents unavailable online,' she told us over a year ago.

"' It's as though this was a parting gift from Katherine Harris.'

"Harris, we recalled, was one of two Florida officials—the other being Gov. Jeb Bush—who somehow found it necessary to publicly praise Wally Hilliard's airline—then flying as 'Florida Air'— even though it too had been going bankrupt at the time, six months before the 9/11 attack. "

"Further down the page: "The man who owned the ‘terror' flight school in Venice Florida is involved with false front airlines, dummy front companies, shadowy charter operations of dubious intent and a politically-well-connected network plugged in to everyone from First Brother Jeb Bush to Clinton "fund-raiser" Truman Arnold.

"This is indisputably a 'global network;' it is both covert and unacknowledged, and it was the American interface with the terrorists while they were here.

"And nobody is investigating it...except the MadCowMorningNews."

Remember the rumors that Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris were having an affair? You don't? Well, there were mumblings from journalists that the story was being suppressed.

Just a small example of the type of politician she was (is?), Katherine Haris in the past has attempted to ban the press from public meetings at city hall.

It is little known that Katherine Harris wrote some passages in a book called, The Answer which is a contemporary version of the Bible, "making for a truly unique version of any Bible. In one part, the Republican from Sarasota recounts the 2000 presidential election, when the then-secretary of state made the fateful decision that placed George W. Bush in the White House. 'When adversity strikes, we must remember our principles and why we hold them dear.'"

Greg Palast, the journalist who broke the rigged election story, has a long list of links on the subject.

And for a lighter look at her involvement in the election...(scroll down to Grand Theft America).

Plane crashes, pilot believed dead
Aircraft just two minutes from landing at island airport
Rescue helicopter, police boats search for debris in fog


A twin-engine plane that crashed into Lake Ontario was only two minutes from landing, says the duty manager of the Toronto City Centre Airport.

Pilot Jon Gregg, 59, a Chicago corporate lawyer who is believed to be the only occupant of the six-seater Beechcraft Baron en route from the Chicago area, is missing and believed killed in the crash, which occurred in heavy fog and haze at 9:57 a.m. yesterday.

There was no mayday.

"We know he was coming in on course and he indicated to the tower all was well and they gave him clearance to land," manager William Yule said. "He was two minutes away at that point. But that was it, we never heard from him again."...

Residents of the Toronto Islands reported hearing an explosion at about the time the plane went down.

Mike Johnson, a flight instructor at Airline Training International, said the heavy fog and haze created such limited visibility that a commercial airliner aborted efforts to land at the island airport yesterday morning.

"Air Canada Jazz actually made two attempts to land about half an hour before" the crash, Johnson said. "They weren't able to land because they didn't see the runway. They went back to Ottawa, because all the airports here were extremely poor."

Still, Yule said, island airport controllers cleared Gregg to land after he reported being "on the approach" and having "no problems."

Small plane crashes near Toronto Islands

Globe and Mail Update

Police are searching for survivors of a small plane that crashed in foggy conditions near downtown Toronto's island airport on Monday.

But they have not yet changed their mission to a search-and-recovery effort.

"We are acknowledging the fact that we're looking for the wreckage of an aircraft . . . but we are also searching for the pilot — hopefully alive — as well as any of the passengers on board," Constable Mike Hayles of the Toronto Marine Unit told a press conference Monday afternoon...

Although the plane holds seven people including the pilot, investigators are unsure how many people were on board.

Constable Hayles said American regulations are different from those in Canada and the United States does not require information on all passengers of a plane.

The aircraft was a private craft that had been flying out of a municipal airport near Chicago, said Captain Wayne Sinker of CFB Trenton.

Canada, U.S. 'incredibly close', says Jeb Bush

Jul. 7, 2003. 08:31 PM

The striking similarities between Canada and the United States overshadow any disagreements between the governments of the two countries, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said today.

In fact, there is little to identify Canada as a foreign country to visiting Americans, Bush said on his first trade and tourism promotion mission to Canada.

"If I was blindfolded and landed in Toronto and didn't have to go through customs, I wouldn't know I was in a foreign country," said Bush, who is the brother of the world's most powerful politician, U.S. President George W. Bush.

"Many Canadians have the same feeling if they flew into one of our cities."

Comment: Here we have a wonderful example of how an American views the rest of the world: a country is judged according to its resemblance to the good ole US of A. And those countries that don't want to be like the US of A are obviously being governed by tyrants because anyone, anywhere, left to their own good devices, would want their country to be just like America, therefore difference maps directly to a lack of freedom. "If you aren't like us, it is because your leaders don't let you..."

And these uncultured buffoons don't even understand that a comment like that is an insult and reveals the speaker's own appalling ignorance.

For more of the antics of brother Jeb, check out the Mad Cow Morning News, where all the hilarity and good times of drug running, fraud, corruption, and Reich wing politics in Florida are covered. Great investigative reporting on Mohammed Atta and the other "terrorist" pilots. Did you know that there is a possibility that Shrub and Osama have actually met? That is something of a curio, but


Jon Rappoport
No More Fake News

JULY 7. Josh Speer, a 21-year-old Marine, died in a car crash Sunday morning off State 11, in South Carolina.
Speer was part of the group that rescued Pvt. Jessica Lynch in Iraq.

US Army PR about the details of Lynch's capture and subsequent heroic rescue has been under intense scutiny. Details were exaggerated. Lynch is said to have no memory of events.

Her story, as the Army told it, created an inspirational myth for America during the war. At least part of that myth appears to have been fabricated out of thin air. No one seems to be able to verify that the shootout-rescue actually took place...

Sunday, in broad daylight, Speer's car simply went off the road on Hwy 11 and turned over several times. He was alone in the car, and was wearing a seat belt, the cops say.

Did he know something he wasn't supposed to know?

No one in South Carolina seems to be interested in that question.

Local press reports don't indicate that Speer was drunk or otherwise impaired. No mention of rain, slick roads, or dangerous curves.

Comment: We have posted many reports here about the Jessica Lynch story being a public relations stunt full of lies. Her family was asked to not talk about it, once reports of these lies were leaked to the public. Now we will never hear Josh Speer's version of the story.

Tommy Franks echos Bush's psychopathic urging of violence against U.S. troops: "bring them on"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Retiring U.S. General Tommy Franks says U.S. troop levels are sufficient in Iraq and he has repeated a taunt made by President George W. Bush for Iraqi militants attacking U.S. forces to "bring them on".

Franks, the commander of the war in Iraq, said in a television interview before his retirement on Monday, he believed the current force of about 145,000 troops in Iraq was enough to cope with the latest attacks on U.S. troops.

"The sense I have now is that it's not time to send in additional troops," said Franks in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America" show from U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida. [...]

Death By Slow Burn - How America Nukes Its Own Troops

What 'Support Our Troops' Really Means

By Amy Worthington
The Idaho Observer

On March 30, an AP photo featured an American pro-war activist holding a sign: "Nuke the evil scum, it worked in 1945!" That's exactly what George Bush has done. America's mega-billion dollar war in Iraq has been indeed a NUCLEAR WAR.
Bush-Cheney have delivered upon 17 million Iraqis tons of depleted uranium (DU) weapons, a "liberation" gift that will keep on giving. Depleted uranium is a component of toxic nuclear waste, usually stored at secure sites. Handlers need radiation protection gear.[...]

Dr. Asaf Durakovic, a professor of nuclear medicine at Georgetown University, is a former army medical expert. He told nuclear scientists in Paris last year that tens of thousands of sick British and American soldiers are now dying from radiation they encountered during Gulf War I. He found that 62 percent of sick vets tested have uranium isotopes in their organs, bones, brains and urine. Laboratories in Switzerland and Finland corroborated his findings.

In other studies, some sick vets were found to be expressing uranium in even their semen. Their sexual partners often complained of a burning sensation during intercourse, followed by their own debilitating illnesses.

Nothing compares to the astronomical cancer rates and birth defects suffered by the Iraqi people who have endured vicious nuclear chastisement for years. U.S. air attacks against Iraq since 1993 have undoubtedly employed nuclear munitions. Pictures of grotesquely deformed Iraqi infants born since 1991 are overwhelming. Like those born to Gulf War I vets, many babies born to troops now in Iraq will also be afflicted with hideous deformities, neurological damage and/or blood and respiratory disorders.[...]

If America truly supports its troops, it must stop sending them into nuclear holocaust for the enrichment of thugs. Time is running out. If the DU-maniacs at the Pentagon and their coven of nuclear arms peddlers are not harnessed, America will have no able-bodied fighting forces left. All people of the earth will become grossly ill, hideously deformed and short- lived. We must succeed in the critical imperative to face reality and act decisively. Should we fail, there will be no place to hide from Bush-Cheney's merciless nuclear orgies yet to come or from the inevitable nuclear retaliation these orgies will surely breed.

US nationals in Europe adopt anti-Bush declaration

Sunday, 06-Jul-2003 12:21PM Story from AFP
Copyright 2003 by Agence France-Presse (via ClariNet)

BERLIN, July 6 (AFP) - Scores of US nationals from around Europe on Sunday adopted a declaration condemning President George W. Bush and his administration over their policy on Iraq, a spokesman said.

The "declaration of independence from the current tendencies in US policy" was adopted in Berlin by some 50 American Voices Abroad (AVA) delegates from Britain, the Czech Republic, France, Germany and the Netherlands...

"Our country risks becoming the kind of empire that the founding fathers sought independence from when they signed the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776," it reads.

AVA says that by using war as a key instrument of US policy, the Bush government is playing into the hands of political extremists and sowing instability.

Last 'Adieu' to French as World Language?

Mon July 7, 2003 02:42 PM ET
By Mark John

PARIS (Reuters) - It was meant as a jibe, but when a U.S. senator recently branded French a "near forgotten" language he hit Gallic sensitivities right where they hurt most.

Yet instead of outraged denials, the remark has triggered soul- searching among French intellectuals who not only concede English's pre-eminence as world "lingua franca" but fear French is being shoved off the international scene altogether.

For a country which in the past has proclaimed its tongue the language of love, global diplomacy and the universal rights of man, that would be bad news.

"What is at stake is the survival of our culture. It is a life or death matter," Jacques Viot, head of the Alliance Francaise agency which promotes French abroad, told a public debate in Paris...

Now France has asked its media companies to come up with proposals for a French-language global news channel -- a "CNN a la francaise" idea floated by President Jacques Chirac to ensure France's voice continues to be heard in the world.

"A language is more than a way of speaking," said Jean-Marie Cavada, president of state-owned broadcaster Radio-France.

"It is a weapon of battle, an indispensable tool for any great country."

Berlusconi courts new controversy

Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 July, 2003, 04:51 GMT 05:51 UK

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is set to face new controversy on Tuesday when the country's senate debates a law which would allow him to expand his already massive media empire...

The BBC's Jonathan Charles in Rome says the coverage on many television bulletins left Italians in the dark about why Mr Berlusconi's remarks caused so much outrage in the rest of Europe.

The legislation under consideration in the upper house would help Mr Berlusconi add radio stations to his existing television and publishing interests.

Already, Mr Berlusconi controls about 90% of Italian television through his family's ownership of commercial channels and his influence as prime minister over the state broadcaster RAI, our correspondent says...

On Monday, Mr Berlusconi made his first major speech since the outburst, saying that Italy was not a country which infringed freedoms.

Laying out his country's priorities for its six-month presidency of the European Union, he said Italy would use the "art of mediation" to reach agreement on the new European constitution.

"The Italian presidency of the European Union will be no ordinary administration. On the contrary, it will be a crucial presidency," he said.

It would lead to a Europe capable of speaking with "one voice" and sharing the values of democracy and freedom with its partner the United States, he added.

Cooke clinches stage two

Stage Two: La Ferté-sous-Jouarre - Sedan - 204.5km.

Cooke's win was number two for Australia in this year's Tour

Australian Baden Cooke produced a stunning sprint finish to win the second stage of the Tour de France.

The 24-year-old rider crossed the line after five hours in the saddle to claim his first ever Tour stage.

Las Boulangere rider Jean-Patrick Nazon came second ahead of veteran Estonian sprinter Jaan Kirsipuu.

Tuesday 8th July | 160km
Charleville-Mézières - Saint-Dizier

Tour de France | Stage 3

The first real opportunity for a breakaway stage win, the more attacking members of the peloton may opt to lash out for their moment of Tour glory.

Bush Says Interest in Africa is Motivated by Principle, Not Oil

Jim Fisher-Thompson, Washington File, July 3, 2003

Washington -- Prior to his first official trip to Africa, President Bush said his administration's interest in the continent is motivated by principle and not solely by commerce, as some critics of U.S. foreign policy have charged.

Bush spoke to a select group of African print journalists at the White House July 3. His July 7-12 trip will take him to Senegal, South Africa, Botswana, Uganda and Nigeria. Several reporters representing the electronic media in Africa later interviewed him.

According to a transcript provided by the White House, Bush told the print reporters, "There is tremendous suffering on the continent of Africa. We care about the people of the continent. When we see starvation or disease, we don't turn our back. We act."

In that regard, he said, "We will put a strategy in place that effectively spends $15 billion over five years to help ease the suffering from HIV/AIDS."

Looking forward to his conversations with five heads of state, the President said, "We've got great relations with leaders and countries on the continent of Africa, relations which will not only make -- help enable people to realize their dreams, but also make the world more safe."

"That is my message," he said. "And I am proud to carry the message on behalf of a great nation to a very important, great continent."

Asked by a Nigerian journalist to respond to those "who say that the major driving force for your interest in Africa is oil and that you are trying to...shift the focus" from the Persian Gulf, Bush said, "That's one of the most amazing [theories of] conspiracies I've heard."

As for people who try to influence his thinking or analyze his motivations, Bush said, "If I conducted our foreign policy based upon polls and focus groups, we would be stumbling all over ourselves. That's not the way I do things. I base our foreign policy based upon deep-seated principles." [...]

Bush, the politician, said he fought hard to have Africa treated like any other part of the world as a serious potential trading partner. He said his administration "took the free trade argument to the halls of Congress and got trade promotion authority, which was not an easy vote, by the way. It was a tough vote. There's a protectionist element in our country that works beneath the political surface. But I feel strongly that trade is an engine of opportunity for developing countries."

As for Nigeria, Bush said, "I have got good relations with President Obasanjo. Every time we have visited it has been a very cordial, up-front way. I appreciate his cooperation on the U.S.'s desire to work with countries such as Nigeria to train troops necessary to be able to handle some of the difficult situations on the continent. As a matter of fact, I believe the United States in working with Nigeria has trained five battalions of Nigerian troops, preparing them for issues such as Liberia -- or other areas on the continent. And we will continue that relationship with the President of Nigeria. And I appreciate his leadership on that issue." [...]

Comment: I am surprised Bush didn't finish his monologue with "speech ends here". Bush is a psychopathic liar. He doesn't care about principles unless the principle is money, power and domination, and saving his own pathetic skin. If he really cares about starvation and disease, and if he really doesn't turn his back and instead choses to act, then why were US military benefits cut? Why were there no real tax breaks for the lower income families in the US? Why are there so many people who can't afford to feed their families in the US? Why is the unemployment rate in the US soaring? Bush, a rich millionaire living high on the hog, is anything BUT a humanitarian. He is a pathetic excuse for a human being...if that's what he really is.

Monkeys go on rampage

Agence France-Presse
From correspondents in Dhaka
July 6, 2003

SOME 40 monkeys went on the rampage in a western Bangladeshi village after one of their young was accidentally electrocuted, a report said today.

The large monkeys, known as hanumans in Bangladesh, were eating nuts from the residents of the remote Keshabpur village in Jessore district yesterday, but ran off when a stone was thrown at them, the Bengali-language Sangbad daily said, quoting residents.

A baby monkey was electrocuted after being caught in a live wire as they fled, sparking the animals to use sticks to attack several homes and shops in the village, the newspaper said.

They later left taking the baby monkey's body.

Comment: Just another one of the worldwide Bush birthday celebrations that got way out of hand...

Dozens Protest Bush Visit to Senegal

Mon Jul 7, 7:57 PM ET

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) - Dozens of people marched in the Senegalese capital Monday, chanting "Bush, butcher" in a protest against President Bush's expected visit to this Muslim west African nation.

Calling the United States a warlike nation bent on global hegemony, about 40 people marched from Dakar's main mosque, through densely populated neighborhoods, to a central monument marking Senegal's independence from France in 1960.

"We're against this Bush visit," said Seydina Sarr, a 36-year old silkscreen artist, who carried a banner calling on Bush to "make tea, not war."

"We're against the American government — not the American people — and its war in Iraq, its power, and its place in the world. They come with their dollars wanting Senegal to be the first stop in bringing their war to Africa, but we don't want that." [...]

Outcry Mounts Over Killings of Nigerian Protesters

By Camillus Eboh
Mon July 7, 2003 09:23 PM ET

ABUJA (Reuters) - Nigeria's top union official called on Tuesday for a public inquiry into the alleged killing of at least 10 protesters as the oil-producing country waited desperately for an end to a week-long general strike over fuel prices.

Lagos police denied the killings, but acknowledged what they said was one accidental death and spoke of serious gun battles on Monday with "hoodlums" who set a police car ablaze.

"We were dealing with heavily armed hoodlums who have nothing to do with the strike or the unions," Lagos Police Commissioner Young Arebamen told Reuters. [...]

Liberia's Taylor not ready to leave

Tuesday, July 8, 2003 03:40 GMT

MONROVIA, Liberia (CNN) -- Liberian President Charles Taylor said in an interview Monday that he would honor his pledge to accept asylum in Nigeria only when conditions were right.

"My leaving office is dependent on two factors: one, my willingness to do so, and secondly, the presence of an international force that will stabilize the situation in the country as I depart," Taylor said.

Taylor said he would leave soon after such a force is in place. "I will then proceed to exercise the invitation granted to me by the president of Nigeria."

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in a statement Monday that he welcomed Taylor's decision Sunday to accept the offer. The terms of the offer were not disclosed, and no timetable was set. [...]

Top Senators Demand Vote Before Troops Are Sent to Liberia

WASHINGTON  —  The leaders of the Sen ate Armed Services Committee (search )  said Sunday they want President Bush to get congressional approval before any U.S. troops are sent to Liberia.

At the same time, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said the military leadership he would prefer that West African armies take the lead in any effort to end the Liberian conflict and police the peace.


Sunday Express [UK]
July 6, 2003

AMERICA'S top spy catcher, Paul Redmond, has suddenly resigned in the middle of his secret investigation into how Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden allegedly obtained US computer software, the SUNDAY EXPRESS claimed this weekend.

The software is said to enable the two most wanted men in the world to avoid capture because it can pinpoint every move in the global manhunt.

Redmond's departure last week was accepted "without discussion" by President Bush, the man who had brought the spy catcher out of retirement to conduct the investigation.

Hours after Redmond had cleared his desk, Bush ordered a GBP 25million bounty on Saddam's head. He wants Saddam "dead or alive" and the same goes for bin Laden. Already Bush has agreed to either man forgoing a trial and being shot after interrogation. The official reason given for Redmond's abrupt departure was "health reasons." But stunned colleagues in the Homeland Security department in Washington, where Redmond had his office, insist the former Associate Director of the CIA was in perfect health. His departure has led to intense speculation that he may have begun to uncover embarrassing details of how the software came into the hands of Saddam and bin Laden.

William Hamilton, president of Inslaw, said that top Bush aides and FBI director Robert Mueller had met to discuss the "implications" of Redmond's investigation.

"Redmond has said that Hanssen did hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage. I have been told that Redmond's health is fine and there is a much more important reason for his resignation", said Mr Hamilton.

Like Mr Story, Mr Hamilton did not want to elaborate. But both men conceded that Redmond's investigation could have caused embarrassment to President Bush and his family.

Comment: Another person who should look twice before crossing the road, and definitely avoid taking any trips in light aircraft.

West Bank House Hit by Apparent Bomb

By LOUIS MEIXLER, Associated Press Writer
July 8, 2003

JERUSALEM - A blast leveled a house in Kfar Yavetz, an Israeli village near the West Bank, killing the 65-year-old woman who lived there and an unidentified man.

Police said it was apparently a suicide bombing.

It would be the first such attack since Palestinian militants declared a cease-fire on June 29. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. [...]

Iran tests missile capable of Israeli hit

The Globe and Mail
Monday, Jul. 7, 2003 10:03 PM EDT

Tehran — Iran has conducted a "final test" of its ballistic missile Shahab-3, which is capable of reaching Israel and U.S. forces stationed in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, the Foreign Ministry said Monday.

The test took place "several weeks ago," contrary to an Israeli report that it happened last week, ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told reporters.

"Apparently, the Israelis are late in getting the information," Mr. Asefi said.

"It was a final test before delivering the missile to the armed forces. The range of the missile was the same as in Iran's previous tests," Mr. Asefi said.

Shahab-3 has a range of about 810 miles, meaning it could reach Israel and U.S. troops stationed in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey. [...]

Israel 'Very Concerned' About Iranian Shahab-3 Test

Monday, July 07 2003

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM - The Israeli government said Monday, July 7, it was "very concerned" after Iran confirmed it had conducted a final test of its Shahab-3 ballistic missile capable of hitting its territory.

"We are very concerned, especially since we know that Iran is seeking to acquire the nuclear weapon," government spokesman Avi Pazner told Agence France-Presse (AFP)...

"We informed our American and European friends of our concern. Everything must be done to prevent Iran from acquiring the nuclear weapon. The combination of the Shahab-3 and the nuclear weapon would be a very serious threat on the stability of the region," he added.

Iran earlier confirmed it had conducted a final test of its Shahab-3, a medium-range ballistic missile that has a range of 1,300 kilometers (810 miles) and can reportedly carry a warhead of between 700 and 1,000 kilograms (2,222 pounds).

Israel warned against the "Iranian threat" in May 2002, following a previous test of the Shahab-3 missile.

In May, Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom warned that Iran could possess weapons of mass destruction by 2006.[...]

"The Iranian test is worrying because it proves that Iran is developing missiles capable of firing arms of mass destruction on distant targets," analyst Shai Feldman said.

Comment: Israel should be worried. For the Jews to establish themselves in the middle of the Arab world and then proceed to brutalise the indigenous Arab population under the protection of big brother bully America is folly in the extreme. The current Israeli government is the most belligerant government in the middle east, possessing by far the most nucular weapons. We say again that the Jewish people are being lead down the road to destruction by their extreme Zionist leaders.

Urban Combat Frustrates Army

By Rajiv Chandrasekaran and Molly Moore
Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, July 8, 2003

BAGHDAD, July 7 -- As attacks on occupation forces in Iraq escalate, assailants in Baghdad have used the capital's bustling crowds, tall buildings and busy streets as avenues for surprise strikes and easy escapes -- elements of urban warfare that U.S. troops managed to avoid during the military campaign to topple the government of Saddam Hussein.

On Sunday, a U.S. soldier was fatally shot in the neck outside a packed cafeteria at Baghdad University by a man who disappeared into a throng of students. On Thursday night, a soldier poking out of the hatch of an armored vehicle was killed by a sniper perched in an eight-story building across the street. And 10 days ago, a civil affairs soldier walking along a sidewalk was gunned down by an assailant who had appeared from -- and then disappeared back into -- a swarm of shoppers. [...]

"Two or three weeks ago, we used to be hit only at night," said Spec. Heath Montensen, 28, a driver with the 11th Transportation Company who travels throughout the area northwest of Baghdad. "Now we get hit during the day." [...]

Many soldiers say they are not surprised by the increasing attacks or the displays of anger among Iraqis.

"They're getting tired of us," said Spec. James McNeely, 48, a member of the D.C. National Guard's 547th Transportation Company. "Wouldn't you be mad if they invaded your country?" [...]

'Easter egg hunt' for WMD is abandoned

By Patrick Cockburn
The Independent
08 July 2003

When the first American soldiers advanced through Iraq in March, every warehouse with bags of pesticide was eagerly examined in case they might be weapons of mass destruction.

"I can't get hold of any American officers because they are all out trying to win promotion by being the first to find WMD," said a Kurdish official in exasperation just after the fall of Mosul. "It is like a giant Easter egg hunt."

The search now is much more muted. US officers are more worried about the escalating guerrilla war. The Iraqi opposition, which in exile found no difficulty in passing on information about Saddam Hussein's stocks of WMD to intelligence agencies and journalists, has lost interest. [...]

National agency would tackle organised crime

Alan Travis, home affairs editor Tuesday July 8, 2003 The Guardian

Tony Blair gave his strongest hint yesterday that three national criminal investigation agencies will be merged into a British FBI - a national agency dedicated to tackling serious and organised crime.

The government has confirmed that it is also looking at a unified border guard combining officers from the police special branch and the immigration and customs services to tackle organised people smuggling.

Mr Blair told an international criminal justice conference in London that the government was looking at the idea of a new agency to tackle organised crime "which could share intelligence, expertise and investigative talent".

He has appointed a cabinet committee under his own chairmanship to examine the idea. A decision and announcement are due in the autumn.

Mr Blair said yesterday that more than £20m had been seized from the bank accounts of suspected drug dealers and organised criminals in the past few months, but more could be done.

Blair Criticized For Misrepresenting, Cleared Of Misleading

Monday, July 07 2003

"The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee was scathing in its criticism of a second government dossier, published in February, saying Blair had inadvertently 'misrepresented its status' .."

LONDON - A parliamentary probe into two dossiers published by the British government in the run-up to war criticized Monday, July 7, Prime Minister Tony Blair for the way he presented the case for war against Iraq, but cleared the government of misleading the House of Commons over the threat posed by ousted Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee was scathing in its criticism of a second government dossier, published in February, saying Blair had inadvertently "misrepresented its status" by telling parliament it contained "further intelligence" without having been informed of its provenance, the BBC News Online reported.

Comment: Excuse me? Is this meant to satisfy anyone? This smells like a complete whitewash to us. Blair blatantly lies to the country to justify war and gets a "scathing criticism" and that's it?! Are the British public meant to feel like justice has been done? This is simply sickening.

Bush Claim on Iraq Had Flawed Origin, White House Says

The New York Times

WASHINGTON, July 7 — The White House acknowledged for the first time today that President Bush was relying on incomplete and perhaps inaccurate information from American intelligence agencies when he declared, in his State of the Union speech, that Saddam Hussein had tried to purchase uranium from Africa.

The White House statement appeared to undercut one of the key pieces of evidence that President Bush and his aides had cited to back their claims made prior to launching an attack against Iraq in March that Mr. Hussein was "reconstituting" his nuclear weapons program. Those claims added urgency to the White House case that military action to depose Mr. Hussein needed to be taken quickly, and could not await further inspections of the country or additional resolutions at the United Nations.

The acknowledgment came after a day of questions — and sometimes contradictory answers from White House officials — about an article published on the Op-Ed page of The New York Times on Sunday by Joseph C. Wilson 4th, a former ambassador who was sent to Niger, in West Africa, last year to investigate reports of the attempted purchase. He reported back that the intelligence was likely fraudulent, a warning that White House officials say never reached them.

"There is other reporting to suggest that Iraq tried to obtain uranium from Africa," the statement said. "However, the information is not detailed or specific enough for us to be certain that attempts were in fact made."

In other words, said one senior official, "we couldn't prove it, and it might in fact be wrong." [...]

Saddam's call to arms on latest tape probably genuine, says CIA

By Andrew Buncombe in Washington
The Independent
08 July 2003

A recording purporting to have been made by Saddam Hussein urging Iraqi citizens to resist US and British occupying forces was probably genuine, the CIA said yesterday.

Bill Harlow, a spokesman for the intelligence agency, said that after examining the crackly recording, experts believed it probably was the voice of the former dictator.

Exactly when the recording was made was unclear, Mr Harlow added. But he added: "The CIA's assessment, after a technical analysis of the tape, is that it is most likely his voice." [...]

Saddam's Image to Be Stripped From Money

Mon Jul 7, 7:57 PM ET

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Saddam Hussein is out of power — and soon his face will be gone from the pockets of millions of Iraqis.

L. Paul Bremer, the U.S. civilian administrator of Iraq (news - web sites), said in a national address that bills bearing Saddam's likeness will be swapped beginning Oct. 15, and that the old notes will be out of circulation by early 2004. He also announced approval of a $6.4 billion budget for the remainder of 2003, and establishment of an independent Central Bank.

"The officials who used to steal most of Iraq's resources, and misuse what little was left, have gone," Bremer said in the address Monday. "All of Iraq's resources will now be spent on you, the Iraqi people." [...]

Many Iraqis Fear Hussein Is Plotting Return to Power

By Rajiv Chandrasekaran
Washington Post Foreign Service
Monday, July 7, 2003;

BAGHDAD, July 6 -- The graffiti extolling former president Saddam Hussein went up a few nights ago, scrawled in black and red paint throughout Baghdad's Adhamiyah neighborhood. The wall of a girls' school promised that "Saddam the hero will be back." The side of a shop proclaimed that "Saddam is still our leader."

Although residents eagerly painted over slogans praising Hussein in the days after his government fell, they said no one dared to remove the latest messages. "His people have come back," said Sarmed Ahmed, the owner of a music shop in the neighborhood. "Everyone is too scared."

[...] In conversations with a score of merchants, students, former government workers and other ordinary Iraqis over the past two days, almost all said they were pleased that Hussein was toppled. But most refused to allow their full names to be associated with any comments critical of the former president.

"You can't speak now, just like you couldn't speak during Saddam's time," said a math teacher who would identify himself by only his first name, Rami, which "would not be enough for them to catch me."

Another man, a student named Khalid, refused to speak about Hussein in front of his friends. "Things are getting worse, not better," he said. "Everyone is afraid."

Democrats blast Bush' Iraq comment

Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON -- Democrats blasted President Bush on Sunday for his recent tough talk on Iraq. One White House hopeful said the leader of the free world sounded more like a gang leader.

Last week, Bush lashed out at those attacking American troops, saying ''bring 'em on'' as he vowed to stay the course in Iraq with a military capable of handling the situation.

Al Sharpton, the New York clergyman who's running for the Democratic nomination in 2004, demanded that Bush apologize to U.S. forces and their families.

''For the president to say, 'bring it on,' almost like daring and provoking Iraqis to kill American soldiers, he sounds more like a gang leader in South-Central L.A. than one that is trying to institute a policy of democracy and reconstruction in the world,'' Sharpton said on CBS' ''Face the Nation.''

Comment: Bush's comment was clear enough, and it's clear that he doesn't care how many people die no matter what country they come from -- as long as he isn't one of them. Bush recently celebrated his birthday by doing nothing to end the violence in Iraq, and as a result, many more families are now morning the death of their family members. Bush isn't going to stop the violence in the world, he's going to ramp it up as far as he can.

Grisly death enrages town in Iraq

By Michael Georgy

RAMADI, Iraq (Reuters) - The gruesome death of an Iraqi man whose head was shot off inflamed anti-American rage in the volatile town of Ramadi on Monday after a night of armed attacks which wounded four U.S. troops.

Several Iraqis gathered around his bullet ridden car where a piece of skull lay among the shattered windshield glass on the floorboard.

Another crowd walked past pools of blood at Ramadi General Hospital and watched a doctor pull plastic sheeting off his corpse that was punctured by bullets they said were fired by U.S. troops occupying the town, around 60 miles west of Baghdad.

"You will see what will happen to the Americans now. You will see what we will do to them," hospital administrator Taha Hussein told Reuters.

[...] "We want Saddam. Look what the Americans are doing. They are killing us. The attacks on Americans will get worse. It will be Jihad (holy war)," said Yassin Mishaal.

Rules of survival for US soldiers in Baghdad

By Ned Parker - BAGHDAD

Watch your back, watch where their hands go, don't trust them if they look nervous. Don't trust them if they won't look you in the eyes, if they approach you suddenly, or come up and talk to you just for a minute, counsels Specialist David Decker.

Keep your eyes on the rooftops, speeding cars, everyone in the crowd.

"Baghdad is a city where four million people love you and five percent wish you dead," Decker, from the Military Police, said on Monday after three soldiers were killed in less than 24 hours.

Decker leaned against a street wall, a healthy distance from Iraqis strolling up the sidewalk in the Azamiyah neighborhood, where Saddam Hussein supposedly made his last public appearance April 9 before his fate became a mystery.

"You don't know who the good guys are, who the crazies are," Decker said and repeated his mantra.

"Watch your back, Watch your back."

He warned if you're American or a friend of the Americans you could be gunned down.

[...] The two sit inside their cramped armoured vehicle and welcome the respite from patrolling Baghdad where they fear one misstep could lead to a bullet in the head.

"A lot of people have been alone for a second. Whenever the killers get an opportunity, they'll take you out," said Nuessen, speaking of the 29 soldiers killed in attacks since the United States declared its war here over at the beginning of May.

Putin warns of 'catastrophe' from unilateralism

AFP, Tuesday July 8, 12:02 PM

If unilateralism becomes the norm of international life it will lead to "chaos and catastrophe", Russian President Vladimir Putin said in remarks published here.

Putin was responding to a question on the US-led invasion of Iraq in an exclusive interview with the New Straits Times ahead of a planned visit to Malaysia, a mainly Muslim Southeast Asian nation.

The trip, which was to have begun Tuesday, was postponed after suicide bombers killed 13 people at a weekend Moscow rock concert.

Putin stressed in the interview, held in Moscow, that Russia wanted to see international organisations such as the United Nations strengthened to deal with "peacekeeping and upholding international law."

The Russian president, who opposed the US invasion of Iraq, said, however: "We are satisfied with the pace of our dialogue with our partners, including the United States." [...]

100 bodies exhumed from Bosnia mass graves

Associated Press
21:03 Monday 7th July 2003

Forensic experts have exhumed 100 bodies from six mass graves believed to contain the remains of Bosnian Muslims killed during the 1992-95 war. [...]

During the war, about 250,000 people died and nearly 20,000 remain missing presumed dead. Forensic experts have exhumed 16,500 bodies so far from numerous mass graves across the country, using DNA analysis to identify victims. [...]

Severe storms in Midwest, Gulf Coast

Tuesday, July 8, 2003 03:00 GMT

(AP) -- Severe thunderstorms moved across the Midwest, while scattered showers developed over the South and Northeast. The West had mostly sunny skies.

A line of thunderstorms that moved across Indiana, Michigan and Ohio produced wind gusts up to 65 miles-per-hour and damaged roofs and power lines. Fort Wayne, Indiana, reported 1 inch of rainfall.

Cloudy skies and scattered showers also developed as a result of the intense daytime heating across the South. A few storms across the Gulf Coast were severe. [...]

Strong 4.0-Richter earthquake shakes Malta

by Charlot Zahra
di-ve news

No casualties or damages reported, Police and Civil Protection Department tell di-ve news

BALZAN, Malta (di-ve news) -- 07 July 2003 1725 A strong earthquake measuring 4.0 on the Richter Scale shook the Maltese Islands on Monday afternoon at 1708 CET. [...]

Earthquake shakes Mount Hood Monday morning

July 7, 2003

The 3.3 magnitude earthquake shook the Mount Hood area just before 6:00 this morning. It's depth reached about three or four miles below the earth. A few small aftershocks have been recorded as well. Earthquake experts say a quake this size occurs a few times a year. [...]

Climate change more urgent than we think

Gwynne Dyer
Tuesday, 8 July 2003

THE WORLD Meteorological Organisation normally produces statistics-heavy reports at the end of the year, not news bulletins about today's weather.

Its announcement on July 2 that the record extremes in weather being experienced globally this year are evidence that climate change is actually under way is therefore much more than just another salvo in the long argument about global warming.

[...] The whole global climate suddenly flips into a cool, dry phase that can last for many centuries before warmer conditions return: there have been two such episodes, at 12,500 years ago and 8,500 years ago, even since the end of the last Ice Age. Or the cool, dry phase could last for a hundred thousand years if other conditions, like the shape of the earth's orbit and the tilt of its axis, have already put us on the brink of a new Ice Age.

The flips of the past were caused by natural warming of one kind or another, but by adding man-made warming to the problem we are making it far more dangerous. We have built all of human civilisation, and increased our population a thousandfold, since the last cool, dry episode. All of that is at risk if the climate flips and yet the public debate is still all about gradual change.

February 22, 1997

A: Climate is being influenced by three factors, and soon a fourth.
Q: (L) All right, I'll take the bait; give me the three factors, and also the fourth!.
A: 1) Wave approach. 2) Chlorofluorocarbon increase in atmosphere, thus affecting ozone layer. 3) Change in the planet's axis rotation orientation. 4) Artificial tampering by 3rd and 4th density STS forces in a number of different ways. Be vigilant. Be observant. Be cautious in your planning and be aware. Do not let emotional anomalies cloud your knowledge base. This is not a "time" to let one's guard down. Be especially careful of travel to unfamiliar locators, as well as sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings!!! You are being watched. Or, at least, it is best to assume you are, and act, think, and prepare accordingly. Remember what you have been warned about concerning attack. As you learn more and know more, you become more interesting... and, when your ranks swell, you are more vulnerable unless you are more aware!!
Q: (L) All right, were those given in the order in which they are occurring? The fourth being the one that's coming later?
A: Maybe, but remember this: a change in the speed of the rotation may not be reported while it is imperceptible except by instrumentation. Equator is slightly "wider" than the polar zones. But, this discrepancy is decreasing slowly currently. One change to occur in 21st Century is sudden glacial rebound, over Eurasia first, then North America. Ice ages develop much, much, much faster than thought.
Q: (T) Is the Earth expanding? That's just putting it bluntly, but, is the Earth expanding, how did you put that? (Ark) Yes, that's the theory: the idea is that the continents move away because the Earth is expanding, and this is much faster than you know, than geologists were thinking.
A: Continental "drift" is caused by the continual though variable, propelling of gases from the interior to the surface, mainly at points of magnetic significance.
Q: (J) What causes the change in the axis?
A: By slow down of rotation. Earth alternately heats up and cools down in interior.
Q: (L) Why does it do that? What's the cause of this?
A: Part of cycle related to energy exerted upon surface by the frequency resonance vibrational profile of humans and others.

Climate Change: The Science Isn't Settled

By James Schlesinger
Monday, July 7, 2003

Despite the certainty many seem to feel about the causes, effects and extent of climate change, we are in fact making only slow progress in our understanding of the underlying science. My old professor at Harvard, the great economist Joseph Schumpeter, used to insist that a principal tool of economic science was history -- which served to temper the enthusiasms of the here and now. This must be even more so in climatological science. In recent years the inclination has been to attribute the warming we have lately experienced to a single dominant cause -- the increase in greenhouse gases. Yet climate has always been changing -- and sometimes the swings have been rapid.

At the time the U.S. Department of Energy was created in 1977, there was widespread concern about the cooling trend that had been observed for the previous quarter-century. After 1940 the temperature, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, had dropped about one-half degree Fahrenheit -- and more in the higher latitudes. In 1974 the National Science Board, the governing body of the National Science Foundation, stated: "During the last 20 to 30 years, world temperature has fallen, irregularly at first but more sharply over the last decade." Two years earlier, the board had observed: "Judging from the record of the past interglacial ages, the present time of high temperatures should be drawing to an end . . . leading into the next glacial age." And in 1975 the National Academy of Sciences stated: "The climates of the earth have always been changing, and they will doubtless continue to do so in the future. How large these future changes will be, and where and how rapidly they will occur, we do not know."

These statements -- just a quarter-century old -- should provide us with a dose of humility as we look into the more distant future.

[...] When we look back over the past millennium, the questions that arise are even more perplexing. The so-called Climatic Optimum of the early Middle Ages, when the earth temperatures were 1 to 2 degrees warmer than today and the Vikings established their flourishing colonies in Greenland, was succeeded by the Little Ice Age, lasting down to the early 19th century. Neither can be explained by concentrations of greenhouse gases. Moreover, through much of the earth's history, increases in CO2 have followed global warming, rather than the other way around.

We cannot tell how much of the recent warming trend can be attributed to the greenhouse effect and how much to other factors. In climate change, we have only a limited grasp of the overall forces at work.

[...] Most significant: The possibility of long-term cycles in solar activity is neglected because there is a scarcity of direct measurement. Nonetheless, solar irradiance and its variation seem highly likely to be a principal cause of long-term climatic change. Their role in longer-term weather cycles needs to be better understood.

There is an idea among the public that "the science is settled." Aside from the limited facts I cited earlier, that remains far from the truth. Today we have far better instruments, better measurements and better time series than we have ever had. Still, we are in danger of prematurely embracing certitudes and losing open-mindedness. We need to be more modest.

Hit and myth of global warming

By S. Fred Singer

A press release from the federally supported National Center for Atmospheric Research claims a "New Look at Satellite Data Supports Global Warming Trend." This claim is likely to be played out big by supporters of the Kyoto Protocol, who want to restrict drastically the use of energy.

But the NCAR result is based on the wishful thinking of well-known Global-Warming promoters rather than on solid science.

[...] Finally, we have a large amount of non-instrumental data. Such proxies include measurements of the widths of tree rings, isotope data from ocean and lake sediments, ice cores and corals, etc. All of these can be calibrated in terms of temperature. I have personally examined many of these published results and have yet to find any that show a recent warming. It is another strong piece of evidence that supports the conclusion that the surface data from weather stations are contaminated by local heating effects and cannot be relied on to support global warming.

But if the RSS analysis is not correct, then the NCAR study is mostly hot air. As science journalist Ron Bailey points out: "Evidently, the strategy being used by Santer et al. is that if their models don't agree with the data, then change the data." Our hope is that Congress does not buy into this shell game.

Comment: Congress is already bought, naturally. All of this information is pointing to the fact that there are factors and influences that are effecting our planet and do so on a "cyclic basis", factors and influences which the US and other governments are at pains to ensure the public know nothing about.

No Porton Down deaths charges

The inquiry has lasted four years and cost millions of pounds

An inquiry into the deaths of servicemen used as "guinea pigs" in chemical weapons tests has decided there is insufficient evidence to warrant a criminal prosecution.

The men took part in tests at the Porton Down research centre in Wiltshire over a 30-year period from the 1950s to the 1980s.

A Wiltshire Police investigation into their deaths has revealed there was criminal liability arising out of the conduct of some former scientists.

But lawyers have decided there is not enough evidence to charge anyone.

What they did to people was a disgrace - it was parallel to the Nazi experiments carried out in concentration camps

The decision has angered veterans who claim they were duped into volunteering for the tests. [...]

Paramedics Say Man Came Back to Life After a Heart-Stopping Half-Hour

Police target practice under fire

The police said the practice was a good training exercise

Police in the Australian state of Queensland have been using photographs of real people for target practice. [...]

Motorist drove home with legless body through windscreen: police

Orlando, Fla- A motorist drove home about 1.6 kilometres with the legless body of a pedestrian in his front windshield before calling authorities to report that he had struck the man with his car, officials said. [...]

Girls' Fireworks Fight Allegedly Leads To Slashing Murder

PENSACOLA, Fla -- A fight that began with two teenage girls throwing lit fireworks at each other ended with one of them slashing the other's throat, police said. [...]


Leicester Mercury
10:30 - 02 July 2003

Millions of teeth have been saved through adding fluoride to water supplies in the West Midlands, say experts. [...]

Opponents say fluoride is why Birmingham has the highest infant mortality rate in England and claim babies given infant formula with fluoridated water could be ingesting up to eight times the World Health Organisation recommended maximum dose for infants. [...]

Boy killed over popcorn, court told

08 July 2003

Tamiti Pokaia had been told about getting into the other children's lunches at kindergarten.

His foster mother, Martha Waterhouse, had even organised more lunch for him in a bid to stop the three-year-old, the High Court at Hamilton was told yesterday.

He arrived home from kindy on April 29 last year with a lunchbox full of popcorn, sat down and started to eat it.

A few hours later he was dead.

His foster father, Michael Shane Hamahona Waterhouse, 40, has pleaded not guilty to murdering him.

Comment: Another horrendous story of a psychopath.

Woman jailed after daughter found abandoned in forest

7/7/2003 10:22 AM
By: Associated Press

JASPER -- A woman is in an East Texas jail after authorities said her 6-year-old daughter was found abandoned in the Piney Woods.

Angelina County sheriff's deputies said a passerby found the girl alone off State Highway 63 in the Angelina National Forest near Lake Sam Rayburn.

The girl told deputies that her mother told her they were going to play hide-and-seek, but when the girl got out of her car, her mother drove away.

Angelina County deputies said they found the mother drinking beer at a Sam Rayburn Lake bar. She's in the Angelina County Jail in Lufkin, while her daughter has been turned over to child-welfare authorities.

Space science contains big void

Astronomers admit they don't understand dark energy and matter

By Robert S. Boyd
Knight Ridder

WASHINGTON - In ``Star Wars,'' Darth Vader rules the ``dark side'' of a fantasy universe. In real life, astronomers are exploring the ``dark side'' of our own universe. They find it a mystifying place.

According to a batch of new reports published in a special ``Welcome to the Dark Side'' issue of the journal Science, most of the cosmos cannot be seen, even with the most powerful telescopes. All but a tiny fraction of creation consists of two exotic, invisible ingredients called ``dark energy'' and ``dark matter.''

Astronomers admit they don't understand either of them.

``Cosmologists have no idea what the nature of the dark matter and the dark energy may be,'' Jordi Miralda-Escude, an astronomer at Ohio State University in Columbus, wrote in Science.

``We're stuck with this preposterous universe,'' said John Carlstrom, an astrophysicist at the University of Chicago. ``It's a universe in which ordinary matter, the stuff of which humans, stars and galaxies are made, accounts for less than 5 percent of the universe's total mass and energy.''

[...] ``We should be humble about dark energy,'' said Sean Carroll, a University of Chicago astronomer. ``We haven't a clue as to what is going on.''

Some physicists theorize that a vacuum, like empty space, is actually a seething mass of unknown particles that continuously pop in and out of existence, creating pressure that drives the expansion of the universe.

Anthony Tyson, an astrophysicist at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, N.J., told Science: ``The universe is not those pinpoints of light we can see in the night. It is, in fact, this dark side.''

Foam impact test blows hole in shuttle wing panel

Posted: July 7, 2003

In a dramatic test that drew startled gasps from onlookers, engineers fired a chunk of foam insulation at a mockup of a shuttle wing leading edge today, blowing a gaping 16-inch-wide hole in the carbon composite structure and putting to rest any lingering doubts a launch-day foam strike was responsible for the Columbia disaster.

"We believe we have found the smoking gun, we believe we've established that the foam block that fell off the external tank (during Columbia's launching) was, in fact, the most probable cause, the direct cause of the Columbia accident," said Scott Hubbard, a member of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. "I've now got a direct connection between foam shedding creating a hole that's the same order of magnitude as what must have been there when Columbia came home on Feb. 1."

Eighty one seconds after lift off Jan. 16, a 1.67-pound chunk of foam insulation broke away from the shuttle's external fuel tank and slammed into the left wing at more than 500 mph. Enhanced video from the one camera that viewed the impact point indicated the foam struck the leading edge at or very near the lower side of reinforced carbon carbon panel No. 8, one of 22 such panels making up the leading edge of the left wing.

But the grainy video, unable to resolve anything smaller than two square feet, provided no direct evidence of actual damage. While most engineers believed the foam strike must have contributed to the breach that ultimately caused Columbia's destruction, they had no proof.

In the wake of the mishap, the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, working with NASA, decided to conduct a complex series of tests to find out whether impacts by low-density foam could, in fact, cause the kind of damage needed to bring down the shuttle. A full-scale mockup of the shuttle's wing leading edge system was built and shipped to the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, where a nitrogen gas cannon was available to simulate the launch-day foam strike.

Initial tests showed foam impacts could cause damage, but the results were not clear cut. Then again, the initial tests involved impacts at RCC panel No. 6, located closer to the shuttle's fuselage. RCC 6 is not as large as panel 8 and does not feature the same complex curvature. For today's test, a foam bullet was fired at the lower side of RCC panel 8, one taken from another shuttle and one with 27 previous flights to its credit.

This time around, the cannon barrel was "clocked," or tilted, 30 degrees to more accurately duplicate the predicted impact energy. The aim point was adjusted to strike the underside of RCC 8 closer to a seal between panels 8 and 9. And this time around, the results were dramatically different.

"There is a huge hole in panel 8!" one observer marveled moments after the test. "It's gone, I mean the foam didn't make it to the back (containment) curtain. You talk about an impact! Unbelievable. If you wanted a smoking gun, you've got it."

Comment: More coverup. It is interesting that this "test" is carried out a few days after the release of an email to the astronauts from a Nasa employee telling them that there was absolutely no cause for concern.

Cassiopaeans comment on the Shuttle "Event":
February 2, 2003

Q: One of the first questions we want to ask tonight is about the event of the Space Shuttle that was lost. First, was it an explosion, or was it just disintegration, or breaking up?
A: It was a "direct hit."

Q: A direct hit by what?
A: EM pulse.

Q: (S) What was the source of the EM pulse?
A: 3/4th density Consortium.


By Lilian Wu
2003-07-07 18:02:46

Taipei, July 7 (CNA) A white, oval unidentified flying object described as being the size of a basketball was sighted and videotaped by a Chiayi woman in southern Taiwan Sunday, and a "UFO specialist" did not rule out the idea that it could have been an object from outer space. [...]

It was the third reported UFO sighting over the past week in Taiwan, Lu said, claiming that the tape "could not be a hoax."

Dearborn discussion is UFOs, crop circles

July 7, 2003

While millions of Americans were enjoying traditional July 4 weekend amusements, a few hundred of them took part in that Earthling pasttime -- discussing alien lifeforms.

They swapped Thomas Jefferson for the Mutual UFO Network's 34th Annual International conference held at the Hyatt Hotel in Dearborn from Friday through Sunday.

Jay Benson traveled from Atlanta to attend. The 40-year-old IT consultant, quoting his favorite lecturer Neil Freer, said the aliens who "jump-started our DNA," the Annunaki, wanted to make humans a slave race to mine gold for Annunaki leaders living on planet Nibiru...

Beekel's comment coincided with a speech entitled, "Cosmic Watergate," by presenter Stanton Friedman.

Friedman suggested that a directive to "get the heck off our planet" made President Richard Nixon nix Apollos 18 and 19. Friedman hypothesized that aliens come to Earth to monitor their "neighbors," whom he described "as idiot Earthlings," who killed thousands of their own in World War II and created destructive atom bombs, V2 rockets and radars.

"They make sure we don't get out there. Would you want us out there? We don't even have someone to speak for the planet. Would aliens want us in an intergalactic agency?" Friedman asked his audience.

Comment: Note the subtle insinuation that "aliens" are benevolent... and the link to the Planet Nibiru.

Ukraine space centre reaches out to extraterrestrials

Web posted at: 7/7/2003 6:33:8
Source ::: AFP

YEVPATORIYA, Ukraine: Interstellar communication took a giant leap forward yesterday, when a Ukrainian space centre sent several messages across the cosmos hoping to reach extraterrestrials 30 or 40 light years away.

For a small fee of 15 or 20 dollars (13-18 euros), people could have their messages beamed by radiotelescope from the Yevpatoriya centre, an official said, though the jury was still out whether anyone would answer.

“Hi boys, I need an extraterrestrial visa. Send me an invitation,” an American from Houston, Texas wrote.

“People from all continents are addressing things that matter to them, they want to find kindred spirits in the universe,” Richard Braaspad, who heads the “Cosmic Call” project said.


Q: (L) Now you say there are 36 million Nephilim heading this way, are they 4th density beings?
A: No. They live in 4 d but are 3 d. They are as physical as you. Behave like Gestapo. Gestapo was inspired by Nephilim through Lizard beings' influence over Hitler. It was a practice run.
Q: (L) Are any of the Nephilim going to be friendly toward us?
A: No.

Search for WMD Finds Bomb on Internet

Mon Jul 7, 9:37 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - A Web site lampooning the United States' inability to locate weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has become one of the biggest hits on the Internet.

The site, which is designed to look like a genuine error message -- replete with "bomb" icon -- is the top result when "weapons of mass destruction" is entered into one of the Web's top search engines, http:/ [...]

Man Tries to Rob Gun Shop with Toy Pistol

Mon Jul 7, 9:29 AM ET

PARIS (Reuters) - Armed with a toy pistol, a would-be robber picked himself an unlikely target in central Paris -- a gun shop.

Staff at the Armurerie Gare de l'Est in the French capital immediately identified the weapon as harmless. The 26-year-old Mauritanian was subsequently arrested, Le Parisien newspaper reported on Friday. [...]

Doped-up rats in the ranks

By Kay Dibben
The Australian
July 06, 2003

RATS high on drugs have been running wild in the ceiling of a police station after munching on speed and pot exhibits.

Rodents infesting the Caboolture station, north of Brisbane, have chewed through bags containing amphetamines and cannabis, and their urine has been found dripping down walls.

Queensland Police Union general secretary Phil Hocken said the "green leafy material nurtured by druggies" had become a meal for the rodents, and rats had been seen with "their eyes wide open, running frantically for no reason at all, round in circles".

Mr Hocken said traps had been laid to catch the rats and the drugs were now kept in sealed containers, but there were still vermin problems at the station.

"You shouldn't have to work in those conditions – not in 2003," he said.

Sunset reveals inscription on Biblical tomb
Points to John the Baptist's father

Monday, July 7, 2003
Posted: 1612 GMT (12:12 AM HKT)

Anthropologist Joe Zias studies a cast of a Greek inscription found on an ancient burial monument near the Mount of Olives in Jersalem.

JERUSALEM (AP) -- The discovery was a stroke of luck: the light of the setting sun hit an ancient tomb at just the right angle and revealed hints of a worn inscription, unnoticed for centuries, commemorating the father of John the Baptist.

"This is the tomb of Zachariah, martyr, very pious priest, father of John," the inscription of 47 Greek letters reads.

The inscription probably does not mean that the father of the biblical figure is actually buried in the 60-foot-high (18-meter-high) funerary monument at the foot of the Mount of Olives, say the text's discoverers.

But it does give new insight into the local lore surrounding the early figures of the Christian Church.

Scholars say the words were probably written several hundred years after Zachariah's death -- and after the tomb's construction -- by Byzantine Christians...

But even such second-hand references are important, scholars say, because they confirm the traditions among early Christians and because there are so few artifacts directly relating to biblical narrative.

"We actually have contact with ancient history through Byzantine Christians," said Jim Strange, a New Testament scholar at the University of South Florida...

The inscription is carved into the facade of what is known as Absalom's Tomb, one of three large funerary monuments in the Kidron Valley, between Jerusalem's Old City and the Mount of Olives. The monuments were apparently built for Jerusalem's aristocracy around the time of Jesus.

It's unlikely Absalom, son of King David, lies buried in the tomb, which was built hundreds of years after his death.

Medieval Jewish tradition, however, held that the monument was his tomb, and -- based on that tradition -- Jews, Christians and Muslims stoned the monument for centuries to curse Absalom for his deeds: murdering his half brother Amnon for raping their sister Tamar, and later inciting a rebellion against his father...

Puech and Zias said they've spotted several more lines of writing and will lift more casts off the facade this week.

They've already made out one name, "Simon," perhaps a reference to "Simon the Elder," the pious man who cradled the infant Jesus and recognized him as the Messiah.

It's possible the additional lines include the phrase, "He who held in his arms God's Messiah," wrote Puech, a scholar at Jerusalem's Ecole Biblique research institute.

Comment: Yeah, right. Of course the fundamentalist Christian readers of CNN eat this stuff up. They want "proof" of Jesus, proof that the lies they have been fed for 2000 years are not lies. But do you see how convoluted this is? No one is actually buried in the tomb attributed to them. In fact, there is no archeological evidence that the famous Temple of Soloman ever existed.

Report on CED sent in by reader

By C.M.

In 1942, the Committee for Economic Development was established in New York City. It is a sister organization to the Council on Foreign Relations and has counterparts in major countries around the world. It is a non-partisan think tank of the elite of our nation.

It's Board of Trustees is composed of the chairmen, presidents, and heads of the largest U.S. corporations and
institutions of higher learning. The CED's purpose is to study the nation's problems and come up with solutions to guide
governments and influence the thinking of present and up-coming movers & shakers of our society.

When I joined the administrative staff of this non-profit organization back in the late 1970s, I was told that since 1942, their policy recommendations have been continuously accepted and adopted by the federal government. Whenever a new policy
statement is released, the books are shipped out to colleges and universities around the country as well. The counterpart
organizations overseas follow the same procedure which helps to keep the same lines of thought circulating among all the influential people of the world.

Ever so often, a few of the trustees would go on leave for "government service", so the American people could enjoy not only their suggestions in government's ear, but their direct participation as they rule over us. Every once in a while I come across the name of a government executive that I recognize from the CED Board of Trustees, like Donna Shalala of the
Clinton Administration who was a trustee and president of Hunter College in NYC when I was working for the CED. I?m
sure there are some in government right now but I don't keep up with who's who in the ruling class.

Just as a small example of the affect the CED has had on America, I had once received a call from a fellow in the mid-West who wanted to lodge a complaint on behalf of himself and some of his farmer friends against a CED policy statement on agriculture that had been put out in 1945. It seems that the policies put in place back then were still having negative repercussions in 1979, and more than likely, right up to today. There was interference with product pricing, land usage and
even farm labor.

In looking up what the recommendations of that policy statement were, I found there was also strong support for the U.S. to "...use its agricultural surpluses effectively in promoting economic growth in the underdeveloped countries." I can
only wonder at what they meant by "effectively".

With all the thinkers in the think tank being the corporate and educational elite, you can bet there was no one even representative of typical family farmers making the decisions that would impact farmers? lives and the lives of their
descendants. But it is typical of how the decisions on these policy statements were arrived at. They would form a special
committee, or hire a scholar, to research an issue. Though I stopped working for the CED in 1981, I had never known any of them to actually go into the community or mingle with the commoners to get opinions or ideas. I've never seen any "mom & pop" businesses represented on the CED's Board of Trustees.

The attitude is that since they are the nation's most successful individuals, then it is only fitting that they know what's best for
everyone else.

Comment: Good work.We located another interesting perspective that adds nicely to the above information provided by C.M.:

"[...] Dyer writes: 'In 1962, the Committee for Economic Development comprised approximately seventy-five of the nations' most powerful corporate executives. They represented not only the food industry but also oil and gas, insurance, investment and retail industries. Almost all groups that stood to gain from consolidation were represented on that committee. Their report [An Adaptive Program for Agriculture] outlined a plan to eliminate farmers and farms. It was detailed and well thought out.' simultaneously, 'as early as 1964, congressmen were being told by industry giants like Pillsbury, Swift, General Foods, and Campbell Soup that the biggest problem in agriculture was too many farmers.

"' Good psychologists, the CEOs had noted that farm children, if sent to college, seldom return to the family farm. Or as one famous economist said to a famous senator who was complaining about jet lag on a night flight from New York to London, 'Well, it sure beats farming.' The committee got the government to send farm children to college. Predictably, most did not come back. Government then offered to help farmers relocate in other lines of work, allowing their land to be consolidated in ever vaster combines owned by fewer and fewer corporations.

"So a conspiracy had been set in motion to replace the Jeffersonian ideal of a nation whose backbone was the independent farm family with a series fo agribusiness monopolies where, Dyer writes, 'only five to eight multinational companies have, for all intents and purposes, been the sole purchasers and transporters not only of the American grain supply but that of the entire world.' By 1982 'these companies controlled 96 percent of U.S. wheat exports, 95 percent of U.S. corn
exports,'[...] " Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, by George Mokray.

Nebulous Humour

Comment from a QFS member: This link came in my W2KNewsletter and I couldn't resist posting it here.

You guys can tell me what you think this nebula looks like. I have my own ideas about this "bird", and I don't mean superman. A message from the cosmos for humanity perhaps? Or maybe it proves that the All has a sense of humor.

Anglers use live kittens as bait

Police in Italy say anglers are using live kittens as bait, while fishing for the gigantic sheat-fish. The freshwater catfish can grow to a length of two metres and can weigh up to 660lb. The largest specimens think nothing of charging anglers' boats, and are also known to eat each other, reports The Independent.

Giuseppe Lagana, a police officer in Mantua in the Po valley, says the first case of kittens being used in the Po river was detected in May. But Mr Lagana, who doubles as a commander with Ampana, Italy's voluntary nature protection force, said the incident was not isolated.

He said: "We've received a lot of indications that there are other such cases. Using live kittens to catch sheat-fish is an unheard-of cruelty."

US complains about brothel called The White House

Date: July 7 2003

The US Embassy in New Zealand had lodged a complaint with a brothel that calls itself The White House.

After brothels were legalised in New Zealand this month, The White House in Auckland, which previously described itself as a massage parlour, advertised for prostitutes in a newspaper advertisement last week.

The ad, which said the brothel was "looking for more ladies to join the day and night shifts", appeared with a logo almost identical to the US presidential seal, showing an American bald eagle with a ribbon in its mouth, holding the arrows of war and an olive branch.

"We believe that any likeness of a national government symbol in a commercial advertisement is in extremely poor taste," embassy spokeswoman Janine Burns told the Sunday Star-Times.

"We are sending a letter to the advertiser that expresses our disappointment and displeasure about their choice of symbolism," she said.

The White House general manager Scott McGregor told the paper the establishment had used the logo for almost two years, adding, "It's a universally recognised symbol. I don't think they've got exclusive rights to it."

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