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Sun, 19 Aug 2018
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Fireball 2

Bright meteor fireball observed over Spain

Meteor over Spain
© YouTube/Meteors (screen capture)
YouTube user 'Meteors' reported a bright meteor over Spain on April 16, 2018. It may have been produced by a fragment from an asteroid that hit the atmosphere at about 100.000 km/h. The event begun at an altitude of about 100 km and ended at a height of around 55 km. It was recorded in the framework of the SMART Project (University of Huelva) from the meteor-observing stations located at the astronomical observatories of Calar Alto (Almería), La Sagra (Granada), La Hita (Toledo) and Sevilla.


Loud house-shaking boom in central Texas attributed to 2lbs of tannerite

Boom in Tx
© Temple Daily News
Some Rogers residents said their homes were shaken and so were their nerves Thursday night after a loud boom happened sometime after 8:30 p.m.

Robyn Skrhak took to Facebook to ask her neighbors if they knew what happened. Some people said they heard it, while others said they felt it.

Skrhak thought something hit her house, she said.

Bell County Sheriff's Department Maj. T.J. Cruz said deputies were sent at about 8:44 p.m. to the area of an apartment complex on Rogers Cemetery Road for an explosion and possible grass fire.

Comment: We doubt that two pounds of tannerite could cause a boom that would shake homes. A close-range blast shown below didn't even shake the video recorder:

Fireball 4

Bright meteor fireball with sonic boom reported over Central Europe, meteorites possible

meteor over europe
© American Meteor Society (AMS) (screen capture)
Observers map: event 1336-2018
A bright green meteor fireball was observed and captured on camera as it streaked over Central Europe (Austria, S Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia) at 18:49 UTC (20:49 CET) on April 8, 2018. The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 50 reports of the event (1336-2018) including numerous ones citing sonic booms and fragmentation.

According to Siol.net the event lasted about five seconds and was at least as bright as the moon. Meteorites may be possible.

The event was captured on video:

Comment: See also: BOOM! Mysterious blasts rattling the skies are on the increase around the world - UPDATE at least 64 documented events (VIDEO) and Michigan Meteor Event: Fireball Numbers Increased Again in 2017


Bright meteor fireball spotted over southern Spain

Fireball over Spain
© University of Huelva/Prof. Jose M. Madiedo
YouTube user 'Meteors' reported a bright meteor over Spain on April 1, 2018. The meteor flew over the provinces of Granada, Almería and Murcia. The event was recorded by the SMART Project (University of Huelva) from the astronomical observatories of Calar Alto (Almería), La Sagra (Granada), La Hita (Toledo) and Sevilla.


Sonic boom, flash of light caught on home security camera in Cleveland, Ohio

Fireball over OH
© YouTube/ctalj3
On March 28, 2018, YouTube user 'ctalj3' recorded a 'flash and boom' on her home security camera. She reports that the boom rattled her whole neighborhood and reported the event to American Meteor Society (AMS Event 1245-2018).

Bizarro Earth

Mystery solved? Exploding Yamal peninsula craters linked to formation of methane pockets as a result of exploitation of natural gas resources

Craters Russia
© Sputnik/ Press-servis
The majority of scientists have argued that the likely cause of the craters is underground methane explosions.

The unusual natural phenomenon has sparked numerous speculations about the reasons behind it, with one of the ideas even suggesting that this was the result of testing weapons.

Reports of a second explosion of huge craters on the Yamal peninsula in Russia, appeared last week causing renewed discussions about its causes.

Professor from the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas Vasily Bogoyavlensky suggests that the phenomenon could have occurred amid human exploitation of natural gas resources, which, in turn, resulted in the formation of unstable methane pockets in the permafrost.

The gas gathers under the ice and then the pockets explode, he argued.

In 2014 a mysterious crater-hole was discovered in the Yamal peninsular, northwest Siberia, Russia. It was 'probably caused by methane released as permafrost thawed' according to researchers, and the result of 'internal forces not seen in 8,000 years'. Since then new information has come to light, with witnesses reporting an 'explosion' and a 'glow in the sky' from 100 km away.

This would indicate an extremely powerful explosion occurred from below to form this 'crater-hole', in a region known in the local Nenets language as the 'end of the world'. The recent discovery by scientists of methane 'bubbles' on the remote Belyy Island in the Kara Sea off the Yamal Peninsula coastline may be another alarming sign of increased activity in the depths.
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Sky-watcher videotapes big, bright and loud meteor fireball in NE Alberta, Canada

fireball aurora borealis
Paul Smith was nodding off in his vehicle at 2 a.m. on March 19 while watching and taking photos of the aurora borealis when he awoke to a bright light.

The 39-year-old thought he was dreaming — but he was able to grab his camera and point it in the right direction.

"I was kind of tired, so what surprised me was that I had the wherewithal to kind of think to turn it on," Smith said Friday.

What he captured on video at his spot near Anzac, Alta. was what Smith thinks was a meteor.

"The biggest, brightest thing I've ever seen," he said.

In the video, the fireball can be seen moving through the sky, bright green in colour, before flashing bright white and orange in succession before flaming out. Smith said he could hear a bang while it flamed out.


Mysterious light, loud boom startles residents in San Jose, California

Fireball over San Jose, CA
A mysterious light in the sky and a loud boom rattled some South Bay neighborhoods late Sunday night.

Hundreds of people who live near Branham High School in South San Jose reported on the community network Nextdoor hearing it Sunday just before midnight.

"You can see this is coming from way over on this side," Dale Johnson said while viewing video of the mystery light. The video posted to a South San Jose Nextdoor page shows a small light travel across the sky for about a minute. Then there's a flash and boom.

"Yeah that doesn't do it justice at all," Johnson said of the audio.

Cloud Lightning

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Elements of the Grand Solar Minimum easily explained

deep snow
A graphic to describe all of the changes we as a planetary civilization will see unfold over the next 7 years culminating in reduced global crop production. We collectively need to start the conversation so we can begin to find solutions. What to expect: 1. Declining Solar Output 2. Weakening Magnetosphere 3.Out of season storms 4. Massive rain events, rivers from the sky 5.Huge and ever increasing size of hailstones 6. Increased meteor sightings and rattling explosions 7. Jet Streams wandering far out of their normal zones 8. Increases in cosmic rays which will trigger more eruptions and create thicker cloud layers 9. REDUCTION IN GLOBAL GRAIN YIELDS

Fireball 2

Dash cam captures meteor fireball's flight across Colorado sky

pic dash
An early morning driver on a Colorado road captured video of a fireball streaking across the sky near the U.S. Air Force Academy.

The video, recorded about 5:20 a.m. Saturday on Interstate 25 in Gleneagle, shows a bright flash of light appear to fall toward the earth.

The filmer said they suspected the object was a meteorite.

"I was driving my truck north on I-25 in Colorado when I saw this flash from what I presume is a meteorite. It was 5:20 a.m. local time just past the exit for the USAF Academy," the filmer wrote.

The American Meteor Society noted multiple fireball reports in Colorado at the time of the video.